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Let’s End Fat Shaming

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Can We Stop The Mom Body Shaming, Please?

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Stop body shaming…How you can you fat shame Aquaman?

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What the HELL is Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs?

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Fat Shaming and Disease. So we know that fat shaming is bad, or at least you should after reading this article. It doesn’t work and it actually counteracts the end result that the actual fat shamer is doing it for most likely to help someone lose weight. In other words, fat shaming is officially over. “We’re definitely hoping physicians and people work on their own biases,” says Wharton. The guidelines are intended to end the stigma around obesity and to ensure patients get the care they need.

Obesity. And now OAC is determined to put an end to fat-shaming once and for all. The fact that obesity continues to be a very serious health condition comes as no surprise. It affects more than 93 million people nationwide and is responsible for a host of health problems and conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, joint problems. Fat shaming doesn’t need to end it needs to make a comeback.

Some amount of shame is good. We shamed people out of smoking and into wearing seat belts. We shamed them out of littering. Although it has been around for decades on end, fat shaming causes more problems than it solves. With the events that transpired during one of the recent episodes of Bill Maher’s evening talk show, Real Time, people are again putting the spotlight on how fat shaming negatively affects.

Fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating habits to make them feel ashamed of themselves. The belief is that this may motivate people to eat. It’s time we stop fat-shaming! It needs to end. Not only is it not supportive or compassionate, it also does no good.

Being told you are fat doesn’t motivate you to lose weight. Most fat people, like myself, are aware we are fat. Instead, it would.

There is only one serious study, from University College London, that suggests fat-shaming doesn’t work, and it’s hopelessly flawed. Firstly, it’s based on survey data — relying on fat people to be honest about their weight and diets. Pardon the pun, but fat chance!

This is a group that thinks anything ending in “salad” is. Fat shaming politicians won’t end capitalism. A recent scandal over a scientific article once again raises thorny issues of who produces expert knowledge and why. Fat shaming is the result of an individual bias against people who are deemed unhealthy, unattractive, stupid, lazy or lacking self-control.

It is a faulty interpretation — based solely on a person’s appearance — that fatness is bad or morally wrong. Fat shaming is bigotry. Fat shaming is bigotry.

List of related literature:

It took twenty years for “fat oppression,” which describes discrimination and marginalization of women based on their weight, to become “fat acceptance,” the notion that fat people should focus on enjoying life, and later “weight preoccupation,” where women suffer to try to live up to beauty ideals.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
University of Toronto Press, 2020

In a culture where there is at least some self-consciousness about the impoliteness of expressing blatant revulsion about fat, most people are quite willing to support the stereotype of fatness signifying ill health.

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
from The Fat Studies Reader
by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
NYU Press, 2009

By contrast, the size acceptance movement, for example, the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance, promotes an “oppositional discourse” to counter the stigmatization of obesity (Sobal 1999).

“21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook” by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck, Donald M. Peck, Sage Publications, inc, Thomson Gale (Firm)
from 21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook
by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck, et. al.
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Deborah said that there are now a number of lists posted on fat acceptance Internet sites of FA “jerks” who emotionally or physically abuse fat women.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

In addition, anti-obesity activists and advocates seek to downplay a shaming discourse of personal responsibility, arguing instead that fat people are structured to be that way as a result of our “obesogenic” environment, which encourages poor eating and limited physical activity.

“Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow” by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
from Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow
by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
University of Toronto Press, 2020

Since the early 1970s, members of several U.S. size-acceptance organizations, most prominently the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the Fat Underground, have been working to change the way society perceives of fatness, to cast off its stigma, and to combat discrimination.

“Encyclopedia of Disability” by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, Thomson Gale (Firm), Jerome Bickenbach, David T. Mitchell, Sage Publications, Walton O. Schalick, III
from Encyclopedia of Disability
by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 2006

I mean, I think that people need to understand that, you know, all of the stigma against fat people, all of the barriers are because there’s this Madison Avenue, there’s a $33 billion a year diet industry in this country that sells us on the idea that fat people don’t deserve a place in this world.”

“The Oprah Phenomenon” by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
from The Oprah Phenomenon
by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
University Press of Kentucky, 2007

This runs counter to folk wisdom, which suggests that fat acceptance leads to lazy, complacent, irresponsible, and fat-inducing behaviors; and that fat shaming is the key to motivating others (or even ourselves) to lose weight and be healthy.

“On the Politics of Ugliness” by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
from On the Politics of Ugliness
by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Rather, for the size-acceptance movement, fatness is a political issue, and it is social, not individual, change that needs to happen to end discrimination against fat people (Wann 1998; Poulton 1997; Millman 1981).

“Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S.” by Adele E. Clarke, Laura Mamo, Jennifer Ruth Fosket, Jennifer R. Fishman, Janet K. Shim, Elianne Riska
from Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S.
by Adele E. Clarke, Laura Mamo, et. al.
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They desire to rid the world of fat people, perhaps hoping that if they do not have to look at excess, they will not feel its judgment in their own hearts.

“Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice” by Mae Elise Cannon, Andrea Smith
from Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice
by Mae Elise Cannon, Andrea Smith
InterVarsity Press, 2019

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  • If you’re fat, you ARE ugly. I get that it can be difficult and sometimes even feel impossible to let go of bad habits, but fat shaming is exactly what we need more of. If you joined the army, you wouldn’t be asked whether you wanted to do 300 pushups or not, you’d be screamed and made fun of until you had completed your task. So, where am I going with this? — Coaching. Fat people needs proper coaching. Without a coach, there’s no team. I ain’t gonna lie to you, it will be hard, and your brain will tell you multiple times to just give up and fall asleep at a fastfood restaurant, but why the fuck should you be listening to such nonsense, when you know yourself that you CAN achieve the body that you want?
    Fat shaming is not a problem, it’s a solution. If you can tell yourself that you’re a ugly mofo, then you have the will power to do something about it. Nah, the real problem here? Self-acceptance. Don’t listen to people whom tells you that you’re good enough as you are, because you’re not. You can always do better. You can always BE better. So, use that to motivate yourself, and help to inspire others.

  • Lisa’s body is naturally slim and she’s definitely healthy, when I was new to kpop I also thought she’s thin but after seeing photos from childhood to this date anyone can tell she has a healthy slim body. Respect Lisa ❤️

  • I just watched this movie thanks to this video and I thought it was so, so cute!! I agree that the sound design definitely needs improvement (like the inappropriately placed pop songs) but I thought the movie as a whole was charming in it’s sincerity.:^)
    (and yeah, Red and Merlin both do look like KPop stars lmfao)

  • The thing I don’t get is that girls always turn to dieting/starving when instead they could do some exercise to lose weight and be more toned

  • I think all the negativity will disappear from kpop if people just stop taking it so seriously. Back in 2012-13 kpop fans werent so aggressive. They just enjoyed the performances… nowadays the rabid fans are ruining everything including the lives of those idols…

  • I agree that the bodyshaming needs to stop, however, to sit here and say that she has a high metabolism and that she eats alot but works out a lot is honestly so cringy. I forget what show it was but a professional literally said she was severely underweight and it was unhealthy. If you take a look back at her pictures when she was still in Thailand, she had more fat on her bones. She wasn’t “chubby”, she looked healthier. One comment literally refers back to how she was still really skinny during her trainee days. Trainees are literally forced to lose weight as well. Momo literally said she ate only ice cubes just to lose weight and she was terrified that she wasn’t going to wake up. It’s known that there are weight checkups and if you aren’t at a specific weight you are embarrassed. It really is sad to see that people are pretending to be so woke about her being so tiny when in all reality being as underweight as she is puts her at a higher risk of death. Her BMI is literally 16. BMI measures fat and muscle mass. If she had a lot of muscle, it would be higher. Also, Lisa is bony and there are so many professional dancers that maintain a healthy BMI. Stop pretending to be so fucking woke when in all reality your comments are as damaging as those who attack her for being so skinny.

  • The vid would be fine until they mentioned my bias Moonbyul and says girl crush in a sarcastic way as if she isn’t a girl crush because she was thin, are they trying to make me an anti of blackpink by bringing other idols down???

  • Can also people understand that being skinny it doesn’t mean unhealthy? I know a lot of people skinnier than lisa that eats for 3 persons, is just how their body are

  • Absolutely love this woman!! My sister has PCOS. It’s no joke! Weight is about hormone regulation and digestion. Not as simple as calories in and calories out. So before you judge, educate yourself!!

  • Umm. Ok, so I definitely don’t support Lisa being body shamed in any way (I myself have been shamed for being skinny) but comparing her to other idols who you think are malnourished and “sick”? That is most definitely not the way to go about telling people to not shame Lisa. Here’s why:
    1. Showing idols who are skinnier than Lisa and saying they’re unhealthy/too skinny will only prompt people to go hate and shame those idols.
    2. It is not your place to say whether or not someone is healthy if you are not their doctor.
    3. (This mostly goes for haters) If an idol is unhealthily skinny, (or you think they are) body shaming and spreading possibly false rumors about that idol does. Not. Help. In any way. They will not gain weight because someone called them an ugly skeleton, comments like that will only make them feel worse about themselves. Please. Do. Not. Body. Shame. Anyone.
    4. Bringing up Chinese actresses/idols was kinda uncalled for considering the fact that this video was about a kpop idol, and lumping all of the beautiful Chinese actresses and idols into this “other can of worms” is again going to make some hate-filled people shame Chinese idols.
    5. (This is for everyone) Anorexia is not a body type, it’s a mental disorder. Stop saying that people “look anorexic” when any body could look anorexic. You do not have to be bone-thin to be anorexic.

  • Working out isn’t crazy! I do it for myself, not to be “appealing” and it does feel good! It’s also a great stress reducer & a way to appreciate your body!

  • I kinda see why other people think Lisa is too “skinny”, it’s because she has long legs and arms. If you have shorter, thin ones, it’s not that obvious (sometimes).

  • Everytime I heard the name “Regina” I kept on thinking of ABC’s Once upon a time. I mean, Regina does mean Queen, and both are different versions of the Evil Queen. Also, this seems like a good movie, but the marketing ruined it. THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!

  • People: OMG this idol is so fat. This pig needs to loose weight!

    Idol: takes the hate by heart and looses a lot of weight

    People: surprised pikachu face

  • People will always judge you no matter what. Do what makes you happy, but at the same time don’t force your pride down others as that kinda reverses the whole “shaming” (Mr. Reality from South Park mentions this).

    For example I collect “NSFW” anime figures and play ecchi video games. Am I judged negatively? Of course! Do I feel shame? Only if I let it disturb me, otherwise does shame really exist? I’m still the same person at the end of the day who just has a societal “weird” hobby. Just because I do something others might not be comfortable with doesn’t make me a bad person. But of course, I have to keep it to myself (and my friends) and not try to go displaying it everywhere as it would then do the reverse shaming, just like this comment post!

    I think there’s a difference between no shame and not having a human conscious. As long as it’s not something consciously bad or illegal (there are still limits) like stealing or hurting somebody, then you shouldn’t let others tell you how to live your life! If it makes you happy, go for it!

  • if you’re too skinny they would tell you to eat more food, but when you get fat they’d tell you to eat less, that’s just how it is.

  • Does anyone have a way for an american to watch this movie without risking viruses from risky sites?
    Never mind. Legal release appears to be pending.

  • This video is exactly what I needed to see. I’ve always struggle with feeling confident and putting myself out there as an artist, but waiting until I’m confident to move forward is a dead end. What an inspirational video. Revisiting this at least once a month!

  • Part of the problem with the marketing seems to be that the message was shortened for the hurried reader. Saying ‘not mainstream pretty’ does not fit the short and memorable side of most marketing.

  • Love how the knee jerk reaction some people have to the concept of not fat shaming, is to fetishize being overweight.
    Much like this poster, ya completely missed the point.

    Like, what if some one was saying ‘Don’t be racist.’ and you responded with “I WANNA FUCK MINORITIES SO HARD.”
    lmfao, okay, but I don’t see how that’s relevant to what I just said.

    I’m curious when we draw the line of not saying anything to someone if we are worried for their health.
    Like is it never? Like if my father or mother were eating themselves into the grave should I just watch them die needlessly young?
    If the answer is no, then when do we say something?
    Is it the first medical emergency?
    Is it the first disease?
    Is it when they can no longer walk?

    This shit is so fucking interesting to me. I make loads of life choices that are detramental to my well being and longevity, and sometimes I wish I had people in my life tell me, “Hey stop what you’re doing, you fucking loon.”
    I also think that I make choices like that because I don’t have, you know, anyone in my life tho:).
    Vicious cycle.

    ALSO I don’t think it’s wrong for fat people to turn you on, you are allowed to have a preference. I hope the opening statement here doesn’t make it sound like I want to kink shame those individuals.

  • They judge idols for being chubby,and eventually they lose weights but still judge them for being too skinny.I truly understand how depressed and stressed they must have been

  • what the hell??? if idol is too thick they hate them if idol too skinny they also hate them…what the hell??? let them be let them breathe haters are suffocating them what the fuck…urgh…

  • No one deserves hate, not just Lisa but the other idol in the video too. You said don’t criticize others and keep it to your self?? ‘She is definitely starving for diet’ ‘she looks boney and sick’ ‘they are like worms’ hmmm?���� I just feel cringe watching the whole video and thinking ‘what is the point of this person again sis? I’m so confused’

  • Umm, you clearly didn’t think this through. Literally shaming idols for being too skinny yet you continue to say, “stop body shaming.” You don’t seem to understand that these idols are being forced to become skinny until they’re considered, “pretty” or “idol-like.” This is why they’re are insanely thin because they have no choice, you act like they want to be extremely underweight. Lisa works hard for her body and same goes for those other idols you just shamed.

    Lisa is not necessarily at a healthy weight, but she is indeed healthy on the inside. She workouts and eats normally but that does not mean she’s at a healthy weight. So yes, you shouldn’t shame her for having a fast metabolism.

    Also, don’t call mamamoo’s fandom hypocrites. Moonbyul worked hard to lose the weight until the company accepted her weight loss.

  • the other day I stood in front of the mirror naked and let my thighs undulate. I told a boy that it looked like a majestic flamboyant cuttlefish.

  • Just bc other idols are clearly underweight does not mean that Lisa isn’t underweight too just bc she doesn’t look like a skeleton. She has a bmi of 16 and that’s very underweight. I’m not okay with body shaming and I have gone through that shit too. But you shouldn’t call that normal, bc it’s not. Rose is as thin as Lisa and it’s not normal too. Jisoo was underweight too but now she looks healthy. I just want to say that every Blackpink member is very thin and how they’re treated from their company is not okay. I don’t want that anyone thinks that this is healthy and normal. It’s not. With this kind of videos you make people struggle with their weight. And of course the people talk more about Lisa’s weight bc BP is so popular. Everyone knows them. I haven’t heard of a few other girls you have just named.

    At the end I just wanna say that I don’t hate anyone for their weight and looks. Skinny shaming and fat shaming are both horrible and people have to stop that. But you shouldn’t say that underweight or overweight is healthy. It’s just a fact. Saying that that isn’t healthy is not skinny shaming her. It’s just me worrying about her. Ik that I will get hate for this but I couldn’t just watch others thinking that it is normal and healthy to be underweight.
    And yes, there are illnesses that can cause underweight or overweight. But I don’t think that Lisa has one of them bc she’s never tired or very ill or weak.

    Stay healthy and please just have a good and happy live.

  • i’m watching this video in august 2020 and there is still problems. people have been coming for the girls of blackpink for being too skinny AGAIN..

  • She is beautiful for standing up there and re-living the mean things people have said and done to her. We live in a thin obsessed culture. It is true and will never go away. The fact that she is confident in who she is despite what society says is pure beauty and bravery. She is an inspiration to me. Her message should be told to every middle school and high school girl…

  • bro I don’t get why all because someone’s skinny doesn’t mean they are anorexic tf is wrong with them!? like b!tch they don’t even know what anorexia is smh

  • Even if you’re not extremely skinny, working out and eating right is really healthy and once it becomes a habit it makes you feel truly proud of the health and discipline you’ve accomplished. These people are just too lazy to have that discipline, which is a shame, because it creates an entirely new definition to body positivity

  • So you’re basically skinny shaming other less famous idols to make Lisa look better? Great great what an amazing social justice warrior

  • Solo Stans need to understand that they are not Rosé’s dieticians. Diagnosing someone else with an eating disorder, especially if you are not a medical professional, is body shaming and completely unacceptable.


  • Isn’t it plain rude to just asssume that the other idols aren’t getting body shamed too and also while saving Lisa, the other idols are body shamed here.I think its a bit biased.Its not that i hold grudges against lisa or sth, but it would be better to search up every titbits before posting anything about the other idols too.

  • Something I’ve never understood, why is people so up in other people’s business like why does it bother them what others weight is? it’s not THEIR weight so why is it a problem? Let them have the weight they want, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • I hate ‘fans’ like this who hate their idols
    Like you wouldnt say that irl so don’t say it online tf. I honestly am not a big kpop fan but I feel bad for idols and when I look at them I see sadness in their eyes. They are constantly judged, body shamed and sent death threats. LIKE FGS THESE IDOLS ARE ALREADY A GOOD WEIGHT STOP SHAMING THEM THEY ARE HUMANS TOO. For example jihyo, was a little overweight, she wasn’t even that overweight! Even so, let her be if she wants to lose weight then let her do that by her own decision and live her for her not her body. Another example in pop, Lizzo, she is proud of her body and she is accepted so why can’t we just acept our kpop idols. I’d like to see the people who write those horrible comments go up onstage and be judged for their weight see how they feel. (Sorry for the rant I just needed to say it)

  • Sometimes I feel lile the media has gone too far with the whole “accept your body” concept.. I don’t think you are ugly if you are overweight, I just think that it is giving people suffering with obesity a reason to not start eating right and exercising because “everyone is beautiful”. Mhm… It is so beautiful to die at 70 because you are 350lb… Of course, don’t think I am including everyone overweight. If it is due to the fact you have a slow metabolism then just keep watch of what you eat and try raising metabolism. It won’t be easy, but stay strong.

  • Can everyone stop skinny shaming idols, it is just as bad as fat shaming. And saying that you are “concerned” for them is such a bad way to justify it. PEOPLE CAN BE NATURALLY SKINNY AND ITS CALLED METABOLISM, BONE STRUCTURE AND EXCERSISE. Netizens are never happy it’s either “you’re too fat” or “you’re too skinny”, just let them be you are ruining lives.

  • It’s good not to allow shame to bring you down. Society should not suppress anyone from enjoying themselves in positive ways that all others in society are typically allowed to. At the same time, there is a threshold between purposefully shameful criticism and necessary/constructive criticism. There’s also a threshold between when it’s appropriate to bring up something and when it’s overly rude. But, unless you believe there are absolutely no issues to be discussed when it comes to obesity, then you have to be able to process criticism when it is necessary/constructive and told to you at the right time and place. I understand why some people might be hyper-vigilant about certain criticisms due to some past trauma (or they were never taught to properly handle any type of criticism). But if it can’t be brought up then any action addressing it will likely not occur.

    I know someone who spends almost uncontrollably, has to borrow from well to do parents on a very regular basis, and has never created a budget. Every time (literally every time from what I’ve observed over five years) budgeting and limiting/controlling spending is discussed, anger flares up and no constructive conversation occurs no matter how gently the topic is brought up. This person’s parents are too scared to bring it up unless they are so strapped for money they can’t help but say they can’t pay for whatever (which is often met with extreme hostility from their child) and they continue to enable the behavior by constantly supplying money. The result of not being able to face any criticism and seeing all of it as attempts to weigh that person down with shame means that person will likely never be able to end the objectively poor spending habits.

  • I cried when jimin said he was fat and wasn’t CUTEEEEEE, and his “diet” wasn’t even a diet he was starving him self poor baby ��������

  • Mamamoo fans aren’t the worst. Like they really aren’t. Every kpop idol dieted not just Mamamoo (yes even Lisa) but MooMoos like to call out that they really have healthy bodies. Tbh they do. MooMoos (or at least the normal ones, because every fandom has its own bad apples) never said Lisa is too skinny. Please respect my idol if you want me to respect yours. (no hate, I’m a slave for Lisa).

  • As a Mamamoo fan / Moo Moo I don’t see Lisa being hated on where did you get that from????
    I know your a blink and trying to protect Lisa but blaming a whole other fandom is a mess this is how you start fanwars To me your kinda of a blonk if you ask me. Just like me and many others left the blink fandom because it’s embarrassing saying your a blink when most of the fandom is toxic I mean no hate but seriously I’m not trying to be toxic but I’m saying what I believe but I do agree on the Chinese idols/actors they look like they starve themselves.
    Thank you for taking your time reading this I mean no hate towards you and blinks I know not the whole fandom is toxic

  • If being fat, you get hated. If being too thin, you get hated. SO WHAT THE POINT THERE HAH??!!Kpop idols also a human and they deserve better than being hated!!

  • I’m sorry but this video and the comments did not pass the vibe check.. Like you get mad when the apparent “body shaming” is against Lisa, but go on and on disrespecting other idols?? We get it, you guys lovee BP, but it shouldn’t be to the point where you’re disrespectful to other idols or fandoms. Yes Lisa may have an athletic body and high metabolism, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t diet, doesn’t have to take care of her weight. All the idols have to, so please just to protect your idols, kindly DON’T go around shaming other idols. I have absolutely zero interest in BP or blinks( no hate) or what they do, but this behavior of you all is outright unacceptable. Hope you guys actually learn to give respect before asking for it( the people asking for respect NOT the girls of BP)

  • Hmmm hey, Saberspark have you wondered what the “hell” is wrong with you??!?!?!? Stop shaming the movie they worked hard on! REd sheos and the 7 dwarves now have been forgiven! ������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Yup, I was always thrilled with the one fleshy figure model at my art school, since the rest were very lean girls from the dance department, and no fun at all to paint or draw. Funny thing was, I think the girls with nary a skin fold applied to model because they felt confident that they looked good.

  • Everyone judged the movie by it’s cover. Kind of ironic considering the topics of the story.
    I wonder if that was part of the marketing campaign? Maybe they thought it would trigger everyone into watching the movie so they could scream about how bad it is, but then get hit with the twist.

  • I don’t think talking about preferring to draw that had heft or the bodies that feel best have the most flesh is beneficial because all it is doing is changing which body type is “wrong”. Be happy in all your sizes, your body will change through out your life

  • In ancient times full figured and curvy women were the goddesses of fertility and sex…
    And like you said, i wanna feel on soft tender flesh not bones!
    Thank you for reminding women we are out here to enjoy the pleasures of life together; not one more than the other!!!!

  • Let me begin by saying that you are incredibly beautiful.

    Now I felt there were two issues raised here:
    1)Shame (Psychological)
    2) Overweight (Physical)

    First of all, I really feel sorry about the way people have treated you. My deepest sympathies. Now on the issue of shame I’m totally on board with you. Because it’s psychological and shame can be experienced irrespective of any body type.

    But on the other hand “being overweight” is a different issue. There could be genuine reasons for being overweight like harmonal imbalance or some sort of endocrinal disturbance etc…

    But if a person is having the issue because of diet (Self-control), then almost certainly a lot of people can and have shed that unwanted weight. Sometimes you might need the help of a physical trainer and a psychologist to tackle a eating disorder.

    The bottom line is, if a person can loose weight then he/she must make the best attempt possible. Health is a big contributer to our overall Happiness.

  • “If your fat your ugly”
    Bts: Love yourself
    Ok South Korea yes people needs to be super skinny girls of course but I bet if you see bts they learned people how to live yourself so before you judge korean people go on pinterest and search up “bts love yourself ” or “bts love yourself quotes”

  • im sorry…but like doja cat is like…really….kinda fat tbh (not in a mean way). Kinda funny how KPOP idols have to be skinny and american celebreties…SUCH AS DOJA CAT and like selena gomez kinda are fine being a little chubby. its honestly probably a lot of people fatter than the idols that are body shaming them lol

  • Fans are like when k-pop idols need to became healthy and energetic to dance and sing. fans are forcing to loose more and more weight and when they fall ill the became sad and start missing them

    This is all so wrong

  • Skinny shaming and fat shaming aint okay. As a skinny person myself I get alot of comments about me to “gain weight” “go to the doctor, you might me anorexic” that offends me alot.

  • As an Asian, I need to say that I don’t like the message of this movie. Let’s just ignore the advertisement and focus on the content. Obviously they want to deliver the message of “love yourself no matter how you look”. But look how the entire society treats her when she is not skinny. At the end of the movie, Arthur asked “who is that girl” instead of “what happened”. How am I supposed to love myself when the society treats me like garbage? When I was at high school, I was not fat, my BMI was a bit underweight, but I was made fun of because I didn’t look as skinny as other girls. Everything got better after I lost some weight. I respect people no matter how they look as long as they are nice, but I will never, ever go back to be “fat” again. The message of the movie is meaningless because of the way they made it.

  • You want Lisa to stop being body shamed yet you body shame other female idols to “prove” theres idols who are a lot skinnermake it make sense.

  • I had a doctor tell me he had no idea what PCOS was. Another doctor told me his sister had PCOS and it has nothing to do with being overweight. What I learned is that people will excuse anything and everything for themselves but not for someone else. So idgaf what other people think nor do I give them an explaination. I appreciate this video. The selfish comments i could live w/o.

  • I totally understand this. I always get told I should gain weight all the time. I’m 164cm and 48kg and I think I’m healthy like this. It’s not my fault everyone around are more chubby.


  • Tbh u shouldn’t be proud of being fat It gives heart problems and is unhealthy don’t be proud
    If ur fat is not bad but like its unhealthy

  • the way you shamed other girls to make your point is disgusting. you talk abt ppl being mean and saying things about Lisa’s weight and then proceed to do the exact same thing to other idols. make it make sense sis. thumbs down.

  • i hate body shaming so much, there’s nothing wrong with being thick or fat and if people are actually concerned about someone, they wouldn’t making offensive comments.

  • I just don’t get why people will body shamed them, when the person that shamed them is literally like a potato��:v like, don’t pretend that you are prettier/handsomer then them(well maybe some) ��

  • I like that this movie talk about what yhe lack of selfconfidence is really about for most ppl including myself. That we like ourselves and the ppl close to us apreciate us but then we start to dislike our looks bc it matter when coming to get new friends and sucessing in new aspects of our lifes such as getting a new job. And that is natural bc everyone doesn’t know us for many year so the biggest indicator of part of who we are is our apperience and articulation/comunication. It’s so nice being abble to have a reference which through you can kinda express urself.

  • Only those freaking losers r shamming her…..must be doped jealous they could never be her…
    Stupid people always trying to test our patient…..
    Hiding behind their screens and bitching dude seriously get a life….
    Stop trying to hastaged yourself with netizen opinion tag…..not cool.

    Lisa has the most breathless body of this century…….compareless and yes no human species has reach this level of body attraction…❤️❤️❤️

  • U know what wtf is wrong with knetz fr most of them get so fucking toxic and demand shit from idols that causes them to get sick or even die and then they’re all like’ aw we loved them so much we really lost something special’ boy if u don’t stfu rn I swear to god

  • Can’t everybody see how many bodytypes there are in this world? How many different styles? Each person is different in every certain way! Just shut up for 1 minute sit and watch all the people passing by… now close your eyes and shut up about shaming anyone for life! This makes you a person…not what you look like and how you express your fashion! This video is the most amazing thing I’ce ever withness! You are living in your own mind! Shup up and better yourself NOT by “downing” others! It’s up to us to change our future generations and we will! Remember: move forward in the line or you, the one that shames everybody, will be laughed at soon! ����

  • people hate on rose for being healthy, and needing to lose weight, and when she is slightly underweight, people go bonkers saying that she’s too thin and she needs to gain weight! it’s ridiculous.

  • i don’t understand what you’re arguing. are you suggesting the industry should choose heavier models, even tho customers clearly want to look thin and it’s the thin models who make them want to buy those clothes?

  • Seriously this needs to stop, not only in KPOP but all over the world. I’m naturally super skinny (I was just born like that) and in grade 7 I was bullied a lot for it. I myself have been trying to gain weight ever since but nothing is working. It’s so annoying like people, if you have an mean opinion on someone just shut up cause you will only make them worse

  • Seriously people gotta make up their minds being fat is bad then at the same time being too skinny is bad as well??? Just accept that everyone has different body types, plus life would be boring if everyone looked the same. Why is body shaming even a thing?!?!?!

  • Shame is a powerful motivator. There are two ways to live without shame; overcome what is causing your shame, or give up entirely.

  • I can’t believe fans started to like jihyo after she lost weight like huh?? Y’all gotta be the fakest fans ever(the ones who body shame people) imagine if thousands people came to your face and called you fat etc I bet you wouldn’t be able to handle it

    I’ve been body shammed for years for being too skinny and I hated myself for such a long time, words really get to you. I tried to gain weight by eating more and ended up making myself really sick. These idols almost kill them selves just to please y’all ungrateful bitches. I wish people can learn to keep negative stuff to themselves.it’s not that hurt to keep your mouth shut.

  • Clicked on this video ready to judge the movie but I really want to watch it now… The casting, animation, and the message it had initially, all in all it looks so cute. I binge watched all the Disney movies so like, I’m ready for another animated non-Disney movie ��

  • Since my mom is a doctor she told me that when your young in your 20’s, it’s very hard to gain weight when your younger no matter how much you eat. Their thin because their young and they exercise a lot. I don’t get why people say their fat, and when idols lose weight they call them too skinny?? Like people are paranoid these days. Dieting is not healthy when you don’t need to. These haters need to back off. There only happy when an idol is having a disease. Their the perfect body shape. Everyone has a body shape and your just perfect as the way you are. These haters need to go away

  • I mean common rose does look unhealthy. And her international fans who aren’t in the Korean beauty standard bubble realized this straight away when we got to know the group. Her thighs are thin like arms. It’s simply not normal

  • This is so cool! I didn‘t see this particular marketing but this very early trailer was kinda boring, so i didn‘t look into it anymore, but after your summary and description i really wanna see it!

  • OK, no offense but when you start comparing the other girls with Lisa I was shocked on how thin the others are!
    By the way I love how Lisa is she is not TOO thin nor she is fat. She has a perfect body.

  • I don’t think you understand its not ok that your practically bringing down others and calling them too skinny while your trying to prove that thats not right to do.

  • +Carlin Ross if I may, from a male perspective. I’ve always been of an opinion that there are people that are very superficial. Bigger women are a very easy target and it’s super simple to say “you’re fat..!” if you’re looking to hurt someone. “Fat shaming” is just a symptom of an underlying issue of there being a-holes and superficial people. (I do believe it goes for both sexes tho). Let’s imagine every woman out there will magically become under 150lbs, there will still be someone hanging into smth else like your boobs are lopsided, or your skin tone is not right, nose shape, hip shape, etc etc etc…. None of us are perfect but at some point it’s time to grow up and just be above the trolls and do your thing. The ultimate question I’ve always had was why spend all that energy to prove or justify something to a shallow superficial individual..?….is it really worth it…?

  • Honestly I think it hasnt been released in america is because of the emphasis on the red shoes being close to the concept of the Ruby Slippers which have like a weird copyright to them if i remember right.

  • Yeah its stupid of fans think idols are fat like hwasa BUT BOI SHE THICCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK NOT FAT amarican caleb are shaking bc shes thicc U-U

  • So this woman talks about being bullied and how she carried shame with her for many years and then some people feel the need to insult her in the comments. Maybe those people should see some Ted Talks about shaming people.

  • Internation fans are hypocrites. They shame thin idols that struggle to gain weight but don’t worry for idols that drastically lose weight/who suffer from ED. Lol they’re no better than knets.

  • You Americans cry about every little shitty thing, don’t ya? “Insulting poster”? A normal and a bit fatter person next to each other. Wow. Wooow. So insulting! Geez, you people overseas really have no other problems.

  • People in Korean makes no sense cause Wendy from red velvet when she was “fat” she wasn’t even fat I liked how she looked, she was thick and actually had a nice body but then she got skinny people called her anorexic like being really skinny and flat is not the only thing in,being thick is too, it makes no sense they hate on u either way

  • I dont get some people these days. A idol is “fat” “Omg he/she is so fat. Lose some wieght.
    Idol loses wieght. “Omg he/ she is to skinny gain some wieght. Like make ur mind up jeez. People really need to stop bodyshaming idols

  • Honestly i think Rose really lose weight,she in the predebut she had a full cheecks and she was a littel bit fat,she now is skinny and she losed all the sheecks and babyfat.But i love her body and i only want her the best

  • gurls, and even boys, stop listening to hate and hear out the constructive criticism. never let anyone say that you’re fat so you need to lose some weight or the other way around (being thing so you need to eat more). No. Just a big no. I don’t see any problems in advising other to live the life they want as long they’re happy with themselves. Boys often threw hate on me bcs i have belly fat and it does not look appealing. I’m a human not a meal you take at a fancy restaurant. ����

  • I was called Buffaloe in front of whole class by professor… I am so much embarrassed…. So much
    .. Every student… Every person just makes me feel depressed and i have zero confidence

  • You shouldn’t be mean to people.
    BUT: the only way she can truly empower herself is to become strong and healthy, mentally and physically. As of now she is neither.

  • its not like we can see her bones. Shes not loosing energy on stage, shes not fainting on stage.She has fat in her legs and arms. So i dont see the problem here

  • I feel like they analyze their bodies and they like their bodies they’re going to “Stan” them even if they have 0 talent, of course most idols are extremely talented but you get the picture.

  • I mean cmon like yall know they ALL be struggling with their body image n stuff it’s just so obvious when u look at these girls that it’s ridiculous ��

  • How can you call yourself a stan or fan when you are bodyshaming ur idol(s). Idk why bodyshaming is still a thing. And the sadness in jimins voice when he said he doesnt have a cute face i am like boy wtf

  • I’m all for body positive but why did you guys had to say that the body’s that feel the best have the most flesh and then shaming skinny people, please be careful about what you say it could be seen has idolizing a body type over a other one.Has a massage therapist for many years I can say that all body’s types feel good to the touch, even more so when the skin his healthy.

  • I already saw the film and it actually much much better because at the end there is a message and I think this message is not far shaming just watch the whole movie and you will understand

  • Am I the only one who didn’t really get offended by that poster…?
    I mean, why do we have to pretend that everyone is beautiful? That’s a lie, stop. Not everyone can be beautiful, and that’s okay, just like not everyone can be funny, smart, or whatever.

    Note: yeah, beauty is subjective and influenced by beauty standards blah blah blah we know, but there still gotta be something that is objectively a flaw. Also, well, everyone can be beautiful potentially, but not everyone is willing/has the possibility to take enough care of their looks to look pretty. AND THAT’S FINE.

  • Well I think like you don’t have to compare lisa to other idol. I get it that lisa is getting more hate than the others but you also have to consider that lisa is more popular that the others that’s why she is getting more hate than others. I think the way you explain like comparing the idols isn’t so good. The way you say the others didn’t get any hate bcuz for being thin isn’t right they also get hate.

  • seriously I thought she was the normal size for an american woman..at the end of the day if shes happy to be a big girl then whose business is it

  • This is honestly really offensive, not the movie, but you, the Creators worked so hard for this and keep in mind they released this in 2019 but they were supposed to release it at 2016! The People (I think the Americans) and the viewers kept on complaining of how offensive it is and they didn’t release it, please atleast someone to respect this movie?

  • It’s sad, when she keeps making jokes and they flop, she even looks to the audience, appealing for a laugh and not getting one.
    However, I do think she should be gracious enough to acknowledge not everyone knows what a PCOS is. And to know that her problems are hers, and her solution may not be for everyone.

  • Absolutely, loving your body is a radical act. Thank you so much; haven’t we all suffered enough from this lunacy of judgement, repression and fear. Walk on, everyday.

  • Am I the only one who didn’t see any problems with poster, didn’t find it offensive and thought that there’s nothing wrong with it and people are just overreacting?

  • I’m sorry did I just hear “chubby”? Don’t misunderstand me, being chubby ain’t a bad thing at all, but that ain’t chubby at all ��

  • I always disliked how people focused solely on her weight and didn’t consider that all of her other features are generally unattractive, like her eyes are small and close together, she’s short and gluttonous. The moral of the movie hits really well though if you actually watch it, she is beautiful but beauty is of course subjective.

  • ok wait here.You saying ‘Stop body Shaming blackpink Lisa ok ok understand we all know that know have the right to judge others. Especially body Shaming But I’m sorry miss but you literally insluting others comparing to lisa. If you want to protect Lisa from body shaming do it in right way
    Do not drag others down,that’s my advice for you ���� AND THAT DISLIKE FOR for you NOT for LISA miss

  • WHY does every video about KPOP have the automatic voice, it sounds so cringy. Also with other kpop vids you hear the wii music theme ALL THE TIME

    ok i’m done with my rant

  • Rosé did lose a lot of weight but it was mostly in her legs and chest area. I think it could be caused by the fact that she could be under extreme stress because of YG and everything she’s been through because of that company. basically even though most people gain weight because of stress, I’ve met quite a few people who lose weight because of stress. I just hope she’s okay and healthy ��

  • Lisa is naturally thin,but she is muscular and healthy person. And work out regularly,yes she a very energetic person. But you know what hates gonna hate F***u..ck them

  • y’all should remember hwasa, she spits on haters and basically said “if i can’t fit into the standards of kpop then i might aswell make my own,” FCKING INSPIRATIONAL QUEEN

  • something similar happened recently with “CUTIES” It was actually a movie against the sexualization of children and was critically acclaimed, but Netflix’s marketing made it seem like the movie supported it.

  • While we’re talking about living without things… I’d like to live without expensive health care but my insurance provider passes along the cost to take of people who can’t control what they shove in their mouth. Eat healthy, exercise… take care of yourself. You’ll rarely see an overweight person in a nursing home. You’re better than this. You deserve a long life. Don’t let weak people like this bring you down!

    It’s FAKE news.

  • I think when Hollywood women speak out against shaming women with “mom” bodies, they are being hypocritical. Why aren’t they speaking out against plastic surgery?? When it come to plastic surgery, then we’re supposed to be all liberal and say “It’s her body, she should do what feels good.” So we should celebrate body flaws when a woman has a baby-but if someone wants a smaller nose, then we should celebrate CHANGING the body flaws? Come on, guys.

  • We know how pressure to be an idol, aside from your talent and face, you must watch you weight. Its a korean standard, the more you get appreciated, the more you also get hate on the other side.

  • You can stand with Lisa, you can defend her… Without shaming other idols you mentioned above.. You are no difference than peoples who bodyshamed Lisa…

  • I’m not body shaming. But Jihyo should not have lost weight. Idol that are 165-170 cm should be more than 110 pounds(50 kg). What they will have when they are older is a illness called osteoporosis( a illness when occurs when you old that means, when you were young the weight on your body had no pressure on your bones so your bones don’t know that they need to be stronger supporting your body because there is no pressure. So when you are old, if you just trip a little and fall on the floor, your bones will crack and you will never be able to stand on your legs again, in fact you’ll be sitting on a wheel chair. But why don’t companies don’t tell these idols that this will occur? Because of course they think that once you disband and your contract ends with our company, I got nothing do with you. They will always encourge trainees to diet and say oh, skinny is better, or everyone will love you if your skinny, but their health when they are 40 they must be very careful not to fall. Well let me give you some examples,: Lisa blackpink: 167 cm and only 99 pounds like bruh. She should be about 115 to 125 pounds.

  • There are hundreds and thousands of people dealing with anorexia and even giving up meanwhile people saying perfectly healthy person anorexic like it’s no big deal

  • Wendy was also body shamed and no matter how thin she grows… She is still being bodyshamed….so you better give her some respect and not compare her with other girl of another girl group����

  • See I like this video bc she isn’t saying that the thinner ones should get hate and not lisa, She is basically calling them out from using lisa’s “thin body” as an excuse to hate on her and saying that the thinner ones well are way thinner but, pretty obvious that they are choosing lisa to hate on but are leaving the thinner ones out of it bc they are more favored or something. Ngl but being that thin is extremely unhealthy and I’d think girls shouldn’t have to feel like they need to be that skinny bc of the way this society is it doesn’t matter if ur skinny or fat it really shouldn’t. She basically saying that just bc lisa a foreigner she is getting hate on literally for everything and bringing her body in it as an excuse to bully her but for the ones we should worry about they don’t matter bc lisa is unhealthy ��

  • It is not It might cause….. IT ACTUALLY IS CAUSING DEPRESSION N KILLING THE IDOLS…. Who the hell started the trend that u have to be skinny if u want to be a singer or idol????!!!!!!! They’re singers not some mannequins they need to be healthy to sing n dance I’m still hurt u hypocrites whoever started the trend

  • Well actually shame is the tool to wire our pre-frontal cortex. This isn’t shame free, this is apathy. Maybe not the role-model as you are a health hazard to yourself.

  • I can totally relate to body shaming… my relatives used to say at first that you don’t need to losse weight, but I was fat.. and when I actually had an appropriate flat stomach, not too thin, they started to appreciate me saying that you look good now, earlier you were very fat…. and when they said this I was literally like wtf!??!

  • You saying “Fat shaming” is a bad thing.
    what would you call the sugar tax in the UK? Pretty much everything around here gives you the opinion that being fat is a bad thing.

  • People who shame or bully without a good reason are just frustrated with themselves, and try to get rid of this feeling by putting others down.

  • You are beautiful and amazing. I’ve been through and still going through the same kind of situations from people on the streets and my own family. People do not know everyone’s story or situation…but they act like they do. We need to treat this like any other discrimination. We deserve to live without shame.

  • there is literally nothing wrong with being “fat” anyway. i hate how people use “fat” as an insult. being “fat” is literally completely normal, it means the same as “overweight”. nobody should carei if they’re called “fat”. being called “fat” should get the same response from being called “slim” or “skinny”

  • So basically you want people to stop body shaming Lisa but you go on to body shame other idols calling them weak and malnourished to make her look healthy. I guess body shaming is okay as long as it’s not Lisa being body shamed.

  • I gotta say, I feel like your thumbnail and title just drove the point home for people who don’t watch the video that the movie is a terrible fat shaming disaster.

  • i agree with what you pointed out but I dont think bvndit seungeun looks sick or malnourished
    she’s always been like that and you can see how strong and energetic she is dancing, even compared to lisa

  • My brother fat shames me.
    Kpop is also a cause of my eating disorders. They looked so pretty and I never even noticed Jihyo being “fat”
    I never knew idols have to go under pressure for their figure. I should have loved myself even more…

  • Now that I know the movie was made in Korea I understand. According to South Korean beauty standards, if you’re not skinny, you’re ugly. It’s honestly terrible

  • No offense but I rarely see Lisa getting hate she’s the most famous and favorited in America maybe because I’m not a blink I don’t see much hate but idk I’m a former blink and I didn’t see so much hate towards Lisa maybe because I knew people were trying to make her look bad or something Idk
    Feel free to disagree with me I’m saying this from experience

  • she is healthy and she has routine exercise like boxing dancing and does Pilates… one that said her thin and sick is the one that has and illness in mind and body…idiocy and hypocrite at the highest level!! if not she won’t be a Model to so many Brand her body is a perfect and sexy that’s why CELINE choose her as the Muse of Celine!����

  • Two years ago, I was dozing off in a dining booth at about 1:00 am, when a workmate who weighs more than 160 kgs turned on the kitchen light. He didn’t notice me
    and proceeded to make three sandwiches. Six slices of bread, 5 slices of ham on each sandwich and 3 slices of cheese on each sandwich.
    ( I estimate the equivalent of two family sized pizzas ).
    I realised then, he had been deliberately misleading in some of the conversations I had with him. His condition was caused by a combination of genetic/ hormonal
    AND behavioural factors. I suspect the same is true for Whitney. Her obesity can’t be explained away with the mention of PCOS. Forget about living to 70 Whitney,
    lose 60 kg and improve your quality of life.