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Dr. Mirgain talks building a better body image

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How to Build a Better Body Image!

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How to Build a Better Body Image

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Ways to Build Better Body Image with Social Media

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How to Build a Better Body Image!

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Build a Better Body Image No Dieting Required. 6 ways to boost your body image and feel better about all of you. By Colette Bouchez.

But when it comes to body image, there is an enormous. Building a Better Self-Image. You can learn to embrace your body just as you are. Here’s how: Think positive.

If you look in the mirror and berate yourself, you will have a negative self-image. Well, I will give you two tips to start working on in order to begin building back a more positive body image. The first tip is something that I have already told many of you to do. That is the. Positive, healthy affirmations can help you build a better body image, enhance your self-esteem, and boost your love, compassion, and respect for yourself.

Click here to see a list of 101 affirmations to promote body positivity. If you want a better body, try to exercise and eat healthier. If you don’t like your nose, focus on your eyes, your hair or smile. Bashing your looks and hoping for a rhinoplasty or liposuction to fix everything in your life will only make you more miserable. 0:30 – How to build a better body image, or make yours even better.

1:35 – Body image isn’t just about health and fitness. It stems from our life experiences. 3:30 – “The Box” (Refer to this episode for details and to download!) 4:40 – Own your voice. 11:00 – How women can show up, as themselves, unapologetically. 16:40 – Name it!

It’s something that you blame on your body, and your body image starts to deteriorate. Providing your body with adequate nourishment and nurture will make you feel a lot better in your own skin. Adding diverse food groups to your diet allows you. A better body image in six steps, and dieting isn’t one of them.

Step 1: Have a bra fitting Get professionally fitted for a bra. An estimated 80 percent of. Tags better body image body image build confidence improve your body image Self-love. About the Author.

Greatist. Greatist helps you find what’s good for you. Not like “eat your vegetables, they’re good for you.” More like “here are some choices you can realistically make, stick with, and feel really good about.” Because in the end.

The more you do to get in contact with and accept your body the way that it is, the more you are likely to develop better body image.

List of related literature:

Begin by allowing yourself to picture your ideal body.

“The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being” by Hale Dwoskin, Lester Levenson
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Use specific images to influence your body image.

“Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery” by Eric N. Franklin
from Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery
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Be realistic about the body proportions you were born with and realize that the more fit you are overall, the better you will look and feel no matter what the makeup of your body is.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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Exercise and changes in body image.

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
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There are at least three programmatic elements that should be taken into account when designing an exercise intervention to improve body image.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
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At the top of the board, write “Things need to do each day to have a better body image.”

“Does God Love You No Matter What?” by Cook Communications Ministries
from Does God Love You No Matter What?
by Cook Communications Ministries
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By improving those parts or functions using safe, healthy methods or accepting who you are and what you look like, you will think better of your body.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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fostering a more positive body image.

“Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues” by Robyn Hart, Judy Rollins
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Improve body image.

“Lippincott's Content Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane M. Billings
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Other pieces of similar advice include: “Examine yourself every day, and weigh yourself to enhance your consciousness of your body”; “Find a poster of a model who has a good body and stick a photo of your face on it to encourage yourself”; and “Stick your idol’s poster on the fridge; look at her and control you diet.”

“The Handbook of Magazine Studies” by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
from The Handbook of Magazine Studies
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Deamn. I have to go to a party tonight with a dress. I just searched body confidence and this came out and… it helped me a lot. In minutes. I feel better for today so thanks sweetheart❤️

  • Beauty standards are objective you mongoloids. Cottage cheese thighs are objectively not cute, nor is an ass that’s two ax handles wide.

  • No one can actually be as ugly as me like seriously
    When you said everyone is probably going through the same thing I just thought that no one is as ugly as me

  • No problem, but you should google how many calories are lost during horseback riding and compare it against other activities. I think you will be surprised.

  • I’m having a lot of trouble mentally with my eating disorder, I fight for and against it every day. Basically what happens is that I start the day feeling like I don’t need food, I have my coffee, that’s it, I take some water with me when I leave the house but no money. However, around midday I start to feel horrible, hungry, exhausted. I change my mind and want to eat, yet I don’t and I hesitate because my ED tells me so. I come home, and after a while of contemplation, I binge. For the rest of the night. Then I promise myself I will not eat tomorrow and that it’s a new day. This just repeats every day and whatever I do, I seem to hate myself. I just want to get rid of this disease so bad but nothing feels right…

  • All these selfishness and ungodliness has a price, and that price to pay is near. All people care about is how they look and how they always want to feel good about themselves. Who cares, just look at the world, its on fire. Soon will be Famine, Civil War(Yes, in America). So don’t worry about how u look because soon all you’ll care about is how u will find food to put in your belly and feed your family.

  • I’m turning 16 and my friend wants me to drink but I’m afraid of me spilling out that I’m suicidal and I’m depressed what should I do?

  • The first point doesn’t make sense for me. What does it do to the problem if I know that others have it too? The problem isnt gone magically

  • I would like to discover how to attract women. My friend has started dating a 10 as 60 days back he registered to a website named Master Attraction (Google it if you want to learn how.) I’m jealous since I would like to fall madly in love too. I’m going to look into this Jake Ayres guy’s material. Crazy point is, he previously had no good fortune with women. How could you change so rapidly? His lady’s a banging model…

  • So many things I love about this video. 1) That summer montage of you and Hank lol. 2) I actually just heard about a book called The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl by Tess Holliday. It comes out in September, but I think I may read it. She had the #effyourbodystandards tag on her site. 3) dftba friends you’re all wonderful. <3

  • I always think “if someone doesn’t love me because I don’t shave my legs/have extra weight, I don’t want them to love me, because they don’t deserve me.”

  • I’ve been thinking of lyrics of body positivity to either form into a poem a rap or a song and post it because I want to help others think the same about themselves

  • no lie, im a dude and i think my ass is pretty damn bitchin’. I get quite a few compliments from chicks and catch some chicks taking a peek. yup, i got the ass. also my triceps look pretty cool.

  • A good celebrity to look up to is Demi lovato. She goes against all of the ‘ideal body image’ and embraces her body for what it is. She has helped my confidence grow so much.

  • I don’t really mind my belly ����‍♀️. My boyfriend likes it ��. But I don’t like my arms, back and jiggly thighs. But I’m starting to be ok with my body which hopefully turns into love.

  • I can do handstand and I also have a little tummy pouch. And I don’t care when my shirt comes down and exposes my pouch when I’m practicing handstand in the park. ��

  • These videos r so helpful!  being forced into recovery means my mind totally wasn’t ready for my new body and I guess I’ve never come back from that!  Something I find works, but i’m not sure how helpful it really is, my entire self-worth is wrapped up in my job, I believe I am a good veterinary nurse and so do the ppl I work with which feels amazing, things go downhill fast when I try to think about my body, even having a bath brings me to tears, I don’t know if my mind will ever catch up with where my body was forced to??  but focussing on something that makes me feel good about myself definitely helps me. x

  • Kati please make an updated video specially for Over weight people having body image issues. Usually people with anorexia and bulimia aren’t that overweight. I have a low self confident and self esteem because of my weight I avoid going to social events because I have a hard time finding clothes to wear or I always feel like I will look ugly and I don’t even like taking my pictures.

  • awesome video that just made me feel instantly better in my skin!❤ im a little sad to see ppls ask weight loss tips in comments but whatever. we all recieved our bodies and we should love them the way they r. i like to think, if i see someone “bigger” do i judge them? do i hate them? do i think they r ugly, stupid, failure, should lose weight or die? no i dont think that so i shouldnt think that about me neither becouse we all in the same line❤

  • With all due respect: It is possible to eat certain food groups in excess or in excessive amounts. I hope we are in agreement about that. Also exercise is healthy. None of these healthy practices preclude you from loving yourself. Not mutually exclusive.

  • When assessing this problem, ask yourself the following question: Do more people die of being too thin in this country, or do more people die of excess weight related diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. The answer clearly is the latter. So if I am going to error on the side of caution, I would rather the slender ideal persist, regardless of the FEW girls who would take it too an extreme, than excuse excess weight/obesity, under the guise of having good self-esteem.

  • Like I said your not considering any other factors and “runner’s high” is a known thing there is no dispute about this it’s a fact.

  • Well this is kinda depressing. I can’t think of a single thing I like about myself or that I’m good at. And I feel like it’s useless asking someone what they like about me because if my best friend tells me “you’re a good friend” I’m going to disagree because I feel like a crap friend.

  • Ik this is old but im looking for body positvity videos to help me keep loving myself as i lose weight until im physically healthy (i have no other illnesses besides being ‘obese’ by 30 pounds.) And all i find are cringe comps:( makes me think imma end up like those ladies so why even try.

  • This video was amazing,please keep being your awesome self and ignore all these toxic people,they’re just mad because they will never be able to love themselves.
    Thank you for inspiring me to love myself and be myself!
    Sending hugs!!

  • If you allowed yourself to become morbidly obese, you should reflect upon your actions and feel shame, not bury those concerns with undeserved words of praise.

  • I don’t hate my body, but I’m afraid that because I’m slightly out of shape, I think that people will always look at me and choose to date a more fit guy

  • Yoga is amazing. I recommend it to EVERYONE it helps with controlling stress, helps with body pain, relaxes you instantly, can help you wake up OR sleep, and just overall feels wonderful.

  • I came up with 7 things…a whole 7. I like that none of her examples focused on physical attributes because in the end those don’t really matter to the kind of person we are. We don’t always have control over how we look but everyone can focus on trying to be a better friend or a kinder person. That’s what I’m going for at least right now.

  • One way that worked for me to improve my body self-image was to actually physically change my body; being more conscientious about my diet and following a fitness routine resulted in a stronger, more capable, and ultimately more attractive body that I am more comfortable in and looks better in a swimsuit.:)

    It takes time and effort anyone trying to sell you a 30 day quick fix is trying to profit off of you but the dividends are well worth the investment!

  • Thank you for this I needed to see this this morning!! I watch a ton of makeup/beauty gurus on YouTube and recently I realized that I’ve been picking myself apart way more then I used to and noticing things I never cared about before. I see these flawless influencers and it makes me feel so inadequate! So in an attempt to end that toxic cycle I typed in body positivity and found your video!! Just subscribed:)

  • Nice Video. What you say is really interesing and the different steps are a good start. Altho I don’t fully see the neccasity to unfollow all the “Classic Beauty” channels. Why not keep 1-2 of them or add them back in the process so you don’t leave these kinds of bodys out of the positive light and acceptens. Giving that there not anorexic or anything. I think even just as a contrast it woude be interesting to have a few of those body in there as well so you remember that people with thoses bodys are not just “Victims of the Society” or are “blinded by the Media” but are just Peopel too and can live a happy life and be happy with there body because they like it and they feel good the way they are.

    P.s. Why the 1/3 dislikes?

  • Wow this woman is just being honest. Some think they have to be skinny to be sexy. Don’t get me wrong I do like a slim woman. Well I just like women. But having a woman that is healthy makes for more fun in the relationship. Don’t starve yourself because I’m not.

  • Thank you for posting this. This genuinely helped me go out of my comfort zone today and wear a skirt that I’ve been dying to wear for months but never felt too confident in it. ❤️

  • I don’t like myself on the inside or outside, I can never think of anything good to say about myself. I just wish I could disappear like I was never here…

  • Hey if you guys could do a video on postage that would be super useful. Specifically more of the how many stamps do I put on something thats not the usual envelope size

  • Thanks for making the video. I’m in a bad mental space. Some of your steps are challenging for me currently but it’s nice to have a place to start. I wish the best for you.

  • My name is Caleb… I am a 15 year old boy, and I’m struggling with the fear of becoming over weight again, because I was originally overweight, but lost weight and became anorexic. Thanks to this video I came up with 11 things, but it’s really hard to keep going. I’ve been working so hard and I’m just frustrated.

  • i’m thankful that my body allows me to be a level 8 gymnast and to be able to be active and healthy as some people don’t get that ability.��

  • I really enjoy how you enunciate and separate your words when you speak. I don’t have the greatest hearing and some people come out as mumbles sometimes but that’s not an issue with you and I like that.

  • I’m pissed. My brother resides in the opposite room. I’m aggravated because he in recent months became really good at obtaining all women. The guy went to the Master Attraction website (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing girls back. He’s always bringing the hottest women back. I hear it. It’s gross. If only he had not discovered that site. I’m green with envy!

  • This was really helpful! I like the idea of writing down random things that come our way. And reaching out to people to ask three things they like about me was definitely a challenge, but I am glad I did it.:)

  • Ahh thank you kati for the directing me to this video yes I was one of those people saying there is noting good about myself but then as the video went on my poem writting will defienately be on there still a bit of work to do on that but healthy body healthy mind ohh just found my second one xxxxx

  • number 1. stop being fucking obese, body positivity is a cancer that is normalising being morbidly obese, it should be for amputees, lepers and burn victims, people with genes that make them obese

  • Video request: how to explain/explain away when people are nosy/ask questions; or if we’re extremelymanic in a difficult situation, what could we do o a) calm ourselvs, b) not let people make a scene out of what we do. If that makes any sense at all:) xxxx

  • But why write those down they’re just lies or exaggerations. All I’m good at is messing up my life and school and body and job and friendships. How has everything gotten so messed up? All of high school and beyond has been a fog of restricting and binging and purging. I haven’t gotten anywhere or good at anything or accomplished anything. I’ve been good at hiding my eating disorder and cutting though at least I have that. Quite an accomplishment.

  • I can’t think of anything. I keep trying to name off things and then I disprove them somehow. Or I’m not good at them, I’m just average or mediocre. I feel like if I asked anyone they’d think I was fishing for compliments. Even worst they’d make up something. Awkward turtles.

    Or even worst… they’d get stumped. I feel like magically if I was to reach my goal weight, I’d be able to think of things and they’d be true.

  • sometime, when i know i am actually dressed up etc. and sombody tells me i look nice…. I try to forget and just say thank u and move on… but this make be feel horrible like an arrogant bitch! Seriously! like u know when they say “Oh thank you…. but I know that i am sooo pretty and the best and just out of your class” hate it.

  • I am a below average looking man. There is nothing wrong with being more/less attractive or finding other people to be unattractive.

  • oh yes! i know exactely what you mean! I struggle with this feelig too cause I just got too used to my skinnier body. But I always try to separate my weight and my body which already helps a bit:)

  • I love how you say “we”. “We struggle”, “We feel” etc. It makes me feel like I’m not going through this alone. Thank you for making these videoes.

  • Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into all your videos. You have helped me so much. My self image problems inhibit me in much of what I do. I would like to be more comfortable with my body, but since regaining weight in recovery its just so hard not to compare my body to the way it used to be.

  • My therapist always told me to write down all the things that I already achieved during recovery because I tend to not pay attention to little aspects and only see everything which is still not good enough.At first I always thought ppffff there’s like nothing positive but I always ended up finding someting and I guess it’s the same for this idea! thanks for the video, it’s helpful as always! xx

  • 5’5 ft and 97 lbs, how do I feel? With this weight i am getting tired easily when I go from stairs or exercise a bit, even swimming (my favourite) tires me so much and makes me out of breathe. 105 lbs was my sweet spot. I could do fitness without getting tired because I was given exercises according to my body type, weight and also the leg injury i had (i could not join the p.e class in my school becoz of the leg injury but thx to fitness i was fine) neither loss nor gain happened because i was active and i was eating. I was eating healthy stuff, craving and fuelling my body. When i started studying for uni exams that is when i went down. Stopped fitness, stopped craving food and started losing weight till i got to this point. But whenever i am a bit more active, my body craves the food again so i basically wanna start swimming, hopefully, and let my body crave and eat before this becomes a further issue…

  • ok.
    1. the 1 to 5 ratio is RIDICULOUS!
    2. when u said think about something u like, I didnt even think about who I am inside, i instantly started looking at my body…. and I was like… ehm. I like my ears, thats it. lol
    3. when i ask other people, i dont believe them because i think they only said this to make me feel better
    4. also I hate getting positive feedback and compliments. I have a hard time because I dont know how to behave and instantly turn it into the opposite.

  • a real women wont change her self she would love her self for how she looks it doesnt matter if your bigger or thin love your self for who you are not trying to change your self for someone else or thing people have to love you for you or its their lose every body is different in their own spacial way dont change your self love your self for who you are!

  • then i can reason with you:)
    so, what’s the point of this channel? I’m not even trying to be rude or sarcastic anymore, man, it’s a legitimate question

  • I’ve read through most of the comments on here however I feel that’s a respectable youtube video. My sibling just wants to get powerful with the hottest women. He was taught a lot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The guidance relating to seducing chicks from nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his first intimate encounters in more than 3 long yrs. I have been aggravated though coz I heard them all. Grrrr.

  • 28 Days To Manifesting The High Vibrational Life You Desire! It doesn’t have to be so hard to attract a positive feeling within. With this course, your customers will be able to achieve the success they desire and it will come to them so much easier.

  • The best way to pick urself up wen ur spirits are low…?
    Gangnam style!!! I know it sounds silly, but, I DARE you to try doin that silly dance without cracking a smile!!!

  • If you’re on an exercise program you need to examine what that program is pitching. Are you trying to get a “Beach Body” or just trying to be healthy? Most workout programs being sold these days are just vanity programs and are really unhealthy even mentally unhealthy.

  • A lot of people are making fun of this video. But i just want to say thanks, because i know you read the comments John, and you made my day a whole lot better and brighter. Having low self esteem sucks, and i liked that you guys brought up the importance of confidence in your video.
    happy canadian thanksgiving:)

  • my doctor, and a bariatric specialist just recently said something that really hit home for me. They told me that for a lot of people, being slim just isn’t healthy, and as long as you are fit, you are healthy, even if you are overweight. I believe his criteria was an hour of medium to strenuous exercise, if you feel exhausted after then you are not in shape, if you still feel good then you are healthy. it struck me because at my lowest adult weight, 220 or so, I felt weak and tired all the time, 230-240 is my sweet spot, I feel excellent in that weight range, and right now I’m at 270, and I hate it, I feel frumpier and fatter and sicker than ever before, but I have much more motivation to change that now that medical professionals have told me that health is in how you feel, not in what the scale says. I know I can get below 240 again, I never really believed that I could get down to the 180 that I was always told was the appropriate weight for my height, and that really undermined all my efforts to loose weight, what’s the point if the goal is wholly unattainable? Anyways, some great tips here, for myself included, but nothing beats the words of health practitioners for me, that was a game changer. even if I’m bigger than most people, doesn’t have to mean I’m unhealthy, and I love that, since I’ve never been smaller than the majority of those around me, even growing up.

  • I keep seeing all of these comments about how you can’t be fat and healthy at the same time and you shouldn’t be confident about an unhealthy lifestyle but like…I’m a perfectly fine weight for my age and height but the way my body proportions are distributed makes me feel super fat. I do workout and I eat healthy (not a crazy diet, just eating balanced) but my body doesn’t really change. Does anyone have tips to help find confidence in your body if you can’t do anything about it?

  • I really like your videos. I went the entire day without a panic attack. That’s a big accomplishment for me. I also really like that I try my best with everything I do. I’ll try to think of more things.

  • I agree about photoshopped bodies, no one can reach that and still be healthy. But guys, how about actually changing your behavior so that you get a body you can be proud of? Fat and healthy is a myth, just being overweight increases risk of heart disease.

  • Had to Google some body positive videos as I’m feeling super sh*tty. Like most people I’ve gained a bit of weight during quarantine, and I was already struggling as I have a history of eating disorders and body issues but then I accidentally caught a bit of “Naked Attraction” (TV show based on naked bodies) yday and I feel absolutely awful since because the bodies that even remotely resembled me at any point during my life were all eliminated, and the body shape I had always aspired to but never achieved was the one that was” selected”. Now I know it doesn’t matter, I’m happily married and I’m no longer in the pit of an eating disorder but I’ve been feeling so bad since, to the point where I’m in the verge of a panic attack. So I’m trying to watch body positive videos to sort my brain out and it’s not easy but this video definitely is a starting point. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I think the dislikes are coming from misunderstanding. I immediately was pessimistic about the video when I saw the title, but it thankfully wasn’t what I expected. The title sounds like “how to be too self conscious because of social media” so you should change it, like saying “using” instead of “with”

  • I use to weigh 124 lbs at 5’8. I looked like a model in my 20’s and mid 30’s. Then my body started to change when I turned 37. The pounds kept adding on. I will be 43 this month of August. I have lost years of my life since I went up to 180’lbs. Now I weigh 210. My body is that of a “what’s-supposed-to-be a 40 year plus old woman”, fat, thinner legs etc. I will be honest. I stopped caring for myself. I failed to understand that the metabolism slow’s down and in order to maintain your ideal weight you have to work out and eat healthy. Now I have lost total confidence in myself. All I see is a fat face, fat old lady’s body. My husband has bought me so many Louis Vuitton items (shoes, purses, bracelets, Gucci glasses etc.) and I’ve never worn it! It’s in my closet. I’m going to Las Vegas today and I don’t care because I just don’t feel good about myself. Things are not like before. I do need to do something about my health and weight because I have cholesterol and high blood pressure so, I need to do something but the motivation is just not there anymore. Thank you for this video. What I am taking from your advice is to not waste life and enjoy what I can be grateful for now. My hubby tells me the same thing.

  • I am a woman that has decided to love my whole body by growing out my body hair. Every day, I try to remind myself, ‘I am good enough just the way I am. ‘

  • Horseriding is exercise. It’s not something as strenuous as swimming, perhaps, but you do have to exert yourself. You have to use your legs a lot, and if the mount is going any faster than a walk, you will be bound to be bouncing up and down in the saddle and panting. At a full gallop over, you’ll be panting with the effort.

    And that’s not even Ana. =/

  • My overweight friend was able to make the most incredible pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I was excited for him but I want such a sexy woman to fall in love with me. I am exceptionally envious. Does that mean I’m a terrible human being?

  • My overweight friend was able to make the most incredible pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I was excited for him but I want such a sexy woman to fall in love with me. I am exceptionally envious. Does that mean I’m a terrible human being?

  • Something my mom always tells me when I say the boys at school don’t find me attractive: BOYS like BONES, MEN like MEAT. I mean, who wants to hug a walking skeleton?

  • Would like to see a video focused on journaling. I did it once a looong time ago and it didn’t turn out so well. I find it difficult to write things that are more than just a record of what I did that day.

  • I can vouch for this. I changed the way I consume fashion media a few years back, and while I can’t say that I never feel anxiety about the way I look, it has quieted down so much, and I am more able to put my feelings into better context. I’m better able to love the way that I am, rather than what I could be compared to, and I feel more free to express myself through fashion

  • exercise, find a form of exercise through which you can express yourself. Getting/ keeping in shape gradually transforms from being painful to becoming recreational and once that happens results are exponential. True story.

  • This is how you can see that how toxic world we have for women. I have never heard that even one woman would say that they like herself

  • I sure hope that the women who are watching this video aren’t changing themselves for the one that they love. Thumbs up if you agree!

  • yeah, lets make sure all fatties out there are happy being unhealthy

    smh…people used to be trim and healthy, now its ok to have “curves”

  • “Buy some body slimmers they’ll make you look thinner and better toned.”

    Yes, and they’ll also make you look like a grandma when you take off your dress or skirt for your boyfriend.

  • I have watched the video RJ and Megan Tonjes did about body image so many times when I’m feeling down about my body, and I highly recommend it. What Megan says about how you see those you love and how they see you changed the way I think about myself.

    Also, for those who are insecure about how they look with no clothes (this was me for the longest time, and something I still struggle with occasionally), the Normal Nudes subreddit is literally a ton of different people posting nudes. Just as there’s not one type of “bikini body”, there’s far from only one way people should look naked. Obviously NSFW

  • A good tip is to spend a lot of time naked (or in your underwear). The more you see yourself, the more comfortable you become. I legitimately find myself attractive, and that’s not something I could have said before I started doing that.

  • I still feel like a waste of post its, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I used the cute post its I had, so they aren’t hard to look at. But I’m going to keep them safe with me in my journal.

    I noticed that I’m getting better at talking. A few months ago I couldn’t even talk about anything or write them down. I’d blank out. I noticed I’m almost able to make complete journal entries, and not just have to resort to collages. So I have another post it huh?:) Thanks.

  • If you have the time and the inclination, I would recommend seriously getting into exercise. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, focus on improvement. Big goals are good but don’t forget to set a bunch of smaller goals along the way. For me, I get a lot of self-esteem out of the changes I’ve made I feel pride for having gotten into better shape, even if I don’t look exactly how I’d like to

  • Thank you for the advice! I feel that this issue isn’t always handled tactfully (when it’s brought up at all), and I appreciate your talking about it.

    I think I would really enjoy seeing some co-op videos with guests. one of the things I liked about Mike and Emily was the fun in their interactions, so I feel that might add to the show.

  • I like how this video explicitly focuses on social media and doesn’t try to generalize about all the possible ways every person with every type of body insecurity could or should address it. A lot of the comments seem to be about lifestyle changes, but the impact of social media is less overdone and applies equally to those of us whose insecurities are about something we either can’t change, can’t change healthily, or can’t change within the range of our identities.

  • i would rather date an anorexic than a fatty who is always at mcdonalds, also i would prefer anorexic children rather than fatso fat asses.

  • Anybody else come here from the fat dude that says “My cakes will burn” and heads crotch first towards them? This is a real vid, no joke!

  • I have bigger thighs then normal and I am so self conscious about them. I hate short shorts and bathing suits, and anything that shows them.
    Thank you so much for this.

  • Might get in the way of studying. For example, using those 3 hours before a quiz/exam to go to the gym instead of studying (happened to me lols).

  • It’s not good to be overweight, sorry but facts show that more fat leads to a higher mortality rate such as heart attacks or artery clogs. It’s good to feel comfortable but not to be fine with being overweight.

  • Thought I would gain the freshman 15, but I’ve lost fifteen pounds. I think it’s cause I eat breakfast in my dorm w/others; only drink water, tea, milk, or booze; and walk a lot.

  • I used to be pencil thin, i gained 80 lbs through my 20s after having a baby. I hate on my body constantly. The other day I went to the community pool and over heard 2 pencil thin bombshells saying to eachother how upset they were that they gained 10 lbs over the winter. It was like a lightning bolt of understanding hit me. These tiny girls are being so negative about their bodies and here I am enjoying a swim with my daughter. All us girls need to band together to uplift one another.

  • Just some thoughts from my experience as an overweight man:

    A really good place to look at naked people is r/normalnudes it is exactly that: regular people posting their nude bodies in non erotic ways to show other people how avarage people look. I recommend looking at images of all genders to get a feel for how your own body is completely fine but also what you might expect from that stormy summer romance 😉

    No matter if you are thin or fat, the right dress can improve your self image very much. You have what you have but everyone should strive to reach their full potential not for others, it just feels nice to look in the mirror and like it. I recommend going shopping with someone who is close to you and who can critique you without hurting you.

    Lastly, I think body positivity is a very good and much needed concept but I see myself as a project, a hobby if you will. Something I work on from time to time when I feel like it. What I want to say is: Love yourself but don’t lock yourself in a mindset of “I’m perfect in every way and never need to change anything”

    Just my two cents

  • lol That last one is so really. I get asked all the time about how i am so confident at my size. and I’m like really one day i said fuck it and got over it.

  • I’m scared a fat lady is going to bitch about you on a news channel and brand you as a bully for saying that without being offensive….oh wait.

  • Rock climbing? You can’t rock climb in the fall. It’s too damn cold. If you live in a place that has seasons, that is. Granite in october is goddamn icy, lady.

  • not sure what you going on aboutthey didn’t say anything like that. You just completely exaggerating and twisting what they said.

  • What Lisa said at 2;15 reminds me of a quote: “‘Obsession’ is just a word lazy people use to describe dedication”. There’s nothing wrong with being unable to sit still because you have energy to exercise, it’s actually dedication. Bruce Lee did it all the time, he wasn’t “addicted”.

  • I’m so glad that I found this, I’m definitely going to be watching this video every morning when I wake up to help push me out of bed. The internet is overflowing with hatred for body positivity because of the dangers on the extreme ends of weight, but even then people still need to have a good mindset to want to change, bullying people about their insecurities hardly ever helps them change those things whether or not they actually need to. This video is a breath of fresh air compared to all the horrible things that come up when you search “body positivity” on youtube, and I’m so thankful that you made this video.

  • I hate all parts of my body. My eyes are too dark, my nose too small, my hair too dry, my arms and my thighs too big, my boobs too small, my ass too big, etc etc. The only part of me I like is my brain, and no one really cares about that.

  • the one that helped me the most was realizing i will always look like this there’s absolutely nothing accomplished from me wishing i had a certain shape somebody else has, because that’s not my body! this is just me, and what im shaped like. so that helped me to realize i could either wish in vain or accept my body, those were literally the only 2 options

  • The number who suffer from these eating disorders is clearly eclipsed by the massive number of women and men who are overweight and obese. That was my point.

  • Men and women are so misinformed about diet/exercise. But women, especially, seem to be more misguided about the efficacy of exercise in inducing weight loss. The truth of the matter is the vast majority of your weight loss success is based on good dietary habits, and NOT on how hard you workout at the gym. So ladies (and men) stop torturing yourselves, and spending a lot of money on gyms/faddish exercise programs.

    Just Google: “Time Magazine Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”

  • yeah I know because women who have binge eating disorder, bulimia, and anorexia; that’s just like three woman. It’s not millions.


  • I have a challenge for everyone who is not body confident, download a Face tune app (if you don’t already have one) and take a timed picture of your FULL BODY, and DRAMATICALLY EDIT It! Make yourself have no waist, big lips, and no tummy. Then look at the picture and ask yourself: “is this me? Do I want to look this way? Do I want other people to think of me this way,” now take those answers and if you say yes, then think of a healthy way to lose more weight, like cut out junk food for 3 days a week, and do yoga or just dance, or something that you enjoy, that requires physical activity. If you answered no, then go and buy yourself a crop top and and rock that fat ass!!! ❤️ ��

  • Loved the video. My Year 7 Health class just watched this video and it really helped us understand what body image is about and how to be more positive towards each other.