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Eight Pro Tips for Off-Season Running Training. Lifestyle. 2016-12-30 It’ll make sure that when you get ready for training or to jump back into running when the weather is better that you start at a better level of fitness than if you slosh through distance runs in the outdoors.”. If you prefer less structure during the off-season and are able to listen to your body well, pick one workout per week and do it on the day when you feel fresh and ready to run fast.

Either way, limit the base building running workouts to once per week during the off-season. From what I’ve witnessed with training over the years, most athletes have no idea how to really improve through strength training over the off-season. Most professional athletes have the advantage of getting professional trainers to plan their off-season. program for them. Mostly everyone else doesn’t have that luxury.

Off-Season: How to Maintain Your Running Fitness The off-season is approaching for many of us. This is a good time for re-evaluating this year’s achievements and mishaps, taking a temporary break from racing, and relieving the pressure of training performance. But a break doesn’t mean rest.

Rather, it is a strategic downtime with adjusted training that sets us up for the upcoming race season. periodized off season training plan with a focus on running and strength training while maintaining sufficient swim and bike fitness to successfully navigate the off-season (typically winter) months. Plan Overview The training plan progresses from 8 to 10 hours (peak) of training. Mid-Week Workouts: Maintain the four to five mid-week running workouts and rotate through a variety of harder workouts for your speed day.

The off-season rejuvenates us for future work. The following are 5 tips for off-season training for this fall. Zone 2 Training.

My biggest tip for off-season training is to spend most of your time doing zone 2 runs in order to build your running base. What is zone 2 running? Zone 2 refers to a heart rate training zone.

I love to cook so I put a lot more emphasis on creativity during the off-season. What is your favorite thing to do during the off-season? I sleep in more. When I am in the full swing of training, I tend to rise and shine pretty early every day.

I take advantage of my downtime in the off-season. Stay Fit in the Running Off-Season. It’s been about 2.5 weeks since my last race, the Annapolis Classic Half Marathon.

The next race that I have set in stone is the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run on April 3, 2016. P.S.-the deadline to sign up for the lottery is this Friday, December 11! Be sure to sign up!The thing is, that unless the training can take shape around the response of the athlete on a regular basis, all an athlete may be able to claim out of the off-season work is that “they did a lot of training”.

The goal of off-season training is all the things listed in principles 1

List of related literature:

As ScrumMaster, running the sprint will feel like the mechanical set of things to do; in fact, I consider this the easy list.

“The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook” by Stacia Viscardi
from The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook
by Stacia Viscardi
Packt Publishing, 2013

There are not a lot of training tips in this book, because in general I am skeptical that training advice is useful for most runners.

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
from The Incomplete Book of Running
by Peter Sagal
Simon & Schuster, 2019

By observing all the tips presented in this article(most important: to run slow and easy on the hottest days)and by always running with someone on hot days.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
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The three best strategies cited by our coaches were gels, energy bars, and massage.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
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Individual exercises: When a player arrives late, don’t immediately send her into the drill that you’re running.

“Coaching Soccer For Dummies” by National Alliance for Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Soccer For Dummies
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Have an “always in season” attitude by staying in shape and taking care of yourself away from the field.

“The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow
from The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive
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Paying attention to the basic training guidelines described in this chapter can improve efficiency, reduce the chance of injury, and make running more enjoyable.

“Coaching Youth Track and Field” by American Sport Education Program, USA Track & Field, Hershey Company
from Coaching Youth Track and Field
by American Sport Education Program, USA Track & Field, Hershey Company
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In addition, these runs keep you in a routine and, when preceded by a hard tempo or speed workout or race, remind you what easy feels like.

“Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond” by Hal Koerner, Adam W. Chase
from Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond
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Runners will avoid coaches but listen to lectures unobtrusively.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
from Running to the Top
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Many of these tips are common sense, and others will be second nature after your first few days of military basic training.

“Basic Training For Dummies” by Rod Powers
from Basic Training For Dummies
by Rod Powers
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  • Hey Nick, I was watching your video on breaks after a season and my track season ended a bit ago and I started running after a 3 day break of no activity. I only took 3 days off because I missed running really bad and my friends started running again. Is it possible for me to not burnout next season if I took that short of a break and I am running very slow paces currently, because I want to keep running. Any other tips to avoid burnout also? Next year is my senior year of xc and I want to avoid injury. Thanks for everything you do!

  • I was told that I could’ve been DQ’d doing the 4×4 and I was running through the football field cheering on my teammate and they told me that I could’ve been disqualified? I don’t understand this because they let us stay on the field of we were running or getting ready for the next event plus I wasn’t running on the track so do you know anything about that?

  • My question is about during the season. My daughter gets really upset because she does better on mileage and her coach drops her down to 15 mpw during xc and track season. She wants to disobey him and run extra on her own but I dont know if its advisable.

  • The off season is something I’ve always struggled with. I’m never sure what to do or how often to do it. I appreciate this video! Thank you!

  • Me and a few track teammates just got together and started our school’s first xc team for next year. Tips for a successful xc team?

  • This video seemed like it contradicted the other off-season video I literally just watched. It was like “Do 20-30 reps of 100m dashes at 75%” and then this one is just like “No do the opposite”

  • Does this apply even if I’ve been injured for the last 5 months? I haven’t been able to run in 2016 due to issues with my knee and hip flexor so I don’t feel that my body is worn out. The only exercise I’ve done is swimming and cycling. Once I’m recovered as I expect to be in a few weeks then would it be okay to do some more intense stuff during the summer like 40m sprints to regain my speed?

  • Hey Jaret, I’m currently a freshman in highschool and my coach puts me in pretty much every event on the track other than hurdles. I can run a 5:30 mile, 59ish 400m and a 13 something 100. Along with some decent 200 times and 800’s. What’s should I focus on, or should I get better at both?

  • Hey I got a question about mileage? This year in track I couldn’t PR my mile time was 5:04 two seconds slower than last year. This year in xc I ran 16:35 for the three mile as a sophomore. I’m looking forward to hitting 15:40s or lower this year in the three mile but I don’t know what mileage to start at. I want to peak around 50-60. How many miles do you recommend I start with in June? Keep in mind I never ran more than 40. Also do you think the goal is achievable?

  • I saw this video in my inbox and was so excited. Literally just started planning my summer training schedule for xc this upcoming year. Hoping to run 16:30-40 this season. I’ll probably peak at around 60mpw with long runs of about 12 miles.
    Thanks for the video!

  • Nick do you answer questions on YouTube? I don’t have IG but cannot find myself passing up the opportunities to learn from an Olympian—which is why I’m in a video binge. Thanks!

  • So basically do the same stuff, but cut mileage and some intensity for speed work? I’m a high school XC and track runner whose season is now cut short by the whole coronavirus fiasco and I’m officially off season for like 4+ months now.

  • I’m still a little confused. I’m a junior in high school so I only have one year of track and field left so I was thinking I had to train as hard as I can to be the best I can be. But I’m a little worried if I take it easy this summer, I won’t improve enough to compete with the “big guys” next year. I’m one of the reserved kinda guys who’s quiet but I grown a strong passion to track and field and I really want to improve. Should I just lift over the summer or have some hard sprint days in between? I’m a 200m/triple jumper

  • This video contained a lot of great information. Thank you! Do you have any suggestions on how to include a running maintenance plan for someone who cycles in the running off-season? I’m planning to train for a 112 mile bike race, but I would also like to maintain my running form/fitness for a goal marathon race about 4 months after my goal bike race.

  • Hey nick, I’m planning on walking on to my university during my sophomore year (I’m going into my freshman year this fall) but Ive had problems with tendonitis in my feet. I know I need to rest and let my feet heal, but I really want to get back into training. Do you know if there are any low intensity workouts I could do to stay in shape while also letting the tendonitis heal?

  • Thanks for that important vid as my national track competitions had just finished. I don’t know what to do during the off season. I’m a 100m and 200m sprinter, so what are the right off season training should I do?
    +Jaret Campisi

  • Hi, I am a 14 year old 800m runner, I am running some good times but the people beating me have a much longer stride, how do you lengthen your strides? ( exercises, cues etc)

  • Hey Nick, did you ever do “shakeout runs” on the days of evening races in high school? Would you recommend it for a high school runner?

  • Excellent advice on starting with half your goal pace as a start to training after a break. I’m going to be working on my first base summer base of between 50-60 miles Looking forward to a few road 5K/10ks by early September

  • Wow thanks that helps a lot I do club track so it goes on until early August and now I feel as if I will run when it counts since it have been slowly bringing down my times but last season I had a huge drop in the middle of the season and then went back to slowly bringing it down so thanks for the advice

  • How long do you think the easy runs should go on for while you’re building that base phase? Mileage or weeks would be helpful for a reference, thanks!

  • Having a 3 week off season as I picked up ������ from work. Don’t tell Coach Elizabeth the ginger and everything else isn’t working ��

  • thanks man ever since i been seeing these videos it gives me the idea what to do during track and also really important off season thanks

  • You are super dope…Love your to the point style. I can’t stand the, HI GUYS< WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL BS...definitely a breath of fresh air!

  • Awesome vid! So for a 12 week summer, my plan is to just run easy miles for the first 3 weeks, add one tempo a week from week 4 and on, and peak mileage by week 11 and 12. Should I do a few easy workouts at that point i.e. 7×1000 CV?

  • please do a video on the 4×100 relay…. techniques on running a good leg and how to do passes because there’s so many different ways that people say to practice it and our coaches only practiced with us once right before finals

  • I’m hoping to peak around 65 miles. I actually started my training this morning! Good to know you and my coach are on the same page haha. Every year I have a tradition where my first run is 5 easy miles. No headphones, only reflection. Since it’s my last year as a collegiate athlete I decided to start by running on our home course bc symbolism ��. Who cares if my watch said my average pace was 8:40? I have three months until I start competing!

  • Can we discuss the honest dislike of mileage? I’m discovering it’s much to do with my brain’s wiring. I’ve told myself, for so long, that it’s the worst thing on earth…so of course, I naturally and automatically default to that reaction to this day.
    I’m hoping it shifts based on the results I see in training towards my goal. I’m anticipating that the redundancy of mileage becomes an incentive rather than an obligation.

  • Do you still feel this way? Because there’s some videos on your channel on off season track workouts, and some of them look pretty difficult haha. Not to mention the ones in your run faster program. Just asking to clear things up to make sure I spend my summer training the right way, thanks.

  • Hey man, I just finished my 1st year of running in track and my body is pretty beat up going in to the summer. Now, I got a goal to gain at least 10 pounds of muscle over the summer, but I dont know how long I should let my body recover from track before I start getting herd into lifting. I’m also starting football in a few months, and I dont want my body beat up from lifting over the summer. COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVISE AS TO WHAT YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WERE IN MY SHOES!

  • So since your first week should be about half of your weekly mileage, how many weeks should I take to get to peak weekly mileage? Also thanks for the video!

  • I am listening but I want to see the long term plan. Yes right now we should be lifting weights in the summer. So maybe we go do that for now. Then later you can place what we do later in the year. However I would like it if you an you first give us the whole description of the training through the year.

    For example (I don’t know much about track season so I use the basic 4 seasons)

    Summer: We are going to lift weights and get stronger with some endurance running if we want.

  • Cross training and calisthenics is what I do normally! I decrease the intensity and volume from 10/12 hour week to a good 5, for a Sprint distance triathlon.

  • Hey Nick! I’m a sophomore in high school and last year I ran a 18:35, but this year I want to run a 17:30. I’m planning on getting up to 40-50 miles a week but I’ve been having some troubles with pacing. I’ve been running low to mid 7 minute mile paces for up to 5 miles and I’ve only been back running for around 3 weeks. I don’t know how fast I should be running as I feel my current pace might make me peak early, burn out, or end up injured. What do you think about this? Thanks!

  • Rest is very important! That was my problem in high school. I wanted to succeed so bad that I overtrained to a point I was running worse than when I was in grade 9. I went completely insane in training. I only found out after I stopped running and then restarted as a fun only runner many years later that I was way over training over 140 miles a week, which was way too much for a young runner.

  • I’m Running track in the winter and I need to prepare for it I run open 100& 200 and 4×2, 4×1 what workouts can I do to get ready?

  • I’ve done probably a bit too much off-season relaxation from my exercise in previous years haha.
    Great suggestions here, I’ll try to put them in place next year (it’s ON-season now here in Australia)!

  • It’s funny for me, an italian, hear about summer miles. Our xc season is in winter and the italian championship about in the middle of March. Track season indeed has a second part in september and we call the moment when we grind miles (it’s better say kilometers) is called “winter preparation” and it’s in october, november and dicember.

  • Hey Nick, I love your videos on training and find them really helpful. What about a video on how to have a really good finishing kick, Like the training and mindset?

  • Nick, You said that in high school, you did 30-40 miles a week, with 3 hard sessions and a long run, was this your senior year, what were you doing as a freshman? Is this what you would recommend for a high school runner?

  • I’m starting at 30 miles but I was taught that all runs during summer should be arobic (as in can talk the whole run) and with that in going to make my base at about 60 so I guess I’m following your rule of thumb too

  • I’m fairly new to running, and had a question regarding the transition from maintenance training to race training. I use the mapmyrun app and go off of their training plans for my half marathon training. What happens when the half marathon training plan starts me at a lower mileage than my maintenance training schedule? Wouldn’t I lose some of my endurance by starting at a lower mileage? Or in this case would I increase my pace to make up for this and still start out from the lower mileage, working back up to half marathon mileage?

  • Hey Nick, how do you decide what your target mileage for the base season will be? Should I decide where I want to be in 4/5 years time and figure how I can build it up steadily each year to that later year high?

  • I have another thought. So my. College track coach just sent out the workout for summer training. I know.you said in your video to just stay in the gym and play basket ball General endurance stuff. What do you thunk about what my coach wants us to do. This is the workout what do you think??

    Jog 10min warm up
    Drills (15min worth)
    10x100m @+5 pace
    60sec rec
    Cool Down jog (5min)
    Dynamic Drills(5min worth)
    Static Stretching (5min)

    Jog 15min warm up
    Drills(15min worth)
    10x200m @ +10 pace
    90sec rec
    Cool Down jog (7min)
    Dynamic Drills(5min worth)
    Static Stretching (5min)

    Short and Long
    Jog 10min warm up
    Drills (15min worth)
    5×25 Push Ups
    5×25 Reverse Crunches
    5×25 Dips
    5×25 V-Ups
    5×25 Air Squats
    5×25 Lunges
    5×25 Superman
    5×25 Mountain Climbers
    5×15 Burpies
    Cool Down jog (15min)
    Dynamic Drills (5min worth)
    Static Stretching (5min)

    25min easy jog
    Conversational pace
    Cool Down Static Stretching 10min

    50min easy jog
    Conversational pace
    Cool Down Static Stretching 10min

    Jog 10min warm up
    Drills (15min worth)
    300 target 50-52 Guys, 58-62 Girls
    200 target 33-35 Guys, 38-42 Girls
    100 target 16 Guys, 18 Girls
    90sec between intervals
    3min between sets
    Cool down Jog 5min
    Dynamic Stretching 5min
    Static Stretching 5min

    Jog 15min warm up
    Drills(15min worth)
    target times
    Guys 39-43sec each 200
    Girls 45-52sec each 200
    Guy Example: [email protected] 200, 1:18@400, 1:57@600
    Girl Example: [email protected], 1:30@400, 2:15@ 600
    Cool Down Jog 7min
    Dynamics 5min
    Static Stretching 5min


  • I’m at a 55 second 400 as of now. Is the 5 day split posted on your website the path to take to drop my 400 time or are there specific areas of the body that I should target that the 5 day split isn’t hitting as much.

  • Hey Jaret Campisi I have never tried sprinting but I went out an ran 26.25 without blocks just using a stopwatch. My start is very slow but I am wondering with training how much could somebody improve off their 200m time? Thanks you’re a Legend!

  • Yeah leave to me to tell you I injured my hip trying to jump back to my old shape too fast and ended up not even being able to walk from injuring myself bad during practice

  • Nick, I’m trying to get better at xc, btw I’m a beginner since I only did one season of xc, anyways I want to start In summer, what should I do to keep on going and not to give up

  • So what if you’ve just graduated from college and track is over for you but you still wanna become faster? since there is no more off season or in season can i just train all year like it is in season? or off season?

  • Also a video on improving running form, specifically keeping your head up? I notice that my tendency is to start looking down immediately in front of me when I run. I’ve started catching myself and adjusting my form but it’s hard!

  • As a Masters track athlete, typical Saturday training volume is under 1000 meters though if I am doing more speed endurance work I may go as high as about 1380m. Mid-week workouts are normally lower volume closer to around 800m. I look forward to seeing your block starts coming together. When is your first meet? Since you are not used to doing block starts outside in the heat, don’t forget to be prepared for the hot summer tracks. Pouring a little water on the track at contact points may be sufficient or perhaps tape might work as well.

  • Thanks Jaret! I’m actually a swimmer but I joined track this year and still swim til now. I have this friend who’s also a swimmer and won silver in the annual meet for high school and he only trained for 1 month and I’m here training longer than he did but still can’t get near his time.

  • So I’m trying to understand your video. You want to focus on mileage? I mean, it makes sense to me, cross country is all about running long distance, and as a high school student, I am trying to prepare myself for the season. As an incoming sophomore, what should my target mileage be? We run 5k’s at our track meets/races most of the time, so I’d think getting atleast 5 miles a week (1 per day for 5 days) would be ideal, but you are an expert, or atleast know more than me, so I’m asking you for advice.

  • Hey Nick love your videos! Based on your 2012 training log, I noticed you put warm-ups for track workouts but not for the long easy runs. Did you do your typical 20 min jog warm-up for those or just didn’t warm-up at all?

  • When I did summer base training miles, I started at 20 miles, then went up 5 a week for 4 weeks, then dropped 10, and went back up 5 miles a week. (From Nampa, by btw! Skyview graduate 2009, assistant coach for track 2013), my summer mileage went: 20, 25, 30, 35; 25, 30, 35, 40; 30, 35, 40, 45. Then I would do 50, 50, and start dropping mileage steadily during the season while keeping quality workouts. And don’t forget the core workouts. They are important to do a little, maybe later on in the summer, maybe not the whole summer. Just so long as it doesn’t come as a shock when you start doing them at the start of the season with the XC team.

  • Hey Jaret, so I just got done with my first ever track season, I decided to join hurdles and possibly becoming a sprinter because I do have pretty above average speed. I’m curious what I can do to train for becoming a better hurdler if I should go out and buy a hurlde, and also what I can do in the winter to get my body ready for the season, I am in wrestling during the winter however, do you think that wrestling should be set aside if I want to excel more in track? Thanks, I know its a lot of questions. Also really looking to grab a varsity spot next year, any tips?

  • Hey Nick, I’m going to Mexico over the summer. And my family lives up in the mountains, how would you go with training in elevation.

  • Very apropos to my current strategy coming back from a marathon injury. Thank you! BTW, great tip on combining running and strength work from your previous live tube-casts. I like squatting and planking every other mile.

  • Hey jaret!
    I’m aiming to improve my 400 time. What workouts do you recommend and how many reps per workout etc.. I feel like I need help on my arms and hamstrings. What should I do? Thank you so much for previous videos. Thank you dude. Wish you all the best!

  • hey I love your videos so I’m a sprinter a 400m and 200m runner and I’m thinking of doing cross country to get in indurance up so I wanna know if that is good for getting faster to track

  • Loving the vids! Your 300 hurdle video helped me improve my time and I qualified for PA states! Thank you much! Keep it up with the awesome videos!

  • My track season just ended a couple days ago. Im in my freshman year of high school and Im going to be doing cross country, soccer, and track next year. Im a pretty skinny guy and i want to build more muscle but should i still be running during the offseason or working out more?

  • So I’m a 400m guy in college and mostly I’ve been alternating between long distance (3-5 miles) and speed days (40s 60s exc) along with working on long jump and hurdles this summer, Is that what you’d suggest? I’ve also been killing it in the weightroom and I’m probably the strongest I’ve ever been.

  • I’ve tried to start selling my Navy son about your easy day run philosophy Nick.Hearing about the Kenyons runners on easy day running grandpa pace for ease and enjoyment was a real eye opener to my thinking.

  • Would a good workout be good like 3-4 times a week? 800 meter is usually the most I run for track pr right now as a freshman first time running is a 2:24… and I want to bump it down and come back next year to be the 2nd best on the team instead of 3rd

  • Jaret! Thanks for this video! I’m looking forward to more offseason videos in the future for increasing speed for next season. I cannot thank you enough for the advice and the value you are bringing here to everyone.

  • After how many weeks upon returning to running after a break and doing only easy running while building mileage should we begin to add workouts like tempos? July?

  • You’ve mentioned you did hockey in the winters in high school, when it was winter would you take that as a rest from running or did you run in addition to hockey practices and stuff like that.

  • Thank you so much jaret, I was literally going to go to the track and run for the entire summer. Thanks for making this amazing, helpful video

  • How long is off-season supposed to last? I’m in between training for races (just finished a half mar (it’s Nov 2019 now) and will start again for another starting in spring). Is that an off-season or is that too long?

  • Nice video and good workout they helped a lot this season, but should the same mindset for the offseason apply to a track runner that’s gonna be running cross country as well? I running xc to gain endurance but I will also be doing separate workout should I treat the offseason the same way

  • If you remember, could you share what you think your 300h times were from high school in each year? I’m a sophomore running 42’s, hoping to get under 40 by the time I graduate, and I just wanted to see if I’m on track

  • Sprained my ankle and it may be the worst thing that ever happened to me. I’ve been so depressed without running how do I recover faster?

  • Yo greatly appreciate these videos Youtube was in bad need. I know u now obviously geared towards body building and say such size ain’t ideal for track i agree. However i would love to enjoy track and still get quite buff. Im 189cm 80 kg low body fat. Im muscular but once i put on a shirt look skinny. Im hitting weights 4 x per w. I mean bolt is still jacked. Is this goal of trying to put on size while still sprinting 3 -4 times a week unrealistic and stupid? should I eat a heck load of chicken and rice haha?

  • Hey man love your videos! But I have a question. I’m a 110H and I’m doing some lifting stuff this summer and I wanted to know if I wanted to get faster in the 110H what rep ranges should I be doing? I was thinking 3 sets of 8 or something like that? Let me know! Thanks!

  • Funny to see you all with jackets and gloves in California. The high for Wednesday in WI is -15° lol. Supposedly going to have -45°F wind chills and I’m thinking about running in it just for bragging rights.

  • I don’t run for school but I want to run a faster 5k. I’m at about 35 miles per week with two workouts and a long run. Should I stop the workouts and just work on mileage or build up my mileage while still implementing workouts in the week?

  • Hey nick I got a question for my mileage

    So I started running three months ago, and I found out I was pretty decent at running ( 4:51 my first race, 10:49my first 3200, latest mile PR 4:37 latest 3200 PR 10:18) and I really want to be the best runner I can for my college career. I started in the middle of track season, no Xc season, so I feel like I may be a little more fresh than most. Do you think it would be okay if I pounded a lot of miles per week considering I’m feeling fresh? If so, considering my times, how many miles should I run per week?

  • Wow. I’m glad I saw this video. Now I have to change my summer workout plans. I’m one of those people who gets out of shape fast, if he doesn’t run for a little bit. Like I have asthma, so my stamina is like naturally awful, so I wanted to make it so basically I don’t get out of track shape and that I get in even better shape for next year, so instead of struggling to survive the workouts, I’ll be pushing myself to the next level. But now I don’t know, I don’t want to burn out before the season even begins. What about short sprints e.g. 40, 100, and maybe 200 meter repeats?

  • Hey Nick. My name is Sebastian Sanchez and I’ve been following you since you retired and I was fascinated by your pro career. Anyhow, I’m from Mexico and I just qualified for the u20 track and field Nationals but unfortunately the track and field association in my home state isn’t able to afford my participation in the Nationals. They say they don’t have money and I’m not good enough. I’m ranked #11 in the nation in the 800m ( 1:56.2) and this year has been my best year so far. I’ve been running track for only 2 years. I don’t have an amazing time yet but I think it’s important for me to get the experience from this kind of races. So I’m looking for sponsors to be able to go. Do you think rungum could help in any way? Thanks for your time and all the things you put out

  • Hey Jaret, Id really appreciate your advice on my particular situation.. so as a soccer player id like to employ myself as a sprinter and start track training. but previous year in feb when i tested my 100 time (11.2) i didnt warmup well and i injured my groin and now it finally has gone away for a few months.As I still have that speed Im planning to join my local track. They have meets in sept/oct already and id like some concise advice on how to gradually setup my base (how should I begin? lifting weights and just jogging a few km’s 2 times a week). so I can shine and break the local record here ;). Thanks in advance Jaret, your info really benefits people

  • I’d be curious to see/hear where Dave and Mark (Allen), agree/disagree on Triathlon training methods and such.  This would be a very interesting book/audio to devour.