Chef, Cyclist and Father Travis Ton on Finding Well-Being


Do Cyclists Need To Shave Their Legs?

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The Challenges Facing Fat Cyclists

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Yoga For Cyclists Yoga With Adriene

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Gandalf Corner again scolded by 3 cyclists LP68OJE

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How Pro Cyclists Manage Weight And Health

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For Chef Travis Flood, the chef/owner of Pappas Artisanal and Grizzby’s Biscuits & Doughnuts, bicycles have always been around, but they weren’t always associated with fitness.In fact, at first, riding bicycles was associated with fun. Whether it was spinning around the neighborhood as a kid and racing BMX or commuting about San Francisco as a young cook, seeing the world on two wheels. With more than 25 years of experience managing kitchens from Michelin-starred fine-dining establishments to Venetian osterias to modern California restaurants, Chef Travis Flood found a new home at Alexander’s Steakhouse, Pasadena’s most notable fine dining restaurant with a. “The escrow dropped us from flood insurance that was connected to our mortgage and once that happened we had to go out on our own and try to find a. Travis Flood is one of America’s Best Chefs as nominated and recommended by peers in the culinary industry; 1 Restaurants: Pappas Artisanal; 1 Cities: La Verne, CA. Lake Travis Flood (October 2018) -Volente Beach Sandy Creek Shack 512 Duration: 3:29. Hunter Pontious 9,042 views.

As heavy rains fell across Central Texas Monday and Tuesday, water levels quickly rose to cause devastation and destruction. Towns along the Llano and Colora. Travis Flood is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Travis Flood and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.

Jana’s wide experience of languages gives her a unique perspective in understanding issues around flooding in a range of other, non-English speaking countries. Ed Hill Ed is a freelance journalist with a background in technical writing. He is based in South Africa and regularly writes news reports and analysis for FloodList, with a particular. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Henderson was a devoted, hard-working chef. While he was chef at The Place at Perry’s, he was in constant contact with the media and promoted the restaurant and his co-workers with great pride. Henderson was the creator of one of the best chicken-fried steaks in Dallas.

He was a lovely person and his talent will be missed. R.I.P, dear Travis.

List of related literature:

Tim’s “real job” as a motorcycle builder kept him connected to the biker culture throughout the years, and as Joshua House began to develop into a community of faith, more and more of Tim’s clients began showing up around the campfire.

“The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st-Century Church” by Michael Frost, Alan Hirsch
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Matthew also built relationships with professional teams and events, and he’s applied his knowledge and experience of cooking and cycling to help improve the culinary options available to professional cyclists.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Mattia grew up inculcated with cycling lore and the restaurant business.

“Hearts of Lions: The History of American Bicycle Racing” by Peter Joffre Nye, Eric Heiden
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Dad and Freddie had an amazing few days cycling hard, more than 100 kilometers through mountainous Cape Town, and the rest of the family joined them to cheer them on.

“WEconomy: You Can Find Meaning, Make A Living, and Change the World” by Craig Kielburger, Holly Branson, Marc Kielburger, Sheryl Sandberg, Sir Richard Branson
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As T.J. joined the group, blissfully unprepared for the news he was about to hear, Brian’s radio blared: “Tell all the forklift drivers to pull up, get off their fork trucks, and head up front.”

“The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement” by Kayleigh McEnany
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Josh was out on his bike doing the bike path along Lake Michigan… and Amanda had gone over to a friend’s house from church and would go straight to youth group from there.

“2-in-1 Yada Yada: Yada Yada Prayer Group, Yada Yada Gets Down: 2 in 1” by Neta Jackson
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Cycling’s problem has always been the search for something easier than getting the hands blistered by the shovel.

“Inside Team Sky” by David Walsh
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Word quickly spread back to the lodge that both skiers were rescued, on their way to a local hospital, and reportedly doing well.

“Spectrum Reading Workbook, Grade 8” by Spectrum
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“With my role at Arkel, I can now truly say that l have combined my passion for cycling with my day job!”

“Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die: Biking Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations” by Chris Santella
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The dads said their words of celebration while reaching for beer and starting to cook the meat on pans which had been prepared ahead of time.

“Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 2 Volume 3” by Miya Kazuki, You Shiina, Quof
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • As a young plant based cyclist, my family and friends nag about weight and looks sometimes. This has been a good reminder how individual and personal top health is. Thanks for the video GCN!

  • Get a Garmin Varia rear radar unit. No its not the end all be all, but it helps. I mentioned it as I did not even know they existed until riding with a buddy of mine. No I don’t work for Garmin but I like their products.

  • 14 min 14 sec The “I want to kill you” look on Si’s face when Nigel looks at his lap top after telling Si that he has lost muscle mass and gained some fat mass priceless

  • When I was in basic training (boot camp) for the Air Force, they gave us all this penicillin shot right in the butt. It felt like a glob of peanut butter in your muscle. Not fun. They told us to try and roll around on our bum to help work it in. So that booty massage around the 20 min mark imagine a tiny room full of like 60 people all rolling around on their butt trying to figure that out on their own haha.

  • Nice bloke, but he’s only a nutritionist and not a proper dietician? “Nutritionist” is the term any wanker can use to describe themselves. Only registered dieticians can call themselves “dietician”. It doesn’t mean he’s wrong, just not properly qualified. Probably not as bad as cyclists seeking help from chiropractors (don’t get me started).

  • In what universe is it ever acceptable to drive on the wrong side of the road if you’re not an emergency vehicle with flashing blues?

  • I would love to be mentored by nigel. Rode 4401 miles last year and didn’t lose an ounce. 6 ft tall, 229.4 lbs at 61 years old on the way to Type 2 diabetes if I’m not careful. Does Nigel know anyone I can talk to in Miami?

  • I’m not fat, I’m a 4xl petite thank you very much. Thank you for the videos. They help so much with finding ways to keep motivating myself to stay on the bike. I love my bike and I love to ride. The thing that keeps me off it most are the looks and comments I get.
    Keep up the good work and again thank you.

  • Perhaps the reason you receive so much unsolicited YouTube wait, weight, wieght advice from your viewers is because you have based so many of your videos upon the very issue of being “heavy”.

  • Enjoy your perspective. Videos like yours motivate me in my own Biking adventures. Thanks for your videos and looking forward to your continued journey.

    I lost weight, bicycling and, dare a say it? Keto Diet. lost 30 kilos and amazed how much easier it is to power up the hills that killed me before. I have a longer seat time, longer ride time and most of all, a most enjoyable time biking. Bicycling is a wonderful, low impact activity that even elevates your mode. I have recently purchased a Trek Checkpoint gravel bike, for the reward and excitement of riding.

  • Lost for words before selecting “middle age spread”

    Nigel, you are far nicer than me. I would have said Si is starting to get a muffin top ��

    Love the video guys, and love your work!

  • I just don’t get it. The lack of judgement that some drivers display is unbelievable. Cars kill people.

    There are a few things my driving instructor told me that still stick with me. Treat every car as if it’s got a baby inside it. Treat every motorcycle and bike like a car made of egg shells.

    I’ve never had so much as a parking ticket. And only once have I gone over the speed limit, having to avoid getting squashed between two HGV’s on a motorway, one of the drivers was on his phone and I had my 2 year old in the back seat.

    Just have a bit of care and compassion for other people on the roads and we make our country a safer place for everyone.

    Keep up the good work! Not all heroes wear capes!

  • Cant believe the backbone on some of these drivers. Its like some people are missing part of their brain to do with coordination when it comes to driving

  • Another solid video, but I feel like you missed an important type of car on cyclist crash the A-pillar blind spot. A few years ago I suspect that one of our local racers lost his life to this type of crash after a car ran a stop sign in a relatively rural area near Wooster OH. You even met the guy, here’s video of him beating you in a crit in Altoona PA back in 2010:

  • I’m 30, been a messenger on and off since 2009. Ive had number 2 throw me over the hood of a Jeep, and number 4 put me through the window of a Neon. Number 5 is a daily set of near misses, you can’t get on a fucking bike without mother fuckers almost killing you because of a goddamn fucking phone. Always assume they haven’t seen you and don’t care, and are irresponsible, self absorbed, selfish douche bags.

  • This man is more overweight than I am, but damn if he isn’t waaaaaaaay more fit than I am! I just got my first bike as an adult, at 38, starting to cycle after years of sedentary living. I’m looking forward to having the ability to ride as long and leisurely as this fellow.

  • no….not even professionals need to shave thier legs from a time perspective, it will gain you nothing…..they only shave their legs because they get massages every day….end of

  • I once gave a lady a left hand turn signal, and she thought I was weaving her on. luckily she, got close, but didn’t hit me. Of course she blamed me, even when I told her my arm was out reached, and still, not weaving at all. She honestly told me she didn’t know about hand signals.

  • Not gona lie.. Road with a group. One dude had really hairy legs and wore trainer socks…I kept thinking how bad it looked. But the guy was a solid rider… So I felt clever��.
    Having sed that it only looks good in cycling shorts.

  • You are uniting cyclist against all these terrible cyclists!

    Love the 3rd cyclist stopping and shouting at him.

    You are my hero! ��

  • Lol I’ve been riding bicycles since I was 5 (w/out trainers). The most expensive bike I bought was $130 in 2008 and had great fun with it( still going; gave it to my cousin ). I dunno why people spend shit ton of money on stupid technology they’ll never need! All you need is a functional bike and the will to pedal out

  • Take the lane. Take the lane. Take the lane. You have that right. Better to have an asshole behind you beeping than to get squished or doored.
    Motorons can’t believe that you dare to occupy “their space”. Not for two fucking seconds.
    Cycling at the legal posted speed, motorists still haul out over the yellow to pass to wait at the next light.
    When they mess with me, I mess with them right back. Thumping their roofs is a nice wake up call.
    “Accidents”? No. It’s road violence.
    # of motorons killed by cyclists? Zero.
    Cyclists killed by motorons?…
    Air-bagged coffee-sucking killers.

  • Fully support what you do matey, but you seem totally oblivious to cyclists doing the same, you make zero attempts to pull them up, very odd.

  • None of these excuses work with my wife……but she does have a point when you are stood there on a beach, shaven legs and gorilla like upper body! Hairy & Proud (but will probably shave them again at some point, much to my wife’s disdain)

  • The right turn accident. Motorists believe that because they passed you that they now have right of way, because the cyclist is now behind them. And to an extent that’s true. I call this accident the one where a motorist tries to beat you to the right turn at the street/intersection. As a cyclist I treat that as the motorist has taken right of way far enough in advance of the turn that I will see their brake lights and see them slow down, therefore I back off the mashing of pedals and brake too. Knowing they are turning left even without using their turn signals. The result, never been right turned. And coming off a bridge or hill where there’s a street at the immediate bottom is the same thing only worse. I control that downhill speed because the potential for motorists are going to be to try to beat you to the right turn or come out of that street at the bottom of the downhill. Right or wrong with either situation, flat land or downhill, the cyclist loses every time in a collision where it matters most, the life & death of it all.

  • Simon stop lookinfg for the quick fix. Becoming a good bike rider is putting in the miles in. You Simon need to re invent yourself and stop being so repetitive.

  • Great to see a unified effort.
    Why hasn’t the local council done something about this? Bollards or barriers should be strategically placed to keep these ignorant drivers in line.

  • hello,bro can a mtb front derailleur of 21 gear would work for a road bike also of 21 gear system
    Actually i want to convert my mtb into a road bike so can you tell me is it compulsory to change the front derailleur of mtb to convert it into road bike or by simply i will adjust new road bike brakes shifters to it and drop bar would it work?

  • My big thing is to ALWAYS have an exit strategy. Obviously most of the time it will be fine, but you need to have somewhere to go. If you have to bail and crash into the kerb, it’s probably a dick driver but at least you’re alive. If you’re overtaking traffic up the middle of the lane, make sure to have a spot you think you can safely pull in at. If you’re in a lane at high speeds, make sure you have room to swerve. The one place you never have an exit strategy is when undertaking long vehicles. Just don’t do it.

  • These pricks are so board with their own tiny life they like to try to affect other’s. Just do what you to do get out and cycle don’t worry what others think. Getting out walking cycling or whatever it’s s good for wellbeing, mental health, fitness, meeting new friends.
    Great video bye the way I enjoyed it thanks.

  • 0:14 0:18 What about this cyclist who did the exact same thing the car tried to do? I know you won’t even reply to this because youre spineless and will always back cyclists no matter what they do.

  • After several years of research and testing, I’ve managed to please both, my MTB hairy friends and my road friends. I’ve found the exact trimming dimensions to suit both disciplines. I have to say it’s very short, but not completely shaved.

  • You and me, Bro. 100kg, with L5S1 and tried 2K a day elevation gain few times ignoring it. All pain all gain. Like and new subscriber

  • Thanks so much Adriene. As a cyclist I forget how much this practice is great to loosen everything up. I especially love the baby rock at the end. Sooooooo good!!

  • I did not get how that uninsurance thing works in the end of the vid. I am from a different country, so would someone like to explain that for me?

  • Walking puts a far greater stress on one’s knees than riding. This given that one has the pedals setup correctly and bike fit is correct.
    The force of walking on the knee is much greater than sitting on a saddle and turing a pedal over.

    Even worse to fatter than average is to be more muscular(all around) than average and bike ride. This is because fat has a very very low metabolic demand and so has a low blood supply. When one cuts into the average fatty American abdomen there is relatively little bleeding.
    It’s the weightlifting types that really struggle on a bike as not only are they carrying muscle mass that is useless to turing the pedals, but this muscle e.g. pecs, biceps, lats, triceps, still demand heeps of blood to maintain themselves.
    So, it’s best to be a little fat and bike than a little more muscular and bike.

  • Another great result Mikey. It is also interesting to see how many such errant drivers at Gandalf Corner have a problem reversing properly to get back in line. I mean how hard is it?

    Only just now found out about your long live stream. Will watch it after the fact with great interest. Is this to be a fairly regular new feature? And apologies if that’s mentioned in the live stream!

  • I ride 30+ miles a day when it’s 80 outside and right to zero miles soon as the temp drops below 50 degrees. I imagine if I had more than an extra 10 pounds in the winter I might actually ride more.

  • Very good info at the end about disordered eating. Very easy and detrimental to the health in obsessing and bad nutrition to get down to desired weight.

  • Thanks a lot Adrienne!! Just crossing Canada biking i was happy to find that awsome practice(trees are dancing here too!!)
    Merci beaucoup!

  • The commuter on a bike I understand, that middle age men dressed in Lycra and drinking coffee at the Cafe, i will never understand that.

  • Appreciate your videos! As a fat cyclist, the struggles are real. But, we can bicycle! I love bicycling and never see myself stopping. I just wish I could find more fat cyclists at similar fitness in my area for group rides. It’s tough being the largest person on every ride. Even on Zwift I’m the heaviest on most events! Finding kit has been one of the hardest things for me. I found a wheel that worked for me: Velocity Deep V. Ride On and thanks for the extra motivation!

  • Wow! I’ve been doing a lot of cycling lately and my partner keeps telling me I need to stretch. I’ve been putting it off and he suggested I do this video and ahh! I feel so much better already ♥️ love how you explain things

  • Well done again, Mikey. Great support from fellow cyclists we all need to support Mikey’s principled stand. We also all need to obey the Highway Code and the law when cycling: they are there to help keep us safe and to protect others.

  • Again, you are really cool and have character and humor. First you chose such a difficult (&wonderful) sport such as road cycling and go through the gruelling climbs. Then you make this great channel and show lots of competence on cycling matters and have the confidence as a big guy to talk about improving cycling for heavyweights. Chapeau my friend.

  • Only upsides in cool weather or even rain! I shave my legs so I don’t feel the water on the skin and it’s easier to clean after a dirt session…

  • Thank you Adrienne! You’ve helped me lose 20 pounds and I feel AMAZING! I’m 54, I’ve been with you for almost a year. I’m in I fell much better than when I was doing Nautilus, or Zumba. I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20’s so………thank you XOXO

  • Si, you’re sucking your belly in, and are those Cartmans pubes on your chest:-) Oh, sorry the vid, very good again and I wish I wasn’t looking down at something Nigel couldn’t get his fat gauge around

  • Thank you! I love this video for after riding! I also enjoy many other morning yoga videos of yours that I have been using throughout this Covid 19 time. I have recommended you to others also. Great job!✌��❤️����

  • Holy smokes! That rolly glute half baby action is AMAZING! Will be gifting my post bike glutes with this often and will be using in my future teaching. Thank you!

  • Excellent work my friend. Keep it up. Screw those people revealing their stupidity. I’ve lost about 30 pounds in 2 years and continue to be challenged to get to where I want to be. Stay strong!

  • I shave for psychological reasons. If my legs are hairy, the hairs transmit the sensation of moving up and down as well as the feeling of forward motion. I find this distracting. When my legs are shaved I don’t detect these motions and find it easier to get into a zone where I just ride.

  • Salbutamol is the perfect remedy for weight management, which allows riders to burn fat and preserve muscle mass. I am not sure, if it works for the teams without “special relations” with UCI and WADA, but the secret phrase “functional dehydration” works like an official indulgence for this kind of doping.

  • your the man:) thanks for all the advice. so lovely to be encouraged <3 i ve been cycling a while but heart trouble, knee trouble and and a fractured spine have turned me into a kind of pumpkin shaped lady. when i mention the fractured spine most diet advisers usually shut up:D:D:D So i got myself an ebike ( haibike s duro) and I am having sooooo much fun. doing 10 to 20 km a day and already clocked up over 2000 km in a year. i like a bit of gravel and that bike is as good as gold on and off road

  • I live in the very fortunate position to live in Austria, where drivers are very attentive about cyclists… Far from perfect bc you have a load of aggressive idiots especially in city traffic, but it def. Is better then in the us…. Hell, in my town we had one unsafe crossing and BC a guy was injured there, they put in a traffic light… Which brings me to my point…. Some cyclists here seem to try and run every red light possible…. It really pisses me off as a cyclists bc it gives us a bad rep. I had a guy slam into my car from the right while I was crossing on a green light… And all he said was “I thought I could make it….” I mean. Wtf….that’s especially infuriating when you know that here we have what I call idiot seconds… Which means before one light turns green, everything is red for 3sec…. So there is no possibility of “mAybe his light was orange and he just squeezed in…. ” So there is a special breed of cyclists that fuck it up for all of us others… Sorry for the ranting:)

  • Last Sunday a guy was behind me while on a ride here in Columbus, Ohio. Dude keep on reeving is engine on a two lane inner street. One of the times he missed the break, hits my back wheel, i go flying to the side walk. Good thing some other cyclist where coming behind us. Dude speeds off we were un able to get his car info. I din’t break anything ( after going to the ER for a check up Still sore ), my bike is fine. But i tore my beloved Sky Team jersey and my Sunday. People need to learn how to deal with their anger against cyclist.

  • Just biked, got curious, looked up yoga for after biking, and Adriene always has my back! Just discovered this awesome video thank you!

  • I’d say the vast majority of all road cyclists I see where I live are shaven. I like the look and it feels good, pure vanity. If you like the hairy look then good for you.

  • Thanks Leo for the encouragement and inspiration! I’ve had to give up one love after another as different parts of my body have given out over the decades. Mountaineering and running to knees, ocean kayaking to my back. Cycling saved me after 2 minor heart attacks and a minor stroke. It’s still much easier for me than walking. And I’ve been seriously fighting my weight in as far as cycling goes since 2012. 69 now with over 25,000 miles in the last 8 years and still hanging on. So glad to have found your channel. Cheers Mate!

  • Great practice. Really good for some of my problem areas. I can tell I’m gonna be randomly doing that leg baby stretch all the time now.

  • I know bells can seem dorky, but I have found them to be indispensable when riding in heavy pedestrian areas. Better than using whatever weird sounds you can make. Overall good advice.

  • This is REALLY helpful. I’m an avid cyclist, riding 50+km multiple times a week and have never done much stretching. Finding this session super helpful and looking forward to gaining more flexibility with it. THANKS

  • I’ve been back to the gym since it reopened and have been back on a bike at least three times a week for three weeks! THIS practice will be a mist excellent way to stretch after!! So happy to see this on the calendar����♥️

  • Oh the spelling thing!!! I love it. The other one that really shits me? Breaking on the breaks! Fuck! It’s brakes you morons!!!!! Like your work mate

  • well…sheldon brown simply said “because it’s tradition”. so, there you go. nevertheless, i have very hairy legs lol. i’m too lazy to shave my face, let alone anything else.:P

  • Pros startet to shave legs when cycling became a boys sport instead of a man’s sport. Remember the episode about old tour de France with hank and Marc? Ask those man from back in the day if they would shave their legs. The will ask you if youve eaten a moldy baguette!

  • That modified leg baby rocked literally! And leg baby, I laugh every time. Such a good month of Shift. Very happy to be with everyone on this journey. ❤️

  • Shaved mine for years coming up 70 still do it makes me think I’m still young and fast which unfortunately I’m not but I can still dream

  • That was exactly what I needed today, thank you! I’m not a cyclist but do a lot of walking and a lot of sitting hunched over a computer so this was great. Namaste all xx

  • Checking and maintaining spoke tension will also reduce or extend time between broken spokes; I haven’t had one since I integrated it into my maintenance regime.

  • Pattern was already clear after #2:D
    Is it that bad in the US? In Belgium we had a huge campaign 10 years ago and massive fines when you get caught. The fines when you’re on your phone while driving are higher than running a red light. And if you’re a repeated offender, you could actually get your license revoked.

  • I keep hearing the word “scientific” but then the comment “if you’re a bit wonky we send you to the chiro” that’s as bs a comment as it comes if you know anything about the human body and manual therapy!

  • Very good discussion, gents. Thanks! Would be great to see one on riding in your 50’s comparative to your 30’s say… And how some of this data, or perhaps approach, comes into it. For those of us trying to “stay fit” in mid-life it would be cool to see.

  • SHIFT Day 14! Needed this so badly from all the extra walking with my dog lately. This is also the first tile I’ve followed along with the monthly calendars besides doing the annual challenges. My body and soul are loving it ������

  • I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I love how candid you are. At 50 I’ve just discovered this wonderful sport that is cycling and am learning a lot. Cheers from Sorel-Tracy Canada.

  • That little booty massage at the end of this practice is probably my new favorite yoga move! It feels so good! Especially post-workout when the muscles are a little sore. Thank you so much, Adriene!

  • Wow! This is a good idea för bikers training! This is the question!!! Im biker / surfer / snowborder / what cain of yoga i need?

  • Thank you very much Adriene for you you are great!!! I have been practicing with you on a daily basis, every morning already 4 months (since the beginning of covid19 ). It is awesome and give me energy for the whole day. May l ask that you’ll try to put the subtitles on the upper part of the screen, that way we’ll be able to see you better. Thank you and keep doing what you do you are wonderful

  • Thanks for this very good video. On collision type #5, when a driver says “came from nowhere” it’s an almost sure sign that the driver wasn’t looking where they were supposed to be looking. “Came from nowhere” is a horrible excuse, because the laws govern where we GO TO not where we COME FROM.

  • I am 68yrs and an overweight mtn biker. I am contemplating moving from my 3×8 to a 1×12 on a more aggressive (expensive) frame. My wife said, “Your 68!” I said, “Want me to wait until I am 75?”

  • When I look at the length of the videos in Shift I’ll admit I feel intimidated. 23 minutes of my experience of group classes is heavy sweating, an instructor telling you to push yourself, loads of chaturangas. But the practice on Yoga With Adriene is challenging but also meditative. Time just flies by. Thank you.

  • I’m fat lol. I love to ride. I try to ride year round. Leonard you are an inspiration to all of us fluffy people. Thanks from Chicago.

  • I wish I could like this video every time I do the practice. I freakin love the last pose. Feels amazing on my back. Thank you!!!!!!

  • I shave my legs before races and in the summer…pretty much for the reasons mentioned in the video. I don’t shave them in the winter though…and as I have very hair legs it helps a lot with cold mornings on the bike.

  • Awesome practice as always, Thank you Adriene! On this month’s playlist I see you have yoga for runners, swimmers, surfers, skaters, about yoga for footballers? (Or soccer players as you folks might say!) Two of my favourite forms of exercise, yoga and football(soccer)! A nice yoga workout/cool down stretch would be perfect after our game.

  • Been following your videos for awhile but this is probably my favorite post-workout video!!! That last bit especially. Thank you so much Adriene!

  • I’m a newcomer to cycling. About a year ago, I weighed about 118 kg and was completely out of shape. I had been a runner in my teens, and so I worked up from walking over increasing distances and paces to running, and was burning 750 calories per run 5 runs/week. I lost 30 kg in the process when I developed tendonitis in my left Achilles and was unable to do any cardio for 3 months, over the winter holidays, of course. As part of my recovery, I became able to cycle since it isn’t an impact activity, and got a decent bike (Specialized Roubaix Sport) so I could get some cardio. SPOILER WARNING: I’ve fallen in love with cycling. The things I loved about running are magnified and the things I hated (sore feet and bloody toes) are gone. However, there seems to be more of a need for recovery from a solid ride than I ever experienced running. I’d rather do a 5/2 schedule than ride/recover repeatedly, but that’s what I’m seeing from all these videos…my focus needs to be on calorie burn as I’ve gained some weight back over my non-cardio period, although I am substantially more fit than I was at my current weight when I was dropping.

    TLDR: How can I maximize my calorie burn through riding on an overall basis? 750/day would be ideal.

    I do have a trainer so I can ride indoors during inclement weather, which is beneficial here in New Jersey with temps at 30F and below not uncommon.

  • Oh my, during the first portion of the video I though Connor cut his leg shaving and blood was dripping down. Turns out his leg muscles are just so “cut” that it was a shadow ��

  • Had a sports massage yesterday and the topic of leg shaving came up. Ask yourself why leg hair exists? It’s scientifically proven to prevent infections and stops bacteria from reproducing, all the more important these days. I’m in the minority though right?

  • I would add: Choose a safe route if you’re riding recreationally or for fitness. About 5 years ago a former student of mine was training for an Ironman triathlon (she had competed before, was very dedicated and thoughtful) and was riding on the PCH in Santa Monica/Palisades when she got hit by a passing bus and was killed. Routes with voluminous high speed traffic are a death wish. Just like riding a motorcycle, be aware of your 360 all the time and always plan your “swerve” if behind a vehicle and they hit their breaks (or a #4 happens).

  • Basically put you’re fckn phone down. I was on a ride two days ago and had an suv make a left turn while running a red light and cutting across the lane I was coming up to the intersection in. Scared the hell out of me, but I anticipated it and was able to swerve right.

  • Me who is a Mountain Biker and rides his bike to the market and back and races his friends on road and offroad and does stunts like jumps of the curbs rideing down the stairs and more stunts and tricks and hates road bikers and lives to go down a hill over 50kmh and wears full face helmet,knee and elbow pads and does ride on the road with car:uhhhh i dont know which one i am��.

  • Good satire. Focused primarily on the differences between road cyclists and the rest of the bicycle world. Of the 454 types of bicycles, road cycling contributes only 13 types, or about 3%. Not terribly inventive. Total competitive cycling, including team sports and wheelchair cycling, brings the total to 110 types, or about 24%. A little better. But expended testosterone and ego bring these values up to at least 60-70%, to be sure. This leaves the vast majority of non-competitive cyclists to contribute between 97 to 76% of the many bicycle types. I guess, based on this video, that the masses of us must be “commuters”, even when we were kids, or when riding cargo bikes, or beach cruisers. I’m afraid that we will, forever more, just be in the way.  Sigh….

  • Hi Adriene!! I love you and I am a long time member of the community. Please make a video for Occipital Neuralgia for my mom. Pretty please with a cherry on top. It would really help her. Namaste

  • I have found that MAJORITY!!! ( very, very few, have any respect & care to others UNFORTUNATELY NOT ALL!!!! �������� of those who ride road bikes ( those, with drop handlebars) always pass as close & as fast as possible. WTF!!! is wrong with them don’t they care or have any consideration for others especially the elderly or young children. NO!!! DEFINITELY NOT!!! They are, simply a MENACE!!!! ������������ when I have been out every one passes me as close & as fast as possible NO BELL OR HORN!!!( scaring the living �� out of me as, they wizz past doing 30, to 40 mph �� to let others know they are approaching. I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THEM!!! ������������������������

  • I appreciate the good intent with this video, but the only realistic way to cycle safely…ride your bike in a park or off road. Otherwise you are entering a world not designed for cycling, which ends up putting your life in the hands of the masses who don’t cycle. You only can control so much.

    The point I am trying to make is that even someone who rides casually and is enthusiastic about the sport may not normally live in areas with bike lanes and pull out in front of you, (see story below) so don’t expect videos like this to work on non cyclists.

    I ride bikes and motorcycles casually, and even when actively trying to be mindful of bike lanes when I visited Boulder, CO (place with tons of has bike lanes for the US), I caught myself forgetting to check the bike lane before making a right hand turn more than once! I was not even on my phone and trying to be aware on my trip! I thankfully didn’t hit anyone or even have any close calls, but because I do not have that habit built in (from 15yrs of driving roads with no bike lanes) I still could have caused an accident or worse…killed someone.

    Please ride like you are invisible, expect no one to see you, and this is why I ride in a state park with bike lanes or ride MTB. BTW, this makes Boulder’s paved trail network that navigates the town away from roads so awesome! I think Atlanta has something similar as well. Stay safe.

  • That’s a lot of scars on Si’s back. One is obviously surgical. I don’t know about the others, but I don’t envy how he got them.:(

  • Some unexpected but very welcome support there…… I say unexpected because you did not script that event at all. “Reversing” skills were totally appalling there……… I think that this idiot needs a retest…. and possibly a drug test. Well done fella ��

  • but errrrr…. a pregnant belly helps to cut through the wind as it has more aerodynamic attributes than a flat tummy. aint so? ��

  • I love the way you’re teaching drivers good manners, what I don’t like is the fact that you’re completely ignoring cyclists doing exactly the same thing. Unfortunately as a pedestrian who walks to work everyday, I’m constantly seeing dangerous situations caused by cyclists on pedestrian crossings

  • Thankyou for your great advice and inspiration i am a struggling cyclist myself and trying to lose weight myself as i have just had a triple bypass and using cycling as part of my rehab… Thankyou again and all the best… Kind regards David….

  • 1:43 he isn’t realy placing that bottle of ketchup on that table?! that’s disgusting and shows a lack of appretiation of the chef’s abilities…

  • This is such a beautiful practice! This is the first time I’ve had an emotional response to a practice, crying in crescent lunge! I’ve been blessed with flexibility, so I’ve never felt much in hip and heart openers, but this was the ticket. Thank you Adriene! What a blessing you are to choose to share your gifts with the world. Namaste ��

  • What about the cyclist who did it before the 500 did? Hypocrites, & when the car mows the cyclist doing it some excuse or allegation will be made.

  • “Sawing, saw-ing. Like a saw” I literally laughed out loud at this! Thank you Adrienne for always being refreshing! And that butt massage was something else! (something amazing)

  • Great video and great insight on how it’s not just about losing weight but also keeping performance targets in check. Hearing about the eating disorders in the pro peloton is heart wrenching for what these athletes are doing to their bodies. EF sounds like they are approaching it as a performance first methodology rather than hoping there’s enough caffeine in a bottle to get a rider to the finish line.

  • Day 14 aboard of the SHIFT train, I was so focused and attentive to my body, todays practice made me feel so relaxed and motivated. thank you so much you’re an angel <3

  • Thank you so much for bringing up the use of the phone while driving. It is completely out of control. For drivers, please slow down!

  • Good video, but as an American, I can’t tell you how unnerving it is to watch you ride on the “wrong” side of the road.

    And good kit advice, but, really, unless you are pro/skinny there is no such thing as a good jersey fit.

    Ride on!

  • A cyclist coming around that corner would have gone through that wind screen, what are these selfish driver thinking about just to save 60 seconds.

  • Great video. Very informative and helpful. Keep up the great work. Fyi, Fast Forward make and excellent set of deep section clincher wheels which are rated for 140kgs. I have ridden over 15,000 km on their F6R-C and they are indestructible. They have an aluminum brake surface so they are very safe at high pressure and keep cool during braking.

  • I hear you about the knees. As another jolly sized 50+ rider I have had a lesson to learn about not abusing the knees and ankles.

  • its sad how people can take the piss for no reason, like what is their problem, anyone can go out and cycle, no matter how old or overweight. it does not matter. there is no point staying indoors if cycling makes you happy and its a fun activity to do even during winter, although i do advise wearing a snoot

  • When you fall, all the hair gets abraded out of the wound, and you can shave around it to make a smooth surface for the tegaderm to stick. No need to shave ahead of time to prepare for a crash.

  • Also want to throw out a #6 for cyclists…

    I know there are a whole bunch of cycling mirrors that are gaudy and totally ruin the aesthetic we’ve created with all of our expensive matching kit. Would be nice to be able to see what’s coming up behind, but those things are ugly as shit. They’re fugly. I wouldn’t use one, either. Well…there’s actually a drop bar mirror which is very low profile and adjustable. It actually looks good on the bike and after using one for over 2 years now I can say it has saved me from several close calls. I have one on every bike and can’t imagine riding without one now. It’s made by CatEye and the model is BM-45 (bar-end mirror 45mm). If you want to check it out, they’re about $13 on Amazon, Competitive Cyclist, AMain, and their own website.

  • Well said. Not everybody is slim and super fit but I bet you would still kick ass of the trolls. Keep going, don’t let them make you feel bad and mainly enjoy itself.

  • When I got hit by a car, it was a driver rolling through a Give Way sign without slowing down to properly check for all traffic. He did a cursory check for cars and based on the camera footage, I doubt he even touched his brakes. Around he went and down I went. Lucky the 4WD in the second lane I got thrown into was a few lengths back, or I’d have been turned into sausage meat underneath it.

  • I dug the old steel Panasonic out of the garage about two months ago, took it to the shop for a tune up and figured with the free time because of the lockdown it was a good time to get the blood pressure and the weight down a little. I’m a big guy too and it was hard at first, but just as you’ve explained it gets easier after every outing. I ride a daily 3.5 mile loop with two fairly good climbs and I’ve improved 3 mph on the average time since starting and can now grind them out in the big ring. I’ve lost 20 red blooded American pounds and won’t be going back searching for it. You inspire and inform me, so I’m digging through your archives, keep em coming. PS; after watching your cadence I don’t think anyone that’s ever ridden a bike up a hill would think you didn’t carry your weight damn well.

  • Spot on! Crash #1 happend to me a few years ago… squashed my face into a car like a pancake. But not in some busy streets like LA. This could happen in the most bizar, unsuspected and quite places. Luckily I can still ride my bike:)

  • I think the best name given to heavier cyclists is “Clydesdale” Big heavy and powerful. Im 6ft4, 19st and got a FTP of 280. I get up hills but slowly.

  • That shot of Si in front of the door saying he’s nervous at 0:40 gave me a mini panic as the light above him made me think he’d frosted his tips GCN Red. It may work on the bikes and gear, but not for hair. I think it’s even too horrible to be a suitable “loser’s reward” for a challenge lol.
    And yes I know he didn’t have it in the previous shot, but Ollie’s hair and beard have changed completely within a single video before so, you know…

  • I watched this when it came out and I enjoyed it, but now I realized that the cyclist is drinking racist syrup so my feelings ache deeply

  • this level of detail is impossible to achieve without casually explained being a not so casual bike rider. do you watch gcn videos?

  • Well said. I too am a heavy rider. Though the knee thing is often a matter of seat height. Try and raise your seat just 1-1,5 cm. It is often enough to change the riding position a fraction and makes it a lot better on the knees.

  • You can’t train away a bad diet. Trying to do so will always result in failure. Rewarding yourself with cake for cycling 10-20 miles is also a bad idea.

  • Wear high visibility, wear a helmet, but seriously, just assume everybody is trying to kill you, check check and recheck, ALWAYS COVER YOUR BRAKES

  • Mikey genuine question….. All though I agree with the danger in the laws these people break don’t you think that one day regardless if you are filming or not you may come across a maniac who really hurts you? You are doing a good deed but I cant shake the thought that one day a gandalf cutter just floors it at you. Or the mad driver you chase down for cutting you up ends up having a knife or something. People act mad and regret it afterwards. But by then you could be serious injured or worse.

  • Hello everyone, hopefully I can get some answers here. I’m looking for a used city bike, nothing fancy, but I’m 6’3″-6’4″ so it’s not easy to find a 23″ or 24″ frame and I’m wondering if I could settle for a 22″ and raise the seat? Or is the difference too much too compensate.

  • Good set of instructions but missing couple of major advices (based on 5+ decades on the roads all over the World): 1) Cyclists, ASSERT yourself on the road within your legal rights while being CONSISTENT in your actions. Most traffic regulations in the World ask cyclists to stay to the right (left) as far as practicable but give you explicit right to the full width of the traffic line in which you are moving… Suggestion vs right. Be aware of it, stay to the right but own the lane if conditions require it and most importantly be consistent. 2) Particularly for USA cyclists (seen this here more than anywhere else): OBEY TRAFFIC REGULATIONS, all of them. There are no exemptions (say for a few places like Japan, even there well defined) from traffic rules and regulations for bicyclists. If there is STOP…STOP! If there is red light-STOP. If cars drive on the right YOU DRIVE ON THE RIGHT. Most USA cyclists wear helmets,… and drive through red lights… why helmet then? And now for the note by PG at the end, typical situation I have witnessed in USA many times, yes cyclists (with helmets and great gear) regularly do stupid, unpredictable extremely dangerous things. Particular example best underlining it: Massapequa, Long Island, NY, Sunrise Hwy, in that area super-highway with 8-10 lanes and sporadic traffic lights. Drivers regularly drive 80+mph there. I am at the left turn lane at traffic light intersection with small two-way road. Cyclist is approaching on a small two-way road. Of course, he is well equipped, fashionable and has a helmet on. Of course, he drives on the LEFT side of the small road. He approaches red light for him at 10 lane superhighway. He does not blink, slow down, consider anything. At the same speed he continues across 10 lane superhighway. He lives and is healthy by God’s grace. I would not turn car at that intersection on red… Worst, this is TYPICAL cyclist behavior in USA I observe as both cyclist and driver.

  • It even tells pedestrians to “look left” on the floor, rather than look right for entitled idiot cyclists doing the exact same thing as the stupid car drivers.

  • Although I am not a cyclist, I have SO many in my family, one a 24 hr endurance and the other a triathlete so I’ll pass this practice on. Super stretchy, I really enjoyed the resting pigeon and the freestyle hip/glute massage at the end. Nice one Adriene ����‍♀️����‍♀️����

  • Great video. I love the way you preempted the inevitable trolls from the outset and things just got better and better from there. Thanks for posting.

  • within 30 seconds… Si admits his past… “pretending to be a professional cyclist… again” we realised he was pretending the first time, years ago… LOL

  • The sizing issue sounds like the exact same problem that motorbikers face. In addition to a cyclist I am also a motorbiker and generally I have to stick to gear brands made in the US or Alpinestars (while italian, their sizing is consistently spot on). Dianese, the other big Italian maker of motorbike gear is sized for tiny Italian people. And while the typical image of a motoribker in the US is of a big, fat guy on a Harley-Davidson, finding gear that actually fits us bigger guys is still not easy, especially trying to find race leathers for track riding (apparently everyone who rides a motorbike on a track is tiny). I still don’t even really have proper mountain bike kit, I really just wear the same clothes I wear while hiking, aside from the addition of protective gear.

  • In addition to this great stuff, my 20 years of city commuting have taught me a few things I never see other cyclists doing. I learned a long time ago to wave like crazy. Wave hello, I see you, starting with cars behind you. (You’ve got a mirror, right?) Direct traffic with the arms. Wave a car through (even when they have the right of way!) so they know you’re not going to do something stupid. Wave your arms to be seen. Indicate your direction even though it should be obvious. I find car drivers are mostly just relieved to know what you’re doing. Remember, they see hundreds of jerk cyclists all the time. That guy who ran a stop sign in front of them on his bike? They figure that’s you, too. (I always stop and give cars the right of way, and it drives me nuts when a jerk cyclist heading down the perp runs a light or sign.) Show drivers what a non-jerk looks like, and increase your odds of staying alive. Give thanks with a thumbs up for ordinary acts of sharing. It can be hard, but in my experience, it helps. You’ll probably see those same cars again, and if not, pay it forward with good behavior. Repeating some of what’s below, but can’t be repeated enough.

  • Thank you Adriene for this video. Would be great if you made a version for cyclists with knee problems like myself! Knee injuries are a big reason why many turn to the sport.:)

  • I know the car should have not gone down there idiot can you educate some of your Bikers going through red lights all the time very dangerous nothing said about that well done ��������

  • When I started riding in earnest 30-32 years ago, I shaved my legs for the first time. I also used to work outside in the winter and wear multiple layers of socks and long underwear. That following winter I kept shaving out of habit, and I quickly discovered that my legs no longer hurt at the end of the day. Turns out it was from all of the rubbing and chafing of the socks and the boots. So I kept shaving, or at least clipping the hair off.

    30 years later, I’m still doing it. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop. If I had the money, I’d laser it all off just to save the hassle!

  • I guess i’m a mix of both of these, as i ride my bike to go places (like a commuter) but i’m faster than all the cyclist i come across. (and i meet a lot of them)

  • Today I cycled to work for the second time and then I came home to see that you had a yoga practice for me!! Love and Light to you Adriene! Namaste! x

  • Why is the golf ball always brought up by Ollie in regards to aero.

    Tennis balls are a better choice of application. They are much faster before they get fluffed up… they don’t display any of this increased laminar flow Ollie is talking about. Anyone who has used a tennis ball without the fluff, knows they travel a lot further.

  • My daughter and her girlfriend both lost their lives on June 26, 2020 when a driver traveling at a high rate of speed went to the right of the car in front of him, onto the berm, killing both instantly. He left the scene and hid the vehicle. Allegedly, this was his second hit and run within a week. Completely senseless! I jus needed to share.

  • Mikey needs to go on tour. Spread the word to the rest of the UK. We need to get a name for it,start a media frenzy. “Gandalf Corner 2020 Tour, 6 points and £200 fine, is coming for you.” Maybe even a film deal of TV series, the sky’s the limit.

  • Nice video. I particularly like the footage around Cheddar Gorge. I like to ride there as often as I can on my fat bike. 😉 Keep up the good work.

  • I would say that maybe your greatest concern is the strain your weight places on your heart? With thinner people, the correlate would be the over-zealous sprinting they might try to do for periods longer than they should? More weight placed on the bike may effect the amount of tyre wear, too? Fortunately Leonard, you don’t smoke, so your lungs are able to put the required litres of oxygen into your bloodstream, and that helps to keep your system running. At the same time, the cycling you have done will have benefits. Underneath all the adipose will be a strong skeletal structure connected to strong muscle tissues, fed oxygen by clear lungs. So, the way I see it, you have two concerns, that for heart, and the other for possible reasons of vanity. As long as you burn off more than you put in, your body will lose weight, even if you don’t exercise (but it won’t be comfortable once the ketosis kicks in).
    I am on the other side of the coin. I used to be very fit and very active up until late 30’s, but didn’t start putting weight on until my forties, when I ballooned up to almost 17 stone, plus I have smoked since my late teens. I am 60 now, and have stopped smoking, and want to take up cycling as part of a change in my psyche’s paradigm. I know I cannot get back to the levels of fitness I had earlier in life, but I know I can achieve a decent percentage towards it by making lifestyle changes. I have lost weight and am back to the top-end of my ideal weight (13.5 stone), but the real work is to make good repair (where it can happen) to my lungs, my heart and body in general. I reckon the first year is going to be very hard for me, but I figure if I go about it on a gentle bell curve slope, I should be in a much better position a year hence?

  • Hallelujah! I’ve found a cyclist that actually understands the issues us fat cyclists face. I’ll now feel so much better grinding up hills at 8km/ph whilst my skinner cycling buddies wait at the top for me!

  • Look at all the nonces talking about the cyclist when a 2 ton car (well 1.2t in this case) is far more dangerous and takes up the whole road. Don’t be a nonce be nice

  • I still believe every teams winter training camp is like the scene in the movie Heavyweights where Ben Stiller’s character is weighing all the campers

  • haha!! love Island so true:-) Well done for this series of videos as a larger rider myself, a lot of what you say resonates with me too…especially the power to weight ratio:-) Am going to Mallorca end March so desperately trying to improve the power to weight ratio before I go! Keep it up!

  • I was struck by an idiot in a white Mercedes SUV in “Crash #1” scenario. She was waiting at the light to make a left turn. I was coming through the intersection at 20MPH. I had the green light and the right of way. She saw me. She turned anyway because the parking attendant across the street from her was waving her into the lot. F-ing idiots. Fortunately, no broken bones, but my Basso was trashed.

    I know this video is about motorists, but man I hate dogs. I broke my collarbone when I hit a crazy Doberman Pinscher at that came barreling into the paceline I was in. I struck it squarely in the ribs at 25MPH, went airborne, and landed on my shoulder. I f-ing hate dogs and irresponsible dog owners.

  • just love the vids on this corner..what makes drivers think they can drive down the wrong side of the road? great stuff Mikey,see this one is dated August 2020..good to see ya active again.Have you been absent due to the coronavirus situation?

  • Us fatties just have to work a lot harder to haul our sorry carcasses around the roads. I wouldn’t change a thing. I absolutely love cycling and my sack of spuds physique is my problem, nobody else needs to worry about it. At least with us chubsters there’s plenty of velocity to carry that bike when going down the hills. Keep up the great videos Leonard.

  • If i lived there i would walk straight across the road and get hit by one of those ignorant drivers and put a huge compensation claim in and hopefully get them banned. It would serve that person right

  • i admit it is scary after years of not cycling, then to have a dream of cycling america via bicycle
    keep the videos comming my advice, use the negative as a motivator, and challnge, embrace the dream, ride and live strong. god bless.

  • And not only it has to be fat, but also fat lad. How about all the overweight women. Sometimes it seems that everyone that rides a bicycle is a dude, while the opposite is closer to the truth. I have found out that many of the cyclist dudes that I follow on youtube have a wives that ride impressive distances, but they do not make any videos. Sometimes they appear on that guy’s channel, though.

  • If it makes you feel any better the choices for me in the states aren’t much better for kit/clothing for riding. I hate that all clothing manufacturers are convinced that riders are stick figures and don’t need sizes beyond an XL. Please keep making videos, love the channel!

  • Excellent. I’ve done a LOT of cyclists’ yoga, both paid and free. This is one of the very best period. Too many rely on downward dog as the foundation for everything. DD has its uses but after a while it ceased to stretch my calves, hamstrings and glutes and started to be about a shoulder endurance test. All good but not too great when your legs are screaming to be stretched. This is the first yoga session for cyclists that doesn’t do a single DD and yet hits the hamstrings, psoas and glutes hard, but in a really good way. Thanks Adrienne, I’m a fan.

  • Hi Phil, you missed Crash #6. Pedestrians walking out from between cars not checking traffic to cross the street. Runners at the Rose Bowl all of a sudden stopping to change direction, and run out in front of cyclists. Lots of times they see you coming, but still run out in front of you. It’s like they think you are an ‘A’ hole cyclist, ‘you better stop for me’. This is mostly true for cyclists, but both parties still get hurt after a collision.

  • I wish every bike sale came with a bike safety road rules. Also motor vehicle tests learn about bike rules safety too. Or a video like this!! =)
    Thank you, for this video!! =)
    Bike legal =)
    Maybe they do? I just don’t know?

  • Absolutely the stupidest thing about cycling. I know roadies who think not shaving is an insult to the sport. My normal friends would die laughing if I shaved.

  • I hate to say it but that first cyclist in the high vis shouldn’t have done it either, not as dangerous I know, but it makes idiot drivers think they can get away with shit too

  • Thank you for this video! I’m a heavy guy myself who enjoys cycling. You are spot on in your dialogue I’m am going to subscribe!

  • This is such a great workout. I’ve done it twice after a long ride, and it really helps rest and cool down those muscles. I’ll be coming back often. Thank you:)

  • Shaved legs are better wash after a grimy ride, better to rub in sun protecting cremes and certainly better for massage oils. Further tight cycling shorts combined with hairy legs makes one look like a chimpanzee that has escaped from the Zoo. Although I belong to the older generation now I still have a certain pride regarding my appearance as a good cyclist. I rode licensed and unlicensed races and still ride daily, I’m in good shape with legs I don’t have to hide and don’t mind showing it. Oddly I know men who shave their chests to show their exaggerated pectoralis major muscle but balk at shaved legs. If you feel your masculinity is in peril because you shave your legs you may have much greater problems than you think. I asked my wife some time ago if I should stop shaving my legs, she gave a resounding NO. Yes gentlemen, it seems women like muscular droughty and shaved legs.

  • I stop at stop signs too, surprisingly it confuses many drivers as they’re expecting me to run the stop. But I don’t run them if there are cars present. My closet calls have been with other cyclists running stop signs.

  • “pregnant women are not a-” chrome fucking crashes
    no joke i was tryna join a rust server and chrome crashed right there im not even mad

  • Would Si have the same body if he had not been a competition cyclist ie his upper body muscle structure etc. is he over lean? So really, we all see that tour competitions only have super lean riders to minimise weight on the bike but that to me doesn’t reflect the normal range of healthy body weight in normal competition. Competition now seems to be more about everything but the human rider. Should there be weight classes?…

  • The Dutch Reach is BULLSHIT! Where were your eyes looking? Not behind your car but next to it! Use your damned review mirror to see the cyclists coming up from behind you. I’m a bike planner on the East Coast with 30 cycling experience in the New York Metro area and an LCI.

  • nice video, no matter what size a person is at least they’re out doing what they enjoy! ignore all the comment’s, carry on and enjoy the scenery and fresh air:-)

  • Great even tempered video Phil. Have a look at this article too for some scientific tips.

  • Phil, i love you and all your vids and this comment is sort of in jest but lets not pretend like we all didnt see you and everyone else in Safa Brians Nichols Ride video running red lights and stop signs for a pointless weekend ride lol

  • All solid advice. The one thing I’d add is the use of a blinking (and working) taillight. In general, I’ve had positive experiences with drivers where I ride (Santa Cruz CA) and to my great surprise and pleasure, drivers seem to have gotten more courteous during the pandemic. It really is all about awareness and Phil has correctly identified the phone as the principle agent of distraction. Unless I make eye contact with a driver, I assume they can’t see me. I also make liberal use of waves and smiles for drivers who do see me and/or wave me through an intersection and I try to never take away a drivers right of way by doing something like blowing through a stop sign when it’s their turn. The last thing we cyclists want is pissed off drivers so I try to do what I can on rides to be an ambassador for the sport. There is no way cyclists will win a war with cars so let’s get them to love us. Let’s put all those endorphins we get while riding to good use!

  • I can’t understand why you’re over wait (LOL) when you apparently cycle quite a bit, and I know from personal experience that cycling will burn off a LOT of calories. Like your channel and appreciate all that you do.

  • Thanks Phil some really good info there, appreciate the upload,
    The video quality for an experienced YTuber is pretty ordinary, out of focus, to many jump cuts, cars disappearing and blow out footage. Gezzz. Maybe check your footage on site before leaving the shoot location.����

  • You can only use a clipper instead of a razor in order to not hurt your skin. I find more hygienic to brush skin. The secret is an icy shower after each training session, this is not fun but you can workout the next day. Nice bike. Is it better to keep your moustache? You can move right and left your moustache so other cyclists don’t know where you overtake.

  • As an aerodynamicist I have to push back on the assertion that hair will “trip” the boundary layer and decrease drag.

    First off, the flow on your moving legs will be turbulent already. Secondly, each hair is more “wetted area”, a LOT more overall surface that will use viscous shear to catch the air, meaning that like the wings of a bumblebee that essentially paddles the sky, you’re moving a larger region of the air around your legs with hair, not just what’s at the surface.

    Bumpy leg skin will do a great job tripping the flow already. Lol. And in my own TT experience, legs do make a very measurable difference. The gains are real!

  • Nobody noticed that weigh device cannot give accurate measurement on carpet, its need a hard surface for sensor to detect correct weight. Please try if someday has doubt. That means weight shown is wrong.

  • Would have liked to know about if they do blood and gene tests to see how a riders nutrition can be altered based on those factors. I’m sure they do blood tests at least and I think that’s an interesting aspect.

  • Here in UK it’s illegal to use phone when driving (unless totally hands free), is this not the case in US and other countries? Phil makes repeated and totally valid appeals to get off your phone so was wondering. Still get loads of people using them at wheel though.

  • Amazing sequence to work on the legs after an energetic morning walk. Just loved stretching the hip and leg holding each foot. So cool! It’s already in my Favorites list ����

  • Great example of real community policing in action. If only more people like these would stand up to and call out bad drivers we’d see a lot less of ’em!

  • Another bit of advice (for the cyclist) is to try to use more bike friendly routes. Some roads and stretches of roads are notoriously dangerous for a whole host of reasons. The only place I ever got hit was a very dangerous stretch of road that I had to take to get to work. It was dangerous because it was just after and before a freeway exit that is always chaotic because cars need to switch from the left to the right and vice versa so cars are swinging across lanes wildly. Some guy swung all the way from the leftmost lane and did a #2 (right turn) to get into gas station before I could react. If I’d had an alternate route away from that dangerous area I would have.
    Advice for the rest of us regarding these areas is to promote the dedication of bike-friendly routes. Cars tend to be more understanding and cautious when it’s known that cyclists frequent the areas.

  • The driving while on the phone bugs me so much. The worst is when drivers creep out of an intersection and you can clearly see them using their phones. SMH

  • I love the advice for trolls! I had lost quite a bit of weight running (with more to go), but then spent 3 months without cardio (over the holidays, of course) due to an injury and gained some back. Cycling and its low impact was attractive, so I’m back on the weight loss path, getting fitter as I go. It’s nice finishing a workout and only having tired muscles rather than sore feet, too, from the pounding.

    And kudos for you for making this channel and giving support to the rest of us who don’t look much like the people in other cycling channels.

  • This is absolutely the best YWA video to undo the damage of a 12-hour shift as a bedside nurse. It hits all the overworked parts: hamstrings, glutes, low back. Leg-baby massage is a true gift!

  • Just shaved my legs but with a Moser machine. Had lot of hair cause I never shaved before on legs…. don’t need a complete skinny leg but I’ll keep em tidy with short hair from now on. Using cutting machine gave no irritation at all, just leave 2 mm length cut and is fine.

  • Good presentation, good information. Myself I have always been heavy. I have been riding for more than 50 years. Mostly commuting and day tours. Yes, hills can be an issue, and knees are definitely deserving of care and caution. My long distance bike is a Ghost dual sport style. Tires are 700c X 38c. However I am going to increase the width of the tires next time I replace the tires. Flats, especially pinch flats used to be a big problem with this bike but now I use Bontrager hard case tires. Over 7,000 miles without a flat. I have also become familiar with tubeless tires. This works well but is a bit of a maintenance hassle. But never a flat is worth it to me. I have the cassette changed for a 42 low gear so that I can ride up hills slower and less pressure on knees. My rides are usually about 70 to 100 miles. I am from the U.S. retired and currently living in Metro Manila Philippines. The traffic in Manila is insane. I call it the most fun you can have on a bike. The rural areas are also a challenge with crazy truck drivers and non-stop road construction. But drivers are usually friendly here and almost never any road rage. The roads are either flat through rice growing areas or over mountains. Either way it is always hot here. I enjoy cycling here very much. I put over 5,000 miles on the Ghost bike in 2019. My all day average speed is about 10 miles per hour. This includes rest times. The Ghost bike has been very reliable over all. But I did recently have the rims replaced after 10,000 miles due to cracks around the spoke mounting holes in the rear rim. I always carry lots of water and emergency repair gear. I have a rear rack with saddle bags and a small front basket. So the bike is heavy along with me being heavy. But as I usually ride alone I must be able to deal with any mechanical issues on my own. And running out of water on a ride here is a serious thing. So I always go prepared. Your presentation was interesting. This is my first of your video. I will try to view more. Thanks.

  • I like this month’s challenge “shift”I would NEVER have chosen this practice based on the title but now I am saving it to do it again! Thank you!

  • I honestly don’t think Conor could deflate someone’s tyres. Big friendly giant would probably apologise for intimidating the poor bugger I get him onto.

    Bless his lovely soul

  • Only had one experience where a motorist was a total hateful douche. At the end of a 50 miler a mutant asshat in a white work van actually moved into me when I was on the shoulder laughing his ass off as he tried to run me off the road. The laughing stopped when I caught up to him at a long light a few hundred yards up the road and his van lost it’s passenger side mirror and acquired a huge dent in the side door (yea heavy Sidi’s!) I’m sure he had a great time explaining that to his boss

  • I have always wondered wether weight actually plays out as a benefit while descending. I think riding technique is much more important. I am not lightweight, but i am not (too far) overweight either. The idea of descending carrying a lot of extra weight high up (on my body) would trouble me when going into a corner with some speed. However, I have experienced how well a bike with panniers on front and back (so lower centre of gravity) does descend pretty nicely.

  • Adriene I LOVE your sport specific yoga sessions and the fact there are lots of varieties of duration so we can do a quick stretch or more thorough practise depending on how much time we have a huge THANK YOU for sharing these on line for free, I have shared with loads of friends.. please keep up the AWESOME yoga sharing Adriene!!
    PS. Do you have a session that goes through the 26 postures of Bikram? Many thanks again, Lucy

  • I think i’m a new type of hybrid between Commuter and “Cyclist” a “Competitive Commuter”.

    I compete and try to race buses, slow-cars & old lady on motorbikes to feel good. Arriving at office drenched with sweat and a smile of victory.

  • i’m just over 16 stone and do get some abuse when out, or shunned by thinner cyclists. i just shrug and think to myself “at least i’m riding”

  • This guy is amazing, he makes videos of our funniest thoughts!!! Wait… (still very funny, carry on! 😉

  • Früher war ich ein guter Rennradfahrer ca. 78kg / 188cm, jetzt mit 46 Jahren wiege ich 112 kg und schaue mein Rennrad nur noch an. Hab einfach keine lust, dieses Übergewicht “rumzufahren”.

  • Some grrreeeeaaat stretches going on here, thank you, Adriene. And it’s now juuuust less than a week until my bike is delivered… and I’ll be using this practice even more frequently after my daily (one can but dream) rides about town (with helmet on, of course). Namaste.

  • Good for you man. Great video! I am at the opposite spectrum. My whole life i been small and thin, and growing up as an Asian in North America has its challenges with sports. i was always never able to be on a sports team when I was in school and when I got older was never strong enough to compete in the REC leagues. Then 4 yrs ago I found cycling, and for first time ever my lightweight structure was the ‘envious’ of other cyclists. Its funny how naive and mean humans are to others, but I m glad we both found our love in sport of cycling! Keep up the hard work! I watched your training to mallorca while I was at the same time training last year to go Mallorca too =)

  • I too am over 50 (much) and overweight. I started cycling in January and have been enjoying that journey �� Just found your channel and love your content. You are a great motivator and I’ll keep learning from you. Oddly cycling is helping my knee pain. I’m switching from a Motobecane Diamond frame to a step through Liv Sedona DX W (2019) 24 speed as I can’t handle the diamond frame mount/dismount well because of the limits to my knee mobility. Truly risks my well being����. You crack me up on the diet preference comments������ Keep on keeping on my friend!!!! Will comment again soon

  • Great video. I’d add
    Plan your routes to avoid bad traffic
    Be careful around sunset when drivers might be blinded
    Make yourself visible: bright clothes, reflectors and lights at night

  • I personally have to say that I find it incredibly uncomfortable to put on bibs with hairy legs. The hair gets all twisted up, peeks through the shorts and just feels wrong to me.

    That said, razor burn isn’t exactly comfortable either, especially combined with bibs.

  • Another fat cyclist here, greatly appreciating your astute commentary. I remember being a painfully skinny child, praying to grow into a big man. I’m good sized now, at 75, and i wish I’d taken up cycling years ago when i was ideally built for it, rather than so many years later when i so obviously am not.

  • Bit of a stinker Cheddar Gorge. Being just under 18 stones, I struggle a bit on those bends, especially if I have been in Sweets cafe at Westhay, scoffing the scones!!

  • I am dealing with runner’s knee injuries that sometimes bring discomfort. Although I am still limited to certain movements, this yoga session was extremely helpful. I am going to continue to do this particular one every day. Thank you!!!

  • Used to shave but gave it up as it was just too much work. And in grown hairs, not fun! However, I would swear that the loss of the “air through hair” sensation on my shaved legs made me ride faster trying to get same pre-shaven sensation. Might be time to break out the clippers, a razor and put it to the test.

  • I’m a slim MAMIL (and incredibly sexy in lycra, according to me) but I know where you’re coming from with Italian clothing. Size L usually suffices but I bought one of those Castelli string vests. It’s XXL and unless I pull it down it stops somewhere between my nipples and my belly button. Keep up the good work. I can’t weight for your next video to come out ��

  • You don’t want to see blood when shaving legs. The solution I have: Philips Oneblade. I use it as a shaver, trimmer and use the second blade for my legs. No blood, easy shave and fast…

  • In Serbia (small country on Balkan peninsula) cyclist is a marginal error and in places like these is even tougher to use your bike in cities like transportation. I figure out that sometimes I feel safer in jams because cars are moving very slowly. I never jump a red light and I always double check everything. After several years you get use to it. In terms of lights on my commuter bike I have always on (powered by front hub) and during the night I add on one or two reflective straps to my ankles.

  • I don’t have the they don’t see me problem. I cycle commute to work and everyone seems to have an attitude that I’m riding my bike. There isn’t any bike lanes. People yell at me for riding on the wrong side of the road, when I’m riding in the same direction as them. It’s almost like they purposely try to sideswipe me. I usually drive on the other side of the line in the shoulder area and that still isn’t enough. When I see in my mirror that they are coming too close I reach my hand out like I’m going to grab onto their vehicle, that usually makes them give me room. In my state of Pennsylvania drivers are supposed to give you 4 feet. A hard wind can push your bike instantly that much, that is why your supposed to give us room when you pass. I’ve had them so close my leg got burned from their car exhaust. Even if I’m on a road that is 25 mph cars will purposely speed up like 40 mph to pass me.
    The local cops know ( because they have followed me all the way to my doorstep) my route and avoid it, um why don’t you sit there and make some money off all the A-holes acting like adult children of alcoholism. Oh, I can spot a drunk driver that drives straight. When they pass me they will actually act out and go into the opposing traffic lane, yes, that far. Just to show how much of an A-hole I am. Some will actually get in front of me and slam on their brakes. Too bad they don’t know I have hydraulic disc brakes, so kiss my ass. I know this because I have had numerous ones stumble out of their vehicle in the middle of the night as I drive home to try and serve me “justice”. I’ve found out all drivers around here don’t understand traditional hand signals. You have to use the whole arm of the side your going to turn with and shake your hand like a blinker pointing with two fingers as you do this. I’ve almost been hit by 2 school buses pulling out into the road, I was even commanding the lane as I approached them. The only thing that gets their attention is to blast a air zound horn and wave like a psycho. I had to go to the bus lot and voice my concern about the matter. I’ve even had someone decide to unload a couple months supply of used baby diapers where I ride too, yes ain’t that some shit.
    I have been cycle commuting to work for almost 2 years now rain or shine, everyday no matter what the condition or season. They still give me no respect. And the saddest part about it is that I’m not the only one cycling on these roads. The roads I travel on are just back roads 2 lanes with traffic going either way. I wear reflective gear and everything, maybe it’s because I’m not wearing a cyclist costume, yeah, that must be it. Because the pot bellied cyclists that are wearing the costumes and riding their Cervelo never wave or give me recognition. They look off in disgust, I mean your actually using your bike for a purpose, come on man how disgusting is that. I have a German Cube racing bike, so I thought I could be in a “click” but it doesn’t say Cervelo so…yeah. As for saving the environment that’s not possible. I’m actually polluting it more with everyone slamming the gas pedal and acting like complete utter fools everyday.
    They also have a law in Pennsylvania that if you hit and kill a cyclist you only get 3 years in jail. That’s manslaughter, but your a cyclist so it’s not, ya know. But I can see why everyone is so angry. You got a guy almost 50 years old with a rock hard body like a 20 year old. How dare him get a free aerobic workout everyday. He doesn’t even pay for gas to get to work. Doesn’t even have to get inspection stickers and the whole lot, and he can go ride to work. How DARE HIM! He has unexploited himself from the system, take him down, run him down!! Vote for bike lanes in PA. Vote for changing driver ed class to include engaging cyclists on the written test. Vote for cyclists to be upgraded from 3rd class citizens to 2nd class citizens in PA.

  • Technologically, distracted driving is probably easily addressed. But there’s also probably opposition against abbreviated smartphone capabilities so stringent laws for phone manufacturers will never pass.

  • The simple fact is that t people come in all shapes and sizes and this shouldn’t be a barrier to doing what you love! Thanks for keeping it real! Besides I get sick and tired of watching skinny dudes do stuff on a bicycle I can only dream of!

  • I shaved once, because when I was training to track-stand, I lost my balance and in order not to fall “dramatically”, I shifted the bike all the way to the right, thus touching my leg to the front chainring and I pedaled in forward, result:
    The hairs got stuck between the chainring and the chain and tore off, leaving a hairless stain on my right leg…:(
    It was annoying and ugly to look at, so I did it…

  • First video I’ve seen of yours and thoroughly enjoy it!
    I am a 6’6″ 350 lb (1.92m 158kg) Clydesdale and I have experienced many things you mentioned. Another option for kit is Aero Tech Designs btw.

  • Cyclists look wimpy no muscle nerds…but have good endurance…but tbey ugly…look terrible in regular clothes..dont hit weights

  • #1 reason for this redhead is quickly getting sunscreen on my legs. Hairy legs used to take Forever to work it in. Bonusat ride’s end, I don’t have half the insects on the planet trapped in my sunscreened leg hair either. Yuck.

  • I wonder if cycling clothes manufacturers think everyone that rides a bike is 6’5″ and 32 chest? It seems hard to find gear big enough for my sorry carcass. Great videos Leonard by the way.

  • I ended up doing this practice with a very energetic two year old so most of the time i had an extra thirty pounds on my back �� thank you so much for this beautiful practice Adriene!

  • I love watching your channel. You are so inspirational! I love cycling too. I have a couple of kits I bought on the cheap online. They are in Asian sizes, and being an American lady of European descent it is very important to pay attention to the sizing charts and maybe add a size up for good measure in relation to the charts. Also read the reviews to see what other customers experienced.

  • I tried this on Monday just as part of my yoga practise but didn’t really get it. Tried it after a 60m ride today though and definitely felt good! Thank you! ��

  • To answer the question about why Mikey didn’t go after the cyclist who did the same: Drivers, open your wallets and take a look at that license you have to drive. This is a license to operate heavy machinery that has he potential to kill people by the masses as we’ve seen in recent years. In order to obtain that license, you had to sign some papers that stated you would obey the laws of the road, which you studied and tested for, proving you had a basic knowledge of such rules, and that you would do your best to not injure or kill another person with your vehicle. In exchange, you are allowed to operate this vehicle in public. This is the agreement which you made with your local government. The driver of the white Fiat 500 is currently breaking that agreement, and is putting several other people in danger by performing this illegal maneuver. The cyclist, however, has entered into no such agreement, and is not putting others in danger with this maneuver. Nor does he even have the potential to block the road. Sure it was dumb of the cyclist to do that, but because he cannot kill masses of people with his vehicle nor do tens of thousands worth of damage to stuff with his vehicle, he is not held to the same standard to which a licensed driver is rightfully held.

  • I was over taking a skinny on my bike yesterday that’s a feel good in my book I’m twice his age and weight,as much as he tried he couldn’t catch up,bless him lol

  • Loving your videos. I am 57 this year, 22st in weight and started cycling a few weeks ago so great to get a view from someone who has similar challenges.

  • The video intro nails it. You cannot drive how you want these days. I have reported several vehicles on the motorway for speeding and tailgating with footage from my dash cam. Dangerous driving kills people and every vehicle, including a road bike, is a potential weapon.

    Don’t be a dick head. Nobody thinks fast cars are cool apart from the people in them. Just drive at the speed limit like a gentleman and get to where you are going.

  • That wee free style glute stretch at the end there felt incredible. I’ve been sporadically following your videos for a while, this is the first month I’ve done the full calendar and I’m really enjoying finding different poses and practices to try. Thank you so much!

  • Slow down and learn how to brake. Posted speed limits are for cars, remember that. And the front brake is your friend, just learn how to use it.

  • Just once I saw a cyclist almost decide “f it I’m ending it that bumper there that’s it.” Dusk in DC, rain had started maybe 5 minutes prior, he thought he saw a gap wide enough to do a left turn between sub 20 mph cars. That rain greased the cement just enough for him to torque away his bike as he slid underneath an oncoming suv. Luckily that suv slammed on his brakes and as far as I can tell he was ok, but definitely underneath and between the two front wheels. I was in a Lyft so didn’t see him crawl out but he was moving and in one piece as we drove away. Don’t be brave.
    And put down your phone.

  • Car+ drivers please stop texting.
    As an aside, two days ago I saw a person talking with the phone up to their ear whilst driving….whilst holding a cigarette with their other (on the steering wheel) hand!

  • Hi Adriene, it would be great if you could do a yoga for mountain bikers to supplement this video, with some arm strengthening postures ��☺️ thank you!

  • Hello I’ve been doing this yoga class for about 1 month 6 times a week in the morning. It’s amazing. It’s also made my bike ride so much more easier Thank you.

  • My leg shaving days have been over for quite some time. Once I was confronted by some leg shaving nazi on a group ride, and I asked him why was he always slower than me on all Strava segments in the neighborhood if his legs were more aero than mine. He got all defensive one of a sudden…