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Stretch at your desk These easy stretches can help ease tension and strain in your joints and muscles. You can do them seated or standing. Breathe easy while doing the stretches, don’t force or bounce and really feel the stretch.

Shrug your shoulders: Breath in deeply and lift your shoulders up to your ears. Hold the shrug, then breathe out and drop your shoulders. A healthy lifestyle combines many different things, from a healthy diet to exercising to getting enough rest.

Here are some tips to increase your health and well-being even if you sit at a desk all day. 1. Bring your own lunch to work. Aim to pack a lunch Monday-Thursday, and then give yourself Fridays to eat out during the week. Plan to take routine breaks from sitting – set yourself reminders on your computer or phone.

Stand up every 30 to 45 minutes and move around for at least 2 minutes. Easy activities like doing heel raises, marching and doing wall pushups can be worked into the 2 minutes. To open up the hips, try this discreet stretch: While sitting at your desk with knees bent and feet on the floor, place one ankle on the opposite thigh so that your lower body forms the numeral 4. Exhale as you lean forward over the legs, keeping your back. Plan to take routine breaks from sitting – set yourself reminders on your computer or phone. Stand up every 30 to 45 minutes and move around for at least 2 minutes.

Easy activities like doing heel raises, marching and doing wall pushups can be worked into the 2 minutes. Drinking water keeps your tissues well-perfused, your joints well-lubricated, and your bladder, well, full! You’ll be naturally prompted to get up and walk more since you’ll need more bathroom breaks.

So, keep a glass or steel water bottle at your desk and drink up! 4. Learn how you can stay active with physiotherapy treatments so that you can reduce the risk of injury and improve your health! CityPlace Downtown Core Corktown CityPlace Location Please Select an option below for us to best direct your call.

5. Clean and sanitize your workspace. Tijerino advises to make sure you have sanitizer and cleaning supplies at your desk or workstation. And. Don’t just sit there! Learn everything you need to know about the best standing desk for your buck may help you stay healthy on the job.

•Have a healthy potluck lunch or other healthy snack activity as part of your National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day activities. Ask for a small donation for the lunch or food items. • If you are having an organized class such as yoga, ask for a $5 donation for the class participation.

List of related literature:

The Healthy Office: Ergonomics in the Healthy Office.

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We then slouch at our desks all day, order in lunch, careful to avoid any physical activity at all.

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Keep sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, and noncaffeinated beverages available at the desk.

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Both you and your employer have the same goal: for you to stay healthy so you can do the best job possible.

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Ample amount of space should be available to each employee during recovery, rest break or during meals so that he can sit in normal position without any adjustments.

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What a wonderful message for the establishment/ administration/employer to send to employees—Your health and quality of life is important and we want to assist you in reaching your optimal level of health.

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I like to begin a workshop on creating healthy workplaces by inviting participants to think about what the ‘ideal’ healthy workplace looks and feels like for them.

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Most offices have a common room where all workers can eat lunch and “take a break” from their hectic jobs.

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There sat Dieter at his desk, more of a table than a proper desk.

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However, the desk and chair are not the only office equipment that can be adjusted to keep employees free from injury or harm.

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  • I agree with your first tip! Definitely need to set a timer. My grandma is insanely bad condition due to sitting for the last 20 years. Get up and move around!

  • I let my Apple Watch remind me every hour and set a goal on it. If I didn’t have the reminder I wouldn’t notice how fast time goes!

  • I highly doubt sitting is what causes many of these deaths. I think that people who sit longer are generally also less active and don’t get as much exercise as they need

  • I watched this video while working out on my treadmill:)

    On my work computer I have the scheduler reminding me to standup every 30 mins.

  • hi my name is sai venkat and i’m from india and this video will help me because i’m in 10th grade and I sit all the time in school and I also run a small youtube channel so I have to edit the videos but I stand up while editing and I keep a stool on that I keep my laptop and edit the videos this ti gives me some exercise and by the way I love your videos it helps in growing my channel

  • Better idea, avoid all desk jobs all together. True story, I am 6ft even 250lbs man working in a administration job for 5 years. I brought my medicine ball and was told to leave it at home. I quit a week later and worked as a tour guide. I do get paid less; however, I lost 45bls in 16 months and always full of energy and Happy as Hell!!! My advice for all young people, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DESK JOBS AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • I actually workout everyday. Stress, poor nutrition, toxic chemicals and lack of exercise cause cancer. Awesome video, Sean. Also thank you for shaping me gain 2k subscribers on my channel. You deserve one million subsrcibers, Bro. Much love from Miami =)

  • Wow! The remark you made about the foundation working up hit home hard with me. It’s not all about just fitness and health, just self-development, or just business development…it’s about all three, and in a hierarchy that really creates a synergy with one another if they are properly ordered and utilized. Great piece of content, keep it up!

  • For those trying to get in shape thru diet & exercise but are chained to a desk job like me, when you get up every hour, do as many pulsing squats or squat jumps as you can in 60 seconds. This helped me keep my metabolism engaged throughout the day!

  • Hey can you make a video of the best smartphone accessories for vlog while driving, what set up to use and where is best to mount your camera/smartphone. Thanks

  • Thanks Sean, I run my YouTube channel in the same field as my full time job. Health is one thing that can easily be overlooked when sitting at a desk for 10 hour days ( I freaking love what I do though!!!)

  • Great points Sean! A couple of other things I do, especially for the budget minded, is to buy one of those large, inflatable stability balls and sit on it at your desk. They are pretty inexpensive and they make you use your muscles while keeping your balance when you are sitting at your desk working. Also since I have a 2 story house and my office is on the first floor, I put certain things I use often upstairs so when I need them I have to run up the stairs and get some exercise.
    Keep up the great work brother!

  • This is so true! We sit too much and move too little. The good thing is that more and more people are becoming aware of how big of an impact staying active has on our health and work performance. I am very happy that I found your video because staying fit when sitting all day is also my passion and this is what I focus on in my videos.

    There are still many companies, however, completely ignorant to this concept. I have heard statements from some managers that when the employees are moving around to recharge, instead of sitting at their desks working, they are seen as unproductive. As stupid as it sounds, unfortunately this is the reality.

    The good thing is that times are changing and more and more people are joining this stay-active-at-work revolution. Video like this is a fantastic example so thanks for posting it!
    All the Best,

  • This was great, I’ve been looking for “9 to 5 jobs” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Poonlijah Exceptional Primacy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? It is a great one of a kind guide for discovering how to escape your 9 to 5 job without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

  • can you go over the cameras that doesnt have the time limit for recording videos? most of the cameras are only allowing recording up to 4gb or 29mins59sec or less. it would be great to know for the people that continuously record video more than 30mins. or did you already done a video on that? i cant find it if you did. if not, please help! thank always for these great informative videos

  • Great tips. To help reduce the time I spend sitting at my desk I will get up every so often and do a small chore around the house like loading the dishwasher or washing machine, or helping to prepare lunch. Also when I can I will go outside and water the fruit trees. I find that watering the trees not only forces me to stand, but it is a good opportunity for quiet reflection and recharges my creativity.

    Oh, and I cannot forget, I have a cute little dog who get jealous if I spend too much time on the computer and will jump on my lap and get between me and the computer or bark up a storm until I get up and play with him.

  • Thanks for the advice! I just got hired at a startup as a social media specialist and I’m there 9-6. I stare at my phone and laptop all day so I’ll definitely be implementing your tips!

  • You seem so sweet! I just started my first office job a few weeks ago, I always worked in food service, so I definitely have to pay more attention.

  • I honestly do not at all believe the “sitting 6 hours=losing 5 years of your life” bullshit. My dad has had a job that required constantly sitting for decades and hes still alive. And what about people who have spent their entire lives in wheelchairs?

  • Love love love the health tips for heath and wellness! Taking breaks is key for both our health AND our mental performance. I work better when I get up once per hour and also get outside in the sunlight. I also have mini resistance bands that I put around my legs to do legs stretches while I’m sitting on on breaks. Thanks for incorporating health into your creator videos! So applicable for me and hopefully many others ��

  • There is a Mac app called Just Focus. It’s the best Pomodoro app ever. It’ll force you to get up from your computer.

    Exercise is a massive plus. I go on a barefoot run every morning before work and if I don’t go for a run, my mentally suffers… more than it already does.:) I have a good friend that schedules an unbreakable 1 hour exercise meeting every day. He schedules this in his calendar and not matter what comes up, he doesn’t cancel that meeting. Brilliant.

  • Fantastic video! I do a 2-3 hour walk every day to free my mself from the desk where I work a lot of hours every single day. These walks help me with creativity a lot! Most of my ideas come from the time that I spend walking.
    Thank you for this video with all the amazing tips. Please make more like this!

  • Thanks for this video:) It motivated me to take more care about my health, since I already love standing desks but have been neglecting its use recently. Have to DIY it again and start using it:)

  • I totally agree with  the tip of getting up every hour. Where I work I get up every hour or so and move around because I need to get up and move. Also, I try to think of good situations of when I need to move (offer to help customers, get something from downstairs, give people their mail, etc.). Another thing I tend to do is move my legs back and forth because I can’t touch the ground (positive side of being short) BUT I don’t suggest doing it if you are sitting too close across from someone.

  • I watched the video and I think it’s great, thank you for taking the time to make this I appreciate it and I learnt a lot! ������������

  • 1. Set a timer to stand, stretch, walk etc (every 45-60 minutes)
    2. Drink water all day long (it is good for you and makes you go to the restroom)
    3. Go for a walk (it awakens your creativity)
    4. Invest in your health (ergonomics at your desk, for example a standing desk, balance board)
    5. Exercise (it boosts your productivity)

  • to create a daily routine is very important to every sector of development.
    having a routine will make sure that you wake up early, start work at the right time, keep you healthy by planning a healthy diet and so many more. A routine can also make you more diseplined and happier because you will feel more independent and confident about yourself.
    have a nice day everyone and hope this comment can help out:)

  • 2:43 “Drink water all day long”

    Oh that’s right! reaches for water I try to get around a gallon a day and have been trying alkaline water as well.

    I’ve also been using a sit-to-stand desk at work for the past few months and it has been my #1 favorite health accessory I’ve used (second being my TriggerPoint Therapy foam roller).

  • Love your accent girl! That’s so fascinating that you were a dispatcher! You’re so right it’s so easy to gain weight that way, and then you’re coming home exhausted so the last thing you want to do is burn it off! Hhaha it’s tough. Also I just have to say you have a lovely smile! All that matters is how you feel, glad you’re doing better <3

  • 1.always keep healthy food infront of you because your brain would think that its the only food you can eat,basicily you are tricking yourself into eating healthy

    2.put something interesting like a infinity cube or lava lamp on your desk because i thin if you look at it instead of thinking about boring work you can thin of other stuff giving you more ideas.

    these are what i think you could do hope you take this comment and use it and if you want to see what i would do in more detail go check out my channel:

  • thnks for the tips im glad to be a part of ur journey i have gain alot of weigh i was always 95 pounds i was so thin nw i gain almost 100 pounds im so unhealthy bt im changing slowly gettn rid of all the soda nd junk food nd replace it with water nd fruit

  • You said you would link the chair in the description box but I don’t see it. Could you please put it in there? Thanks for this video.

  • This is just the video I needed! I got a video editing job and to be honest, I spend most of my time editing in bed, lol. Thanks so much!!:)

  • Thanks for the shout out!! Literally that day I was like, hmmmm wonder what Sean does to stay fit?!? I need that bike tall desk combo in my life…. coming soon I hope!!

  • Wow, I really enjoyed your video informing us about the risks of prolonged sitting.

    Did you also know that there is TYPE of hydration that would drastically compliment prevention of many forms of cancer, it has the ability to increase oxygenation of the blood, it improves the fluidity in joints, range of motion and nerve signaling?
    The fact is because of the way our bodies are constructed, we are designed to consume water as a primary liquid. There is ample data that supports that the right TYPE of HYDRATION decreases risk of sickness & premature death.
    Just by adding the proper TYPE of hydration to that regime can make world a of difference.

    I recall you mentioned you would like suggestions on future topics I would love to collaborate and share the science behind this TYPE of hydration. Feel free to respond by way of email: [email protected] or even call if you’d like @
    (216)965-8896, Albert.


  • Thanks for the great video! I have a white board that I need to write on through out the day, I put it on the other side of the room so that I have to get up to edit it. I too do the timer thing. And, I have made it a habit to pace around the room and/or the house when I am on the phone.

  • Thank you for this helpful video. I currently have a desk job while trying to make it on youtube after hours. I just got my youtube studio put together and what’s cool is that my former tenant who was renting the room that is now my office left a home-made desk that is tall enough to be a standing desk for me. I’ll definitely be taking your tips into consideration:).

  • How can I prevent veins and some leg throbbing from standing at my desk. Any leg exercises you recommend when standing at a desk? I tend to just march up and down. My S1 does start to hurt if I stand too much.