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Christina Baird knew she had gotten over a big hurdle when a total stranger recently came up to her at the southeastern Iowa clothing store where she From Weight Loss to Weightlifter: Christina’s Postpartum Transformation. Jun 8, 2017 Christina Baird knew she had gotten over a big hurdle when a total stranger recently came up to her at the southeastern Iowa clothing store where she. Cassie began by sharing a before-and-after photo of her 30-pound weight loss, writing that it was a “struggle” to document the transformation because she “didn’t even recognize” herself at first. Kimberley French is a 30-year-old mom of two young kids, ages 2 and 4. As is normal with pregnancy, Kim experienced some weight gain.After her second baby. > From Weight Loss to Weightlifter: Christina’s Postpartum Transformation > Losing Weight When You Physically Can’t Exercise: Doreen’s Journey.

As a newly single woman, Ryan was free to make headway. At first, she was just doing cardio at the gym and logging her food with MyFitnessPal by scanning labels. Soon, she began doing research on. NEW GUIDE OUT NOW!

Everything I did to lose weight! All of my tips, meal ideas and 8-weeks of at home exercises can be found here: From 245. Incredible Yoga-Fueled Weight-Loss Transformations Before and After: Brittany Hicks’ 110-Pound Weight Loss Transformation These Weight-Loss Transformation Photos Are Like None You’ve Ever Seen Before. While you shouldn’t expect quick postpartum weight loss, you can anticipate losing a significant amount of weight right away. Take one sevento eight-pound baby, plus about two pounds of blood and amniotic fluid, and you’re pretty much assured a 10-pound weight loss in.

1 Year 100 lb Weight Loss Mind & Body Transformation Duration: 5:34. Workin’ Things Out 21,076,056 views. 5:34-145 Pound Weight Loss Transformation.

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List of related literature:

Nutrition and exercise counseling should continue postpartum, with the goal of returning the mother to her prepregnant weight within 6 to 12 months and achieving healthy BMI before attempting another pregnancy.

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Mothers who incorporate diet and exercise into their routines in an effort to lose weight during the postpartum period also have been studied and have shown no ill effects on the growth of their infants (Daley et al, 2012; Lovelady, 2011).

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There is some evidence that exercise in the absence of energy restriction will not promote weight loss postpartum, and diet restriction alone results in a greater percentage of lean body mass loss compared to exercise in combination with energy restriction [16, 17].

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One clinical trial of weight training in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors showed that a 24-month weight training program with adherence greater than 50% improved bone mineral density.

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Smith K, Lanningham-Foster L, Welch A, Campbell C. Web-based behavioral intervention increases maternal exercise but does not prevent excessive gestational weight gain in previously sedentary women.

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Exercise training has also been associated with better body image during pregnancy and postpartum and among people undergoing treatment for eating disorders.

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Postpartum weight retention also increases the chances of her becoming obese in the long term (Nehring et al. 2011).

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Friedlander AL, Genant HK, Sadowsky S, et al: A two-year program of aerobics and weight training enhances bone mineral density of young women.

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• During the postpartum period midwives should provide advice on healthy eating and physical exercise that is individualised to each women and her family.

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It seems that women who trained at medium intensity gave birth later than those who did exercise at high intensity exercise, although the training duration was less in the first (training at medium intensity) than in the second group of active women (training at high intensity).

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  • I was 70 then i did zumba lost 5kgs and then after 5 months i again gained 2 kg then i joined gym and shed 5kgs and again agained 6 kgs ����
    what the heck but enough is enough now i will loss 10kgs in one go once this corona thing get over

  • I wouldn’t say I’m postpartum now (my daughter is 16m lol) and my son will be 3 soon. So they were born back to back, my stomach is NOT looking good, well all of me really. Lol. I hope I’m not past redemption! Started exercising consistently 3 weeks ago using dance videos (Kukuwa Fitness & kierra lashae). I’m not even sure if I have DR my Doctor never said anything so I’m gonna try your 7 min video. Wish me luck!

  • Great video a lot of great information. Had to subscribe. 8months PP and still struggling with losing this weight. I was already trying to lose weight before baby. Before: 196lbs day of birth 215lbs. 1st month 188lbs Now 192lbs been in a limbo ever since. Can’t seem to get it right.
    Some exercises are difficult with my back issues. So I am looking for other ways. So glad I came across this video. Changes start today����

  • You, misss.. Are adorable! Thank you for posting. I’m going to start after thirty years of not lifting weights.. I’m nervous but anxious

  • Every time I see your video I get inspired. So much love to you from me. And due to your this video I transformed myself from fat to fit.. thank you so much for motivating. ❤️❤️������������May god bless you! ����������

  • Gurl I have the same butt problem after my baby too ��but congratulations on your 66ponds lost I’m still struggling my back pain is my biggest problem that’s stopping me

  • THANKYOU! We are the same. I was 157 before 205 3 days before I lost 20lbs after baby. Baby was 7lbs. And I have been stuck here for over a year.

  • Love this video. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am almost 5 months pp. I do a lot of bike riding and find it so freeing. I also do some home workouts sometimes with my toddler while the baby is asleep. I’m learning that getting the weight off takes time but I could still enjoy the journey!

  • Ahhh are you me? We are almost exactly at the same pre baby/end of preg size.:) I’m 35 weeks, and around the 206lb point. I am so excited to get to work after recovery! Thank you for sharing this. I feel so encouraged!

  • I just discovered you now during pandemic and full lockdown here in Melbourne Australia ��! Just subbed! My baby is almost 5 months old I’m still not in the clear to work out due to my c section!

    But doing those daily walks! I can’t wait to start working out again taking all the notes and tips you’re giving in the video! ❤️ your personality is amazing keep up the positive energy ☀️

    U breastfed for 8 months? That is really inspirational!! My milk flow is decreasing big time!
    Congrats on the weightlosssss can’t wait to get my booty moving

  • I absolutely loved this video! You give me a lot of courage going into the post partum phase. I’m 34 weeks and can not wait to meet my sweety. But yes lawd my knees and back need relief. Our body types are very similar, as far as pregnancy. I’m up 45+ lbs.

    I’m curious how tall are you??

    PS your personality is awesome

  • I’m 27 weeks, and if I hear another family member tell me “you’ll leave the hospital looking like you did before the baby” I’m going to SNAP. I had to show my husband postpartum body pics because he was convinced (thanks media) that I’d look like I didn’t even have a baby. He’s supportive of course, but I don’t understand why people think you go right back? Our bodies have been through hell FOR ALMOST A YEAR YALL ����

  • I really wish I could give this video more than one thumbs up! I have an 18 month old and a 4 week old, so my weight loss journey has just begun. It was nice to hear about your struggles and triumphs; I’m sure you’ve given hope to a lot of new moms who are looking to reclaim their bodies.

  • Thank you for making this. Ppl are so unrealistic about weight gain, especially taller moms.. Ive gained weight this pregnancy and im determined to loose it AFTER i deliver. But imma eat wtf i want now lol

  • I am a teen mom who gained over 95 pounds during my pregnancy alllll from water weight cause my baby girl barely weighed 6 pounds when I got induced early cause the doctor said my baby was weighing heavy but no she was very tiny and now that my daughters a year now I’m so unhappy with my body and my stomach so I’m deciding to do something about instead of complainin about it thankyou for sharing your experience ������….. now let my journey begin ����

  • I am so glad I found this video! I love tour personality! Thank you for the encouragement because after having baby no. 2 it has been a battle to lose the weight but I’m almost at my goal!!

  • You are so funny! I love your personality! Thank you for the encouragement because it has been a slow battle losing weight after baby no. 2!

  • I need your videos in my life! You are hilarious I love your personality and you give me the extra drive I need to loose my baby weight! 6 weeks postpartum and I’m thankful I’ve came across your videos! Stay golden girl��

  • I’m watching this video in tears! My son just turned 8 months, I weighed 165 when I delivered and I currently am 25 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight (as well as being a stay at home mom). I’ve been feeling so discouraged and haven’t had any motivation to work out, and just recently started this week. It’s been hard and I’ve been feeling like no one understands how hard it is to push yourself to work out when you have a baby to take care of alone during the day and this motivated me SO MUCH and made me feel like I’m not alone on this fitness journey and that IT IS possible to get the body I want. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ve been following you since the beginning and your videos mean the world to me.

  • Thank you so much for this. I love your personality and transparency! I’m 6 months postpartum (c section) and I’m realizing through your video that I’m not putting enough emphasis on my nutrition. Slow and steady! I was feeling so discouraged. Congrats!

  • Lol at your Fitbit thought you were dead lmao.. I think my journey identifies with yours very much, started off same weight,,, and im going.. and going.. omg… after this I’m going to go hard, so thanks for sharing your journey.

  • Love this so much! Would you do a “what I eat in a day?” Or maybe a video of some of your favorite go to meals? My son is 10 months, I’ve been doing “lazy keto” for two months now but I’m ready to go all in!

  • I work overnight an dont know how to get in the groove of working out an eating right..i cant find a balance..So im just gaining gaining..I just started walking am said that i want to walk everyday because i feel with skipping days it just makes me lazy an i want to get in the habit of walking. Idk its hard tho

  • Editing skills on point! Learning a lot! I love your humour too! “Lost the weight of the baby, the placenta and maybe a skittle” haha �� ��

  • this is so beautiful! you’re inspiring me already! i’m 20 weeks ������ and i’m already excited to use all these tips. can please link the belly band you used! (p.s congratulations on your beautiful baby girl ♥️)

  • U are hilarious! So many punch lines, but ur whole honesty!! Im on baby # 3 and am so over being pregnant. I too bloomed with the pounds and am trying to just stay focused on what’s important and not the pounds. I have 60 lbs to loose after delivery and its a stress. Im already approaching to 240, Im 5 foot 9 yet it still is alot to me.

  • I just had twins I need all the help!!!!!! I’ was 200lbs when I gave birth I’m at 181 now I didn’t do anything just breast feeding but I need to get to 130

  • This is so inspiring. Baby 5 due in a few weeks. I always gain after my initial loss after birth. I would like to know more about your nutrition also. Way to go, btw! Thanks for sharing.

  • I just found you on IG and I love watching your videos! This gave me so much hope. 3 years after my daughter was born and I still look like you did 1 week pp. the DR is out of control. Can you show a full day of eating? That’s the most challenging part for me. Nutrition. I love weight lifting but have had to take a step back because it feels like my insides are falling out even when doin squats with no weight or front loaded movements. Halp with the nutrition sis! You’re amazing! Thank you for giving me hope ❤️ because I am ���� close to seeing about surgery but I don’t want to deal with recovery. ����‍♀️

  • I’m due in 2 weeks! Can’t wait not to feel a baby twist and turn inside of me ��. I’m excited to gradually lose this weight. This is my 4th and last so I can really put my ALL into it!

  • You have a beautiful smile, thank you for sharing your journey I feel motivated to start loosing weight once I’m 6 weeks post part I’m glad I found your video

  • I’m so glad I found someone like me, I can sort of look forward to how things will be and not be mad if I don’t look skinny right away. I am 5’4″, was 157 before and now 198 at 30+4 in my pregnancy. I’m due in march but july 31st is my 21st bday so I’m hoping I get that body by then

  • 6 week postpartum 5’1 lost 34 lbs this really encourages me took keep doing what I am doing! U look great thanks for this video! Keep doing then

  • I think dairy is a problem for more people than we think. I’ve been off dairy for awhile now and it has made me feel so much better. My energy, sleep, and skin is all healthier. I freaking love cheese, but it isn’t worth how I feel.
    I almost turned this off when you talked about keto. I really feel like being so limited on carbs you are saying no to vegetables is excessive. I’m glad you found a happy balance between keto and paleo.

  • You will probably never go back to your pre baby weight and that’s ok. Your body created your baby and you should love and appreciate your body the way it is

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear lots of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome tips about how exactly you can lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you will find a great guidelines about how you can lost a lot of fat. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

  • Did you talk to your doctor about the CLA supplement and breastfeeding? Assuming you’re breastfeeding, if not my apologies! I’m curious what your doctor said if there are any implications for milk production while taking CLA supplements?

  • love the video! Just posted my first video about how i lost 35lbs:) Check it out if you are interested!

  • Mummy magic weight loss tea is the best home remedy which helped me losing my post pregnancy weight without affecting my breast milk production.

  • I weigh 190lbs at 38 weeks and I am only 5’1. I hope that I can lose all this weight. I did hike almost everyday and ate mostly healthy so I don’t know why I gained so much�� now I can be on my 200lb life I guess.

  • I’m watching this more than a year later but I’m realizing we have a lot in common! I’m 5’6″ and my pre-pregnancy weight was 127. I delivered at 172. I’m 5 months postpartum and have about 10 pounds to lose until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. I was JUST like you ate bad and never worked out. Even though 138 is NOT big, I’m uncomfortable with the way my mid-section looks. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to make the change yet.

    EDIT Not sure where the rest of my post went lol but I wanted to say thank you for making this video. You definitely have inspired me!

  • Post pregnancy I was 220 (I’m 5’6 and gained a ton of weight from birth control and once I got off of it and got my period back, gained even more weight) luckily even though I am heavier throughout my pregnancy (I’m 37 weeks) I’ve only gained 22 lbs. Anyways, I plan to lose all of it after I have my son and get down to a healthy weight and I’m motivated this time �� I want to set a healthy example for my baby

  • I want to join the Air Force, and become a fighter pilot, but I also want kids. Because of the G-force I won’t be allowed to fly as soon as I find out I’m pregnant, because G-force is very stressful on your abdomen. I already know I want a water birth, so it takes stress off your back, it is better for your back, it is less painful l during labor, you’re less likely to need an epidural, which is risky, and it is overall just better for you. I would need to take a PT test 6 weeks postpartum, otherwise I will not be able to fly. I’m kind of worried, because I also wanted to breastfeed, so I don’t know how that would work out with the amount of G-force put on my body…��

  • Breastfeeding. It is the magic. I had 3 kids and every time I lost all baby weight in 3 months by eating chocolate and breastfeeding.

  • Your body is Insane�� im so scared im first Time pregnant and i want to be the best mom but i want to feel like woman again. So im eating healthy and starting sport but im scared it could damage the health of my baby.

  • I’ve seen the protein she uses at cvs they have vanilla and chocolate at mine. I know I’m really late but I recognized it as soon as I saw it ��

  • I had great results with Eat Stop Eat. Because of its ease-of-use it is actually different than almost every other meal plan I’ve had a go at before.It’s a lot more than a diet or eating plan, it transformed my mindset on nutrition permanently.I found it quite simple to follow along as it was handy that I am able to work with it on my personal computer, smart phone or for tablet. The electronic-book format can make it very easy not to mention fast to reference everything. Read more right here:

  • This video popped up in my autoplay list and GIRL!! I literally watched two minutes and fell in love with you right away haha, I’m so glad to have found someone here on YT with a son around my age yay! Gonna have to binge watch the rest!

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  • Diet and exercise are your best bet. It’s hard (or it was for me) to lose weight while breastfeeding. I was ALWAYS hungry so I only lost around 5 lbs while breastfeeding but a friend told me about a safe weight loss supplement “Mummy magic weight loss tea” that helped getting me back to my pre-pregnancy weight (lost 40lbs).

  • Yes more talk on nutrition please! There is so much conflicting information about paleo type diets verses plant based whole food vegan diets…. it’s all just very confusing

  • I have three kids, I am just now feeling “normal” and my youngest will be two in May. I totally agree, you have to shake things up. My goal was a marathon, just ran my first in January. I am on my last day of whole 30, it’s been really good for helping me establish a healthy eating routine. I joined the gym last year, I also love some time away from being a mom for an hour. Don’t feel guilty. I did have a much easier recovery with my first, it keeps getting more challenging, but I also have ab separation. I don’t think I’ll ever be prebaby fit, but I feel stronger than ever and totally worth it

  • Can I request more of these type of videos?! So inspiring! This is the only thing today that made me want to go workout you look AMAZINGGG!

  • Girl this is crazy but you and I have so much in common! I am also light skinned blonde/my hubby has darker skin/hair (was checking out when Brody was born to see how my son might but they look nothing alike lol).We gave birth of the same week of pregnancy (August though) and my son was also 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20.5 inches!!! I have also never really worked out or watched what I ate before I was pregnant (or during pregnancy) and also gain a lot during my pregnancy ( 127 pre 160 the day I gave birth). My son is now almost 8 months and I am now joining the working out wagon. I would love more of the pregnancy weight loss,exercise routines and what you eat in a week so I can hopefully go back to my pre pregnancy bod 😉

  • I gained alot of weight during my pregnancy and so far I’ve lost about 65lbs in the last year. but the last 25 are soooo hard to lose. I hope by following your advice on nutrition it’ll be easier to take the weight off. milk and soda are going to be the death of me though haha love your videos!

  • Great video. Be careful with the keto/plaeo diet..high amounts of animal protein is not good long term. Watch forks over knives on Netflix if you’re interested.

  • There are so many methods to reduce weight. But you need to be focused and work hard for it and also patience is the key to achieving any target. You can join a local Gym, buy an online program or even you can do it yourself by following a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you: check this��

  • So I see that a lot of you want to loose Weight so I decide to create a group to support each other! (Btw I’m a instructor and I hace study sports)����
    If someone is interested Just reply here⬇ and I Will tell u more��

  • Congratulations ��.
    I eat and drink once every 23hrs most days.
    Best move i ever made.
    No craving or hunger.
    I get a good night’s sleep and exercise regularly. My skin is soft and glowing.
    Blessings from England.

  • Congratulations! I’m struggling. You give me motivation to work out a little. I’ve always struggled with working out before baby.

  • Hey girl thanks a lot for this video it’s so hard to lose the weight I’m 5 months pp and i still need to lose 30 more pounds like u i thought i was gonna snap right back I’m learning the hard way thank u for encouraging i need this because i don’t get that from anyone else around me all i keep hearing is u need to be on a diet first of all I’m breastfeeding yes i do know i need to eat clean and i have it’s just my body is holding on to the extra fat i put on i don’t eat that much and I’m eating healthy exercising and u know it’s just so hard to everyone else I’m just fat eating all the junk food but it ain’t like that i appreciate you

  • Emm happy for ya but i wish ubkept ur hijab u were sooo btfl on it any way good transformation and keep going hope u get ur hijab back ❤️
    Ps: im also wearing hijab and train at the same time

  • U r aowesom.please tell me how much weight u lost from the start to finel in 90 days.2nd ur cheat meal in weak r in month??waitng answer

  • nothing better than a good diet to maintain health. it has served me a lot. I lost weight in a short time. thanks for the councils

  • Amazing transformation, very inspiring just what i nees at the moment to be honest ���� how much weight did u lose in 3 months? U look great x

  • Luar Biasa.. �� sy dulu 118 kg sekarang 88 kg, masih berusaha menuju 65 kg.. You’re so much inspired Thank You Terimakasih������

  • Sis, can u make video about the food that you’ve eaten during ur weight loss journey plak? i followed few Western people but their food mostly quite expensive, wanna know from fellow Malaysian kalau boleh ��

  • I am so happy I found your channel from Hayley’s fb group! I’m obsessed with you lol you look amazing and huge motivation for me after I have baby #2! Would love for you to check out my channel and connect with you!

  • Im mom of six with three c.section…3rd day of journy…wana cm to 65 from 70….15 km walking daily….need motivation pleez.

  • Awesome, Just Subscribed! I Just started my 100lb weight loss challenge. Good Luck Man! I welcome everyone to follow along with my videos!

  • Thank you for this video! The music was great and your transformation was so inspiring. Im on my journey to a stronger me. I don’t want to work out to just look good, Im working out so I can kick butt!

  • God bless you my dear sister ❤
    Please subscribe my YouTube channel or share like an comment I’m new or no one support my YouTube channel so please subscribe me thank you ��❤

  • I just watched your other with hacks during pregnancy to get your prepared, would you say all those things helped? For instance for coconut and aloe Vera for tearing and the teas to prepare for labor?

  • Thanks for sharing, Natalie! I lost the baby weight at 3 months in my last pregnancy. Now with the 2nd baby I’m 4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight after 2 months. Losing it is the easy part; maintaining it is the hard part! Thanks for the real-life advice.

  • I know this is a some what old post but I’m hoping you respond to this comment. I am breast feeding so my diet is a little different. I am currently 5lbs less than what I weighed before I was pregnant and I am ok with that. BUT I do not look great in a bikini and I am going on vacation in June. So 3 months. I have no clue where I need to start. I have to take my breast feeding into account and I am mostly interested in toning my belly fat more than anything else. Help!?!?

  • This helped me so much! Just started my weight loss journey and so many people making things completed for me but yours was the most simple and not complicated at all. Thank you!

  • im super interested in nutrition. i have been doing lots of research about vegan diets and stuff like that. can u do a videos more on nutrition? i am overweight and have diabetes and im only 29… i really need help in loosing weight

  • You look amazing! I’ve loved watching your progress! For the protein powder I’ve tried the Vega brand but then looked at the sodium on the label and to me it looked high, is it high in the one you use too?

  • would def like to see more videos on nutrition. my main issue is trying to get my husband and son to eat healthier with me. i gained 31 lbs during pregnancy and i’m almost 5 months postpartum. i lost 32 lbs so far and can fit my pre preg clothes but i need some serious toning. looking forward to these videos.

  • I just had my 4th baby and I was 202lbs before giving birth and after I got home from the hospital I was 195 and 2 weeks later I’m at 182lbs.

  • I love this video! I am 2 weeks postpartum and now weigh 204, right after i had her i weighed 215 and im 5’1!
    I needed this motivation love!!
    My goal weight is 120!

    Come check out my journey so far and please help keep me motivated!!����

  • I just found your channel today, I love the videos you post they inspire me to lose weight with confidence and positivity. I just started my weight loss journey a few days agoI’ve always been overweight and insecure and these videos make me feel like I’m not alone and I can achieve my goal weight ❤️❤️❤️

  • You have definitely motivated me. But the one question I have is why isn’t there any videos of you on your journey at the very beginning. Because I am where you were. Not where you are now.

  • What gym did you go to in this video? Was it a chain like 24 Hour Fitness, or was it local? I’m asking because I wanna go to a gym with that kind of treadmill you were running on.

  • Thanks for sharing, I’m 10 months pp and am barely down 10lbs, but I’m not giving up…besides, this is baby #2 for me so that has to count, right? Lol

  • Could u plz make seperate leg day and glute day routine
    And separate chest and back day routine plzzzz
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  • I’ve been getting so many requests to share my postpartum weight loss journey, so even though I’m not at my pre-pregnancy weight just yet (and in no rush to get there!), I thought I would share what I have been doing so far to help any one in the same boat:) Hope you enjoy! xx

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  • After c-section it was a challenge to get rid of baby weight and belly fat, however, Mummy magic weight-loss tea did help and now I am 135 pounds with a flat tummy.

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