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Eating before a morning workout can provide the body with some easily accessible energy, especially after an overnight fast when our energy tank is close to zero. What you should eat depends largely on how much time there is before the workout. Some individuals cannot tolerate a morning meal before a workout, and that’s not a problem.

Therefore, if you don’t eat before you exercise, try to eat soon after you exercise. Overall, personal preference should be the main factor when deciding whether or not to eat before. With the right approach, a pre-workout snack or meal can give you the energy and nutrients you need to crush your goals. But if you get your timing or food choices wrong, you’ll pay for it later — like when you’re trying to sweat it out with #mbf Muscle Burns Fat.

The hunger scale helps you gauge when it’s a good time to start or stop eating. All too often we eat out of distraction or boredom instead of eating to satisfy true physiological hunger. Here’s a tip: Before you eat, spend a minute or two paying attention to your stomach. Repeat this process during and after a meal. Pre-workout formulas have become wildly popular, but you may wonder about their health effects.

This article tells you whether pre-workout supplements are good or. What is the best thing to eat before exercising for energy and endurance? You need quality carbs, lean protein, heart healthy fats, and fluids. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods like.

This Small Tweak Can Offer a Big Boost to Workout Motivation Ben Lost 120 Pounds to Feel More Confident on Stage Ask the RD: Should You Always Eat Before a Workout?2. Eat more veggies. The one thing all diets have in common is veggies, and if you want to lose weight, you should start eating more of them.I’ve converted a. This can help you identify healthy changes you can make to your eating habits and exercise routine; 4. CREATE AND SHARE YOUR MEALS.

Create custom meals — those things you eat all the time because they taste great, fill you up, and meet your health goals — it makes tracking easier and allows you to share them with your friends. 5. This Small Tweak Can Offer a Big Boost to Workout Motivation Ben Lost 120 Pounds to Feel More Confident on Stage Ask the RD: Should You Always Eat Before a Workout?

List of related literature:

(19) Eating immediately before an event does not provide sufficient time to digest nutrients and increase muscle glycogen levels; however, it does curb appetite and, if it is high in carbohydrates, blood glucose levels increase.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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The ideal meal immediately before exercising should provide a source of carbohydrate to sustain blood glucose and muscle metabolism while minimizing any increase in insulin release caused by the meal.

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
from Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance
by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010

Large meals (hay or grain/concentrate or mixtures) should not be fed in the 3–4 hour period before exercise because they may result in a decrease in plasma volume due to fluid shifts into the gastrointestinal tract.

“Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition E-Book: Health, Welfare and Performance” by Raymond J. Geor, Manfred Coenen, Patricia Harris
from Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition E-Book: Health, Welfare and Performance
by Raymond J. Geor, Manfred Coenen, Patricia Harris
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Or will eating before training have no appreciable effect on your performance or results?

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
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Research shows that the best thing to eat before a workout is carbohydrate, not protein, because carbohydrate provides glucose to the muscle cells.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

allow two or three hours to digest meals before exercise; if eating closer to training, then the portion should be a smaller, predominantly carbohydrate-based snack (McDaniel & Fox, 2016).

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
from Essentials of Youth Fitness
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Therefore, give yourself 45 to 60 minutes to digest the complex carbohydrate drink before beginning your workout.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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To do this, the focus should be on starchy, low-fiber carbohydrate foods and fluids for the last meal before exercise, followed by a sports beverage sipping protocol that maintains blood glucose and volume up to the beginning of the training or competition.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
from Advanced Sports Nutrition
by Dan Benardot
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Since carbohydrates are needed to produce the glycogen the muscles need for intense contraction, it makes sense to eat a highcarbohydrate breakfast before going to the gym to train in the morning.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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On the day of the event or an important training session, the athlete should aim to eat a meal about 4 to 6 hours prior to the workout to minimize gastrointestinal distress and optimize performance.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Damm your beautifull and strong, perfect woman, so I had to subscribe and I see your heart is in the training and you know your stuff thank you

  • It always makes me smile when I see women doing as a sport the very thing they’ve cleverly avoided doing throughout their generations: lifting heavy objects and training physically hard. But they will do it inside the gym, because it’s called a sport. Try doing a manual occupation for 30 to 40 years and see how well you do after that. Then again only men should have to do manual occupations, of course, in the minds of any feminist.

  • for me, that was such a privelaged lesson and it will be put on board as of starting today,,,and stefi is such a cute funny lady she cracks me up, i learn and laugh at the same time,,

  • Really really really liked it. Sarah did 160 er more kg in a old vid. Here she did 170 or 180kg. (a lot of lbs). Yes sarah will hit 415lbs if she keeps deadlifting together.

  • I’ve lifted for 45 years and still love learning from knowledgeable people. I have so much respect for Stefi and her knowledge. The girl is amazing.

  • Suffering from injury for past 5 month’s now and watching this video or any of your deadlift video on Insta just make me feel ☺️..

  • Brilliant..!!  An excellent explanation of when to take on board your carbs with a view to muscle and fitness training.  I have watched others espousing their views on this subject and became as confused as hell.  Then along comes Nick Mitchell, he dots all the “I’s” and crosses all the “T’s”.
    Big plus here, what he is saying agrees with my main nutritional mentor Dr Eric Berg.  On the quality of content of the first few of Nick’s You Tube videos I have gone out and bought his book.  “Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan”.  The book is so clear and makes a lot of sense, without all the bullshit that is so prevalent in the fitness and training arena.  I would recommend anyone who is serious about their performance to buy his book.

  • I believe its Sarah who is the arm wrestler, I could have that wrong. But the way she can pull with the bar just in her fingers is very impressive.

  • Hi Stefi, I’ve just rejoined the gym after 6 years away from weight lifting. Your videos gave my the push to get back in there. I’m 6.1 with tight hamstrings so always struggled with conventional. I started trying Sumo for the first time this week and noticed a difference. Glad this video is out so I can try learn the proper sumo form:)

  • You only get 7 hours sleep per night? You need at least 8. Also smoothies/ shakes are bad for you, you aren’t meant to blend fruit since it breaks the sugars down differently, often makes people put on weight.

  • Interesting vid. I note Olly Foster takes his carbs on a low carb day post work out. Whereas you prefer evening. Suppose I need to find out what works best for me!

  • People who haven’t loved an animal are missing something probably because they are full of their own self ego. Well done Jeff I have loads of respect.

  • Thanks for the tips on nutrition & technique, and especially for the motivation, Jeff. I’m fitter than I’ve been in over 2 decades.

  • great video informative video, I have been thinking about doing my weight training first thing in the morning within an hour upon waking..with this in mind do you think it would be better to eat anything or not?

  • I always exercise in evenings, two hours after my meal.   Also every morning thirty minutes before breakfast I stretch my whole body. Thank you so much for the video.:)

  • I am a girl I watch your videos everyday you never talk about women I have made major improvements I watching your videos lots of positive gains love your videos

  • Neither I can get up at five am and go to sleep at eight pm. Hurra. I hope he makes more time for his family than that.:-)
    Who walks the dogs? Wife?

  • I’m sure there are trainers who have more credentials, more experience than Jeff…BUT HE IS BY FAR THE BEST TRAINER AND MOTIVATOR IN YOUTUBE AND IN THE INDUSTRY!!!!!!! HATS OFF TO YOU SIR

  • Question I just bought the RX-3 Reconstruction. In the video Jeff mentions that it’s a nighttime protein recovery drink. However, I don’t see protein in the ingredients. Does anyone know if the formula has changed and if so should I add protein to the RX-3 before bed?

  • just came from nutrition video that was uploaded just a while ago and every thing Jeff eats is almost the same even after 4 years. That’s what u call consistency! Damn I truly respect him for that.

  • Anyone that believes that Jeff is only in it to sell you more programs has never tried to pass the Athlean X final exam to move on to X 2.

  • Great video. however, every video out there is for evening workouts. I only have time to work out in the early morning and then work until 7 pm, how about a meal plan for that profile???

  • Nick based on your 4 week muscle diet plan and meal schedule how would the meals be best structured around someone who trains at 6pm
    By replacing meal 3 with meal two on the plan.?
    My day starts around 530am and ends 10pm

    Many thanks

  • Love what you do, a suggestion either get a PC for your work with two monitors and a keyboard, or at least a docking solution for your laptop with an external keyboard and a couple of monitors, this isn’t about IT it’s about working efficiency and as a result less fatigue

  • Of course you need carbs after you workout.Once you finish your workout your muscles are completely depleted of glycogen, and you need to restore it whith carbs llike simple sugars and whole weat pitas.Protein is as important as carbs, but i suggest you take your carbs as soon you leave the gym, and then you have 1 more hour in which your body is highly anabolic to take your post workout shake (protein).Thumbs up if this was useful.

  • Do you work with women at all? I started my fitness journey and changed my lifestyle about 2 months ago and I feel like this is so much more food than what I eat in a day and yet feel like I’m eating too much. Would it be different for women?

  • <1,000,000 subscribers on 7/25/2015
    >8,300,000 subscribers on 8/22/2019

    Athlean-X has earned every bit of their recognition, and I believe they are still vastly underrated.

  • When do you guys usually take pre workout after eating? I know it all depends on what you ate and size of meal but just trying to get some ideas bc I’m all over. Some days just grub an everything bagel and drink pre workout half hr later, take a dook, and start pretty much an hour an 15 after finished eating. Other times I’ll go 2 possibly 3 hrs.

  • 7:06, Jeff, how much Cinnamon did you add to your RX-2 Post Workout supplement?

    8:09, What is the amount of Blueberries that you use for your Night Time Recovery supplement, and do you mix it with Water or Milk?

  • Let’s take a second to notice that this was made 4 yrs ago and he was celebrating his 1 millionth subscriber. He’s been doing this youtube for I think 8-10 yrs. He just hit 10 mil+ recently. How in the what!?! Blowing the freak up and fast.

  • Hey Guys, you two are tripping lmao! For home work outs during COVID19 what weights would you purchase. I don’t have a lot of room to have a full weight set in my home unfortunately. Normally I go to the gym and use weights there. What would you suggest? Thx

  • No way, dude!!! You’re a lucky man your wife does your shopping for all that food. There’s no way you do your own shopping. And to eat like that every day is easily over $100 a week in groceries. What about the guys who are on a more limited budget and don’t have someone to do their shopping for them??

  • Lmfao!! ” you’re a Greek statue!”���� “we should be asking you for advice” lol… If yall need another lightskin brotha on camera “I’m yo guy��”.. (My lady say she about to leave me for steph curry��)

  • I prefer to workout on an empty stomach.  Especially if I will be doing intense cardio, HiiT, metabolic training or tabata.  I feel sluggish and nauseated if I try to eat first.  I do have to have my quart of water and coffee first though.  If I am doing weights, I can eat first, but still I am just in the habit of working out on an empty stomach and even on days I do not workout, I wait a couple of hours after rising to eat.  I am not programmed to eat first thing.  I also prefer not to eat late at night.I do have a question.  Why does it seem metabolic workouts have so many overhead presses in the mix…I feel like I am always doing an overhead press…I realize you can do squats, lunges, step ups etc with the overhead press, but I feel it is over-utilized. What can I do instead…hammer curls, front raises, lateral raises?  I guess I could do them without weights.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

  • I have mixed it up.
    for a the forst couple of weeks of starting my weight loss I ate after. now I ate before. As of right now I see more progress eating before. And I don’t wait two hours after eating, I only wait about 20 Mins. thank you for sharing I was very curious about your thoughts on this.

  • NO way. If you just step out of bed right hitting the gym, your glucose levels would be WAY lower than when you first eat a meal. I prefer to start with 150 grams of oats, half an hour later 2 bananas, another half hour later some coffee and preworkout, and then go to the gym demolishin shit

  • Hey Jeff, don’t know if you are still reading comments on this vid, but what do you think about bed times and hormones? Shouldn’t one be going to bed before 11pm to get the best hormone balance and muscle recovery? You clearly get the 8 hours sleep which I need to do I only get 6-7 hours usually.

  • I dont feel well when i excersicing on an empty stomach. I drink one cup of water to start my metablosim and then i do my work out, i let my body rest and then i have a healthy breakfast.

  • Did this fucking idiot really say don’t eat carbs because they don’t give you energy and then follow up his ridiculous statement by saying calories give you energy? Wow this guy deserves an award for utter stupidity. Protein is equal to 4 calories per gram, fat is equal to 9 calories per gram and CARBS are equal to 4 calories per gram. Calories are measurements of oxygen consumption. Please for the love of god do not hire this buffoon as a personal trainer.

  • Would this work lets say if my evening meal is like lots of white rice sweet potato and such and next morning I get in some eggs mct oil with some veggies then workout?

  • So happy to have Q & A back! I missed it because I always learn something new.:)
    I am definitely in the first group. I have to workout first thing in the morning or it’s too hard to fit it in later once the kids all get up (no one naps anymore). And I can’t bear to eat anything first. I actually feel like it curbs my appetite and I eat less overall throughout the day. I’ve been doing this for years this way, but I used to do it the other way when my 3 oldest were small. To everything there is a season!
    I have a question about Tabata and HIIT. It seems like they do overlap a lot in principle. What is the difference?


  • Awesome video. Glad I subscribed. Everywhere I look I see people recommending carbs pre workout. Even some of the more “scientific” fitness gurus like Alan Aragon and Jim Stoppani. I’m a believer in fat and protein pre workout and restoring glycogen from the time the workout is over and leading into the evening (carb backloading). The glycogen should still be there in the morning. Just how I’ve been doing it for the past few months.

  • for the past 2 months ive been working out first thing in the morning upon waking up with only a preworkout in my system. Ive never been able to do this without feeling dizzy and nauseous, however a few months ago i started eating 1200 calorie dinners and part of those dinners has been 3 servings of oatmeal (120g dry) with coconut butter, cream and frozen mixed berries. Wondering if this is why im able to train in the morning now.

  • i been doing this now and it works great! i was eating carbs pre-workouts, and i would get sluggish and i would stay bloated all day. eating carbs in the evening changed everything for me!! i wish i knew about this way back whn i started working out. good advice. thanks.

  • I just had a dead lifting session with a couple friends in their garage. Do you take 2 to 3 hours like we do to deadlift and max out?

  • So then how many hours before a weight training workout should I consume carbs to replenish glycogen stores, and how long before the workout should I consume the pre workout protein/fat combo?

  • I have heard not to Eat slow digesting protein or fat because the blood from your body will go to the stomach to digest the protein. I have heard to eat simple carbs 1 hr before workout and simple sugar or caffeine just before workout.

  • what about when I start to feel dizzy / weak / light headed and then eat some carbs flapjack, then within 20 minutes I feel much better and can resume an intense training session?

  • So if I’m working out first thing in the morning, let’s say after breakfast, I should have a fat and protein breakfast and the day before my last meal should be carbs (and protein)??

  • Although it was very insightful to see what you were eating meal by meal at estimated times throughout the day, I wish we could have the amount of food and Macronutrient breakdown along with each meal.
    Ex: Lean Cow Beef 20oz (30g) of protein

  • Wow! Awesome video, you explained this way better than the articles and information pages and I usually excercise before I eat and then I have a small snack and then I have lunch and dinner… and workout in between meals

  • Hello everyone:) I’m so happy to see this topic going on…here’s my impression: recently I have noticed that when I do my exercise earli(er) in the morning, the sweat breaks through more quickly! It was a random discovery since my schedule had not let me the time to exercise in the morning hours but this one time thing was a really positive discovery:)

  • Intensely interesting. Seems you really know what your talking about. I’m about to go on diet of no carbs till after workout and maybe another meal with carbs after that, depending. Brandon Carter says it spikes insulin and will cut the fat. I want to cut. Dude stayed ripped on meat and veggies while only eating carbs after workout to restore glycogen and spike insulin. Anybody ever tried said diet, or seen Brandon Carter?

  • Thanks for u good video man I agree w u eating carbs before workout is bad idea better to clear fat before and carbs after because when u eat carbs u become anabolic because of the insulin and you don’t want to be anabolic before u workout only if u wanna be fat go ahead

  • I train very early mornings 5am 5x a week..”Black Coffee” the ultimate pre workout intake! Take my creatine and multivitamin..30 min out I’m ready for weight trainning FASTED..had no crashing feeling in the gym..but I am going try the whole Protein and nuts theory..thanks for the video..I’m a natural bodybuilder on the bulk cycle..after a workout I do carb back loading and so far I feel phenomenal..

  • I eat potatoes everyday! I hate when people say “but potatoes are high on the GI” because a complex carb is a complex carb is a complex carb in my experience lol good info bro love your channel

  • Mass shakes have a lot of carbs which differs from 1.5g per gram of protein to a massive 3g per gram of protein, I easily gain body fat, so I go for the lowest carb to protein ratio I can find & have that before breakfast, pre & post workout, but every were I go I’m told that I need to ” carb up” in order to grow. Is this true or BS?

  • Hi Nick,

    Makes perfect sense to me!

    However, most of my training (not out of choice) is done between 6-10pm in the evening. The pre-workout methodology you’re discussing heavily in this video is still applicable for me (and thank you for the advice), but in terms of consuming carbs in the evening, what would you recommend I do instead? You mention it should not be part of the post-workout meal, yet it would end up being so if I am training this late. For me, would it be better to consume carbs in the morning/lunchtime instead?

    Appreciate any additional advice you can share. As always, I highly value the methodologies you share with us!

    Thanks, Ben

  • I am admittedly somewhat of a novice and No, this doesn’t make sense. I am not saying you are wrong but that at least you could be more clear. 

  • you eat carbs you burn fat you eat fat you burn carbs… simple. The minute I read ”Do NOT eat carbs” I cringed. I you realis carbs are what trillions of cells in the body run on? glucose? silly little meat heads with no real knowledge at all I suggest you read the china study and learn what carbs are for. Protein = worst form of energy for your body…. it is very important but is NOT a good energy source…. FACT. 

  • Great video:)
    Think it’s been asked already but how would this approach work for early morning training? I train 6:30am onwards and have carbs/protein an hour before, possibly part of the 20% that it works for:)

  • this article on is saying the same thing he said as well

  • Amazing and convincing video! Eating carbs at night was my only “breach of contract” in terms of fitness lifestyle, as it was a must for me. With this video, I’ll continue listening to my body without feeling guilty! Thanks a bunch Nick! Ur definitely a Revolutionary against bro-science!

  • I get sick if I have food in my stomach. I work out pretty early though but if I am hungry I can only eat a few select foods and in small amounts, like a handful of almonds. I have to be careful drinking during workouts too. I can only take small sips of water during workouts. Thanks Jessica!

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the video. 

    As I train at 6:30 in the morning and to get to the gym I have to get up and leave the house at 5:30 I tend to drink down a protein shake (Whey) on the drive to the gym. If I don’t do this I find that my session isn’t good on as I don’t tend to work that well on a totally empty stomach. Once gym session competed and I get into my office I then have a breakfast at about 8:30, either have some fried eggs and mushrooms from the office canteen or if I can get some, pick up some chicken from Tesco’s.

    I then follow your outline and have chicken / tuna for lunch with a small green salad and have another protein meal with some more carbs, broccoli etc for evening meal. I try to put some smaller snacks in between as well, maybe some Protein soup or cockles. 

    Appreciate your views on that approach?  

  • Is there a ‘guide’ time to intake carbs then? For instance I train after my 9-5 work around 5:30pm, and eat carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch, no carbs in my pre-workout meal around 4- 4:30 and then whey shake straight after workout and then carbs again around 8pm with my evening meal…?

  • This is true, when I eat before the gym I feel sleepy and tired. When I don’t eat and I have some caffeine 30 minutes before workout I feel pumped up and full of energy.

  • I exercise on an empty stomach, i have a green tea and water and a pre workout before gym only. The tea stops me from feeling dizzy and the pre workout keeps my energy up so i can work out for a long time. I also take creatine, which helps too.

  • As a vegetarian pt i really like to hear what you say, and i agree with most of it most of the time too, but yes agree that trailing your own and comparing results is a must for everyone. Really like your views.

  • Really interesting video, especially the point about how carbs generally make you feel and therefore why not to use them before workout. I’m a 23 year old personal trainer and I can’t get enough of these videos, thanks Nick!

  • Putt a bag off green tea in your water. It gives just a mild taste to the water that make you continue drinking.

    Activate the bag in one cup of hot water, then add the bag and the hot water to a 1,5 l bottle. It takes about 15 min to fully brew. Or make a big pot of green tea and leave it in the fridge to cool down.

  • Great post Nick. Couple things from that:
    What difference between a diet for performance and body composition? Can you combine similarly to building muscle whilst burning day?

    I get up 5.30am and lift at 6am. There’s not much info about on early trainers. It fits my schedule but I find it more effect as I have all day to recover. Now I lift on only BCAA, Beta-alinine and pre workout. Is that best? Or would you chuck in a coffee and coconut oil.

    Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks for the effort of the vids.

  • A video detailing hormones and their effects on training would be great. There’s so much information but contradictory. Would appreciate the info coming from a source I trust and admire. 

  • Yo�������� why y’all so damn silly I be trying to listen and be serious but y’all keep me laughing my daughter put me on to y’all keep up the good work ������Crazy asses

  • Thanks Nick!.. This has been one of the most interesting video’s over the last few weeks, on message, and key to a solid workout (preparation is everything I feel).

    I have a follow-on Question if I may (perhaps worth a short video in itself if you have any particular thoughts):

    Question: “Exactly what does it take to be “properly hydrated” pre (and during) a workout?”

    I’ve often wondered this. Personally I’m skulling 750ml of water (mixed with what I think is a high quality ‘pre-workout enhancer’) 20-30 minutes before I actually start my session. I’ve got in to the habit of drinking a 500ml bottle of water directly before that. Then during the session I consume two training bottles (so that’s 1.5 liters) of water mixed with iBCAA. But all this fluid and supplement, I’ve never been sure if that’s enough, too much, or not soon enough.

    FYI, yes yes, I am also drinking fluids throughout the day, every day, not just pre-workout.

    Thanks again Nick.


  • I find that low glycemic carbs mixxed with fats and protein about 1 hour before workout works very well. not sleepy, alot of energy. my strength is getting better, training is going better.

  • Another great video Nick, as per usual…!
    More of a question than a comment, what if you were to consume fast releasing carbs (i.e. dextrose, rice cakes, sugary sweets) during your workout would this provide some more fuel throughout your session by replenishing your glycogen stores?
    I am aware that the glycogen stores essentially won’t be replenished instantly but if one is having a longer gym session could consuming the fast releasing carbs potentially assist in your session?

  • Actually studies have shown not having any carbs within 30 mins of a workout reduces carb synthesis by 80% for the rest of that day. So yeah its pretty important.

  • Hello Marc! Can you share your thoughts on Vitargo, like Vitargo from Scitec Nutrition? Do you think it’s better than dextrose in a post workout shake? I’ve been taking taking pure Vitargo with Whey protein after each workout… It seems to be effective.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Doesn’t eating carbs after training affect the growth hormone? as insulin and growth hormone can’t co exist? I want my body to ejaculate as much gH as possible… 

  • I can’t workout without food, it leaves me without energy. Earlier today I did a short bike ride and even a minute in I could not push my legs I felt like I would throw up.

    Marc, how much Karbolic should I take in my PWO shake? 1 (50g) or 2 (100g)scoops? I’m 210lbs, 24.5% bodysuit and I’ll be mixing it with 2 scoops of Isoflex WPI. Thanks Bro!

  • Ok, So rather than taking a Carb powder like Karbolyn, or karbolic. Can one get away with just have a sugary soft drink like lets say Hawaiian punch, or Gatorade post workout? Will any of it turn into fat if its taken post workout?

  • Good video man, agree 110%. However; dont forget to mention that people using creatine (especially Monohydrate) should dose their post workout shake with 5g creatine and 1-2tbsp of sugar in the raw for maximum absorbtion and insulin spikes to load that muscle up. Great vid!

  • Basically if you are dieting have fats and protein, if you are trying to gain weight have carbs and protein with a little fat to stunt insulin just enough to stabilize. When I am dieting I will have lean steak and half cup raw almonds, when bulking I have cream of rice with two tbsp almond butter and a scoop of whey isolate.

  • Basically it gets you necessary carbs easily. You drink it during or after a workout. I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard good things.

  • Very good information and very specific, but we are talking apples to apples. Train hard eat well and when the body adapts change it…

  • I do a lot of Cardio now during my cut for the next 6 months and carbs help me big time and keeps body weight in check without losing needed mass and strength. No carbs messes up my performance and strength.

  • Hello from uk,39 years old been a brother of iron since ’90 competed only twice and i find your videos fun and informative,keep up the good work:)

  • Imagine a doughnut made from bread, sliced in half. There’s a ton of varieties including healthier options like whole wheat thin bagels.

  • His comment is freakin true. This man has the best customer service I have ever experienced. I will never buy anywhere else than tigerfitness now

  • a what? im sorry man but i dont know what a bagel is neither google translator translates it,,,,lol sorry but im not from the states. btw congrats on that little boy of yours!

  • im using dextrose post workout myself but can you mention any foods high in dextrose or other simple sugars that can be consumed in a meal post workout? ive heard honey & corn are good…..

  • yup, people respond differently to different carbs, Im a rice and potatoes kind of guy, but i know guys that eat more pasta and oats and stay away from potatoes, i feel bloated as hell when i eat pasta, not sure why, potatoes and rice just feel better for me

  • So,every body is indeed different..Ok,now we know!! I must have nourishment before a morning workout. I am an early riser and I have no problem with breakfast first thing…My husband,on the other hand,can fall out of bed,have a cup of coffee, (ugh,on an empty stomach! I would die..)then jump into exercise mode…Once again,a death sentence for me,not for him.This brings me to another question..I workout in gear similar to what you wear,more exposed skin.He insists on wrapping himself up like a mummy,apparently old school sweat-it-off style. I know of no one else that still uses the “sweat suit” technique. What do you think? Good,bad or,as with the eating issue,personal preference? ( He does looks kinda adorable all bundled up like that,but that info will be between,well,apparently all of us…GO BODY GO!!!

  • Good video & yeah I agree, sugars post workout have no benefit. (Apart from filling your macros for the day)
    Search these on google & go to pubmed: “Coingestion of carbohydrate with protein does not further augment postexercise muscle protein synthesis.”
    “Carbohydrate does not augment exercise-induced protein accretion versus protein alone.””

  • If not make all kinds gain then that tail you not workout in the gym you priton form. Example. When. You don’t. Tring your body go head don it get over what so what worry bout it no. More your body have to make. All kinds gain so you can look good Doing your. Best make. Thing happen for the best time in your life. Hodgetwins. Help what the problem we have. Become hard to. Lost weight. Don’t eat Right. Kin gring. Protein right can’t dick. Cheese live nut haggling out. Thim. Sweet. Potato walls. Thim advice they have is good

  • I just feel i burn more fat when I do Exercise Before Breakfast or Empty stomach…. But i just Feel vomiting when I do more Exercise With an empty stomach… What Should i do in this…. Can any one know…. Can I Eat Something lightly before my workout..??

  • I definitely belong to the second group. If I work out without eating beforehand I get sick (very dizzy + very nautious). Also, I have to have breakfast every single day before I do anything else. If I skip it, I always end up feeling miserable dizzy, nautious and with no energy whatsoever. Mainly this is the reason why I always schedule my workouts to the afternoon  evening hours, that works the best for me.

  • I can’t workout in the morning until I’ve had my coffee…just isn’t going to happen.  However, once I’ve had my coffee I can’t workout because of the “sloshing” (it makes me sick)…so I just gave up, I have my coffee and then breakfast when I’m finally “awake” THEN workout.:)

  • I have one meal a day so I wake up, go to work (part time so just till 12) come home, drink a healthy homemade smoothie, workout, at about half 5 I have my one meal (dinner), then I go for 2 walks because I have 2 dogs and then I laze around

  • What works best for you.. I was taking simple carbs after shake after workout but i just got bloated and sleepy… i did it moths before i decide try complex carbs instead. My body just dont like simple carbs after workout… After i start eating sweet potatoes with little bit rice and chicken:D not just my energy levels went up in a good way, but also i was not bloated anymore.. Today i eat only t-spoon of honey when my last set is done and then go home to make real food..

  • ya i workout on a empty stomach because that’s when i got the most energy. i get to tired after eating because i just wanna relax and chill. I might just stick with that. But kudos to those people who need to eat before a workout, i can’t do it. lol

  • On morning work shifts, i often Work overtime. I finish a bit late 8pm. I have no choice but to workout with an empty stomach. Otherwise there will be no exercise for the day. I will jog n sprint on an empty stomach given that my last meal is at 6pm. My body feels just fine, no dizziness. After resting i’ll drink plain water & eat bananas & breads… & Sleep early

  • Strawman argument. Most people that I know don’t eat carbs before training ‘because carbs give me energy’. Most people eat carbs after training to ‘replenish glycogen’, which is fallacious since weight training doesn’t really deplete glycogen.Weight trainers looking to hypertrophy, should eat carbs before training since this will elevate insulin. Since insulin is a proteasome inhibitor, it will significantly affect muscle catabolism leading to a net increase in contractile tissue over time.

  • I always workout after 20 hours of fasting. Many studies confirm that working out on an empty stomach forces the body to tap into fat cells for energy when the insulin level is at its baseline.
    Personally ive been doing this for about 3 months and ive lost about 20+ lbs, coulda been more but i lift weights.

  • I just hate working out on empty stomach or hungry. It is really hard for me to put some work, some energy into it so the workout is not even that effective.

    What best works for me is eating about 1 hour before workout and then again like 1 hour after.

  • I always have pre workout suplements before the workout. Does it mean its not burning the fats to energy because the body get the energy from supplements? Thanks for reply:)

  • I went to the park this morning for wrkout on an empty stomach and drank a Redline. Bad idea..I felt nauseous and got sick, couldn’t finish as strong as I wanted. I think I’ll just have lite breakfast tomorrow and see how that works. I’m beginner, obviously lol

  • The problem about that is what type of body type you have and want like me I’m pretty average and building muscles and I tried doing that and learned that I lose more muscle so I don’t really do it anymore and it’s probably better if your trying to lose weight not build

  • it really helps me running wrkt… but if I stop I get very easily fat����even more then before I started exercise ����I don’t know y����������

  • Personally, I just listen to my body..if I’m hungry, I eat, workout 30 min or so later.. if not, I drink some water and start my workout…

  • I go for a 5 mile walk in my house (since my house has a literal circle that’s perfect for walking laps) and it usually takes an hour. It makes me feel really strong and then when I pick up something to eat I don’t feel guilty.

  • YAY, Q&A Wednesday is back! I’m with Jessica on this one, I eat three square meals a day (with the rare treat every now and then) and do my workouts when I can fit them into my busy day. I find it hard sometimes to schedule in workouts without mucking about with when I eat, especially when having a family, I feel it more important to at together then separately. I have heard exercising on an empty stomach is better for iou and did try it but found it really wasn’t for me!!

  • What I meant to say was you really need to redo this video because it’s contradictory in a few spots and you’re confusing many of us

  • i know that under a fasted state depending on the intensity of cardio leads to how many min u should do cardio. say i havnt eatn for 7 hrs and weigh 102lbs is it ok to jump rope for 45-60min?

  • I think it depends on the duration of the workout one that last longer than 45 min or over an hour might want some fuel but otherwise there’s prob no need due to the glycogen already stored.

  • I personally do not like to exercise on an empty stomach.  I have a friend who swears by it but I like to have something in me, toast with pb or a banana and some milk, something to fuel me so I’m not distracted by feeling hungry.

  • i cant workout on an empty stomach i get very dizzy.
    i prefer to workout in the noon as my energy level is the most present.
    early morning. workouts feel awful for me ��

  • I feel so much better and more energized when I do it on an empty stomach! When I eat before I feel stuffed and feel tired faster.

  • An empty-stomach workout for me is the best. I never am too hungry in the morning so when I finish my exercise after a minimum of an hour, I look at my breakfast afterwards as a “treat” knowing I’ve done my exercise for the day and that I can from there on rest and be satisfied with myself. The rest of the day just includes staying away from junk which isn’t the easiest, but it’s not that difficult either if you put your mind to it.

  • I personally feel sick if I workout first thing before eating breakfast. I wait at least an hour after eating before I start my workout.  Love Jessica Smith’s Walk Strong 6 Week Total Transformation System. If you’re looking for a new exercise program, I highly recommend it.

  • I love watching your videos, you are so spot on the next thought, cool I get it when you tell me, and I totally agree with you on everything. Here’s the thing, you are always, always, coming from a “loosing weight” goal. What about folks that workout to maintain a healthy, fit body. This mindset is a much most positive and not slant to people that are trying to loose weight. Coming from a fitness angle what is the message? You are providing scientific, proven facts visa vie a professional of the appropriate knowledge. There is data, statistics that every one should work out and train in the different types of fitnessto be fit and hopefully live longer. Healthy physical body goal is good for all. You are the one that can motivate me and I will dismiss the angle of over weightness and focus on the topic itself. Enjoy seeing more, you are a real inspiration. Everybodyknows you can never be too rich or too thin, right?

  • WOW!!!!!!! This is waaayyyyyy More doable than what I have been doing. Thank You so Much Mister Cavalier!!! Love Your Channel. I’m learning a lot from You Sir. Again…..Much Thanks and Gratitude!!!

  • I get Hangry if I don’t eat lol a small snack or meal is a must for me b4 working out My husband On the other hand bushes teeth and off he goes to the gym.

  • I prefer a small snack before hand (30-60 minutes) so my stomach isn’t growling during the work out but I always feel full for up to 2 hours after my work out so I like doing my workout in the mid morning to help me get to lunch to help reduce the total amount of food I eat

  • I think you should run for President, to be honest. If you can whip a few million of your followers into shape, imagine what you could do for our country! ^_^

  • #QandAWed question for you: Any exercise recommendations or suggested routines for someone suffering from heel pain due to plantar fasciitis? Thank you!

  • I work a 7:30-4 job mon-fri so I was trying to get up at 4:30 to get a work out in before having to get ready for work. I would wake up, eat something light, wait 10-15 min and then workout. But, it left me with NO energy by 2pm…and with a toddler, it just wasn’t flying. So now, I wake up later, and when I get home from work, I exercise for an hour. My tot even tries to join me! I find that I am much more energized, I hit it harder, and am more controlled. And, it leaves me with energy for the remainder of the night. This is my new schedule and it works.

  • Hello jessica! I had a question about post workout regime.after a workout what do you suggest for muscle recovery a protein shake or bar I usually just prepare a smoothie but I find myself hungry afterwards and just keep it light so what would you suggest for post workout recovery? Thank you so much jessica:-)

  • I’ve found that I’m too weak to exercise before I’ve had breakfast so I exercise in the evenings when I get home from work, an hour or so after dinner

  • Yay! QandA is back! I missed it, Jessica. I always thought of it as personal time for just you and me, you telling me some helpful information and me being able to use it:) I personally cannot eat in the mornings. I never eat breakfast, even though they say it’s important. I just can’t seem to stomach the thought of eating until lunch. However, I do know that on days where I will be doing a lot (kickboxing, HIIT or just a super busy, on-my-feet-all-day day) I eat a snack right before bed the evening before, so I’m not starving in the morning. It usually works for me…

  • I think my homies the hodgetwins should be starring as Hercules in a movie… imagine if there would be 2 Hercules and it would be these two…. MAN THE WORLD GONNA MAKE ALL KINDS OF GAINS

  • I am intermittent fasting 10hours then working out waiting an hour then eating. If you work out before you eat you burn your excess fat stored in your body. If you work out after you eat, you burn it will take longer to burn the excess fat you have stored because of what you recently consumed. Muscle mass does diminish, but only if you don’t eat right.

  • Jessica looking for an answer regarding weight training. If I’m doing a workout that uses weights i.e… your 10 Minute Solution Bootcamp dvd and doing this 3 or 4 times a week. If I want to see more muscle definition do I need to do additional weight training? I also do full body push ups in my floor work 3-4 times a week.

  • I use a pre-workout formula. I tried 5 of the top rated ones. They all seem to work but some better than others for increasing strength, endurance, concentration, energy, fat burning, etc. I like N.O. Explode.

  • I workout in the afternoon. I make sure that eat a little snack before I workout. If I workout on a empty stomach, my tummy starts growling and stop working out to eat. little snack will do.

  • It’s a little more time consuming…but my post training shake consists of a mix of different berries…banana…both vanilla and chocolate almond milk…and blend it up…I’ll add protein powder at times…when affordable…lol…but this way you get antioxidants and potassium after your training too

  • Hi Jessica. I have a question for your Q&A. I sometimes get muscle cramps during a workout, especially in my calves and feet during barre workouts (all the toe pointing!). Any advice how to avoid cramps or get rid of them?

  • When I am at school in the morning, I work out in the evening, at least 3 hours after my last meal. When I am at school in the afternoon, I work out when I wake up and then eat my breakfast. Some people say that working out in the morning is the best, but when I work out in the evening, I free all the stress from school and I sleep better.

  • On my schedule I work out late and after dinner..but im now wondering the same abt eating before or after dinner??which is better??and does working out at 8 or 9ish jus too late for your metabolism??

  • I suffer with migraines, I get at least one a week, probably closer to every other day. The doctors have said that exercise helps with this but whenever I work out even if for only ten minutes, it gives me a really bad headache. I was told that it was due to dehydration but I’ve been really conscious of my water intake and I don’t think that it is the issue. I don’t know what to do I want to be active and healthy but I get so dizzy and migraine-y after a workout it’s really difficult. I’m on beta-blockers which lower heart rate and blood pressure, could this make a difference? @jessicasmithtv  Please help, I feel completely helpless!

  • I’m in the second time group, and need to eat before, or I get nauseous and sluggish. I workout in the morning, a half hour after I eat. I actually have more energy in the evening, but it’s hard to fit exercise in at that time. Thanks again for the great info!

  • I think it depends on your bodyweight and what you are trying to accomplish. I wanted to lose my belly fat, so I was exercising and saw minimum results when I did it later in the day after I got all my calories. I started walking on an empty stomach for 4 hours straight, like 4 days a week and I seen results the next week. I think if u are trying to build muscles and dont have alot of body fat to lose, it maybe wise to get something In your system for energy, so u wont become fatigued after an early lengthy, intense, sweaty workout.

  • Thank you, this is really informative and good, since a lot of people tend to claim that you burn muscle while working out in the morning… Again: thanks.:)

  • I just have a light/low fat cheese stick and water before I work out in the morning. Mostly because I wake up hungry and I need something to fuel me until breakfast. But if I work out at night I work out before having dinner because I don’t want a whole meal on me while working out.

  • Your demeanor changed quick when he mentioned he was a service men and shows u know how to react to people!! As a veteran I appreciated that, and u gained a big fan! I still like y’all talking shit with other emails lol, but there’s always a time to be serious!

  • Can you please tell that cardio on empty stomach in morning will lead to lose skin? If so then how can I prevent it…please help…thanks a lot

  • When I weighed 200 lbs and got into running I was running and not much seemed to happen. When I had my last meal mid afternoon and get up the next morning and run. It was hard for about 30 days. Then I noticed my longer runs getting easier and weight started coming off.
    So for training for long runs I think the not eating before produces better results. I lost 60 lbs in 7 months and my race times got better.
    The December before I changed my diet I ran a 3:35 marathon and one year I ran a 3:01.55.

  • Empty-stomached…I feel nauseous with food on my stomach. But I do try to drink a protein shake or at least a glass of milk afterward to help with muscle recovery.

  • Because of my job, i tend to workout around 6-8pm and then sometimes i have to workout around 2-3(sometimes even 4)am
    Could i apply eating meat and nuts as pre-workout meal for the times i workout??
    And what could i eat for post workout??

    I can never workout in the morning nor afternoon.

  • Post workout sugar and carbs? Yes, but not the amount found in an entire apple pie, entire pizza or a fastfood Value Meal.
    To do a pec bounce you need to have enough muscle mass to see it! If you know the origin of the pectoralis muscles and the insertions, then you can figure out whether or not to abduct or adduct your humerus to obtain the desired “bounce.”

  • I liked her advice, and I feel like that’s pretty basic things most people who’ve done a little research would know. One thing that bothered me is that the nutritionist recommended soy milk to people. I don’t think people understand exactly HOW MUCH ESTROGEN is in a glass of soy milk. I think people think it’s a healthier option, and it’s pretty trendy right now, but in fact it’s got a lot of hormones in it. I just wanted to point that out.

  • Great advice, ladies! Usually I eat nothing, but if I had to eat, it would be plain jane oatmeal. Nothing heavy, especially before yoga or Pilates.