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Ultimate Guide to Body Types | Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph Calculator Next time you step into the gym, stop, look around, and examine the body types utilizing each area of the gym. Every person has a unique body, but there are some main characteristics across them all. Ecto-Meso Body Type. Second most common, 1 in 5 people are a mix of ectomorph and mesomorph. You aren’t as skinny as a pure ectomorph, but you do stay lean.

While you can gain muscle with some effort, you also lose it easily. Confirm by checking the numbers! You are a rectangle if your waist is less than 25% smaller than your shoulder or bust (waist ÷ shoulders or bust ≥.75) and your shoulder, bust, and hip measurements are within 5% of each other.. Find this out by looking at your shoulder, bust, and hip measurements. Call the largest of the three measurements t (usually it will be your.

I know that you shouldn’t take this to heart, but am I both a mesomorph and an endomorph? I have a combination female body types of a pear and a spoon, have a medium frame, can gain or lose any type of weight easily but carry a bit of extra fat. Mesomorph, a human physical type that is marked by greater than average muscular development, as determined by the physique-classification system developed by American psychologist W.H.

Sheldon. The other two types are ectomorph, which trends towards linearity, and endomorph, which trends towards roundness. The 3 Body Types Explained: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph So you want to know what the three body types are and how you can find out which one applies to you. We’ll explain each type and some common attributes that make up each body type.

Each body type will also be explained in terms of [ ]. Use this body type quiz to find out which of the four unique body types you are. The results will help you take your keto results to a whole new level.

Tweet; Email; The endomorph is solid and generally soft. They work hard but still struggle to lose body fat. They have a slow metabolism which is genetically prone to store fat easily. If you have an endomorphic body and you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle definition, you may consider a fitness plan and diet that’s specific to your body type. What are Somatotypes?

Somatotyping is a classification system that was developed in the 1940s by psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon, to categorize the human body into three loose groupings, or somatotypes.. These three types are: Ectomorphs: Usually have long, lean bodies and have a fast metabolism.They often have a hard time gaining weight and muscle.

List of related literature:

Three commonly used terms for body types are ectomorph, describing a thin, fragile physique; endomorph, denoting a round, soft body; and mesomorph, indicating a muscular, athletic body of average size.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition eBook” by Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, Nicholas Vardaxis
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Þ ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph.

“Churchill Livingstone Medical Dictionary E-Book” by Chris Brooker
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There are three different categories of body types: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

“Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other Exceptional Individuals” by Cecil R. Reynolds, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen
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Three primary classifications have been determined: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph (figure 16.1).

“Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology” by Janice Kaye Loudon, Robert C. Manske, Michael P. Reiman
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Corresponding to these three body types are three temperament types: visceratonia, the personality of the endomorph; somatotonia, the personality of the mesomorph; and cerebratonia, the personality of the ectomorph.

“Social Learning and Clinical Psychology” by Julian B. Rotter
from Social Learning and Clinical Psychology
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The primary types are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

“Mosby's Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions E-Book” by Mosby
from Mosby’s Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions E-Book
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This system of somatotypology describes three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph (Fig. 1.6).

“High Definition Body Sculpting: Art and Advanced Lipoplasty Techniques” by Alfredo E. Hoyos, Peter M. Prendergast
from High Definition Body Sculpting: Art and Advanced Lipoplasty Techniques
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constitution as ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

“Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine E-Book” by Marc S. Micozzi
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See Asthenic type, Athletic type, constitutional type, constitutional typology, DysPlastic type, ectomorph, endoMorph, MESOMorph, pyknic type.

“The Dictionary of Psychology” by Raymond J. Corsini
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endomorph-mesomorph or ectomorph-mesomorph.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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  • if you’re doing the proper training, 1750 calories is probably wayyyyyy too few for you. you need to have a surplus of calories to gain muscle. just make sure you eat the right things. at the absolute most, genetics will only account for 30-50% of your muscle gains, so don’t worry about it, you’ll reach your goals:)

  • In Ayurveda, a 5000 year old healing system from India, this is called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Dr. Sheldon’s idea come from Ayurveda undoubtedly:)

  • I’d say you have *the homo-sapiens, *the denesovian and *the Neanderthal
    With the Neanderthal being the broughtest and the brightest
    And the homo-sapiens being the thinnest

  • Can you please help me. I am not sure what I am but I really need to know. I look quite built, a little shorter than average an average teen boy but have a pillow like belly. I have muscles in my chest, arms and legs but my core is out of proportion!! (I look quite odd) What am I?

  • Lad I got so lucky I’m a mesomorph with a muscle disability which means a work out for me can be 2 to 3 times more effective the downside is I’m in constant pain and agony from simple things bcs my muscle fibres tear so easily

  • I hate my body, my body can never gain weight, if I eat too much, I lose weight to 90 lbs, junk food, healthy food, fruits and vegetables, oils, fat, make me lose so much weight, gaining muscles is basically impossible and out of the question. My cholesterol is so out of control, one day, it can be off the charts, and the next, it can go extremely downhill, and I can never control it to a healthy level. If anything, I feel like I’m never beautiful, I’ll never be successful, and I’ll never get muscular.I desperatly want a slow metabolism. And somehow to gain weight and keep that weight gain. ������������������

  • I’m none of them. Just unathletic as fuck, low T at young age, wide hips, skinny wrists, lanky build and relatively narrow shoulders. I don’t have the “advantage”of any of these builds. But despite this I have been able to turn my body from skinny-fat to strong and lean with 6 months of hard work on TRT. I finally lift respecteable numbers now and look good. So my point is that no matter what body type you think you are, you can always improve on what you already have. If your diet, training and hormone levels are in check, you WILL gain muscle, gain strength and burn fat long as you progressively overload.

  • I am something kind of between every single one of them. I have the height of an ectromorph, built of a mesomorph and bell belly of an endomorph.

  • i am between mesomorph and endomorph…�������� my body is cursed… i have average legs and actually i am half ectomorph… couse my fingers touch and thumb overshadowed my middle finger

  • I think I’m an over weight mesomorph…..I kinda went into an eating frenzy with sugar when I quit smoking….and gained 30lns and am trying to get it off ��. Guess I’ll have to follow the endomorph til I’m back down to my original weight.

  • My answers were almost even for all three body types. 3 A’s, 3 B’s, and 2 C’s. I was underweight as a child and my fingers overlap around my wrist. I’m a freak of nature!

  • Idk what I am I used to be able to never gain weight and I answered a to most questions, but I did pushups like 2 years ago and sktill have that muscle and I’ve started to workout and have put on 25 pounds this quarantine in 4 weeks can someone help me.

  • Theres a lot of bs. Ectomorphs can still can jacked but it is harder for them. Mesomorphs dont loose their bulkyness fast at all because muscle doesnt work like that. Also wish u would have mention the difference broad shoulders vs skinny or big waist makes to your body type

  • Whilst I get that they weren’t created for this use, it doesn’t mean certain body types don’t exist.
    You’re sounding like you’re completely minimising the struggles of body types. There is science behind it all. Dr berg explains it in detail, not with ecto, meso and endo but he has categorised body types based on biological processes and tolerances. Insulin resistance is one thing, hormonal influences.
    You can’t just dismiss that certain people actually do hold onto more weight when eating less. Because it is possible.
    Some people have a lower carb tolerance and maybe that sorta thing is what the newly defined ecto meso and endo is really getting at.

    So they weren’t created for that purpose no, but thats how science works, things are adapted, changed or used for something else altogether. Point is… is there actual scientific evidence to back it up? And here id say in a manner of speaking yes there is.

  • Wow she even brought the Nazi’s and sterilization of 60.000 people in California to prove this morphy theory wrong.
    Haha, I just found out about it today, after 35 years of never hearing from this, someone on Quora brought it up, so is he a Nazi or a mass-sterilizer to be?

  • I’m ecthomorph before but i do 100 push ups 100 squats 100 sit ups 10km run after 30 days im go to the mirror and shocked my body give a lot of changes!

  • Wow thank you for your video. I almost put the money that worth half of my monthly expense in one of these mentioned people. Thanks for sharing the information!

  • I’m ectomorph I think but I’ve never worked out and I have a six pack and I can bounce my chest I’m 6,2 idk what I am tbh I’m called skinny a lot till they see me shirtless

  • What’s my type
    Easy to lose weight (lost 10 kg in 3 months)
    Not so easy to gain muscles
    Have a lot of fat
    My shoulder is wide, I have V shaped body

  • Broad shoulders, easy to gain muscle, small joints, high body fat, high waist, small narrow hips and butt, small wrist, thumb overlaps middle finger

  • Great vid, thanks. Serious question: I am naturally an ectomorph and always had about 8% body fat, I never put on extra fat until my metabolism slowed down from the age of 27. I didn’t like this obviously and got back to my 140 lbs though was about 16% body fat. Instead of reducing this, I started natural bodybuilding in Jan this year. I have since put on 42 lbs which I believe is in the ratio of 2:1 muscle to fat. I do not like having the fat around my midsection but the muscle gains have been great. I can still see some abs when tensing but have the classic tyre and some extra fat I believe on my back and the tops of my thighs. From everything I’ve seen that amount of gain in that span of time is unusual but I’m doing a lot of workouts, eating a lot of good food and supplements along with maintaining good sleep. No steroids or anything, just the natural steroidal effects of certain natural foods like celery, oats, pomegranate juice, etc. I’m learning and doing everything I can to maximise gains naturally. There is still room for Improvement though. However, I am trying to work out how to shed the majority of the fat I’ve now gained and continue building muscle mass. Target is 220 lbs with a low but sustainable amount of body fat so I am jacked but pretty ripped yet healthy and energetic to then go about martial arts and other activities I plan to incorporate. Any advice from anyone experienced is hugely appreciated. Happy to share too the exact things I’ve been doing workout wise or diet wise so far. Thank you!

  • Bro thats not the question When i was a kid i was a skinny boy I couldnt even eat food. When my parents discorved me and my brother was alone with my mom And she worked All THE time me and My brother didnt know how to cook so the Only thing we were eating was Fast food so i gained weight I look like a endomorf Now but when i Was younger i was a ektomorf Idk what My body type is and i just started to lift weights om doing 15 cardio then i go too lift in 2 weeks i can se results i got noo idea what My body type is i need help

  • I was disguising my identity as an endomorph behind Chicken-Fried Steaks.

    I am actually a Mesomorph and my v-back is now semi-sculpted! Damn do I miss Chicken-Fried Steaks though!

  • My parents are both ectomorphs, they let themselves go a little and can still easily shed weight unfairly fast. However I’m nothing like them I’m just a fat mesomorph even though I’m pushing 340 I still have a 44 waist, my stomach over hangs a few inches but my waist doesn’t match what I see in other people with similar weight and height. I feel like Hermes most days and just fantasize about where I’ll be at the end of my weight loss journey all the pain has to be worth the change right?

  • I’m an ectomorph I weigh 135 pounds at 5,10 and have been eating 3000 cals and sometimes 4000 cals for the past few weeks while being relatively sedentary and look exactly the same as before lockdown

  • Im a meso but that doesnt mean I cant gain weight. I have due to aging and hormonal imbalances gained wt and need to know what exercises and foods are best to lose it. This video doesnt really help with its “Eat what you want exercise what you want” advice.

  • i dont do cardio, but i do eat in CD and workout. im losing inches of belly and losing weight but i see increases in my muscles albeit slowly. in the game for 4 and a half months now so its only normal that i dont see alot of gains. i ll be back in january when i ve trained and dieted for a year. talk to you then.

    have no idea what my bodytype is, probly mixture of different shits but w.e just keep working and increasing reps/sets and improve form. just keep workin.

  • “hard time gaining weight” basically an sctomorph

    “hard time losing weight” basically an endomorph

    Just because the psychology community finds his correlation of body type to psyche as controversial doesn’t negate the reality of his classification system.

    I notice all the women agreeing with you being fat endomorphs.

    You are not a scientist and you have no produced a study to debunk him. So your airy fairy opinions doesn’t count.

  • I am Endo and mesomorph,fasting and keto half a day several days a week really works
    I do not wish to be ectomorph, so that is not true. Many ectomorphs are usually very thin, I don’t want to be one at all.

  • I’m glad you included all the history. I love that stuff. At the end when you were talking about calories in/calories out, do you take into consideration things like hormonal imbalances or undereating that contribute to weight gain or maintenance? Maybe this is a myth too, what are your thoughts? Thanks!

  • Have you heard of Sheldon’s personality theory based on somatotypes? They’re endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic body types? LOLLL it’s really funny, I’m a psychology student and I studied that in 12th grade. You should look into it.

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  • how can i identify if im a mix of endomorph and mesomorph? my build is huge, i have wide shoulders and my hips is the same width right now. But im not shaped like a pear, i have an hourglass shape. i’m 5’7 and weight 84kg. I gain muscle FAST and FATS also and its hard to lose it. i have fats around my love handles but not too much on belly. I am naturally strong.

  • If I always had a hard time losing body fat in my lower body, but ever since doing intermittent fasting it seems so much easier to lose it, should I still do low-carb?

  • I don’t know if I’m a mesoporph or endomorph because my shoulders are pretty wide in confront of my friends ones my metabolism is normal not too fast not too slow but it s hard to let me see my abs

  • Yep I’m a mesomorph. So I wanted to get into shape, started jogging for an hour everyday and weight lifting 3x a day… I lost weight so fast that people thought I was anorexic ��. Did I mention I was eating anything I wanted? Pizza, burgers. Reason I’m confused why people are always on low carb diets. That’s a mesomorph

  • Not everyone gains weight by calorie surplus, it is a common cause but plenty of studies have been done on people who really struggle to lose weight, a lot of it comes down to hormones and how they structure their nutrition (eating at all the wrong times and such), but largely cortisol, the stress hormone plays a large role as well as insulin, and the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen, as these hormones determine how your body partitions nutrients in the body and can effectively decide if you are gonna store the fat or not. Other than that 1 point, good video, however i would say i think most people use these body types in a purely practical sense, for example a tall skinny guy will really struggle to put on muscle, so i think these types of people would be described as an ectomorph to simply the process of how that person should go about setting up their diet and goals. A tall skinny person can afford to have higher intakes of carbs to help fuel some muscle gain but they should never expect to put on any significant muscle mass without “supplements” lets call them.

  • “youre one of those people that were just born with a butt. you are blessed with your ass-ets”

    (pls tell me im not the only one who laughed at that)

  • It is frustrating how most information online is usually directed to the mesomorph group and can be misleading for the other 2 groups.

  • Yes! The only time i see real results with weight loss is when I eat balanced meals, drink enough water, and get 8ish hours of sleep. �� Also there are alot of rando psychological theories that have made it into popular media and gives all of psychology a bad name. But talk to a psychologist and you get alot of “im not qualified enough in that area of knowledge.” When they talk about topics outside of their specialty. So the field definitely values research. �� sorry just a rant about my major. ��

  • omg hahaha this is the most absurd thing I’ve seen! I had no ideaaaa!!! So we have this a*hole to blame for assigning moral value to different body shapes….. what a jerk, leave it to an ivy league man to dictate how people are supposed to act based on their aesthetics *eye rolls*… i’m like…. i can’t even wrap my mind over the idea of some old ass fbi agent seeing the ted bundy case and going “öh weah he’s hot, this biffy man, yeah so… uh let me check, yeah he fits into the mesomorph category….yeah most serial killers sure are hot and lean” i mean????? way to go society

  • Thank you for making this video. Just yesterday I saw a video about this and I thought it made so much sense. But hearing the background of this theory was eye-opening. Will you do a video about losing weight while not calorie counting. Calorie counting doesn’t have a good effect on my mental health.

  • I am considered an endomorph…. I guess when I was 15 to 18 i actually was moving enough to accommodate the body type and generally slimmed down which made me look not such a big guy if that makes sense… yet the arms and the thighs as well as the torso was shaped so, heavy set that it kind of gave me body dysmorphia not understanding it because i literally thought i was relentlessly a fatass.

  • I had C on all point
    Is it bad if i cant lose weight 170cm/70kg? My doctor always say i had to lose 10 kg for be healthy, but whenever i start anything i’m just bulking. Like tons in no time.

  • before I thought I was endo but I’m actually meso: It’s easy to gain muscle but when I gain fat, it’s pretty even shape not round. The wrist I’m able to touch not struggling to touch. The frustration is, that I haven’t understood how to stop bulking. I may lose fat easily but it is TOO easy for muscles to bulk…can anyone relate? Any advice?

  • I answered all different questions with different answers so I am none or all of them?
    I am 5′ 8.5″ with a 37″ chest, 30.5″ waist, 8.4% body fat, 155-160lb almost like Tom Holland so whatever his body type is. This test gave me no clear answer.

  • What else. Uhhhhhm I’m on the ectomorph side with a little of meso, got some Conor McGregor type action going. Yeah they said compound movements but then said crunches which is not a compound and also calisthenics are not gonna build that much muscle at ALL for guys like us

  • So I’m strong. When I was 13 I was deadlifting 375 and squatting 250 and I was able to run my mile in 6:04 while the ripped kid got 6:27. It really does pay off to work hard. Science has its truths but everyone’s different. But it is true that I did push-ups with dictionaries in my backpack to act as a weight vest but I drank a lot of energy drinks that helped recover amino acids and other recovery vitamins. And it took some weed ofc and some machete swinging, I watched alot of anime, and chopping trees and splitting logs.

    Edit: Extra. Ages 8-15 should be able to run a mile under 6:30.

  • Yeah I think i’ll have to send in pictures to be for sure. I have a great hourglass shape but when it comes to my stomach, sometimes I can eat certain foods and it makes me look lightly preggers. In the morning its flat though. I almost don’t want to eat because of it. I personally like the thicc fit look. Keep the goods but tone the rest. I feel like i’m inbetween an A and B as well. When i would go on 2 hour walks and eat within my calories, I dropped weight quickly. But I wasn’t toned. Fitness is complicated. lol

  • You can’t change your body type, but you can change the way you look based on which muscles you focus. If you have wide hips like me, do ab toning exercises to get the obliques, do lat exercises to get the triangle chest, and NEVER skip leg day… triangle chest and big legs make your waist look thin.

  • Im defiantly endomorph. I am stronger than all my friends. Even the ones who say there strong but i still kick there but in an arm wrestle…

  • or how to discredit others to make a place on youtube, they know nothing about it, but I know everything, they lie to you, but I tell you the truth… pathetic.

  • I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from *Next Level Diet*. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  • I’m probably, somewhere in the middle of Endomorph and Mesoforph, because I can grow muscles quite easily, and it’s not too hard to lose weight

  • Last summer before I started getting into watching my calories I was pretty much well set, I used to be able to bench 400 pounds, leg press 900 pounds, didn’t realize how much it helped intel I hit my head and kinda maybe sent my body into shock, took 8 cops to hold me down and my cousin said I was still dragging them, reminded i know now that I’m an Endomorph, and I’m only 19

  • I came here because I started working out for a hour and a half everyday since I was 13 I’m 14 now. When I first started working out I was so skinny to the point that my doctors said it was dangerous. I only weighed 78 pounds when I started. I now am 130 pounds and am in the best shape of my life I am a mesomorph. Before I couldn’t so a set of 15 lifting 10 pound weights. Now I can lift 20-30 pound weights with a set of 30-40. Hard work really does pay off.

  • I feel like I’m a mix between Mesomorph with ectomorph,I’m skinny,but muscular,just not big muscles just like defined.and my shoulders are broad

  • My wrists and long arms say ectomorph, my broad shoulders and ability to lose and gain weight quickly say mesomorph but I cannot for the life of me build muscle!! ������ I’m so confused.

  • I have been an ectomorph my whole life and then became hypothyroid and now can’t lose weight but can’t eat like an ectomorph. Which body time should I eat/train for? I gain in my belly but since becoming hypo I also gain in my legs and upper arms. I can put on muscle if I try.

  • I have 1.a 2.b 3.b 4.b 5.b 6.b 7.a 8.a but I look exactly like a mesomorph should I consider my self a ectomorph or a mesomorph? I have a family of ectomorphs but I seriously look like a mesomorph

  • I appreciate that you went into detail here. I was always a chunky kid and my mom told me I was an endomorph. My fingers do not touch when I wrap them around my wrist at my current 27 BMI. However, I lost weight from my formerly obese status SO EASILY when I exercised and I gain fat very evenly/hourglass shape. I also already have pretty noticeable muscle tone and I do not make an effort to (I only do cardio so far.)

  • Rn I’m not sure whether I’m a meso or ecto or hybrid cuz I’m 13 at 5’10” 150LBS and lean with a super strong lower body cuz I’m a hockey player.

  • Mesomorph? Maybe? I’m naturally muscular with a s/m frame. I weigh way more than I look or would expect for the sizes I buy because of that. Is that what mesos are noticing? I definitely have boobs and a butt though, so her models aren’t doing it for me.

  • I think I’m in between an ectomorph and a mesomorph, I’m lean butI can pick up muscles pretty easily and eat like a man. Like a few days of muscle exercises and I can see the difference.

  • Visit website called NextLevelDiet and get complete guide for your transformation. I got personalized meal plan for 28 days which contains ONLY food that I have chosen. They provided me with complete DIET PLAN for 30 days with TRAINING PLAN included and I finally started seeing results

  • Can you explain something. I’m confused on how certain body shapes fall into the endomorph category. I’m curvy (and need to lose weight) but I was more in the mesomorph range in my 20’s (post baby as well although I thought otherwise). You said the endomorphs who are bottom heavy (hips and buttocks) are endomorphs. JLo and Beyoncé are curvy and were very small however like myself we always had larger derrière. Does that mean we are endomorphs because we’re curvy. Ethnicity has something to do with shape as well, correct?

  • I’m still confused. I want to say that I’m a mesomorph, but I’m definitely a pear-shaped person with a flat stomach and a larger butt. My upper body stays smaller most of the time. I have a similar body type to Kim Kardashian, but I lose weight fairly easily if I change my lifestyle. it took a lot of trial-and-error to find out what I could eat, but once I figured it out, I just have to omit certain foods for my diet so that I can lose weight.

  • Being a 5-11 women large bone frame I believe I can fall into that 20% range you were talking about where I can be a combination body type. My BMI says I’m obese my whole entire life and I was never overweight.

  • Maybe I am an ecto-morph �� [My fingers overlap.] I remember a time when I did more cardio than strength training, and I ended up looking too skinny. Even when I was overweight I didn’t appear to be, at least that’s I’ve heard from others.
    Edit: I’m still leaning towards meso-morph �� I have curvy hips.

  • I feel like it’s mostly mesomorphs that searches for this video because we’re something in the middle. Endo and echdo’s mostly know their body type.

  • When i was 8 or 9 I used to have very hard time to gain weight but then at 12 I gained weight n now i look like endomorph n I’ve a very hard time losing weight now.what is my body type?

  • I’m sorry but just because these celebs gained some fat at some point and might not be super skinny anymore doesn’t mean they’re overweight:/, not being extremely small doesn’t mean overweight, a little chub is normal and healthy.

  • I usually come up mostly endomorph. In recent years, I come up mostly endo but with a lot of mesomorph. Very recently a different test still had me at half and half. Your test has me at considerably more mesomorph. That does not fit me at all. I am not in anyway more mesomorph than anything else….Unless my hormones have been screwed up for my entire life, which is a possibility… ��

  • Oh wow. I have been thinking I am an endomorph when this video really makes me think I am an overweight mesomorph. No wonder I have had such a hard time

  • am so confused..since i gained weight i don’t know anymore..i used to look athletic and slim but now i have a lot of fat coz i eat lots of junk �� and my lower body and arms are big..no caves though

  • I’m a endomormph ): I am here because I eat healthy, work out sometimes and try not to be toooo lazy but I still have just a little fat that dosnt go away, and it was proven when I did the finger thing around your wrist, my fingers didn’t touch so that means I’m definitely a endomorph. At least it’s not me it’s just how my body is and my type of body..thank you so much

  • 3:36 “If your middle finger overlaps your thumb, you are probably an endomorph.”

    3:27 “If your fingers overlap, you’re probably an ectomorph.”

    3:30 “if your fingers don’t even touch, you are probably an endomorph.”

  • I’ve only watched 4 minutes into the video, but what you’re saying is incorrect. Most of the stuff is okay, but you literally said that ectomorths shouldn’t run, ectomorph is literally the main body type for running. Also endomorphs can pack on as much mucsle as fat. People shouldn’t classify themselves in different body types, you can become anything you want if you put your mind to it, unless if you’re an extreme Endo or exomorph. Something about these videos really bugs me, it’s probably because how uneducated people stereotype body types.

  • Body types are all a big scam! If you want to lose weight all you need is a calorie deficit, you don’t need to know what you are, train and eat a certain way that is a marketing scam.

    Check this excellent video out:


  • i feel like im mesomorph because i’ve been naturally stronger than my brothers since birth because when i get mad i can’t control my actions

  • I am the definition of endomorph. I’ve been on the heavier side my whole life even when I was a child/teenager.. generally eating healthier than most people my age. Weight has always been my struggle. I have a small waist, small boobs, small shoulders and big hips and big butt.. definitely pear shaped.

    I like the idea of going low carb… but… the problem is I really love carbs… even just a bit of potatoes or something. I find it very hard to eat a meal that is just protein and fat. It’s almost like I lose my appetite/interest after a few spoonfuls.

  • This my 2nd doing this, my first time I have more C then other alphabet which was like ard 3 years ago,3 years ltr my A’s have almost the same number as my C’s,does that mean I’m slowly changing my body type?

  • I am an endomorph and I have PCOS, no one has told me about the high fat diet pros and cons. Could you do a video or something about ideal diets and types of training for women with PCOS?

  • Also I’d just like to put it out here, just because you’re a fat guy doesn’t automatically mean you’re an endomorph and the same goes for if you’re skinny doesn’t always mean you’re an ectomorph. It can also be problems with your dietary system. So just don’t use your body type as an excuse to stay a fat fuck or a skinny sticc. Work hard put muscle on your frame and you’ll definitely look good irrespective of body type

  • I’m an Endomorph and can’t do keto or anything low carb because I have adrenal issues and my body freaks out when I do low carb, anxiety sky rockets and already bad sleep turns into severe insomnia. I know a lot of ppl jump on the keto/low carb train so thank you for giving the option of medium carb to support adrenals ❤️����

  • little quiz tells me i’m mixed ecto/meso, but i’m obese. Hormone issues highly likely with chronic health challenges. Fingers overlap when measuring wrist, I’ve got all the curves, naturally hourglass even when 80 lbs lighter. I’m super confused. Alsowhen I’m eating lower carb (feel better, less inflammation), I JUST CANNOT EAT all my calories… avg between 1100-1200 when my measured BMR is 1790. I don’t know what’s happening and how to deal with it. Is it possible to be an overweight ECTO?

  • Omfg thank you! I just found out about this three body type bullshit today in an artical bitching about thigh gaps. I read through some more including these three but I’m damn lucky to come across this video.

  • For real transformation you need perfect diet plan and training plan. The website called NextLevelDiet do it for you. I lost 14lbs in one month!!! Isn’t that amazing!?

  • I’m bottom heavy. I can clasp my fingers together they lap over on my wrist. When I was Younger I was thin. Some things you said make me think I’m a mesomorph. Somethings make think I’m an endomorph.

  • I used to lose weight and gain weight pretty quickly in the past but now it seems impossible for me to lose weight no matter how hard I’m trying some ppl told me it’s probably because of all the yoyo dieting I’ve doing that it damaged my metabolism in addition to that I’m the type of person who would store fat in their upper body like love handles and arms since the beginning so I’m confused now am I endo or meso

  • Well I was an “ ectomorph “ I gained weight because of my eating habits and lack of exercise and apparently I’m a mesomorph now ����

  • Lol I tried to do the wrist trick and it overlapped, which means I’m and endomorph?? But I’m large and I’m not curvy and I DON’T HAVE A FAST METABOLISM. I am so confused

  • Im a mesomorph with a little bit of endomorph traits-����I used to be chubby at the age of 1-10 now in my teem years, im lean with just muscle and a little bit of chubbiness on my tummy-��I tend to lose weight during the summer but i still don’t lose the weight on my lower body

  • Loving your videos so much! Eugenics infiltrate so many “desirable” traits we’re still celebrating today! I would highly recommend listening to RadioLab’s G mini series on intelligence and eugenics

  • I’m mostly a mesomorph minus the ability to gain muscle easily. I used to be skinny/average as a kid until I gained a ton of weight at around age 7/8:(

  • Mesomorph doing 20:4 intermittent fasting, just finished my first week & down 8lbs have 50 more to go! Your channel is LIFE CHANGING!

  • Mine are a and c both �� what does that mean?
    I can gain muscles and strength even on a carb based diet with very low protein.
    And I get strong very quickly.

  • I always knew it was BS! I never actually understood why but it never really made sense to me. But I sadly still believe it for a long time.

  • I think I am a mix of b and c. I can overlap my fingers but i have a larger ribcage and i gain weight kinda easily and loss weight very easily. I do have a bit of a stomach but everything else is pretty thin?

  • …. So I have the thin wrist of an ectomorph, eat nothing, but still look like and feel like a carb intolerant endomorph. Does that make me a yikes-morph?

  • Oh I think I’m an ectomorph mesomorph I do not gain weight easily but evenly and yah when I was a kid I eat whatever I want from Cakes to pork chops and other meats

  • Hello! Are you still accepting pictures? I’m so confused:(

    My metabolism is pretty much of an endomorph and I do have extra fat in my hips, but I also store fat in my arms and especially in my lower abdomen. On the other hand, my actual waist is pretty small and I have leaner legs. I was thinking I was a mix of an endo and an ecto but then the wrist question came out and my thumb and finger overlap, so I guess I have a very small frame… I think this could be explained by the fact that I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and I imagine that’s the reason why I store fat the way I do and have such a hard time losing it…

  • Being a mesomorph its actually kinda hard to convince myself to go work out because I really want to look more masculine but I also just wanna sleep and eat chips all day but that gets me no where…

  • ok I’m commenting as I watch the video hahah but the whole eugenic thing is like…. wow…. that’s what diet culture does!! If you are skinny and lean, you are more driven, determinated, goal oriented, type a, blablabla compared to someone who doesn’t abide to this culture, someone with a regular, natural body type for themselves, who are supposedly lazy and aren’t willing to take risks and yadayadayada….. it really makes you think what a fucked up concept dieting is (when it’s not health oriented)

  • Diet plan from Next Level Diet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.

  • This video has made it easier for me to differentiate between ectomorph and mesomorph buuuut it’s still hard for me to differentiate between mesomorph and endomorph. Idk if I’m meso or endo

  • I’m so confused… 169 cm tall, my finger overlap and I have a spoon body shape, my waist isn’t tapered it has a shelf like appearance…. My calves are have no muscle at all… I have a round butt…. And my muffin top and belly has annoyed me for 20 years… Anyone know what body type I am?

  • can’t weight gain be a side affect of certain diseases or medications? I’m not certain because I’m not educated in those topics, so I’m asking. Because you said just a calorie surplus leads to weight gain, no exceptions.

  • What body type are you if you don’t eat much ( for example: you have only one or two small meals per day) but have FAT on your body and you can lose weight by excercising easily?
    I watched the video but I still can’t rely on myself to determine whether I’m mesomorph or endomorph.

  • I have broad shoulders and narrow hips, loose and gain weight easily, but carry it all on my midsection/back. I can build muscle quickly in my lower body but my arms are noodles. ������‍♀️

  • So, I answered mostly A but the last few were B an the very last one was C. I’m not obese but I am a bit chubby and hate it. When I was a teen I had an hourglass figure and didn’t even know it, I thought I was fat. Stupid.

  • I got bs. But I don’t have the bigger breast. I thought I was pear shaped but my hips and thighs are not wider than my shoulders. I could cry. I don’t know about muscle gain because I’ve never tried to build muscle. When I gain I gain it in my belly first and when I lose its from my boobs and waist.

  • How about d.) i dont gain or lose weight ��

    Edit i got b for everything but the last one, where i got c. It’s probably be cuz i have really long fingers and relatively thin wrists. Like seriously, my fingers are really long, even tho my hand as a whole is small.

  • i still have no idea what my body type is some1 help. i’m pretty thin but it’s from dieting and i gain easily. if i gain weight it goes to my stomach & thighs, i have a butt but flat-chested, and i have long skinny arms but broad shoulders. i also struggle to gain muscle. soo what would that be yo

  • I think I’m a mesomorph because I can lose weight and gain weight easily become when I really stick to my healthy habits and exercise I can get my stomach flatter and gain muscles thanks for this info

  • In some questions none of the alternatives feel like a match… For example in question 1, It is very easy for me to keep my weight. I’m not skinny but I never gain weight nor do I lose it. I just seem to always have the same weight no matter what I do, even when I eat a lot and even if I eat less than usual

  • 1: I guess A?? I mean, I can gain weight, but it’s rare that I gain a lot.
    2: A?? i don’t exercise, but once when I was doing swimming, my coach wanted us to be able to do five pushups without difficulty (mostly for the girls). I couldn’t do a single one at one point, but I did five to ten pushups every time I got out of the bathroom and ended up able to do forty pushups in less than a week. I quit swim tho and stopped doing pushups lmao, so my push-up game is shit.
    3: A. I don’t really exercise and my weight stays pretty much the same. Maybe a steady weight gain after several years?
    4: A, I guess man.
    5: B. My shits frail but it ain’t thin, so I’ll go with this.
    6: B
    7: C I was hella thin as a kid. My aunts and my mom was worried as hell. I was sent to my aunts house when I was like eight and she fed me every few hours. When I returned to my mom I’d become a little bigger than average. Not quite chubby but not fat either. In the end though, even though my diet returned to what my mom fed us, I’d gotten used to eating more and at school I’d gorge. Before my aunt, eating too much at school would usually end up with me vomiting out my lunch. I had a small appetite. My mom started forcing me to sit at the table for hours so I could slowly finish my dinner too. In the end, I ended up overweight.
    8: C
    I guess I’m an endomorph??

  • Before having children and weight gain I was naturally a mesomorph but find I’m leaning towards an endomorph. I think eating endomorph way but train the mesomorph style?

  • When i was a kid, i was so jealous of kids my age who were already ripped with abs without a day of working out. My fat endomorphe ass had no muscles to show. They ended up being better at sports than i was too, i had experience and beat them in sports, but they eventually caught up and beat me at our late 30s, them naturally born mesomorphes have surpassed me by a mile. Im so cursed to be born an endomorphe

  • i am so confused bc i’m tall, and have a athletic body type, but i still have a wide rib cage and my fingers don’t touch and i have a small hips and glutes but a large waist so i’m confused.

  • Hi gauge girl, I love your channel content.

    For the longest time, I thought I was an ectomorph because I’ve always been very lean. I’ve recently realized that I don’t eat many calories so it makes it hard to gain weight. I have counted calories in the past and have put in weight fast after that, however, it is hard to eat alot (by alot I mean the amount im supposed to eat). I think I’m mostly an mesomorph with some ectomorph body type. I’m trying to gain weight, I do lift weights, my problem is that I’m developing a small gut. How can I gain weight without gaining a gut?

  • Dude I have no idea who any of these actors are lol. Maybe because I’m American. Either way great narration and good quality. Endomorph btw

  • Mesomorph! But with a hypothyroid that was removed 25 years ago so I am on meds. I gain in my upper body fast. Specially in arms and stomach.:/

  • I don’t think I saw this video before, it was very helpful. I had been told I was an endomorph before, and that didn’t sound right. I only answered 1 or 2 A. The rest were all B, so I am def a mesomorph. That makes way more sense. I think I have been wrongly labeled an endomorph maybe because of my height, which is 6 feet.
    Great and informative video thanks!

  • I seem to be a mesomorph with endomorph characteristics but apparently I have teeny wrists because my finger and thumb overlapped. I’m overweight too so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there lol

  • I emailed not too long ago and I got told I was an endomorph but I answered mostly B on the test. I feel like I’m a Endo-Meso. I’m so confused ��

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  • Can anyone help me, I am an Ectomorph but I have belly fat, love handles, and back fat.
    I am confused as should i do Sprinting / Cardio in mornings and hit the gym in the afternoon? or just one?

  • It’s rlly confusing for me, sometimes During the day I have a nice lean body but then at night I look like kingpin with a wide shoulders however a lot of stomach fat… I do cardio sometimes aswell as training so I don’t know if I’m an endomorph or a mesomorph ��‍♂️ some1 help me

  • what is gaining weight easily? im obese, but it came from 10 years of eating and not excercising. now that i am excercising i ve lost like 7 inches of belly since january, last 2 months i ve lost 7 kilos. so what is gaining weight easily?

  • Thank you so much for this video. It’s an ethical issue when people use scientific data from decades ago without checking its validity to justify their methods. Science is not something written on the stone, it is constant development. It’s even worse in such topics like losing/gaining weight or mental health where the people who seek information are the most vulnerable. What these people do is just irresponsible. I just stumbled on one of these “body type” videos and was extremely confused. I felt the need to check your channel. So again thank you for this video and calling out this nonsense.

  • Yeah, I don’t fit the ectomorph criteria, but when I did the wrist test my fingers overlapped one another. I think maybe at one time in my life it was hard for me to gain weight but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. I’m 60+ overweight. So maybe I fall in between Ecto and Morpho? I really don’t know I’m confused. lol

  • From my experience, no matter how these body types came along they’re true. I see a ton of perfect examples from my own environment. People giving 0 thought to training and nutrition they’re fit and lean. There’s countless of these guys I know. Then there’s a dude back in my school days a mesomorph. He was doing tens of muscle ups, one arm pullups and all kind of insane calisthenics feats. Then when I asked him how the hell he got so strong and if he trains a lot he said no, “he simply is that way”. And he doesn’t train at all.

    Then there’s me. Someone who has a hard time getting to lower fat percentages despite insane consistency and doing the right things. Sure, maybe we all have mixture of different body types, but we tend to have a dominant one. That’s just simply the truth. My lifestyle was no different to any of my classmates, and while I got fatter, a lot of them didn’t change at all they remained skinny or fit.

    Basically, call it whatever, but these body types hold a lot of merit.

  • What makes me much angrier is the logic that your body is “disproportional” according to imbalances in your body. For example, if you are a pear shape that is apparently because you have “too much estrogen.” First of all, my pear shaped body is not “extra weight” on the hips and it is not DISPROPORTIONAL. THERE IS NO PRESCRIBED PROPORTIONS FOR BODIES! Just because i am not naturally the perfect hourglass that very few women even are, there is apparently a “problem” i need to fix because i am “disproportional.” Everyone is proportionate. There is no such thing as a disproportional body. We are all different. Not to mention the solution for my problematic huge ass was apparently immediately quitting birth control pills. Gee, thanks for the amazingly damaging advice! I have unmanageably painful periods without the pill, but you are so right. My small chest and wider hips must be because I am full of estrogen and my digestion is slow. I am just a walking toxin. I can live happily knowing my bone structure and the genetic pattern in which my body has been storing fat since i was 10 can all be changed if i just…detox. I gotta run to the store and get some bigger bras and smaller pants! (I am sorry about this rant, this may or may not have also been triggered by a certain grandmother making a nasty comment about a woman with my exact body type (as if she cannot see me). Her way of apologizing was reassuring me that my boobs are in fact not that small. They are. Saying otherwise is not a compliment. RANT OVER SORRY GUYS)

  • So is it possible to change your body type? I started being very skinny ectomorph, gained around 12kg in a short time, (no visible fat) old pants are now small for me and etc. Also, my friend was fat for his whole life, now he’s skinny fat, wtf his body type is lol,