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Branch Warren is Coming To the Atlantic City Europa Games!

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Branch Warren’s Best Physique Ever

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The Best Damn Jerky You’ve Ever Tried | WIcked Cutz by Branch Warren

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Epic Olympia 2009 Showdown: Jay Cutler vs. Branch Warren

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When Branch Warren was in his Best Shape And Placed Second in The Mr. Olympia

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Branch Warren transformation from 15 to 42 years old

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Branch Warren Bio and Competition History Branch Warren is an American bodybuilder who is known for being one of the most notable competitors in the modern era. His popularity is driven by numerous Mr. Olympia appearances, as well as his non-Olympia victories. 26 rows · Biography: Warren first competed in 1992 when he won the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Biography.

Warren was born in Tyler, Texas, and is currently a sponsored athlete with Gaspari Nutrition (previously by CellTech) He trains at the Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas with Johnnie Jackson. Both also trained with Matt Kroc. He placed second at the 2009 Mr. Olympia. He is also a two-time Arnold Classic winner, having won in 2011 and 2012.

William Branch Warren was born on February 28th, 1975 in Tyler, Texas. His first stage appearance was rather early on in his career, when he was still in highschool, where he won the 1992 AAU Teenage Mr. America competition.

From the very start he was willing to do whatever it took to build his physique and get to the top. Branch Warren was born on February 28, 1975 Tyler, Texas, USA. Bodybuilding competition history 1992 AAU Teenage Mr. America, Short and Overall – 1st 1993 NPC Teenage Nationals, Lightheavyweight and Overall – 1st 2001 NPC Nationals, Heavyweight – 1st 2005 Charlotte Pro – 1st 2005 Europa Supershow – 1st 2005 Mr.

Olympia – 8th. Branch Warren is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. Branch was born in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.

He is a sponsored athlete by Gaspari Nutrition (previously by CellTech). He trains at the Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas with Johnnie Jackson. Branch was the 2011 and 2012 Arnold Classic Champion, and the Olympia runner-up in 2009.

Branch is married to IFBB professional fitness competitor Trish Warren. The couple has one daughter, Faith Lea. Trish Warren and Branch Warren Race / Ethnicity. White. Hair Color.

It used to be brown colored. But, now he is bald. Eye Color. Green.

Measurements. Waist – 34 inch; Arms – 21 inch; Thighs – 30 inch; Chest – 56 inch; Neck – 20 inch; Shoe Size. Unknown. Branch Warren is a Pisces and was born in The Year of the Rabbit Life.

Branch Warren was born in Tyler, Texas, USA on Friday, February 28, 1975 (Generation X). He is 45 years old and is a Pisces. Branch Warren is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won the Arnold Classic in.

Branch Warren, left with his back to the camera, Justin Compton right facing front, and Cedric McMillan behind them at the 2015 Arnold Classic. Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images.

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After a year as a horticulturalist at the New Jersey Experiment Station, Warren returned to Cornell as an assistant professor of agronomy.

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  • Through all his injuries, Branch Warren managed to build his best physique ever in that era. Some people may not like his training style or his physique but one thing’s for sure, he never went to the gym to play. ����

  • His 18 physique may have been an elite natural physique of someone very genetically gifted training for 10+ years but considering his age it s obvious he was already taking steroids. Using steroids for so long and starting so young he cannot stop he can just reduce the dose because if he stops he would produce like ZEEEROOO natural testosterone and because he has no natural foundation he will loose almost all his muscle mass and look average if not weaker than average.

    Still lot of hard work to reach that freaky hard dense massive physique even with Performance Enhancing Drugs, just a shame he has no natural basis, just my opinion.

  • I personally thing BW’s legs were a tiny bit better than Jays at this contest.. especially from the side and rear.. Definitely close in conditioning but jay looked a bit better and with better lines up top. JMO….but yes agreed, Branch was absolutely amazing here!

  • That may have been his best year.. but Jay at his best really had a better look than Branch.. sometimes that is just the way it is..

  • I feel Branches quads were ridiculous but he didn’t look as good on stage here. His arms also didn’t flow as well and weren’t big enough to match the rest of his physique. Jay had more width to his back and his arms were bigger and overall everything just flowed better. This was 2009, correct?

  • That was soooo close Jay was in his best shape appreciate the class he showed to branch they both are champions in my book,Branch was in his best shape as well

  • As usual the experts and gurus are on here commentating on the man’s hair loss! For fuck sake. Firstly yes masteron can accelerate hair loss tho if you travel the globe you’ll see guys going bald in their early 20s just as you’ll see bodybuilders in their 70s with full heads of hair. If hair loss is in your DNA your hair will fall out regardless. Christ some people are so fucking stupid it ain’t even funny.

  • Aviral bhai I m in Australia I want make my body can you please suggest me any online body building coach from india n mobile number

  • 25 that was his best look by far and away. Already heavily steroided and clen’ed up but still had some symmetry. You can see clearly by 27, he had found the newer approach of the monster look with HGH and who knows what else. I mean, you know objectively where do you go with your body from the look he had at 25? I think he had maxed out his frame completely at that point. Can’t blame him for trying to keep going more and more…

  • Wow very beautifull gym, the floor are very very clean. I love the GYM OLD STYLE but this isn’t old gym this is a filthy gym…..

  • I don’t know how someone can’t see themselves declining and try something different or know there getting way worse and still compete

  • 2011 Arnold Classic was his best look ever. Hard battle against big bad wolf. Wolf was wide as a truck but branch hams and condition really nailed it. It’s very hard to have conditioning on par with wolf and branch was just a step forward on it. I just feel he’s not getting enough credit just bcos of his past 3/4 years physique. People need to realise it’s not easy to even be a pro ifbb open bb…

  • One of the best work ethics for bodybuilding, but unfortunately doesn’t have the best genetics. Great legs and chest in his prime though.

  • Every time some body steal something from someone that’s this fucking Olympia never see this fucking Olympia people who deserve will not win the title that’s it.

  • best video presentation very nice but ye konse log h jo unlike kar rahe h video ko itna shandaar video banaya h like ke alwa koi option nahi h

  • I respect Branch he obviously didn’t have the best genetics but you can tell he put in a insane amount of work. Still a good accomplishment.

  • Jay cuts cutler, number one, the only guy that recovered his title. 2009 is unbeatable. Jay 2009 and Dorian 1993 the best shapes ever. Greatness.

  • Some of the best legs in the business, looks absolutely unreal in that triceps and side chest pose from 2:49 to 3:00.

    Sporting T-Rex arms straight outta Jurassic Park his whole career unfortunately and aesthetics didn’t improve over time, especially with those mounting injuries.

    True warrior though, squeezed every drop of genetic potential from his physique and managed to compete and defeat guys who were blessed with much better if not clearly superior genetics.

  • I just remember generation iron where he was like I never get injured in the gym, only outside the gym. A moment later he injuries himself. Lol

  • Wow. What an epic line-up. Gotta admit my knowledge of the olympia line-ups in the aughts is lacking and pleasantly surprised to see this.

  • He fell victim to the size game and it killed his physique. the guy had more then enough size, he should have concentrated on conditioning,keeping that waist small and no distended gut.

  • His forearms are weaker than Flex Wheeler’s during his comeback. Poor guy just didn’t have the greatest genetics but he maximized his potential which is more than most can say.

  • I just reckon in some of these clips it looked like branch chose the wrong tan shade. Like it didn’t work as well with the lighting as jays

  • To me Branch Warren is classic example of how important good genetics are in bodybuilding. The guy trains as hard as anyone but just never looks like the top guys. Simply because he is just not genetically gifted.

  • It’s amazing to think that we came so close to having Branch Warren a Mr Olympia… I don’t think he quite gets the recognition he deserves

  • He was working with George Farah at that time. Branch never had the best genetics, but he worked his ass off to get there. He was an animal!

  • never was a fan, always just seemed meh, big isn’t everything and from the rumors I’ve heard is he’s one of the biggest abusers of vitamin S. Takes every and anything in the book, probably spending multiple grand a month for his drugs

  • Lol branch wasnt even on jays level…his condition was awesome but his structure is so weird….nor did he have the size…if u honestly think him in jay were even in the same league you dont know shit about bodybuilding….ronnie coleman at his best woulda had his hands full with 09 jay…and some wanna say branch shoulda won…good lord put the pipe down…

  • Bhai aapki wajah se hi itni info mil pati h in bodybuilders ki respect or bhadhti h unke baare me pata chalta h or motivation to milta hi h

  • Never been a fan of Branchs physique. When he was on point his conditioning was great but I don’t think his overall structure was very good at all.

  • I saw this dumb-ass once. I happened to visit the Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Tx. for the first time in my life. At this time, I’ve been in America for a few years. I Bodybuild for half of my life, competed in local events in México…grew up admiring this champs, wow!
    I’m at Metroflex, I see this “champ” while Big Ronnie is doing his Olympia Training there with a few dozens of people. I wait, don’t wanna be disrespectful to nobody but…those guys, these 2 guys are my heroes!
    I went to buy a disposable camera to the nearest drugstore I could find as fast as I can cuz I wanna have memories of these guys! I came back and slowly I started approaching this Warren dwarf guy….he sees me with a camera in my hand (I’m about to tell him: “when you have a chance, plz let me get my pic with you”) and yells, like fucking YELLS AT ME: “NOT NOW, NOT NOW, IM FUCKING TRAINING! LOOK FOR ME AT THE END!”
    I remember looking around, some guy, I guess trying to excuse this asshole said: “oh, they don’t like to be bothered when they’re training! Leave him alone, maybe at the end!” And I remember seeing Ronnie’s face with such a disbelief and disapproval…because he heard the yell. The whole gym heard it!
    I took several pics of Ronnie and me while the real champ, the real Mr.O was training! Whatta gentleman!
    Warren?! I didn’t even know when he finished his training. He jumped in his Hummer and left. He can go fuck himself as long as he lives!

  • This tanning stuff needs to stop. Trying to look the best in show? How can this stuff be it, when 90% of people who look at it would say his tint looks ridiculous? I think he would look just fine (better) just a good regular sun tan.

  • Amo o Jay Cutler! Uma pessoa muito humilde que sabe ganhar e perder, um dos melhores Fisiculturistas da história! Parabéns Jay Cutler! Parabéns pelo canal.

  • Branch Warren.. Bodybuilder+Power Lifter….. Branch Warren����
    Banch Prss.. 278 kg
    Saqut.. 409Kg 1 Rap Max
    SholderPrss.. 216kg 1 Rap Max
    Dedlift.. 338kg……… Branch Warren Suqsesfull Power lifter+Bodybuilder
    Branch Warren Warkout Machine
    Like A King Dorian Yeats… King Ronnie Colman

  • He was a beast, the guy was massive. Everything on him was huge, and he always had that hard, grainy look which very few bodybuilders ever achieve. He just didn’t have the best of shapes, so his front double bi, front lat spread, rear double bi and rear lat spread didn’t look that great. But his abs and thighs, side tricep and most muscular looked awesome.

  • It’s so sad fr me ��,when I c hw only a small number of peoples r just hv intereste in bodybuilding,,uh deserves more Dan 1million subcribers n more views,,,,

  • His frame no matter what shape hes in is what denied him of being a great bodybuilder. I’m sure he has great work ethic I’ve seen how he trains. Gives it his all…but the competition is so fierce and diverse I think he just couldnt really compete like the greats!

  • Shouldn’t been runner in any Olympia. His physique was trash. Worst arms ever on a IFBB pro. This guy got so much hype. By the way…..he’s 5’5” not 5’7”.

  • Tomn8er should watch this:P he’s always taking jabs at Branch then redeeming him then jabs then redeeming (if this comes off as hate it’s not I love your videos Tom)

  • I’ll give you credit, you always show the best of every bodybuilder!…you do a great job! Branch Warren was one of my favorite bodybuilder!! I met him at the Arnold Classic 2012 & 2013. Very humble guy. He’s as honest as they come. And one of the hardest working bodybuilder’s I’ve ever seen. Nice looking wife too!

  • he needs better abs..and needs bigger forearms.. better wider back…. better erectors..calves….not just beach body pecs..and legs…..

  • branch is an example of shockingly bad muscle insertions, shitload of roids, and a tonne of hard work and food, and ugly build, one of the worst

  • At 2:12 he looks really good, and I’m guessing it’s before he even turned pro? As a pro at his best, he was probably the densest muscled bodybuilder ever?
    At 3:23 WOW!! Not the kind of physique I like, but you got to give the guy credit for getting to that size. Looked like crap later in his career, but don’t they all?

  • What total crap..��..
    In his opinion as his opinion fills his pockets..��.
    What’s with the seriously rotten stump a 5 year old with a hammer would of demolished it.��

  • Insane vascularity.
    Legs over powering upper body.
    Shit arms.
    No chest.
    Weird mid section.
    Ego lifts in the stupidest form possible.
    I usually respect every bodybuilder who looks good or even average and works hard, but Branch is just roids freak. Shit physique.

  • He’s got Jay in some of those shots, like everyone says… a bit too blocky, and a hair thinner on the waist. He was right there…

  • Its odd judging guys of the same height, all within 10 lbs of each other, all with perfect tans, all with perfect x frames. Every guy in tgat lineup could have won. It was essentially pick a name out of a hat to see who won.

  • Make a video of most underrated bodybuilder Nasser el sonbaty or JP fux please 90s mass monster let everybody know about these most underrated and uncrowned bodybuilders

  • Branch strikes me as a straightforward person. If he likes you, he likes you, if he doesnt he doesnt. Honest, to the point, no bullshit.

    I respect people like that.

  • He was not a “pretty” or “flowing” physique with the conditioning that he brought in the hardness that he had was truly top shelf. Huge respect.

  • I like Warren but him coming in 2nd place over Phile, Green, and even The Blade Jackson. 100% proves that these shows are political and fixed to a certain degree.

  • I can’t tell whether you want to compliment Branch or discount his achievement in 2009. For starters, he doesn’t choose who competes against & how stacked does the lineup need to be for coming 2nd to be significant? He beat Dexter Jackson who had won the previous years Olympia & Dexter wasn’t off. Who did dexter beat the previous year? Everybody including Jay. I was at this Olympia & Branch looked the winner many times.

  • Yessir ol’ Branch Warren was lookin’ pretty dang good in some of those shots. Some people talk about him like he’s new and tryin’ to claw his way up. Branch Warren has been around a while and did have “good ol’ days”. I hear ya Nick, meeting some of those freaks in person can be an experience heh, heh. I really dig it when ya put out a video that I wasn’t thinkin’ of, not on my radar at all kinda deal. This video was one of those and as usual it was filled with great images and terrific facts, thanks Nick!……………………..PEACE!!

  • Always cool seeing how you put knowledge and pics/videos together to make a sick overall YouTube vid. Great job bro. Keep shredding brah

  • You guys should make a Parody of the old “Messin with sasquatch” jerky commercials. Only this guy kicks the sasquatche’s ass when he shows up.

  • His gut/ mid section was the losing factor against Jay. Maybe had he focused on some vacuums and pulled that gut in a bit, id say he probably would’ve won.

  • Nice tribute man, Branch deserves it. That 2009 version of him was a sight to be seen! One of the best ever as far as freakiness and graininess.He deservedly beat Kai, Phil and Dexter that year and only the best Jay Cutler ever was able to stop him!

  • Not a fan of Branche’s physique and he’s no genetic freak but he is a living testament to the transformative power of sheer hard work. Respect is due…

  • I don’t get it branch killed Jay on every pose how da f… Did Jay beat him branch had for more conditioning than Jay was almost as big as Jay and Jay was holding water I am big fan of Jay but I don’t see how he was better than branch BTW been competitive in this sport for over 10 years won shit loads to and I’d like to hear from a judge how did Jay pulled it of…

  • So you know-back in the day, I think seriously, Rich Gaspari to ‘me’ was the first guy who took his genetics and drugs as far as they could go and Rich was crossing the line with blocky over development. Haney got huge, but kinda stayed peaked for years without going to that next crazy level. Funny watching what bodybuilding became and evolved into over three decades.

  • Branch did something amazing. I think he put on as much muscle as humanly possible for his frame. Not the prettiest body, but humanly amazing.

  • Great vid as always Nick. Though this may be his best physique ever, his best moment ever is falling off that horse in Generation Iron. He’ll never live that down… as a matter of fact, in a way, he very much reminded me of Ferrigno in Pumping Iron. Sort of not really the smartest guy in the roomhis horrible formand just the way it portrayed him. The dumb loser. I like this video, but think you were being very kind to him.

  • Branch warren was a great overall bodybuilder and he got very unlucky that his overall best physique happen to be jay cutlers also(2009) or he may of be a 1x mr o