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The Animal Cage meets Chris Duffin | 915 squat, 600 row, 885 pull all under 5 minutes

Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength



Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength


Glute Activation Warmup

Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength


1002 x 2 Deadlift #GrandGoals Chris Duffin Kabuki Strength

Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength


Chris Duffin | 2039lbs at 220 raw | 860lbs all-time squat world record | mini-documentary

Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength


My views on Ab Training For EPC Members

Video taken from the channel: Kabuki Strength


LOTW (March 2020) Chris Duffin Squats 1001 lbs for 3 reps, John Haack 2077 lbs Lockdown Total

Video taken from the channel: Strength Central

Chris Duffin is the Co-Founder, Chief Engineer and Visionary at Kabuki Strength, an organization devoted to optimizing human performance and making the world. Chris Duffin, one of the strongest squatters and deadlifters on the planet at 220 lbs bodyweight, takes time out of swigging whiskey and scaring everyone wit. DEADLIFT LIKE THE MAD SCIENTIST CHRIS DUFFIN Duration: 23:55.

Mark Bell Super Training Gym 338,875 views. 23:55. Lecture on “Breathing is NOT Bracing” by Chris Duffin KMS Public Duration: 18:40. Chris Duffin 69,666 views. 18:40.

Chris Duffin Top YouTube Videos GLUTE TRAINING | DROP THE USELESS HIP THRUSTER. My views on Ab Training For EPC Members. 900 Raw Deadlift @ 220 USP Labs Chris Duffin (w/Straps) 785x7 Deadlift with Mike O’Hearn and Video log from Olympia Week.

Butt Wink it’s Importance & how to eliminate. Chris Duffin joined elitefts™ several weeks ago. From the moment we announced his addition to the site, he has been a reader-favorite, his articles jumping to the top of the popularity list. And he’s been well-known since long before then.

DONATE HERE on GoFundMe Watch the intro video above for a brief introduction on what this project is all about and why we are doing it. Scroll down to see every 800 pound squat, day-by-day, along with the vertical bar speed of each squat! My name is Chris Duffin and I am the Co-Founder of Kabuki Strength.

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Chris Pirillo has recorded more than 1,000 videos in the past year, made the Top 100 Most Subscribed on YouTube and has the distinction of being the number one hit on Google for the word Chris.

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You can check him out on the Rip Shack YouTube channel, though.

“The Sea Keeper's Daughters” by Lisa Wingate
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He deals with other collectors all over the world to ensure that his videos are of the best quality available anywhere.

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Freestyle (Burleigh Heads, Qld), v.4, Autumn 1994: 24-25 (Clothing / Water sports* / Manufacturing* / Tariffs / Surfwear) Greg goes off, quietly [Surfer, Greg Anderson, leaves the international professional surfing circuit).

“APAIS 1994: Australian public affairs information service” by National Library of Australia
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There are hours of video of Glassman discussing a range of subjects pertaining to CrossFit, and he’s an excellent speaker.

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Amateur BMX Ian Bradley, Matty Cranmer.

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Chris Webb is an independent consultant and trainer based in the UK.

“Power Query for Power BI and Excel” by Christopher Webb, Crossjoin Consulting Limited
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  • Thanks a lot for the video. Your training info is GOLD!!

    What about ab wheel with plates on the back? I think they are too easy without added load.

  • I feel like John Haack sinks his squats deeper at this bodyweight. I mean, I’m sure the additional strength and ability to use the additional body mass as a sturdier base has something to do with it. But he’s dunkin’ his shit now (“dunking” for HIM that is). I wanna see him at 220.. lol

  • Is Luke Richardson training strongman now? I feel like he has the build and freakiness for it. Def more money in that than powerlifting.

  • More people need to put Haack in the GOAT category!

    And god damn, I thought that high schooler was going to die on the unrack, then he springs outta the hole like nothing

  • 0:21 I thought this place looked really familiar, took me till his deadlifts to realize that it was Texas Strength Systems and I knew it because I’ve competed there before. Didn’t even notice it was plastered everywhere lol

  • Question, can you do these without releasing the shoulders if you make sure to keep your hips (inflection..?) forward, meaning if you are laying flat on your back you force your lower back to be in contact with the ground?

  • I’m trying to be the strongest that I can possibly be, and I have found my new inspiration and teacher. Particularly as a CPT, I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways to reinvent myself. You’re an inspiration brother!!!

  • I think the crunching/six pack muscles work with the hip flexors to compensate for strong erectors and posterior chain to keep you from falling backwards during a squat, they’re not just aesthetic

  • Hey Chris? I’ve got diastasis recti. Do you have any advice on ab training while I have it? It’s not severe enough for the doctor to do surgery so I’m basically stuck with it but it does cause me discomfort when/after I do ab and core work (since my diaphragm is pushing out through my abdominal wall).

    Even any ab/core work I can do that will maybe work around it would be great advice. Thanks man!

  • Watched your video and realized I have been doing this exercise wrong for a while, due to weak abs.  What are some good exercises that would help me progress to doing the ab wheel correctly?

  • If core flexion is unnecessary for fighters, I wonder why Bruce Lee incorporated them into his routine �� Respect the opinion though

  • No wonder my back hurts when I do the wheel. I had no idea that tight shoulders was putting all that extra pressure on the back ( I was under the impression that keeping everything tight would benefit me in core training:S). Thanks Chris:)

  • 2 years ago i set my goal in strength training… deadlifting 250kg @ 82kg.
    people like chris make it seem possible to me.

    thank you

  • I recently changed my routines from the bro split to more power lifting centered routines.  Your video’s have been very helpful and informative.  This just goes to show there is more to lifting than grunting and intensity.

  • Chris you are a fucking hero! Can you make a video on what you are saying to yourself to get amped up before you pull a max,Thanks.Much love from Dublin,Ireland.

  • Wow. Intense guy……I can dig that though. I kind of need my arse kicked once in a while. Found my way here from the MB interview that got into your shoulder problems. My shoulders are a mess. 48 y/o, 30 plus years in the gym, 20 of them heavy pressing and my shoulders are stiff, achey, very inflexible. I’d like to make one last go at getting really strong again before I……..well, am to old to do it and have to take up yoga or something..

  • One ab exercise I like to do is when you hold on to the pull up bar and lift your legs to touch the the bar. I don’t know if it’s good or if I’m doing damage after watching this I’d love to know your opinion.

  • Chris! You dog! Haha! Awesome story. Took it into my session and got a 2 PRs. 435 for 3, it felt good and 445. Previous session was 430. I cued in on the deep spinal stabilization, got tight and blasted off. Nice speed off of the floor and no hitch to be seen.

  • That 2nd Squat attempt… I don’t know where you where mentally before that lift, Chris. But it looked to be somewhere deep. If you were anymore intense before that lift, our world would’ve changed it’s orbit. Loved it, man! As a lifter myself, I live for it!!!!!

  • Chris, I watched a video of yours about 30 minutes ago and now I can’t stop watching. The thought of trying to better myself always inspires me a lot but watching guys like you gives me that extra push. You’re a beast man!

  • Have put my ab wheel away a year ago, as I didn’t seem to get any progression in it. (Couldn’t even do 1 standing.)
    But this video made me decide to pick it up again and do the kneeling ones properly!
    All your video’s give solid advice Chris. Thanks for taking the time for this! 

  • I was doing something with my (conventional) deadlift where my hips shot up slightly at the beginning, so I tried doing the Rippetoe thing so that I did a smooth pull from a standstill, but I felt significantly weaker.

    Later, I watched this video and your stuff on core bracing, so I tried focusing instead on getting that torso as compressed and locked in as possible. Lo and behold, it was my old technique, which I was doing because it’s easier to get tight from lower than my “optimal” pulling position.

  • Kick ass squatting Chris!!! Keep it up. I get a kick out of some people’s comments. Some people are just full of shit. I can tell you are a man on a mission and are Very much paying attention to form and depth. This got me motivated.

  • You cant think of any real world uses for abdominal flexion?
    Lay on ground.
    Now get up.
    Abdominal flexion exercises have use besides getting “pretty looking abs”

  • hey chris what were the biggest influences in you getting your knowledge on lifting correctly? mine so far have been mike tuscherer, stuart mcgill, and now your vids are indispensable i just watched them all in 2 two days lol:)

  • Great job and things like that keep inspiring me. I suffered an intervertebral disc damage on my neck 2+ years ago that also causes a nerve root damage on my left tricep. But the thing is, when we fall we just have to rise up again and work even harder. I can’t bench anymore like on my powerlifting days, but I won’t give up. Just a different way to do things. Thanks and keep it strong!

  • good to see another trainer out there who adds such an important level of awareness to movement.

    I am learning more every day, and your stuff is great verification that I am paying attention to all the right stuff

  • Wow, Duffin REALLY DOES hit depth every squat, for once we got a different angle than what we usually get, which ALWAYS made his damn squats look so high!!!

    Also, the 17 year old kid..fucking STROOOOOOONG kid, but jfc just look at the guy, that is the antithesis of fitness lmao. Being a superheavyweight is one thing, but by 17 years old? Not really the safest way to live, honestly…

  • Very informative.
    I noticed you used a wide stance while squatting. Is this what you would recommend for beginners. I have long legs, is this suitable (as opposed to a narrower stance)?
    Thanks for posting.

  • Man i wish I could train at EPC because it seems you not only workout there, but get the best advice and coaching from the best trainer out there!

  • Can someone explain the choice of weights for some lifts? E.g. John Hack put a bumper plate first and then added slimmer weights. This was probably voluntarily since he will have enough weights of any form. So whats the reason behind?

  • I do judo and other grappling and there is an ab application for “pulling things out of the sky.” Throwing over the shoulder comes first to mind. It doesn’t take that long to get a few sets of heavy pulls with the rest of a core workout. Just my opinion…

  • Wow Chris, that was really something, realised how wrong Ive been doing the ab wheel, and all made sense because I wasnt releasing the shoulders at the bottom of the movement… 😉

  • Great lifts but terrible video. Strange and distracting music choices, and all the different video effects applied make it seem like the video was made by someone determined to try every tool in their video editing software

  • i have been powerlifting for 5 months now, and i couldn’t deadlift more than 315, till i watched his tutorials, am happy to say i can pull 405 within the next day, thank you christ.

  • Why don’t these power lifters ever try some other kind of athletics? Scientifically they should be able to absolutely destroy some sprinters or rugby players.

  • Dunno about underrated… Been following ur training vids for a bit now, and always crazy strong numbers lol Congrats on total and new record.

  • I worked through this stuff this morning before squatting and my squats never felt better.  Best vids on YouTube, pretty much the only channel I watch anymore.  Im going to go buy some stuff now to help support the channel.  Lat Involvement in bench was also helpful.  I just avoid the Raw Squat Club vid, gets a little weird for me….

  • I fucking love the passion, they don’t make men like this anymore. I can identify with that chant before the lift, where your demond’s are confronted and everything becomes movable.

  • Amazing strength and control. Most impressed with the double overhand dead. What organization is this in? I haven’t done a PL meet in years but when I did in the APF you had to meet parallel in the squat looks the same with this organization. I could squat 1,000 with those silly suits on but only 700 RAW. I moved onto strongman sport once I got bored with PL but it seems now that the RAW lifters are really getting the attention they deserve the RAW lifters were nearly non-existent in the mid 2000’s but now they are all over and really putting up some big numbers like this guy. I wish RAW was as popular then as it is now.

  • Awesome video Chris. Any chance I could get a link to the songs used in this?

    They all did a great job of setting that atmosphere.

  • Andrei Miclea really looks up to you and I was always interested as to what Andrei sees in you. Because has unique taste in choosing his friends. And now I can see why. Your a man of great determination and motivation with strong work ethic. Your a real unique roll model for me now and my friends. I notice when I mention you in conversation, anyone interested in powerlifting knows your name. Stay humble and a strong and always give kindness, God bless you, Sir. Say hello to Andrei for me. -Raul Zepeda

  • Great video, looking forward to trying this! You mention gripping the ground and not just rolling to your outside heel, do you go into more depth about this in any other videos?

  • This video really enlightened me as to why my lower back hurts while using the wheel.  Really looking forward to utilizing the shoulder release your talking about Chris, I’m certain it will solve my problem.  However, having recovered from two anterior should stabilization surgeries (old hockey injuries) ill have to take’r easy.  Thanks bud!

  • Honestly I’ve never trained my abs during my whole life. I weigth around 189lbs and deadlift around 528lbs and squat 418. Both involved in core strength. However I have done a shitload of  various extreme programs such as 10×10 with under a minute rest on both squats and deadlift while focusing on keeping my back and core tight as hell. In my opinion doing any abs or core excercises are probably a waste of time. They probably work just fine but thinking about it, you can rather deadlift and squat rather than doing minor core excercises. 

  • To me if a squatter cant hit 500 or so for a deep set of six then shut your flap. Its obvious Chris you are a 600 lbs rep’er, What a beast. Most people cant even handle 495 for shit. I say walk a mile in a mans squat shoes and see what a nasty squat is all about Duffin style LOL!

  • I absolutely suck at these, and planks I’m not good at either. I did planks for a good while after my workouts and it seems like I could never hold it for longer than about a minute each time. Any tips on increasing the strength in both of these? Like how would you program these in? Thanks!

  • So what does RAW mean these days? This guy has a suit,raps and a belt on…who can blame him at that weight but maybe the title needs changing?

  • so i paused the video at the very beginning before anything because i already know chris duffin to be a name who works at everything and i read what it said God bless you Chris because im getting a divorce and circumstances would say i’ll be homeless but you know what its people like you who keep me going

  • awesome.  short on the goal but goals are always set with the intent to be broken.
    for every hater on here you have many that you inspire.

  • My favorite part of this video is when he shakes the fuck out of the bar before lifting, gets me pumped before a workout every time

  • Is there a percentage of half squat to full squat? I mean I can squat like 450lbs ass to grass, then how much is half squat like?

  • Makes a whole lotta sense, gonna try that third one or the whole thing tomorrow. Third one makes so much sense, ready to test that out tomorrow

  • You would think that deadlifts, being a fairly comprehensive workout would produce equally developed physiques. It’s so odd though, I’ve seen guys in the weight room who have chicken legs deadlifting 315×5, and even some of the people who deadlift really heavy don’t have great legs. I think maybe these people are making it a more back dominated movement because I’ve seen a guy deadlifting 405 for at least a few reps, and I can only do about 300 pounds and his arms are smaller than mine. I guess they just train to lift as much as they can though, not to look a certain way.

  • YouTube suggested I subscribe to this channel out of the blue. I thought before I go subscribing to this channel I better make sure it is worth watching. So I pick the first suggested video which was this. Easiest decision I’ve made all week.

  • Hey Chris, I hope you get a chance to answer my question on this year old video. I came across your great tip of “unlocking” the shoulders when rolling out with the wheel. Apparently my form has been wrong however, now that I roll out and my shoulders do I fall flat on my face. Any advice on building up to full reps with the ab wheel? Or just keeping falling flat hoping that the extension provides of enough stimulus for improving my core strength to one day do a full rep?

  • Wow, this is some great lifting. How tall are you? I’m new to powerlifting and am curious what kind of weight class I should aim for long term at my 5’11” height.

  • Omg, really nice video. And amazing lift
    The music is The Corridor (i think) for those who want to know. Amazing music to pump you up before a PR attempt in the gym imo.

    Also Chris, not taking anything out of these liift, they were amazing, but why does the bench and the deadlift are ”’much”’ lighter than in training (i remember you benched 470 for 3 like 2months ago. And pulled 800 for reps on the dead also). Was it because the squat drained all of your energy?

  • You’ve gone from complete unknown (to me) to my favourite YouTube channel in just a few short days. Please keep these videos coming. You must be powerliftings best kept secret?

  • Two thoughts: 1) what was with the IV at the beginning? Was he just taking fluids for hydration purposes? 2) He is doing a low bar squat which actually makes it dangerous to go past parallel because the “load” is placed further back. All you “ass to grass” guys are either doing front squats, conventional back squats with the bar on your rear delts, or bent on getting injured.

  • There’s a couple things about powerlifting people don’t understand. Today’s powerlifters compared to the 80s and 90s using three times more steroids. The other point is that when you do sumo you cut down the distance which the weight travel and there is why conventional deadlift is harder. Unfortunately powerlifting federation not evolve yet to recognize that does the competition becomes unfair.Only strongman realize the reality of sumo vs conventional deadlift does eliminated sumo from the competition.

  • Can someone answer this question, what is raw….. because i thought belt, knee wraps/sleeves and suite wasnt raw? what else is there
    honest question

  • I’d say something corny,like you’re an inspiration or something similar but fact of the matter is I truly admire you,Duffin. You’re truly a mentor, someone who motivates me not to “sit in mediocrity ” and exploit my actual potential to the fullest. Man,you’re the father figure everyone should have and a true warrior.

  • I love this guy. By far my most favourite strength athlete to follow. Super impressive team and has amazing content with some really useful tips I have never came across which I find very useful. One day I hope to get some online coaching done when I get enouhg $$$:D

  • The music from the opening through the first squat brought tears to my eyes. To envision a life lived in pursuit of strength, even after injury, is inspiring; that I could one day be as motivated towards any one thing brings me hope

    Thank you, man. You rock

  • Yo Chris, I loved what you did but if you want to leave no doubt in our mind that you dead lifted a thousand pounds then do it with conventional lift.

  • Thanks for the insightful story, I often end up pulling even when I feel i am not in the position yet. I will follow the lesson of this story.

  • Most of it is in your head and if you can get past your mind you can then worry about your physique. Dont let your thoughts consume you, dont be afraid, dont think about how much the weight is or what you are lifting then get the job done. If you can’t lift your goal then it is perfectly fine to go down. You go down so that you can go up.

  • 0:13 is the best part of the video. Who wouldnt squat some heavy ass weight listening to prodigy breathe and having a friend screaming “TURN IT ON MOTHERFUCKER LETS GO”?

  • Hey Chris. Why dont you go set the all american reccord for the deadlift? George only did 909….seems like you could walk all over that pretty easy.

  • Hi chris; do you skype consultation on dieting and nutrition. I really need your help. I left you a message thru your website email. Can you contact me.

  • Thanks Chris your words are inspirational to me as a 56yr old lifter. People say I still look I’m in my 30yrs old. You bring me a new life again. I’m competing in April at a police and fire powerlifting meet, at 156lbs I looking to squat 400lbs due to injuries I only hopping for a 200 bench press. And 415 deadlift. Thanks Chris. DaveHewLen

  • Great lift! I’m sure someone already asked but why do you use the straps? I have seen some of your other videos and I know you definitely have suburb grip strength so I am not knocking the video whatsoever, I am just curious.

  • very awesome video, im having trouble getting a full squeeze on my glutes in that one leg kneeling on the floor position, it doesnt feel as full of a squeeze from the fully extended position for me, like for my chest and biceps i can fully extend and still have a squeeze but for my glutes they just let go as soon as i try to squat or deadlift maybe the muscle isnt big enough for me to get a fuller squeeze while extended and i will be working on this. great explanation telling us to go back to the first movement and use what we learned from the other 2 and try to get a better squeeze on the glutes. this will open new doors for me. thank you so much i used to obsessively watch all your videos, time to go back through them

  • Damn YouTube not recommending this channel after many years of watching lifting videos has to be the biggest error in the YouTube algorithm

  • That was absolutely amazing Chris…I can’t even tell you how inspirational this is. Much luck to you in the rest of your life goals, whatever they may be…

  • Finally something I do right.  But I have been doing cable crunches, oops.  I’ve got a fever for abs and the prescription is more ab wheel baby, lol.

  • Awesome lifts. But the sight of a huge fatty 8n a bright green shirt with the word Nutrition emblazoned across it is just hilarious. An oxymoron.

  • I’m a huge fan and your videos have helped me so much with my sumo deadlift and lifting in general, thank you Chris and it would be awesome if you did a video on what you say to pump yourself up before a lift

  • Hey Chris, 

    Do you have any videos on VMO activation? I have some bad patella tracking issues because my VMO does not activate very well. Any advice?

  • doing heavy bench lockouts and reasonably heavy standing overhead presses -work my abs MORE than any other exercise I use, of the 79 ab exercises listed for ex on bodybuilder.c-the hardest ab ex of all time is called the Dragon-as it was deveopled by the best martial artist of all time: you hold on to a stationary object behind you while laying down and actually lift your entire body UP off the ground-wickedly difficult-but effective. Great stuf Chris as usual!

  • Chris, great video mate. Some of the subtle ways you describe things such as ‘twist it out’ with respect to gripping the ground works so well in glute activation.

  • These videos and your articles on the site have probably been the most useful in working through my groin strain…there is not alot out there especially when it comes to weightlifting/powerlifting…

  • Great video! Amazing bump in weight Chris, the stuff of legend! Was that pulling conventional or sumo? I’ve been looking at your videos and it’s solid stuff. I’m trying to adopt your ideas on hand positioning and pulling the rib cage down to support the T-spine when squatting, and I’ve got to say that despite having not so great a day at the gym 2 days ago, the difference from using those techniques was immediately noticeable and shocking quite frankly! Definitely will be practicing the technique. Is it possible for you to do a video about how to integrate this technique, or cues that can be used to integrate those techniques into the conventional deadlift? Also, I was wondering what movements you recommend for lat development? I use the pendlay row and neutral grip pull-ups currently for overall back development.

  • Is the glute supposed to be tensioned during the whole movement of the squat?
    For me, i lose the tension in my glute the moment i start to descend.
    Is that how it is supposed to be? or am i doing it wrong.

    Also, my inner thigh ( adductors) hurt when i squat around 80% of my 1RM (140kg )
    Could it be that my adductors are compensating for the glutes?
    How should i go about this issue?

  • Just as confirmation: You did these exercises and then squatted directly after, right? Very stupid question, but just want to be 100%.

  • these are good exercises to start with as i have tight hip flexor’s and hamstrings. i always squat after leg press, but will try these friday. hopefully i can remember them all. 

  • when doing the third movement i get pain in the hip joint and struggle to be able to push my hip through, any ideas of what could be causing this and how to fix it? thanks

  • Chris do you think the intence corebracing is what makes your bloodvesles in your head explode? and is this why you look like you are about to pass out after a heavy set of deads? is it normal to feel like your head is about to explode?

  • +Chris Duffin Did you do any spinal decompression or do you use any protocols as such? (I feel like it is somewhat relevant as you mentioned you had issues with your back) I am have a bulging disk and I am hanging upside down a 2-3 times a day. I am wondering if you ever dealt with such injury or helped someone to do so.

  • Monster, just an unbelievable freak. Very well-put-together vid. If I may recommend one thing, you’re telling a story but by giving the viewer advance notice of “good lift” before every attempt, you’re giving us a spoiler of how each chapter of the story ends just as those chapters are beginning. Takes away any element of suspense. This would have more impact if the “good lift” graphics were saved until each lift’s completion. But overall, strong work both behind the camera and, of course, under and over the bar!

  • Hey Chris, what’s your opinion on planks? I do them with one arm and one leg touching the ground and I’ll probably load them once I get over 90s. Do you think, that’s a good approach?

  • +Chris Duffin do you have a video where you talk about releasing the shoulder during squat set up like you briefly touched on in this video? I’m interested in hearing about this some more, thanks for the info.

  • do you have a video that could help with the shoulder mobility mentioned in this video? i just discovered your channel and i am finding i have a lot of the issues you bring up about not keeping the spine neutral. at least that is what this video and the hand placement for the squat video is telling me.

  • I always find Chris’s facial expression and movement before squats entertaining. Not in a mocking way, but interesting way. Most lifters will do the “stone face” look, but Chris always shakes his head whether voluntary or not. It’s like he has so much energy to lift that he cant contain himself when he gets to the bar. Very motivating.

  • How often should I be doing these? Also,can you please make a video or two about developing grip strength? How often you can get away with fokusing on just the grip without getting tendonitis and so on?

  • When Pete pulls 1000 lbs he’ll be pulling twice the distance. Still…1000 lbs is a huge pull, no matter how you slice it. So, respect, of course.

  • hi your kabuki squat bar is most strong bar in the world? letme show your test video. your squat bar and power bar is more strong mastodon squat bar? more high capacity? letme show this test video…

  • I can’t reply to Rolistic Rosle further down in the comments but I have the same question about glute activation in the squat. During the descent how much tension should you feel in the glutes? I don’t seem to really feel the glutes firing and that worries me.. especially since lately I’m having pain in the upper IT band turns the right hip when I come out of the deep squat. I’m working on hip flexor flexibility since I know that’s probably an issue.

  • I love this guys knowledge…..buuttttttt I’ll still not convinced about the whole sumo v conventional as a deadlift….sorry….

  • Think about it, if that weight in the beginning is heavy enough to bend an Olympic bar 10 degrees, and he’s capable of squatting it, then this guy is capable of bending Olympic bars 10 degrees. I’m not sure if prison bars are stronger or weaker than am Olympic bar, but I’d gamble this guy could break himself out of prison if he could get the right traction on the prison bars.

  • Beyond exceptional. Duffin is inspirational. With the life this guy had growing up homeless in the mountains to getting an advanced degree and his strength achievements…… fckn awe inspiring!

  • I loved this video! and I would love to watch the whole thing. do you ever considered doing a webinar or something similar? thaks a lot for sharing

  • “A strong mind… and a strong body” that’s what it’s about, bitches! None of that brawn over brain bullshit; you gotta want BOTH!!!!!!!

  • Chris, can I send you the shirt you had on and get you to sign it. I found it under the bench when we cleaned up the Cage at closing. or I can get you next year. either was it was a pleasure getting to talk with you.

  • You’re a beast. Your 3 min video on sumo DL cues increased my sumo 85lbs when I went and did them the next day. Monsterous lifts, here.

  • Whiskey and a 885lb pull…..after squatting 915 and rowing 600×2.

    All of those on their own are impressive, but doing all 3….I mean….wtf