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George Leeman 815lbs x 6 Deadlift

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Tribute: George Leeman The Babyslayer

Video taken from the channel: Tiago Vasconcelos


907lbs x 5 Deadlift with Reverse Bands!

Video taken from the channel: George Leeman



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John Newman Love Me Again

Video taken from the channel: John Newman


George Leeman 800lbs Deadlift For 8 Reps

Video taken from the channel: Nick Wright


George Leeman The Massochist

Video taken from the channel: enigmaHD

Hi my name is George Leeman and I am formerly the RAW all time North and South American deadlift record holder. I work as a personal trainer and consultant o. Hi my name is George Leeman, and I want to invite you to work together towards your fitness goals! Top 10 Rules Duration: 15:59. Evan Carmichael Recommended for you.

15:59. The Progression. Rating is available when the video has been rented. George Leeman with Mark Bell, Silent Mike Duration: Top 100 Sports Bloopers of the Year 2019 Duratio. George Leeman, the all time American raw deadlift record holder, answers some questions from Mark Bell about his weird belt placement, why he uses hook grip, why he is a strap wearing cheater in.

Hi my name is George Leeman, and I want to invite you to work together towards your fitness goals! Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Universal Music Canada); Abramus Digital, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA UBEM, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor UMPG, LatinAutor, BMI Broadcast Music Inc., CMRRA, UMPI, and 18 Music Rights. 23.5k Followers, 156 Following, 271 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from George Leeman (@georgeleeman). prev video next video more videos HEART OF A LION – Official Music Video – Gym Motivation!

WHY YOU ARE BROKE – Motivational Speech on Success 2017 – Motivation Video. Mix Play all Mix George Leeman YouTube; Powerlifter George Leeman ( The Truth about Us Speech) Duration: 6:10. Ernesto Martinez 3,325 views.

6:10. KNOW WHEN TO SAY NO AND SAY IT. LEARN FROM MY. George Leeman 909.4lb All Time Raw American Deadlift Record! Duration: 7:34. George Leeman 153,763 views.

7:34. Pete Rubish 920lbs Deadlift AT 245lbs Duration: 13:20. My name is George Leeman and Iím a personal trainer, as well as a strength, bodybuilding, and physique coach. My passion is strength training and bodybuilding.

I have deadlifted well over 800lbs in competition as young as 21 years old, and currently hold the all time raw American record deadlift as well as the all time raw junior deadlift record.

List of related literature:

You can check him out on the Rip Shack YouTube channel, though.

“The Sea Keeper's Daughters” by Lisa Wingate
from The Sea Keeper’s Daughters
by Lisa Wingate
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2015

He founded a one-man film production company in the mid-’60s, and became the first East Coast surf moviemaker, with titles including How the East Was Won (1967) and A Way of Life (1968); he received a B.S. in film from New York’s Ithaca College in 1969.

“The Encyclopedia of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw
from The Encyclopedia of Surfing
by Matt Warshaw
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He has videos of some of the most famous young yo-yo players in the country.

“Spectrum Word Study and Phonics, Grade 3” by Spectrum
from Spectrum Word Study and Phonics, Grade 3
by Spectrum
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His knowledge and love of skating are profound and quite simply awesome.

“The Complete Book of Figure Skating” by Carole Shulman
from The Complete Book of Figure Skating
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In the winter of 1958 he edited the Hawaiian footage together with some older rolls shot in California, added some hand-lettered titles, and called the resulting film Surf.

“The History of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw
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So you’ll not find Chet Atkins here, or Doc Watson (written about at length during his sixties “discovery”), or many others (George Van Eps, Johnny Smith, Billy Byrd, Hubert Sumlin, Eldon Shamblin) who should be.

“From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1769-1776 v. 2. From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1777-1783” by Theodore Roosevelt
from From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1769-1776 v. 2. From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1777-1783
by Theodore Roosevelt
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Following sax man Ornette Coleman randomly from place to place, this documentary is as liberated as the free jazz Coleman pioneered: it strives to honor, without necessarily understanding him.

“Jazz on Film and Video in the Library of Congress” by Rebecca D. Clear
from Jazz on Film and Video in the Library of Congress
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he bigspin is a cool trick that you see in a lot of contests and demos.

“Mastering Skateboarding” by Per Welinder, Peter Whitley
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A famous scout, Sholes began in the mid-1940s supervising the recording of country western and rhythm and blues artists for RCA, producing sessions by stars such as the Sons of the Pioneers, Chet Atkins, and soon, in 1955, Elvis Presley.

“Django: The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend” by Michael Dregni
from Django: The Life and Music of a Gypsy Legend
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Jonathan also composes skateboard videos of himself and his friends, and he has compiled an extensive collection of these videos.

“Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research” by Leila Christenbury, Randy Bomer, Peter Smagorinsky
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  • He just scared the hell out of satan pounding the ground with another planet like a crazy patrying upstairs neighbor then apologizes to us about using the lube He bangs all our moms with that supposedly impedes the fact He just whooped all our ass at manhood ��

  • Thoust are a real gentleman and a hoister of epic proportions sir! I shall forever acknowledge your God like status amongst athletes world wide!!!

  • Listening this as kid hit different ��

    Edit I never found it from fifa it just popped on my YouTube years ago and I really like it.

  • Would be crazy to see if you could induce an adrenaline oversurge medically. Get what happens in the mind of one who is about to die. That last line of defense, the strentgh you get in that very moment. Do you think you could do it? would be crazy to see what you could lift in that moment lol

  • I know he lifts with emotion which is awesome, but when he lets out all that air when yelling on his last rep in several vids, it may cost him the finish.

  • Esti la un alt nivel inferior de frustrare…daca voiai asa rau sa fi tare, puteai si fara sa iei prostiile comerciale numite suplimente, doar ca asa e mai rapid in cresterea puterii, plus esti la un nivel limitat crezand ca, corpului tau nu le rezista aceste suplimente si mai ales ca acest antrenament iti face rau cand colo iti spun eu ca ITI FACE BINE!!!…mie mi-a facut chiar lucrand cu greutati enorme, aproape cat vad la tine si avand 75kg cat aveam cand faceam mai regulat, acuma am 80, dar sunt practic doar mai dens. Trebuie sa te autoconvingi si sa iti demonstrezi ca nu poti fi distrus de nimic care e facut dupa cum trebuie, exercitiul executat corect, si ba mai mult si cand il gresesti sau te fortezi!

  • what is the actual instrumental music beat playing in the background? I looked up Big Dreams and it sounded different than the instrumental in this video.

  • You know someone is determined if he’s willing to think of horrible things to the point of crying before his set. George Leeman is the man.

  • Kids: Listen to this song without knowing that this song is used in FIFA 14
    Men: Listen to this song knowing that this song is used in FIFA 14
    Legends: Listen to this song while playing FIFA 14

  • Thank you so much George, I really appreciate all your hard work and videos. Blessings and please keep them coming and your life progressing. Blessings.

  • i did 300 punds wen i was 14, after that i couldnt do more than 230, because of damage in my back… so i didnt do anything for a year, thinking to start training again

  • really bad role model. sad bastard. get over it. we all have issues with life. just as bad as you had in your life. be a role model. stop acting like a sad bad ass and get over yourself.
    happiness is a choice. and it’s a choice this George Leeman just do not seem to want to make. bad image for the sport.

  • Awesome, I am much of a stalker myself, so I recognized every single music tune and clip used in the video, definitely brings good memories from early-mid 2015 when I first starting training and watched these vidoes. Good shit dude.

  • Know I’ve done wrong,
    I left your heart torn
    Is that what devils do?
    Took you so low,
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    They bring down angels like you

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  • You’re so lucky to have haters… I wish I had some… It always means you’re doing something right and the losers of this world react to this. Still need to get better I guess!

  • While I don’t downplay any of this man’s achievements, I disagree with the fact that you can’t be happy to lift or be an elite lifter. Plenty of the strongest people in the world have been also some of the happiest, drugs or no drugs. 

  • absolutely phenomenal. everything about this, especially that 6th rep. i forgot this was for reps until i saw you go for number 2… then im like o shit he’s doing 6…

  • FIFA 14. This song played when i waited to get a match in division with my sweaty bundesliga team, just waiting to destroy people with marco reus. Good old days

  • i like watching this fucker bench. ive experienced that same fucking..look (i felt it) and it feels gooooood when you get in that fucking grove man. idk how to explain it. just like a perfect form perfect working of your body. fuck lifting pisses me off

  • “walk a mile in his shoes before talking about him”
    What makes you think you know what this man went through, what problems he had and went over?
    He might have been on the brink of suicide, he might have hated his life so bad and still came back to be one of the strongest people today so what makes you think you can judge him?
    You who judge him,  probablly never acomplished anything in your life.. 
    You dont know what does it take to do this, and neither do I..
    In the end, its his life not yours. I bet you do 100000 thing per day that are slowly killing you, 99% of you who drinks alcohol and smokes weed everyday, and still you feel that you are qualified to critisize him?

  • @George Leeman dude you keep on do what your doing your a boss disregard all these haters they wish they had the mind set and the strength but really they have the mental Illness to say horrible things behind a computer. Your a boss I hope to be as strong as you someday.

  • Atrevernos a amar el resultado no será ese al final del video sino soltarse a la vida y llorar de alegría y luego saborear la vida. Bendiciones.

  • Absolutely amazing. Gets me pumped every time I watch it.

    Should be titled “How to break every single rule at planet fitness with one set”

  • You guys are just butt hurt because he’s being brutally honest about what he does and isn’t sugar coating it. You may go and look any other who has succeeded at a great level and say they are a “good” role model but.. fail to realize they think the same way Leeman does. Do you think Ronnie Coleman is just all genetics? People like him said fuck it… i will do whatever it takes to ruin mother fuckers dreams, and he did. Respect. You don’t think Pudzinowski knows he took 10+ years off his life? Thats why he was the best. So have fun lifting your 225 rubber weights at planet fitness. 

  • Even though I don’t agree with fueling muscular dysmorphia/ perfectionism/ escapism… I agree with most of what you say… especially about how pain and more precisely FEAR is a greater motivator, no revolution was born of a smile, but underlying that fear of a mother losing her child is love of that child… Theres more to this issue than a motivational video!

  • Just attached a couple of green bands and 20kgs of chains to my wife’s shoe draw. Hoping for a big deadlift PR in the next couple of months.

  • omg you people dont watch any of his other videos, the reason why he looks like hes crying is casue he thinks of some evil ass shit right before he lifts.

  • HOW are we the same age?:'( I can’t even do a third of your max. FML. Thanks so much for this channel, I am learning a ton of new stuff.

  • Even with 100lb plates he will still run outa room. At his strength level he needs some Eleiko competition plates 25kg reds. 6 pairs, ($2,200 not including shipping pfft) will give him 705 with the bar, and will take up probably what his 405 now takes up. He will have room for regular weights to go 1000+ on the side of that and those hardcore competition safety collars that will hold that kind of weight. If I was a Rogue rep I’d fukin give him 6 red pairs and a set of the smaller increments for free, and a big ass Rogue banner for him to hang up on his wall behind him and call it even.

  • This guy is a fucking monster… Im not going to even bother scrolling down to listen to what the trolls have to say. Awesome job man!

  • Time to upgrade to 100 plates. Those moving straps holding the plates on…hilarious. And that bar is gonna snap. I predict 1400 lb dead lift if you get a good bar and thin 100 lb plates.

  • QUIERO TOMAR ALCHOL Y FUMAR MARIWANA GRACIAS������������������������������������������������⚽️������������������������������������������������

  • I’d love to see the owner walk up after that and say ‘if you don’t be conciderate with noise and stop dropping the weights i’m gonna have to ask you to leave’.
    Haha just load your own fukn’ gun.

  • professor leeman dropping knowledge on next level baby oil technology, physics of elasticity, and general deadlift savagery.  educational in many respects!   final exam: how do pull 1,000#.

  • Being a hard ass is many people’s facade for strength. Get stronger. This video is waaaay tooooo long!!!!!!!!! I may start bitching about life being hard just listening to this crap.

  • Whatever happened to this guy? He broke up with that one girl and then went crazy and moved to Cambodia or something like that. He was a mutha fawking beast.

  • Edge Of Tomorrow brought me back and first time watching the music video, and I loved how it looked liked his homies were finna back him up at 1:50

  • We love you George. Do what you need to do man. I see your videos and they motivate me. You help me push when I see you push, pull and lift

  • Georrge Leemans words about steroids and happy individual are words, that ANYONE interested in strenght sport should listen to. Pls google his vid about steroids and some of the quotes. Ty for this tribute?


  • @Fleece Johnson dude shut the hell up your pathetic talking shit on someone you don’t know he could probably grab you head with one hand and squash it. Also telling someone to commit suicide your heartless.

  • 3:00 oh nick. we get it in junior high you were a big upcoming star
    fuckin coaches cuckholded u man you aint shit and never were brotha:/ sorry

  • Look at Brian Shaw and Benedikt Magnusson.  Arguably two of the best power lifters ever and they turn it on and off.   Check out their non lifting videos and they will sing the complete opposite tune from this guy.

    After two minutes of this tirade I had to stop because his outlook is bogus.

  • Are the bands to keep the bar from snapping?  Fucking awesome.  If I could lift that much I wouldn’t do it without a thick steel nutcup, gotta protect the family jewels.

  • QUIERO VACACIONAR GRACIAS ����������������������������������������������⚽️��������������������������������������������������������

  • all these bitches talking shit while they sit in their room crying at their 9 inch arms, stfu. This guy sacrificed his life to lift heavy shit, hes not a rolemodel, hes following his own fucking goals and doing whatever it takes to get there so get back to benching 105 

  • I relate to what George is saying, not everyone has a happy perfect life. The bad experiences and difficulties can be a driving and motivational force, powerlifting is one of those sports that can totally absorb you and provide direction and purpose in one’s life!

  • If Leeman keeps going he could have a shot at world’s strongest man… he’s young he works hard… he takes lots of juice… damn he should get there big time!

  • We do not need to have health problems from lifting heavy. The people who are the strongest live without health problems. STFU and do a deadlift without straps.This guy is a bodybuilder not a lifter. Get strong! If you are angry, be angry. If you are happy, be happy. Do not believe this guys bull saying we have to be miserable. We need to be what we are currently. Hopefully that is strong.

  • This has got to be one of the greatest deadlift feats EVER and doesn’t get all the recognition that the great one rep maxes do, but this is equally as impressive (if not more) than a one rep 1000 lb deadlift…. 800 lbs for 8 fucking reps is absolutely insane, never seen so many reps with that much weight before

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together…

  • I must say the first part of this is very inspiring because he is a top deadlifter and he said he pulled 295 at 14 and last Monday I pulled 385 and I just turned 14 and his 3 year older brother did 365 so I have really pushed my goals to the maximum hoping to pull 400+ in a comp in june to break a record that’s never been done before at my age. with me luck and thanks for the inspiration

  • I love his realism and honesty!
    He is a brute beast and he tells the truth!
    God damn he taught me something with this clip!
    Try harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ive seen this video so many times now but every time I watch i cant help but be irritated with the people in the background that barley even batt an eye while witnessing one of the greatest feats of strength ever.

  • Keep up the great work.btw do you feel training with assistance, such as reverse bands helps teach the cns to then do heavier reps raw?

  • the mental part is why i love lifting, i dont agree with the supplements, but you can do what you like, i drink beer and smoke weed so who am i to judge, set goals and go for them, cheers and thanks.
    if a man carries himself like a pussy he will be used like one…

  • can you please make the video available on mobile again @Tiago Vasconcelos I used to listen to this during my warm ups as I can really relate to his mentality.
    if so it would be muchley appreciated. thanks

  • FIFA 14 quando jogava no antigo celular meu e tenho FIFA 14 para Xbox One nostalgia e também foi uma trilha sonora na novela Malhação Sonhos 2015

  • awsome video that boils down what true sacrifice take to achieve what you want in life (whatever that is). Most people are average and will accomplish normal things it’s takes extreme sacrifice to accomplish extreme things

  • Damn man you are one strong dude. Your girl is strong too. But you got to help her with he butt winking. It can potentially do alot of damage to her lower back. Other than that strong couple. Keep doing you.

  • there’s beast mode then there is whatever the fuck this guy is. dude is next level.
    he’s going to have the all time raw pull record when it’s all said and done

  • George Leeman and Pete Rubish are my favorite powerlifters they always fire me tf up to hit a new pr! Great video keep em coming!

  • Title should have ‘touch and go’ in it. Still impressive as fuck do not get me wrong but even so I like it when people stick to the facts.

  • fuck man you went and made me wipe a tear i didn’t know i had. i think i know what to do with all my pent up frustrations. thanks brother

  • I mean I’ve never once in my powerlifting career seen somebody wear their belt up under their pecs�������� and that’s also not 800 pounds. If it actually is somehow that will be the world record for all of eternity.

  • This video is so fucking powerful. Im watching it for the 4327 time right now.
    Just keep doing more of these. Im definitely subscribing:)

  • George do you do any squat or squat variation now? I imagine a 950 lb deadlift, 550+ lb bench and an 800+ squat if you could train them properly!! It would be incredible!!

  • this guy is a depressed asshole, People can be strong and happy.

    Richard Hawthorne can deadlift 5x his body weight natural and looks like a happy guy.

  • true, but “just a”? u can stick it up where sun doesnt shine:(
    hes a strong,sad,big man lifting 815 x 6
    u are just a sad internet looser

  • This guy is an inspirational person, say what you will about him. People should take his message of hardwork and devotion to heart and apply it to other things in life. Instead of trying to convince everyone that he’s on the verge of suicide or going on a shooting rampage. Besides everyone has some mental problems of their own. Most people don’t even realize it because they think they’re perfect or whatever but at least people like George are aware of it and have found a way to cope with it and turn it into something positive.

  • Might be smart to invest in a more stable bar. That one is bending so much, it just might throw you off guard when you pull with a very solid and expensive bar in a competition (which will obviously also bend like a banana under 907 but just maybe a little less). Then again who am I to even ponder on these things.

  • I’ll be making a squat video like this soon. Just bought some more ‘whey protein’ so will be cycling this with bananas for the next couple of months.

  • only on youtube would kids be bashing a man picking 900 pounds off of the floor… and always by people who deep down, regardless of “internet PRs”, they know they couldn’t even come close to half of that.

  • Wow man, that mental power and focus to create that need to bring you to the next level is so rare in the human race. You have a serious gift.