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today i was called disgustingly skinny… (storytime/rant on body shaming)

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A Classy Way to Respond to Body Shaming. by SELF. November 28, 2015. 106 Comments.

Share it: Fitness instructor Megan Ellis is the co-manager of the Barre East Fitness Studio in Frederick, Maryland. When a newspaper clipping slid out of an envelope addressed to the studio, Ellis wasn’t particularly. Refuse to engage or perpetuate the shaming. If you validate the person with a comment like “You are beautiful,” stop the discussion right there. Don’t add on a line that denigrates yourself to help somebody else see their own beauty.

Then divert the conversation in another direction. 2. Dealing With Body Shaming Among People You Know 1. Identify body shaming. Body shaming can take many different forms, so it can be hard to recognize.

It can also be 2. Nip gossip in the bud. If you hear people gossiping about someone’s. Body Shaming: 7 Ways To Deal With The Body-Negative People In Your Life. 7 Ways To Deal With Body-Shaming Friends. 1 / 7. Opt Out Of The Gossip. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a cycle of body-shaming gossip when it’s a normal activity in your social circle.

But instead of spreading cruel words about friends because of the way they look at. 19. Let’s just say you think the way (you imagine) I treat my body is going to kill me. Would you also speak this way to someone who had gotten sick from smoking, or.

Tune in to your heart — to how sad you feel when you are shamed and blamed. Tune into the loneliness and heartache you feel and the helplessness you feel over the other person. Put your hands on your heart and bring much kindness and gentleness. If you don’t have the energy or if you’re not in the right space to respond in a way which really protects yourself, don’t feel you have to respond. If body shaming occurs online, just block those people.

If someone body shames you in real life, it’s fine to just leave that situation and get yourself to a. We need to teach young girls to love the way they are. Fat, Thin, Tall, Short does not matter as long as you are comfortable in your own skin.

Body Hate isn’t about your body it’s about your mind. Body shaming is the leading cause of depression especially amongst women who are prone to body changes in relation to age and birth, as well as other extenuating factors. During my recent trip to Scotland where I visited Aberdeen and met up with an Ex, some comments made by him triggered some memories from when we were together. No matter what you look like, you’ve probably had insecurities about your body at some point in your life.

The problem with body shaming is that everyone has a unique body type that can’t always be manipulated into what the media portrays as the “perfect body”. While the modelling industry has been embracing more “average” sized women lately, there is still a long way to go and it.

List of related literature:

“Woman Uses Obituary to Advocate against Fat Shaming in Medical Profession.”

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Body shaming should be as unacceptable as other forms of discrimination.

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In response, I would repeat Susan Bordo’s memorable comment that “we may be obsessed with our bodies, but we are hardly accepting of them.”54 That is, we should not assume that self-proclaimed respect for our bodies actually indicates love for our physicality.

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Body shaming comes in all different forms, from subtle hints to having someone straight up tell you your body isn’t good enough.

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To counter the insult to body image and functionality, and knowing likely prognoses, the healthcare professional must reassure the client and family about their perceptions of body image and help them reconcile to the present and future realities ofthe situation.

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An obese patient who requests to remove “all fat” is clearly unrealistic and should raise a red flag.

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Tell her that the point of your guidelines is not for her to be ashamed of her body, but to be respectful of it.

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In other words, these efforts may take treatment to another level, a level beyond removing symptoms of body image disturbance to one that emphasizes appreciating, respecting, celebrating, and honoring the body.

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There is good reason to call particular attention to fat bodies as represented on RPDR.

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Encourage the patient to verbalize concerns about altered body image.

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  • You made a video about Greg Doucette recently. When you talked about his goals of becoming “super shredded” you commented with a derogatory “yikes” accompanied by a disgusted look on your face. Isn’t that body shaming? Why did you do that? Aren’t you being hypocritical in this regard? It seems to me that you only respect the body goals of others when they align with your own stance. That’s not very inclusive.

  • What would be your response when someone offers you a food item that you politely refuse and they say “but I made it specifically for you!” I eat gluten & lactose free and although I appreciate the extra effort that went into making that food, I don’t feel like stuffing myself just to please someone else. I usually say, “thank you, I’ll eat it later or take it home so I can truly enjoy when I’m not so full” but people usually still act butt hurt that I won’t eat it right then & there.

  • I get made fun of all the time by my friends for “being healthy” to the point where I’ll eat something I don’t want out of fear of them feeling bad about themselves if I don’t. It can make it hard to have a good relationship with food when the people around me laugh and makes jokes when I order something that’s “healthy” (I also hate when they use that word to describe it because that’s not the way I like to look at food). Last Thanksgiving was probably the first time I felt progress with being comfortable with my relationship with food and I remember as I was getting dinner my aunt said “Wow, you’re eating like a truck driver.” I’m a small person (and it was a normal portion to begin with) so I feel like adults sometimes think these statements won’t affect me, but I’ve struggled with obsessing over foods for a long time. I wish I had seen this video before then because I just brushed it off with a laugh instead of pointing out the inappropriateness of it. This video helped me a lot and I’m glad I’m not alone!! Thanks Abbey!

  • Every year my salon does a weight loss competition with a pool of cash during the months of November and December. I never participate, and always asked why. It makes me so frustrated to explain myself to everyone. I don’t need a 30 person competition to be healthy over the holidays, or have all the people around me tracking my food, weight, measurements and exercise routine. I love myself and I work with a bunch of extraordinary and very attractive people. I love your message. It means allot to me to see such a positive influence in the YouTube world.

  • Misrepresenting what Maher actually said… such a shame. I saw the entire Bill Maher’s video and I did not see him actually encouraging people to boo obese people out of eating (you know, what ACTUAL fat shaming is). He just says it’s not healthy to shield people from reality that their lives are in danger because of obesity. He even pointed out that he is not addressing people who are obese because of a health issue but only people who are making unhealthy life decisions. Everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon and misrepresent Maher and Corden chose the easy way too. Fishing for applause and pats on the back.

    Maher opened a conversation and pointed out a serious problem that is actually killing people by the thousands in US and Corden “bravely” closed that conversation in exchange for some applause. Instead of misrepresenting Bill Maher’s points, he could have just stated what he disagreed with WHILE pointing out all the good points Maher made. Such a disservice… I was obese my entire life and even though actual fat shaming (ridiculing me) did not help me, IRONICALLY neither did people like James Corden who were making excuses for me and telling me I was perfect the way I was. As Bill Maher said during Joe Rogan’s show, Mr. Corden, you “missed the opportunity to save lives”.

  • Great videos, the holidays can be so difficult, especially when seeing extended family. Your sassy examples are greatly appreciated!:D

    This video reminded of a snarky remark made by Natalie Wynn (aka Contrapoints on Youtube) about how a trans woman can know she’s seen as a woman by her family when the older ladies in the family start to tend to turn to her and suggest she orders a salad instead.

    On a completely unrelated note, I would love to see some content on battling body-shaming geared towards men, I feel like there’s an increase in diet culture aimed at men, repackaged as fitness culture, when the leaner skinnier guys are now mocked for the fact that they supposedly wouldn’t be able to lift a thing, and how “unfit” they are, etc. I feat that we’re about to see an epidemic in body dismorphia in men trying to attain the now also unreachable aesthetics of male characters in movies.

  • Awesome highly inspirational… Very difficult to agree n accept the facts you shared… You motivated to agree & fallow and made all of us to leave peacefully
    Really the place to learn more skills skillopedia
    Thanks Ma’am!!!

  • People body shame me for being skinny all the time, even friends who thinks its just okay and it makes me feel so bad, I always wear long sleeved shirts and hoodies to cover my arms so people wont comment on them and it feels horrible… This video made me feel less alone and bad though

  • what if i’m thin and having fast metabolism ( situation where i eat a lot but still thin)..???my friends always criticise my thin body��

  • I have Celiac’s disease and I get the opposite treatment. I am on a medically prescribed diet and my family shames me for eating what I am supposed to all the time. Because apparently, medically diagnosis is all in our heads and there is no science to back them up.

  • Just found your channel my mom is an RD… this is great content and so refreshing in a day of misinformation around food and body.

  • Thanks Niharika, I had experianced the same with the Negative thought people.. Reminded me the tryth to overcome all..

    Thanks again.. Your smile itself gives me how to imrove my confidence. <3

  • I had a VERY rude family member once comment on my weight loss years ago in such a weird way. “Oh, you’ve lost so much weight. Let me know if it stays off this time, and maybe I’ll try it.” I looked her dead in the face and said, “cocaine isn’t for everyone, but I’ll keep you posted.” She shut up real fast.

    Now, being older and more aware, I know people are struggling with drug addiction, so I probably wouldn’t say that sassy comment today. It felt good to shut her down in that moment though.

  • The last thing my grand father said to me in Spanish was that I was starting to get a belly like a man when I was about 16. I was struggling with restricting food and then binging, it was such a difficult time in my life. And hearing him make that comment was so heart breaking. I actually never saw him again. My parents thankfully didn’t force me to have a relationship with him and he passed a few years after. My family has always been very body conscious. And I hope to be more mindful and not make the same comments in my own family I am building.

  • Well, i smoke and know is bad, but I dont go around supporting smokers and trying to make it normal by yelling to companies for smokers only jobs and cancel everyone that tries to make us stop smoking…looks is subjective health is not, what is so different that we banned smokers from tv and created special spaces for fat people? In usa most people die from obese related causes…if they tell you stop fucking eaten or you will die is not messing with your body, is people doing their the end is your choise, but dont go hoping that if you dont put any effort you would be fine, you will die and there is a point no one would be able to help and is the authorities job to stop that…for fuck sake any case similar(like smoking) is not sugar code by any doctor, is just straight cold, or you stop or you die, bc mainly depends on you, stop with the safe space bs…the thing is clear or you stop or you die, is that clear…and you absolutly cant be an example to anyone, bc you are not, you are not brave bc you are fat and got a model job, you are just fat and victimized yourself to get that job, and in that proces you made many people believe thats ok and doom them to the same fate…

  • My husband was 315 lbs when we got married and he worked really hard and got down to 190 lbs. Most of his family is on the heavier side and all of them would tell him he was too skinny and they were worried he would harm his health by being “so skinny.” For his height 6’2″, 190 is a perfectly healthy weight but it made him so sad to hear all the negative comments. It was on his mind so often and he started to wonder if he should ever have lost any weight in the first place. He’s now gained almost all of the weight back and it makes me sick that friends and family now compliment his body and say that he’s “filled out” and looks healthy. ��

  • All of this is so true. I do get influenced by the situation and people that I eat with. It would be a challenge to get a salad when everybody is eating burgers and cake or the other way around. Just last week we went to a pub with friends and I was craving a salad, but thought it’d be stupid to get a salad in a pub when everybody was getting burger meals.. Next time I’m going to try to listen to myself more. (:

  • People always thin shame me no matter what. We don’t do xmas anymore but usually people would say I need to eat more and I’m so tiny and asking I’f I’m okay so all my life I’ve grown up feeling really bad. Now I’m vegan and I feel better than ever and I can not imagine ever eating meat or dairy or eggs again and a lot of family tries to tell me I’m going to be sick from being vegan
    Lol! I’ve had two kids and I eat whenever I want as much as I need and I never felt better than I do now. Thanks for bringing up this topic. ��

  • When my father, who seen since childhood. Told me that I was eating more then a grown man.
    And I was pretty normal weight.
    But that just made me feel like I was doing something wrong ��
    And other times from stranger’s (I was on antidepressants, which ment that I was little more rund)
    Asking me when I was going to have a baby.
    And the last one was from my doctor, who apparently doesn’t know anything about muscles weighing more then fat.
    Told me that my Bmi was a little bit high.(the doctor might as well have called me fat) Despite the fact that I have had full body weight and muscle mass mapped out. By a nurse that specializes in nutrition and fitness.
    She the nurse was very happy with my numbers, despite the Bmi thing. Because of my high muscle mass. In that case I am listening to the nurse.

  • “I don’t really like you commenting on my body”
    I think they know it very well. THAT IS WHY they are commenting on your body.What to say them, I they do it conciously?

  • My mom’s side of the family has a 4th of July cookout every year and the year before last I was struggling with an eating disorder and had lost about 40 lbs. My grandma wouldn’t stop complimenting me about my weight and stuff. Then, last year after I’d gained about 10-15 lbs back, I was sitting at a table and she came over, jiggled my stomach and said “someone’s been eating to much chocolate at work” (I work in a candy house) and it really sucked. She then went onto to talk about burning calories with my 9 yr old cousin.

  • I realize now that when I was a teenager, that there was body shaming in my family. I was a thin teenager but, certain family members would say things like, “when I was your age I only weighed…” or the well meaning aunt who would compare my body size to a cousin who is “much thinner ” than me. ��hmmm I am beginning to understand my struggles!

  • Not so much at the holidays, but on a regular basis people comment on my thinness and how lucky I am. I also often feel judged when I eat a lot of food, because to be honest, I have a big appetite. People either assume that I am starving myself to look the way I do, or that I have an super fast metabolism that will eventually give in. While these comments aren’t always direct, I get offended by these assumptions. In reality, I do have some genetics that allow me to keep off weight, but I also train at the gym 6 days a week and eat a balanced diet. Regardless, people shouldn’t feel as though it’s their right to say that I’m lucky for being thin. There are many factors that play into someone’s weight loss or weight gain that are unrelated to fitness and health and it can be damaging to hear comments like this.

  • Many people rejected me bcz i m too skinny,bcz of this still un married at 30 age in asia its very shamefull if u cant get marry at this age but amazing thing is that i still never ever think to change my body ����

  • At Thanksgiving my husband’s 9 year old sister told me that I still had my baby belly. My son is 19 months old and I’ve been through a lot of hormonal issues in the postpartum period that I’ve just started to get under control.

  • I had the same experience as you I didn’t really cared about my body then cause i thought every body is ok and fine, but when i started going to highschool people always comment about my weight and i was really mad cause I didn’t really see anything wrong with my body! Plus a few months ago i met my family members for a long time ago and then one of my aunts said in front of everyone literally “you look so skinny r u ok?!” Even tho i have been like this my entire life it’s nothing new i’m a 39kg and 92ibs and it’s ok i like my body, at the time i really didn’t say a word even though my mom and my sister was there and no body disagreed with her and that what made me sad + i just smiled and said i think i’m ok i hated how I didn’t reply bad words back to her because I respect my old aunties and don’t really want to have bad feelings with them and i wish if i could turn back time and say bad words back to her even though i would never want anybody to hear bad words, and now i hate her so so much and I can’t stand her she didn’t even hesitate saying that (plus more than what i said she said more than that but I don’t remember that much ) i’m really sorry to my self and i would never let anyone do this to me again

  • Nobody should shame anybody about their body. However we should not glorify obesity, it seems that body positivity is threading that thin line, nowadays.

  • I loved this video so much, I watched it twice. Thank you a lot for this. I am really uncomfortable around food and the holidays and it helped me to get some perspective and see also the other people’s points.

  • hai mam your voice very very excellent,I’ve been listening your videos for some years it’s really useful for me, now i can speak english thankyou so much,keep your job.i would like your more videos.

  • Whenever my mom brings around the desserts for any occasion, she always says to me “I know you’re probably trying to watch your weight so you don’t have to have any.” While I secretly am bc of disordered eating, I always feel violated bc I never speak on my weight and she’s assuming �� I’m nowhere near overweight so idk why she always says these things

  • Corden made a good argument but I find it necessary to point out there are literally only a few dozen examples of people with leptin resistance in the scientific literature. Most of our overweight issues can be fixed by having healthier behaviours and environments obviously Im not saying that is easy or always in a person’s control.

  • There are so many people who comment on my colour. Like seriously it’s 21st century u are still caring about skin complexion. DUH! Yesterday only my friends were commenting again and again. I argued with them a lot that your father is not treating me but I ended up crying. Ugh!

  • Go to camp, Corden. You’re fat and you can do something about this, but you choose not to and make unfunny remarks instead. Godspeed.

  • Healthy Skinny person: you need to lose weight
    Unhealthy Fat person: I’m going to sue you! Guess what skinny mini I don’t want to lose weight
    Scenario 2:
    Healthy Fat person: dang girl you need to gain some weight you look like a skeleton.
    Unhealthy skinny person: Ummmm….. thanks I guess?
    Healthy fat person: your welcome skinny mini.

  • thank you sooo much niharika mam your tips r really amazing
    my height is short n people always comment bad likedo something abt ur height, u look like child, etc
    I will try to make them stop n realize that no one is perfect in this world

  • I relate to this I have always been a skinny girl and I’ve had a lot of rude people say to eat more and say I’m thin as a pencil, I look like I’ll snap in half. I literally worried that I somehow was anorexic without realizing it. And in high school I was worried about not having a big butt. I felt hurt when people say real women have curves and men don’t like a skinny bony girl. I even would be surprised when my doctor said I was healthy because I thought I was too thin. And I felt like I had to prove that I eat. My confidence has improved over time but it can still be hard to not compare. Shaming anyone for their weight or size is so gross and toxic.

  • I have an off topic question. If I suffer from what I think is an eating disorder… Should I get help? I don’t feel like I am seen as skinny nor am I underweight. I am 5’6.5″ and about 118lb, in 16 months I have lost 38lb and no one cares or has noticed. I just find this time of year to be the hardest and am starting to feel worse and worse. I fainted over Thanksgiving and have had an excruciating headache today. I know they have to be linked nutritionally but no one see anything is wrong. I’m just scared if I let it come out I everyone will judge me or not believe me. I almost don’t want to get help and feel hopeless. I hate my life currently….

  • disagree with Bill for his wording about “Fat shaming needing a return” because he could’ve worded it more nicely, but i do agree on the fact that some people that are overweight actually thinks that “their fatness is okay, because it’s who they are” which is basically embracing the fact that they’re fat, and lazy and unhealthy and they can’t do anything about it so instead of trying to get more healthy and improve on becoming a better person, they just sit there and say “hey guys, we’re just gonna chill here with our fat asses and just accept we’re overweight because we don’t care what you think and more importantly we’re too lazy to actually put in any effort into improving ourselves so we’re just gonna shame everyone who thinks we look like a land whale stuck in a sitting position even though we actually are” which is obviously not really productive

  • LOVE this video. Those responses are great. I just got your cookbook from the library yesterday. I am about to settle in by the fire and crack it open!

  • I’m so glad you talked about both extremes of diet/body shaming. I ended a 15-year friendship because my best friend just could not stop projecting her anxieties about her own body onto mine. Her shaming was in the “you’re too skinny/I’m just concerned” variety, none of our other friends thought it was that bad, even though it really bothered me. Logically, I knew it was projection, but when most or all of your interactions with a person revolve around your weight or your diet, it makes you really not want to interact with that person. When we went away for a weekend trip and she flipped out because I ordered a salad, I knew it was the beginning of the end. Less than six months later, we “broke up” and I haven’t spoken to her in two years. I miss her, but I don’t miss hearing her feel entitled to make comments about my body just because we’re friends.

  • My dad always means the best when he comments on my eating (military brat and sports coach), but when I was in highschool, I had to tell him that his comments helped to fuel my disordered eating. He’s much better now, but he still sometimes says things. For example, we were eating Italian sausage sandwiches (Italian sausage, hoagie roll, provolone/mozzarella cheese, grilled peppers and onions, and marinara sauce) and I hadn’t eaten all day. I and my dad ate two and I went to get a third one when he said “well bring me one too, I can’t let my daughter out eat me.” He was joking (in his way) and likely trying to not let me over eat but I snapped, “I haven’t eaten all day, I’m hungry, I know how much food I need to eat.” I silenced the whole kitchen. My mom tried to stop my dad in the middle of his comment but after I finished my third sandwich my now husband had a quarter of his left over and I was going to eat it too. So she said that I didn’t need it. I stopped eating at the point and I know she responded out of love the same way my dad did, but I wouldn’t eat it I wasn’t hungry. Was I starting to binge because I was upset? Maybe. But I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours and my body was telling me to refuel. I ended up eating other foods later that night because I was hungry. It’s hard when you know those comments are coming from a place of love and concern. My parents have always only wanted us to be happy and healthy, but I’ve always had a fairly large appetite. It’s definitely a careful balance of being respectful to your family but also letting them know that you know your body better than they do.

  • Also my family is the worst with this stuff… When I was little I took meds that caused me to gain weight and everyone would tell me stuff like eat more veggies, stop eating so many carbs blah blah blah and then since getting off the meds I naturally lost a lot of weight because prior to being on the meds, I was naturally thinner. Then a few years back I developed anorexia and my family was on my shit during thanksgiving. Flash forward to this year’s thanksgiving, nearly three years since being weight restored and I was literally so full after dinner, but my aunt was hounding me about watching me eat ice cream like she legit said “I want to watch u eat ice cream…” (wtf who says that) and so then I just kind of had to eat it so that I didn’t start world war 3 even tho it made me feel sick

  • Bill Maher eats a healthy diet and does not shovel crap down his mouth. If you drink 3-4 cokes a day, eat every donut you see, eat fast food and eat junk all the time, it’s on you fatty.

  • Omgosh! this is so helpful! I’ve been upsetting for two days and the rational side of me keep telling me this is not something I should be upset about and move on but the emotional side of me keep replaying the scene where my brother fat-shamed me. This is bothering me cuz it affects my emotion since I just got out from mild depression recently and being genuinely happy. All of a sudden, a petty comment from a petty person is making me not feeling good again. Hmph!

    Thanks for the message about the negative people! I will try my best to be a positive person!:)

  • I was very skinny and had a BMI of 16 until I became a ‘healthy weight’ BMI wise, at 19yrs. Hated all the comments and inappropriate questions and touching. Hated being labled an anorexic. Weight gain has been one of the best things that has happened to me.

  • This video brought back memories of college: my freshman roommate was a nutrition major who would applaud whenever she approved of my food choices. Do you know how hard it is to bring food back to your dorm for a quick bite between classes knowing that someone will literally stand up and clap if they approve of it or roll their eyes and mutter if they don’t? Ridiculous.

  • Love the video. I’m so sick of all the food n body comments I got from my family. Doubly annoying considering that I’m the only one trying to eat well and exercise regularly. �� Btw omg I lovvve ur ring.

  • I remember when i had super bad anxiety, i got super under weight, because i never felt hungry, and during the holidays everyone said “you need to eat more, you’re so skinny” and guess what, that didn’t help. No one asked if i was okay, i really wasn’t. What i needed was help from a doctor not family telling me i was too skinny

  • I was in recovery from anorexia after another relapse. And had been in recovery for about 6 months when my husband grandma asked me are you pregnant. I said no and she said you used to be so much skinner. Thanks grandma �� did this not once but twice. And after the first time I was eating more cause I was in recovery from my ED. And then asked the same question next visit �� I can laugh about it now but still wasn’t cool

  • Bless you Abbey. I dread the significant look and the “Moment on the lips, forever on the hips.” comment that I know is coming from one particular family member every holiday season.

  • Hi Nandini Akka,, Akka,can you talk about boyfriends who treat their girlfriends how they would treat their bitchy ex girlfriends who left them(boyfriend) for stupid reasons? Like being super duper cautious when he’s with his now girlfriend,doubtful on her on things she don’t do and all,.
    (You know,if you understand what I mean). Thank you Akka ��

  • Hi Abbey! I recently discovered your channel and found your videos very helpful and informative. I’d like to help with adding captions in Mandarin (shoutout from Taiwan ❤️) in order to spread out and raise the awareness on these topics, intuitive eating series especially.
    Just wondering if it’s okay for you to turn on the community contributions, allowing viewers to contribute translated subtitles for your videos? Thank you!

  • I’m hurt. People keep calling me fat. I know it only for fun. But still i felt very depressed with it. People never see how hard i’ve tried to lose weight because i dont do it infront of their eyes. I’m shy and afraid to do it in front of them. Body shaming is one of bullies. It’s hard for me to lose weight because i easily get stressed and it gained my weight

  • Not sure if it’s completely related, but my mother calls me conservative because I don’t like certain clothing, like shorts, or sleeveless shirts. I hate it when she does it and kinda acts like she’s better because she can “show it off” and be confident and it lead to my Nana giving me a talk about being happy with my body. In reality, I’m always cold so it doesn’t make sense to wear shorts and I would rather just not wear things that make me uncomfortable than change my body to feel more comfortable in them. I love the way my body looks and feels, certain clothes I just think are ugly to, everyone has a preference.

  • To all the beautiful people watching this just wanna say dont let anybody make you feel bad about yourself, no matter who the person is just know to love yourself in the shape your in,hope your all happy.❤️

  • Mean Question: ” How can you pull that off with your body shape? “

    Comeback: ” I can’t, so I get your boyfriend to pull it off for me “

  • When I was 11 my pop told me Id get fat if I had a piece of birthday cake at my cousins first birthday. I was also sitting next to a very good family friend who had just been discharged from hospital due to a severe eating disorder. I didn’t know the difference then, but now I’d definitely have something to say about it!!

  • Great video, this is such a problem for me. As a Celiac people love to comment on what they think I can or can’t eat or that “just a bite won’t hurt you” it’s infuriating. I avoid most food related events anymore!

  • I can relate to that one skinny girl. Its not all cupcakes and rainbows to be skinny, but nobody really understands that and thinks that we TRY to be super skinny ad body shames us for it like COME ON DUDE WERE IMPERFECT JUST LIKE EVERYODY ELSE

  • This reminds me of David Sedaris’s story about his sister Amy dressing up in a fat suit at a holiday gathering to freak out their dad because he was just so obsessed with his daughters’ weight… love that family and all their wacky stories

  • Literally last weekend my grandma fat shamed me for being tall and being a bit bigger. And my response was like YES so! And I literally could have cried at the table.

  • Ye weh..mak aku ckp aku ni x de la gemok mne tapi body aku mcm buah pear ah.. Kwn aku kate kalau gemok boleh cpt mati..sedih tau..allah je tau sedih org ckp camtu

  • I’ve lost about 66 pounds and I’m now at “normal” weight. My family members keep telling me that I’m small and skinny. I think they think it’s a compliment and I’m proud of my weight loss, but it makes me feel awkward. I feel like if I say “I know, thanks!” that I’m implying that skinny is better and that they’re fat since they’re bigger than me. I’d rather not have anyone say anything.

  • Nandini, I can listen to your talk whole day long and still get entertained by it the next time I watch the video. I really love how you put common sense in a very undisturbing and comical way. Can you do a video on busy body who are always putting their nose in our lives? Please! puppy face

  • Yes my grandmother pressures me in to eating a cookie when I don’t want one. She then tells my mom, “your daughter isn’t any fun anymore”

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. I think food and body shaming is more often than not less about envy and more about jealousy and projecting ��

  • This video is SO helpful, especially since diet culture has invaded my immediate family and has made me struggle more with my own diet and body image problems. But, I’ll be fine, I’ll just bake more bread for me.

  • My boyfriend at high school told me to reach up, realised it was cause at 15 I already somehow had saggy boobs even though I was small. Now 28 and 1 kid I’ll finally get a breast lift lol for me though ��

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  • Just curious you mention if you want to have a conversation with someone about their current health relating to food that’s not how to approach the conversation which I totally agree but I can’t imagine how one would ever approach that conversation. I am genuinely wondering?

  • Love this,I’m seeing a dietician now along with my physiatrist to work on some disordered eating thoughts and I have definitely have taken in messages about food from older relatives

  • Mam plzz write lyrics with ur beneficial lecture ����…I belong to Bihar…our eng is very weak ��…plzz write lyrics to understand ur language correctly

  • Thank you for this video; I have been working hard on my relationship with food over the last year and whenever I go home to my family in Germany (living in Denmark) they always comment on how skinny I am and how I can afford to eat a piece of pie even if I really don’t feel like eating pie at the moment they just don’t get how that makes me feel and how hard it was and sometimes still is for me to listen to my body when it comes to food. It feels like they put so much pressure on me by focusing on what i choose to eat or choose to not eat.

  • I have too many examples of this such as when lady gaga performed in the superbowl and they were like oh my god is she fat, she’s so chubby!! I was like wtf? ALSO I’m old enough to ignore these things but I’m now starting to see the negative impacts of these comments on my little cousin and I’m trying to help her. she asked me the other day “how do you lose weight? ugh. how come some people are just born skinny?” and it made me so sad. she’s a freshman in high school. I might send her some of abbeys videos and other no diet culture people as well. almost every woman in my family constantly is like ugh if i could just lose 5 lbs id be happy! and I’m like i wouldnt even notice if you lost 5 lbs plus placing all of your happiness on a number makes zero logical sense but i understand where they’re coming from. I just hope they can all break out of the restrict binge culture.

  • My brother told me “you look like a anorexic person trying to recover with how pointy your bones are” and my heart shattered in pieces I talked to my dad about getting me help and he wanted to make jokes and when I got upset with him he yelled at me and told me he ain’t got the patience for me and my moms side of the family including her always has something to say about how skinny I am my cousin whispered “she’s so skinny” and my uncle asked me how I’m alive with being this skinny. I’m 15 years old in 5’3 and I weigh 95 lbs I guess there’s really nobody to count on to help me with my weight gain journey so I just have to be there for myself:(

  • Brittany I just discovered your channel and I swear it’s like you’re describing me to a T! My problem is night time eating and to help end that I’m watching your videos. Now that’s a great binge!!! Thank you for all you’re doing and please keep it up!

  • You’re so uplifting Brittany! There were so many golden nuggets in this video. I cannot believe your channel only has 2.7k subscribers. It deserves at least 10 if not a 100 times more subscribers to hear your message. My aha moments were being grounded and compassionate even when others around me are not and also have boundaries for myself rather than completely cutting people from my life

  • Thanks for watching our How To Handle Body Shaming Bullies episode! What was your biggest aha moment after watching? Let me know in the comments!

  • I remember when I was 11 and I was 150lbs and 5’0. I would get made fun of by this one kid and he called me “fatass”, “lose weight” etc. I decided to lose weight because I wasn’t happy with myself. Now I am 14 years old(almost 15) and I am now 5’9 and 127lbs. After all this hard work, I thought that I wouldn’t get made fun of anymore since I wasn’t fat, but I got made fun of again by some fat ass kid, he would be like “do you even eat”, “it looks like your parents starve you”, “at least I am well fed”. At first I felt bad cause I worked hard, and to get made fun of again for being “too skinny”, but then I realized I work hard to lose weight, and I did it for myself not for anyone else.
    (I am a boy btw)

  • Well I think you are absolutely gorgeous! Not that it matters what I or anyone else thinks, it only matters if you love you <3 <3 <3
    Sending love! I am Latina too, i’m Mexican and My father would constantly tell me I was too skinny, anorexic, flat, boy, etc. and he would ask me “why are you so skinny!?” in a bothered tone, he would constantly compare me to blow up dolls with huge boobs and ass and a thin waist. Me and my father don’t speak anymore not only because of that, there is a lot of other reasons why I went no contact with him, but him constantly giving me shit about my body did not help our relationship, someone who loves you should support and empower you! <3

  • Thanks, Abbey, for the appropriate response ideas to inappropriate comments. These are great year-round.

    My dad always made comments about women’s bodies growing up. He called Serena Williams “fat” because of her awesome muscular legs. -_(keep in mind, he is and was overweight and unhealthy, and still has disordered behaviors that he refuses to acknowledge). But THEN, of course, if he wanted to share food with me and I didn’t accept, he would try to guilt me into eating anyway. And eating ALL of it, because if I didn’t it meant “I didn’t like it.” He was rude to my mom about her weight, and that pissed me right off, especially since she was always healthier than him. (Not that there’s ever an excuse.)

    I’ve called him out A LOT of times. He’s gotten steadily better, but I’m still salty about it and I have a right to be. His behavior shaped a lot of my disordered thinking and it took a lot to shake that bullshit. We all deserve better.

  • People should understand that there is something in the human body that no one usually can have control of which is called ‘ metabolism ‘ some people look so skinny because their metabolism burns fat immediately you may see them skinny but they still could be healthy, there is also overweight people whom are struggling to lose weight also because of their metabolism so the cheese of the wheel don’t act a doctor to people unless they look unhealthy their skin look yellow maybe, their skin looks lil dry and looks like it would almost shed, their eyes and face extremely hollow, their body doesn’t manage to move properly from lack of nutrition.

  • crying as i watch this. my father has done this to me my whole life.My mother too has made comment on my laundry saying its so small so i have had both conflicted insecurities from my parents…. unfortunately I am in and out of recovery with both bulimia but more struggling with BED these months. an example i got today (visiting him from India as i moved half way across world to free myself) was when he took some peanuts for himself from the bowl he’d say ‘i’m only taking if you’ve left some for me!’ or he saw me take he said ‘now, don’t finish them’…another one was the other time i finished a plastic container of soup for lunch, he said ‘WOW you finished the whole thing?!’…its VERY common, but its our responsibility how we let it affect us. Thanks Abbey, you are amazing and inspiring with all you do.

  • I went to my mom’s room and i was like heyy lets make desserts i want make desserts and she’s like
    “Have you seen how your thighs look,i don’t want you to have snacks”
    If that isn’t body shame and a sign of a toxic family member,idk what is

  • I guess I am lucky because on my dads side of the family no one EVER discusses the topic of weight or “hey you look good, did you lose weight” and nothing about calories either. we all just enjoy the day together and tell jokes

  • I love you so much. I really needed to hear everything in this video. Now I feel like I can handle the christmas comments much better now! Thank you!

  • It used to be so bad when my bmi was 19 (still healthy), people would cry when they saw me and beg me to eat something and I was just like wtf x

  • what bills is actually saying is its not rude to state that being fat is unhealthy. or promoting fat/obese models is a bad thing.

  • I worry that my family is going to point out or want to discuss that I am not eating many vegetables (I can only tolerate (sweet) potatoes, cooked carrots, and olives, and tiny amounts of some other things) / all grains (including bread, pasta, rice, oats, etc) / sugars (including most fruits, sadly, but coconut water and small amounts of seedless grapes seems fine) and most vegetable oils. I cut them out and my hair stopped falling out, I don’t have symptoms of IBS anymore, and my sleep, depression and anxiety got SO much better. I realize this is strange, but apparently my body is built to eat like this, because I feel so much better. I was eating a very whole-foods based diet before, so it’s not like I feel better because I switched from garbage to more whole foods. I don’t think they would believe me and I think they would think I am psychotic or something.

  • My friend said this to me today and it made my day! “If someone comments on my body saying I lost weight, I reply ‘no, I haven’t lost weight I’m just super attractive!'”

  • Men get body shamed alot I am a man and came here to see everyone point of view. I leave a bit disappointed because I feel excluded as a man but at the same time I wish for all those watching this video and reading comments that we exist we have feelings it’s not ok to body shame. I do love myself but I cant have people telling me everyday that I’m not good enough. “Hurt people,hurt people “. I dont want to hurt anyone. I love everyone. I forgive. I love life. Please stop shaming.if I was to shame everyone I’d probably get put in prison. I’ll leave it there

  • Every single day, my mom always body shammed me. I’m about 200 and something and I’m afraid of checking my weight in front of everyone because they would shame me and call me names and yell at me. I always wait till all of my family is in bed sleeping to check my weight when no one is looking. I always get told by my mom that I always look to fat in everything I wear. It just tears me down. Tonight I’ve been thinking that I should stop eating for awhile like for 2 or 3 or maybe a month or two. I’m planning on skipping breakfast,lunch,and dinner. I would pretend that I already had breakfast when my mom asks me if I have. I just don’t want to be body shamed anymore or be treated horribly by my family or be called fat. I’m done with that crap.

  • I’m 10 years old and my mom my brother sometimes my sister’s younger sister‘s older brother the same brother I’m talking about and my other better whatever sometimes my grandma calls me fat and it’s hurtful to hear that but I don’t react to it but I’m thankful for my grandpa and my dad who will who I am and I’m not that big I guess maybe like 2 pounds do you5 pounds off I don’t know but why do they make me feel like I suck at everything when is the post to be the people who tell me that I’m the best and I am worth it so thank you for this video but I know I’m not alone in this battle

  • Honestly, most of my family is obese and knows it’s a problem, so food or body shaming has never been an issue. Body shape is really only mentioned in regards to health but we do still joke about it sometimes. I don’t understand why some people get so upset about jokes.

  • My mom and my brother fat shame me, I try to tell her to stop. But she cakes back with, “oh shut that fat shaming crap up. If you got up off your butt maybe you’ll be prettier” I’m 14. And there’s nothing I can do about it. When I’m out with my r other and we eat. He says “oh my god Annie, you don’t need that much, give some to me.” And there is nothing I can do. ��

  • My dad loves to tell me I’m fat or I’m eating to much it cause me to have and eating disorder for years with he says was me just wanting attention I don’t know if I can ever have a good relationship with him

  • I’m 12 and my dad fat shames me and he said I need to stop eating he makes me feel like I’m not good enough for anyone and no one would want me. I just wanna kill my self sometimes

  • when ppl say oh your so skinny I make my voice super high pitched and say “Oh rely? I never noticed that out of the 14 years iv’e been alive!” or your right maybe I should gain 200 pounds like you did! and as rude as that sounds it’s always the bigger or super thick girls who tell me that. like I don’t know what I look like! like today I went to a super bowl party and one of my family members who have not seen me for a long time asked me about my brother who was down stairs I told her good and I made a joke about how annoying he can be and some how she heard me say he has a food disorder problem? I corrected her because I know how it feels not to like your body and she said ya he can’t get much smaller then you and I wanted to say oh sorry that I can’t be fat like you but I didn’t because I’m sure she did not mean it like that most ppl don’t.

  • Idk… I get being comfortable with your body, but it is more healthy being in shape. And obesity can actually cause genetic changes that can be passed onto your children. Only really laughed at 2 of the jokes

  • Hey, cool video, a topic I wish (!) was obsolete by now… I’ve just had a breakthrough which transformed my own outlook on this, feel free to watch it here:

  • I’m glad you found a nice way to say this. I’m overweight. And I think about it every day of my life. I work hard, work out, eat healthier than most skinny people and just don’t loose the weight. Sucks. I won’t support bill maher after watching this.

  • I was called anorexic on a daily basis at school and I’m actually very skinny I always have been.

    I’m flat like flaaaaaaat and people like to tease me about it.

  • I am a 17 yr old and my 19 yr old brother (along with my father, and other brothers) body shame me. I just don’t understand what they gain from treating me this way. I have told my mother multiple times that it is damaging and takes a toll on my confidence and happiness but she would treat it as if I don’t matter because he is her first child. I have no one to consult or pour my distress out to so I have to find videos like this to watch that could possibly give me back at least an inch of confidence that is taken away from me by my own family members. I cannot count the number of times I would just hide in the school bathroom bc I was ashamed of my image, or the number of nights I cried in my pillow just thinking of how worthless I am. I just want to be happy

  • I get skinny shamed everyday of my life. Used to be very overweight and very insecure so I started eating healthy, exercising and lost a bunch of weight.Now people think I look like a stick or I starve myself and that I’m weak. People even come up to me and say I look ugly and I should gain weight. Honestly I don’t give a shit I love my body, I love being skinny a lot actually. I am strong and beautiful inside out. That’s what matters.

  • It seems that any difficulties they encounter has nothing to do with them They think they do not need to change anything on their own, or at least adapt themselves to public space This generation ( I am part of, unfortunately ) thinks he deserves everything, and everything is not plesent for them wrong and and ignorant

  • I have two stories, one is a Christmas past and one will most likely be Christmas present.

    When I was about 10, I was at a Christmas gathering with my family and I was heading back to the kitchen to get something to drink. All the other kids and cousins my age were in the front living room. Most of the adults were still in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner and just generally chatting. As I approached the kitchen, my aunt, who is actually no longer part of the family due to a divorce, made a comment to my dad. She said, “I can’t believe you’re letting Sarah get so fat. She’s not going to have any friends when she gets to middle school!“ My dad politely responded, “She has plenty of friends and is not unhealthy. She’s quite active with dance and gets a lot of physical activity because she loves riding her bike almost daily.“ My aunt continued to push back and kept commenting about how I was too large, not very pretty, etc. Needless to say, I did not go into the kitchen to get that drink. I think about this often and it has definitely affected me. Looking back, I believe this was probably the first time I heard anyone, especially an adult, say anything negative about me at all, and it just so happened to be about my weight.

    Fast forward to Christmas present, my mother-in-law has a very strange/OCD/some kind of ortho or anorexia type relationship with food. I am not a doctor, psychologist, or dietitian, but the way, amount, type of foods, etc. that she eats scream some kind of disordered eating and/or OCD tendencies. The strange thing about her, is that she is totally a food pusher. If you don’t want pie immediately after dinner, she gets visibly upset and sometimes makes weird comments like “well if I would’ve known no one wanted pie then I wouldn’t have made it.“ All in attendance then feel totally guilted into eating some bit of whatever she made, even if we are so full and would probably have a larger piece later in the evening. This is just one example of the many times that this has happened at a family gathering of some sort. I could go on and on about various instances of ways she makes others feel awkward about eating or not eating around her, but I will just use this as an example.

    Thank you Abby for being the voice of reason saying that we don’t have to eat it if we don’t want! I still will probably feel guilty, but I will try in the coming week to listen to my body as well as my heart when dealing with my food pushing mother-in-law! ❤️

  • Wwwoooooowwww!!!!!����������Sooo usefull… Thanks nandini…..
    When someone body shaming on u
    U stare & said “are u done? Ok thanks bye”….
    Tersentap mereka����������

  • No offense but I think she is Indian but for some reason she talks like a Singaporean Mabye it cause she’s in Singapore idk but no offesne

  • My dad, sister and mom always joke about how fat I am. They don’t get on my nerves yet my grandparents do, they ask for my weight, they say that I’ll be fatter than them and various family members. Even when I go to family gatherings some people always “joke” about how fat I am, I remember one of them saying something on Facebook about how I haven’t been seen for so long, and how he thought that I was just some visitor, a fat one. They won’t stop, it’s driven me to the point of starvation. Looking in the mirror disgusts me, yet my grandpa still forces me to go to those gatherings, even though he knows what will happen. Why won’t they stop? I just want them to stop. My “friends” always single me out to, because of how fat I am. They act like I don’t notice, I’m not that stupid. I just want everything to stop.

  • Body shaming is not totally wrong.. Those comments should be taken as reminder to people who do not know the alarming factor of their bodies.. Put it this way, we can keep quiet and do not bother people around us, but where is our sense of responsibility?

  • I understand my opinion on this is hateful and wrong. But god damn i dislike fat people, its not just my perception of their body, whatever, its just that they make everyone’s lives worse. Airplanes, buses, the environment, healthcare system. Im sorry i just dislike them. I know im wrong. Also, bullying is great, it allowed me to stop being skinny, to stop being a little bitch, to start working harder. It sucked, but if i think about it now, it was incredible character development for me. Anyways, i know im wrong in my opinion i just cant help it.

  • I’m just WAITING for someone to say something this year. Last year I’d lost weight after surgery and hadn’t been able to put any back on before the holidays. I started working out, and I gained it all back plus some (mostly muscle). I’m 15-20 pounds heavier than I was last year and I feel proud of my accomplishments in the gym. But i’m waiting for some well meaning but out of touch uncle to say something about it. And I’m gonna pull out “Yeah. Because I was underweight from that surgery and couldn’t eat much for 2 weeks. So you know, I’m back to my normal, healthy weight.” ��

  • I’m glad you made this. I did grow up in a house where dieting and getting to be “as big as a house” was a topic of discussion. I was very sick during pregnancy and by 6 months PP was 40 lbs less than when I got pregnant. The comments were endless for a year. Being the same weight I was when I lived in the household I mentioned earlier is why weighing less was actually hard for me. ❤

  • you’re thin and conventionally attractive. get over yourself you’re not oppressed. people starve themselves to look like you, fat people have it so much worse. thin women are considered to be ideal and the most beautiful, in the media and p*rn, you’re universally worshipped. get a grip and take a moment to realize your privilege

  • I think Bill Maher was wrong about shaming fat people. Shaming people will make people resentful and go back to their old behaviours. Hell, i used to be out of shape and when people shamed me, i of didn’t want to do anything about it because that means they would win. You have to do it for yourself and no one else. Aim for a healthy lifestyle because YOU want to.

  • nandini you are one cool lady. love your insightful and very truthfull take on life. aunty would love to meet you one day. GOD BLESS YOU NANDHINI

  • Wow…!!…I increased the playback speed & realized:
    1• Videos are sooo short!!
    2• Lengthy & exaggerated pronounciation throughout the whole video
    3• Too much expression of body language (esp. Hands)
    Slow the video and you’ll find the same…������

  • Hairy Legs. I was being bullied and being called gorilla when I was primary school. Need to epilate my legs. It is very painful. Now, I didn’t do anything with my hairy legs, called self-love. Good to point out about hairy legs

  • Nice. And to be honest, to people who like to body shame others so much, anything also won’t satisfy them. Like one comment i used to get ppl say i so kurus need eat more. Padahal dei, aku banyak makan jer. Just happened to remain same size, alongside the daily chasing the uncle aunty bus every day to go places. XD

  • Nandini, I love watching you. Talk about stereotypes where ppl go.. Y u haven’t got married leh? later cnt gv birth u know? 30 ready.. Still single ar..

  • for another person to check out for the what I eat in a day video please do Nikki Vegan from the Vegan View. I think she is pretty good but I would love your opinion on her.

  • Man!!! I not love this lass, I find her HOT in her Comic laa!…..Fat? where you see fat la?…Only see premium Ham laa You look gorgeous JUST AS YOU ARE <3 <3 <3 Muuuuuuuah

  • People call me a twig (because I’m tall and skinny) I also havent gotten my period yet and I’m 14, they call me flat ass, and no tits, and piece of paper, and airplane runway, and stuff like that. It doesnt bother me, but it’s still hurtful.

  • One thing I think is so unfair is that my family compares me to my older Susteren who is 20 cm shorter than me and anorexic. And say things like your tall and big or comment on my boobs which the should know would make you insecure in puberty. And will openly say a insult like it is a compliment.

  • Thave seithu..thiruneer netthila..pusathingga..ok.. neengga..vellakariya asaiya…udutthungga ok..ungga adaiye asinggama udutthiringga…������oru tamil pombala epadiya udutthivingga… netthila vera thiruner vera…mutthal..

  • After I said to a beautiful young woman that every beautiful young woman had a fat friend, she defended her fat friend by letting me know I shouldn’t talk about ‘fat’. She’s right. I love her! She’s wonderful!

  • I agree that shaming is bad, but it’s not nearly as bad as shit like propagating the idea that there’s nothing unhealthy about being fat (James hasn’t done that, James acknowledges the connection to eating and he’s great) and that there’s nothing you can do to lose weight because of your genetics… again, James didn’t do this. But he should also condemn people who say nothing can be done to lose weight because he knows that’s just as counterproductive as shaming

  • “Are you stressed lately? You look like you’re dissipating. There’s nothing left, where did you go? What’s wrong with the women in your family?” My dad poking my arm commenting on me being too skinny at Christmas when he hasn’t seen me in over a year. I started exercising regularly to manage stress. I did get leaner and lose a couple pounds but I feel awesome and I don’t restrict my food at all, thanks to encouragement from your channel! I feel great and less stressed than ever just taking good care of myself.

  • I am not a dark skinned girl, neither am i too obese…. Just today i got body shamed by my teacher who told that i can’t do anything with this body…. ���� I feel really broken from inside

  • I have body shaming, and im going to 5th grade which means I have to swim. My crush is probably in the same class as me, and i’m to shy to even have a swimsuit on. This helped me a lot, thank you sis.

  • My mother always body shames me,, if i don’t wear an earing she says u look like a monsters.. I have acne problem my mother says no boy will like u bcoz of ur face ������

  • Not sure shaming someone else’s relationship with food for not being as ‘good’ as yours is really helping to move the conversation forward…

  • When a plus sized person talks about their insecurities, they get a load of compliments and praise, but when a skinny person talks about their insecurities, they get told that they’re invalid and how they shouldn’t feel that way because they’re skinny. Like, wtf..

  • Thank you for this I came here after being bullied in a tik tok comment section for addressing skinny shaming, people really beleive it isnt a thing, and that it isnt as bad as fat shaming, they are BOTH forms of body shaming that should be addressed and not compared, I really started to think that I was being too sensitive when people called me a “skeleton” or told me “only dogs like bones” but thanks to your video I wont stand for ant of these insults anymore:D tysm for speaking on this

  • Obese women you’re not just fat. You’re dying. If you stay the way you are you will die decades earlier that you need too. Your over weight because you eat more calories that you burn each day. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your excuse is as a women. Burn more calories that you take in and you will become skinny. Cut the bullshit and just go ask a doctor. They will put aside all the SJW garbage and give you the facts. You’re fat because you eat more calories than you burn each day. Pushing out this body positivity garbage is hurting people and telling them its OK to be obese. It’s not. You would be soooo much happier if you lost a quick 100 lbs. You’d look in the mirror and love what you saw. If I see a women that has three chins. Their gross. Cut the shit and lose some weight.

    The best thing you could do for all women is do a weight loss and transformation video. That would be something people would respect. No one needs a lecture on why we as men need to accept and love fat girls. SJW are idiots.

  • I love having every family member comment on how my plate doesn’t have meat on it. Even though they all know I’ve been a pescatarian for almost 6 years. Ooh also my mom commenting on me having a few cookies after dinner. Love the holidays so much

  • All the dumb fat acceptance SJWs are eating this up. Grow up, take accountability for your own health. You only have yourself to blame.

  • I have had complete strangers approach me and ask if I have cancer. I am naturally very tall and skinny.
    I am a lot older than you, and I still haven’t developed your confidence. Good for you! Great video.

  • Ms niharika why don’t you make a video in hindi as well just like mischelle I wanna eagerly waiting for u in hindi videos I just request u cos I am pretty crazy about English n I love your teaching swag thank u please do that for me n people who wanna learn English

  • I’m new to this channel….I’m just wondering where she is from? Because I’m from South India…I’m just curious which accent this is because I’ve never heard it before

  • I think those comments can also be so random… Like during the holiday season I would get a lot of commens of having gained weight (which is for me part of my normal fluctuations throughout the year where I am more motivated to be active and eat healthy in the summer compared to the winter time)
    and then I got a lot of comments that I was waaay to skinny for my wedding, even though I did not diet or have time for exercising…I was just too stressed to have time for eating sweets, but of course no one believed me…
    It just feels like you can’t do anything right by them

  • Whenever my friend says im fat, I always says OMG, thank you! Thats the best thing anybody ever said to me!!… and then they left,

  • I’m literally 5 feet short. I weigh 170 pounds and everyone I know thinks I should gain weight and that I don’t eat right like wtf do y’all really expect me to be 200 pounds to look normal? Smh

  • “His comments are wonderful and totally relates to me. When he said he also had it hard, gives excuse for me to not really give a fuck about dying of obesity, i mean he’s overweight but still cute and quirky as fuck, so YOLO! I want to be like him!” SMH.

  • I’m 14 and my mom fat shames me the most when I eat something or when I gain weight and it hurts, like I’m human too and, I have feelings too, and she knows that it hurts my feelings but she keeps doing it, I sometimes want to kill myself or either hurt myself

  • How is obesity linked to poverty? I am curious because that is the opposite in most african countries, since most obesed children are from rich homes

  • This couldn’t come at a better time… I’m about to go home to a dad who wants me to cook Christmas dinner without salt, sugar, and only the tiniest bit of oil that he approves, and a mom who won’t stop talking about how she lost 100 lbs this year from bariatric surgery.

  • It is complex and most has to do with money, the people who are stuggling with money have to think about feeding their family and when you see in the supermarket a pizza is the same price a packet of mushrooms, what do you choose?

  • These clips from late night shows tend to disappear after a time. This clip needs to stay up forever. Even after the Earth is burned to a cinder by the expanding Red Giant our Sun will become, even after the heat death of the universe, this clip needs to stay up.

  • If you have nothing constructive to say just clam up. You are a public figure where people will look up, down or around you for inspiration. By telling them and giving excuses you are actually propagating that overeating is not as bad as it is. Man had always been giving excuses for their own folly and whenever someone calls a spade a spade, we will villify them and make them the evil ones. You should just stick to comedy. Leave the health issues to the people who really cares. You just want to look good being fat and making more money and I think it’s really shameful. I will be getting an earful from the fat and not so fat netizens but I will stand by my comments just as you stand by yours. FYI I too am overweight and am slowly working towards a healthier diet because I acknowledge my shortcomings and make no excuses but rather try to overcome them. Maybe you should also look at yourself in a mirror, or maybe two mirrors?
    Stay safe and healthy.

  • Im 14 5 ft fall and 80-90 pounds. I’m super underweight and unhealthy I feel like it’s my fault bc I never eat and I’m never hungry. So I feel as if I I deserve those comments so they could motivate me to eat more but now I realize that I’m being so harsh and toxic to myself. I don’t deserve those mean comments

  • if you want to be fat and un healthy have at it its your short life. but dont try and make it look good and ok.. for the kids coming up.. thats why are country is so obese

  • Here’s a well kept secret… it’s impossible, by the laws of physics, to get fat unless you’re eating more than you burn. By definition you’re either lazy or a glutton

  • Skinny is so beautiful�� don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Don’t ever let anyone’s negativity keep you up at night or make you think twice about your appearance! You are soo pretty btw! Love your makeup too!

  • Putting the fat shaming point aside, Do you think what James said motivated overweight people to be more health conscious or continually make poor diet choices because that’s just who they are? What motivates people to make healthier changes in their diet varies greatly it seems. What has motivated you for those who’ve lost weight or continue to try?

  • My mother fat shames me regularly. So around Christmas its triggering because she will watch what i grab and make me put stuff back.

    I had a huge fall and i hurt myself pretty bad. She basically flat out told me “if you weren’t as big it wouldn’t of happen”

  • @latetlateshow Bill has actually made a clip in which he goes into detail as to how much poverty contributes to the effects like for instance inexpensive junk food which then leads to obesity.

  • I know that Bill is harsh but he makes a point. It’s hard for some people, but you aren’t helping yourself by drinking soda during your meals. Watch your portion size and drink water with meals. Nobody is perfect including me, but a little change can help. A little shame isn’t bad.

  • Only 1 person fat shames me…she is my best friend, but it’s not nice. There is nothing wrong with being fat it’s just the side effects of it. Once I didn’t eat for 1 week and I lost quite abit of weight, but gained it back like 2 days later. So I’m starting to ONLY DRINK water for as long as I can to fit in…

  • I was obese in my early teens and lost the weight because of fat shaming, fat shaming is a gift to society, because without it I would die in my 30s. If you care about someone you’ll tell them the truth. And no its not true that fat shaming leads to always being insecure even after you lose the weight, I’m perfectly comfortable after losing it.

  • Feeling terrified of Christmas for this very reason… Relatives growing up constantly brought up and made me feel bad about my weight. Even after losing it I still live in fear of them bringing up my body. It gives me so much anxiety.

  • Also gluttony plays a part. A mental illness also allows people to eat their problems away. No different than any other “thing” that someone uses to fill their addictive personality.
    I know. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 7 and that was 10 years ago. I don’t wish it on anybody, and if I buy junk food and keep it in the house, he will eat it.
    if I don’t purchase it and he chooses as a mature young man to go eat things that will cause his blood sugar numbers to go up then that is on him. We all have choices to make,
    in all walks of life, but I don’t like hearing people say it’s not a big deal to be obese because of science shows that it is the complete opposite.
    Peace to everyone.

  • Well, if the first one works, one would not come to watch this video. We have already taken it personally, hence, we are watching this and it doesn’t work, because I’ve tried and tested. Other than this, great video ��

  • sorry… Bill Maher is right. Fat is not attractive and more importantly not healthy. if you’re fat, you’re much more likely to have health problems and to die sooner. sorry (not sorry) these are facts.

  • I used to think like Bill Maher, but actually changed my view after watching this. Looked deep inside myself and found that I’m a hypocrite because I myself am struggling with quitting smoking. Nobody is born addicted to nicotine. What’s so hard about just quitting? Easily said than done.

  • IM asking serious questions tat will come off sounding arrogant. Dont know how to fix that. I turned 40 and drank probably 3-6 Coca-Colas a day for at least 20 years. Dr said you better change what you are doing or you will be a diabetic in 3 years. I stopped drinking coke THAT DAY. At age 50 I was about to hit 200lbs which is about 35 lbs overweight. My gut was big. I decided that was enough. Stopped drinking beer, totally changed by diet, started working out following Insanity and p90x workout calendars. I lost 32 lbs in about 4 months. It is just that simple. I decide im not doing something, I decide I am doing something, and I do it. So, does having self control and confidence that I can do the things I want to make me arrogant? Because those that can not stop eating crap and drinking all that soda ARE in fact weak IMO. People say they want to lose weight, but they still eat and drink like garbage every day. Then they complain about how hard it is for them to lose weight. No kidding? If you dont get off your rear and change your eating habits, you wont lose weight…. and yes, that makes you weak IMO. Bill Maher is right. American’s are eating themselves to death, because so many people are lazy. Sorry, that is not fat shaming IMO, it is just stating facts that people dont want to hear.

  • Or you can say to the person that critics about your eating too much junk food. Hey why don’t you buy my fruits and vegetables. �� I bet they won’t comment ever

  • Nobody said that people are bad. You said that you’ve been off and on diets. That’s the problem. Once you go off a diet you lose all your progress and gain the weight back. What you need is a healthy eating plan that is sustainable. You don’t need to cut out carbs, or stop eating fruit and also don’t need to munch on veggies all day. Stop eating fried foods, drinking liquid calories and consuming sweets. Now just because you eat healthy food doesn’t mean your eating right. You can still over eat with healthy food and you won’t loose weight. You need to be in a caloric deficit which basically means calories burnt > calories eaten. Don’t follow dumb advice or buy ‘miracle’ supplements that promise unreasonable weight loss. Results don’t happen quick it takes time and also keep in mind if you loose weight too fast you’re more likely to gain the weight back. I would also like to note that nobody is saying that you have to look like a bikini model or have shredded 6 pack abs in order to be healthy, those are aesthetic
    goals not health goals. The general population fails to understand that not everyone in fitness is the same. Just like there are different areas of science and movies there are different areas of fitness. There’s power lifting, body building, Olympic lifting and then there’s just people wanting to be healthy. We just want people to try the last one. P.S. if anyone thinks what i said is offensive you’re a snowflake

  • Fat shaming is wrong but saying being fat is okay and you’re beautiful the way you are is also wrong….I felt like both of them are missing this point

  • i don’t know whats up with my family… they call me a pig everyday but when i got ulcer they got angry at me for not eating like don’t call me a pig and not expect me to be affected by it?

  • I coming again watch this video in 2019. I am 180cm tall body weight 81kgs still got people said long time no see you look so fat now. �� the aunty that said to me look skinny like kayu. I answer her.. really thank you aunty actually i planning putting more weight so that my target reach 100kgs. But aunty you look very skinny you ada sakit tak better go medical check up..��

  • Shut up Corden! Maher is correct. It’s not his fault that you’re too much of a self-important crybaby to recognize his compassion.

  • This is so true. It seems I’m always getting comments at family or work functions about how much or how little I am eating. It’s actually really rude of someone to put their face in your food then make comments like, “holy cow look at that plate! Why are you eating so much?! Where does it go?!” Or “haha what are you on a diet or something?” It’s seriously ruins my meal.

  • I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to food and my eating because it’s something I struggle with. My mom sometimes makes comments and gives me disgusted looks when she sees me eating a lot of treats. As someone who is trying to get out of the restrictive mindset it just makes me feel so terrible about myself

  • Hi James, here are some of my thoughts, I hope you don’t mind:
    Nobel Peace Prize…let me be clear to you now Barack obama  give the Prize back!

    The Nobel Peace Prize your friends (george soros??) bought for you back in December 2009 mere 11 months after you had been sworn into the office in January of the same 2009 year.
    you, barack,  have done absolutely nothing of any value to deserve the honor and legacy of such prestigious Award, and you know it  so it is only fair and proper for you to send the Award back to Oslo, Norway NOW would be the good time!!!
    it belongs to the person who earned it in sweat, tears and fears, imprisoned, lives risked and endangered;  he/she is out there still denied the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 that ended up in your dirty hands.

    We all know you did not earn the Nobel Peace Prize, neither did you earn the presidency of USA.  Quite the opposite, barack, you corrupted the integrity and honor of the USA by lying about your place of birth, effectively stealing the presidency from it’s rightful holder. 

    Then, Barack, you proceeded to corrupt the laws and the Constitution of the USA by spying on the incoming president, attacking his supporters, undermining the new president’s efforts to improve the welfare and wellbeing of its Citizens.

    As of today aug 14/20 “Obamagate” is OFFICIALLY a crime as by Judicial Watch with Tom Fitton on YouTube.
    Second topic: 

    comedienne Joan Rivers said many times to cnn and other media how Michelle Obama is really biologically a man; some months later Joan [email protected]##@????$#@????#@!!  during a routine hospital surgery in September 2014…like clinton like obama.

    Joan also said how Trump would make a great President. 
    Rest in Peace Joan.

  • People say I look like a walking matchstick. ����
    I don’t really care though it does kinda hurts sometimes. But I just wanna say y’all are unique and beautiful just the way you are. Embrace your beauty as well as your flaws. �� Love you all.

  • People need to realize that addiction comes in all forms. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Food, Caffeine, Shopping, Gambling, etc. It does not discriminate, and one is not better than the other. Thank you James!

  • i just walked around my house in a crop top and my dad just said “ew” and gagged. i get told im underweight by everyone but my dad sees me as fat. he calls me fat. why.

  • my dad told me that im ugly and fat because I ate too much every single day. it hurts me, and i always cried everyday plus cutting myself on my arm

  • What about short shaming men who are not tall? Can anyone explain why fat shaming is worse? Most of the time people can change their weight whereas height is an immutable characteristic. Sick of the hypocrisy in our politically correct culture.

  • If your fat and you catch COVID 19, youre more likely to end up in an ICU, 5 times more likely.
    Being overweight is bad for your health. Periodtttt.

  • THANK YOU. This is exactly what I’ve gone through. I’m adopted and my family generally has larger body types, so I stick out like a sore thumb. When I went to college, I gained about ten pounds and when I got home, everyone freaked out about that too. Now I’m back to my pre-college weight and I’m ‘too skinny’ again. You just can’t win, so you might as well live for yourself.

  • Actually that’s not the clip that this host saw last week. That was Bill Maher from years ago when he was actually in his studio audience the one that this guy says that he just saw Bill Maher wasn’t fat shaming anyone he was talking about the coronavirus and how if you’re obese even mildly obese even 20 pounds heavier than you should be the coronavirus could affect you more seriously

  • Theres actually people who cant change their weight due to illness I despise lazy fat people who expect sympathy,lay off the icecream and dedicate

  • my grandparent who i’m not very close with made a comment about me when i was at my lowest weight saying i looked sickly and commenting about food, and after i had gained healthy weight and was finally happy she told me that at a family function that there would be plenty of salad for us “ weight watchers”. super triggering ��

  • Maybe fat shaming is bad but encouraging obese people and telling them they look beautiful and that they shouldn’t be ashamed is even worse… there’s nothing wrong with being a bit fat or over weight but being obese is the problem. Look at that whale Lizzo, what kind of example is she setting for others? She looks like she’s proud of being obese. Let’s see how proud she is when she dies at 60 because of her cholesterol levels…

  • I am so happy that i found this video. People dont understand that being skinny can also be an insecurity.You see all these women with these curvy bodies and we looking like what i feel like sticks. Its not ok.

  • Being ‘husky’ is so very different from having that pelvic pouch that hangs down to your knees, and even the stretch pants cry. Buffalo wing layers on the back… the Wal-Mart buggy too weak to move… there IS a difference.

  • Although I don’t think people should be shamed for their issues, I do agree that being overweight is unhealthy and will only lead to health issues. I say this as a medical professional.
    And I know that you probably have access to many different programs to assist. Have you ever considered trying keto? It’s not a diet but a lifestyle program. That’s what the biggest issue does tend to be people tend to go on crash diets then go back to bad lifestyle choices.
    My patient’s look at me and often ask me at age of 58 how do I stay so small? And then I gladly share with them how I do it. Tell them the food tastes great (which is does) that there’s always a substitute for whatever craving they might have but this is a lifestyle, permanent thing to do.
    Why do I do this? Because I have the crappiest joints ever. I’ve had 8 knee surgeries and 3 back surgeries and still need 2 total knees. I used to have to have my knees sucked out (sometimes pure blood) and cortisone every 3 months. Now it’s every 9-12 months. That empirical proof that this truly is an anti inflammatory diet. And yes as an incidental I dropped from a size 4 to a size 2. Once again less weight on my joints.

  • Everyone in my family has an eating disorder. Mainly anorexia or bulimia. My mom sometimes makes herself sick of she eats too much ever since I can remember.

  • im suuuuper skinny and having been my whole life. Its not a choice its just my genetics i cant help it and i can eat and eat and eat and hardly put on any weight even if i want to and people i know are jealous of me??? i dont like being my weight and if i could change it i would i am very flat in both regions and my limbs are scrawny i have been shamed for the way i look my whole life even on other peoples social media if im in a photo it will be whos that twig on the right? or are you anorexic or something of i could literally break you in half or you look about five ect ect its really hurtful and i dont think put realise how much it affects me its like haha great joke now im insecure idk if anyone can relate to this but yea that me aha

  • I am 14. I had gone to a party this one kid had called me a “chopstick” I acted like I didn’t care later on I told my dad if we could go home he asked why I made up an excuse and told him I just wanted to go home he had said no so I left to the car and stayed in there drowning in my tears. Plz do not body shame people. Words rlly hurt. At that time I was tryna get self confidence and now im rlly insecure.

  • I can relate to the “big boobs, big butt” envy.But at a certain point it’s like “so what?!”
    I’ve been asked numerous times if I have an eating disorder.

  • Well almost 3-4 years ago after a surgery I’ve been through,I started getting much weight..My classmates started to tell me that I was so fat that i looked like a whale and they were bully me so much about that.(i was the tallest kid in my class so i looked much bigger than them) Well,i started to hate my body.. I put myself in an exhausting diet and i didn’t eat for days.. Well after a year of the exhausting diet i lost all my “extra” pounds and i was skinnier from all the people in my class..Well while i’ve been starting to like my body, my classmates and my friends started to say that i was so skinny and that wasn’t pretty..Well i started to hate me body again after all these things my own friends told me.I mean yes I’m skinny and tall and I have boobs.. What’s wrong with that!? My friends still think that I have an ugly body because I’m skinny but guess what,there are the same friends that thought I had an ugly body back then when i had some extra pounds(btw then they were skinny and know they all have a big belly and this is completely acceptable and beautiful��)

    Well now after some months I’m starting to accept myself and realize,as long as I’d experienced the two sides, that the people can judge you eighter you are skinny or fat..It doesn’t matter to them..Now i know that what i did a year ago was so bad for my health..So please never do this to yourself. Maybe I’m not completely satisfied with my body but I’m in peace with my past and I’ve learned from my mistakes..
    #Loveyourself ��

    (Also your videos are amazing��)

  • I know I’m late…just found the video..ive been judged a lot and I now compare myself to other girls when I see other girls and then think of myself..I can’t even gain weight because of how my body is and my family is mostly skinny so..

  • Thank you for posting this! I come from a morbidly obese family. I’ve always been a healthy weight and active. My family loved to say “I remember being skinny like you; enjoy it while it lasts!” My two, younger cousins, surpassed me in weight really early on (age 10ish). One aunt made it out that I was just lucky and had a skinny gene—she’s easier to deal with. The other was mortified that her daughter was heavier and began her decades long crusade that my thinness (which they inappropriately associate with attractiveness) was a pure sign that I was a slut. So hurtful, especially when I was a preteen. Now that the “slut shamming” aunt’s daughter has had a baby (and understandably had a very difficult time losing weight due to thyroid complications) she’s eager to voice that my body hasn’t been challenged the way her daughter’s has and that’s why ‘my skinniness doesn’t count’����‍♀️. When they asked for a picture of me to have in their home (I haven’t seen them in 4yrs and don’t have social accounts) I nearly had a breakdown—I felt like there’d be no acceptable picture, it would still be criticized behind my back. Overall, I avoid them like the plague. I’m proud of my accomplishments with my physique and my relationship with food. It’s hard to be around them when they refuse to acknowledge that my body isn’t magical/luck, but the result of physical, mental and emotional work. I also really hate the word skinny because it implies a lack of strength—I’d like to see any of them join me for a weight lifting session ��

  • This was very helpful. You’re right, I’ve been both the victim and the perpetrator. And as I form healthier relationships with food and my body, I want to help my loved ones do the same!

  • I have heard about my weight all my life. Now I have gained weight because of birth control and now finally everyone shut up. I have heard the “you are a board ” joke everyday in my teenage years. I am also obsessed with getting curves and I am trying not to care anymore.

  • I had one specific time when someone told me I was “too” skinny and so I commented back to her about her weight. I got in trouble but it’s never okay for someone to say you are too skinny, anorexic, the body of a 12 year old boy, or a tooth pick. It’d never be okay for me to say anything about their weight. It’s okay to compliment how good someone looks but don’t make them feel bad for how their body is. I can’t control how skinny I am. Yes I am a natural athlete, I’m naturally skinny, and it used to be really hard for me to gain weight. So love your body and love others.

  • Can you make a video with recommendations on a well balanced plant based lifestyle? Like how do you make that happen? I’m a bit new to eating plant based and I want to make sure I’m taking care of myself but a lot of videos on plant based lifestyle don’t truly cover it

  • Just had baby number 3 in April. So (not) stoked to hear the “how are you so skinny?” comments. �� the answer is always, “I have 3 kids under 4 years-old, I don’t have time to sit around and eat!”

  • I got a gastric bypass in dec 2017, and alla of my famliy knows that i would loose alot of weight and that i would eat small portions… and i still get comments that im to skinny and that i need to eat more, but i cant do that in the way that they want to

  • I am very skinny. Once i had a reunion with my friends and suddenly they brought out the topic of body weight. Then one of my friends said to me ” i wish i had a body like your’s. Oh wait not like your’s, you’re way too skinny “. That really hurt my feelings. Even now i get body comments. People ask” do you even eat? “. ” does your parents give you enough food? “. It sucks why dont people stop being judgemental.

  • I’m skinny tall and pale and I’ve been called TOO MANY NAMES I have been told if I’m sick, if I need a doctor, why am I so skinny and even people asked me if I support fat shaming cuz I’m skinny.
    Like why can’t people just mind their own business and if they don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to themselves cuz things like this hurt.
    As much as being called fat or overweight and more.
    Its just not right.

  • Preach sis! I love how you’re bringing awareness to this topic that not only me but many other people (guys included) have struggled with

  • I literally always get mad and get so mad when my moms friends say of your so skinny and other things and my mom also just tells me that too but the thing is they don’t understand that I have a fast metabolism and it just makes me mad and so I just go home and cries a lot and just don’t know what to do btw should I do a story time on it?

  • This didn’t happen during the holidays, but one day, several years ago, when I was out with my grandmother, I wanted to get a milkshake from Arby’s, and as I was sitting in the car drinking it (it was AMAZING, by the way), she proceeded to tell me that it probably had “like, 9,000 calories” in it, with a disapproving look, and said that she would NEVER eat that. I very calmly told her that I would rather be a few pounds over my trajectory BMI, and have a good relationship with food, than to be skinny and have an eating disorder. She was quiet the whole way home.

  • Today at dinner I wasn’t that hungry today so I was sitting picking at my food and then I suddenly hearD my grandpa say: alissa what is that your 6th plate of food today? When he knew fine well I hadn’t eaten in 2 weeks��

  • I lost weight after constantly hearing things like “run fatty run.” And similar crap. I felt so good about myself, and then the skinny shaming started. “Ew you need to eat a burger.” “Only a dog wants bones.” And my all time favorite insult. “Damn girl! You got a tapeworm!?” I get shamed way more for being skinny than I ever did when I was fat.

  • I’m 5’5 and weigh 120 lbs. Body measurements: 34′ 25′ 36.5′. Yet I get rude comments about being “too skinny” all the time, but I realize
    the only people who comment on my weight are all extremely overweight. Am I really too skinny and just can’t see it or something?

  • I actually used to be horribly belittled by my boss at the second job I ever had. She was older and heavier as were all the other people working there. I was 20 and “thin” and she used to hate me for it, even tho that’s just how I looked. I had gone through a break up at the time and I had lost some weight over the heartbreak but I was just naturally thin (still am). She would always ask me condescending questions of how I kept thin, if it starved myself or if I took diet pills. She once told be verbatim “oh enjoy it while it last, we all gain weight here” ( it was an office). Once she was sitting three feet from me she was telling one of the other girls “I hate skinny bitches, I’m a real woman I have meat” while I was the ONLY “thin” person working there. As comical as it sounds, I would go home and cry because of this nasty bitch. Thinking back on it I had no back bone then but God let a bitch try to pull that one today.

  • Loved this video! My grandmother always comments on my body, every single time I see her. Last time I saw her was at my wedding 3 months ago and I’ll be seeing her after traveling for 3 months. I have no idea what I weigh and I don’t care, but I’ve been eating differently obviously (experiencing all the amazing food) and I’m just expecting a comment. It’s so annoying and triggers negative thoughts about my body that I wouldn’t have otherwise. �� Love her, but body comments should not be a thing. I think this will be the year I say something. Thank you for the ideas. ��

  • Bill Maher acts like anyone who fat can get rid of there extra weight over a weekend. Its not that fucking simple. And he conveniently forgets that process food is far cheaper than anything form whole foods or trader joes because of government subsidies.

  • There so lucky they dont have to look in the mirror and not be happy with there body but we have better motivation to go to the gym than they will ever have!

  • Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming. Bigger people try to downplay our experience sometimes but we also have struggles haha. Not to downplay their experience they have troubles too but we as well

  • She said because she was jealous… I can relate so much damn -_people said to me the most offensive comments like I’m a skeleton, anorexic and should eat more! Why people can’t understand that we don’t need to hear this?! Also skinny people get hurt, we just have fast metabolism. It is so wrong to say to a person that is chubby but why is still okay say like “oh boys like to touch an healthy body not bones”…it hurt

  • Im crying. My dad thinks im fat. I try to search for weight loss tips but i cant find anything. I cant stop crying. His opinion is everything for me

  • You’ve taken the easy route here for a or on the back. Bill is saying people need to take accountability for themselves are can’t expect to eat relentlessly and be fine. You should not be fine with being fat or think it’s good to be fat. And that’s what he’s pointing out. And no you should not make someone feel bad for being fat, he’s just saying people shouldn’t think they’re beautiful and perfect when they’re unhealthy.

    Also Bills jokes make him a dick but your jokes about fat people are ok?

  • Totally agree. I’ve always been skinny and have hard time gaining weight. Many family members would mention my weight on almost a daily basis. It kept getting annoying. I tried to eat a lot and eat unhealthy stuff. But I felt horrible and didn’t gain weight.

  • All sizes matter. Everybody have insecurities, for me, I think I’m too chubby, but some people struggle with being to skinny, hip dips or other things.

  • I remember when I was suffering from anorexia I would eat strange things at meals. And all my extended family would comment on it in the most judgemental way making me feel so ashamed but at the time it was like a compulsion. Now that I’ve been in recovery for a few years and feel very comfortable with food and my weight I’ve spoken to a few family members about what I went through and I could see the look on their face when they realized the comments they used to make. It’s interesting that food and weight comments are so ingrained in our culture but most of the time people don’t realize they are doing it, or that it has really hurtful impacts which stem from fatphobia.

  • i LOVE this video because i can relate to so much. a lot of the time i wish i was thicker, etc. i am trying so hard to accept my body as the way it is:(

  • and I FEEL U SO MUCH, whenever someone makes an insult and you fight back they always act like they’re joking. like it’s not a joke dude, you just-

  • James, there is an epidemic of obesity in our country, our government is run by big corporations. Mexico and Canada have stricter laws of what goes into their food then we do. Bill Maher is stating a fact! You countering his comments is setting back his cause. Watch this…. this is a guy who looks at our labels… if we all ate and in this video, drank healthily, maybe we can have a healthy country! Here’s a fun one about booze!

  • Girl I am 100% sure that woman is jealous of you. Sometimes we take criticism from people like that too seriously when in reality a lot of people are just haters and trolls!

  • I’m 5’4 125 and my mother in law told me wow you’re skinny and I said “thank you!” Even though I knew she was being rude and she goes nooo you look nasty like you’re sick! And honestly I cried..

  • I would suggest something better than wasting 3 mins on this video. If someone body shames you just go and get fit. In today’s world we just try to avoid things by saying that others shouldn’t do something bad to us. But in reality the world is harsh and that’s the brutal truth. If someone says you’re weak get strong, If someone says you’re fat get ripped, and so on. Body shaming is definitely not right but if someone really doesn’t like being body shamed the only foolproof way to avoid it is by getting in shape. Taking action on others when they body shame you can end up in multiple different ways, so just take action on yourself cos we have the highest degree of control in our personal life rather than the person body shaming us

  • I can a 100 percent relate to this. Whenever someone calls me too skinny it just makes me feels less than. And I actually like how I look. But when they call me too skinny I feel so insecure about my body.

  • Love this video! I hate when moms and dads body shame their children, like ‘when I was your age, I look a lot like you but thinner, like MUCH thinner than you.’ I mean C’MON! We’re living in a much better generation where we have food and water. Where children have better diet with more nutrition. We’re getting stronger and better! Not only skinny people can be healthy, people with curvy figure can be healthy too!

  • i hate how people think that skinny is a nice comment to me commenting on people’s weight is never okay… i have always been told i look unhealthy as im to skinny and boney and then others were envious as they were like your so small
    Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming, and also people ignoring the fact that people ignore skinny shaming is a thing really infuriates me or when people joke about size and play it off… its not okay

  • People are low key jealous of skinny girls. “They’re like your so skinny! DO YOU WORK OUT?!! No I am born like this get over it ��

  • I just wanted to say thank you for this video,thank you for being you! I’m going through a lot rn with this problem and this video was exactly what I needed. Thank you! ��

  • I am a 15 yr old and I am naturally very skinny. I always get body shamed by my family saying that I look sick,that I am very weak and do not have any strength in me.My cousin also calls me malnourished as a joke and it hurts me, but I can’t say anything because they will think that I can’t take a joke.

  • Hi I’m 13,
    When I take my sweater off at school people say stuff like “gross look at her arms” “so so skinny” Or one time me and this girl where fighting and she called me anoxic. I can’t live one day at school without someone reminding me how skinny I am. I know I should ignore them but… it hurts to bad. When I look in the mirror I cry in my head because of how “gross” I look. I just want to feel better about how I look. I hate Hateing myself

  • I’ve been skinny shamed in such horrible ways, just like this.

    It is, for some reason, socially acceptable to skinny shame and I have never understood it. I have always been very loud about this because it needs to change…..
    I have seen memes left and right about how “real men like meat and not bones” and whatever else…..
    If I were to post about how being overweight is unattractive and disgusting, people would be all over it…. but no one bats an eyelash over the skinny shaming.

    And oh my god…. the burger line…. so dumb.
    I tell people off when they say things like that to me. It’s not okay to make someone feel like they are not beautiful or feminine no matter what the reason….

    The thing is all of these people are secretly ashamed of their bodies and hate themselves for not being able to lose weight and it blows their minds how someone could just so effortlessly be thin.

    The thing is people have no sympathy for someone who they perceive to have it all. They tell themselves that you basically have the world at your feet because you are beautiful and skinny and…..whatever! So they feel like you can handle a few jabs at your weight.

    What they don’t realize is that it is a ACTUAL struggle to be naturally skinny! It actually takes a lot of effort and real WORK and dedication to gain weight and even thenyou’ll need to buy some sort of supplement to help you out because you honestly can’t gain weight on your own!! This is coming from someone who has been effected by all of it….

    I think you said it perfectly.

    You should be worried about yourself and everyone is beautiful in their own ways….. if you go out of your way to shame someone that makes you a very bitter disgusting and petty human being who should probably take a minute to work on that

  • Not a single man in this video and we get body shamed even more brazenly than women do.. We just don’t get to give voice to our. distress because we are men.

  • Although I’m only a minute in….is she ever gonna start talking about skinny shaming? Like I go through everyday and I never find people spreading awareness for it and it makes me upset…

  • I am petite,I am small, I am cute and I am proud… Wait…maybe I’m not petite now at 5’4 1/2 and 140… Well I can still use these positive words because there will probly be more body shaming in the future for me considering that alot of people think women are anorexic if we don’t weigh close to 200 pounds…or some amount..I just know I didn’t like people making comments about my weight when I was 120..or at 140…telling me to gain weight and just..nothing was good Enuf. I gained 25 pounds.that should have been good enuf.

  • hey, i watched this video and i relate on a different level. i’m 5’2 and 90 pounds. i’ve recieved so many comments like this even from family members. sometimes i really break down because of these. i get in a really bad place and your video made me feel less alone. thank you<3

  • Hi niharika ur all videos r something special I m following ur channel since 2 015 I have desire can u fulfill ur voice really fluent and stylish can u make a video in which u speak hindi it looks something amazing and interesting thks

  • I was called skinny all my life so I got tired of it and gained a lot of weight in a small amount of time.. I was binge eating all DAY. After I gained the weight i felt great honestly and was confident in my body but felt like shit because of the foods I was eating. But then some of my family body shamed me for being “fat” even tough I wasn’t and those were the same people telling me I should gain weight. Either way you can’t win so rather you gain or lose weight do it for yourself and not others