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Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade



Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade



Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade



Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade



Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade


DON’T WAIT TO START | Shot on iPhone 11

Video taken from the channel: Barbell Brigade


Barbell Brigade / A.TOROKHTIY

Video taken from the channel: Oleksiy TOROKHTIY

Check out our YouTube Channel! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel! We love sharing what we are up to with our Brigade. Barbell Brigade; Videos; Playlists; Community; Channels; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium BB TALK SHOW: MINDSTATE BEFORE A TOP SET by Barbell Brigade. 8:54.

Play nex. Whats up Fam, In this video we make Bart Kwan DO the exact same workout as us. 10 rep max deadlifts and top set of 3 on bench press. comment below what you think he deadlifted for 10 reps and his. Barbell Brigade Top YouTube Videos Masturbating Before Working Out. Uncle Same Gets Jacked.

DISRESPECTFUL FAN!!!!! Showering With My GF Pt 1. Chinito Gomez. Share: Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google+ Pin on Pinterest. Check Barbell Brigade YouTube statistics and Real-Time subscriber count.

Discover daily channel statistics, earnings, subscriber attribute, relevant YouTubers and videos. Top List. Category Entertainment; Song Nas Is Like; Artist Nas; Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of Sony Music Entertainment); Sony ATV Publishing, SOLAR Music Rights Management, LatinAutor, BMI. Sign-Up and be the first to know about upcoming releases, events and more. Also, receive exclusive subscriber-only offers and discounts!

255.1k Followers, 475 Following, 2,427 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Barbell Brigade (@barbellbrigade). Meet our new 2018 Mischief Collection. Inspired by the innate curiosity found in all of us and fueled by the child-like mischievousness perfect for the season of fun. Our newest summer offering is built upon the story of our endless pursuit of self-progression.

Nothing. Barbell Brigade net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, Barbell Brigade income. Last 30 days: $ 779, February 2020: $ 839, Januar.

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He explained the format of another challenging workout, but this one featured the barbell.

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The best thing about barbell deadlifts is their versatility.

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A grainy Internet video shows them doing extraordinary things with barbells: they stand on one another’s shoulders and, with impeccable balance, lift the heavy weights above their heads.

“Jewish Jocks: An Unorthodox Hall of Fame” by Franklin Foer, Marc Tracy
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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

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Participants put the barbell on their mid portion of trapezius and at the back of deltoid.

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VARIATION #4 VARIATION #5 Single-Leg Barbell Good Morning Zercher Good Morning Position the barbell across your upper back and hold it with an Position the barbell in the crooks of your arms, and hold it overhand grip.

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Anyone reading this who is familiar with YouTube will no doubt have seen many amazing videos where ordinary people display acts of inhuman strength and muscular control, using equipment no more advanced than a pull-up bar.

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This is a basic barbell movement that cre

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Seeing Tsatsouline hoist a pair of 70-pound kettlebells overhead in the repetition power snatch reinforces the modern interpretation of that age-old adage: one video is worth a thousand words.

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People ask me: “Why do you encourage pressing with a barbell?

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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  • so…is your first name aleksey or oleksiy? Or is it pronouces oleksiy in english but spelled Aleksey? did this video pronouce your name right?

  • Does anyone have the song name when he was doing his training? I know it’s not Darude sandstorm. I would greatly appreciate if someone can put the song name

  • yo Bart how is calling a dumbell row a “lawnmower” racist.. I mean.. u just made it racist by connecting lawn mowers to Mexicans.. because you clearly implied something to do with Mexicans. but Mexicans have nothing to do with lawn mowers. which means you’re a racist.

  • Да, блин!!! Я раньше в Донецке жил рядом с заброшенным заводом. Я многим говорил что там можно сделать очень атмосферные площадки под индастриал или артхаус стиль хоть для офисов, хоть для ресторанов, для шопингмолов, а мне говорили что я дичь какую-то несу(

  • Awesome footage at barbell brigade!! Wish you could’ve done a few squats just to show those powerlifters how strong a weightlifters squat really is

  • That shit looks hard a phuck! You gotta be in top shape to handle that workout…..poor guy, he was done right after the first exercise…..

  • Judging by all the videos I’ve watched Bart lifts and squats more than all the guys at my gym. Though he is not necessarily bigger than all of them but I say definitely stronger.

  • I love it, I procrastinate all the time waiting for the right equipment to shoot, so I absolutely love this video.
    And I’m going to get back on the consistency train!!!!!!

  • I literally didn’t know Bart was the guy from that video until today, i saw it when i was young and never followed YouTube channels back them and now I’m shook

  • Your the motivation I need to make my transformation and reach my goals. Would be an honor to lift in your gym or even meet you. ���� keep it up. Ill be there one day

  • Video was shot on the new iPhone 11. We just wanted to have fun and test it out, but also show you guys you can film anything with the tools you have in your pocket. Of course it doesn’t compare to any of our cameras, but for you all who want to get started on anything. Start now with what you have, don’t push your goals back because of the limitations you set especially when it comes to technology. There will always be a better camera to buy, a faster laptop, but that doesn’t replace effort and that won’t make you successful. You will make it yourself.

  • Great Job Jess… Can you guys have another channel where you just put Jess through hell. Like have her overcome her fears and stuff… That would be sick!

  • I love how Jess has been more present on social media. She used to always try to stay behind the scenes, but has now appeared on BeawCast, Genius Brain & talked about her life with Stacey. Of course, she’s a regular on Hey Btch as well.

  • That was a great circuit. I def had fun working out with you. Had to modify with bent over rows since I don’t have a rack at home. Very fun. And keep it up Jess!! Thx!! I be watching more videos. ����

  • IMO Nadeem killled it. Most folks commenting about how they could do this are full of it and for the small percentage of you that can with ease I salute you. Rulk ain’t fucking around and we all win with this free workout

  • I follow Coach Phil on YT too. All of his videos are full of details. I’m honestly surprised at how much info he gives away for free.

  • Thank you for these talks bart im not really into fitness im actually a bit over weight im subscribed to the channel cause im a fan not cause of fitness but i have to say i been eating better now and im thinking of exerciseing now thanks for the motivation

  • Haha that’s the thing with powerlifting, over the time you develope so much muscle that you can barely supply them with oxygen in the long term.

  • Am I the only one who just learned Bart’s full name is Barton?!?!? I’ve been following for years and I just found out in that flashback sequence…..the more you know…:)

  • i literally dicovered this coach on youtube a few weeks ago, and its dope to see him on a barbell video! This was awesome. Im glad he exposed the hips and back as target points. Please do more videos with Phil Bart! #GreatCoach

  • I think one of my favorite quotes ever is “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” By Timothy Ferris. It’s something I think about whenever I want to accomplish a goal but that fear of failing is lingering in the back of my mind. I believe that it is important to just got for broke sometimes especially when you have never done something like that before. Keep up the good work and remember #DominateHumbly

  • Why not pull 700 for lifetime goal? You still got hella life left in you. Also, I’m hella inspired by you and wanna do a meet in like a year, mainly cuz I’m still comin off of ACL surgery. Alllllssooooo, could y’all make a video on different types of bars and functions they have?

  • I’ve started to notice some really bad muscle imbalances that are REALLY affecting my main lifts. I don’t want to stop training my powerlifting movements…but I want to fix these imbalances so I can continue progressing and not get injured. Any advice??

  • I always feel like launching my own channel. Even just with a pixel 3a camera. Thing is I don’t want people to make fun of me or the people that might be in the video. You have a lot of courage.

  • Thank you for this educational video Bart and Coach Phil. I’ve been doing taekwondo for about 4 years, and now I’m doing muay thai/dutch for the past 5 months. I am now more self-conscious about hip flexors after watching this, so I’m going to find and include psoas conditioning and stretches to my routine.

  • Bart is always trying to kill everyone with his insane workouts. Need pushing them too hard too soon. It’s about moderation and Volume.

  • Bart you’re one of my greatest role models because even though you put in all this work in and out of the gym you still find a way to be funny. Keep going hard. I know you’ll go above and beyond your goals just as I try to do. You’re awesome, you’re beast, keep going my brother.

  • I believe in Bart to make an amazing chocolate only flavor. I just want a good pure chocolate one so i can add my own peanut butter or banana. Real food wins

  • A group of people agreeing with each other makes ratings pointless. Lol. Look at the when they all shouted out their score at the same time, there was the widest range of scores.

  • thanks for this video bart. i just got the iphone 11 too and was thinking of starting a youtube channel for weightlifting. this just gives me more motivation!!

  • 46:29 This video was a whole story with Jess. By this point it’s like she found her second wind or fell into Zen mode and she just overcame and was murdering it. Perfect music in the background and perfect focused look on her face and perfect shot by Nadeem to encapsulate all that in this shot. ��

  • Great quote from Gen. Patton. I just started following you and you got some good content to share.
    Keep up the work or else you’ll fall behind.

  • WTF, everyone wanted to see Jess in one of these videos doing squats… why didn’t JESS do squats but TIFF did? Wooooow, literally no point.

  • Nothing gets me more pumped up and fueled for my workouts than watching Bart’s workouts and him dropping mad knowledge on a fool. Inspired I shall be

  • Da Rulck reminds me of a beefed up Krillin from dragon ball Z with a sick beard. Da Rulck be working out with Goku in 100 times Earth gravity. Impressive all around.

  • Most of my friends do weights only with no cardio. They walk around with muscles for looks only and uncoordinated AF when it comes to any sports LOL

  • I was just skipping to different parts of the video just to have a rough look of what happened, all i see is just nadeem on the ground dying.

    Oh and he wore goggles for some reason.

  • Just an idea but if there was to be more then one flavor you guys could do a tasting kit, a serving size of all the flavors to find the flavor that we like the most

  • Bro u need to stop acting like a lil Asian kid and be more dignified and poise. And that moaning, u like a virgin being deflowered.

  • Question Phil, I seriously like both power training with weights and field bodyweight exercises just not sure if I’m making a mistake by not sticking to a particular type for at least 2 or 3 months each. As opposed to the power training twice a week and body weight twice a week.

  • I’m in my living room chilling I suddenly had WATCHER’S GUILT, threw on my sneakers and did some of the moves:-( I felt bad for Nadeem and Bart!! LOL

  • I want this man yelling at me while I workout he’s so encouraging I feel like I would just have no excuses cuz I lowkey slack when I’m working out alone

  • Man I need Rulk to train me for 6 weeks when i turn pro for Boxing. The man has the knowledge, skill, know how. Got it all. stranger to functional movement training, but its always nice to get pushed.

  • Just feed him food..chicken briyani…chicken tandoori…and more fatty stuff….thats it…its not intense if u rest more than u are doing….just let him join food competition is more better….lol������

  • hahaha I would’ve had a hard on, cause my blood would be all in my dick, because of the intensity of this workout, or have a heart attack lol

  • Ugh I love this workout! Its Brutal and extremely Functional at the same time. The corrective workout movements on this routine warms my heart. This whole workout screams “Lift all the weights you want, but are you FUNCTIONAL tho?”

  • Marine recruited me 10 years ago I wanted to act like I’m still Navy Special Forces Seal higher than Seal Team not what you believe it’s actually what you Sign In or Out?

  • I’ve been using the Centr fitness programme for the past 7 weeks and I still absolutely dread Da Rulk’s workouts. By far the hardest. Man is an absolute animal.

  • This dude isn’t nearly serious enough. And he’s not a lifter either. Just look at 11:35. Dude is doing a half rep box squat with 120 kg (with a pussybad), and can barely take it off the rack.

  • Is Rulk single?.. asking for a friend

    Nadeem, good job on pushing through! You really should consider adding cardio into your routine because you were exhausted after the 1st bear crawl my boy lol Great perseverance!

  • Алексей,добрый вечер! вы в такой супер форме!! в связи с чем пришлось завершить карьеру? сила, мастерство есть, возраст молодой, жалко

  • Dope video, Bart. Super informative. You’re crazy for having this kind of training the same week as your weightlifting competition.

  • My G why would you follow him in the bathroom that shyt was mad disgusting you zoomed on the seat my G come on. Don’t do that dumb shyt ever again.

  • In all fairness functional movement is hard even when you have good mobility. You start your day with a circuit of just 3 of these movements your whole body is ready for whatever you want to do that day work, sports, dance, training anything.if you transitioning from being inactive or a weight lifter the pain is excruciating because your body is correcting itself to the control and ability it’s meant to have.

  • as a Taekwondo school owner and Olympic Sport Taekwondo coach… i foundthis to be honestly the best content you’ve ever put out…. more stuff like this.

  • im from the old school ‘flex’ acedemy….. our motto was always:
    Your born small & weak.
    You die small & weak.
    What you do in between is up to you. (picture of old wrinkled man cuddling a newborn baby)

  • thank you bart! I do bjj and interested with mma. please do more of these:) used to be focused on all types of lifting tho but trying out mma with it

  • BB should do a challenge where you have to do one workout per set of db. Each pound is a different workout. So with 5 lbs db you do bend over triceps extensions, 10 lbs lateral shoulder raise, and so forth until you reach the last set of db. And you can’t use the same workout. Does that make sense lol.

  • I’ve watched ALOT…. ALOT of youtube fitness my favorite by far is AthleanX but Phil’s workouts are definitely great in the MMA space if anyone is doing a combat sport, definitely watch his channel.

  • I guess this means that Jess is officially planning on leaving Jk since she’s flirting already. Damn, you’ll be missed, Jessica UnU

  • You do you Bart don’t let these haters talk shit about you’re change of plans. They’re bunch of betas they don’t get how alphas think ����

  • This video is what I love about Bart, he’s got that serious ass music in the back and saying some real shit but then she just messes around and doesn’t take life to serious.

  • “Use you mind to resist the way you body wants to feel… Your mind says ‘I’m stronger then you calm the fuck down'” -Bart Kwan 2019

  • This video sound track includes all the noises from training with DaRulk and more!!!! Order in the next hour and get Barts exclusive “loud poops”.

  • Dang, thanks for the reminder.. i always thought knowledge is power and it is.. but the more you know the more you learn about a thing the more you’re aware of the risk and sometimes end up restricting you from doing something.

  • Hard to watch after the 1st round, should’ve reduced the reps to 5, and/or dropped the sets to 3. Noticed the workouts focused on arms. I think, in this area, would’ve tailored more to Jess, if there were more lower body exercises.

  • so you know how you have alot of rocky training days? one thing that I like doing to avoid having good training sessions and bad training sessions every week/biweekly/monthly, is to write down everything that you did during the days that you have awesome days (example: I had these kind of thoughts, I had this amt of sleep, ate this, etc). Everytime you train after realizing your tendencies you have for good training days, always strive for those conditions the best you can, even on days you know your busy as crap. See how that works for you, but hey what do I know. I just hear you talk about your gains in a roller coaster fashion, so if you haven’t thought of that yet, give it a go

  • Oh no…. doesn’t matter how good the implant there’s people getting a certain sickness from them that doctors keep quiet. It’s really scary after I watched videos on it and how many have almost died etc.

  • Silent Mike ruined the ultimate return of OG Bodybuilding Bart Kwan…. Ehhh i’m being selfish tho, whatever makes you happy Bart! Ahaha.

  • 16:15

    Bart: “The minute you are in danger is when I’m going to grab the bar from you”

    Jess: “Okay” smile and shrugs

    The feeling of safety�������� My man Bart����