Could it be Easier to Have Small or big Goals


How to Set Goals You’ll ACTUALLY Stick To

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BIG GOALS or small goals?

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We all know we should have goals, but how big should they be?

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Small Talk | Goals | CBC Kids

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Accomplish Everything With Mini Habits

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Should You Set Big or Small Goals for Yourself?

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Should I Set Small Or Big Goals?

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Though either/or thinking can be tempting when it comes to setting big or small goals, trainers and coaches say it’s actually better to do both. “In my coaching experience, it has always been powerful for people to have big goals,” says Michael Piercy, MS, certified strength and conditioning specialist, owner of The LAB and IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year 2017. Think Small to Accomplish Big Things If all of your goals involve long-term objectives or your projects are large and involved, break them down into something you can do that you can check off on a daily basis. Big or small. But, for your own good, it is best to often see that you are reaching your goals, it will boost your confidence.

So, in that respect, one would think that setting small goals is better. However, when you have big goals, you should. While it’s OK to have one big goal for the year — to increase your revenues to a certain dollar amount, gain a certain number of new subscribers, or expand your product line, for example — that kind of big goal is often hard to keep track of over the course of the year, and very hard to break down into action steps. Small goals, more often Small goals tend to be easier to achieve than big goals (and can also help us build good work habits at the same time). Saving for a new computer, for instance, is easier than saving for a house deposit.

Giving talks at 3 conferences is easier than earning half your income from speaking engagements. i’m not sure because if you dream big your hopes might be crushed worse if you fail than if you had small dreams, but isn’t it better to dream big? let me know your opinion. I believe that we all need to have big dreams and big goals, there is no doubt about it. However, when it comes to achieving those dreams and making progress, we need to start from the ground up.

Meaning, we must start small. This is why we break our big goals into smaller actionable steps that we can act on immediately. So how do you complete the journey of a.

Whether Your Goals Are Big or Small, It’s Important to Measure Your Progress. A better idea about what you are doing wrong can help you do more. I think many smaller goals are require to achieve one big goal.

Whenever your big dream goal is like an impossible one. Though you have to use a divide and conquer method to achieve a goal. Such that in a small goals so it is convient in life to w.

When you set a big goal, you’re really assigning yourself thousands of small tasks. When people give up on these big goals, it’s often because they haven’t clarified what those thousands of small.

List of related literature:

Goals do not necessarily mean that bigger is better.

“Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn't Last and What Your Church Can Do About It” by Mark DeVries
from Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn’t Last and What Your Church Can Do About It
by Mark DeVries
InterVarsity Press, 2010

Smaller and short-term goals are less overwhelming and can be just as rewarding when it’s clear how they relate to the larger goals you’ve set.

“97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts” by Camille Fournier
from 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts
by Camille Fournier
O’Reilly Media, 2019

Goals are more easily achieved if they are broken into small ones.

“You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Tool for Top Achievers” by Shiv Khera
from You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Tool for Top Achievers
by Shiv Khera
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014

Making mini goals takes the overall goal and reduces it in size so that it’s manageable and doable.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
from Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness
by Mo Abraham, 2016

You can only meet big goals on time if your smaller ones are done on time, too.

“Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness” by Vex King
from Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
by Vex King
Hay House, 2018

Each step of the way, you meet small goals—though I’m all about big goals, the bigger the better.

“The Bitch Switch: Knowing how to Turn it on and Off” by Omarosa
from The Bitch Switch: Knowing how to Turn it on and Off
by Omarosa
Phoenix Books, 2008

Having smaller or shortterm goals is important so you can see progress along the way.

“The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More” by Jared Tendler, Barry Carter
from The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More
by Jared Tendler, Barry Carter
Jared Tendler Golf, LLC, 2011

Goals are about the Big Picture.

“Your Money: The Missing Manual” by J.D. Roth
from Your Money: The Missing Manual
by J.D. Roth
O’Reilly Media, 2010

The best question—and by default, the best goal—is big and specific: big, because you’re after extraordinary results; specific, to give you something to aim at and to leave no wiggle room about whether you hit the mark.

“The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
Bard Press, 2013

These larger goals can be broken down into smaller, more achievable subgoals.

“Positive Psychology: Theory, Research and Applications” by Kate Hefferon, Ilona Boniwell
from Positive Psychology: Theory, Research and Applications
by Kate Hefferon, Ilona Boniwell
McGraw Hill Open University Press, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • You can already improve your sound quality! Either put down the input volume on your lavalier or clip further from the source.

    The way to know if you have the right setting is that the audio feedback in your editor doesn’t keep hitting the red mark (clipping). Clipping distorts the sound of your voice (the complaints you’re getting).

    Once you see in your editor that your voice isn’t constantly hitting the red on the realtime volume feedback that means you’re no longer clipping and if you feel the volume is too low (which it won’t necessarily be) you can even raise the volume on your clipping free audio in the editor without getting as unpleasant a distortion (since the editor can interpolate the sound or add an automated limiter).

    Add panels in your room on top of that and it will dampen the reverb in your office for a cleaner and smoother sound. Cut 100 Hz and lower frequencies out any vocal audio with an EQ effect in your editor to get an even more professional sound. Avoid “noise reduction.”

  • Simple programmer Been putting out alot of content and good videos it helped me during my time being a junior developer and answers alot of questions. Keep up the good videos

  • I’m going to share a suggestion for what’s probably my favourite book. “Nothing to lose, everything to gain: How I went from gangmember to multimillionaire entrepreneur.”
    It’s a story about starting out middle class, falling into poverty, joining a gang for survival and comradery, and yes, getting and taking advantage of a lucky break. Fools will focus on that very last piece and go “See? You have to be lucky!” but it’s not true. Ryan got what he got for two reasons. Someone was willing to teach him, and he was willing to move on.

  • Something I struggle with constantly getting over that all or nothing mentality. I sure feel the little things that add up on the negative side so I should take advantage of it on the other side.

  • Solid advice starts around at 6:00, I closed the video because I was bored with the long examples he was giving but I came again it’s a good advice. May be just I like it to the point some people like examples more.

  • I watched this video last year and it has changed my life. I have at least 15 mini habits now that seem very natural and require no effort I’ve been doing them for months.
    This video is the answer to why anyone struggles with creating habits. 100% recommended.

  • Thanks bro I didn’t find a better practical version for establishment of new habits. Thanks a lot. I struggled a lot in consistently pushing myself everyday as a young cricketer while I had to do cardio+workout+working on batting skills+even studying+not using much of mobile.

    I’ll surely plan it in mini habit version and will definitely edit this comment after one month.

  • Thank you very much for the content. You videos are very inspiring and realistic. Your want to help people is very very much appreciated. I think everyone can relate and take something from these videos. Keep up the great work! One Step At A Time.

  • Question: What would you recommend if the habit I want to implement requires me to travel 20 minutes, do the thing, and then 20 minutes back home?

  • I meditate for 6 minutes after my morning runs very effective. And my runs are 45 to 1 hour, I don’t do anymore than the time I prescribe. My workout are 20 minutes. I am able to do so everyday.

  • Sometimes I don’t want to see a movie or a series because I feel like I’m wasting my time, even if it’s only one episode, but then I waste all afternoon watching videos of 10 minutes or less
    For me that’s the evil version of the mini habits…

  • I used to run 5 to 6 times a week before I got injured. I didn’t feel like running every day but, I knew I had a race coming up and needed to train. On those days that I didn’t feel like running, I’d tell myself, actually giving myself permission, that I’d get out there and get started for just 10 minutes. If I wasn’t into it, I’d go back home. It worked every time. I wasn’t really tricking myself because I knew I just needed to get out the door and I’d be all into the run. And, I do this with any workout. I love it once I have started. It’s just the ‘start’ that’s hard.

  • About a year ago I got really fed up with not exercising so I decided to start but never actually got much done in the long run. Around 5 months ago I found this video and I actually thought your idea was great so I applied it to myself and it really helped I now exercise everyday with a goal of 30 mins, but I actually end up exercising for around 1 and a half hours on a day where I have time, I want to really thank you for this video because it 100% works and has made my life so much better

  • The things I want to get better at and need to do everyday:
    1. Singing (indian classical)
    2. Piano
    3. Writing
    4. Reading
    5. Cooking
    6. Improve my sense of fashion
    7. Literary analysis
    8. Talking into a camera
    9. Running my youtube channel

  • I don’t know who you are, or what you look like, but you are my ultimate role model! Thank you so much for making these videos. ��

  • Why are the simplest things the hardest for us? We expect to reach our huge goal, and we have to do SO much. That intimidates us tremendously. Mini habits put the pressure off and it means you don’t break the chain, another really important idea in habit formation.

  • Thank you for this. It was a well needed reminder. I would love to hear your thoughts on panic attacks and fear of people.

    I was on my way to getting used to pressured social situations, giving speeches and sitting in meetings. Then a debilitating general sensation of fear appeared, and been now trying to find a way out for half a year. I’m a 23-year old woman, becoming an engineer and trying to find the strength and vision to best help people.
    I think a major part of my problem is biochemical, which I’m looking into, but if you have any sort of a clue to follow, I’ll gladly listen. How to not get fearful of other people. Sitting in meetings is one thing, but active negotiation skills seem far in the future. How do high profile people prep for pressured situations? I won’t let panic run over me trying to help the world.

    Thanks and much love from Finland xx

  • Summery
    Activities with low expectations
    They are super easy so we don’t procastinate
    We do frequently
    In long run it improves our life alot

  • I just paused to do 2:22 minutes. Ended up doing 2x 2:22 minutes. Could have done more but wanted to see the rest:-D Thank you for the inspiration!

  • German saying: Don’t do tomorrow, what you can do today”
    (Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen)
    But in German its a rhyme xD

  • My mini goal was to watch 10 seconds and I needed up watching the whole thing haha…. sorta true but I did end up watching more than I planned since it was playing already

  • Thanks Marisa ❤️��Your help is priceless!!Since I was a child, I was taught that I was stupid and would not achieve anything in this life. It’s like a moral attitude. Now I’m 37 and I’m working on myself to remove all these negative attitudes, but it’s very hard. Only thanks to such videos there is still hope!

  • A great video man! Hope I had seen this faster. Small habits are way better in the long run for sure! In my opinion, I have to practice on being content with the small progress than not having any at all.
    First, Small progress is so underrated. I think we tend to only see the big goals and achievements and then goes to forget that it takes time to achieve them.
    Secondly, small goals, just like what you said, will yield better results in the long run since we keep continuing the journey. Big goals or in this case big habits will usually only stay consistent for the first few weeks and the closer we are to the next week, the smaller our effort will be.
    So, just as a reminder to myself that I have to take the small steps because it is better in the long run. Someone who has been taking small steps in one thing for a year will be better off than one who has only taken big steps for a month.:)

  • A habit created means you will be improving through experience, thus reducing the effort necessary to do (whatever), because of increasing skill levels. Eventually, as habits take up less room, so to say, you can add another. They compress like sedimentary layers of rock did after the flood.

  • I haven’t laughed all day or even cracked a smile but then… ” Some of the Elephants…”
    Thank you for keeping in some of these fun mess-ups. Made my day.

  • You might like this:

    I think of habits as complex or simple. The things we usually do every day are complex. Break them down into their simple component parts, and address one of them.

    For example, I want to exercise every day is one goal. I want to exercise for an hour every day is a second goal added to it. Your recommendation to do 2 min in stead of 20 min was practicing what I like to call Wedge Theory. You have an entire yard to clean up (I run a yardwork company):o)
    …well, most people look at the jungle before them and get overwhelmed. We learned to look at a very tiny place, perhaps close to the front door, but wherever it is, we look at maybe a 3 foot square area, and pull all the weeds there until it is pristine perfect. If you use your hands as blinders, you can look at that one square yard of perfect yard, and enjoy amazing progress!

    Plus, since you were aiming at that Wedge, you have completed a task. That is a Dopamine hit (your body makes it in response to progress and achievement). Now, you are positively motivated to clear a second wedge! You see how we do it? We go through the yard like a pac-man!

    Another example:

    You want to get up earlier? And you want to get up at the same time every day, instead of sleeping in on the weekends? Well, that is two habits to change; timing, and regularity. If you attack them both, it is not 2 times harder to accomplish. The effort is multiplied; not added. Simplify. I would stop sleeping in on the weekends first, and get that habit solidly established for a month at least. Then, I would simply work on a second habit.

    Doing it this way, you develop the complex habit in 2 months. Attacking it in complex form means you will not develop the habit at all in all likelihood.

  • Just to add one more thing I don’t only do mini habits but I do a “half ass job” which I know sounds terrible but doing a half ass job of something means that I actually achieve it day in day out. Eventually you get fed up of the half ass aspect and you improve.

  • I recently starting creating ‘blocks of time’ on google calendar as everyone on ProductiviyTube was acting like it was the greatest thing. That has made me LESS productive. I feel like i’m on a treadmill. Before I had a habit tracker (it was just a table in a bullet journal that I would tick when I achieved a task) and that made me more productive and made me feel better. I think it’s because I could do those things any time of day not specifically 1-2pm. Scheduling is a trap.

  • The mini habit method goes well for almost anything except studying.
    if you need to study, dont to the mini habit method.
    i had a lot of problems with the mini habit method on studying so i left it.
    The mini habit method goes well with excersing, meditating, organizing and reading books
    but not with studying

  • Before this I never comment on any kind of YouTube vedio but this vedio makes me motivate to comment..
    This vedio is really very useful everyone must understand the content delivered in this vedio deeply.
    Bcoz this can change everything you want.

  • 1400 years ago the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said ” the deeds most loved by Allah(Lord) are those done regularly even if they are small” [Sahih Muslim 783]
    No wonder that the world is still talking about it because this is 100% effective if you want to establish a new habit.

  • I agree 100% with your theory, I will start to incorporate mini habits. I started today with 3 mins. of meditation, upon completion I felt so much better, a sense of mission accomplished. I will definitely try to accommodate more good habits in small doses with the hope of increasing the doses as I go along. I trust with time I would squeeze out the bad habits and replace them with the good ones.

  • What can a person with ADHD do to keep what they’ve successfully received from dreaming and goals. The executive function of a ADHD brain is different. And getting and losing becomes repetitive and the depression and anxiety begins to hurt too bad to dream again. What can be done to bypass the executive function differece after achieving the initial goal? Maintaining the relationship the job, the money, etc. Can uou do a video for ADHD people? Thank you

  • I am getting my first book published. And that too with penguin publishers!! And it’s going to be a bestseller. My dreams are coming true. I feel on top of the world.

  • Hello Marisa, I will like you to talk on changing behaviors esp with special needs children.

    I will like you to talk on parenting.

  • Interesting how I started to read think and grow rich, and in the first chapter it gives the exacts same formula to manifest anything.

  • I am a disabled bodied person and a single parent I have a dream to become a RTT therapist and to write books then I want to build myself and my son a container house not to big but to live in it and be happy. I can do it I have wat it takes because I AM ENOUGH and I can make goals become a reality

  • Dear Marisa, you have really transformed the way that I see the future and my dreams. I can’t wait to achieve my dreams!! You are so inspirational and thank you for your videos and reaching out to me.
    God bless you beautiful lady ❤️

  • This was beautiful! Thank you so much! For the longest time I was laser focused, super goal driven person who made her big dreams come true but I feel like I became less self disciplined lately. How can I go back on track? Thanks much:). Can’t wait to make all my dreams come true and help people.

  • Marisa I was listening to a podcast recently (Jess Lively) and you described your pregnancy which sounded idyllic. I would love to see a video about a wonderful pregnancy/birth/child raising.

  • I needed to hear this. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve acquired financial success, have two homes, am debt free, in a happy marriage, etc. At every point in your life, dream big!!! ��

  • I used to know what I wanted but materialistic thinking seemed to not make me happy. I am very curious about the law of one, the elements and beyond here and now. I am not sure how to make goals for this curiosity when I do not know where it is taking me. Career wise it is what it is and I can achieve big but it is not important to me. Knowledge is. Can you help me?

  • I listen every day and my team does a team workshop with you on Saturday! Will you do a session on the content not being afraid of other people seeing your success. In the past, I have held myself back due to fear of other people seeing my success and trying to use me.

  • Hi Marisa,
    Thank you so much for the amazing content you share. It has been one of the most helpful tools for me when it comes to dealing with hard days. I just wanted to ask you to talk about depression and the ways that we can deal with it.
    I personally have been recently diagnosed with severe depression and the hardest thing for me is to accept this diagnosis; let alone the negative effects it has on my daily life.

  • Thank you so much for that message. It’s a great way to manifest bigger. So simple.
    But here is my question for further suggestions regarding… what if I have a really hard time choosing or deciding what path of purpose and passion to take? I always felt I could combine all my passions into one main career arena???
    And then their is my gut feeling I have always had for getting that career niche going but, the but is it’s my own thing so how do I make enough money to thrive not just survive?
    I am so confused my friend!
    I am 56 I think I try not to keep count!!!
    I don’t know how to choose out of the areas i love and feel I am great at. I think it’s partly because I feel starting over in a totally different field and Mayb needing more schooling is not good timing anymore. Please help this cluttered mind!!
    Thank you

  • How many goals would you suggest is helpful? If I were to write all my goals down there would be a lot, short term, mid term, long term. And would cover career, home life and personal interests. Is there a point where you have so many goals that you can’t achieve them? x thanks x

  • I would love to see a talk on how to discover your Higher Purpose or True Calling. There are so many possibilities and we often have multiple passions and interests, how do we know which one to follow? Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

  • Hi Marisa Peer, thank you for sharing your know-how. I got a problem with to succeed my goals. Point is, I m afraid to success, I really want success, but there is alway something pushing my back to “normal” life. Can you tell me what to do? regards Frank_M

  • I like her message but for me the problem is I don’t know what I want. And if there would be something that I might want then I believe it will be to big to handle for me. E.g. a house or a job etc, it creates stress in me to think I must be on time for a job every day or get all the money every month to pay a house. I feel sad and stuck in my life.

  • I was trying to find this video of yours. I remember having watched it at some point but was unable to find it.
    This talks about dealing with perfectionism really well, even better than the actual video on perfectionism you’d made earlier (which was good as well! )

  • Don’t know where else to ask this…all this info from all these self help people is completely legit. But without having the resources to attend the actual training. Without the ability to interact with people like the Brilliant Marissa Peer, how can I effect real change. I realize these folks need to make a living but there has to be a way to get ALL the info needed out to people who don’t have means to get a course or attend an event. I will just keep listening and trying to figure it out piecing together a little from all the helpers…I am just in info overload, now how to apply it all…peace to all!!

  • But…how to get back on track? If someone gave up on dreams for so long that dont even know what his/her dreams are… and somehow got lost in life… how to get back from that long black tunnel?

  • Piano, book, meditate, and exercise, all done in minutes! That is 4 Smiley Face experiences! That is 4 successes! And, if you DESIRE to do more of any of them later, it is icing on an already substantial cake!

  • I just try to do mini goals of being able to do more internet surfing social media etc. I started out with 5 minutes right when I get up. Before I knew it I was able to spend like 8 hours a day in front of my iPad and like 4 hours in front of the TV. Talk about amazing concentration, involvement and follow-through. This method works.

  • Goals:
    -Get a gf.
    -Work to get w million dollars.
    -Get beef af
    -Get as tough as david goggins
    -Work into having more courage.
    -Put my own buusness

  • Thank you for all of sharings. Your words make sense and help me a lot. Could you suggest me/us how to deal with returning doubts? I think many people are setting up goals but doubt sneaks in in a few days/weeks/months and when we listen to it long enough, we fail. Please help me/us releasing doubts forever. Thank you

  • my dream is to mentor my kid as he grows up and help him make his career and life better as he doesnt listen to me at all he doesnt trust me at all what should I do? I can help him with hw very easily to let me help him but he won’t let me help him at all.

  • also how can I make my son have quality time of having dinner with me without his screens? there is no quality time at all.can u make a video on how to convince your loved ones to spend quality time with u they find it boring what to do?

  • is it possible to do detailed video on this problem during this pandemic? as things are becoming worst in this pandemic with summer coming and no school thnks

  • hi Marisa I am new to your channels have this question in back of my mind all the time which is how do I stop my sons addiction to video games and iPhone and screen time? he cannot stop himself and he plays sometimes till 3 in the morning and he is just 15 years old.when I try to stop him he tells me mom just 5 minutes more and then keeps saying that till 3 am. what do I tell him no more 5 minutes as he doesnt listen and how can I help to train his mind to stop?thnks please help me to help him.thnks

  • Thank you so much..I am so happy that the way I think a great person like you think so..Thank you so much..I am correct..Please continue like this for eternity..I will pray for you always so that one day I meet you to say that “Mam I achieved the way you said”

  • I just wanna complement you on including your speech errors. I see you’ve been doing that a little more often recently. It helps in making your persona be more casual, and essentially more human, and therefore makes the advice that you give seem as if anyone can do it. It makes the entirety of your content more approachable.

  • I’d looooove if you did a hypnosis for loving one’s body, especially to heal from a childhood of abuse. This is the second time I’ve left this request in ur comments, lol. Thnx!

  • It’s helpful if you pick a specific day in the week to rewrite each goal you have. I find the more I do that, the more clear the goal becomes

  • Thomas, I really appreciate your channel. I’m constantly struggling with habits, productivity or sticking up to goals, in general. I haven’t made much progress (nevertheless, I’ll try to believe I have ��), but at least I feel (more) informed… ahahah
    Thank you so much!
    love from Portugal

  • Yo Wolves, Yall inspired me to start my streetwear line, Much gratitude. The instagram is @southofheavensoh, would greatly appreciate it if yall checked me out! Love

  • I’m so inexpressibly grateful for your sharing with us.. your knowledge and experience…all the stories that encourage us.
    I hope you know that you help so many lost souls with your great heart. Thankssss Annabel (Germany)

  • he didnt want to extend the video for 30 more sec so he can earn more money,thats a gold channel,youtube you need to carry more about him=)


    I just had an argument with my Mum because I tried to explain how God is real. She will not believe in it and it frustrated me so badly. I ended the conversation with “I love you endlessly”. How do I explain God in a way for my Mum to listen to me and take me seriously. Please help me

  • Are all the monkmode products from you? I really like the pne just with monk. Really thinking to buy one and never bought merch before! Looks good and you do a great job. Also saw captain sinbad rockin one:)

  • I started a small goal of beginning my own youtube channel and making videos. Thank you Elisha for inspiring me. Please check my channel out if you can guys, youtube algorithms are really messed up.

  • Thank you Elisha. I’m extremely fortunate to run into your channel, you helped changed my life. Took lifting more serious cause of you too!

  • The best goals will make you forget about goals:
    Peace of mind
    Enough productive work to do in a day so you are not bored and your sleep is 100% intended for physical restoration.
    Many people get to this point and think they work too hard and thus cannot find peace and equanimity.

  • hey guys been on the garlic just before bed and i am finding my sleep is deep and i wake up energized and ready to take on the day never tired, anyone get this? almost like the sleep was relaxing massage

  • If one gets to 50 and failed in ones career, is totally broke and depressed, is there anything really one can still dream about achieving? I think if one wasn’t able to do it between your 30’s and 40’s you’re not gonna do it anymore.

  • Marissa you are truest an inspiration, what steps can you advise me to take towards qualifying as a rapid transformational therapist, I would absolutely love to learn everything about what you have created and one day add my own little sparkle of inspiration to it, I have so much love to offer to others and a compassion to help others to believe in themselves and help them to transform their lives for the better,, if I could touch just 1 persons life and inspire them in the way you have mine it would be worth ever little bit of blood, sweat and tears I had to put into achieving my goal, I’m ready and so willing like you would not believe so any advice you could offer me would be greatfully recurved, put to very good use and very much appreciated,, thank you in advance and also for the inspiration I have already gained just from viewing some of your videos on here, bless you Marissa x

  • Hey Elisha! I found a Electrical company that offers great benefita and pays schooling for you. Everybody tells me this is a great trade & I should stick with it. Perhaps I do want to learn the skill but I Also feel I should try something bigger and more exciting yet I dont know what comes to mind

  • How about ways that we reinstate patriarchy and destroy feminism? Goals are good, but real results come from real action, and men have been castrated today. Nothing will change unless matriarchy is abolished. Repeal the 19th amendment.

  • Thomas Frank is the best channel for mindset videos and teaching us how to be the best version of ourselves possible ���� I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this �� Come and check it out and I will always follow back ��

  • Goal. Deadline. Action. “All systems go”

    Doing something is better than waiting for it to be perfect. 95% complete is better than waiting much longer to hit 100%. Speed of implementation is everything because we don’t live forever.

  • You’re right! At my job they have a motto: Being great isn’t one big thing, it’s a thousand little things.

    The little things add up.

  • Man elijah is like my older brother, never met him before but he brings more value to me than most of the people in my life, thank u bro.

  • To be honest, I hated 10X. I thought the writing was way too pretentious and (for people thinking of buying the book) it’s a 240 page book that could be summarised in one sentence: set massive goals and take massive action. It’s funny because I agree with the book, but I found it a terrible book. I believe John says everything that needs to be said and more about the book in this video.

  • Want to learn more about this topic? Get the book “Mini Habits” by Stephen Guise.

  • Even a notecard would be great, personally i write down my goals on a index card and carry it around with me at all times so i can read it and stay focused. Keep your goals and dreams on your mind and they will manifest into your reality thats a fact!

  • Having daily goals and small tasks, writing in the journal is amazing. Keep a to do list, what is the priority for the day, what is the most important things you have to get done. And use those goals to reach your big big goals. Awesome stuff Elisha.

  • Great video Thomas, thank you so much. I came across to your video suddenly and the key to capture my attention was setting goals to stick to. One thing I am working on is the importance of children learn to set their goals too! It can be a project, it can be a play, it can be to achive some skill, whatever. It´s really important so they can learn about themselves on the process and be proactive. As they grow they will learn about things they like, things they don´t like and feel confidence about challenges of any kind! Thanks again for your video and I already subscribed to your channel! Good work! 😉

  • This video has been super helpful. Sometimes my thoughts and dreams run away beyond my skill level on my crafts. Now I’m working on a dream that I’ve been planning for over a year, and while I have messed up a few times, I know how to fix it. Something I could not do months ago. If I’m feeling down I’ll re-watch this video and not feel so bad about it.

  • Another important elephant is the fact that most of people lose interest or focus in long term or big projects more often. So tackling small projects first, in whatever area it is, can help with motivation while growing skills to face the bigger and desired “harder” project.

    Thank you Thomas for this great video as well.

  • I started a small goal of beginning my own youtube channel and making videos. Thank you Elisha for inspiring me. Please check my channel out if you can guys, youtube algorithms are really messed up.

  • What is a good place to write down our goals so we can check them regularly? I’m using habit trackers and for task completion but they’re not something that keep me in touch with the bigger picture. I’m working on a numbers/excel sheet as we speak but if there would be a good (and preferably free-ish) app for it then i would really like to hear about it. Thanks in advance!

  • “There’s a reason why we don’t lock 6 year olds in a closet and tell them to learn calculus.” XD There are many reasons why we don’t do that. lmao

  • Great advice on goal setting! You may want to check out our goal setting app called, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate. What’s more, it provides 30 top goal templates that are ready to use.

  • So I had this idea. I just made the jump from student to graduating and having a job. Any ideas on how to schedule your life, with an actual 7 to 5 job?

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  • Great Video! I slack sometimes when it comes to goal setting, but I like how you break these goals down into practical everyday steps that are easy to implement.

  • As a musician, I had a grand plan to write, produce and record an entire album by myself with little experience. After a few days, I began to struggle and ended up stopping altogether. A few weeks later however, I set myself a goal to create a song using a pre-made beat, with very simple mixing and managed to do it. From there, I just went bigger and better, and am now at a comfortable level of competence, ready to tackle my larger goal.

    This video essentially sums up my story, and I’m very glad that everyone can understand the concept of starting slow before going big and ultimately avoid wasting a lot of time (like I did!).

    Good Job Thomas

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  • Good suggestions… “Man ever aspires to greater heights and loftier goals. He ever seeks to attain a world surpassing that which he inhabits, and to ascend to a degree above that which he occupies.” Baha’i Faith

  • You make an important point, but I think there’s a piece missing here for those who have the skills but are still daunted. You can tackle the grand vision while still using this technique, just split the bigger project into smaller goals. Instead of the daunting task of writing a giant novel, set a goal to write the first chapter, or write to a certain plot point, and so on. You’ll always be making progress and eventually you’ll get to the end.

  • Good advice. I’m planning to get a gold medal in a mathematics olimpyad I’m gonna participate in. However, I don’t have the required level to get a gold medal currently (I’ll take the test 2 months ahead today), so I’ll firstly set a goal: to achieve the required level to get a silver medal. Then, I’ll increase my goal as time passes.

    Greetings from Brazil

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  • Jumper by Matt Thorson is an amazing game. I used to spend hours trying to just beat 1 level and get all the diamonds and stuff on it.

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    I know that the holidays are almost over but can you make a video about ‘hpow to study while on holidays/vacation’.
    I’m usually the type to just enjoy the holidays, unfortunately nearly all my teachers are welcoming us back with quizzes. To be followed up with our midterms 2 weeks later.
    I understand that this might not come in time for when my classes begin but I’ll still really appreciate a video for future reference. Just some tips about how to not totally forget everything learned over breaks. Thanks again.

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    I have been writing a journal since 2011 and it’s helped me so much not just for goal manifistation but for mental clarity in general. I work on my goals like I breath, it is just something I do by default. Stay based

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