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Top 10 Best and Worst Halloween Candy | Favorite Halloween Candy

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The most popular Halloween candy by state

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10 most popular Halloween candies in America

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Top 10 Best Halloween Candies YOU SHOULD Absolutely Eat!

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What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

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What’s your favorite Halloween candy? | Blunted

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This Halloween, stay on track. Use the infographic below to learn how much added sugar you’re getting from your treats, and what it takes to earn your Halloween candy. We’ve calculated how many minutes of trick-or-treating it would take for you to burn off your favorite fun-sized candy based on the average male and female body size. Here.

Influenster analyzed the most-reviewed candies on its platform to determine each state’s favorite candies. My Account Log Out Sign In Subscribe News & Analysis. Finding one of these in your Halloween candy bag is like finding an all-marshmallow box of Lucky Charms. $25 at Amazon Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if. Click here for The Ultimate Halloween Candy Health Smack-Down (Slideshow) But no matter how entitled you or your young trick-or-treaters feel to a cheat day, the fact is the nutrition information on some of your favorite Halloween candy is downright scary — even when these sweets are “fun sized.” Sugars, calories, and even trans fats are.

But before you get into all of that, make sure your drink is candy-appropriate. Head over to Boxed for great Halloween recipes and to get $15 off your first order. Know what you’re actually eating in those favorite Halloween candies Reese’s, M&M’s, Snickers, Kit Kat, and Candy Corn? Check out our infographic to see what you’re digging into, not that it.

This includes making Halloween candy from trick-or-treating last as long as possible! I know your inner kid is just wondering how this can be done. Well, you are in for a real treat of a read! In this post, I share my childhood methods of how to make your favorite Halloween candy.

We may earn commission from the links on this page. 25 Homemade Versions Of Your Favorite Halloween Candy. Halloween should be treat-full and trick-free. These Non-Candy Halloween Recipes are a better way to indulge in your sweet tooth!

RELATED: 13 Scary Halloween Health Stats. What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like. Your Favorite Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories Chocolates. 29 M&Ms: 99 calories 4 Three Musketeers: 97 calories 1 Butterfinger Mini: 96 calories. And while you’re at it, make an Influenster product list of your favorite Halloween candies and review your favorites on Influenster.com!

Psst. If you need a closer look, here’s the breakdown of favorite candy, state by state: Alabama AirHeads. Alaska Snickers.

Arizona Toblerone. Arkansas Skittles. California Lifesavers.


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  • I love white chocolate twix an kit kats,, im definitely gonna (inspect) my son bag when he comes in the house on Halloween ������

  • Twizzlers and Red Vines are disgusting, poorly flavoured sticks of plastic. You haven’t had real fruit flavoured licorice until you’ve tried RJs. Only stuff I’ll touch.

  • You missed out on the fact that Japan has the most flavors of Kit Kat’s due to the fact that Kit Kat means ‘Good Luck’ and is given to children who are taking their school exams.

  • I know your lies you liked the peanut butter candy best! ��
    Mine was the candy corn! I still love it. Great idea for a quick video

  • Which are favorites? None! I’d rather have a cheese puff pastry. lol. As a child I didn’t do much trick or treatin’ since our nearest neighbors were always between half a mile to a mile away; and I was usually away at school for most of the time in any event, sometimes even on a different continent from home. I suppose if I did have a favorite candy as a child, it would have been liquorice, but even then I could take it or leave it…

  • Dave just loves a Snickers…Try making Rice Krispies Treats with Sour OR regular peeps at Easter too. Always not fond of Bit of Honey.

  • SMARTIES & Ketchup chips♥️..I’m Canadian I don’t think you guys have these in the States? lol HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU CAB7 ����

  • In Ireland we always get apples and peanuts or if the person has a soul you will get fun sized supermarket brand chocolate bars or tayto crisps but great video as always so thank you

  • I loved and still love Butterfingers. The top 10 worst were older candies and I grew up with them. I do not like Reeses Peanut butter cups but I want to try your recipe because chocolate and peanut butter should be a good combination!

  • If you guys think that us children (I’m twelve) and I speak for most of us want Twizzlerz for Halloween you are mistaken. THEY SUCK. Oh and Junior Mints? Dont even get me started lol

  • one time i gave my mom a dollar to get me chocolate
    she forgot and gave it to my brother to get me chocolate
    he came home and gave me twizzlers
    i still ate the twizzlers and i loved them

  • I’ve always lived in northern Canada, and Halloween night it was usually freezing outit was SO frustrating as a kid being excited to dress up only to have to end up wearing a bulky coat and hood over the costume to trick and treat:-D Anyway I pick peanuts as worst, and peanut butter cups as the bestI agree with you, home made peanut butter cups are betterI tried your recipe!:-) p.s. I wonder if anyone likes or hates those traditional molasses kisses? We got tons of those when I was little, kind of liked them…

  • Hello Cab7 my FRIEND, I love to give out Butterfingers, baby Ruth, and Reeses peanut butter cups, or pieces. My favorite is 3 musketeers. ����������

  • I loved it if I received any chocolate, any licorice, and Mary Janes!
    Also, at the beginning, you looked like one of the guys in the artwork on Leanin’ Tree greeting cards! HA! Love it!

  • Used to love to get any kind of chocolate bar or bag of chips. Was rare we got them. Mostly hard candies or toffees. I rarely got to go out Halloween. Keep Safe❤Keep Well❤

  • Always liked the family that had their yard, porch, or barn decorated spooky. They usually served the spiced apple ciders and had the best streets too.

    I always liked the home made streets like the rice crispy marshmallow streets or the cinnamon hard candy apples.

    Worst candy (store bought) was Black Cow. Lol

  • Snickers are gross. Keep your damned peanuts out of my chocolate. Also, Hersheys is at least #8 on my list of top chocolate. Doesn’t hold a candle to Toblerone or Cadbury.

  • I am an Indian child and have eaten some of those chocolate candies that you said in the best candies list but I am surprised that you have that many candies

  • I don’t like Nerds! I don’t care for Twix, but I can eat it if there’s nothing else. I don’t care for Sour patch, but I can eat them every now and then. I’m surprised Tootsie Pops didn’t make either list!

  • I loved chocolate bars.and tootsie rolls are yummy..the best halloween treats were caramal apples..or popcorn caramel balls..we didnt get them often but boy,were they a treat..lol..i still remember which houses would give out the caramel apples..i liked getting bags of chips..the worst halloween treats were apples������happy ��halloween ��

  • I agree with the worst candies list, except for the candy corn. I like candy corn. My absolute favorite Halloween candy is Reece’s cups. Yum! Anything chocolate is pretty good. I never really cared for any candy that wasn’t a candy bar.

  • I disagree with parts of both lists. Anything chocolate = yes! Nothing sour, nothing ‘gummy.’ Anything peanut or peanut butter. Anything salty. NOT FRUIT, i.e. apples. Not ginger snaps. But like you, Matt, my tastes have changed over the years about other items.: )

  • The thing that I would have liked most tho, wasn’t included in the list. The Twinkie. As a child I loved them; sadly tho, they changed the filling some time ago, and now they taste bland and yukky. I’d give a Mint to have the original recipe of the filling…

  • I’ve been here for one week without commenting every video I’m sorry ����

    But I’m gonna comment daily and yeah we just went to trick or treating and I got two sacks not one two sacks and here’s the reason
    I got a broken teeth so I have to go to the dentist and remove the broken tooth ��

    And I’m here now and more support to this channel����

    And I got 9/10 candies in this video I didn’t get the junior mints☹

    (PS I still have 1/2 sack of candy)��

  • My favorites haven’t changed from when I was a kid and now. My favorites are Milky Way, Snickers, Lemonheads, Nerds, and York Peppermint patties.

    I hate Reece’s, black licorice, peanut butter kisses, Necco Wafers, and those hard brown stripped rectangular peanut butter things.

  • Hi Matt, I’m from Hongkong. Regret celebrating Halloween is not popular here at all. Anyway, this survey is really interesting. However, some brands are not sold in Hongkong. I can tell you most kids here love m&m, Kit kat and Picnic chocolate bars. As we’re influenced by the Japanese culture so much, Japanese candies are always our first choice and those from Korea too. I love to watch your videos because I like to know more about the traditional food in the States. Keep it up! With lots of love from Hongkong ������

  • Milky Ways are my favorite too! I love to eat each layer separately. For a real caramel craving I go for the Milky Way Simply Caramel. ❤️

  • One time I got a pixie stick on Halloween! It was like those big ones you can find at the snack stand at baseball games! That was the only one that year the mice didn’t get. Ever since then I’ve eaten all my candy before I go to sleep.

  • I remember when all the ladies in the neighbourhood would make candied Apples and rice crispy squares… In the days we knew our neighbour’s.
    I love Coffee Crisp and tell my grandkids caffeine is not good them and I will take them off there hands..������

  • My list of top 3 favorite would be

    1. Snickers
    2. Butterfinger
    3. Twix

    Other not as popular ones I love are Chunky, Payday and Zero bar.

  • Yes cab 7 my favorite candy was Milky Way Hershey’s and all of the other chocolate candy that came in my bag my all-time favorite M andM’s and snicker bars