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Elizabeth Lost More Than 100 Pounds While Eating All Foods. by Jackie Veling. April 11, 2019. 7 Comments.

When Elizabeth Simion, a business analyst and MBA student in Austin, Texas, began looking for a job, she worried her weight would hold her back. I was eating too much junk, and my relationship with food was growing more and more distorted. When my jeans felt too tight, I would force myself to exist solely on iced coffees for a few days and no real food.

Of course, the five pounds or so I would lose would come back as. Any woman who can lose 100 pounds—and keep it off—knows more than most diet gurus about what you need to eat to burn fat and fight that ever-constant battle against weight regain. That’s why. Food closest to its natural state and unprocessed is deemed the healthiest by many, including myself. The term for this kind of diet, that would include fruits, veggies, grains, lean proteins and healthy fats is “clean eating.” While I cannot eat a totally clean diet, I do eat cleaner than I used to eat.

This is a big step in lifestyle change. Successful dieters know that sugar should be eaten sparingly. Sara Knowles Lugger, who lost almost 150 pounds, designates sugary desserts as a once-a-month treat.The rest of the time, she turns to. By adjusting his eating habits, running, and practicing meditation, Dasselaar was able to lose 154 pounds in less than a year. He eventually turned his tips into a book called ” Let Go,” in which he shared his weight loss advice with others who hope to achieve similar goals.

After hitting a weight loss plateau, Nessa learned how to eat more to lose weight. Here’s how the ‘eat more, weigh less’ strategy worked for her. Follow her plan to eat more and lose weight. Weight loss is simple, right?

Eat less, exercise more, and voilà: The pounds melt away. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy. While a low 1200to 1500-calorie diet works for many people, the number of calories you need depends on your weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. If exercise drains a big chunk of the calories you’re eating and there aren’t enough.

Eating more to lose more is all about eating the right kinds of foods first, and then eating a lot of them. This isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be. Intuitively, you know whether a food is something you should be eating or not, but instead of labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” think of them in terms of what they can do for your body. Losing weight is not so difficult with the right guidance and methods.

What worked for me was this amazing guide: https://bit.ly/2QvsWDd Explains the science of losing weight, right foods to eat, foods to avoid, tips and tricks to lose weight quickly and stay healthy.

List of related literature:

When that happened she took the advice of her Weight Watchers meeting leader and added exercise to her regimen, and the pounds started flying off again.

“Diet Cults” by Matt Fitzgerald
from Diet Cults
by Matt Fitzgerald
Pegasus Books, 2014

Within days of the leptin administration, there was a marked change in her eating behavior.

“How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss” by Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM
from How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss
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She had poor appetite and 15-pound weight loss within the last 3 months before admission (Fig. 4-6).

“Medical Management of the Thoracic Surgery Patient E-Book: Expert Consult Online and Print” by Michael I. Lewis, Robert J. McKenna
from Medical Management of the Thoracic Surgery Patient E-Book: Expert Consult Online and Print
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The weight kept coming off and in less than two years she’d lost thirty­five pounds and had gotten a clean bill of health from her physician.

“The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat” by Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RDN, LDN, Joseph Hooper, Mark Hyman
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Over the course of her training, Kate inadvertently lost about 15 pounds.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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And she considered her slight weight loss, which she did not realize was simply due to dehydration, a nice side effect.

“Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One's) Relationship with Food a Problem?” by Jennifer J Thomas, Jenni Schaefer
from Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One’s) Relationship with Food a Problem?
by Jennifer J Thomas, Jenni Schaefer
Hazelden Publishing, 2013

A. She is not capable of making changes to lose weight.

“Primary Care Psychiatry” by Robert McCarron
from Primary Care Psychiatry
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As she made her way through article after article painting fatness as a public-health crisis of the highest order, Liz started to feel worse and worse about her own body.

“Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating” by Christy Harrison
from Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating
by Christy Harrison
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She now weighed 222 pounds and didn’t seem able to lose more than a pound or two, despite her adherence to a low-calorie, low-fat diet.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
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At the April 2004 premier of the Olsen movie New York Minute, Mary-Kate appeared emaciated, leading the media to speculate on whether she had an eating disorder.

“Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia” by Claudia Mitchell, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
from Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [2 Volumes]: An Encyclopedia
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Oh shit, Discovery fucked up there. I don’t pay my TV licence in UK because I don’t even have the cable connected. I just watch youtube and you’re one of my channels but Discovery isn’t.

  • I do cardio a lot for weight maintenance. Walking really helps actually. Obviously a WFPB is key, but i cheat from time to time, and have a low BMR, so this is the only way out. I still eat eggs though. Trying to cut that out but being a runner, i am scared of not getting enough protein.

  • Don’t understand why you wanna subject yourself to seeing poor animals creatures being killed cut open while still alive in front of you. Soooo cruel horrible how Asians do that!!!

  • the body repairs itself during sleep (a lot of maintainance is done), so if she had insomnia that was bad, one way it is easier for cancer to get a foothold.

  • Despite the negative comments I decided to watch it because her skin is Amazing for 45 yo. I personally got tons of good points. Grateful Mindset, Use Tony Robbins State Change practices, eat lots of micro greens (herbs like cilantro, basil), green tea, all types of fasting (mix it up to keep body guessing), beautiful skin comes from what you put In your body then On it, dry brushing daily, epsom salt baths daily to soak in Magnesium (has 600 functions in body), natural VS man-made exercise primarily) reduce chemical going in and on body, and lots more!! I’ve never heard of her before but have read studies she referred to on the new science autophagy (how body turns back clock phenomenon) and she is just more advanced in her understanding because she travels all over the world and tracks down best practices from other cultures. I loved her and definitely buying her book.

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  • Love this! Because you did it, and got the knowledge and got what you wanted a healthy way and not the fad diets that just ruin our bodies and our self-esteem and selfbelieve. Well done ������

  • Dot…when you say “low carb” what amount of carbs did you eat as opposed to keto which is higher (good fats), eating 20 g carbs/day and easy protein?

  • I lost a lot of weight smoking weed and fasting periodically while only eating garlic and chain smoking cigarettes. As an alcoholic, the weed suppressed my desire to drink. Too many carbs in beer. Then when I ate, it was moderate portions of meat only with condiments in regular amounts. Keto all the way. Lost 50 pounds in a month. Then 30 the next month. No exercise. I don’t like weed anymore so I have to use ultra light beer or liquor mixed with diet soda.

  • Someone who eats in moderation is way more likely to climb Mount Everest than someone say…idk… 340 pounds. One can still take risks while also taking care of themselves.

  • I drank soda with every meal, every snack, every day for 30+ years. Must have averaged at least a 6-pack of soda/day…which adds up to 750+ empty calories. By kicking that habit alone, I dropped 15 pounds within a few months. Now I cannot even finish a whole can without it tasting too sweet. It’s all habit and recalibrating your tastes. I no longer have that desire. Now, if I could only say the same thing about IPAs…

  • You are talking about me. I am 69 now. I wasn’t fat until 55. I am subscribing to you I believe you can help me. I am sorry what you’ve been through. Thank you

  • I’d love to try 2 weeks of nothing but plain baked potatos and water, but dread the withdrawal symptoms mixing with my work schedule.

  • I enjoyed almost everything Penn had to say

    Except “eat like a man”. I thought of all people Penn would be above those kinds of gender roles

  • Congratulations on your weight loss, and thanks for the perspective. I’m working on improving my diet, as well, although not quite ready to give up animal protein just yet. But just getting away from snack foods altogether, and cooking at home with fresh ingredients that I control, and including more fruits and veggies instead of just cheese and meat more often is helping.

  • This video: “I don’t cheat”
    Fool Us videos: “All magic is cheating. Magic doesn’t exist….” ������

    Seriously though, if you can do without McDonalds for 2 or 3 months, the thought of it does actually turn you off. It’s amazing how the brain works.

  • Ok sorry to be political but he started it.. he said his book is more first person than a Donald Trump speech. Actually Obama speeches were far more 1st person than Trump

  • Enjoyed your video, but toning is SO important while losing weight. No need to do hours of aerobics but weight bearing exercise is crucial. Especially for battling loose skin.

  • You’re super cooool! Sinfully honest & down to earth character ROCKS Sonny!! ����✌️I ssso appreciate You and your awesome team @BEFRS��‍♀️♥️��

  • You eat healthy, keep fit and avoid smoking and drugs. But without good genes you got no hope on looking younger. You can still feel good and active wich is already a result. After a certain age cardio is no longer good for your body.

  • My theory is that junk food tastes like what your body needs but doesn’t actually deliver the nutrition, so you eat and eat and never stop craving till you stuff your gob with real food, like veggies or fruit or nuts, etc., and then if you run out and don’t eat those again, the cravings come back. If you feed yoruself the junk too much, (and it has traces of real food in it) your body will never learn to say “no, i want strawberries, not candy. I want protien, not salty snacks!”

  • OMAD,yes one meal a day, spike insulin once a day, eat the same calories, same exercise, simples, black coffee becomes your best friend.

  • I had cancer too. I am beating it by staying away from sugar in all forms and drinking baking soda. Anyone can beat cancer no matter where it is. Kids and adults can beat cancer. No matter who you are. Please everyone do your research. Its so easy. (BAKING SODA KILLS CANCER). St jude is filled with children that all they have to do is start taking baking soda and staying away from sugar that feeds the cancer. No radiation, no chemo no nothing accept changing your diet and sticking with it. Chemo and radiation makes money for the doctors. Baking soda makes no money. My prostate cancer has been wiped out thanks to research I did about baking soda. My mother is cured completely of breast cancer also. I challenge anyone to research and keep an open mind. It sounds ridiculous even insane, BUT IT WORKS!

  • Thank you Thank you.
    I can eat and NOT EXERCISE and eat plant based food, but I am no where near where you and your husband are at.
    I am 136.7kgs (300lbs) approximately.
    I am type 11 diabetic since August 2018 it was a Shock to me. I am also wheat and gluten intolerant. Vegetarian.
    But I’m eating junk as well as alcohol with fruit juice and frozen fruit, instead of ice cubes. I’m talking to much so I’ll stop here. Thank you for sharing your weightlioss journey. XOXOXO

  • I agree with everything you said, but I’m curious about no exercise. I am incorporating a whole food, plant based diet, and I want to lift weights for strength building and play racquetball for fun. Isn’t it still okay to do these things if I am just careful of how much I each afterward? Thanks

  • Thank you for this video and all the video u make, I have learn new thing from the videos that u make and I’m always trying to figure out how to put them to use in my one life. I thank you truly for what you to help us all

  • Enjoyed your video! I started eating raw vegan 15 days ago and I no longer have the ravenous cravings for crap food. I feel great but I. am still waiting to see the difference so I am at a tricky place and was glad to hear your views on exercising. I am focusing on gathering my foods and making sure I always have them on hand and exercising has taken a back seat. You look imaging. ��. I can’t wait till my doughiness is gone everywhere, too! ��

  • Bom dia bem como vc entende o português fica mais fácil de falar com vc nossa tem certeza q era vc no vídeo e fepois vc mudou tanto assim????
    Vc ficou maravilhosa

  • Same here the loss of all cravings vanished from dryfasting alone, and when re-feeding eating only one meal a day without any diet dogma just eating what I liked. Plus the kidneys and adrenal glands performance improved, and I finally got off all glandulars from having a thyroid removed in 1971.

  • The worse answers to the best questions… i kept watching hoping she spell a bean and there it was nothing but all the things that everyone knew… I personally wouldn’t bother even looking at the book

  • Hello Dot. I want to thank you for this valuable information. I am also in 45 yrs and 60 pounds over weight. I also was born with heart defects. I was thinking about weight lose surgery but I already have 2 heart surgeries, 2 pelvic surgeries, 1 hand surgery and a breast reduction. You you can see I don’t want another surgery. Please advice me?

  • Dr. Jacob Wo;spm says “THE KETO//UP is a healthy alternative that improves all of your functions, but gets you going right now, so it’s a great Lifestyle drink… Marlene Anderson marlene.anderson.737

  • HOLY SHIT Tom and Naomi, there was so much packed into this episode! I see that it’s a year old, but I guess the teacher appeared when the student was ready. Thank you.

  • Wow…olther look so beautiful…congratilation,ix and olther wasy and all we lose kilos if you make click in the link.


  • Hi I love your videos! Did either of you have issues with extra skin? Or have any surgeries after losing such large amounts of weight? If you don’t mind sharing.. Thank you..

  • What complete BULLSHIT!
    If you decide to eat only beats and carrots and then tell yourself you want nothing else, you are engaging in mental gymnastics.
    Penn is such an asshole.

  • loved ur video. its all stuff i kind of knew but needed to hear again. ive been living a vegan lifestyle for over 4 years and had a vegan pregnancy and my son is now 1 and hes vegan so far as well. ive gained so much weight after pregnancy and postpartum and i just cant lose it. exercise doenst help it at all i think i def need to cut out flour!! i did best b4 i got married on a raw vegan diet. i never looked better! now as a busy new mom i eat rice and pasta and bread to get thru my day and its terrible!!! thank u for this informative video!!

  • The most important Anti-Aging tip is to never ever get married as marriage shortens telomeres, raises cortisol and increases inflammation

  • So here is a 120 year old woman looking about 40 years of age. Brilliant, I’m all ears, what’s her secret……hey wait a minute this is a 40 year old woman who looks 40, telling us how to look younger? I tell you what Naomi come back in 60 years if your still alive and then tell us the secret to staying young!!

  • If you combine Keto with intermittent fasting you’ll really see the weight fly off. I’m already 8 lbs down. I’m sure it’s the water weight that carbs store but I know the fat will soon burn off.

  • Can you talk a little about the exercise/ fight or flight causing your body to hold onto weight? I haven’t heard that before. My understanding was that building muscle will increase your metabolic rate making it easier to lose fat.

  • Isaiah 65:20 No child will die in infancy; everyone will live a very long life. Anyone a hundred years old will be considered young, and to die younger than that will be considered a curse. Also John @, 1John 5: 11,13, John17;3 all promise ETERNAL LIFE for believers in Jesus.
    Acts 2: 38 Repent & be water baptized for the forgiveness of sins ( in thought, word and deed ) and for the gift of Holy Spirit.
    Mark @ The person who believes and is baptized is saved ; the person who believes not is condemned.

  • Keto I would guess leads to all sorts of problems for human beings. Cholesterol and fat are horrible for long term health. Carbs and low fat are not. Obviously processed foods, certain simple sugars, etc are bad still but I feel the best with the lowest risk to genetic damage (cancer) on a high carb resistant starch diet with almost all veg, and fruits. Meats literally kill humans when eaten in large quantities over time.

  • You describe so much of how I feel and my ups and down with trying to lose weight. I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto I am hoping to follow your advice and loose some of the fat.

  • Exercising is bodybuilding? was that a serious statement?
    You can still get strength/muscles improvements by being in a calorie defecit. If you’re working out while being in a defecit, at least you won’t look like a skinny bean bag with no strength what-so-ever when you’re “done”: Exercising is so much more than bodybuilding.

  • That’s really not that impressive if you were 260lbs. You were a slob and pretty much stopped eating like shit. Amazing how that works. It’s equivelent to someone weighing 140lbs and losing 30lbs. Good but not that hard.

  • This was flaky. What are her credentials? The exercise thing was strange. ‘Exercise is a man made activity, sort of like processed food’….Then goes on to talk about how she weight trains and skips and basically has a standard ‘man-made’ exercise routine. So what’s the advice? Sit and twitch?
    ‘Eat carbs late to help with recovery. Recovery is so important. But I don’t believe in carbs. Oh, Japanese eat rice but they process differently*’

  • I’ have just discovered your channel and will be following your recipes. I’ve been living Paleo for nearly a decade now and recently have been tweaking it to incorporate more healthy fats and a bit less protein. I’ve never had issues with my weight am 57 and weigh 139 pounds, former athlete, swimmer, who still rides her bike and go for long walks. But I lost my dad to diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer and there’s no frigging way I’m going down that path in life. Please keep up the good work!

  • So… just potatoes for the first 2 weeks and then just plants after that? Is he also following intermittent fasting with just a 5 hour window for eating everyday? Is he just eating lettuce with no dressing and is there a short little instructional sheet that outlines exactly what he did?

  • Interesting how she had to bring in the propaganda of culture. Interesting how they don’t show you or talk about all the diseases a lot of the other countries are dealing with and the parasites to. And and I mean those that affect the average person. They keep that hush-hush, Hntil they need to use it in another speech.
    As if all Americans have it easy. As if there aren’t many Americans who haven’t had to work hard and still work hard. There are many hard-working Americans. And the more they destabilize us and destabilize our homes our towns people are less likely to go out and be recreational, I witnessed this decrease over time the more over privileged and entitled Outsiders began to come in with great disrespect, Bad Manners and overall ugly Behavior, and superiority complexes. But privileged people like her get to say stuff like that. I don’t believe her for one second. She’s a fraud.
    Some of the things she says are true but she didn’t come up with that on her own she’s just repeating knowledge that you can get from books and is being presented as if it’s something new if you’ve been around long enough you’ll see this happen over and over again.

  • This is all marketing mumbo jumbo. May be she is working for some company product. No one can avoid stress and being depressed from time to time.

  • I read Penn’s book, I tried the cray ray diet and failed. I went Keto/IF and succeeded. Without Penn’s encouragement to go a little bit crazy I never would have found my way. For that, I will forever be grateful.

  • It’s actually been proven that Class 1 Obesity has the highest life expectancy. In addition, Penn is very tall. He’s like 6’6″. I feel like he’d be most healthy around 260.

  • Sounds like she’s just read a low grade health magazine, as her knowledge is obviously lacking. Especially evident when he asks anything on “cellular levels” and she sounds like she’s just babbling and winging it.

  • I love this guy. He’s sounds so honest and believable. I’m the same age and I need to lose 60 pounds. Does anyone know if he went ahead with that bariatric surgery that he talked about in the beginning of the video?

  • Congrats on your amazing success! Im convinced each body requires its own plan. For me clean high protein lots of clean veggies small amts of fruits and no sugar and flour works. And for exercise its weight training that makes the difference. Too much cardio undermines my progress.

  • I am playing this at 1.25X speed and still I am bored to tears. This guy’s speakers are BORING. Maybe following a script and sticking to it???

  • Such a waste of time. Applying concepts of another culture,copy pasting a scientists work and working till it cleared her problems,couldn’t answer basic questions people wanted to know and the title was misleading. What did she do….copy pasted concepts and formed a book, knowing nothing in detail,because it worked for her. She helped someone? No. Lol,banking money. She didn’t tell anything people didn’t know ��
    Coming from Indian culture I would say processed food was western and horrible and they chimed a lot of money now it’s causing serious issues and they want answers from another culture ����
    She is also doing the most American thing making money out of nothing.
    Moreover recommending wine for polyphenols. Misleading someone into drinking, such a foolish woman playing with fire, she is not balanced,doing this and doing that,she will end up looking everywhere and destruct her natural balance. Don’t interview such fools and waste out time.
    Half knowledge is always dangerous.

  • She is focusing on her glutes in her training
    Also she did a NLP Trianing-Words matter
    If you are going to have carbs, have them late
    Epsom salt bath and magnesium bath
    Brush your skin to do drainage

  • Wow! she discovered real food? You just have to blink and discover how the body works on a cellular level. Autophagy? And she sells? it is a joke? A scientific joke? Pseudoscientific that’s she can do well

  • She is correct on exercise being a man made activity. In the past, our fitness came from walking, running, crawling, foraging, fighting, lifting/moving things that get in our way. The modern world has given us many comforts and I am greatful for many of them. But, the same world took away the need to express our strength and movement. The gym is a necessity for many, but the outside world is good enough for the majority

  • Just watched this video. Wish I had known about it 6-months ago when you posted it. Would you please share more of your food choices and food preps? I’ve been “vegan” for over two years now and have steadily gained weight. I’ve known it was hormonal, but I have been resistant to eliminating sugar and flour (lots of controversy in my mind over this). I’m willing to go that route, but would love some real-life food preps and examples of how you eat daily. Thank you for freely sharing your experience in this video. Really THANK YOU!

  • It would have been better if I uncovered this guide a couple of years back. For 3 weeks of pursuing the weights, I dropped 12 pounds Obviously I exercise a couple of times weekly, and eat good food. The outcome shown to me is amazing. Definitely, this weight is highly recommended and I do wish this would give good results to you too mainly because it did to me. Google can help you to research it. Program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Thank you for making this video. I am just starting out on my journey and your break down makes more sense to me and i understand more now. So thank you and congrat on your jorney. I have 150 lbs to lose and i hope your tools can help me reach my goals!!

  • what he says about excercise is totally correct everyone thinks oh just excercise to loose weight because they know nothing about biology and weight loss

  • Teach me to input. Haha. I wish I liked fruit but most fruit I hateeee. Not really the taste but moreso the texture /:

    My doctor told me years ago “You don’t lose weight by exercisingsorry, but you just don’t. You CAN but you have to focus on what you eat, how much, and the chemical concoction you’re creating in order to lose weight. Once you lost X amount THEN start exercising.”

  • I just discovered your channel a few days ago, by accident really. Just showed up after watching another video on Keto/Low carb. I’ve saved a few recipes already to try. I have all 5 of those symptoms as well, and I’m taking medication for them. I too have tried all the diets. Starving myself, low fat diets, staring at the scale, and I always have had the same problem. Always hungry, and just never felt full. Plus eating things I didn’t really care for, because they are “diet” food. Something obviously needs to change. Now I doubt I’ll be able to go full Keto, as I do enjoy pasta, potatoes, bread. I’m hoping that if I limit how often I eat those items, I’ll still be able to enjoy them on occasion. Plus I’m on a tight budget and can’t just get rid of the stuff I have in my pantry. I also really like casseroles, and plan to try some of the recipes I saved really soon. Wish me luck!

  • Did you still keep it off??? I saw a video where you look big again and I just wanted help to know what happened so I can help myself. Thank you so much.

  • If this was a RPG, she would have the following stats VERY HIGH:
    Beauty / Appearance (She’s gorgeous!!! I’m 24 and wanna have a 45 years old woman like her as my GF / Wife lol)
    Evasion (Fully MAXED)

  • This is very true. When I was in college, I ate two salads a day and a veggie meal with minimum flour (two small tortillas); egg whites or yogurt for breakfast. It was a keto vegetarian diet before keto vegetarian was a thing. I rarely ate fruit other than strawberries; low sugar. People would make fun of me but guess who had the last laugh at graduation time, hehe. I’m going back to that. I knew women who hired trainers so they could eat whatever but they were mad when they got thicker because they were growing muscle but NOT losing fat. I have lost weight several times without exercise. Be realistic anyway: I have no intention or desire to go to a boot camp. People are often dismayed by better quality diets and the cost for seemingly just eating lettuce when they are used to dense cheap poor nutrition fat promoting foods. When you buy fresh greens and veggies you are buying freedom and clarity not just a light density consumer good. That also goes into that feeling of never having enough to eat… to neh sayers: free y’alls mind!

  • My man Sonny…I love u and lots of love to u from India..Do visit northeastern part of india for unique delicacies….And yeah I will be the person with u in the shoot ��

  • I gain 50 lbs in the las 5 years so 3 days ago I started to lose the extra weight I started 3 days ago and already lose 4lbs and I am writing everything what I am doing and eating so I can share my journey

  • Do you eat “healthy” grains such as wheat bread and oats? What about yogurt and cottage cheese? Thanks for this video. Very informative. -Kim

  • Hello friends if you want to lose weight without exercising then I recommend you Cappuccino MCT. Cappuccino MCT is a coffee that burns fat. It’s a coffee that fits in with the latest weight loss trends. For more information click the link. https://nplink.net/c8b9fwru

  • I am and have been skinny all my life and watching this video is giving me the motivation to want to lose weight lol. I don’t know what to do with that now haha

  • I just found your channel and learned about BLE I bit the bullet and took the susceptibility quiz (i’m a 10 btw) listened to the book last weekend, practiced weighing/eating avoiding flour and sugar this week (i’m on my 5th day) and i’m DOWN 5 LBS TODAY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I can’t hardly BELIEVE IT!!! ������✨ It’s a little weird at first weighing my food, but I just trust and eat it and haven’t worked out or anything this week. I used to be super active throughout high school and college, and these last 5-8 years I’ve been gaining weight and slowly stopped working out at all. I just kept gaining and gaining and was too sluggish to even try a sit up. SAD and DEPRESSING!!! But this week has opened my eyes to so many things, how i’m eating, and flour and sugar just in general. I’m SO STOKED!!! Hope has returned!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. ������

  • I relate to everything…. I have been blessed not to have cancer. You are amazing….I get so much from your videos! So grateful for you.

  • There was a time in my life when I was poor enough I could never afford meat. I ate as cheaply as I could and I thought that after a while the cravings for meat would go away. It never did. The first time that I was able to afford getting meat I was so starved for it that I could hardly wait to wait for the steak to be done which is why I now love my steaks medium-rare.

  • God bless you for sharing and thanks for the wonderful lo carb recipes. Congratulations on your weight loss!! keep up the good work.

  • 07/08/19 =I literally CANNOT thank you Shannon enough for teaching me soooooooooooo many things about how HORMONES affect the body and about plant based diets and about CHANGING our INPUT, etc… and thank you also for helping me to NOT feel alone in feeling unusual because I crave eating veggies/fruits and salads with a veggie burger for a meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, thought I was weird lol and come to find out you like eating veggies and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner too, yeh!!! I just started my plant based diet on 06/27/19 and thanks to you teaching me how sugar and flour affects our bodies and hormones = I threw OUT my lollipops that I have every night because you taught me how things like sugar or certain foods that can cause the hormone INSULIN to stay UP and results in holding on to fat, etc… Seriously, thank you soooooo much for teaching us EVERYTHING on this video and for giving us HOPE for years of suffering with our weight and not being able to problem solve it and you did in ONE video, wow, thank you. Your video was soooooooo good that I watched it three times, and would pause it to take NOTES so I could remember it all. You are an AMAZING teacher of your journey and you may not realize how many THOUSANDS of people you have helped by sharing your Amazing and realistic Journey. God Bless you. S. McGee in Colorado. thank you sooooooooooo much for real, thank you!!!! hugssssssss

  • SO glad I found you guys! I’ve known about whole food plant based eating for a while now but I’ve had a difficult time transitioning over. You two are inspiring as I have at least 100lbs to lose.

  • I’m sure it’s all the more healthier foods he’s been eating that is not fast food like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC in America.!!!

  • chin(k) from asia here…….liked!!!….because u are hot and because u are a smart cookie……wish u were my girlfriend like 8,9 years ago…….u would have been a positive influence in my life….in other areas besides weight loss i hope.

  • Love your opening and closing argument, counselor �� Enjoyed your info and appreciate the sharing of your story which is so amazingly vulnerable of you!

  • I drank milk shakes and lost weight.I tell you how to lose weight.Cut coffee out.Cut soda out..Quit eatting so much red meat.Eat more chicken,eggs and fish.Thanks for your advice though

  • Shannon, your mind blowing expressions, “balls dropping not mine”, “brain on sugar (drugs, cocaine)” are killing me. I laughed so hard. Trying to do plant based, but failing at times. I figure if I just keep at it, it will become easier. Thanks for the info.

  • Protec your tameloe’s that are the aging part within your dna.
    All creatures on earth have them.and the length of all creatures including humans live’s
    Depend on these Tameloe’s.vitD helps protecting them amongest other things.

  • Thank you for this video. I’m on day three no sugar! No one has died yet. �� Thought this was interesting as well. I’ve recently watched an Australian documentary ABC Science regarding our gut biome in our large intestine. Processed foods and sugar are the same to me now. As they both spike insulin but going a bit deeper, poor quality food and sugar feeds the poor bacteria and this is directly linked to the hormone insulin spikes as well. Within a week of no fast food this young gymnast was no longer on his way to insulin resistance. I want to master this nutritional knowledge as best I can for sustainable health. Oh and congratulations.

  • The title is misleading, he doesn’t “eat whatever he wants”, sounds like his diet is pretty restrictive, in fact.
    Also, chocolate cake only makes you fat if it’s commercial junk food. Make it at home with wholesome ingredients and eat as much as you want.

  • Where does the 2000 lb. cattle beast get his protein? It’s a a vegan! We eat the carcass? It’s nuts how people are living on cheese and meat!

  • Penn once said on his podcast that he realized how much being heavy affected his happiness when he went on a gravity simulator and experienced.5 gravity. His weight was halved. He went from 350 to only 175 pounds, and felt so much happier. Then it was increased 2x gravity. He went from 175 to 700 pounds and suddenly felt extremely depressed. When he got out of the simulator he was back to his 350 pound self in normal gravity and his mood was improved, but he still remembered how blissful it was to be 175 pounds just a few minutes earlier and was determined to lose weight for real.

  • I just LOVE how you think!!!�� “More of the cut back… than cut out mentality!!!” I DO like a slice of chicken and a little cheese! OK… and Sugar!����������

  • This woman is beautiful, I don’t mind dating her but she got no message of value.is more like chef talking about foreign foods. She is probably obsess with physical beauty like most females nature.

  • i recently noticed that Ms. Whittel doesn’t even respond to questions on her own videos. looks like that’s been outsourced to ‘The Naomi Whittel Care Team’, but try as she might Ms. Whittel will never outrun this interview. Thank you Health Theory.

  • This is the first time I’m being told not to excersize. It’s funny because everytime I feel like I want to get fit again I go crazy at the gym for a few months straight then I lose a tiny bit of weight and I get sick. I always end up getting sick and stopping. Strange.

  • 8:24 in this video.Cocaine comes from the cocoa leaf????? Noo my dear, cocoa is a tree, coca is a bush. Where did you get this information??? Just google some pictures of them. The cocoa you consume is powder from a fruit. Cocaine is a powder fro the leaf called coca, it has been pulverized and mix with toxic elements and boiled, etc. And no, sugar doesn’t produce that effect. However your body process all carbs in the same way, so wheat and sugar are converted in glucose in your body and insulin is needed to do metabolize those. Insulin is the culprit for storing fat in your body

  • I only eat when I absolutely have to your body will let you know hey I’m hungry real hungry is what I call it not having to eat! I drink only water once in awhile I drink tea. No sugar, no salts, no artificial ingredients at all and seafood only fresh from the ocean never do I buy from market and lots of fruit. I love my wheat, bake potatoes sweet potatoes. My body can go days with just drinking liquids. I believe in all she says but we are all different think about it we all are different blood types I’m B positive my body acts differently than a person who is B negative its simple once you tune into yourself your body talks to you! I’m 60 yrs old and look 40 hardly wrinkles I put green tea on my skin, Vitamin c, I always have water, witch hazel on my skin never do I wear make up ever it’s not supposed to be make up was introduced also I never put anything but Vitamin A, C, E on my skin along with green tea… I love your topics Tom your great but I agree with most she told us nothing that we don’t already known truthfully however, you was right on with your questions.. ��

  • I just LOVE your transparency!!! Your so funny �� and have calming voice. I’m so very thankful that I stumbled across your channel. You both are helping people in ways words can’t explain. Thank you for your transparency and for helping me change my life. God bless you both.

  • Fantastic interview! I’m a 62 yo fit woman who’s in the health & wellness and beauty business. I’ll take those information seriously and will spread the word. Thank you! ����

  • I don’t agree with the negative comments. She was descriptive with her processes and beliefs, and shows a passion for health and wellness for all. Of course there’s room for more elaboration but it’s a fairly short interview.

  • Your awesome and speak truth. EVERYTHING you outlined is 100% correct. It’s about what you eat, not how much you exercise. Refined sugar supposedly is 7xs more addictive than heroine.

  • I just found your channel and I love it. I love how you tease out information and ask questions so that information can be practically applied in the real life for the common person. Awesome �� job!

  • I’m overweight and I have tried to lose weight for a long time but never stuck to it I just didn’t have the will power but now I’m vegetation and have lost 3 pounds in the short time of being vegetation my food is plant based I still have dairy sometimes mainly cheese and yogurt my goal is to be 110 pounds

  • Tom thank you my man! You are contributing to the world with these awesome interviews. Have anyone tried fasting, how’s that work for you?

  • I am 68 tears old, over 300 pounds, and also depress, I really needed to hear testimony like this, thank so much for shared with us. After so many health problems, I decided like a month and half to start a diet to lose wait, NO CARBS AT ALL!! and I think I have lost some weight, BUT my confusion started when I did KETO for sometime and I found out the food has TOO MUCH CALORIES!! a cup of coco flower over 570 calories?? what about keto bread made out almond flower? so at this point I am very dissapointed BUT it won’t to stop me doing the process of eliminating the carb. (so sorry for my english)

  • What a lovely story. I have so far lost 22 pounds on a low carb and intermittent fasting diet. Been 4 months now and going strong. Glad I started this journey. Any inspiration helps me to keep going.

  • I’m on day three. I had snap beans, St Louis ribs( w hot sauce no BBQ) and a cup of watermelon. Very filling and tasty but I am really feeling that Keto flu.

  • Really, is she going to answer any questions that Tom ask specifically??? So annoying…i don’t comment often but this us just irritating…

  • it doesn’t work for everyone only for partic body types that take to it also absol NO carbs is not healthy you need to have some.

  • I absolutely love your video..i have been on a weight loss “journey” most my life..I’ve had many struggles but your video was the perfect explaination…for 7 months I have been vegetarian and I do agree about your choices of a plant food diet…thank you for your encouragement!

  • After my wife passed away with cancer 1.5 year ago after 26 years of marriage, and i was looking after my mum who had dementia.and working 12 hours a day. i found my self eating when ever i could find a few spare minuets, this meant sandwiches and sausage rolls off the food van, microwave meals after work and ice creams. Sit down exhausted and depressed cracking open a few cans of beer, bottle of wine at the weekend may be a bottle of gin or malt whisky. week in week out..the last few weeks i have felt my body change: tingling in my arm and leg like pins and needles, dizzy, this weekend my eye is all red and blood shot.. This is the first time in my life i had felt a little frightened about my health, i’m on my own and if i take ill how will i cope. i’m 58, 5 foot 8 and would say about 17 stone now, i was shocked when i saw my self in a mirror. i need to change my life style from now this day!!!, stop drinking in the house on my own and cook fresh healthy meals, more veg and good things.. i looked at getting food boxes but that’s not the answer..i will follow these video’s, cook and eat the recipes, take up walking again… little steps may change my life around for the better ( i hope ):)

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I’m a nurse, and i know for a fact if you were my patient, i would probably spend half of my shift listening to you. Lol You have such positive, reassuring energy. Great job on your hard work!!

  • Enjoyed this. I’ve been at it for about 6 weeks. Glad to see this tonight. I needed it. I’m on page 169 of Taubes’ book.Thank you for sharing.

  • She uses alot YouTuber information hence she sounds abit offish. All her information is collected from indigenous people, nothing original here.

  • I am 64 and 18 months ago I started Keto and Intermittent Fasting, lost 82 lbs, came off the 2 meds for high blood pressure, the cholesterol medication and the CPAP for sleep apnea. I take no meds for anything.

  • I’ve been eating nothing but potatoes and plant based foods for 3 months now. Have went from 127.5kg to 115kg. Not as crazy as Penn’s progress but I can fully vouch for what he’s saying about cravings. I have no cravings at all, no food preferences, things I used to not like eating I do like now. My stomach health has significantly improved, I look younger, I’m way more active, I’m more energized and I also spend a third less on food than I used to. Cannot recommend a starch plant based diet any more strongly. If someone told me I’d be where I am at today in only 3 months time, I wouldn’t have believed them. I urge you to try it, even for a week. You will be amazed with the results, not only fat shredding wise, but how you feel.

    Just remember, do you remember what you ate 3 months ago? 2 weeks ago for dinner? Probably not. Do you remember how you’re feeling right now? That last question is what should count and matter the most.


  • I cried after your video. You opened my eyes to see myself! I’m following your videos now thank you for taking time to post them. I’m almost 45… everything you said made sense, thank you ❤️

  • Everything he says is pretty true. I gave up sugar 2 months ago and any junk food, and even though I now stick to a high protein diet, some daily exercise, and low-or-no salt (cause I also have high blood pressure), my weight has gradually been decreasing ever since. maybe every few weeks I cheat with a pizza or such, but it’s very little and honestly not as appetizing anymore as much as my now usual home cooked meals without any ‘flavorings’. Just seems like natural is better and easier.

  • I know it’s been a year since this was commented on, but I wanted to say that my family thinks your show is fantastic! It is always fun to watch and I personally live vicariously through your experiences.

  • Thank you so much. I so badly needed this. I used to feel so bad about myself for cutting calories and then eating them all back because of “lack of willpower.” a calorie is not a calorie

  • I’ve struggled all my life with my weight I dont drink sugar drinks do ALOT in home and outside my home cause I got 1 baby and 2 kids I’m always so damned tired at the end of the day that idk how the hell I cant loose a pound whilest I dont even eat in between meals and REALLY watch out for carbs. I just gave up on my self stopped looking at the scale and just live. It is what it is in not sick in anyways so I’m happy for that..34 yrs

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  • Dear Dot, This channel is exactly what I need. I am desperate. Type II Diabetic age 70. Want so very much to be there for my grandchildren. Suffer from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I can incorporate even a few of your ideas it would change my world. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have just subscribed. Sincerely, Debbie and Dexter-Dog my rescued chihuahua companion in S. California. P. S. You look FABULOUS and congratulations on all your hard work.❤��������

  • Great, you can do the same thing with intermittent fasting without banning any major food group (ie, protein = chicken) from your diet. Good inspiration though…

  • I love how your video is straight to the point and not full of cut scenes, goofy faces, and emojis posted all over the screen like some weight loss videos I have seen �� love your chill and positive vibe ��✌️

  • The cover photo for this video looks photoshopped I know it’s not, wait or is it? Lol maybe it’s because I’m use to seeing his slimmer face lol ����‍♀️

  • Am wondering about tofu? Does that count as plant based or processed food? Thank you so much for sharing your story. I feel hopeful bc these are all things I can do.

  • I have Hypothyroidism Fibromyalgia Hashimotos and Arthritis and IBS I’ve tried every diet out there I’m at my highest weight at 306 need to lose 150 I’ve done Keto and intermittent fasting low carb Weight watchers in the past with results I run on anxiety and I hardly eat at all and at this weight I don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure I don’t buy or eat fast food I have tried a personal trainer and because of my fibromyalgia I had to stop the pain was unbearable. I gained all my weight after my last and 7th child and was because of being on a certain contraceptive and in two years gained 100 pounds and I didn’t have a cycle now I’m in full menopause. After a couple times falling now I now I really had to stick with yoga and also had to do physical therapy.Last summer I tried to do Keto again and walked three miles a day and did it until I landed in the hospital with back issues and sick to my stomach. I still have 4 boys at home and I mostly cook meals that they like and it’s hard for me that I need I’m from Costa Rica and mostly cook from back home like black beans and rice meats and vegetables and my older boys eat really only mostly organic my youngest child has a bad diet of pizza and burgerd but yet he doesn’t eat alot and still really skinny. I usually skip breakfast and have a late lunch and a light dinner as of now with my anxiety it’s hard for me to eat 5 small meals a day and I do have a therapist have had one for years and I still have no appetite regardless can your diet help me I’m tired of my weight I’m 53 and don’t want to die so young I want to watch my kids grow up and grandkids

  • I too have gone all totally plant based, now have kept off half my body weight for over 8 years. Every day is a choice, easier but not. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Wow we have very similar stories, except I’m older and slower at taking action to improve my health. I am struggling to stay away from the carbs. Carbs have been my “drug of choice” for the last 30+ years. I admire your success and look forward to checking out your recipes. I’m really tired of salads. Thanks for sharing! It is great to see someone who has experienced success and share their journey. God Bless!

  • I finally caught on to Keto and began May 21, 2020. So far I have lost 11 lbs in3 weeks but more importantly, I feel less fatigued, less achey, I sleep better and I am not dealing with sugar highs and lows. My blood sugar stays at a normal range (between 90 and 110). I have not kept track of my blood pressure yet but I will get to that. Thanks for the information and inspiration and I hope it goes well with your uterine cancer.