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Cedric McMillan: Remembering Dallas McCarver before Competing | Arnold Classic 2018

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If CEDRIC MCMILLAN ever comes in shape at MR OLYMPIA he will shock the bodybuilding world

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Cedric McMillan Guest Posing in Germany

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Cedric McMillan Winning Speech | Arnold Classic 2017

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Cedric McMillan [HD] Posing Routine

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Cedric McMillan Bio and Competition History Cedric McMillan is an IFBB professional bodybuilder born in New Jersey. He had a passion for bodybuilding from his early years when he drew pictures of muscular physiques and gained a fascination with the sport. Eventually, McMillan realized his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Cedric McMillan is a top Open division bodybuilder who has 5 Pro wins and has placed top 5 in major competition on several different occasions. He earned his Pro card in 2009 and since then he has been in the conversation with the best Open bodybuilders in.

Cedric McMillan (born August 17, 1977) is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and Army Instructor. He is Married to Eva Matulessy-McMillan and they have 4 children together, Seven, Isaac, Eli and LeMae. His most recent victory was the 2017 Arnold Classic.

7 rows · Biography, Competition History, Stats of Pro Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan. BACK TO. Cedric McMillan is an IFBB Pro who gained attention after dominating the amateur bodybuilding leagues and earning his Pro Card in 2009. Born and raised in New Jersey (USA), Cedric always had a passion for bodybuilding; he often drew pictures of muscular physiques in his early years, after being so fascinated with the sport. Mini Bio (1) Born and raised in New Jersey (USA), Cedric always had a passion for bodybuilding; he often drew pictures of muscular physiques in his early years, after being so fascinated with the sport.

Despite not having a real taste of bodybuilding, all he would do was talk about muscles. However, this passion soon turned into a reality. CEDRIC MCMILLAN biography, training and more! Born and raised in New Jersey (USA), Cedric always had a passion for bodybuilding; he often drew pictures of muscular physiques in his early years, after being so fascinated with the sport. Despite not having a real taste of bodybuilding, all he would do was talk about muscles.

Born and raised in New Jersey (USA), Cedric always had a passion for bodybuilding; he often drew pictures of muscular physiques in his early years, after being so fascinated with the sport. Despite still not having a real taste of bodybuilding, all he would talk about was muscles. He laid an epic burn on pro bodybuilding last month during a Q&A that followed the 2015 Arnold Classic—now the second-biggest bodybuilding competition of the. NPC Bodybuilding Contests: Photos and results. CLOSE. Info.

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In his two years at the DivisionI level, hewonthe NCAA championship forthe Universityof Minnesota in2000, after finishing second toNew England Patriotsstar Stephen Neal the year before.

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Tarkanian followed a simple formula throughout his 40-year coaching career that saw him win 990 games (including his junior college teams) and have an unequaled winning record of 83 percent.

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His outstanding 1970 squad, led by John Roche and Tom Owens, compiled a 25-3 record, went undefeated in conference play, and finished sixth in the national polls.

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As a tough rebounding forward, he helped the Golden Gophers win the Big Ten Title and a berth in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament.

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The “biggest thrill of the summer,” he recalled, came at an ATA tournament in Norfolk, where he “beat Ron Charity for the first time.”

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A year later, under support from a teaching scholarship, he served as a junior instructor in organic chemistry in Birmingham and associated with other future leaders in the carbohydrate field, notably Maurice Stacey, Fred Smith, and J. K. N. Jones, who were then progressing through their studies at Birmingham.

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than two inches taller than the tallest boy to previously From there McIntyre went on to the U, where he play in the tournament—that being six-foot-five-andset school season scoring records and earned first team a-half Lloyd Aanstad of Thief River Falls’ 1932 chamAll-Big Ten honors as both a sophomore and a junior.

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When the numbers went into the frame, there was something like a panic in Tattersalls, for not only had Ten Spot been reported an absentee in the Press, but the private information on which bookmakers and professional backers alike rely had been to the effect that Ten Spot was in his stable at Rugby.

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  • STOP!!! STOP thisss over analysis of this and that!!! Every day bullshit comparisons if he was that!! Or that one came in that!! Or if blah blahh dialled in… mannn all ifs and butssss!!! Stoppppppp all that matters is the show dayyyyy!!

  • Cedric has the best posing routines…and juan morel had the best insane conditioning…am the biggest fan of cedric…he doesn’t gives a fuck about judges… He represents his own style of bodybuilding the old golden era..

  • They say kai is the best poser, but I don’t think so. He just does that wierd ass dancing and never holds a pose for a second. This is what posing ought to be! Slow and holding every pose to marvel on the beauty of the physique.

  • Cedric never prescripts his routines. He goes up and poses based on feel. Hypnotizes the crowd. Best poser in the game and not even close.

  • excellent proportions easily one of the best looking bodybuilders around but in order to climb to the top of the mountain he needs more definition.

  • Hehe.. Tune kabi bodybuilding ki hai..hehe.. U r not at all qualified to say single word on them..hehe kabi back mari hai.heheh…

  • Personally, I think Lionel Beyeke could win it all, if he could ever come in peeled. IMO, the only other bodybuilder that had that insane “awe factor” was Flex Wheeler. What do you think?

  • It’s sick that people spend their health time and money to strain their muscles on the stage. This world is strange. Many bodybuilders have already died chasing muscles

  • For the people who think Cedric can’t beat Phil.. Cedric can take out Phil if he nails his conditioning. He has all the tools to do so this man is probably the most dangerous guy on stage with Phil except his physique flows so much better than Phil. He has superior structure and muscle bellies just as good.

  • Great interview and response. I think Cedric knows that Dallas was right on his heels. Probably could have won it this year if he was still here. Such a shame. It’s true that people say do everything you can, which we all know means the drugs in most cases. But then when someone thing happens they have another client to focus on. Like it’s a revolving door. Sad.

  • Cedric has some crazy proportions. He should be condensing for Mr O, but he never brings his A game on game day. I think he could have won the 2018 Mr Olympia looking like this

  • But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, they shall have their portion in the pool burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

  • Somebody needs to tell this guy that ABS are a part of bodybuilding too. He needs to work on doing higher reps and tightening up. He’s big but has to work on his muscularity.

  • Cedric and rhoden have the perfect balance of size and classic aesthetics. They remind me of flex wheeler. Obviously not as good as flex though.

  • Love this vidio bhai, I’m big fan of Jeremy and Andre…… But don’t know d bodybuilding stage computation details……. But aap jo videos banate ho usase bahot kuch sikhne ko milta he…. Tncu bhai love u ����❤️

  • Como esse monstro Cedrick pode ser lindo e do bem assim? Uma história d vida exemplar, divertido, humilde e sou apaixonada por ele, seu trabalho e seu físico! Merece tudo de melhor em sua vida! Bênçãos sempre querido!!��������

  • Cedric comes over as a really down to earth guy who is just enjoying everything about his life, so maybe that’s the same reason he is lacking conditioning because he is just living life.

  • Ever since Cedric clowned around with Arnold after his Arnold classic win, hes really put a bad taste in my mouth… I wish i hadnt seen any of that footage! was really disrespectful in my eyes.

  • Cedric’s back of his legs need help. He lacks hamstrings development. If he came in ripped he would look stringy! From the back, his legs disappear!

  • Regan Grimes Mai Bahut potential hai… conditioning achhi Kar Leta isme to bi Bahut different lagta!!
    Waise uska weak area chest & legs Mai quads separation utna nahi lag rha tha….Baki thik hai!!
    Baki size to dhire-dhire badhega may be after 2 years he will be among top bodybuilder!!

  • If is apparently a very difficult thing in bodybuilding. If any of the top guys come in diced it would be over bla bla bla. The thing is, coming in diced is the last and hardest thing to do, of course the athlete would do well but its the timing.

  • Oh here we go, don’t agree here, actually he says the exact same thing about beyeke but I think beyekes shape is better than Cedrics

  • 03:50 This part is very very true. We need more positive attitudes. Let’s filter that out. Thanks for bringing it up. Very respectful.

  • 100 percent Agree with Dennis “The Menace” James (one of my fav body builders) Cedric would blow everyone outta of the water if he dialed in his conditioning. ��������

  • alv pinches machos bien pinches mamadotes!!, imaginense como han de tener el pito, pinche pitote se han de cargar esos pinches mounstros!!

  • I hate when people say things like “If this guy ever comes in shape”,…Cedric has came in shape before, he was just in shape at the Arnold Classic going against Kai and he didn’t win, so that entire ‘If Cedric ever comes in shape at the Olympia” nonsense is simply that, nonsense,…..Hell yea Cedric has a GREAT physique but he ain’t beating Phil even if he came in shape, they act as if he is some sort of mythical creature that could destroy all if he really wanted to when thats not the case.

  • साले अर्नोल्ड के सर पर हाथ लगा रहा है इसको बाप की औकात का पता नहीं है इसके पीछे अर्नोल्ड की पोज है ग्रेट अर्नोल्ड आप जीयो हजारों साल

  • I think cedric has the purest heart and down to earth person but being an army man of united states he has no reason to back down..he’s friendly and entertaining. Respect Cedric ��

  • One thing that’s great about bodybuilding is as Cedric says, the diversity but without anyone making race an issue. Black, white, Japanese, Indian, Egyptian, and so on all compete together and no victim mentality and claims of white privilege if someone not black wins. It’s about the best physique and that’s it. ��

  • I don’t why he hasn’t won a Mr. Olympia title he’s well portion great physique great all around guy. Good luck Cedric wishing you the best.

  • Hell nope! �������� people talk about heat, ramy, winklaar or bonac! While you talking about cedric �� james you are getting older man!!!

  • Bhai hum shobo nehi ohecante he kis ka name keya he jis ke bare me bol rahe ho uske upor 1 mark laga dena video dekh ne me maja aayega

  • i dont think cedric cares that much, he’s a family man first, if he makes decent money and likes what he does, then why should he make sacrifices for bodybuilding?

  • Cedric always looks a million times better than so called champ Phix…..not only on stage but especially in person his arms are the size of Heath’s entire torso

  • It’s either bonac who’s gonna win this year because he is on point! Plus he has some momentum from the Arnold classic win this year. Or it’s gonna be Phil again. But for that Phil has got to look like the phil Heath from 2013… If he can bring that it will win him the title. But he has not shown much of his condition yet.

  • I like Cedric but I just don’t see all this attention we’re supposed to be paying this guy. just don’t see it……to me he’s the Jeff George of bodybuilding. everyone always making over him but it never manifest into reality.

  • love Ramy….cant believe hw awesome Roelly looks….but without kai?…I think its time for Cedric to claim his throne…Phil is done….and after he goes the old song will have never been more true…”the king is gone…but not forgotten”

  • DJ exagurating again when Beyeke can kill cedric all day, lets not get carried away. And all these “what if” speculations are so boring, he cant do it end of the story…

  • Cedric & Shawn, two champs that I admire, respect to you both sirs! Oh & Cedric is f%£king massive, and a great conversationalist & orator, what a guy! Shawn ain’t no slouch in the converational department either come to think of it:)

  • Dennis James is an idiot sometimes. Cedric doesnt even place top 2 in a weak ass indy pro or something. Runner up mr olympia? Idiot

  • Tere mun se kabhi ye nhi suna k Han yaar ye achha hai iski body achhi hai
    Kamzorriyan sab Mai hoti hai
    Ab Teri video dekhne ka maza nhi aata q k kabhi achhi baat krta hi nhi tm

  • I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF CEDRIC.. but he has other interests and it seems ihe is not interested in winning the OLMPIA. He more focused on his financial situation.He can beat everyone, can you imagine knowing all he has to do is come in shredded and he will dethrone PHIL. but why is he so could care less.? its a one time life opporuntity to go down in the history books.

  • This is exactly what forces some bodybuilders risking their lives so others can enjoy their demise. Peeled, dialed in, in shape etc… I remember this underachiever duchebag commenting on how Dallas McCarver is only 25 and he can only get better and dominate. You and losers like you is what is wrong in this sport. Stop the nonsense plz.

  • Nah, a pilled Cedric is not better than a pilled Ramy. Ramy and Winklaar keeps getting better and better. Winklaar has had the gut issues but at the same time everything else was just getting huge and better unlike so he fits the same thing there’s no improvement except for the Improvement of the huge size of his gut. And I’ve never seen big Ramy have a gut issue as bad as the rest. I don’t know why everybody hates on him… F*** Cedric McMillan he’s a punk anyway. you hit the nail on the donkey when you said you don’t think he takes it seriously. And he doesn’t he doesn’t take it as seriously as many of these other guys,

  • A true winner right here. He said he’d give up first place if he knew it would save Dallas’ life. & he wasn’t even tight with him like that. Such a selfless, winning attitude.

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  • This year ramy will win the olympia he got everything the judges want size shredded and a bubble gut even phil gut wont match ramy this year so we got a clear winner

  • Bhai aapne men’s physique division ka sirf winner kaun hai woh dikhaya… I hope aapne lineup aur comparison dekha hoga.. Jo aapne ek single pic bhi iss video mein nai dikhayi..
    Itna underdeveloped core k saath Pro show jitne wale Andre duei pehle athlete honge.. 2nd place tak deserve nai kar rhe the woh….
    Baki naam bada hai..famous athlete hai.. Jeetaana padega hi judges ko������

  • bhai ek baat bta? wo log itni mehnnat kerke physique bnate hai poori zindagi lgate hai… tu video banale 2 min me boldeta hai iski condition theek nahi hai, uske mass nahi uska yeh nahi hai bhai kaise chalega aisa….. logo ke hardwork ki respect kro baaki badia h sab!!

  • Cedric is just genuine, down to earth. Doesnt fake cry like most other dudes when Dallas passed away, but just honestly feel sorry for making the young guy rush for his victory.

  • Nah if Ramy came in absolutely pealed he would wipe the floor with everyone including Phil. Everyone admits it, but who knows if that will ever happen…fingers crossed

  • Stupid disrespectful piece of shit! His behavior isn’t acceptable! I’m very disappointed! I hope IFBB will kick him out from federation!

  • When McCarver died the other pros didn’t do a thing to bring attention to the ridiculous drug protocol that the sport currently has. Nothing at all. The IFBB encourages the freakish look and doesn’t give a single fck about the people who make them money. Kids chasing the dream of the thong and risking health for what? A trophy.

  • Nobody will have the same anatomy proportion of Arnold. They have good shapes but, you don`t feel like any natural like Arnold did (we know that every bodybuilder uses steroids including Arnold, but isn`t the point here)

    Arnold is like Michael Jackson. The first and the last

  • We will see a peeled Big Ramy.Big Ramy will bring mass,symmetry,while being asthetic.I think we will have a new Mr Olympia 9/15/2018!

  • What if’s don’t count. Its not the one with the best potential that wins but but he one who brings the best package come game day. All of them can take the title IF they bring their best.

  • As much of a fan I am of Cedric and I mostly agree with Dennis James, I still say Lionel Beyeke is the one guy we still have not seen dial it in. Cedric has been dialed in at the Arnold. Lionel Beyeke has won shows being about 80-85% on. His shape, symmetry and overall mass are that damn good. If could dial it in say at least 95%, he can be easily in the top 5 at the Mr O. Cedric is a Lee Haney with better arms and legs and taller.

  • I hate this analysis about a hundred percent there’s a reason why this is called competition they can’t get to hundred percent and that’s why they don’t win period

  • I am not sure I agree. Cedric doesn’t have a Olympia caliber back! He also has high calves that lag behinds in certain side poses! He doesn’t have a good body outline either! Phil is far far ahead of the competition and honestly the other bodybuilders are nothing out of the ordinary and over rated!Just my humble opinion!

  • And, now it’s back to reality; all the niceness he’s displaying and the accolades that he’s giving here will not help him come battle time, this is simply so because they’re not body-parts or rounds. The above are the real determinants in bodybuilding. I hope that his very many fans listened to him carefully during this interview. In this interview he said: he’s more aware of his body, he’s lighter yet bigger, previously he used to be scared and nervous but for this show he’s confident and excited. What he’s doing for the children should be applauded, however, come results time, his placing would further proof that he’s very likeable(for good reasons) but is extremely overrated as a bodybuilder. Take note that in this event where he’s the reigning champion, he doesn’t even have to contend with the likes of: Big Ramy or Shawn Rhoden. So, spare me all the excuses and non-bodybuilding factors!