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Why We FAIL at New Year’s Resolutions

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Super Easy, No-fail, and Fun New Year’s Resolution

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Why Most Resolutions Fail & How To Succeed

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i failed my new years resolutions

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Your Theme

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A Brilliant, No-Fail Approach to Resolutions. by Molly Hurford. November 30, 2017. No Comments. Share it: These days, holiday season stretches from Halloween all the way to New Year’s. That means months of overeating, inactivity and inevitable weight gain.

Then, come January. A Brilliant, No-Fail Approach to Resolutions | Naturally Healthy Life These days, holiday extends from Halloween right to New Year’s. That indicates months of overindulging, lack of exercise as well as unavoidable weight gain. Come January 1, we solve to obtain back on track. Picking a more random, uncommon start day can be easier because it gives you more breathing room between the holiday frenzy and your resolutions.

For example, choose January 7, the first Monday of the new year. Or, if you want to get a jump on next year’s changes, put them in place before the year kicks off, on a day like December 27th. A Brilliant, No-Fail Approach to Resolutions Starting NOW! Posted by Molly Hurford. You all know that I freaking love resolutions back to school, new years, any of those cliched times to set new goals and reflect on the year are my favorites.

But I also know that those times are actually kind of the worst times to set new goals for. “Even though you set them every year, your New Year’s resolutions rarely stick. In fact, 23 percent of us break them in a week and 45 percent by the end of the month.” Choosing the right goal and the right approach are the keys to resolution success. As the New Year approaches, many of us will be sitting down to reflect on 2013 and create resolutions for 2014.

Of course, many of us also have gotten cynical about setting goals. People tend to approach New Year’s resolutions from a place of deprivation, restriction and punishment. The quintessential example is wanting to lose weight. People turn to. A unified approach means that callers know what to expect from you.

If they get a different response from each member of the team, they will get an impression of. Even without taking action toward a resolution, we can experience feelings of success by simply announcing our goals to complete them and showing off our ambition. 11 Brilliant problem-solving techniques nobody taught you. Click To Tweet.

Ask great questions as the first problem-solving stage. Asking questions is a part of the pre-problem-solving stage. When you ask questions, your brain can come up with different scenarios and ways to make a decision. – Keep calm and avoid high and dry approaches.

List of related literature:

This “just once” idea kills off more good resolutions than any other one cause.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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For us merely to write resolutions is not good enough.

“The Great Speeches of Modern India” by Rudranghsu Mukherjee
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Such “natural resolutions” are more common than intervention-assisted resolutions for problem drinking and smoking.

“Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2/e” by Martin M. Antony, David H. Barlow
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Given the high failure of self-change, it’s hard to explain why people make resolutions.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
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Good resolutions seldom fail of producing some good effect in the mind from which they spring.

“NICHOLAS NICKLEBY (Illustrated)” by Charles Dickens
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People don’t fail to keep resolutions because they want to fail.

“The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose” by Matthew Kelly
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While these resolutions are meant to be good and well-intentioned solutions, unfortunately they are built on a flawed foundation of more effort, willpower, and goal setting.

“One Word that will Change Your Life” by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
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This month’s strong resolution becomes next month’s malaise, unless we keep renewing the resolution, reinventing it, refocusing ourselves on it.

“Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
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Good resolutions seldom fail of producing some good

“Nicholas Nickleby” by Charles Dickens
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It is convenient to adopt all the necessary resolutions together.

“Mayson, French and Ryan on Company Law” by Derek French
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  • This is the dumbest video I’ve seen on the entire youtube site. I’m unsubscribing now in favor of pbs space time, electroboom and stack exchange. You’re now worse than thiojoe’s dumb prank fake tech videos.

  • My goal, not a new years resolution because who said you had to set a goal in the new years (its July right now): No candy for all of the month, i’m already 10 days in

  • I took on a year of reading and it’s made a world of difference, next year I start Uni and I wonder what will be a good theme? This summer (lockdown permitting) I plan on a season of friends

  • My theme this year has been awareness, the goal being to journal as often as I could. Writing down all the things you do in a day made me aware of how I wasn’t exercising enough, my mood was often negative, I didn’t drink enough water. Just being aware of these things made making healthy, happy choices easier because before I didn’t even know I needed to make them.

  • My theme this year was: the year of self-care. And the theme has been spectacularly successful overall. Corona forced me to take better care of myself, I found my way to therapy, I lost 12 kg. Thank you CGP Grey!

  • You should really reword “Don’t die” in a positive manner: “Stay alive!”
    Stop avoiding, start seeking! 😉
    Oh by the way… can you guys do a video on self reinforcing avoidance patterns?

  • Hey Grey, your video helped change my life. I have had a pornography addiction that i have been struggling with for the last few years. I would often set goals like: No porn for a week, or after x date i’ll be off of it for good. But, of course, this didn’t work for me, it actually often made this worse. I would beat myself up about not sticking to my (in retrospect impossible) goals, and would feel ashamed for breaking a promise to my self. After seeing this, I decided to give it a go, I had know idea just how effective it was. I gave myself the theme of self control, this is the first thing that worked for me! When ever i felt the urge watch it, I thought of my theme which kept me on course. Every once in a while I did do it, but that’s ok! Because i knew that i was showing more self control then i ever had! It went from consuming my life, to an addiction, to an unhealthy habit, to a healthy nonhabit? It’s still a work in progress but i’m getting better everyday and looking back, this positive change came from one guy posting a 6 minute video that happened to release exactly when i needed it most and also happened to get recommend to that i made the split second decision to click on AND decided to watch till the end of AND implement in to my life and double triple AND decide to stick with it. I know it’s a run on sentence but god damn what are the chances. It’s crazy how this world works. I know your probably not going to see a comment in a six-month-old video, but I just wanted to thank you, for changing my life for the better. Words don’t describe what you and your works now mean to me. If one thing is for sure, they have impacted me to share my darkest secret with someone who outside the virtual world, is a complete stranger to me. Thank you for everything Grey.

  • I’m using the “season of” system by CGP grey: for the first three months I’m gonna focus on fitness and health (extra important because I live in a very cold dark climate where seasonal depression is inevitable), then getting my finances in order, making more plans and being a better friend, and finally being creative and finishing hobby projects at the end of the year. For me I’ve found it useful to have goals where I don’t feel like I’ve failed if I miss a day or forget, because…. well, I do that a lot, and sometimes bc of depression I expend all my energy and effort and time on just, like, going to work and keeping myself functional. But letting a theme guide my general decisions (I just introduced some supplements at my doctor’s suggestion and I bought mostly veggies at the grocery today!) helps shape my decisions without feeling like I failed when stuff gets in the way.

  • i stopped making resolutions decades ago.
    i guess its a good thing i picked 2020 for “the year of overreacting and fearmongering”.

  • Yeah I think I get it. So I’ll choose a pretty broad topic, how I am as a human, my humanity. And the coming season is fall. So it’ll be the Fall of Humanity. Seems doable.

  • this is brilliant but also sometimes radical change can be more helpful. Statistically its been shown going cold turkey is more effective for quitting smoking. But for weight loss for instance, this is super effective!

  • is this an actual poem? (i mean by a poet other than cgp gray) “Flowers bloom but briefly,
    the summer sun will wane, leaves eventually drop, snow falls and snow melts, and flowers bloom but briefly”

  • I honestly don’t remember subscribering to you. I clicked on this video to unsubscribe then I watched it.
    I just renewed my subscription ��

  • Thanks for the video man❤️let’s see how much I get back to my fitness that I used to be at. But yeah I have YouTube and TIK TOK goals so let’s hope they work

  • Are you doing anything special to make your hair grow? If you said it I didn’t understand, sorry. I am trying to make my hair grow faster.

  • June 1, 2020 June 1, 2021 goals: (because 2020 has been a dumpster fire so far.) 1) Read the bible in the read the bible in a year app. 2) read 20 books (alternate fiction with non-fiction) and keep track on GoodReads, 3) Do the Couch 2 5k program.

  • I actually did this at the beginning of the year before seeing this video!! This year was the YEAR OF SLEEP. And thanks to the situation of 2020 I definitely have been getting more sleep than I used to.

  • I just thought of a theme: Virtue! Let’s start the fall of virtu-
    You know what, I was doomed to fail anyway. This literally can’t be coincidence.

  • Last year I realized I have a root issue with obligation. I can certainly do things, but when I feel like I HAVE to do them (with no choice) i loose motivation and shut down. So, I made a small dry erase board (no larger than a clip board) and employed micro goals.

    I set as many micro goals as I want (that can be completed in 5 mins or less) and fill the board with them. At first I mixed these with super basic things like “brush teeth”. That seems silly to write down, but it got me into the habit of remembering to write it down first, and taught me the satisfaction of being able to wipe an item off the list.

    If I run out of space, I don’t add anything until I take something else off. This keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with an ever-growing list. And it motivates me to get some of the tougher ones done because I’m eager to make room for more. Also, rather than feeling obligated to do some chore, I’m instead choosing from a list. It all has to be done anyway so no choice is wasted time.

    I keep my hopes and dreams in a journal, and when I’ve done enough micro goals to reach a milestone, I record the progress in the journal.

    I’ve been doing this since January and I feel so much more productive. I no longer have those days where I feel like “ I’ve been working all day and all I’ve done is two things.”

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • I’m coming back to this in 2021 or 2022. After we finally gotten a handle on the pandemic. After this stage has finally passed. I’m coming back to this to make myself a better person. This year may be a wash, but I will find the motivation to improve. I will come up with a theme for a year or a season, and stick to it.

  • Are we just gonna ignore that one of things on the branch for reading or apps one of the apps was a virus and this premiered early in 2020?

  • I am definitely going to miss the more community, comedy based Emma, but she sounds so confident and happy in what she’s doing I can’t help but be happy for her and look forward to get the new sound she’s aiming for. Super excited to see what you’ve got in store fam, keep up this quality music Emma!����

  • Coming back to this video 7 months later and in that time I’ve lost 40 pounds, committed to working out regularly, got a new job that’s way better than my old one and really started taking my life seriously for the first time. Idk what it was that clicked in my brain this year, I really can’t say for sure how much this video had to do with it but I will say that the strategy I used was pretty much exactly what you laid out here. Small incremental changes week after week that slowly add up over time. It’s crazy how much better my life is now compared to how it was when this video came out. I have my own place, an investment portfolio and I’m finally on track to actually get sober by slowly eliminating all the drugs and unhealthy food I’ve been addicted to for decades. I’m like a completely different person. This time last year I was 185 lbs, ate fast food multiple times a week and took as much as 15 grams of phenibut a day along with the suboxone I used to get off heroin. As I type this I’m completely off suboxone and down to 2 grams a day of phenibut. I don’t eat fast food at all and just prior to watching this I ran an 11 minute mile. And if that doesn’t sound impressive just know that I haven’t tried to run in literally years and keeping a steady pace of 5.5mph for an entire mile is a huge accomplishment for me especially as it followed a workout that included 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats.

    Anyway sorry I’m totally rambling here it’s just that this video reminded me of how far I’ve come since you uploaded it and I’m really stoked on all my progress. One day at a time, taking small steps in the right direction is the way to go. Two years ago I was addicted to heroin and had nothing going for me so if I can do it anyone can.

  • The problem is with waiting for New Year’s to make a resolution. If you actually start caring about something and want to improve your life, you will start immediately.

  • I dont agree to a vague generalised way of motivating oneself. I consider the best way of change is to set small goals, adhere to it, start small and go big, and reward yourself for achieving a certain milestone. The problem with themes is that people tend to find excuses to be excluded from the theme, like if u wanna make it a year of reading, you will say nah this isnt the right moment i can do it next time. End up u thought u read more, but you didn’t. You only fell good about yourself.

  • 1.Readthink and Grow rich
    2. Start Solomons,SL Loney,and Fundamentals of physics
    3.RuncumWalkCumJog every day
    4.learn new Origami sculpture every week

  • Been doing Year it Consistency so far, and it’s been a positive trend. Will be using this concept going forward when I feel necessary

  • My two resolutions were to quit Twitter, and be a nicer person. I succeeded on quitting Twitter, and I THINK I’m a nicer person. feels good

  • I’m not sure, but as far as I know you can’t use henna on bleached hair…:/ just make sure you check it before you start coloring!

  • I did something like this in the latter half of college. I had a wake-up moment when I realized I was a manipulative person, and didn’t want to be, so I set a theme: I would be more mindful of the people around me. Who are they, what do they want, and is there anything I can do for them? I didn’t set goals, I just decided I was going to try and be more Mindful (that was my word for it) in the future. Now, several years later, I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve the mindfulness I was aiming for when I started, but I know the names of most of the cashiers at the Sonic I stop at frequently, whereas past me wouldn’t have cared to learn them in the first place, so present me is satisfied that progress is being made.

  • When I saw this video I called my theme “The year of metals” I would work my hardest to get metals in my sports team and I was doing good I got my body in shape and on the first sports event I got my team in first place but after a few months and almost at the point to we’re I would get a metal Corona hit and all future events including the finals got canceled

  • Great and helpful tips. Some English language improvements to help you keep improving in your English skills. Tip 2 the second point-It should read “Everyone’s got…” It is a contraction for “Everyone has.” Tip 3: “inicial” should be spelled “initial.” Oh, and it is “New Year’s” resolution. I’m still improving my English all the time. Your English is fluent!

  • Solid tips bro! These are all things that will play a vital role in reaching your goals. Definitely gonna have some big goals for this upcoming year!

  • Great video my man!!! As always…. and them traps… f**k…. I wanna gain mass & strength in 2020, complete my very first cut, reach the high 80s in weight (kilograms) and grow my biceps by an inch and a half!!!! Grrrrrr….. let’s goooooooooi

  • I think motivation and resolutions are BS. If you REALLY want to do something, you just end up doing it. Because it’s what you want. Motivation, discipline, tricks and all that are for things you don’t really want to do. Oh, you might “want” to do them because you think they’re things you should do, but you don’t truly want to—otherwise you’d already be doing them. So resolutions fail because we try to get ourselves to do things we don’t really want to do. Resolutions tend to be self-critical, self-denying, self-flagellating, rather than being commitments to do more of the things we enjoy and less of the things we don’t.

  • My resolution for the NEXT new years, is to learn how to effectively manage projects to move seamlessly from conception, through planning, execution, testing, marketing, and revision. Managing this set of skills seems to me a complete roadmap for success. Wish me luck!

  • Lil tip: you can blend ur eyelashes more easily by putting a lil bit of liner on ur tight line in ur inner corner and it blends in so noice, i just noticed that ur lashes didn’t blend in the inner corner, I’m not trying to be mean at all the rest of ur makeup is fukn lovely, keep slaying ur face

  • well isnt it that you cant dye over henna with normal dyes, nor can you remove it, so I think you’ll be forcing yourself to keep in in a certain henna either that or cut it all

  • This video is so amazing! You’re such a true beauty Emma! This hair definitely suits you so well! I love your natural hair color as well! Whatever you choose to do will be beautiful! I love the setting of this video, it’s all so gorgeous! I absolutely love you so much!

  • Your videos helped motivate me to find a way to not loathe exercising. Now I just turn on an audio book and just exercise for a chapter or 2 a day.

  • Emma, I loved this. You haven’t beaten yourself up on the things you didn’t achieve, and being able to reflect on your priorities changing, which is perfectly normal and great to hear. Also, this looks beautiful in terms of colour/hair/makeup and backdrop. Also I totally hear you about letting people’s crap go when you get older… I’m 25 and finally stopped clinging to everyone despite unnecessary drama or crap. My closest friend decided to walk out of my life and in her doing so I realised how one-sided our friendship had been (towards her) and instead of getting angry or upset, I just let it go. That felt so good. It hurt but the hurt didn’t define me… Instead I realised I was much better off.

    You seem to have done very well for yourself in 2017 and it’s great to hear that you are optimistic for 2018 despite not meeting a lot of ’17 resolutions. Wishing you every success. x

  • I reallllyyyyyy love your hair in this video. The color & tousled wave look makes you a lot softer �� (mind you I think you look great all the time). I enjoy your content and I always look forward to any new ideas you have! (Whether they go through or not lol) Don’t be hard on yourself, you’re human and extremely talented. Have a happy new year Emma ��

  • Who ACTUALLY has a New Years resolution? I’ve never known a single person who has had one EVER. If they did they stopped because they knew they would quit tomorrow anyways. It’s pretty overplayed if you ask me.

  • Noooo, you’re such a beautiful blonde. It really suits you. No lie, when I saw the thumbnail for this video, your hair was the first thing I complimented before even clicking.

  • Very true,I decided in my childhood that I will plant 1000000 plants in my life and I did.,on every blessing,it went so big that I started recycling plastic bottles, containers, etc.,..and hv many many stories,…

  • I made the same resolution afew years ago, as far as i’m aware, we have the most succesful resolutions of all time:) and yeah, if you want to change, then change

  • Emma, I found out about you by way of the Jack the Halls holiday special/ Charity event and I just wanted to say, I love your personality, content, humor etc. A fellow WWE fan too? �� such a rare breed ������. I watch every video I can find on your main channel and as of last night, I’m subbed to this one as well. I have watched your videos every day and will continue to do so for quite some time. Anyways, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. (P.s. got some sick ass tap out gear so now I can feel like a wrestler in the performance center all up in the gym haha)

  • Well done for getting out more Emma that is a big achievement especially for people that suffer with mental health issues and being a youtuber I’m guessing getting out can be stressful. Spending time with friends is very important in life and also having time to yourself. I guess balance is partly the key to happiness

  • Throughout the entire last minute or so of the video I was anticipating an ad read for skillshare or maybe audible/curiositystream/some other educational subscription service and when the video ended I was quite pleasantly surprised.

  • I loved this. It’s important to remember that you didn’t ‘fail’ any of them, you just learned from them And I learned from them too. So interesting to watch ahh love ya

  • Watch out with Henna on bleached hair! It can turn green.. I recommend first dying a small piece of hair and watch how that turns out before dying your whole head with Henna.

  • My nail biting is so bad, when I had fake nails I bit them too ☹️ I really want to start a bullet journal this year because I think it’d be really fun plus I have lots of notebooks I need to use. I love your makeup and the setting in this video ❤️ MERRY CHRISTMAS, Emma ��

  • 4:14 My new year’s resolution is to teach myself more about Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence, and the intersection of the two fields.

  • I know you dislike us old guys but I watch you because you are very talented and I can learn from you. You rock and I can’t wait to see you in movies and TV. You are a terrific musician too. Keep going.

  • The important thing is is that you’ve made an attempt at your resolutions but when it comes to not taking crap from people I’m the same. When I’ve taken enough crap from someone I just tell them to sod off and just cut all contact with them. Sounds kinda cold but I know exactly where your coming from.

  • Firstly the irony of when she said I hate people, and then her past video saying I need to see more people, and don’t worry about the alarm clock and going to the gym we are all guilty of that and if we don’t agree we’re just lying lol i’ve got something to help you with your nails though my mom got this gel kit and that has stoped me biting my nails

  • Holy zoom-ins.

    Also, you know that henna does not get out of your hair once you’ve coloured it? Especially the non-red hennas, since they are the once containing a kind of herb (to get a brown or black colour) that can turn green if you try to bleach it.

  • Watching in August 2020. This year is crazy, so Imma do a do over. Also, I live in an evergreen part of the world so… Seasons might not work– maybe quarters. ��

  • Just make two resolutions. One is what you were going to choose and the other will be the complete opposite. Then you will always achieve one of them. For example, your two resolutions will be “I will learn to code” and the other will be “I will not learn to code”

  • Dude, who trashed your place? Looks like the feds have been in there tossing it…! Come on, first resolution ought to be to straighten things out. (See video beginning at 1:00m)

  • My new years resolutions are always really vague. Things like “eat more beans” or “chill a bit more”. And actually I forgot what my resolutions for this year were.

  • I’m 20 and I’ve already lost my tolerance for people’s nasty shit. I guess it went sooner than it was supposed to hahaha (not that I’m complaining). Anyways it’s been awesome seeing you and your channel grow over the years! Wishing the best for 2018!:D

  • went to a wedding a while back and saw someone I regarded a friend a long time ago but I found her so nasty and picky not my type of person at all. So asked a mutual friend had she always been like that? and yes I had excused her ways as I was so determined to see the best in people. Now I am much more choosy and have a small but perfectly formed group of friends who have my back and I ahve theirs and that is all you can ask for!

  • stop being so hard on yourself emma, we love you and we’re so proud of all of your accomplishments (big and small ones) and we love to be celebrating it with you through it accomplishments to accomplishments!
    Manage to upload a video this month? Great! new content!
    Manage to pull out a new album/single? Awesome! New music to appreciate!
    Manage to wake up and play with the kitty for a while? precious!
    We love you emma and no matter what resolutions you accomplish or failed, we just want the best for you and its really not that big a deal if you fail on them.
    Sending loves! <33

  • Emma. Either do an 100 days project like john green or find a sport you enjoy doing for a laugh. Learn to parkour or to fight or dodgeball or something

  • I’ve found that treating habits you want like your bad impulses can help. By this I mean, anytime you have a thought about what you want to be, act on it in someway. You have a thought, “I want to be more organized,” put something in your planner. So instead of impulsively acting on bad habits, you’re impulsively acting on good ones.

  • I mean forewarning if you put henna in your hair you’ll have a hard time getting it out. If you do it more than like twice it’ll be pretty much permanent.

    Love someone that learned this the hard way

  • Bra tips! Virkelig nyttig for alle det her!:)
    Jeg vet at jeg klarer 210 kg deadlift, 150 kg squat og 105 kg benk i det nye året!
    Et tips jeg kom på er at man burde sette realistiske mål som man vet at man kan klare slik at når man klarer det vil man bli veldig motivert til å sette nye mål neste år også neste år og flere år på rad. Selv om man undervurderer seg selv så er det alltid bedre enn å overvurdere seg selv fordi man vil alltid klare dem hvis man setter mål som man er helt sikre på at man klarer! Man blir bare skuffa av å ikke nå dem, og det har jeg erfart når det gjelder løft innen ett år haha!
    Jeg sier ikke dermed at man skal ha for små mål heller, det er veldig viktig med en balanse på det! Noe moderat og realistisk tenker jeg er tingen!:)

  • I’ve been subscribed to you since gogreen and some random ass video years ago but I had no idea you were hosting this channel. Subscribed now, I wish I knew earlier.

  • New year resolution: Finally go out to parties after 7 years of self-reclusion.
    2020’s New Paradigm of Pandemic: YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT

  • Great habit to come back to this nice reminder on the topic:D To help with the matter, a great web app I stumbled upon on the way to sticking to habits is *Habitica* ( First and foremost it is a great habit tracker. If you like to, it also has a fun side of creating a RPG character with your habits the more you stick to them. Cheers!

  • Another thing I found helpful in improving myself is being part of a group dedicated to similar goals, particularly when they make that goal more important than themselves.

    Think churches or support groups, even clubs.

  • when grey said that “[Maybe you learned] that reading reading just doesn’t work for you, and listening reading is the way to go” I was expecting an ad for audible lmao

  • But our body are not machines, and we cannot expect something durable out of a daily momentum… my natural behavior has never split me on my deep and wild hidden nature,we are not computer, so sometime we just have to let it go…

  • 1. change read news habit from daily to weekly ( a week once)
    2. misconception of big goal need big start. you just need to start thing that get better 1% daily ( start it with 2 minutes per day and stick with it and make it better/longer duration)
    3. make spesific (measurable ) goal
    4. relying on will power is not effectif, construct the environment to support
    5. delete and get away from social media/sites that distract you away from your daily work (for me, it is [email protected])

  • Really? The Economist? You’re doomed to be uninformed on political and economics issues until the day you die if you’re depending on that rag.

  • can I just point out how he used a screen in the thumbnail, with the yellow dots, that resembles pixels, and the video is about resolutions, so my brain got tricked into thinking it was a screen reselution lol

  • I would like to apologize for the following wall of text: It seems that we have a very nearly identical personality. You are much more driven than I am (go ahead and laugh, it’s fine, but it’s accurate). I mean, you have a YouTube channel that you ACTUALLY CREATE CONTENT FOR. I have a Youtube channel that I have done nothing original with; I use it so I can comment on videos that other people make. You are gorgeous and at least you are Musical! I’m a total loss, a complete schlubb; I’m Musically Challenged. I can keep a beat, but that’s it. Can’t even sing anymore, since my voice changed.
    I have been in a slump since 2009, with no end in sight at this moment. You are at least making a go of it, trying to better yourself. I basically gave up entirely and actually laid down to die. I was pulled most of the way out of that by some really good friends who actually might not know just what they did for me. I literally would not be here right now if not for them.
    I am still in a slump, just no so bad or so deep as it was. I am still hiding from the world. I live with my Mom again, it’s really that bad. Not like my Mom is terrible, it’s that I am that broken and I really needed my mommy. I’m ashamed by it because I’m 43, but I have also learned that honesty really is the best policy. No sugar-coating anymore.
    You are doing SO MUCH BETTER than I am and better than I have! GOOD for you! Please keep at it! You are worth it! You have given me hope (even if just a little) with just two videos!:)

  • I used to be a really bad nail biter all through-out school and I found that the gel nail polishes helped me stop biting them. Basically since I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish in high school, in first year uni I would keep my nails constantly painted with gel nail polishes (even if I had to paint them every couple of weeks) just to get used to freedom I guess. Since the gel dries as a single layer on top of your nail (and is thicker than normal nail polish), and for me at least it wears off higher along the nail and not at the end, that stopped my habit, especially since I kept them painted for nearly the entire year straight.

  • Firstly the irony of when she said I hate people, and then her past video saying I need to see more people, and don’t worry about the alarm clock and going to the gym we are all guilty of that and if we don’t agree we’re just lying lol i’ve got something to help you with your nails though my mom got this gel kit and that has stoped

  • I’m watching this video about 6months since published. A couple observations: 1. James Clear Atomic Habits book on the desk.(Love that book!) 2. All the garbage in the background (He’s in true Dad mode! love the authenticity and ‘this is me’ attitude) 3. Wonder if he’s broken his News site resolution after COVID19 and George Floyd! What a year to pick that resolution!! lol. I’m only 1:32 into the video. Going back to watch the rest.

  • Years ago I resolved to make no further New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve kept it so long I forget exactly how long it’s been.
    It’s not just a joke, though; if you’re really going to make a change in your life, there’s no time like the present. Setting an arbitrary ‘start date’ is just a rationalization that lets you procrastinate a bit longer. Once you start the rationalizations, the next one comes a little easier, you start making exceptions, and before you know it, you’ve given up altogether.

  • nature’s clock ticks on reminding you that flowers bloom but briefly the summer sun will wane leaves eventually drop, snow falls and snow melts and flowers bloom but briefly

  • It is the middle of the year now and I am going to modify my resolution according to the guidelines mentioned in this video.
    1. Write one word on my journal everyday.
    2. Read book for 2 mins everyday.

  • resolution:
    1. block off all social media and youtube distractions during school
    2. read 1 page a day
    3. write 1 page of the book I’m writing each week
    4. Only post 3 things on social media a week (now I’m posting more than 1 everyday, it’s really addicting)
    5. Learn 1 line of a piano song each day
    6. Go for a walk (willingly) starting with 5 minutes each day
    Starting right after I finish homework today

  • I started this year by saying I wanted to lose x amount of weight by the end of the year. Still, I’ve lost 15 pounds total since january, but am nowhere near to my set goal, but honestly, any weight loss is good weight loss, so I’m definitely more chill about it.

  • Wow, you should be about to find the cure of cancer from your home on these confinement days.
    Edit: I totally agree with you about the third resolution.:)

  • Bro i love your mindset man! So entrepreneurial��
    And i love the tips I’ve used some of them before.
    Some of my new year’s resolution would be:
    1:Master Handstand!
    2:Get into calisthenics.��
    3:Probably join a Gymnastics gym( mainly because i wanna get into all those crazy stunts they do)
    Its gonna be fun! Gonna fucking crush 2020! ������
    4: Also thinking about getting into MMA to learn self defense!
    Awesome video bro! Keep it up ��

  • I came back here from the future. But it still applies. new year’s resolutions are the mostest stupidest thing one can come up with. I like to say Life is my job, and what i do for a living is my hobby, like it or not. I do get fired off my job occasionally, if that makes sense, that invalidates everything.

    We never have full control of our lives. Never.

  • I did removed myself from all social media but Facebook, where I go only once in a while as I was unable to go only for a short time.

    I find with time that tis was a great habit to lose! I “lost”the voice messages app from my phone as well, and since I live in the moment.

    I realised close to 40y old, that I have to change my environnement (physical as well as virtual) to fit my life as I entend to live it as opposed to as people do live arround me.

    Stick to what is important for you. There is too much of everything to do it all anyway.

  • I’ve always been terrible at New Year’s resolutions. But this year (2016) I used habit tracking apps, HabitRPG (now Habitica), FitBit, and a few other tools and I ran my first two marathons and learned a significant amount of several languages. I mean, I barely finished the marathons and I’m definitely not fluent, but damn did I ever succeed at those. Hoping I can keep that up in 2017. Those tricks are already showing signs of tattering around the edges.

  • I literally did the exact thing starting at the end of last school year, but instead of one year I’ve chosen 3. The 3 years of intelligent learning. Its just basically things that I plan to learn by the end of high school and planned middle college.

  • You don’t have to be productive every minute of every day. Often it’s productive psychologically and emotionally to simply enjoy the moment.

  • Actually my resolution is going pretty decently but it already followed the guideline it was pretty broad and approached at a specific situation.
    My resolution was to frame things more positively and to look for opportunities within crisis.

    It’s not necessarily something I could measure but in a year filled with boundless crisis, I have been more successful in avoiding self pity and taking better control.

  • I’ve already finished designing, soldering and testing 24PCBs, plus debugging 4 different new products since Jan 1st. And that’s before I learned these new tricks by watching your video today. Guess there’s still room. lol.

  • While its true most news is actually meaningless trivia, one newspaper, that’s just feeding yourself a line of propaganda at this point.
    You just need to develop a better filter, every hyperbolic news story wait a few days and it turns out to be nonsense. In the case of things like russia conspiracy, a few years later and a million stories later, it turns out to be nonsense, such a waste of time.
    I’m pretty sure anyone who listened to NPR and believed it over the last few years has damaged their health, I get a dose sometimes on my commute and its basically antifa radio, most of the time you are better off listening to music, but even that is a drug you must be careful with, the message is programming on a deeper level, don’t be casual about it.

  • Well I did something like this a while ago. I wanted to quit coke, I was mostly drinking coke and I knew it was not healthy.
    So I decided to change it to Ice tea instead. I was thinking, still sugar but no more fuzz.
    I did it for a year. Sometimes I drunk some coke and it was 10 times better than when I was drinking it regulary.
    Then the next year, I decided to replace Ice Tea with juices, still sugar but fruit sugar instead of processed sugar.
    Only a few month into the year I switched to water while sometimes an orange juice when I felt like I needed it.
    The year after I was mainly drinking water. But I never forbid me to drink coke or another soft drink. Just to never make it an habbit again.

  • I’ve never enjoyed watching a video of a sad bean admitting their failures more. Nah this was cute, good luck with 2018 resolutions!

  • I also made a video of 2017 Goals… and I didn’t keep any of them! I think even if you don’t make your goals or keep your resolutions, they are still good to do because you get an idea of how you want to improve and points you in the right direction.

  • don’t know if you’ll see this comment but damn Emma you are so damn interesting and we are so alike and I wish I could just sit down and chat with you. I’m planning on coming to your show in Munich and maybe I’ll get a chance to interview you? I have a radio show at a campus radio station in Germany and it would be the perfect opportunity to just… chat. I feel like I could learn a lot from you, even though I’m just 3 years younger than you. idk. as I’ve said, I doubt you’ll read this comment and I doubt it’ll happen but man. I’ve never wanted to just have a chat with a youtuber this much. I see so much of myself in you. Hope you’re having a blessed christmas eve, much love from Germany.

  • Resolution: never miss an update from veritasium ever! Because that is not a potential distraction but that is actually a work on the self control!!!

  • Vertiasm in your youngs double slit experiment(ydse) of monochromatic light intensity is decreasing on either side which does not decreases in ydse

  • My New Year resolution for 2020 was and still is…’This Year I’m Going to Stop Complaining About Adolf Hitler’ As you can see it’s June 18th and the Democrats have replaced the USA. Of course they weren’t going to quit. They lost and now the World is gonna suffer. Traitors.

  • Unfortunately, most of the ‘advice’ in this video goes against what the research says works.

    Be specific? Nope, the research suggests being vague is actually more effective because it allows flexibility.
    Write down your resolution? Nope, the research suggests that telling people your goals makes it less likely that you will achieve them.
    Make your resolutions small and consistently achievable? Kinda, the research suggests that small goals can be helpful, but they can also lead to a feeling of despair after ‘succeeding’ at your goal only to find that it didn’t actually achieve much.

  • The most common resolutions revolve around exercise and fitness, and while vague goals are certainly a big part of why they quit, a bigger issue is unrealistic expectations. For example, the fitness industry has convinced people that they need to exercise to lose weight. As a lifelong fitness nut I can tell you that this is completely untrue. Numerous studies have shown that exercise is almost completely ineffectual for losing weight. So of course people quit after a couple of months. Why would anyone continue to do something that’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and doesn’t work? This isn’t laziness. It’s logic. When setting any goal, it’s important to check your assumptions at the door and do some research. Sometimes that means some real digging. People who go to the gym daily tend to have a healthy body weight, but it doesn’t follow from this that going to the gym is the reason they are thin. With a little thought it’s obvious that diet is also a factor, and some research from that point will show that when it comes to weight loss, diet is by far the most influential factor. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise, though, just that exercising for weight loss is doomed to fail.

  • New Year Res::Get a six pack, get laid, Make 500 dollars to buy n insane amount of clothes. I can do 150 situps every set and I got a job sort. And im getting into more shape to get lad JYESS

  • My New Years resolution was to stop showing up so late for things. It’s July and I just got to this video. I have failed once again:(

  • Hmm, I suppose my theme would be “consistency”.

    I often feel like I’m a badly written character, because I sometimes tend to make decisions that aren’t consistent with how I’ve made them before. I don’t really have strong principals, so I suppose that is what allows me to be more flexible, yet inconsistent. This way in one situation, but a completely different way in another similar situation.

    I also don’t wake up at consistent times either, and that could make it hard to plan your day, when you could wake up anywhere from 10:00 in the morning, to 6:00 in the afternoon.

    And other things in my life, where I decide to do one thing immediately, while with another I could take forever to decide to do.

    Overall, I’d like some more consistency in my life, where I know what I’m going to do, and how I’d react to a certain situation, instead of just answering “it depends” all the time.

    So yeah, I might use this idea. ^^

  • I am an avid reader with an active imagination but I never considered myself a writer and always had trouble putting my ideas down on paper. My theme was to write more and at first it seemed that it wasn’t going to happen, but slowly yet surely I have been writing more. At first my efforts have been cringe worthy, but I am starting to appreciate the time I put into this. Will I write the next great American novel, probably not, but who can say?

    The future is certainly foggy.

  • Who writes a song every week? You’d have to be releasing multiple albums every year you’d have to be working harder than danny sexbang you’d have to live in italics because you’d be that fast I’m talking the stephen king of pop music pumping out singles like a 19th century catholic mother

  • IT TOOK YOU 24 YEARS? IT TOOK ME 9 YEARS…at age 10…i was like…meh… But good job finally seeing your eyes open:D <.< this science?

  • Hi, how are you doing with your resurrections?
    Maybe nice to make a motivational update video. I followed your advices and still going well for two of four resurrections

  • Laci, I really hope you overachieve this year and make others live…well, you probably already have been doing that since you started vloging. Keep up the great work!

  • The whole habit making in 21 days is wrong.I read an article about 20yrs ago that it takes 3 monthe minimum to make something into a solid habit.Any less than that and it is too easily broken.

  • I don’t make new years resolutions, not because of the reason stated in this video exactly, but because life changes so much in a year. Everything is constantly in motion. How could I know what I’ll want this time next year? If I don’t have expectations, I can always be pleasantly surprised.