Create a Resolution To Reside Your Very Best Existence in 2020


6 Easy Steps to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE (Living Intentionally) in 2020

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how to STILL live your best life in 2020

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Happiness and habit change expert Gretchen Rubin, the author behind the New York Times bestsellers The Happiness Project and Better Than Before couldn’t pick just one resolution to promote. “Walk. In 2020, live your life to the fullest, learn to be happy with yourself and know how to make the world what you want it to be with these positive quotes and attainable new year’s resolutions for. 3. Perform one act of kindness every day. iStock. If you’re really committed to becoming a better person in 2020, make a practical resolution to work toward that goal. Nicole Black, founder of Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids, says doing something kind for someone else each day is a great way to accomplish this.

The best tip on how to live your best life in 2020 we know, is to surround yourself with positive people and forget the rest. Living Your Best Life in 2020 Motivation for Today, Tomorrow, and and lifestyle coach, has designed a program that gives you the knowledge, strength, and motivation to make a life-changing plan for today, tomorrow, and forever. This program provides the tools you need to accomplish your goals, dreams, and desires for 2020 and beyond. Make time for God’s word, and God’s word will change your life. Three: Walk through the day in His presence.

When you face challenges, pray about them. When you have decisions to make, pray about them. When God blesses you, thank Him. Then make. While living your best life is all about you, what other people think can have an impact on your quest to live your best life.

Social media, for example, puts us under a lot of pressure. There are specific expectations of what “happy” looks like, and we’re under pressure to conform to what society expects. Explore the best places to live in your area with 2020 rankings for over 18,000 cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the U.S. “Live your best life.” These four simple words, made famous by Oprah Winfrey, give a single instruction to follow for happiness and success.

While the quote is priceless in its meaning and simplicity, it’s an instruction many don’t know how to follow. There are many things you can do to start living your best life. Learn how to live your best life, embrace happiness, and discover your purpose with these 10 tips for living a full life.

One of our deepest-rooted desires is to live a fulfilled and happy life. In the age of the internet, social media, and a highly digitized world, it.

List of related literature:

I would make good resolutions, do well for one term and fall from grace again.

“Cultural Resistance Reader” by Stephen Duncombe
from Cultural Resistance Reader
by Stephen Duncombe
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Not New Year’s resolutions, but real goals.

“EntreLeadership (with embedded videos): 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Tre” by Dave Ramsey
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strengthen my resolutions to perform what that wisdom dictates.

“A Benjamin Franklin Reader” by Walter Isaacson
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Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted to keep my resolutions to myself.

“Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
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Make lifestyle improvements everyone’s goal, leading to a healthier family in general.

“IBS For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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Instead of confining my resolutions to my diaries, I made them public.

“As I See it: The Autobiography of J. Paul Getty” by Jean Paul Getty
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I believe in making resolutions—practical ones that have merit help me.

“Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others” by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, Connie Burk
from Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others
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We’re not talking about New Year’s resolutions here; we’re talking about every person’s option, sooner or later, to live deliberately.

“The Little Red Book of Wisdom” by Mark DeMoss
from The Little Red Book of Wisdom
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I determined to make no resolutions until the expiration of those three months, but to try.

“David Copperfield: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition” by Charles Dickens
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No use making resolutions until my sentence of two years was in.

“You Can't Win: A Story from Life” by Jack Black
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  • I love to read, listen to podcasts & better myself. I’ve been living intentionally since my dad died. My latest dream is to build a tribe of mature women on YouTube who truly care and support each other. I’m taking action.

  • Oh goodness…It’s the 12th Jan and 3:20 GMT and it seems I missed the live stream as I’m only chilling out to watch some youtube now after a busy weekend and all this popped up…the video above, the live stream notice etc. I hope it went well and that you will be doing another one in the future that I can catch.
    It’s winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and I so agree with you on the importance of getting outdoors daily…but especially in winter when sunlight and conducive weather are in short supply…it’s an instant mood booster. Thank you for being so positive about therapy also as it is sometimes viewed as admitting to a weakness to engage in therapy as opposed to being strong and self caring enough to use this tool to become more authentic. On another note…what type of bird featured around 9 mins into the video? Its sapphire plumage was lapis lazuli!

  • Hey Erin, thanks for the video! I’m in my last month of design course and it’s folio time! Alongside I’m juggling full time work as a designer and it’s the busiest time of the year for us too. So it’s quite stressful, managing big projects in both my professional and personal life. But I keep reminding myself – these 6 weeks are going to pass anyway, so I either go through it limiting myself and feeling shitty, or handling it with grace and a positive attitude, and try to enjoy it as much as I can.

  • Enjoy your live stream tonight! It’s 4 am my time, I would love to participate, but…. 4am is my favorite time to not be awake. I’m plan on joining you at Patreon, hoping to pull myself together a bit more before I do! Thank you for all your content. I really enjoy your videos. See you soon!

  • I’m so glad I checked out your channel. I just can’t say how much I really needed to hear this right now. A lot of unexpected things in my life are happening right now and I so needed to hear this video to try to get back on track and try to move my life where I want it to go. I love this video and can’t wait to check out more of your channel. New subscriber here.

  • Hey girl love your videos, australia is so beautiful and it´s just awful all this fire omg! i sure hope they can put them out someday!! and i hope you are safe? I love minimalism it´s so calming and relaxing!! i love my appartment now so calm and spaceous!!! Big hugs to all the people and animals in australia!!!

  • Amazing video and advice, thank you. I was feeling so low, unmotivated, and morose, after watching this vid, I now have some gumption to try and tackle what my next 6 months.
    I have been completely alone in isolation for 4 months now in a city where I have no friends or family. I have multiple high-risk health conditions. I have been feeling so anxious, scared (terrified), lonely, depressed and have basically given up on trying to achieve my goals. Before I was a uni student and also working on my freelance art business. I watched this video this morning, and I am now sitting at my desk actually planning and working on my projects. I really needed to hear this advice.

  • Love these tips, Vanessa! The last one is especially hard to do, but I do think it’s necessary. I’m going to do that more. Also, never too early to make goals for 2019 😉

  • Yes! To live our best life, we must follow our heart. That doesn’t mean failed relationships Because another person’s heart is out of your control. It means there are unlimited other things your heart loves so follow it. And you will learn to live your best life.

  • I feel like setting really simple and achievable goals was really how it used to be before the self-help and personal development industry began promoting the dreaming big mentality…Another example of us creating our own problems. My current goal: I’m being more mindful about the self help content I consume cause I realized I’m reaching a saturation point and SO MANY VOICES fill my head with advice and hacks and tips and I forgot my own thoughts altogether. ��

  • Dear, this video is visually beautiful!!!!! And of course, I loved the content! Minimalism definitely helped me to focus on who I want to be, it clarified my hobbies and what really make me happy

  • Thanks for the encouragement Erin.
    This time surely has brought uncertainty with my job being someone involved in education. I have been home since March. That led me to brainstorming other avenues that I can peruse for various forms of income which I’m still working out. Personally I started to miss the interaction with my friends and the outdoors but I can now do that again so it has brought some peace. I’d say 2020 has forced me to start making the changes I knew I needed in my life but might have been to nervous to take the shot.

  • Excuse me hun? I’m obsessed with you but how dare you allow us to bare to watch this Trump campaign to get some money in ya bag??????!!!!!!?!

  • OMG, deamn I did that…maybe. But I think I need to hear that to understand that what happend is right!!! I need to stop shear with them what I actually can do by myself, without have something relevant back in exchange.
    It is sooo true and I need to finished it

  • I struggle with limiting beliefs. I sometimes get this self-talk that can be pessimistic and brings my confidence down. How can I work on changing this?

  • So cool to see you offering advice! So my story is that I became very ill in May 2019 and doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with me. They are starting to think I have an autoimmune disease, but aren’t giving me much hope for figuring it out. I am sick all the time24/7 headaches and stomach pain, amongst other symptoms and it’s very debilitating. I am working part time from home and besides that spend most of my time in bed. So the pandemic has made all this worse for me (I live in the US) in that because of my condition I’m particularly afraid of getting covidI fear that my body wouldn’t be able to handle it. My boyfriend will likely leave me soon because it’s too hard for him to socially distance as much as I am. So I guess right now my biggest struggle is that I fear the next five yearsnever getting a diagnosis, never getting better, covid remaining in my country as a threat, being alone… and meanwhile I’m very limited in what I can do. My health doesn’t allow me to exercise much, I am often too sick to sit up and read even, and I don’t feel safe seeing friends. How do I get out of this rut and get to a place where I feel at least comfortable with what is happening in my life?

  • This video was so good, my friend ����. I can’t wait for you to watch my video today…we should totally merge them together! I do believe that people can change and I am often surprised by how many people do not think that is possible. You are so inspirational ��������

  • Okay so I have found that living for myself leaves me feeling selfish and and icky. I totally agree that we need some self time. I get up early early and spend a couple of hours journaling, praying, etc. but I spend the rest of the day serving others and I am so much happier. I often take a half hour to myself in the afternoon but when that is over I serve others again and it is so fulfilling. Live alive! Look for needs around you and fill them. Try it and watch your life change!

  • Wow. Very good content. Enjoyed watching it. New friend here. Joined you’re channel. Please help me with a subscription please. Let’s stay connected

  • Hi Aileen, I am a school counselor and I recommended your channel and blogs/podcast on my students. Right now they are really enjoying your channel and blog since it really helps to be more self-aware and mindful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and learnings. You indeed guiding everyone who wants to achieve their dream life. Thanks for being inspiration ❤❤❤

  • Like the idea of decluttering negative thoughts and situations that make me anxious even though the context may be informative. Need to restructure my mindset. Thank you for your helpful insights.

  • This year has been wild. It’s been very hard on a personal level, pandemic aside. I’ve had family problems before the pandemic stuff. I had to move back in with my mom. I took a step back from my business for some time because I was basically doing the busy work for over a year and not making it happen. not that I am back into it I feel like so far I fell back into the same pattern. My day job is at Starbucks which has been sp stressful given the pandemic and hours have been cut a few weeks and I had issues with my car where I spent about $1000 in a span of 2 weeks trying to fix it. then my cat got sick and I had to crowd fund to afford the surgery he needed. It’s been a hard time. I do read/listen to a lot of personal development. I Do not watch the news but my mum does and the TV is super loud. her BF has been out of work this whole thing and he keeps the news on ALL DAY. But for the most part I find things out from other people. I am really trying to focus on my sanity. I am medicated for my depression and I have social anxiety which is hard enough in my job during normal times but I have felt pretty constantly anxious at my day job and it leaves me exhausted by the time I am home and unable to focus on the work I want to be doing for my business.

  • This is such a helpful video Erin! ❤️ such amazing and thoughtful advice.
    I have spent the majority of my first year of marriage dealing with everything that’s happened in 2020. I’m also in one of those suburbs that is in lockdown again �� We had planned to go to Thailand this year for my first year anniversary. That got cancelled and then I planned a little getaway to Torquay. Now with this second lockdown, I’m not even sure that we can do that. I’m having trouble accepting that the things I was looking forward to are all getting cancelled.

  • I can’t stand it when the person doing the livestream says hi to everyone that pops on. Also, I love the fact that u don’t have music playing in the background when u r talking. Keep up the great work. Another video of great tips. I’m so glad I found u!

  • I love these ideas and look forwards to getting started again now it’s a new year. All of them apply to me! The settings and scenery in this video are gorgeous (where is the spiral labyrinth you visited?). At one point I wanted to reach through the screen to pat Gary Jeffries, he’s such an adorable character.

  • LOVE THIS! First video of yours I’ve ever watched and I subscribed to your channel already because I’m hooked! Happy new year! <3

  • I look forward to your live stream. Also, I love the idea of travelling light. It would interesting to see another packing video. I travelled for a week with carry on interstate, and my suitcase + content was about 6 kg, so safely under the 7kg limit. But it’s interesting to see what others pack too, I generally follow a rule of 10 articles of clothing (shirts, cardigans, pants etc but excluding underwear) when travelling for a week or more.

  • This is brilliant, I am going to have an intentional life and you have inspired me to figure out what is working and what’s not and dream big ��❤️

  • Michelle! Great words of advice! I definitely do not want to have any regrets in my life. I had to make a huge decision this year that impacted so many people, who I ultimately disappointed, but! I have no regrets because I had to take care of myself, my family and get back to me! Best decision I ever made. Love you, Michelle! ❤❤❤

  • Honestly I’ve been setting goals for 2021 because I think by then things will be OK, but the truth is, no one knows. Right now I’ve decided to just start working on some of those goals now, with what I have and see what happens.

  • This is the kick I definitely needed!! In New Zealand, we have been essentially back to normal for about 6 weeks (including over 20 days with zero active cases) now we have active cases but all in our 14 border quarantine in hotels.I am planning on launching my business within the next two weeks (our school holidays when I have a bit more time) and as it needs to be ready for dance show season in the next 5-6months. COVID has taken it’s hit on lead times for inventory arriving but I’m both excited and nervous to get going!!

  • Great to have a video like this at this time. I’ve started on a very new personal development path during the past few weeks so hearing this is very encouraging. From one Erin to another thanks! x

  • Thank you for this video. This week has been extra
    rough for me and I’ve been starting to lose hope in holding a business and just moving forward in life. I needed this.

  • Thank you so much! I started to watch your videos a year ago and my mindset and life in general have changed so much! I’ve achieved so many goals from my 2018 list and I became more confidend and relaxed! You are me motivation trigger ❤❤❤����❤����❤����❤����❤����❤����

  • Thank you..i want to wake up each day looking forward to something.. It is very tough.. And you are right.. We have to accept know I woke up this morning..making this day a sunny, full of love and fulfilling.. ��������

  • Yesssss! I actually deleted the Facebook app from my phone for 4 weeks (only reinstalled it as I just ran a 5-day challenge in a Facebook group). My levels of anxiety significantly dropped, and I felt like I could focus!

    Thankfully my Instagram is a little more curated in terms of who I follow (ie, Erin!), so I could still use that as a way to connect with people and inspire my community:-)
    If you’re thinking about a social media detox, I promise life doesn’t fall apart if you do it!

  • I really appreciate your words right now. not because of covid, I’m having a baby in two weeks, so I’m having a hard time knowing that I won’t be able to control my life for the next few months, and my routine would be interrupted and I’m going to be tired all the time… I chose this, I knew this is what I was signing for, it’s not even my first child, but recently I’ve been so good with my habits, discipline and productivity (specially since the first trimester completely trash my past routine!) That it’s kinda frustrating to be back track right when I can’t plan for the future cause I don’t know what my new routine would be.
    Anyway, rant over. I’m just a heavily pregnant woman full of hormones and anxious feelings… I can’t wait to be over with this and focus on my baby and my business

  • You are an inspiration for me. Thank you for your advices and for your work to help people make the ir Dreams come true! I wish you have a wonderfull 2019. Love, from Argentina.

  • I hate live streams for the reason that you stated, plus they’re often way too long. I’ll watch yours, though!
    I loved watching the bird, and all the dogs on the beach. And everything….

  • Great advice about the journalling and decluttering negative thoughts ���� I love living a more minimal lifestyle, I feel more free and fulfilled. I really enjoy your scenes on the beach, it looks beautiful there and it makes the video calming. I hope you’re enjoying your new job:)

  • I remember 3 or 4 years ago, I watched your videos for the first time and I thought “I want to be like her, I want to know where to go”. Now I am where I wanted to be all along, teaching private lessons, writing a textbook, preparing a video series to teach Japanese to anybody, and I cannot be more happy. I’m so glad I found your channel and I had your advice by my side the whole time I was at uni. I hope your 2019 will be a fantastic year!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Erin! I started 2020 with big goals and have been feeling disappointed in myself because I’m falling behind. But, you know… global pandemic and all. Kids homeschooling and many other unforeseen changes. Thanks for reminding me to accept what I can’t change right now. Stay safe and sane!

  • This is literally what I need right now. Thanks for motivating me to take action. I really love your videos, it’s all inspiring! ❤

  • Inspiring! Life is short. Material things…hiw important are they…really?
    I know have started no-shopping year declutter chlothes & stuff taking each day hereandnow so, watching u is inspiring and one thing everybody can do…we all have responibility for our selves in trying living this life exactley the way it suits ME.

    Take care ��

  • Oye neta me gusto lo que hiciste con davo en my trumpet ¿como le hago para colaborar a tu lado? Espero me puedas dar la oportunidad manda dm en instagram @mcdayzer8

  • Shoutout to apps like Shazam or the Chrome AHA Music plugin that help make sure songs in commercials are able to get the attention they deserve!

  • I really like your channel!!! thank you for sharing your life and thoughts, I learn a lot from you! I like your hair color, is it easy to maintain the hair quality?

  • you are so engaging! i love your informative & artful videos.

    congrats on leaving your full-time job— i know you will CRUSH it on You Tube!!

  • Hi Erin, thank you for making this video! I’m happy to say that I’m actually doing quite well going into Q3 of 2020. Part of that might be that I’ve been very mindful of my media consumption since having a baby (there’s only so much mental energy to use in a day haha). I co-wrote a two-part blog post on how journaling can help people who are struggling however, if that’s of interest to anyone reading this:

  • This video needs to be spread everywhere this is such a good video nd i think everyone should know the steps to having a best life

  • O M G your message is so true. I love how you’re walking the talk and allowing your story to fuel up other people. It’s crazy how much your identity (even if it’s no longer relevant) has such a big impact on you

  • Your videos are the only thing that are keeping me from having an actual breakdown about quitting my job. I would love to be more open on social media. I have a lot to say and show but I keep stopping myself.

  • Hello Erin…so true each of the things you have talked about…I appreciate so much you have made this video…im trying to bring my life to normal and still spend some good moments with my family and friends ��

  • I took a huge break on both of my social media accounts one was poetry based and one was health based. I am truly struggling to be a nurse work my two jobs, and just feel like a person who can achieve her goals. I recently got back into yoga and we can take classes here again in the USA, so that is actually helping a lot. But I still don’t really know where to focus or how to focus. So it’s been tough, this video was actually really helpful though and I think I’m gonna set some plans

  • I love this �� I’m already starting to think about my 2020. I do think people can change but I wish I could be a morning person ����‍♀️ I love personal growth books and podcast too.

  • It can be so difficult to put down the parts that aren’t working and move on without them…. I try and stay intentional but still sometimes find myself in the passenger seat!

  • I was so distracted my Gary Jeffries’ magnificent paws I didn’t take in anything you said 😉 I feel like we’ve not seen much of him recently!

    I think I’ve done the opposite, decluttered my mind before my home. Having hoarding tendencies and serious resistance to letting go (though desperately wanting to clear my home) I spent last year working on myself, my needs, my values and having a bit of a life overhaul. Now I’m more clear on where I’m heading I’m ready to tackle the physical aspect of decluttering. I spend 99% of my time at home (chronic illness) so it’s really important that my home can be a place for everything, work, relaxing, hobbies, etc. It’s not a big home but I have an office for work that I’m going to re-do into an office/art space and make my bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary seen as I spend so much time stuck in bed.

    All that to say, really looking inside has given me the courage and motivation to move forward with my home. Now I’ve realised that I’m desperately lacking a creative outlet, that I need to balance out running two businesses and taking time for myself, plus worked out what’s really important to me overall, I feel that it will make it easier to make decisions with what to let go of. Maybe that could help someone else who’s at a standstill with their decluttering or is facing resistance letting go.

    Will try and get on to support your first live stream tomorrow:D

  • Yes! I’m planning to focus on myself, and hopefully quit my job by the end of the year! I love your line that everyone is just trying to get by sometimes. Even if that means just eating and not doing the “productive” things.

  • Here is a great quote about making mistakes from a favorite author of mine: “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.” Neil Gaiman…As someone who gets caught up in perfectionism, I am so glad you brought this up! Best wishes for your live feed! Also, where are those super cute shoes from? <3

  • Great message! I just did a similar video on how to be successful in the new year, focusing on very positive and inspirational messages! So interesting to hear everyone else’s ideas on this!

  • Thanks for this Erin, I recently found your channel and find it so inspirational. This video in peticular has really struck a cord with me. This whole pandemic thing has literally shaken me to my core, I’m sure most people feel pretty similar. So my story and what I’m up to… Cutting it very short, before pandemic hit I was struggling with so much but not really knowing what the root problem or issue was/is. Pandemic hit and somehow I’ve found myself at a stage in my life that I wanted answers, I wanted to change. Fast forward to now and I’m on such a journey of self discovery it’s so fun and scary all at the same time. I’m in therapy sorting out issues, with my past which are making my pathway to the future so much more clearer now. I’ve set up my art business, still not fully sure on my plan for it yet, but working on my inner stuff alongside and first so I can get a clearer plan on my future. My micro as you say goals for now are to keep up with my gratitude journal each night, keep painting, keep finding inspiration in people like you. Thank you again.

  • Hello Lavendaire! I am a big fan of your inspiring videos <3 Can you share with me some Inspiring books you mentioned in this video? Thank You so Much!!!

  • Hi dear friend, I love watching your videos gives me time to think about how my life is going. Thank you so much have a blessed day

  • Hello! I haven’t been watching your videos for a while, but I have to say that your previous video and this one are just great, they are on much higher level (in comparison with older ones). It’s very interesting to watch and useful to listen, so thank you:) I’m glad that you enjoy making videos and I wish you all the best. Greetings from Russia!

  • Got here from the Pepsi commercial. Seems everyone else found this song from commercials too which sucks it didn’t get more airplay on the radio or on mtv or whatever

  • This is good stuff Miss Michelle!!!! I love how mindful this is. A lot of my clients are just drifting through their lives feeding unsatisfied yet have not identified important factors in staying motivated such as goals, self care, desires and positive/negative influences. I’m a HUGE advocate of letting toxic relationships go. I really loved this, your thoughts were very organized and easy to follow!

  • 10 life changing resolution mentioning in the video:-
    1) Be more you
    2) Create your space
    3) Declutter negative thoughts
    4) Evaluate your career
    5) Set goals
    6) Create routine
    7) Create a mindset journal
    8) Get into your body
    9) Travel light
    10) Find a community
    I’m not gonna put a timestamp so you guys better watch the whole video to learn more on the points mentioned above. Believe me, it is worth the time ����✌️✌️

  • I was due to launch my restaurant business on 1st April in the UK which obvs didn’t happen. Now I have a start date of next Saturday and I’m excited and scared all in one. I’m not going to be as successful as it could have been as I’ve missed the summer season (I live in Devon by the sea) but I’m trying to keep positive a lot of my income comes from pop up evening events and day long events which can’t happen and I’m also scared of a second wave and what that will mean for me. Having said that I have managed to distance myself from the media and social media throughout this whole thing I did it consciously as I know that my mental health wouldn’t be able to cope. It’s worked well I think..!!

  • Thank you for another wonderful video and I would like to place an order for the sweater you are wearing because it is unique and a great addition to my decreasing wardrobe. S/M Thank you! ��

  • I loved this video,it is a journey & by changeing the habits & old behaviors i beleive we can do it,you have to do different to see different & its not easy but its so worth it,i just beleive you have to try,or you will never suceed & yiu will undoubtly surprise yourself & thats when you know the journey is everything!!Have a beautiful day lovely������⚜������

  • One thing helps (also for someone who is finding this uncertainty difficult to deal with):
    1. Make a list of things you cannot control
    2. Make a list of things you CAN control
    This way, once you are done with both the lists, most of the time, since we are so so focussed on things that are not in our control, we kind of forget that there are double the things that we can control today. One day at a time or doing one thing at a time will seem more realistic. ❤️

  • 2020 is definitely NOT canceled! We can definitely still achieve our goals and our dreams if we persevere! Thanks for sharing Erin ❤️

  • So much value in this video and I love how real and relateable you are. Also cool details in the transitions with the audiolevels matching what’s going on ^^

  • I just love your videos �� they’re so relaxing! I’ve been stuck in a rut trying to find my way in life for so long and following you is helping me to build so much more of a healthier mindset and to just “live in the moment”. Thank you for another great video! ��

  • You have a graceful charm. You’re so pretty.Your action is so beautiful. I enjoyed the video.I hope we can be global YouTube friends. Can you give me permission?

  • This video absolutely saved my day today. Since yesterday I have been going through many emotions. Thankyou so much for such inspiration. I wanted to understand one thing. I have used certain techniques but than after few days I get back to where I was and that is at very rough state of mind. Do you have any advice how to stay consistent in terms of staying positive even with mini goals.

  • Love the message and all your videos, gave this one a thumbs up.. but just some feedback for the future; I felt like the music in the background was too loud/distracting and there was a little too much cheesy inspirational shutterstock footage

  • True very much. I have really limited watching the news time, it definitely stress me out. Made mini goal, focused one thing at a time, goals are always achievable. Loved this.

  • Hi doll wonderful job on your video. I’m now a new friend and I have subscribed. I hope you will visit and do the same thing back for me

  • I am reading and practicing the steps in The Success Principles. I’m 99.9% sure you introduced me to the book via an older post on this channel. I’m not even 100 pages in yet but my life has already seen amazing change and improvement. I’ve been meaning to write and thank you privately but I guess I can scratch that off my list now. Thank you SO, so much for introducing me to the book!

  • 2020 has helped me grow a lot. It allowed me time for myself without having to worry about money and work for others.

    But it also drained me a lot in terms of social media. I was rethinking the whole media platforms and acting negative towards it.

    I have learned to step back. To control my emotions. And to come back when I’m ready.

    We feel that we need to attach ourselves to social media platforms when we weren’t born with that and we don’t have to make an excuse to step back. I definitely learned that this year.

  • I have been following all your instagram organically growth hacks for 4 days now. OMG! You just help me change the game! Thank you Vanessa!!!

  • Hello dear I definitely need to work on self care. I go and do for others then I’m run down
    I absolutely love this video I needed to hear this.
    I do need to live intensely so I don’t have any regrets.
    I’ve lived so long for others I’m not sure what I want in life.��
    Thank you dear for sharing

  • Thank you for the beautiful video, I love seeing everything I don’t have the opportunity to leave my home much, my son has Autism and I need help when out in public. What a beautiful place to visit I’m so happy for you!

  • Strongly resonated with the second one. I feel like people have always seen me as “that” person. Successful and perfect that had their shit figured out. I remember one guy in my class even telling me jokingly, “Do your parents ever get mad at you?” And that pressure to live up to other people’s expectations of me had been so draining. It just makes me so scared of “failing.” Like quitting my job to figure things out and pursue things that make me happy (even if it means being unemployed for a period or taking up a part time job) means I’m “unsuccessful.” Ugh, fuck being put on a pedestal sometimes.

  • Thanks for tuning in everyone! Let me know if this video helped and comment below what YOU’LL be letting go to make space for greatness in 2019!

  • Very insightful and inspirational as always! Been following your journey for a while now Patricia. Loving your recent content focused on intentional living, authenticity and self-care.

    I started my journey intent on minimising clothing and material possessions. As I decluttered and freed up mental energy, my focus shifted to more intentionally curating other aspects of my life to better live and express my authentic self. Decluttering also honed my discernment for what serves and nourishes my mind and body. Now I use the same principles to mindfully minimise my routine, relationships and responsibilities, and to pursue meaningful goals. There have been many wonderful changes so far, and I am very excited about what 2020 has in store for me!

    I was wondering if you would share your thoughts on romantic relationships as a minimalist – whether you might be open to entering one and why, and if yes how you think it would fit in with your current lifestyle, and some of the perceived challenges for you personally.

  • I heard this on the Caribbean cruise ad playing in the background as I was doing something else. I was like, “OMG! I LOVE this!!!” Sometimes that’s how I find the best music… I hear snippets of it on a TV ad, then type some of the lyrics into You Tube, and voila! I also just heard “Brand New”, and I love that one, too.

  • I just started watching this video and had to pause to say I love your hair clip/hairstyle. My aunt used to wear her hair like that for many years. And it was nice to have that memory back just from seeing you with that look. ❤

  • Not gonna lie, I spaced out for most of this video. The advice was too vague and broad and nothing new and the whole video seemed to be an excuse to show a bunch of “look at my life” b-reel, so it didn’t keep my attention. I tried. B-reel isn’t being real

  • Thanks for this video Erin ❤️I also totally fell down a hole when we were in full-on lockdown here in the UK for 3 months… they are slowly easing it now but it was so tough being away from my family in Germany ����and living and working with my partner in a one-bedroom flat ����I just graduated with my Bachelor Honours degree in PR and am now working remotely (I have 2 social media gigs and I run my own business with my membership, YouTube and affiliate marketing mostly) ����‍��I am so grateful that I have built my client base and business over the past 3 years because my course mates have a very hard time finding jobs now. I am so grateful I can still work ❤️What has changed about my vision is that my partner and I were planning to start our digital nomad travels in August, however, we have to keep spontaneous and flexible because we don’t know yet where we’ll be allowed to travel to. ����✈️Fingers crossed ����Anyway, thanks so much for this video Erin and creating this safe space!! Hugs xx

  • Wow thank you for this! Isolation definitely has made me reevaluate what it is that I want to do with my life… and I’m still not sure!! I’m feeling so unsure and lost, this year seems to be slipping away so quickly. I need to stop being so hard on myself for not knowing. Thank you xx

  • L39 świetna ekspresja w przekazie bardzo dziękuje brawo ��

    ��…. pozdrawiam z Polski Irena, życzę kolejnych wspaniałych pomysłów i oczywiście spokojnego dnia •❤️❤️• zapraszam z rewizytą

  • OH…I’m loving this…it’s on my playlist for my elliptical remind me what I’m sweating for…my best life!..I have serious health issues and I have to keep moving..with my heart issues and type Il diabetes..the Sarcoidosis and fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy and Polymyalgia Rheumatica…I need all the good music I can get…this along with Posty should work out just fine…thank you!..and maybe some day I can vacation to celebrate my best life at the finish line…❤����

  • I am so irritated with that ‘dream big’ mentality! �� I suffer from depression and OCD and this concept just don’t work for me. I set small goals and think about what can I do today to reach this goal. Step by step, day by day

  • Love this video!! I love the videos where you film nature:) I have been minimizing for a while now and I love it!! Thank you for these videos

  • Dang girl, I really needed this. To hear this message, since I just started a blog I feel like I got stuck in a rut. Which then it makes me feel like if I’m not good enough, but thanks! I got some motivation n inspiration now, too much actually. Haha

  • Thanks for providing such great content weekly. I appreciate your comments about making the livestream more watchable. There is nothing more annoying than when livestreamers cut themselves off mid-sentence just to read out a bunch of names.

  • Yes I think people can change and I think that we all naturally change every 10 years or so. As far as what is important to us, and most of us learn life lessons and mellow with age. Great message Michelle. ������ Sometimes I have to slow down and remind myself to live with intent and not just react.

  • that’s been a hard lesson to learn but it’s so true, life is so short so you can’t spend it worrying about what other people are thinking of you

  • Hello Michelle May, I actually watched this 2 times. you have so much really good information it it. I liked the part where you picture the life you want and see yourself in the cloths and what you would be eating. You look lovely in a dress by the way. I think that is why vacations are so much fun. you can be the person you want to be and not what everyone that knows you thinks you should be. thanks for this very wise video. You are a great life coach. �� NonnaGrace

  • I believe, we are all a work in progress.. Let me know if you are living intentionally, working “always” toward your best life? XX Thanks for being here ��❤

  • I’ve found your channel last summer with your Dream Life Series, and I’m addicted since then.:)

    I’ve taken a risky path last summer, left my day job, put a big X on my career to follow my heart and start a game development studio. Starting a business for the first time is tough, but I love what I’m doing and this is why I truly believe I will succeed, it is just a matter of time. Sometimes I feel down because of all the uncertainty related to my project, and things take much longer than I’ve thought, but then I discover one of your motivational videos and it helps me to get back on track. Sometimes I just need to hear that everything’s gonna be alright.:)

    God bless you Aileen for what you’re doing.

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  • Lavendaire beautiful and key reminders to return to the road of self love and self confidence, relinquishing our old patters that stem from raw rooted ancient beliefs and self judgement. I love your channel and light. On my own channel, I dedicate my 2 decades of living through loss and communicating with our beloveds in spirit who want us to life vibrationally happy and healthy today and have messages for us to transform illness and conditions holding us back!! I am subscribed, blessings and love xx

  • You are on my motivational playlist. I recently dropped out of Law school because I felt pretty miserable. I’d been there for 7 months and I remember that ever since week one I knew deep down that wasn’t my place but I held on,because I felt pressured by my family’s expectations. After some soul searching I realised that I wante to pursue art and watching your video helps me stay motivated because everyone in my familiy is kinda freaked out and saying I’m wasting my potential.

  • I feel like for a more insecure, introverted or shy individual it’s always the hardest thing to get started or to share something with other people as opposed when you’re used to it while also being authentically you. On the other hand I think it gets better in time if you can be patient with yourself and the process you’re in. It’s good to dream big but it can also be daunting at times so we can take smaller steps and be proud of those accomplishments too which is something I had to learn since I used to rush something or jump too soon into something else, kind of all over the place but then also having perfectionist tendencies so yeah, it’s not always so much about being successful but about what you can do and the amazing things you can bring to the world and it will always give you something so then the creative energy is flowing in a balanced way. ♥

  • Beginning 2020 Was a Disaster For me, And probably for Everyone. The Pandamic. The Strikes between Goverment and Black Lives Matter Protest. Sitting Stuck In my House because of Covid, I have Autism, and I have my own World and those changes Makes it even more difficult for me. It Drove Me Slowly Crazy. Even Leading it to almost my Own Demice. News drove me Crazy and I can’t ignore it since it was everywhere. Then after all these weeks of protests going out of hand and everyone fighting, it was a grey cloudly day, I Was Walking Depressed With my Hands in my pocket, almost crying, only looking at the street grounds. I walked on the street to the woods. then in the woods i was sitting there on the ground with my hands on my face, at the time i was collapsed into Depression and didn’t think about life anymore, i thought “Life is A Lie” or “Why Is Life This Hard” then i began searching for an Tree were I could hang myself on. I wanted To end my life and Only though about Suicide, I was that down Already. But, Lucky I knew i would Made My Family Never the same if would do it. And I didn’t want that. So Finally I then Decided to just walk Back home and decided to seek Help. I got Flower Natural Medication Right Now and Have to Swallow 3 Per Day. But At least I feel much better now. I think I’m also going to step away from Insta and Facebook. And Even be carefully with YouTube aswell.

    For People That Struggles with Depression or Have Thoughts About Ending their Lives, Seek Help. Think about You’re Family. I Know 2020 is a hard time. 1-800-273-8255

  • Hey Celine! We agree.. it’s so important to plan early for 2020. It will be here in no time. It’s important to live with intention like you had mentioned, otherwise time would just fly by. It was great to see this checklist you have created to live a life with intention, and to figure out what’s working and not working, and also to figure out what your perfect life looks like. We believe people can change the small things about them, but believe peoples core selves will maintain the same. Unless they go through some spiritual awakening. Also.. true to figure out personal labels you would like to challenge and we also love listening to motivational speakers and reading spiritual books! It’s very important to eat healthy and stay in a positive space as much as you can! Even when the world can be a toxic place at times. Vision boards can definitely be helpful when trying to manifest what you want in this life. Great video and lots of love to you girl!! <3

  • Loved to hear the inspiring message for 2019. Right now I’m confused about my career. Your vedio has provided me the courage to move forward to my path. Thankyou for sharing this. May this year bring joy and happiness in your life..��

  • I’ve been struggling with depression for 2 years now. What really helped me the most was an article I read on medium. Hope you are all doing the best you can.

  • 2020 has been a year of extremes. It’s the worst of times, for obvious reasons, but it’s also the best of times. You can either look at the situation as a setback, or you can make it work for you. Right now, I may not be rich in money, but I am rich in TIME. I am doing things I never took the time to do before. I started running. I started a vegetable garden. I started cooking healthy dishes (and I have more time for baking, too, ha!) Most importantly, I have time to spend with my beautiful family AND start my business. It’s hard sometimes but we gotta try to make the most of it, or at least not give ourselves a hard time. Erin, thanks so much for weighing in. Just what I needed this Sunday evening! Your 2nd tip hit home the most. Stay well through all this!

  • I bought a little house late last year and will be moving in when the tenant leaves. Looking forward to creating my space. And now I’m not been super strict with finances so the bank would lend me money I’m hoping to do more with my days off. Best wishes for 2020 everyone.

  • Covid doesn’t have to ruin your life. Don’t use it as an excuse. Can’t go to the gym? Workout at home using YouTube videos. Cant go to the bars & restaurants? Use that money toward self development books, and spend time sharpening your mind! Spend as little or as much as you’d like / can. These are unique challenges we’re facing and we can still come out on top.

  • I’ve watched a lot of your videos now, and I think this might be my favourite. Simply amazing! Can’t believe it doesn’t have more views.

  • Same thing here. Caribb. Cruise commercial. This song could be a slow burn that just gets more & more attention. Maybe it gets put on a hugely popular movie. Absolutely has HIT written all over it.

  • HI zesty girl new sub. and bell ringer for you.:) I became a caretaker for my mom 13 yrs. ago BUT I intentionlly decided to stay as pretty as I could know matter how hard it has and will become in the future. by the GRACE OF GOD I,m doing great:) HUG ox subscribe to me? bye

  • This is very well done, Michelle. I really like how you compare the perfect life to the top of the mountain and create steps to move upwards. And your music selection is so relaxing and inspiring. Thank you so much! ��

  • Living life intentionally can be as simple as setting an intention in the morning for that day. Setting an intention to love ourselves, to be kind, to speak our truth, to do one thing towards making our dreams come true. Setting the intention to be present. That is what that means for me. ����������

  • Hi Michelle! You know I am all about living my best life! I am intentional about living my life intentionally. I make a point of achieving my goals and staying focused. I think being a driven person helps. It’s not that easy for all personality types to do this. I hope others catch on to being intentional. Well done my friend!

  • Hi Michelle, always nice meeting someone in a similar age range. Showing your channel some support and thanks for visiting mine. I’ve liked and subscribed:)

  • Love the channel. I am considering leaving my job as an elementary school teacher. Too many changes since I started 23 years ago. Developing an exit plan first.

  • Hello Erin! 2020 is my year of awakening and growing, I am starting my business strategy on instagram but I don’t watch the news and stay recently safe at home! Taking care of my mental, physical, soul and emotions as much as I can! I’m already feel like this is my best moment ✨ I love your practical Videos, hugs from Panama ����

  • I’ve used minimalism to keep a sense of control of my life. I’ve gone through life before feeling like I was just floating through life, no direction. Minimalism gave me a little control over my life, that then led to me finding my way and the current path I’m on.

  • I’m 24 and I’m about to start my masters in Sports Nutrition and I feel the pressure to have my business and everything figured it out already. It’s so frustrating

  • Focusing on my micro-goals has really helped me to achieve more so far this year. Thanks for always sharing valuable points to make life easier especially for me.

  • We had a niche small hobby-business. It was a great and growth experience for many reasons. We turned our home library into the business office and product finishing, the dining room into S&h and the basement into production. I never regret changing out space to accommodate our then current needs.

  • I Really enjoy the beautiful beach images, while I’m in my gloomy new England winter ��. Also good luck for your stream sunday ☺️❤️

    Another random question if you don’t mind me asking but I am looking for a nice sounding microphone for my camera, what do you use? it sounds pretty great and clear. Maybe you could make a kit list, would be glad to purchase through a link if possible ��

  • I’d love to talk to you about my book “What I Have Learned From Living The Ten Keys to Your Best Life”. Check me out at I give you 10 Keys to help you live your best life!

  • Please how to overcome fear? I want to change really badly, but this year I’ll have to do really important decisions and I am incredibly scared. You cant even imagine

  • Idk if this is why I’m miserable but I live my life in spite. I live to prove them wrong. I live with the philosophy that there is no purpose of life and that you just do whatever the hell you want and try and make the best of it before the time is up; so when I feel like it, I stay in bed most of the day and look at memes because that’s what I feel like I need to do that day. And because there is no real purpose in life, I do what people say I can’t so I can get the most out of my life.

  • Thank you for your video. I have been into downsizing for just over 2 years, since I moved to a studio apartment. I will be in a one bedroom soon and I was re-evaluating how I might approach this move in the same building and how I might wish to organize my space. I do have things in storage. Seems like being a practical Taurus, i may have a problem getting out of what worked for me in the past. That is, moving forward, I must embrace the new, fully and not have one foot in my past. It might be more efficient and less stressful to not think about if I really need my large speakers, film cameras, enlarger for example. I do shoot digital so I have learned it i did buy smaller speakers that sound great. So, you see the dilemma that results from a great reluctance to leave the cherished and familiar past. I do have a question for Patricia and that is this: can you really be comfortable wearing silk clothing? Don’t you get over heated doing so? For me, i quit wearing silk shirts or blazers and stopped buying them because they were too hot for me in summer and too cold in the winter.

  • Living intentionally is the best gift you can give yourself. You won’t have to fear lying on your deathbed regretting that you lived your life.��❤️

  • Nice song.  Unfortunately the bridge beat has already been done to death.  Not gonna name songs ’cause evidently this guy is gonna need all the publicity for “originality” that he can get…

  • Thank you! I always glean nuggets of wisdom from your videos.��Also, my artist eye went right to the beautiful embroidered tunic you are wearing, where is it from, it is stunning ��❤️

  • I’m glad you shared this. I have multiple scientific qualifications that is my own “how to make self help work in real life” and then merging it with the woo (tarot and reiki) and I definitely find myself getting caught up in the media and forgetting my own training.

    Remembering my MSc Neuroscience lessons about how much power we can have over pats of our experience, and the cognitive therapy tools for questioning our thoughts is huuuge. I have definitely found myself struggling with energy, sleeping at the wrong times or day, eating junk food and not exercising. Knowing the issues is half the battle, so reminders that we have 6 months left and to reconnect with what I know works for me is always helpful <3

    And for me, that’s daily systems over big lofty goals aimed at in the future. And asking “what-would-me-in-integrity-do-next?” [usually its move my body and drink some water…]

  • If you can surpass all the ego and the people that are jalous of you. Well kids stuff. �������� Also if you can understand how money works. Well you should be on your way. The worst about overthinking is that it can turn someone to procrastinate. So he will never reach his goals. When you have this it’s fear. You should take action right now. When people were selling their stocks. Well what the hell I was buying. Now I am better financially today. But it could be applied to anything. Just go for it. No you do not need to buy a Nike to keep walking ��������. But you could buy the Nike stock to have more money. Stock is an asset. A Nike shoe is a liability. I would recommend Rich Dad poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki. If you search on YouTube, you can listen the audiobook for free.

  • Good for you Vanessa. Well said. Let go of the past and other people’s opinions. When you can I have new health video Yoga Ankle stretch

  • Sorry I missed you live. What resonates with me is that your channel with minimalism has helped me focus back on my gift of jewelry art! God is good to bring restoration and inspiration. Walk in your God given gifts this year and may He be your provision.

  • I love the idea of thinking about the micro vs macro! When a goal is timely it seems a lot more tangible! Thank you so much for sharing new subscriber! ��

  • Wow! This is such a great video! I took notes! You are an inspiration to me today. Thank you so much. Drifting is fun sometimes, but you still have to be intentional about it. Again thank you for this wonderful video! I’m gonna live out loud too!

  • Labels can stay with you for life unless you pick them up and decide if you want them or not! You can definitely change your mental approach!Another well done professional vid Michele!

  • i really loved this video! i feel like i saw this at the exact time i needed to, you are very motivational and i love the thought of just tackling one goal at a time and picturing it like a mountain. your voice is also super soothing, i really loved this <3 also love your editing and filming

  • Thanks for the advice Erin. I have actually already started implementing some of those steps like coming off of Facebook and Twitter temporarily and avoiding the news channels at all costs. I suffer from anxiety and so for the first couple of months I was just trying to regain a sense of control and take my mind off the fact that it felt like my world was crumbling around me. Now that I have well and truly got used to lockdown measures in the UK, I have started taking steps to better myself so that I emerge from lockdown a better person than I was before. I have been doing yoga via Zoom and have taken up meditation and guitar playing.

    My goal before lockdown was to start a portrait photography biz while still doing my part time job. Over the last few years I have been making very slow progress mainly due to anxiety and my own self doubt. The other week I found out that I’ll probably lose my job come August so… for the last two weeks I have been coming up with a plan to put all my creative skills to good use, so that I can try and make a living doing photography and graphic design. My main concerns are that I doubt my ability and that I won’t get any clients. No clients means no money which is a very scary thought. ��

  • I love your message of making choices in detail it’s easy to generalize until you want this or you want that but when you break it down in detail how to get from point A to point B it’s more of a plan than a dream

  • Hi Michelle! I tagged you in a bucket list video yesterday and shared your channel. Naming 3 things on your Bucket List. Hope you don’t mind. Living intentionally is the only way to go. Act instead of reacting to everything. People change everyday. You definitely can reinvent yourself as often as you like. We are not static beings. This is a great video Michelle, very motivating.

  • Hey beautiful!!!
    So excited to see this
    I absolutely love and adore you so much
    I pride myself in being positive and living with “the glass is half full” thinking… and you inspire me to continue doing so.

  • Michelle, such amazing information. I sometimes do these “self-checks” for myself once a day, depending on how my life is going.
    Such excellent questions you have.
    Keep being beautiful ��������

  • Hey sis.! Sending lots of love and light in your direction! I hope that you’re doing well,and having a blessed week!? Big enthusiastic thumbs up ����! ����Jess

  • Where is your bed frame from? I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one for some months now and I’m in love with the raw wood look!

  • Hi Aileen! Happy New Year! Ur my go to for motivation….please please have a meet n greet when u come to Australia…..I am in Melbourne and can’t wait to see u in person����Xoxo ��I have got my planner and journal but have a big exam in February so will start writing in February…..Thanks

  • Living intentionally is what the universe has been teaching me in 2019. I would say 2019 has been about breaking ground and building the foundation of an international life. Step by step I’ve had to be very present and intentional in order to keep my sanity. It’s been a challenging year, but I don’t look back and see it as a waste. Glad to be through a lot of that and learn the lessons, but I can see how important they were and how much they served me to do like you said, remove things from my life and change many parts of me that I thought I would never be able to.