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Setting Goals to Improve Your Health

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Are Your “Should Dos” Stunting Your Health Goals? by Darya Rose. November 19, 2015. 3 Comments. Share it: When I was a dieter I had a mindbogglingly long list of things I “should” do to reach my goals. I should go for a run every morning.

I should do 100 crunches per day. Are Your “Should Dos” Stunting Your Health Goals? by Darya Rose November 19, 2015. When I was a dieter I had a mindbogglingly long list of things I “should” do to reach my goals. I should go for a run every morning.

I should do 100 crunches per day. I should be a size Read More. 3 Comments. November 13, 2015.

Stunting in a nutshell Stunting is the impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. Children are defined as stunted if their height-for-age is more than two standard deviations below the WHO Child Growth Standards median. After you identify the areas of your life you want to focus on, you can set your overall goals.

Your overall goal could be something like manage your mental health, finish college, get a graduate degree, find a job, buy a house, or doing anything else that you want for your life. 3. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Set goals for the stunt groups and the team.

Make short-term goals for simpler, quickly attainable skills, and long-term goals for the harder skills. When setting these goals make sure you list how you plan to achieve these goals, as a stunt group and as a squad. Spotting. Explain to your squad how stunts can be dangerous when not done correctly.

Surround yourself with people that support you and your goals. Join a club of like-minded people or tackle your journey with a friend that wants to reach the same goal. You will gain more success in achieving your goal if you work with a coach or mentor.

Book an appointment with Dr. Payal Bhandari today for guidance in achieving your health goals. 5 Wellness Goals To Bring You Happiness and Health. I can’t rely on others to make me happy or healthy; it’s something I have to journey through for myself. So with that in mind, I chose 5 wellness goals to work on and one place to help me tackle them.

I love T.J.Maxx stores! It’s my happy place where I go to shop for clothing, beauty. Start slow and ask for assistance in reaching your health goals. As C.S.

Lewis once said, “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Envision the kind of life you want and go get it! Healthy Aging. Be the first to comment. Related Articles. Bangkok: Increased food security and access has led to fewer malnourished and anaemic Indians in 2017 than in the preceding decade, but India needs to do much more to meet its nutrition goals, the 2018 Global Nutrition Report (GNR 2018) has shown. India is not on track to achieve any of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) nine nutrition goals-reduce child overweight, wasting and stunting.

1. Set healthy behavior goals. First, you want to figure out what you want to change (e.g., eating more vegetables, going to bed earlier, getting more exercise). This is about goal setting. It’s so helpful to know exactly what you are aiming for – what are your BIG goals?

2. Why haven’t you changed? What are your barriers?

List of related literature:

Of course, if really ill, it would be best to follow a doctor’s orders, but in the period of recuperation, I should know best how to build up a stronger body.

“The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa” by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Albert M. Craig, Eiichi Kiyooka
from The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa
by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Albert M. Craig, Eiichi Kiyooka
Columbia University Press, 2007

Some of them you should absolutely do, because they contribute to your overall health.

“YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty
by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
Scribner, 2008

You should be making every effort to cut them out of your diet anyway, but you can feel extra good about waving goodbye to them when you realize that in addition to increasing your cardiovascular health and decreasing your toxin intake, you’re also helping your body to fight disease.

“Detox Diets For Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
from Detox Diets For Dummies
by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
Wiley, 2010

For health promoters to seriously aspire to such goals is not merely impracticable, it represents delusions of grandeur!

“Health Promotion: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity” by Keith Tones, Sylvia Tilford
from Health Promotion: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity
by Keith Tones, Sylvia Tilford
Nelson Thornes, 2001

All have common goals: to inform people about health, to empower them to improve, and to motivate them to change.

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health” by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health
by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
Free Press, 2002

The goal should always be to promote health and well-being.

“Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge” by Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender
from Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women’s Issues and Knowledge
by Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender
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The main thing that affects my health is what I myself do.

“Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Evidence-Based Practice” by Leslie G Portney
from Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Evidence-Based Practice
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F.A. Davis, 2020

Everyone should, therefore, consider their present state of health and identify the factors most likely to affect their health in the future.

“Personal Financial Management” by Nico Swart
from Personal Financial Management
by Nico Swart
Juta Academic, 2004

Knowing what it takes to promote good health does not, of course, always translate into good practice.

“What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age” by Ken Dychtwald, Robert Morison
from What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age
by Ken Dychtwald, Robert Morison
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This approach has no “right way,” but is based on recognizing that health is essential to every aspect of life and is the “bedrock of personal fulfillment and backbone of a strong, competitive nation,” and requires collaboration between sectors (RWJF, 2018).

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
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  • My younger brother started getting blood while passing stools. On getting the examination done by Dr., it was found that he is suffering from ulcerative colitis disease due to which he gets stomach pain during stools, for treatment of this disease. He started taking Planet Ayurveda’s Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and after 6 months of use of that Ayurvedic pack my brother’s disease completely ended

  • Thank you so much for this! I really feel like I knew it already, this idea actually evokes a response inside me, and it’s really gonna help:) Thank you again!:)

  • How do you guys pay for the medication. My doctor says its $30,000 wth. Im not insured, but would insurance really cover that?:,(

  • My 6 month old son was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s when he was just 48 hours old. This video was very informative and answered a lot of questions that I’ve had never even thought of to ask his surgeon.

  • I am 19 and a student
    Before entering the University I ate lots of fast foods and drank coca cola NOW AS A RESULT OF THESE
    I HAVE SOME PROBLEM WITH MY STOMACH AND my intensines sounds chronic
    What should I do to be healthy

  • I want to lose weight to feel better and more confident in my body. I have learned that the first step is accepting where I am currently at.

  • My reason to loose weight is to feel proud about myself. Yes lately i feel like i have not accomplished anything, so i want journey to begin with weight loss. Thanks for the video. Lots of love to you ��

  • Ah geez… I was liking on this video until the researcher started up with the neo-feminist woke policy of bashing men…. geesh… next we can blame men that we don’t understand 100% of all brain activities because men were using their small brains between their legs too long… give me a break. Failed femi-mentary. Scientific America just lost a lot of respect points allowing this info-trash to appear on its channel.. unsubscribed.

  • Great Tips! Would love to see what you eat in a day. I recently lost 43lbs on a diet but want to lose another 10 on my own. Much love Adri from San Francisco ��

  • Hi Dani,
    Thank you for your great tips and inspiration. I love your channel and have tried many of your recipes, I do the coconut chocolate chip cookies all the time!:) I continue to learn and grow while watching your videos, thank you for that. God Bless you and your family ❣️

  • I was dealing with crohns for 2 months before I was diagnosed after a bunch of blood tests and doctors appointments. I was diagnosed on my 13th birthday and i had to have 2 colonoscopies and remicade infusion. It helps a lot but sadly gave me psoriasis and skin problems all over. I have to remove special things from my diet that cause flare ups like corn potato anything fried peanuts oranges caffeine and chocolate. Anyone who has gotten medicine and still has gut problems I suggest going to a special doctor that puts bikes on your stomachs to test if what foods may irritate your gut. Also I have to take like 8 different supplements. One time my crohns got so bad and painful I Almost killed myself, I went to the bathroom at one point 17 times a day. So take this advice and know it gets better just good to know there’s other people out there who share this. Crohns is a living shithole

  • Hello my friends! This week I am sharing some tips to keep your goals feeling good and moving forward. This simple tip has helped me SO much on my personal journey with health ad weight loss. I hope you find it helpful as well. xo Dani

  • I had this when I was a baby it resulted in and 80% removal of my colon. I’d been told about it but never thought to look it up, thank you for this video

  • Good content, but oh dear the presenter has such a bad case of vocal fry in her speech, that my ears were jangling by the end of it. Almost every phrase ended with her voice sinking back into her throat and then that croaking noise that so many millennials make when they speak.

  • My daughter has a history of Hirschprung disease. She’ll be turning 20 in May and is pregnant. She’s still not ok yet. Any side effects during her pregnancy or after? Worried mum.

  • This isn’t the end of you leading a normal life. I’m 19 and was diagnosed at 11, I won’t lie I’ve had my ups and downs with the illness but if you can live going through the difficulties that comes with this illness you’re a very strong person!
    I’ve been on Calcort then Humira and now my Doctor prescribed Stelara (not sure how it’s spelt).
    I got an infection in my small intestines because a year or so back I had stopped taking my humira for a couple doses. I was sent to the hospital about a week or two ago and stayed for 9 days.
    God answers prayers and let me tell you that if you ask God for healing and deliverance he’ll come through for you!

  • PLz me
    My daughter is 4 year old.
    2 x rays and rectul biopsy shows surgery.
    Is it necessary.
    Please reply any Pediatric Surgeon doctor

  • I don’t know too much but if you go through the ancient knowledge of kamsutra of India will you surprised to Know about what they wanted to explain but nowadays people are spreading….

  • I had this when i was a baby. Now my age are 27 y/o. I’m married and have one child. Now, i am pregnant for my second child. I had a question. A possible my child got this disease too?

  • If you want to heal crohns then please drink celery juice (make it your self at home) as avoid gluten for a while and night shade plants. Keep your gut alkaline and try to stick to drinking celery juice every Morning about 3 glasses full

  • Look in to Nemechek protocol its related to sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Consists of ‘omega 3 high Dha’ (dha 500) also a prebiotic ‘inulin’ and ‘olive oil’ (california ) needs a cooc stamp for pure olive oil. Also remove omega 6 as much as possible anything cooked in vegetable oil, sunflower oils we check all labels. Our son is 6 he has changed so much only been 3 weeks. He’s non verbal but been babbling loads and eye contact got miles better even NO dummy for 5 Days now. Playing with his sister much more and overhaul just improved soooooo much. Please check it out. We are in a facebook group with 4000 parents and has a section for success stories AMAZING! parents uploading video or their child starting to talk improved fine motor skills and lots and lots other stories.

  • I have that and i never got better with doctors help. It only got worse with medicines. I got better after i changed my eating habits and changed my diet completely. Now i’m almost 2 years crohn’s free. NOTHING symptoms and blood work is perfect. No medicines no pain anymore.

  • I wonder if celery juice could help with this, i know it s good for many chronic and so called autoimmune diseases, however idk if it could help chrones. Some ppl said it helped their Chrones and healed it, some say it could make kt worse bcs celery juice causes dihareea. Idk

  • Well I have been living with this for like 5 years already, almost six years, and it’s really hard to find some of the medicines for it. Like I have this one medicine, it comes from another country so, it can only be found in ONE hospital in our location. Then in some days I can’t eat anything but soup with vegetables and meat. And my grandparents don’t even let me eat fried. When they let me eat fried they will think that I would want to eat it every day and not stop eating. Maybe I could have at least once or twice a month or something. And some days I have to lay in bed and just do nothing but sleep and go on my phone cause I can’t control the pain. And I feel like I am falling into depression cause of this. I really want to find a cure for this sickness. Who’s with me?

  • My friend got chrons when we were in year 4 so she started to self quarantine bet or school shut down. I was lonely for a whole week

  • While I love the video and the topic, would point out that using the Venus of Willendorf to symbolise 500 BCE Ancient Greece is just really, really wrong. A 30,000 BCE statue found in Austria has very little to do with Ancient Greece 29,500 years later…

  • People use Slippery elm, marshmallow root, Aloe Vera, l glutamine,kefir… Either of those heals Crohn’s if you also follow a strict anti inflammatory diet THEIRS HOPE PEOPLE

  • I would like to share my experience. I was diagnosed with crohn disease even I didn’t get the worst symptoms of the illness except diarrhoea I had an inflammation in the lower part of the gut. I did some researchers and I was convinced that the disease is due to alteration of becteria gut
    I took 4 box of probiotic renewlife 100 bills dose 300 to 500 billions a day then 5 box of probiotic visbiom 3 to 4 packet a day 1 pack is 450 billions, at the same time I was drinking cabbage juice after new colonoscopy my inflammation was gone. I didn’t need medication. hope that will help you. thanks to allah. read this study

  • You’re appsalutly right stressors and trauma can cause developmental disability but not many people talk about that Bering a cause because parents don’t want to own up to doing anything that could have harmed there own kid I have a disability do to childhood trauma and stressors to and my parents don’t want to own up to it just lies about it that’s often what parents do deny doing wrong that’s why people don’t know that there caused by trauma because parents are often professional liars so it’s good that you recognize this as a cause

  • I was blessed with Ulcerative Colitis as a kid and have Crohn’s now. I’ve now passed 140 hospital admissions over the past 25 years..

  • Hmm what taf is it about wheat?! These days WHY is it sooo BAD?! I would argue that mankind has been eating wheat for 1ks of yrs and NEVER had the issues. Shit we got to day! Soo would THAT mean the wheat is bad cuz it’s NOT REAL or gmo etc etc! Or wtaf ever they’re treating it with is a case of the cure being worse than the diseases ffs! The gut can make life so NOT worth living n make it a living hell! We need BETTER food damn utt quit sending the shit we grow here to fkn China to be “treated” with pneumonia and then they irradiated it! And sent it back! FFS wtf all this trash shit processed bullshit food damn it CAN’T afford to eat healthy ur FUCKED it is so unfair to those with autoimmune perhaps we SHOULD be give the right to good food cuz this processed shit is not fit for animals won’t even eat it these days ffs. But we get all these health issues if our food werw better we WOULDN’T HAVE such issues! Ffs THIS pisses me off cuz it’s like a person with autoimmune diseases will be inpaired for 3weeks laid out in pain from just 1 BAD meal after a cleanse and useless BEFORE you take 1 like me ffs it must be by design

  • Your gut always talking to you in the not so nice way. Avoid dairy, sugars, gluten. Limit red meat and avoid fiber like apple skins and seeds/nuts. Fried foods are bad and high fat foods are bad. Pretty much we can’t eat anything indulgent. Sulfasalazine was the best pill I ever took but my white blood cells were off. Cannabis helps tremendously. Chicken, rice, turkey, oatmeal, water,

  • My boss is having this. He told me a few weeks ago how painful it was. He texted me this morning saying his daughter is taking him to hospital because he’s sweating again. I am really worried. I am praying that he’ll be OK. I am here to learn more about the chron’s. May God heal those who are having this.

  • I got a book on gut microbiome there is a lady that works with ppl who have this. It has definitely helped with my gut issues. “The microbiome solution” I think is the name, defo worth a read.

  • @NationwideChildrens  hi am from karimnagar, telangana, india… my son son born at low birth weight, diagnosed hirshsprung disease, 1 suger done at age of 21 days, and also 2nd surgry done at age of 9 months. But now frequency stool passing not him controlled, at present my son age 4 years,,,, plz give me any suggestion im begging you… we r suffering alot.. and my son not going to school for this problem, plz frd give me any suggestion.. and how control it

  • The G-spot is not ‘just’ the back of the clitoris, now you do the same.
    In history you’ll be mentioned next to Freud. The G-spot is a special place with special features and a special place in the sexual happening and very important for reproduction.
    The G-spot allows the penis to be inside.

  • I have crones disease and I am only 11 years old and I was diagnosed with it when I was 9 years old! Under the age of 9 I was really healthy and was the right weight but I had 1 problem that was growing! When I turned 9 a few months later I got more pain every day until I said to my mum “I want to go to hospital” and that wasn’t I need to but it was I want to! Do you think a child should want to go to hospital? When I went to Wrexham hospital they had a big playroom that had a lot of jigsaw and that was good because I loved jigsaws at that time! I spent 1 week in the Wrexham hospital with them struggling with me until they said “we don’t know what to do because we can’t find out what’s wrong” but a few minutes later they said that I will have to go to Alderney hospital for children in Liverpool but the ambulance was late and it came at 4:08 in the morning!
    When I got to Alderney I met all of my nurses and my doctors found out what is wrong with me straight away and my mum started crying so I said “don’t worry because I’ll take all my medicines and be good so I get better soon! From then I had a lot of needles every morning and by the end of the week my fingers were full of plasters! I soon met my true best friend I was looking for forever “eve Rooney” the playworker in my ward…
    She used to come and see me every morning and I had to have a tube up my nose to feed me a milkshake full of all the good stuff I need because I wasn’t eating because of all the pain I get after eating food! I was in that hospital for a month and yes they done a amazing job, but they said to never ever go back to Wrexham hospital for my disease!

    A few months later I had a really bad day because I got sent to hospital for another week, but they said I can go to the ward I was in before, so I was excited to see ev (her nickname). But then the nurses she was seriously ill so my chance was gone for seeing her every morning!

    I got worse and worse and I have only grew 1 cm in the last two years which is disappointing!
    The hospital is giving me lots of treatment to keep me well but it seems to be stopping!
    The pain is getting worse so I’ve started saying “I want an operation to take my bowels out and that is where I am right know!
    Give it a like if you hope I get better. Thank you if you liked it. I hope I grow ����

  • I didn’t realise there were so many people suffering from this horrible disease!!! More awareness and govt. Funded treatment should be made available to those poor people suffering ❤

  • guys off topic but dose anyone know was disease make you have a headache vomit blood in little amounts/ cough teeth hurt favor and difficulty to sleep/wake up

  • 28, Stool is always stuck at the rectosigmoid junction. With digital stimulation stool and gas can descend. It often takes hours. Also, gas often escapes without me feeling it until after.

  • In my opinion. Its the result of gmo food and pesticides in our food. Causing this deffence mechanism to trigger. Ive tried everything. I have every organ looked at. All clear. The doctors know whats going off. But they wont tell you. Everything is a buisness. And this is one of them… no cure. A patient cured. Is a customer lost. Im afraid thats the truth. Even with cancer.

  • Hi dear friends I took 8 years from crohn ankylosing spondolite and fistula in me I took them from crohn I came out in these two years I did very well in my dream with herbal medicine I went to the doctor I said that I do not crohn when the pharmaceutical industry such diseases borne bor bormak many drugs they sell after he has recovered in the billions of money in the diet, we found the drug to us and we’re getting health well, of course, my brothers long story short is a very difficult disease My Lord will allow healing for all patients size comlatable

  • I started counting calories last month and I’ve never lasted this long counting my calories. I hate counting calories because it makes me think a lot about food. I recently had my 3rd baby and after two months I wasn’t losing any more weight even though I’m nursing exclusively. I had postpartum pre-eclampsia so I’ve been very concerned about my health. I have been changing my lifestyle to a more natural green life. I started with my personal hygiene products and now with food then with cleaning supplies… But this time around counting calories really helped me get started on my journey to eating healthier. The first week I just ate how I used to eat and realized I was eating around 3000 calories a day! Wow! No wonder I wasn’t losing weight. I’m surprised I wasn’t gaining weight! So that really helped me figure out where I was beginning in my journey. The following week I started trying to stay within 1500-2000 calories a day and realized I would have to change the type of foods in order to feel satisfied. That helped me start eating real food and not chemical processed foods… So that’s where I am now

  • My Name Ra’Jour Brown YouTube name Ray So Chill I wanna be a football player but I’m living with Crohn’s so it’s very hard if anyone is interested subscribe to my channel and watch my journey with me

  • I was diagnosed with crohn’s when i was 18, now im 22. I had undergone two major surgeries, they had to remove a portion of my ileum and was left open with an ileostomy bag. And another surgery just to close the ileum back. Crohn’s is fucking hell!..medications every single day untill you die and the control over your food! A big salute and hug to every single person out there in this world who are living with this terrible disease! BTW I’m from INDIA, a country not so popular for crohn’s.

  • Hi Danni, thank you so much for your recipes �� I want to know when you are choosing honey, what kind should be chosen pls. What do I look for? Thanx

  • I have it. It just adjusts to the medicine they give you. Rn I’m currently suffering all over again. Whatever I eat hurts me badly 10 minutes after. I don’t know what to do because it just keeps adapting to the medications.

  • Please could you answer in what software did you edit this video? How did the image pop up in reality? Is it CG from 3D software or is it video editing software?

  • I got lucky, diagnosed early and nipped in the bud. If i could go back and change my disease, i wouldnt because it made me stronger and i refuse to let it rule my life. Sorry to anyone who has it bad, if i could take it all for myself, i would but i cant and iv always felt like i didnt deserve the perfect little life i live with my disease in remission, but i guess i cant complain or rant, just say to anybody that is suffering that ur not alone, ur strong and i salute u wherever u r ♡

  • I unfortunately have it. My mother, and her brother has it. My mother had multiple surgeries, first was removing part of her colon and giving her a colostomy bag. She had to take alot of prednisone which made her gain weight. But her health was good. After 8 years she had an experimental surgery called a J-pouch. Which looped her intestines. And then could use the bathroom as anyone else. But after just a few years it turn bad. It put a strain on her heart and cardiovascular system. Then when she was bed ridden she got bed soars. And then infections. And then she passed away. She would have lived longer if she has kept the colostomy bag. And now im have to go through the same things. R.I.P mom.

  • Please. Never. Give up. That you. Can. An will be. Healed. From this.alwaful. Disease. Believe. Really. Believe. With. Your. Heart. An your. Sole. An it can truly. Be.

  • Two weeks from now i supposed to have an mre check for chrones the doctors said that they are 90% sure that i have chrone after 8 months of having problem the checks i did didnt show any chrone or colitis so il still got hope but after hearing what everybody says it got me thinking whats the point of getting up in the morning if this is how ur life are? If i have it so far it isnt as hellish as it sound so i wonder does it ever get worst rendomly or is it always stays the same like symptoms wise. Other then that wish me luck and hope for the best

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  • I’ve been having extreme bouts of diarrhea and pain, almost at random for the past year or so. The pain isn’t related to my diet at any means. At first I thought it was some sort of allergy, but it doesn’t seem that way since the foods I eat before it happens doesn’t really have anything to do with another. I don’t honestly know why I get this. I am starting to think it is Crohn’s, but honestly, I’m not sure.

  • I am 11 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in December, 2018

    I started feeling abdominal pain in my stomach around late October/early November. I didn’t tell anyone about it for a month, I ignored it because I thought I was just being dramatic and thinking too much of it.
    About a month later, I couldn’t handle the pain
    I am a pale kid overall, but I was going to the bathroom so much and losing my appetite, I lost my color.
    My skin was white, and I always had dark eye bags. Kids at school called me “zombie” a lot, because I looked like one. My mother would constantly bug me about my weight, and I ended up being 65 pounds. My average is 79, but it went extremely low.
    I started seeing the doctor more frequently, and I was told I was anemic. I had low iron in my body, and I was forced to take lots of meds.
    I went to an MRI in late November.
    Then came December, around Christmas. The results came for everything, all the tests.
    I had Crohn’s disease. I was so unhappy about the things I couldn’t eat. I started gaining more weight from steroids.
    I had to take three vitamains, two antibiotics, and steroids. I gained so much weight, and ended up becoming overweight
    Before I knew it, I was overweight at a small height. Only 4’8. Anyway

    Here I am today, I’m healthy, normal weight, small; still 4’8, and I go to lots of infusions. My doctors tell me I am handling pretty well, and that I’ve gotten so much better.

    For everyone who has experienced Crohn’s, I feel your pain
    Have a good rest of day/night!

  • Five different symptoms have occurred to me over the week and if I look them up on google it says that it could be caused by Crohn’s disease so here I am

  • I recall O’Connell being upset with the 1980s anatomy texts as a medical student which omitted the structure in one case or misrepresented it in other cases. Cunningham’s Lasts and Grays had dubious drawings. Helen went on to become a Professor and also did work into pelvic pain and drugs to treat it, like duloxetine. Clever doctor.

  • To fellow Ibd patients: i just want to share two things. There is a natural remedy called podophyllum which acts greatly on ulcers and git tract. It is available in a mother tincture form called podophyllum Q. Another similar and effective mother tincture is hydrastis candensis which also comes in mother tincture form. Althought they come under the label of Homeopathy but you can try because they are just actual extracts of a plant. I have started taking them them both
    15 drops each in some water 3 times a day and results are astonishing. You have to purchase them online or from a homeo drug store.
    Remember, its not a potency, they are mother tinctures denoted with Q after them. And never take more than 15 drops at a time. Study them. And get the benefit.

  • I was diagnosed with this when i was 11 lol:(

    Im 14 now




    I HAVE H PYLORI (a bacterial infection of the stomach)


  • It’s possible to adopt a slightly less condescending attitude toward the history of medicine if you consider the clitoris to be less a discovery than an invention.

  • FINALLYhow to take your WHY and get down to the nitty gritty! Thanks, Danithis is the BEST explanation I have ever heard and I GET IT NOW!!! Thank you……

  • I already lost some weight thanks to my nutritionist but i had 3 sweets in the past 3 days and i feel like cheating, even though i know that i will continue my journey as clean as i can and i will slay, it’s been almost a year of ipocaloric diet and now my head changed into the clean eating for now on but, as i mention early, do i have to feel guilty about a treat or not? Why i feel so bad about cheating?

  • I used to subscribe to Scientific American decades ago. It used to be very good. Now it’s just a left wing liberal propaganda rag.

  • My goal to lose weight is for health! I’m using my fitnesspal to track my food intake and it is a pain, I am thinking about food all the time which is stressful.

  • Great. Okay all of this makes sense after seeing the clitoral topography: ‘In women, Skene’s glands are also thought to produce a watery substance that may explain female “ejaculation”. The tissue surrounding these glands, which includes the part of the clitoris that reaches up inside the vagina, swells with blood during sexual arousal.’ New Scientist, 2002. Great lecture, I’m meant to be studying radio carbon dating, totally deviated off topic! ��

  • As I write, there are 23 downvotes (vs. 167 upvotes ) i.e. approx 12% of total votes are negative. Why downvote? Did the video rub you up the wrong way?

  • I have all u said but.. What is alternative medicine available in home to drinks… I hope u see my comments thanks and more power godbless

  • Contrary to my expectations, this video was very objective and generally steered clear of politicization of misrepresentation and focused on important facts. Thank you for the informative video.

  • Interesting! This reminded me of Ali ibn Abi Talib’s saying, Muhammad’s successor 1400 years ago, when he said “God created lust in 10 parts, then put 9 parts of it in women and 1 part in men…”

  • Science started in 2009 right after we got finished watching blue monkey smurfs duking it out on a planete against puny humans for the unobtainable. We found the clit last year and dave from R&D has been looking at rat vaggies ever since, but he went bald as soon as he caught wind of COVID-19 so now hes too depressed for any of that shit. You can sponsor dave through his patreon with out remarkable people like him cyber peguin shaped thingies would not exist. He has also go a kick starter, if you order now you can get the early bird on the earli bird for you very own cyber penguin.

  • Your approach makes absolutely sense and I have never watched it from that perspective. It seems to be ��% true that you have to clarify your intention beforehand to get closer to your real goals.I think the risk to run towards something that you only believe you what without asking yourself carefully beforehand is huge and in consequence you are just disappointed.
    Thanks Dani for sharing this awesome perspective

  • Most of women aren’t interested in the clitoris and a lot of them live their whole life without ever seeing their own vagina. You really can’t blame men on this one.
    However, yes, that’s true that medicine knows better about men than women, but that’s because scientists were assuming that men and women (apart from their genders) are similar. Take heart attacks for example, just recently doctors are trying to show that women experience it differently than men.