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Chuck Carroll The Weight Loss Champion

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Chuck’s ER Visit Turned Into Life-Changing Weight Loss. Chuck Turocy remembers September 19, 2016, very clearly. As the Pittsburgh resident waited in the emergency room to see a doctor, he was barely able to stand upright because of shooting pains in his abdomen. Once he was taken back for his examination, the nurse had him step on the scale. Chuck’s ER Visit Turned Into Life-Changing Weight Loss Chuck Turocy remembers September 19, 2016, very clearly.

As the Pittsburgh resident waited in the emergency room to see How an Amusement Park Ride Spurred Bri’s 150-Pound Weight Loss. TLC’s Chuck Love shared a heart-breaking story of his struggles with weight loss and social isolation. The ” Big & Little ” star explained why obesity stalks Little People more than those who are not height-challenged. And his story sheds light on patients on another TLC Reality TV show, ” My 600-lb Life.” Little people face big weight struggles. This weight loss success story is from Chuck who was successful at losing 85 pounds by eating a healthy diet, lifting weights and doing cardio exercise.

Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll lost more than 250 pounds and is sharing his secrets to success! This week he answers these questions, including how NOT to put all the weight. But in May, Hoods turned her life around.

Losing 19kg in a few months, the mum of four slowly changed her approach to health and fitness, making small changes in her day to day that had a life. After losing 65 lbs, who you are can change, your professional life can change, and so can your relationships all for the better!! UPDATE 1/1/2018 I have lost 100 lbs total!! High weight. Continued Your Body Image.

The pounds may be gone, but the memory of them often lingers. O’Donoghue says she felt fat even after going from a size 18-20 to a size 6-8. If you’re trying to lose weight with no luck, incorporating these small changes into your lifestyle may help you see results.

Written by Jenn Sinrich One of the main reasons that diets generally don’t work—and that people avoid them at all costs—is because they force you to cut out foods you probably love. Ready to stop dieting? Start Noom an award-winning weight-loss program designed by psychologists & scientifically proven to create real, sustainable results.

List of related literature:

One of my interviewees, Alan, told me that though he had heard of weight loss surgery, it was watching Al Roker talk about his own experience in a television interview that inspired him to begin to research weight loss surgery and talk to his doctor about having it.

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A former gym teacher, Dan resumed a high level of physical activity and continued to lose weight so easily that after a month he moved into Pre-Maintenance, where he ascertained his Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL) was 80 grams a day, on which he managed to lose 95 pounds in only four months.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
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Recommend he review his hypertension medication types and doses with his physicians because his need for medication may have changed with his significant weight loss.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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When he realized that his weight gain was the direct result of his new lifestyle, Alex decided to seek out friends who were more interested in healthy activities.

“State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet” by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
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He lost 20 pounds in the 3 months before his diagnosis because of lack of appetite and lower intestinal discomfort.

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One settler swore that he was becoming malnourished because of the weight loss he was experiencing.

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Many continue to lose weight for at least a while after leaving the show, and in the updates shown after the elimination, they often talk about how they have improved their diet and exercise habits.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
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There were a lot of moments when he almost quit, but he hung in there and has found success in both losing weight and improving his health markers!

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
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He states that he initially lost 4 pounds but has gained it back since the last clinic appointment.

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He discussed weight control with other physicians and his failure with the various diets.

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  • Wow thumbs up for showing your ex jeans ���� And let smart doctors like Vinita multiply their numbers through educating their fellow sphere colleagues.

  • Dear Jeanne, this guy tells a story I think you would like to hear. His name is Benjamin Hardy. You only need to listen a few minutes from 13 minutes and 56 seconds through about 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Of course the whole thing is great but as one addicted to sugar this few minutes is freedom for me. It has really helped. I’m still trying it out but it is provoking. Thank you for everything you do. And teaching! That’s amazing.

  • Hi Jean, great interview. I love your channel, you are super intelligent but approachable at the same time. I would have loved you as a teacher or professor during my school years. I have an unrelated question to this topic, it’s a science question. I NEED to know this from a scientist. Is colloid silver a toxic heavy metal, is it dangerous?? There is so much confusing information and I want to know from a plant based healthy scientist who is smart and honest. I use it my deodorant and toothpaste.

    Please, please advise.
    Thank you

  • I love Chuck Caroll! I follow him on Twitter, listen to his podcasts, watch his videos… Thank you for the great interview Jeanne!

  • What a great interview. I too had gastric bypass done years ago, 15 or so. I can eat full meals now and totally relate to the addiction of the food, can’t eat just one.

  • great interview, i have my own whole foods., plant based, no salt, oil, flour, alcohol, sugar and caffeine story after i found chef AJ,20 1/2 months ago. I have healed a whole list of health ailments., chronic fatigue gone, fibro pain 24/7 gone, stomach and bowel probs that i had since birth gone, and extra the bonus is 77 lbs lost started at 238,, cane lost, pain lost. 5 meds out of 6 gone, depression and pre diabeties gone,still on low thyroid meds..b/P of a 45 yr old woman..But, in defense of his grand mother, all of our grand mothers, mothers, me til finding chef AJ, when i learned “the truth” about food. processed foods and animal products., we didn’t know back then!! We have been brain washed for years, about needing dairy and meat, etc… yes, no moderation!! i am now 67 1/2 yrs young now. I was addicted to alcohol for 20 yrs, cigs for 20 yrs, i WAS addicted to pizza, frozen yogurt/ice cream, party mix, cheese etc., but now IF, i do crave anything now, my taste buds neuro adapted so when not truly hungry, i am addicted to veg and fruit!! addicted to my own home made whole plants soup/stews, starch based, learned from chef AJ and Dr John MacDougall. My life is totally different, hubby is delighted, he was doing most everything, while i was nearly bed bound, struggling to get 2-300 steps a day, now 7000+ at once,work in wood pile,splitting 4 cord and piling few cord, in couple months,yes confident, taking up for myself.i am lucky,hubby has sweets and chips,nuts, i/c, etc here & i am not tempted, i have quite a bit loose skin,have to keep it too,size 3x down to 14 freeing. I eat the same,everything thrown in,no dressings.scoop of my home made soup mixed in, xo

  • I’m Beth’s big sis. I know this victory wasn’t easy, but every pound off was a celebration. I know Beth would like to inspire those who think they can never get out of using a walker, or are facing a lifetime of deteriorating health to take the same journey she did. She knows there are no easy answers, but the hard work comes with a joyful change in the end.

  • Kudos to you!!! Over the last 4 years, I have lost 100 lbs and I love my new lease on life! I try to inspire others and share my journey quite often. I even exercise on my lunch break (never in a million years I thought I would be one of the people I see jogging downtown). You look awesome and the love and admiration from your hubby makes it even better. GO BETH!!!

  • I don’t know my comment is showing it’s from my hubby but it’s not. Karen Hayes says, “Awesome Beth!” I’ve known Beth since childhood.At one time she babysat for my oldest son back in 71/72.Her dad was my 7th grade math teacher. Beth you are an inspiration! What an incredible journey,

  • The other day i was at Costco grocery shopping, and i was ABLE to walk past bread and got a bag og grapefruits instead! I’m so proud of myself ��☺. Believe me it was NOT easy to do!! I stood there for a gd two mins thinking abt it!

  • The Principal 3 is amazing. I struggle with weight loss and cigarettes, and this is so true. One day I can fast and not smoke, put its impossible to keep it up.

  • Yo when I started my weight loss journey (without exercises, just caloric deficit with food) I lost like 5 lbs in the first 1,5-2 weeks, but then I suddenly started losing like 1 pound every 2 weeks

  • Brix your videos are awesome!
    I am on the journey from fat to fit. I have one issue though my diet I am eating really healthy lots of water etc but my weakness is sweet things ie biscuits cakes I can’t stop please help

  • I gaind 50 lbs due to stress. 2 years like this and I feel sick and old and weak. My stress is due to my 16y old teen daughters behavior and that’s hard to get rid. Now I’m in therapy to deal with her. Stress can really kill you. I look like a totally different person from2 years ago due to stress. I’m still very young I really want my health back. Thanks for the videos!

  • We gonna listen to your corny jokes, because you suppress it a lot ��
    Get rid of anything that stresses you, I don’t care if it’s your job, your spouse, your kids—nah, jk ������♥️love the vid

  • I just stumbled upon your channel, and I’m glad I did I started a healthier lifestyle I’m down 10pounds doing IF. Thank you for knowledge ✌❤

  • 284 at Christmas…234 today. You’re an inspiration, you’re the man, and I don’t mind tellin it, I got love for you and this channel, bro

  • Thanks for the inspiration and giving me some good info. I’ve had a gastric sleeve 2 years ago and it’s a daily struggle to get the rest of my weight off.

  • God gives you a new life. Like me. 2 years ago i so skinny men. I never though i become bigger and powerful like i am now. Now i am so happy with my life and myself

  • Ive lost 48 pounds in 10 weeks so far. One thing I learned is that walking for 1 hr a day is MASSIVELY underrated by people as a way to lose weight. The first month I’d run 30 mins a day (plus weight train). The second month, I did the exact same thing same calories same food same weight training…BUT i switched from running 30 min/day to plain old walking 60-70 mins a day and I lost slightly MORE weight the second month

  • Hey bro found your channel I’m happy with what I’m seeing and hearing you’ve been heavy so you can understand what that feels like I’m happy that you’re taking the stress and strain away form working out

  • I’m a 15 year old girl and I was never overweight but more like skinny-fat. I lost 20 pounds purely through diet but my body looks almost the exact same (155 lbs to 135 lbs) I’m so unhappy because the numbers on the scale going down isn’t giving me what I truly want, which is to lose all this fat on my body. I know that I need to exercise but I have numerous health problems that make it really hard for me to work out. I’m just so weak and it’s so demotivating that I can’t even hold a plank for more than 10 seconds without collapsing and losing my breath. I can’t run for more than a minute. I can’t even do a single pushup. Even WALL pushups tire me out. Please can someone help me, what can I do? I feel helpless. I need to build more muscle. I’ve never seen ANYONE as weak as me. And the thing is, I’ve been this way all my life. Even when I was like 6 years old I was naturally weaker than everyone else. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to reach my dreams:(

  • Now my biggest motivation is you big brother thank you so much for starting this channel & keep motivating us by your knowledge love from india ��

  • REALIST FUCKING CHANNEL I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!! I only just discovered you…I have been gymming for 2 years now and I have watched close to over 100,000 health and fitness videos on YouTube. I am on my 4th video of yours and I have not once seen him promote a single product or a pill or a tea. You can tell his advice is from the heart and not from his money pocket… Clicked subscribe and liked every video I seen so far ��… honestly YouTube NEEDS more youtubers like this

  • I think this is the first channel I’ve made it a mission to click the like button ����������������������������������������������������

  • You have to learn every detail of yourself”. I swear this was the biggest key that unlocked my ability to lose weight. It definitely isn’t a cookie cutter process. This is something people don’t really understand until the lightbulb goes off for them personally. If you want to lose weight, you have to be able to focus on the big picture. NOT just losing weight
    This video is so true! It requires total focus. Gotta have tunnel vision to change your entire mindset/lifestyle

  • Not everyone has the motivation to do better. Growing up, I dealt with alot of bad things, and in highschool, I started working out to replace my emotional pain with physical pain. I’m lucky I found a way to cope.

  • Lost 45lbs im 15 I workout with ligjtwieghts 3 times a week I don’t do cardio I just stay really active but my mental thoughts destroy me sometimes watching your video helps me not destroying my mental health

  • I had to loose 100 lbs, 20 gone in three weeks and 80 lbs left. I’m planning it to loose all of em till next year summer. I just found your channel and hope your vids gonna help me.

  • Wait having 3 siblings is alot!? I literally have 6 other siblings and I also have half siblings that are only related to me from most of my siblings. Like my baby sister. We have a WHOLE different side of the family and we are only related bc of my baby sister’s dad. Did I mention I’m pretty sure none of my siblings are blood related? We are only related from my mom. We all have different dads. Only the 3 oldest are fully related. Man

  • @brix fitness. Sir Do you have any loose skin?

    I want to know about loose skin?

    Please make a video about Loose skins? Types and also we need to see do you have any loose skins?

  • NO BS REAL TALK!!! You are THE BEST BY FAR I HAVE SEEN YET. Can’t thank you enough for putting it out there!!!
    FACTS well said!!! ����

  • I know what I have to do now to lower my stress and make me lose weight it was so easy How did I never think of it thank you so much! The kids gotta go

  • Hey brix, l am Literally two days in to the my journey. I’m 38 260 lbs. My weight problem got out of control when in 2014 had a car accident as a result to herniated discs that constantly costed pain,burning sensation down my wright leg. Now I just got a little burning sensation not to bad. I guess my question is do you think weights is a good idea for me?

  • There are studies that show that stress has no negative effects on the body unless you also associate stress with having negative effects on the body stress is good for body it’s stressing about your stress that harms you

  • Read the obesity code by DR. Jason Fung. Don’t listen to this dude about fat or calories. He literally has no clue what he is talking about.

  • This doctor looks like a corpse herself. I don’t care she is a doctor. Seems like her advise is not working even on herself. She needs some nutritious food including whole milk, eggs, meat, fish and organ meats.

  • I weigh just over 15 stone. I’m a female and I have a whole host of chronic conditions, including depression. I’ve lost all hope and motivation. I know this is the right way to go, but I am so paralysed by my health issues and depression, I just feel what’s the point. If only you had one of these programmes in the UK. I need the motivation of others to get me going and keep me going as Chuck mentioned, having support from others got him through. I’m so sad about my situation.

  • I don’t think anybody on this planet is worried about the cholesterol in their food. Maybe 1% of us. Thats the problem. Even worse, the idiots who are telling them cholesterol is not the issue. The parents of everyone I know have been dying of CVD in their 70’s and 80’s and their kids think they will live to the same age. Sorry pals, we got a major head start on the atherosclerosis versus our parents and you will be shocked how young people will die this generation.

  • People need this information and support so much. They’re desperate and feel helpless and in need of something like this “miracle”.

  • Trader Joe’s unsweetened soy milk is very good and cheaper and we use lots. A couple of hints… if hummus is hard to find, it is easy to make a dip out of canned white beans mashed with some roasted red pepper and spices added. The fire-roasted red peppers are in jars at Walmart and are inexpensive. Another hint… is to steam cauliflower in a little extra water and when done, add enough soy milk to make the broth white, then thicken with arrowroot or tapioca flour and reheat slightly if needed…instant sauce or gravy. You can add dried chives or dill for a really great dish. I also add precooked chopped baked potatoes. You can do the same with peas to make a really filling dish. Yummmmm.

  • Chuck, I like the 66″ jean that you have shown during the Dr Rahman’s weight loss interview! It tells the world the truth about the causes of obesity by treating the cause and “put it to bed”. Dr. Rahman’s personal experiences coming from a plant-based culture to a so called “developed culture” are also revealing the truths. The word “empowerment” used by Dr Rahman is very appropriate. I wish to congratulate you both that you are now on the path of irreversible good health and happiness, the prerequisites of life on planet. You are one of the proponents changing the US’s food landscape and put cruelty, foolishness, etc under “control” or at a safe levels and and turning the whole world towards a livable place or making it “a heaven on earth”. Both of you are the Angels as described in Bible or Bodhisattva in Buddhism! Bravo keep up with your good works and you will never make a U turn because you have found wisdom to recognize the truths (正覺 or right view).��

  • It works! I vent vegan this summer and I’ve lost 35 pounds so far. I’m never hungry!! I do whole foods and I feel better than I have in a while.

  • Hey, a WFPB diet is super awesome and does amazing things for the body, but the support is critical. It’s not exactly easy to eat plant-based and SOS free unless you have a very regimented schedule where you can prepare all your meals and cook at home. If you travel for work or have long periods away from home, you have to know how to plan, avert the obstacles that will be thrown at you, and always have a plan B, C, and D. If you’re working 18 hours a day at a conference with few breaks, sneaking in a few carrots with hummus is not going to sustain you-nor is ordering room service that is smothered in oil and salt. It is so worth it, but don’t let yourself get discouraged by the real obstacles.

  • Went whole food plant based vegan to reverse my crippling arthritis. Not only did I succeed, but I feel and look better than ever! Through that I have been inspired to create a YouTube channel where I spread the word on things I wish I knew growing up. Thank you PCRM! ����������

  • “Whatever is stressing you get rid of it..
    If it’s your spouse.” Did that..
    “If its your job..” Did that..
    “If its your kids..” LISTENNNN….bro…as a mom of a teenage girl….LISTENNNN….definitely thought about it..

  • I love this interview and I love that you admitted your weight problem and showed your pants. Good for you I’m so happy for you and that you’re sharing this with other people. I started plant-based in January and so far I have lost almost 40 pounds. I only need to lose 10 to 15 more but I’m always amazed by people who are committed to losing so much weight.

  • Okay okayi know this is serious and all…but when i saw the thumbnail i thought to myself he now has his little own…leg table-

  • Maybe if ha walks a little bit every day not eating so much like me I eat 11:00 and then I eat at 20:00 but then get a surgery on one of legs I see then he be realy good take my advice…is hes still alive����������

  • Whoever is reading this plz know that God loves you. He is with you three the highs and the lows, he died for you so that you have happiness forever! So plz pay Him back so you can be happy! I wanna see you in haven plz join me! ❤️✝️

  • I dont like to see this kind of videos. It makes me so mad that people look that their in a terrible health situation and they keep eating and eating and eating. Why not stop for a change. He saw he had a medical condition with this tumor in his leg and he kept on. They eat tonz of food. Several plates with a huge pile of food. Yes they can do something about but they don’t have the balls to do it. He got what he asked for. In so tired of looking at this obese people only making their life seeker by the second. I read in an comment just below that he lost 300 lbs. I hope he did. If he did I congratulate him for his courage cause it’s not that easy. It’s not easy but yes we can. God bless all this obese people.

  • Didn’t this man ate 3 burger and 2 large fries and five minutes later he’s gets 2 earth giant size chicken sandwich ���� and then ice cream

  • duder. Lots of interesting stuff. But talking about healthy foods… you lost me there. Dont tell people lies man, thats why they will NEVER loose weight, or worst, keep it off.

  • The most shocking thing about this video is that they threw away all that perfectly good food and ice cream at 7:40. WTF! Guess they don’t have to think about money while living of disability.

  • This is just sad his parents did drugs�� his family didn’t really have that much money he was over 300 ponds when he was 13 I think

  • Why in videos like these do they show them eating large quantities of fast food? And then zoom in on their face. ����‍♀️ He can’t even enjoy his food properly. ��

  • I walk 10km everyday since months but not losing weight
    Apparently it’s the intensity that is lacking
    Hopefully running and sweating will make a difference

  • I guess he can’t get the mass removed because he doesn’t have health insurance. But, I think as with most addictions you have to want to change yourself before anybody can help you. I sincerely hope that a surgeon somewhere in the U.S will help him.

  • Hello!!!! Thank you so much for this interview ��. My husband is overweight and I’d love for him to participate in a program like the one discussed in this podcast. Do you know if all Kaiser Permanente hospitals have a plant base program or do you know how I can contact the hospital to find out? We have a Kaiser hospital very close to us (Downy, CA) and my husband is insured by Kaiser already. Please I’d love to hear from anyone with more info about these programs. Thank you!

  • Yes! I would add cut out alcohol. I quit three years ago and I have seen ten lbs slowly peel off and not return. My body looks so much better all around besides the lbs! Yoga is my exercise of choice and I am so surprised at the results on my body shape. Love your suggestions. Happy new year!

  • I never knew gut health was so important. Thank you for the advice now I can focus on getting my gut health on track. Great video, I also subscribed!