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From Excuses to Results: How Bianca G. in Georgia Took Control of her Weight Loss Journey Bianca’s story is one that many of us can identify with. A mother of three, she knew that she needed to lose weight but just didn’t have the dedication to get started. “At my heaviest, I was 165 pounds,” she says. From Excuses to Results: Bianca’s Success Story. From Excuses to Results: How Bianca G. in Georgia Took Control of her Weight Loss Journey Bianca’s st Learn more Lifestyle.

Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. Subscribe. The No Excuse Guide to Success shows you how to abandon this unworkable routine and stop the destructive pattern of making excuses and blaming others-to stop whining and start winning.

The No Excuse Guide to Success gives you the tools and techniques you need to: Make life-altering changes in how you approach your career and your life. There are plenty of reality shows on TV that document weight loss, but My 600-lb Life stands out as it focuses on the real lives of real people. Unfortunately, that means we get to see some tragic results along with the successes. Here are some stories from My 600-lb Life that didn’t end well.

Paula Hannah used to come up with any and every excuse to get out of a workout. “The most ridiculous one was that I didn’t want to mess up my hair!” she says. But at 227 pounds and with severe asthma, Paula knew the excuses had to stop. Paula joined the fitness center at work, a gym that’s a 20-minute walk from home, and a smaller gym on her.

My weight really impacted my self confidence, I felt unattractive around boys, too self conscious to go to the beach or music festivals with my friends because I couldn’t bear the thought of having someone see my body and how much I’d let myself go. See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss. Why D&I training? Diversity and Inclusion is a leading priority for businesses all over the world, and with good reason.

Companies with diverse and inclusive teams have been proven to be happier, more productive, and financially successful than non-diverse companies. ‘Together, We Lost 1,211 Pounds and Counting!’ Hundreds of people have lost weight with My Calorie Counter. Pick up weight-loss tips, healthy recipes, and inspiration from these MCC success stories. My success story with Kenneth Russell 02:52 When Kenneth turned 50, he realized that he wouldn’t make it to 60 the way he was going.

My low-carb story with Marc Gossange 03:01 After living somewhat of a high-carb life and then living in France for a few years enjoying croissants and freshly baked baguettes, Marc was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. For Ralph to achieve such overwhelming success despite such tough challenges. While we think Ralph’s overarching life lesson to share with the world is, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” he shares the following important lessons that contributed to his success: Put the customer first.

No excuses; Surround yourself with good people.

List of related literature:

Giovanna’s only response to Bianca was, as she had done with Cammilla, to refuse to participate in any events which included her.

“Murder of a Medici Princess” by Caroline P. Murphy
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She tells me her mother was afraid she would quickly tire of it, but Bianca assures me she would not.

“Multi Girl Culture: An Ethnography of Doing Identity” by Linda Duits
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Bianca defeated her with a rollercoaster 6-3, 7-5 win.

“The Mega Yearbook 2020 for Competitive Exams 5th Edition” by Disha Experts
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But Bianca was determined—and confident—that she would be one of the few exceptions.

“This Rough Magic” by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, Dave Freer
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Bianca needs to copy Jaye’s slacker lifestyle because, she says, “I’m not disaffected.

“The Essential Cult TV Reader” by David Lavery
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When Bianca messaged me to say she and five sisters were down to model in my show, I’d sweetened the pot by telling them they were all invited to the after-party.

“The Chase” by Elle Kennedy
from The Chase
by Elle Kennedy
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Experiment During the week, Cynthia asked half a dozen of her friends to write down what they saw as her positive qualities (this was easier than asking them to tell her to her face).

“Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy” by James Bennett-Levy, Gillian Butler, Melanie Fennell, Ann Hackmann, Martina Mueller, David Westbrook, Khadj Rouf
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She believes that the school made a big contribution to her becoming a drag queen: “…I was doing drag, but I just wasn’t in drag…I was already building a character in a way, and finding my flamboyance in the theatre”.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Shifting Visibility of Drag Culture: The Boundaries of Reality TV” by Niall Brennan, David Gudelunas
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On her way, she met other queens still struggling with their tasks.

“Folktales of India” by Brenda E. F. Beck, Peter J. Claus, Praphulladatta Goswami, Jawaharlal Handoo
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The first step Heather took with Becky was to change her lifestyle, starting with a more reasonable work schedule, better sleep, affirmations, and more selfcare.

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
from Loving Yourself to Great Health
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • There are also cases where only one twin fully develops. The other is parasitic and unable to live on its own. In at least one case the parasitic twin had a head and chest but no heart or lungs and had to be removed so the other twin wouldn’t die.

  • wow i’ve never watched your videos before but this video has totally changed my outlook! you’re so motivating and have definitely got a new subscriber:) my why power is CONFIDENCE!

  • Excited for the Facebook group. I’ve been failing at my fitness journey lately and just been making excuses so your quote was very fitting. I’m ready for results ��

  • This is hands-down my favorite video you’ve ever uploaded! I love your personality! Also, thank you for motivating me and getting me hyped for starting my weight loss journey. Ily ❤️

  • This is true I thought that learning english is a short journey than I discovered that I may need 15 thousand hours to become fluent it is a. Long journey.

  • I’m so excited! I started my journey like 10 months ago and have made a lot of progress but I feel like doing this challenge will force me to make new goals and to continue pushing myself! Just saying for the 10 months I’ve been on it so far you have been such a motivating factor im like Bianca posted a gym story I have to go to the gym lol!! ❤️

  • In the past year I’ve lost 40 pounds and have felt so amazing! I still don’t feel happy about how I look, but I’m getting there, the past couple months I have maintained my weight but I am so ready to get back to losing weight to get the body I want. Plus my boyfriend and I are taking an anniversary trip in April so I’m tryna look snatched for that ��

  • This video was exactly what I needed to hear! You are so motivational and I need motivation to stick to my fitness journey! I would totally love to join the challenge come January! Thank you Bianca! This video goes to show how passionate you are about fitness and helping others achieve their goals & yours as well!

  • why don’t they separate them and ask a volunteer to donate a limb for the surgery so they can connect there limbs on and live normal lives

  • What if one of them
    want to have intercorse and the other head doesn’t then she has to go through getting f**ked by her sisters boyfriend and if they have a baby she has no choice but to have her sisters baby

  • every time i feel lost… when I think…its too much… too much time… too much money, I came back here and listen too Lisas words… and I feel strong again… strong enough to go on…. Thank you!

  • My why Power is I have so much bad cardiac problems in my family. I lost my Mom last May from a heart attack and have gained weight from grieving her. I am not comfortable in my own skin and clothes. I really want to change that! I am so excited to for the beginning of this!

  • I love you! And you inspire me everyday. I lost 25 lbs previously but I need to lose a lot more to be a healthy weight for my height. And I’m learning how to eat and make better choices. And I’d like to say thank you for inspiring me to feel better about myself. ❤️❤️

  • i want a cartoon network show with an adventure time/regular show -esque feel to it about conjoined twins in some sort of apocalypse-type world because i feel like that would really be cool

  • girl you just gave me so much inspiration! I just wrote down my list of why’s and put it up on my wall so I can look at it everyday. I’m starting tomorrow (early) so you will definitely see me in that FB group! love you!!

  • the most famous twins were Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome. little did they knew that the city of seven hills they founded would become a historical superpower and influence the modern nations of today.

  • So excited for you to make the Facebook group I think it’ll be great to have people that are in the same mindset that are positive!

  • My nephews are twins, dizygotic, a boy and a girl. They’re healthy, there were no complications or anything, but the weird thing was that there was no history of twins in my family, both mother and father were “normal”, no taller than average, no overweight, none of them was over 30 and they didn’t use fertility treatments. So we were all very surprised.

  • I dont know why my ex found success of a person through fame, money, not pure heart, not love,not relationships, her reason is because you cannot survive if you are not fame and no money, luckily we broke up, now I am focus on who I am and what I want to do in my life.. having a peaceful path.. Im so good now

  • Sales is a disqualification process.(80/20 S&M). How does people in FBM rack the shotgun to find the persons who are ready to take their offer? The idea of reaching out to people, without racking the shotgun, is literally cold calling. I know it also involves fear or rejection and fear to step into visibility yet seems like a contradiction to the concept of positioning. To be percived as an expert. The doctor doesn’t call you, you call him. That’s how positioning works

  • My why power is that I want to truly love myself for who I am and be confident in that, and I think fitness will not only make me physically confident but also mentally confident! You are so inspirational and gave me hope that I can do this!

  • Imagine being a conjoined twin and your twin gets asked on a date and you get ignored. Or your twin asks people on dates and you have to figure out how to avoid weird eye contact

  • Ok I have a question, if 1 of the twins commits a crime and goes to jail, how can the other one be punished if he didn’t do anything? Like isn’t that unconstitutional to be punished for nothing?

  • Bianca! I have a question, as I’ve stuggled with it for years now. How do I share more about the culture/business (the side that excited me.most.and brought me here from.the start) If I am literally at square one haha. I can share my hair, and goals, and others stories. Idk haha. I’ve gained maybe 500 followers in the last year lol

  • My why is that I want to be healthy when I’m older. I see how my grandparents and parents are limited with what they can do and I want to be as mobile as possible when I’m older. Also, I can do so much more when I’m fit and healthy now as well. I can go on hikes and even lifting heavy boxes is so much more easy now. I want to keep that going!

  • Hello Lisa! I viewed and listened to your message some time age on You tube and together with other inspirational motivational speakers have given me the tools, motivation, resources, courage, ideas and drive to persevere with my vision. Your message came at the right time (being afraid to post a comment at the time a few years ago) and I have been applying your as well as other speakers principles ever since that time. Your video will forever hold a special for me. I am forever in your debt. Many thanks to you. EXCELSIOR!!!!

  • Do you have any tips for healthy eating when on a meal plan in college and eating in a dining hall? I really want to lose weight, but all freshmen at my college have to live on campus and HAVE to have a meal plan:-(

  • I saw photos where the twins where joined by HAIR. That’s right, not by head but by hair. At least they don’t have any splits end to worry about.

  • I love it, Lisa!!! You are so right! I’m so happy for you and your success and reporting back what it’s like! Thank you for paving the way! <3

  • What do the anti-abortion people think about the actual 2 headed person? Something that would have been found very early. And something that severely reduces quality of life.

  • hello lisa’ if possible i ‘m really want to meet you, i hope to see you. i ‘m always watch your vedio that is given me many power” i’m really want to be successful.. wonmen,

  • my why power definitely started out as the “revenge body” mindset but now that I am about 12 weeks into it my why power has changed into striving to feel my best both mentally and physically. I can’t thank you enough for being a fantastic role model and inspiration for me!

  • I am loving to be alone pressing into my success waiting to be nurtured. But at the end of the day I know I am not alone. God has not left nor for shaken me of the vision he has givin me. I’m signing up for the cost it will cost me.

  • If you’re inspired by seeing what’s possible then book your free consultation call with us HERE and we’ll see how we can help you:

    Talk soon, much love, gg,

  • I needed to his this Im in transitioning as artist my friends beginning act different but she was right God Didnt give the vision to them but you.

  • I started my journey last Sunday. I weigh 139 lbs I want to be 120-125 with more muscle. My why power is I’m just plain fed up of my body. I want to not be sad when I look in the mirror��

  • Its encouraging to know that It’s Ok for people not to understand my vision, and It’s because God gave it to me and not them, so I have to nurture it myself no matter what it cost. Thank you Lisa. I love you.

  • A VERY CLEVER & HONEST & WISE LADY YOU ARE! GOD BLESS YOU ��BUT if someone had told all of this when you were going through that part of your life how would you have experienced it so that you can now talk (teach)about it!?!

  • Thank you Lisa for your honesty. Thank for the details in the Success Contract. I needed and wanted to know. I thank you. Love and peace to you sister❤✌��

  • I had to dismiss all my family my friends my old self, suffer my greatest fears grow though hell to be successful in breaking a generational curse/cycle and becoming the woman I’ve always dreamed of being and going on To live my dreams and not my fears, defo lonely at the top, cash wudda been cheaper. �� Follow @mentalemotionalwellness to see how, stay safe and well guys.

  • My grandma went to school with 2 girls who were connected at the shoulder, like you could tell that their was 2 arms but they were just connected

  • this video honestly was so amazing. when you were talking about helping one person you helped me. I want to start my journey but I am so scared, you really helped me

  • Success for me is just being a little better version of myself everyday.
    Once you decide on being better than what you actually were,
    Money, popularity follows

  • So awesome.
    This is so true.
    It is so damn difficult my dream every morning is how beautiful it would be to simply give up and live a normal life.
    But that is boring and I hate boring.

  • Thanks to you now I understand, it’s my vision and my family will never see my vision for me and they will never and ever understand it. I have to be ready for everything and be care full to who I let my life in because people will confuse me and make me doubt myself confident. Thanks �� I will be a different person from now on and I will be a better person than I was. I will strive to reach my goal and be a successful women. I feel strong now ������ and it’s thanks to you may god bless you with health and goodness in your heart

  • This was very insightful! I never looked at success in this way until now. I am so isolated it’s unreal at times especially since my personality is somewhat of a fun loving person. Ugh! I just feel like people don’t understand me.

  • Thankyou alot am a 16 year old who lost hope for so long…but after watching this video,i saw tbe perpose of life again ����may God bless you

  • I agree with that statement, for instance, I had a very best best best bestfriend in this entire galaxy but as we grew up, I learnt things! He wanted a simple life while I wanted to be more risky, we have different visions, and by the time goes by, they go one by one leaving me and saying

    ” Don’t do that it’s too risky “

    Then I gave up on them too! I left them too! I pursue what I think is right for me!

    Being alone for almost 4 years, trying to get the best in me! Make a new networker who have the same plan as me, be friends only with people who bring the best in me and never make me down even for a bit! That’s what I call commitment

  • I surprised that you didn’t mention one of the most famous cases of conjoined twins, Ladan and Laleh Bijani. Perhaps make a video about them?

  • You are right on spot! I’m glad you told me because I tell my vision to people and they try to build it into their vision, how they see fit or it goes so far over their head, especially vision for my family