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Perfect Day (Remastered)

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Legally Blonde (4/11) Movie CLIP First Day of School (2001) HD

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The Perfect Date | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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How You Can Live The Perfect Day

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HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT DAY || Tips, Essentials, and Advice

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How To Have The Perfect Day… According To Science! Fun & Fitness Over 50

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Preparing for the day is a great way to ensure that you follow through on it. To do this, we take the following steps before bed. #1 Infrared Sauna or Hot Bath. Here are 3 simple ways to plan your day for success: 1. Plan ahead. While it may be difficult to fix rigid schedules (given the unpredictability of life), some things can be planned ahead.

Look at the calendar and the tasks pending at work and your personal life. The foundation of any perfect or even half-decent day is adequate rest. As you can imagine, most of us start out behind. Our bodies run on an internal 24-hour chronobiological clock; when the. Father, You are worthy of all praise and thanks for all that you’ve done, and all that you continue to do.

Please allow for us to notice the path you’ve placed us on become brighter and brighter, until that perfect day, where we will be face to face with you, receiving what we’ve longed for since our salvation through your Son Christ Jesus the Lord. By focusing on your own actions, you give yourself a game plan for what you can do to move your life forward. And you’ll start doing those actions because you’ll see how powerful they are. So as you write about your perfect day, don’t imagine it happening to you, but rather, visualize making it happen.

Then, cuddles and a coffee in bed with a chat. Then off outside to exercise with the sun rising, yoga, walking the dog, or the beach. Next would be a big, gorgeous breakfast full of eggs and veggies. Then work. In a perfect day I would be seeing clients as a Nutritionist, inspiring and educating people to live a fulfilling and empowered life.

The first day of any new job can be overwhelming. Trying to navigate a new company, meet everyone in the office and learn the ropes of a new role is a lot for new hires. Day 6: Say. Goal: Practice preaching your sermon.

This is a step that will likely feel awkward the first few times you do it, but it can make all the difference in preaching a compelling, memorable sermon or preaching a dud. As you go through it, you’ll want to take notes on what worked and what you need to change. Day 7: Speak. Goal: Preach.

One way to prepare is to write down the reasons you’re seeking help. Make a list and then read it out loud. Hearing yourself say it a few times will help you describe things more clearly to.

If you only have one day in Los Angeles, start by seeing the famous Hollywood sign and then visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to take selfies with your favorite stars. Also, see the Kodak Theatre (now Dolby Theatre) which hosts the Oscars and tour the movie star homes on Rodeo Drive.

List of related literature:

You arrive early, have your second cup of coffee, and take a walk through the store to prepare yourself for yet another great day.

“No Thanks, I'm Just Looking: Sales Techniques for Turning Shoppers into Buyers” by Harry J. Friedman
from No Thanks, I’m Just Looking: Sales Techniques for Turning Shoppers into Buyers
by Harry J. Friedman
Wiley, 2011

It is a perfect day indeed.

“The Complete Works of Mark Twain: Novels, Short Stories, Memoirs, Travel Books, Letters & More (Illustrated): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi, Yankee in King Arthur's Court…(Including Biography, Articles & Speeches)” by Mark Twain
from The Complete Works of Mark Twain: Novels, Short Stories, Memoirs, Travel Books, Letters & More (Illustrated): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi, Yankee in King Arthur’s Court…(Including Biography, Articles & Speeches)
by Mark Twain
e-artnow, 2017

The whole day shall be perfect.

“The Odd Women” by George Gissing, Patricia Ingham
from The Odd Women
by George Gissing, Patricia Ingham
OUP Oxford, 2008

Plan ahead, and allow a little more time than you actually expect to take to prepare the package.

“Direct Marketing Management” by Mary Lou Roberts, Paul D. Berger
from Direct Marketing Management
by Mary Lou Roberts, Paul D. Berger
Prentice Hall, 1999

Prepare everything you need for the next day, and have it ready to go.

“Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests” by John A. Yoegel
from Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests
by John A. Yoegel
Wiley, 2017

Day Two (11 miles) This is a long day that comes early in your trip when your pack is still loaded with food.

“Backpacking in Michigan” by Jim DuFresne
from Backpacking in Michigan
by Jim DuFresne
University of Michigan Press, 2007

If you have everything organized, the day will flow smoothly.

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
from The Bar and Beverage Book
by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
Wiley, 2012

Think through your plan for the day and consider whether you’ll need to pack and bring any of your meals with you.

“Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free” by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
from Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free
by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
Hay House, 2017

The first part of this day a Genteel gale and Clear weather; middle, Squally, with Lightning and rain, and some showers of Large Hail Stones; towards Noon a Steady fresh breeze and Clear weather.

“Captain Cook ́s Journal during the First Voyage round the World” by James Cook
from Captain Cook ́s Journal during the First Voyage round the World
by James Cook
Outlook Verlag, 2018

Inexplicably, impossibly, it is a perfect day.

“In Five Years: A Novel” by Rebecca Serle
from In Five Years: A Novel
by Rebecca Serle
Atria Books, 2020

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  • My Typical Weekend:
    5:00am Wake up and workout (running, cycling, lifting weights, pilates whichever depending)
    5:30-6am Shower/washup
    7:00am Breakfast/journaling
    7:30-8am Work on art projects/read emails
    2pm-3pm Read books
    3pm-5pm Walk my dog/go to dog park
    5pm Go out either hangout or read books at coffeeshop
    7pm Blogging/Skype with friends
    10pm Read more books (or watch a show if Im watchina show)/plan next week’s agenda
    11pm Yoga
    12am Bed

  • Just followed your spotify playlist and Oh my gosh!!!!! I knew a few of the songs but there we so many amazing songs that i didn’t know. Are you going to make a playlist for February?

  • hey Dani!! I had a quick question on where the dress you were wearing in the video was from! it’s super cute!!❤️ love you and your videos so much and I hope you have a great day!!����

  • Just watched it and the trailer is probably the best thing about the movie. The lead actor has charisma, and possibly a good future in other movies, but either the script or the directing (or both) let him down. The movie just dragged on for too long and I just felt like I didn’t care for anybody by the end of it.

  • Play around with your editing skills and do some travel dairies when you go anywhere worth recording!! Love seeing those kinds of videos:) also some life hacks for a starting a YouTube channel would be very helpful haha it could be a little series! LOVE YOU XO

  • Hey Dani, I saw that you had an Ivory Ella sticker on your laptop. Do you have a shirt from there? I want to buy one, but idk how big they run or anything!! I loved this video btw! P.s. You should do a younow!!!

  • Wow, your exam really different with my country. In my country, we can’t make any notes on the paper (except for math). And we must use black ink


  • My average day
    5:30: Wake up
    5:40: Eat breakfast
    6:00: Get ready
    6:30: Go to school
    7:40: School starts (my school is a ways away from where I live)
    3:15: Arrive at sister’s school
    3: 45: Arrive home (we walk home from school) & eat snack
    4:00: Do homework
    5:30: Do chores
    6:00: Exercise
    6:30: Eat dinner
    7:00: Take shower & get ready for bed
    7:30: Computer time or watch a movie
    8:30: Get into bed & read
    9:30: Sleep
    On the weekends I do nearly the same thing except instead of school I watch YouTube and read.

  • owell. This is not a perfect day; it’s just an ideal day. I expected a video about a “perfect day” mentioned peoples’ dreams and reveries… for example to me a perfect day would be locked in a wonderful hotel room with a beloved person, with only tons of seafood to eat and no clothes. Evidently it never happened to me.

  • 6:20 Wake up
    7:00 Get ready
    7:30 7:45 Go to school
    8:10 Enter school
    12:30 Eat lunch
    2:30 Go home
    2:50 Enter home
    2:51 9:30 Go on PS4
    9:31 Sleep

  • My weekday is like:
    7:00 alarm goes off
    7:30 get up
    8:30 school starts
    3:45 school ends
    3:50 stables to ride and stuff
    7:00 home and dinner
    7:30 homework
    8:30 shower, just hang out
    10:00 bed, if I don’t get sucked into Facebook or YouTube too late

    Might seem boring but my weekends are much more interesting, trust me haha

  • My day goes like this:

    6:30 Alarm goes off
    7:00 Actually get up
    7:30 7:40 Leave for the bus (I leave when I finish getting ready; can vary)
    8:10 2:30 School
    3:00 5:00 Homework
    6:30 7:00 Dinner
    7:00 7:30 Relax
    7:30 8:00 Shower
    8:00 9:20 Relax
    9:20 9:30 Brush teeth, brush hair, put acne cream on
    9:30 Bedtime

  • my day as a middle schooler:
    6:00: wake up
    6:30: shower/get dressed
    7:00: get on bus and go to school
    10:34: eat lunch
    2:25:get on bus
    3:00:bus gets to my house
    repeat monday thru friday

  • My day

    5:00 YOUTUBE
    5:15 YOUTUBE
    5:30 YOUTUBE
    5:45 YOUTUBE
    6:00 YOUTUBE
    6:30 start school
    3:00 get home
    3:15 5:00 phone
    5:15 eat dinner
    5:30 shower
    5:45 8:30 phone
    8:30 9:00 homework
    9:30 get ready for bed
    9:45 12:00 YOUTUBE
    12:30 fall asleep

  • My Day Is Like

    5:15am Alarm Goes Off
    6:15am Gets Up
    6:15 6:30 Social Media Checking
    7:30am School
    3:30pm Home
    3:35pm Homework
    5:45pm Netflix
    8:30pm Shower
    8:45pm -Netflix again
    11:30pm Sleep

  • Work for 36 minutes?!!! I get up at 6am and don’t get back until about 4pm from classes.. then have a bucketful of homework and revision to do.. �� fun ����

  • Dear Netflix,
    Yale is 100% need-blind and meets the full demonstrated financial need of their students. Clearly you never knew that. Brooks’ business is unnecessary.


  • 6:30 Wake up
    8:00 School Starts
    3:05 School ends
    4:00 4:30 Arrive home
    5:00 5:30 Do homework
    5:30 7:30 Invest
    7:30 8:00 Eat
    8:00 12:00 Watch YouTube
    I want to die

  • I stopped watching it because they kept pronouncing the town in Connecticut as “Darren,” when it’s in fact pronounced “darry-ann.” And as a CT resident that bugged me, but Ima give it another try… ��‍♀️

  • My schedule
    : 6:15 am wake up
    6:20am shower
    6:35am gets dressed
    6:40am Breakfast
    School starts 8:00am
    After school:
    Tv: 3:45pm
    Homework: 4:00pm
    Dinner: 6:00pm
    Phone: 8:15pm
    Bed: 10:30

  • if I was to have the perfect day I’d be out with my friends then go swimming then play basketball then go bunjee jumping then go home and watch youtube then sleep

  • my normal day
    5:00 alarm goes off
    5:15 get up
    5:30 eat breakfast
    5:45 take shower
    6:00 get on bus
    6:30 start school
    3:00 get home
    3:15 5:00 phone
    5:15 eat dinner
    5:30 shower
    5:45 8:30 phone
    8:30 9:00 homework
    9:30 get ready for bed
    9:45 12:00 watch YouTube and Netflix
    12:30 fall asleep
    And repeat Monday through Friday

  • my usual day:
    6:30: wake up & get ready
    7:00: eat breakfast & brush teeth
    7:45: go to school
    3:00: get back from school & take a break
    3:30: start homework
    4:30: read
    6:30: take a shower
    7:15: eat dinner
    8:00: check my phone
    8:30: get ready for bed
    9:00: read again
    10:30: go to sleep

  • I watched it because of noah, and tbh it’s wasting of time
    No exciting events, the scenario is boring, everything seriously was boring af.
    I wish if they focused more in selena and noah’s relationship i mean we couldn’t witness their love development ��‍♀️
    The best thing in the movie is the moral message which is:
    ” be yourself ”
    . I’m so disappointed on this movie, probably cuz i had a lot of hope on it �� i give it 5/10

  • 1p.m-get up
    6p.m-order pizza

    I love my life!

  • My normal day
    7:00 wake up
    7:05 get ready for school (brush my teeth, etc.)
    7:45 eat breakfast
    8:25 mom drives me to school
    8:30 school starts
    3:05 get home
    3:05 3:30 i have a healthy snack
    3:45 i will go to horseback riding lesson on Friday, Monday, and Saturday, on Wednesday i will go to basketball practice, on Tuesday and Thursday i will go to gymnastics practice (i go to different stuff on different days)
    5:00 arrive home and take a bike ride with my friends or shoot basketball hoops on my driveway, or play with the dog
    5:30 computer time
    6:30 eat dinner
    7:00 do homework
    8:00 do my chores
    8:30 get ready for bed (shower, etc.)
    9:00 play a board game with my family (checkers, Mahjong, etc.)
    9:30 go to bed and fall asleep
    Repeat Monday thru Friday
    I like my life:)

  • my day
    6:45 wake up
    7:20 cry in the mirror
    8:00 go to school
    2:30 school ends
    2:30 7:30 phone
    7:30 homework
    8:30 12:00 netflix/more phone
    12:00 sleep

  • -Camila is still a rich girl like on Riverdale
    -Laura is still a bad dancer just like in Austin and Ally
    -Noah is still fake dating people trying to make people jealous then actually dating them cause they caught feelings for the person that they’re fake dating just like in To All The Boys I Loved Before (My favorite movie and the second one)

  • My day when I have free time (weekends)
    7:30 Wake up
    7:30 8:30 chores.
    8:30 11:00 Check WattPad, and watch my Kpop and Kdrama, anime, vocaloids.
    11:30 5:00 With my parents out in the world.
    5:00 Go home and have dinner.
    6:00 Phone
    7:00 Study
    10:00 12:00 Study my languages.
    2:00 sleep…

  • My middle school day.
    7:00 wake up
    7:15 get up
    7:20 eat breakfast
    8:30 leave for bus stop
    8:45 get to bus stop
    9:20 school starts
    3:50 school ends
    4:30 get home
    4:45 homework
    6:00 dinner
    8:00 get ready for bed
    10:30 fall asleep.

  • Me too I don’t understand why my friends doesn’t eat breakfast, I really love eating breakfast and it’s really important to eat breakfast☺

  • 56 minutes to work?
    Have these guys gone to University XD
    Not only is that hours, I come home and do more online + study.
    I also work a job and that is 10 hours a shift…
    is this supposed to be weekends? Cause I work then too xD

  • my old weekday routine (I’m about to go to a new school so I can’t do my current one)
    6:00 alarm goes off
    6:05 wake up
    6:05 6:30 play on my tablet
    6:30 6:45 get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair
    6:45 6:55 eat breakfast
    6:55 7:10 make sure I’m ready for school
    7:10 7:35 relax or do homework
    7:35 7:45 travel to school (I have a breakfast club and after school club)
    7:45 5:45ish school
    5:45ish- 6:30ish homework
    6:30ish- 6:45ish eat
    6:45ish- 8:00 finish homework that was set today and relax
    8:00 8:15 get ready for “bed”
    8:15 12:00ish play on tablet and read

    sometimes I use the computer or TV instead of my tablet between supper and “bed”

  • my old weekday routine (I’m about to go to a new school so I can’t do my current one)
    6:00 alarm goes off
    6:05 wake up
    6:05 6:30 play on my tablet
    6:30 6:45 get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair
    6:45 6:55 eat breakfast
    6:55 7:10 make sure I’m ready for school
    7:10 7:35 relax or do homework
    7:35 7:45 travel to school (I have a breakfast club and after school club)
    7:45 5:45ish school
    5:45ish- 6:30ish homework
    6:30ish- 6:45ish eat
    6:45ish- 8:00 finish homework that was set today and relax
    8:00 8:15 get ready for “bed”
    8:15 12:00ish play on tablet and read

    sometimes I use the computer or TV instead of my tablet between supper and “bed”

  • 6:30:sleep
    8:15:wake up,brush teeth,change clothes,eat breakfeast,go to school
    8:30:outside before school
    9:00:inside school
    3:20:come back from school
    3:25: to 10:30:go on the Internet

  • I go to a Korean HS here is my schedule

    Wake up 6:30
    School starts 8:00
    School ends 7:00 pm
    Study hours 7:00 10:00 pm
    Go home 10:35

  • The woman was right, tho. I tried to live a perfect day wayyyyy before this video is posted. Making a list-to-do during weekend and did everything I planned out to do. Without the disturbance of humans! or anyone! It was a good feeling, tho.

    Feel like an achievement. You’ll be surprise of how productive you can be. Seriously, try it:)

  • 6:30 wake up
    6:31 get ready for crappy day
    7:15 out of door for dad to drop me off
    7:19 at school
    7:20 7:30 homeroom
    7:43 school starts
    1:40 gets out
    1:50 gets home (walking)
    1:52 finds food
    2:00 starts homework
    3:30 dances around the living room
    4:30 practice my violin
    4:49 6:00 does random crap
    6:15 dinner
    6:30 9:00 INTERNET!!!!!!!!
    10:00 10:40 talks to random people about crap

  • I would dress like that in college. Well I mean like I wore heels, jewelry, and dresses. I studied and learned the best when I looked my best. People always asked me if I had a presentation. lol

  • my day(weekday)
    7:30-wake up��
    8:30-get out of bed I’m lazy��
    9:10-go to school��
    9:20-school starts��
    11:40-recess ends��
    2:10-lunch ends��
    3:20-school ends��
    3:40 5:00-phone��
    5:00-looks at homework sighs and puts it back�� or 5:00 6:00sometimes does homework��
    6:30 7:00-TV��
    7:00 7:30-phone��
    7:30 8:30-shower��
    8:30 9:30-phone��
    9:30-tries to sleep����
    9:30 1:00-phone��
    1:00-finally sleep��
    sleep eat phone repeat

  • My Normal Day
    1: Alarm goes off
    2: get up
    3: eat breakfast
    4: take the bus
    5: School
    6: play xbox for a very long time
    7: watch youtube and a movie
    8: watch more youtube
    9: go to bed
    Repeat MondayFriday, and weekend is 6-9 pretty much xD

  • Mine is like this
    6:00 7:00 my dad wake me
    7:15 school starts
    8:00 late for school
    3:30 school ends
    3:31 library
    4:00 homework
    4:00 AM homework done

  • 6:30 Wake up
    Take Shower
    6:55 Eat
    7:15 Relax
    7:30 Leave
    8:00 School starts
    3:15 Come Home
    3:15 Video Games
    4:00 Play Outside
    7:30 Eat
    7:45 Homework
    8:00 Video Games
    8:30 Read
    9:00 Bed

  • My day: 6:30 alarm goes off 7:30 get out of bed 8:30 go to school 9:05 school starts 3:15 school ends 3:30 get home from school and watch lots of youtube 7:00 start doing some homework and take a shower 8:00 forget about the homework and eat dinner 9:00 watch more youtube 10:00 start doing more homework but actually procrastinate more and finish it at school the next day

  • I LOVED the vid Danielle! This is so helpful and honestly one of my resolutions is to be more happy and have a good day so I’m glad u posted this Thxs!����������GREAT JOB

  • My day
    7:00 get up
    7:06 breakfast
    7:26 get ready
    7:38 leave the house
    7:45 train comes and I head to school
    8:15 school starts
    10:25 recess
    12:50 lunch
    3:15 school ends
    3:35 train comes
    4:06 home/ snacking/ break
    4:30 homework
    6:30 7:30 finish homework
    8:30 dinner
    10 bed

  • My day

    6:45 Wake up
    7:00 drink coffee
    7:05 wear my clothes and socks
    7:10 go to school
    7:30 school starts
    4:00 school ends
    4:00 5:30 play games yay
    5:45 tuition starts
    7:45 tuition ends
    7:50 eat
    8:15 shower
    8:30 wear clothes
    8:30 11:00 play mo games
    11:00 sleep zzz

  • I LOVED the vid Danielle! This is so helpful and honestly one of my resolutions is to be more happy and have a good day so I’m glad u posted this Thxs!����������GREAT JOB

  • Is it just me that never studied like ever in primary school but always got really high marks and in sats i got GD
    Hopefully its not only me
    Btw im not bragging i just wanna know if anyone else did it

  • my perfect day:
    10:00am wake up, dismiss my alarm, and go back to bed.
    11:35isham: wake up again and realize that ive slept a whole hour and a half more.
    11:40am: spend time on my computer/phone/xbox.
    3:40ishpm: get food.
    4:20pm hue hue: get back to what i was doing.
    11:00pm: realize that its 11
    11:15pm: take a shower
    11:20pm: try to sleep
    12:30isham: realize that i cant sleep so i go on my phone
    5pm: realize that its 5 and go to sleep.

  • I came here to find another Netflix series “The half of it” because by searching “The Perfect Date “on YT I can find it in the Up next section. this his how absent minded I am

  • I Love this movie soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 i can watch this like 10001x without be boring <3 <3 Ellen is so inspired <3 <3 <3 <3

  • my tip for studying: if you manage to find a practice sheet close to the topic, do it. if you get the questions correct, your good to go!

  • My type of day:
    5:30/ 6:00 wake up due to alarm
    7:10 school
    2:50 go home
    3:30 5:30 computer
    6:00 7:00 dinner
    7:30 8:30 chill and relax
    8:30 10:00/ 11:00 homework
    12:00 sleep

  • OMG I hv just watched this movie…it was an awesome movie… and seriously I m gonna miss Celia Liberson as my imaginary gf..����

    She is actually my dreamgirl…����

  • i just vomitted a lil bit in my mouth, god i hate this kind of movies… I was hoping it would transition to a sickening horror or sick shit.. but its just a plain boring romance crap.

  • Like any cheesy Netflix rom-com
    The story isn’t too original, like the cast though with Camilla, Noah and Laura…three faves.
    Overall 3/5

  • My day
    6:30 wake up
    7:30 leave for school
    8:15 school starts
    2:45 come home
    3:30 eat dinner
    4:00 get ready for gymnastics
    4:30 leave
    8:00 come home
    8:45 9:30 do homework

  • After she says “except for funner” his jaw drops even more because she literally got into Harvard (and he technically didn’t) and then said “funner” ��

  • Such a good video and just a question why don’t you have 900000006 subscribers yet well you should because your so good and seem like a really nice person

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  • After watching this movie I came here to give my review the movie is really good, Laura’s character was really cool I like it,she doesn’t care what others think about her. Her dance was really funny ��

  • Dendi? Aku mau panggil malaikat azab kubur skrg, aku suruh kawal kamu disana den.,,

    Aku minta dia sekali2 nunjukkin dirinya wajahnya ke muka lu,,,

  • 6:00amGet up and pee
    6:05 amBrush Teeth and face massage
    6:10 amMagnetic face mask
    6:15am:Brush hair
    6:20am-Eat breafeast
    6:25:Napping while listening to ballads
    7:00am-Play Video games
    3:30pm-do homework

    This is how my day goes
    I think I already live the perfect day tbh

  • Elle passes the LSAT and entered Harvard by herself and with the help of her sorority while Warner got waitlisted first before he got in. ��

  • Never has it been so satisfying to watch a rich, dumb guy get absolutely OWNED by a smart girl that he completely underestimated!!!

  • She has the best clap backs, like she got into Harvard with hard work and her brain and Warners daddy had to buy him in.
    “Like its hard?”
    Not for you Elle you actually have a brain.

  • I never realised Warner is Alaric. Theres like over 20 years between this movie and Legacies and he does not look like he aged 20 years.

  • 7:30 am get up
    8:30 am go to school
    3:00 pm go home
    3:25 pm eat.
    3:40 pm do homework
    4:50 6:30 pm games
    6:30 pm eat
    10:00 p.m sleep

    Screw school….

  • This part and the part at the end where it says that Warner graduated without honors, without a girlfriend and without any law job offers are the best parts in the whole movie!

  • Feminist icon, style idol, and queen of the comeback. Elle Woods was a shockingly but understandably great role model for young girls. She never once changed herself for anyone. She capitalized on her skills as a fashion and lifestyle expert, adjusted her learning skills to the legal profession, and stayed cute while beating everyone else at their own game. In the end, she wasn’t just smarter and kinder, she was better dressed too. A true queen. ��

  • Everyone says she’s all girl power and blah blah blah….but didn’t she go to Harvard just to try to impress a guy and get him back??

  • my routine goes sort of like this:
    exam day
    8:00get in school and turn off my phone
    8:10talk to friends, mess around
    8:40look for my math (random subject) book because knowing me i’ve lost it
    9:15at the exam hall waiting in line, furiously cram revising
    9:30: time to fail.

  • omg i can’t relate while watching this hahaha but I realized that I still study but in a lazy and easy way (still effective for me tho). your contents are amazing btw!

  • She have time to highlight in the question paaper and in my school I’m not even allowed to scribble on question paper dude she is damn lucky ��

  • In my school we are not allowed to take water in the exam hall, we can’t go out during exam time, we are allowed to take the stationaries only inside the exam hall.

  • Who here is watching this in 2020 during quarantine. I have been watching study tee for tips for online school. It has helped so much. Thank you study tee for giving me so much motivation for doing online work.

  • Wow your hand writing is so amazing. I love how you talk in the videos and most of all your editing makes me so jealous. Love from Karthika, India.

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  • My day is:

    7:00 wake up for school
    8:00 wait for my friends to walk to school with
    8:50 school starts
    3:10 school ends
    3:20 get home
    3:30 4:30 homework
    5:00 11:00 YouTube time in bed

  • My day (School Edition)
    6:30 wakes up
    7:00 7:30 gets ready
    7:30 7:50 eats breakfast
    7:50 drives to school
    8:15 school starts
    2:45 school ends
    3:00 gets home
    3:00 7:00 on the Internet
    8:00 does half of my homework
    9:00 Netflix
    10:00 gets ready for bed
    10:30 on my phone
    11:00 watches TV
    12:00 actually falls asleep
    Annnnd repeat from Monday to Friday.

  • Here’s a story for you, so I had just finished studying for my gCSEs (which was the next day ) and I had just gotten into bed and then my mom told me “you’re not going to school tomorrow because of the virus �� outbreak “ as you can imagine I was sooooo happy and relieved �� but then she said “hahaha I’m just joking you’re going to school tomorrow “ I was so upset I even cried but it was just a little bit cause I did feel something was off then she said “I’m joking you aren’t going to school you’ll do online school from now until 2weeks are over “ l was so mad at her I still am 6 months later.

    I don’t really know what the point of this comment is but I just wanted to tell you.
    Have a wonderful day or night or 3 am
    ���� Remember to love yourself ����

  • Hey, love from India just wanted so say that I am so jealous like comfy outfits here we have school uniform,highlighter black pen anything on question paper we are not even allowed to put pencil mark lol����������

  • You are lucky that your school allows you to eat in exam hall

    In my school writing on question paper is also banned, no watch, no Mac Book in your bag even pencilboxes also under the desk and once the exam is started you are not allowed to touch your pencilbox also and in 2 hours we have to write that much that all other schools will give you 3 hours to write minimum

    And this all rules starts from 6th grade / standard ������������

  • Geez where I live I have to wear a uniform, and if I scheduled my time on a piece of paper the teacher would think I’m cheating… no sticky notes, highlighters, we cannot write ANYTHING on the question paper or u lose marks…u can’t eat during the exam, I I asked the teacher if I could get some fresh air she would say why didn’t you get air before the exam started! And in class for the exam everyone’s school bags have to be outside the classroom…

  • In our exam paper we aren’t allowed to write anything on our exam paper………….I bou highlighters but it doesn’t worksfor our school

  • Exam day routine + tips
    The day before:
    >> only do light revision ( practice problems + reading )
    >> make an exam checklist for the next morning ( things to pack…)
    >> gather and pack things in one place
    >> pick the outfit ( comfy )
    >> take time to de stress ( good night of sleep + relax before going to bed )
    >> set alarms
    On exam day:
    > wake up early
    > eat a filling breakfast to energize yourself
    > go over the checklist to make sure you have everything
    > leave early to be on time
    During the exam:
    . For essays: Read through everything + write down useful things, make a rough schedule of things to complete
    . For scientific exams: See how many questions than immediately cover them, concentrate one question at a time, know how much time is needed by question
    always go over questions with highlighters
    write down reminders on the marge
    bring something healthy to eat
    bring a large water bottle
    have a anti anxiety technique ( breathing exercices…)
    use time well and never leave early

  • Ah… I remember literally not preparing whatsoever for my exam, winging it that day without a care in the world, and still somehow being sure I would get through it without a problem. And somehow I did just that. Why am I here again? lmao

  • lol i study in india we are not allowed bring food,papers,and we have surprise exam and i study in elementry school sooo much work ugh this video helped

  • In India we are not allowed to write anything even a word on question and we are not allowed to eat something we only carry our pencil case our exam board and water bottle just this much nothing else ��⌚

  • me: doesn’t have an exam or even school yet coz my country still hasnt made any improvements, smh
    also me: watches study related videos but does nothing at all lol i hate myself

  • I’m curious about somthing. Does it happen in high school in America that you might have 3 exams a day? Because in my country it does and it can go up to 4 exams.

  • I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! insert heart eyes emoji You’re ideas are always so original, which is definitely one of the reasons you are my favorite youtuber! The editing in this video is so professional, you’re videos just keep getting better, if that’s even possible! <3 xx

  • Her cute voice survived even though she grew up. Your voice reminds me of my cousin who died from a car accident when she was 5 ��

  • Number 1. I dont think your voice is like a kid
    Number 2. You are perfect just the way you are
    Number 3. You are already helping us improve our studies by your tips
    Ps. If I did not mention, the way you write is very satisfying!��

  • In India, you aren’t allowed to write anything on the question paper other than exam seat number!
    And only blue ink is allowed! No highlighter or anything!
    No food allowed in the exam hall! Just a bottle of water!