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Top 10 BEST Small Cities to Live in America for 2020

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Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the USA Job, Retire, Raise a family

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Top 10 BEST Big Cities to Live in America for 2020

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Top 10 BEST Small Towns to Live in America for 2020

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The other half of the Twin Cities ranks third for its fitness in this year’s rankings, scoring 75.8 points for its personal health and 77.3 points for its community and environment features. San Jose rounded out the top 10 in rankings of America’s fittest cities. istockphoto San Jose has invested more money in recreational spaces in. Fitness and California go hand in hand, so it’s only natural that the capital of the Golden State earned a spot on the top 10 list. Residents get high marks for commuting to work by bike (curbs are rounded so cyclists can easily go from sidewalk to street, and there’s a.

The ACSM American Fitness Index (Fitness Index), a ranking of America’s 100 largest cities, celebrates healthy, active lifestyles. Cities with the highest scores are considered to have strong community fitness, a concept analogous to individuals having strong personal fitness.. The 2020 Fitness Index ranked Arlington, VA as the fittest city in America!The 10 fittest cities in America. 2 / 12.

Back Millions of Americans are trying to live healthier lives, but some cities are more fitness-friendly than. In fact, of the 343 cities considered in our ranking, the average salary was slightly above $35,000, much less than the salary paid to even paralegals, as seen in the 11 cities with the highest.

Other cities on the top 10 best list include Boise, Idaho; Durham, North Carolina; Provo, Utah; and Tucson, Arizona. Read on for the full list of best cities for recovery. The Gathering of Nations is the largest powwow in North America and attracts thousands of indigenous people representing hundreds of tribes.

The multi-day event’s festivities celebrate and promote Native American cultural heritage. Highlights include traditional song, dance, and drumming competitions, which feature over 3,000 performers representing more than 500 North American tribes. The Top 10 BEST States to live in America for 2019. These places don’t have any of the worst cities in the USA so there are many reasons to move to them!

B. But in places like California and Florida, being in top physical condition is nearly a prerequisite for feeling at home for many outdoor events. We’ve compiled this list of top cities to both find a premiere fitness trainer and to go if you’re looking for surefire employment as a fitness instructor.

Irvine, CA. Irvine is a bubble within a bubble.

List of related literature:

Fitness Programming Many cities have undertaken special programs to promote health, fitness, and sport.

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd, University of Nevada Las Vegas Daniel McLean
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd, University of Nevada Las Vegas Daniel McLean
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Tucson, AZ: Desert Fitness.

“Counseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective, Third Edition” by Audrey L. Holland, Ryan L. Nelson
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by Audrey L. Holland, Ryan L. Nelson
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Aerobics & Fitness Foundation of America, Sherman Oaks, Ca.

“Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954” by United States. Internal Revenue Service
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Dallas, TX: The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Fitness.

“Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants” by Amy J Mahle, Amber L Ward
from Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants
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Many cities have fitness-oriented groups where people come together to work on their physical goals.

“Personal Development for Smart People” by Steve Pavlina
from Personal Development for Smart People
by Steve Pavlina
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Morgantown, WV: Fitness

“Encyclopedia of Human Behavior” by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
from Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
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° Most communities also have private gyms and fitness centers.

“State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet” by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
from State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet
by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
Rodale Books, 2013

For a metropolitan, multicultural version of the exercise, focus on Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Greensboro, North Carolina; Charlotte, Virginia; Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Nashville, Tennessee, all of which have rapidly increasing Latino populations.

“Community Practice: Theories and Skills for Social Workers” by David A. Hardcastle, Patricia R. Powers, Stanley Wenocur
from Community Practice: Theories and Skills for Social Workers
by David A. Hardcastle, Patricia R. Powers, Stanley Wenocur
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In 2006, Baltimore and Honolulu were at the top of the fittest list and Chicago and Las Vegas topped the fattest cities list.65

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel D. McLean, Amy R. Hurd, Nancy Brattain Rogers
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
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In 2009, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, were at the top of the fittest list and Miami, Florida, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, topped the fattest cities list.65

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • San Diego # 1? Are you on crack? The job market here is absolute shit and it’s almost as expensive as LA. I love this beautiful city otherwise, it’s near paradise but if you’re any type of working class American and not a well of snowbird this place will keep you homeless and dirt poor. I’m an electricians apprentice and after losing my job to Covid it’s impossible to get another one. Do have any idea how hard it was to even get it before Covid? There are no high paying skilled jobs here. Biotech is the only exception. Everything else is low end minimum wage construction ( not the SKILLED trades) and retail.

  • -Great food and weather
    -Beautiful street art
    -Ancient pyramids just outside the city
    -Religious sites including a Virgin Mary Apparition site
    -Tons of beautiful churches
    -Forests and volcanoes surrounding it
    -Nightlife and festivals by the hundreds
    -Hundreds of museums
    -Great traditional music
    -Indigenous canals that grow organic foods
    -Beautiful colonial architecture

    Mexico City should have made the list!!!!!

  • Holland is a province in Netherlands. But you can also say Holland for the whole country. And as a sidenote you can say The Low Countries instead of Netherlands. Just saying.

  • Los Angeles is my hometown and I still reside here, love it and wouldn’t move to any of those places. People hate L.A., because they want to “make it” in 3 months. San Diego is beautiful but good lord everything closes by 8:00pm-8:30pm, strange.

  • America is a vast world by itself. there are so many small towns and very small cities that worth mentioning. I really want to see you cover more of them in the future. keep up the good work. appreciated

  • Destin is amazing! I went in Juneduring the COVID-19 pandemic and it was worth the trip! If the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t exist, Destin would’ve been a lot more crowded than what it was when I went in June.

  • Lol Pullman Wa, it is a great town but damn the college parties at WSU are insane. I went to a few in my early 20’s they get hella crazy!!!

  • MOVING ADVICE!!! My wife and I are looking to move to either Portland ME or Portsmouth NH. We are both in our mid 20s looking to move to a place to have kids/home. I’m an ICU nurse and she is a school teacher. I have been more interested in Portland ME and I have a hard time gathering what Portsmouth is like off of online research. If you had to pick between the two cities, which would you choose????

  • I think pawpaw michigan should have made the list because of its really good schools, and has nice restaurants. Plus the crime rate is very low and pawpaw is a really nice town.

  • Since I’ve been to half of these towns and agree with your putting them in the top 10, I’ll take your word for it on the other 5. Glad especially to see Beacon & Saratoga Springs, NY and Newburyport, Mass. make this list. Beacon also has DIA Beacon Museum of Modern Art in addition to the other things you mentioned and is in a beautiful section of the Hudson Valley.

  • Just visited Portsmouth, NH a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. It really is a cool little town with interesting and unique shops & restaurants, side streets and waterfront just across the river from Maine.

  • I love the Latin culture some of these countries have a lot of crying but they’re very beautiful Mexico is my favorite Argentina and Chile look like the nicest in South America along with Ecuador and Peru

  • Next video Top 10 Reasons not to move to Albuquerque NM, after Albuquerque NM, top ten reasons not to move to Switzerland������������.

  • Another great video! I’m curious to know, do you visit all these places? You seem to have much more knowledge of these towns than what you could find by just researching them on the internet. Great job. Please consider Ludington, Michigan for your small towns video, it’s like a mini Traverse City with the best state park in Michigan, great beaches and sunsets, cheap housing and a car ferry that comes in daily during the summer

  • I think that vermillion Ohio deserves to be on the list it is a small little town on Lake Erie with very beautiful views and great schools and lots of rich history and activities to see it also has lots of old cute shops and is great for owning a boat the only downside ishigh expense

  • Plsss make videos more often…. they are soooo good….love from Portugal <3
    PS: I want to live in the US in the future and your videos are great to get more info:)

  • Thank God! Charlottesville, Virginia
    Didn’t make list especially what happened in 2017 because it was NOT pretty, especially who else is living there

  • Thank you for shining a positive light on Michigan, so many people only think of Detroit and Flint, but there is SO much more to our beautiful State.

  • Hope you all enjoy my Top 10 BEST Big Cities to Live in America for 2020! Let me know what you think I got wrong or right, comment what YOUR Favorite large City is!
    1,000 LIKES for a Top 10 WORST Big Cities video?

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  • Try visiting some of these small town when you’re not white… since everybody know each other, you would stand out like a black eye. Jobs might be impossible to get, and it’ll be years that people will just stares at you

  • FYI On the San Diego portion of the video, you show beach volleyball being played in Manhattan Beach which is LA County! I grew up there and now live in SD.

  • this guy seems to have a problem with lack of public transport lol. Who uses PT anymore? We aren’t condensed like Europe and it’s not 1920. We have suburban sprawl now and what are you talking about with the rain stats of WA? It rains ALL THE TIME. I lived there for 22 years lol. Yes the inches aren’t large but you have to go by the time, not inches. PS Tampa is awesome, lived there!

  • Cottonwood Falls? You need to actually go there not just read about it. It is as dead a town as a town can get. I live just over the county line and other than the Courthouse and a convenience store/bar, there’s not a single successful business in town. Nothing but empty storefronts and ancient trashed houses. 50 miles to a grocery store, a restaurant, anyplace to shop. I mean seriously, Cottonwood Falls? Get a life!

  • You forgot that NYC is the birth place of hip-hop AND we have awesome beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx to visit during our hot summers!

  • Can you make these videos
    Top ten worst big cities to live in America for 2020

    Top ten worst medium cities to live in America for 2020

    Top 10 worst small cities to live in America for 2020

    Top 10 worst very small cities to live in America for 2020

    Top 10 worst state capitals to live in America for 2020

  • I was born in Tampa. I’m surprised you said Tampa ngl. But tbh that’s probably because I grew up poor so we had a meth lab basically running behind our trailer at the time and almost got our house robbed twice within a year. Fun times!!!
    Really though I would like to go back to Tampa, just in a nicer area, cry.

  • Living in NYC is a very unpleasant, unless:
    1. You’re young with no kids, and don’t mind living in a crappy studio apartment with a room mate
    2. You’re very rich
    For anyone else, it’s expensive, crowded, loud, dirty, and smelly.

  • I mean, the sad thing is if you wanna work in entertainment, especially in film, you have no other option than move to shitty LA. Maybe New York?

  • I would love to see some more global editions like best mega cities to live in, big cities etc and maybe also worst ones (although this may be hard considering how many cities there are)

  • I would like to live somewhere NEAR California, but not actually IN Calif. I have family there so would like to be somewhat close, but don’t want the expense or crazy politics of actually living there.

  • Hi, it’s me from the future. YouTube is placing a lot of older videos in front of me with recommendations to watch, so I’m here to you to keep plugging away at your lists you WILL get to 100K subscribers (I’m number 351,XXX if you need a clue)!

  • If not for racist pigs who protected by Police Union from getting fired after they got reprimand for used excessive force and others, Minneapolis is easy top 5. Oh, I am kinda surprised to see Tampa in top 5 since I am no fan of hurricanes and hot weather,but Brandon is my favorite place to live in.

  • I’m not surprise at all of the California cities, I mean if your going to pay between 800k-1.2mill for a house It better be worth it. I’m still wondering how people do it. Probably just rich, or probably not afraid to be paying for home for the rest of their life, who knows. I moved from San Diego to Tampa last year and all my friends and family ask “WTF ARE YOU THINKING!” They acted like I was going to commit suicide. Yeah as a born and raised Californian the outside world (any state outside California) might seem like a down grade. And I am 100% F**** positive the FL isn’t for me (humidity is brutal I just can’t, and the bugs have destroyed my piece of mind!) but I’m happy I tried it out because the people are super friendly! And pre COVID there was soooo much to do in Tampa. I’m a hiker and I should of did more research on Floridas elevation before the move.

  • I grew up in the Tampa area and it is certainly not a big city…not sure how it would’ve made this list. I lived in Austin as well and can say it is like twice the size of Tampa and in terms of population 3 times the size of Tampa. Both are medium size cities.

  • You forgot Copán and Roatán… And BTW, Honduras is THE ACTUAL birthplace of chocolate and its coffee is amazing… You guys need to make your research better.

  • It really comes down to who someone is as an individual. If you’re really outgoing or if you’re just a homebody. If you’re a driven person or just like to take life easy. You just need to find a place that suits you. Some people love the big city, some like the quiet countryside.


  • I live in Seattle. It does rain a lot, traffic sucks, and the homelessness rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Jobs pay well but you didn’t mention median home values close to the city are $760K. Many people live outside the city and sit in traffic for hours because public transportation isn’t the best. We have Sound transit which is just ok as long as it’s running.

  • Okay i am from south asia. And planning to live in usa. But i want like a really friendly neighbourhood and the city should developed and the population there should not be extremely scare. Beacuse i live in India and i am kind of used to crowded places and cannot handle less populated cities. So acn anyone give suggestions?

  • What you said about Naperville is true I know my cousin lives there. Why do you have California towns on this list? All I got to say that was unrealistic.

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  • Two Dot, Montana how come that was left out? It’s got the Two Dot Bar and Grill, a paved main street and a Hank Williams Jr. song.

  • Many good places in america, just not on a list. A large federal bureau of investigation presence in a city is sign one of a very corrupt local bureaucracy. Also, military installations, not that military folks are bad….just what comes with it. Simply put, the best places dont advertise or are on any kind of a list

  • Most of these losers commenting on SF have never lived there. Why don’t you trolls find something better to do with your boring apathetic lives. @AroundtheWorld do some real examination of the cities you document. These bland statements demonstrate lack of initiative and detail on your part. No longer subscribing to this channel.

  • Guys, stop hating on California. Let me get this straight:
    California is expensive
    California has high taxes
    Weather is beautiful
    California has forest fires in some parts of it
    There is a lot of beautiful scenery
    There are places with a lot of poverty and some places close to no poverty

    And don’t judge if you haven’t already been to several parts of California.

  • Poo city California made it in the top ten ( San Francisco)? now i know im being BS’d. everywhere you turn leftwing liars. cant these liars just shut up & leave America already? we’ll clean up the mess. but you gots to go now dont care where just not America.

  • My mom living VIGINIA she pay 600 hundreds dollars for three-bedroom house in she hav a good Job at the nursing home she makes good money ��

  • Both California and Hell have constant fire and the homeless and earthquakes and…. But at least the Hell doesn’t have high taxes and house price.

  • The best city to live is the city to be available for people who don’t eatn much money, is clean, and has many good qualities. I feel like Raleigh is the best one yet you put it the last one

  • 1. San Diego,, California 2. Seattle, Washington 3.Orlando, Florida 4. Austin, Texas 5. Nashville, Tennessee 6. Springfield, Missouri 7. Saint Augustine, Florida 8. Fairfax, Virginia 9. Portland, Oregon 10. Ashville, North Carolina. Please leave comments and thumps up. Thanks dudes.

  • As a Dutch, I always thought California was cool AF (San Franc, LA etc). I read the comments and couldn’t be more wrong I guess haha. What place in California IS cool and worthy for maybe a 5 year live/work time?

  • Small cities according to this guy: cities with metros over 1 million
    Actual small cities: 100-200K residents

    edit: This dude thinks Colorado Springs is small?!?! Yeah, maybe 100 years ago… but in 2020, it’s fucking huge

  • Madison Wisconsin is also pretty good place to live as well depending on where in Madison you live there are a lot of pretty nice places to live though poverty is not that high there is a little bit of crime in Madison but not by much it’s about average water is pretty good tasting here and the schools are okay but they’re not the best there is rarely if ever any violent crimes it’s good enough where I don’t really feel uncomfortable living here and I have very good friends that live here as well or very close probably in Wisconsin the worst place to live is probably Milwaukee

  • When in Wallace, we waited 20 minutes in line at the coffee stand, no complaints, I share because we were behind a dude on a quad with a rifle strapped over his shoulder. We definitely appreciate the charm. & lol, voted for Hillary, ya had me!

  • Actually you’re pretty by us if you like California California is economy is in the �� in the local politicians aren’t doing good except for Northern California the reason why they’re so great is because they actually have local government however the state representatives are mostly corrupt and don’t do anything for the northern part of the state

  • Whats this lady smoking….sf lol home of nancy and tons of homeless and portland Oregon lol home of hippies and anitfa… settle were it rains all the time…..scottsdale is going down too…..san diago home of illegal immigrants lol and austin texas is growing in crime fast

  • When you said SF I was gone I’ve lived there its a liberal shitty bastion of stuck up weirdos that think its the best and don’t know they can get 3 times there dollar anywhere else, and not put up with people everywhere and no parking.

  • Cusco is wonderful, and the massive arrival of tourists is overwhelming now worse with the international airport that there will be, of the 1 million Americans that arrive per year, now an estimated 5 million will arrive.

  • Me and the cities shown in the video
    Valparaiso: Sadly never been in Chile
    Lima: yep been there last 2019
    Bogota: Never been in Colombia
    Cartagena: Again sorry nope
    Rio: Yah like been there 4 times (world’s best carnival)
    Quito: yazz been there also in 2019
    Mendoza: never been in Mendoza but I have been in Argentina
    Buenos Aires: yep
    Antigua Guatemala: Sorry never been in Guatemala
    Cusco: yah been there, the gateway city to Machu Picchu
    I travel a lot
    been in Most cities in Europe, my home US and its neighbour Canda and Asia especially the East and Southest part of it
    like south and central America are one of the regions i still don’t explored much yet
    by the end of this pandemic crisis I will go back in travelling and I’m beginning in South and Central America

  • I am Peruvian and I loved the list all the countries are beautiful but PERU makes you fall in love with the South American culture! You have to travel and visit that wonderful country, eat ceviche and see tender alpacas. Peru is the most beautiful destination.

  • A very, very silly video. Poor choices, awkward rankings. Very poorly thought out. Where’s Montevideo, Salvador de Bahia, San Jose, Recife, Panama City, Havana, Sao Paulo and Balneario Comboriu. Where in God’s green earth is Antigua Guatelama or Mendoza a hotter top destination than Rio de Janeiro! Silly, silly, silly!

  • It’s been a long time, but I could finally enjoy another video, I would really like you to make a video about: Top 10 best states or cities for immigrants to live.

  • My family and I went to 3 of the picks on this list from December last year to Jan this year (Valparaíso, Rio, and Buenos Aires). We were so surprised that we didn’t run into any problems at all while in Brazil, we walked around the city and along the beach night all the time. Not one issue (except being shouted at by some lady who we think was on drugs hahaha)

  • I have to DISLIKE this video. The image on Mendoza is the Plaza Independencia in MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, a city that should be in this top 10 and in the 1st Place. BIG FAIL MOJO TRAVELS!!! BTW, the thumbnail of this video is MONTEVIDEO!!

  • I was the one who suggested Portsmouth NH. As soon as I saw it in the intro, I got hyped haha. This video was really well done, good job, man!

  • Come on you guys, there is no way on earth that Guatemala and Cusco could come before Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. This ranking is an absolute joke.

  • Louisville, KY
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Honolulu, HI
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Omaha, NE
    Charleston, SC
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Raleigh, NC

  • The list is great, but not even mentioning São Paulo, 4ª biggest city of the planet, more buildings, people and land area than NY, many options of absolutely everything you can imagine, is literally disrespectful. Also Brasilia, the only 100% modernist city of the world, should at least deserve a honorable mention… But anyway ��

  • Cusco suffers from overtourism. Lima is a much more interesting destination. Also, Medellin is probably more memorable than either Bogota or Cartagena.

  • What about Philadelphia? It was in your intro so I assumed it was gonna be on the list ��. Affordable, diverse, and you don’t need a car. Crime is going down as well.

  • Wow and you didn’t include Medellin Colombia? You need to revisit this list. Not sure where you pull your information but Medellin is one of fastest growing cities for tourism in Latin America

  • I’m amazed you fail to mention Medellin which is better city than Bogota or Cartagena �� ����‍♀️ and not honorable mentions… shame on you

  • The active volcano near Antigua Guatemala is called “Fuego”, Pacaya is the one close to the capital city of Guatemala City, but when visiting Antigua you can also climb “Agua” and “Acatenango” volcanoes. Just a short drive from Antigua you can also pay a visit to world-renowned Lake Atitlán, home of several ancient Mayan kingdoms, whose descendants still inhabit the area. ❤ ❤

  • At least now it’s very easy to know what countries in Latin America not to visit.
    If Trump is tweeting about a country…stay away….it means the USA is working on some undercover operation to destabilize the government.

  • Parque de la 93 is not in Chapinero. Also, it’s not “a lovely green space.” It’s just a normal park but it’s known for the clubs and restaurants that surround it.

  • I explored lima in google street view and it’s kinda bizarre! when you compare some districts to others it almost feels like another country.

  • I know México is part Of north america but is still part Of latin america… But There’s so many beautiful cities that it should get it’s own top

  • Your videos are very helpful. I am choosing a place to move when I retire and I need a safe place. Thank you for your wonderful work

  • Sorry for the delay, but here are the BEST Small Towns to Live in the USA! Hope you all enjoy as I put SO MUCH research and work into this video (way more than any other video we’ve made so far), and let me know what list you wanna see next!🙂 Can we SMASH 5000 LIKES for a BEST VERY Small Towns video?!

  • Naperville is the most unChicago of all our burbs. It’s nice if you think Starbucks, Whole Foods and the like are where it’s at. You like vanilla?
    Don’t be shy, Calumet is where it’s at!

  • San Francisco?!?!…. Bullshit!…human shit in everywere, junkies, no parking, heavy taxes and very expensive to live. Nice city to live…50 years ago..maybe.

  • I’m not sure where you got your statistics from, but they are way off. If you are basing this off of the top 200 or 250 largest US cities, and looking for low crime, good schools, plenty of jobs and a good or lower cost of living, no where in CA besides SF would make this list. And a high cost of living, does not make a place a good place, it just makes it affordable, unless the jobs also pay MUCH higher than normal. Austin Texas, is probably number 1, bases solely on these things. Minneapolis MN, is also another city that would be on that list, along with Nashville, TN and Sarasota FL.

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  • I live about 30 minutes from Naperville and it’s overpriced and not crime free by ANY stretch of the imagination, cause people in that town can afford the high priced drugs and kids have been caught with drugs and it’s too close to Aurora

  • Raleigh,NC been there nice small town, but in great need of public transit, city buses shut down at 11:00pm On most routes around the city.

  • This is good love Seattle and state of Washington, don’t San Diego have a lot crime & gangs, also curious what would be more ideal cities in south besides Tampa, dallas, and Houston. What about Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh NC do think they rank high in their selected categories can you do video of best cities in Arkansas last most safest & happiness cities 2020 love 2020 lists of.cities your videos are good thanks

  • Well, living in the US, whether it be an expensive neighborhood or a cheap one has it’s own benefits. Awesome video and a beautiful voice over. Keep it up ��

  • What about Cartersville Georgia home of the canes for one does show how our town so good to Cartersville police department has only had one person killed in their entire history it has a nice downtown free theaters to a what about Cartersville Georgia home of the canes for one does show how our town so good to Cartersville Police Department has only had one person killed in their entire history it has a nice downtown free theaters two of them are art the schools are well-maintained and is better than West Tennessee and Jackson don’t give me wrong Jackson Tennessee has some good friendly people in Lawrenceburg Tennessee I know that Lawrenceburg Tennessee made it on your worst town list of Tennessee but give it some credit it’s growing they made bikes and they’re opening the new four-year college meanwhile back to Cartersville it is precisely an hour away from Atlanta there is plenty of things to do if you were a kid or a adult and if you’re doing a list of the top tonight a small towns I mean downtown if you’re doing a list of the nicest downtown‘s Ellijay should be number one Ellijay GeorgiaSign will Norwood president of the republic of Norwood here sign will Norwood president of the republic of Norwood which is a micronation also California isn’t that great anymore look at pictures of Los Angeles in the 20s with pictures of today and you’ll see a major horrible difference

  • I’m from California nd it really ain allat it’s coo buh he didn’t even mention San Diego which is one of nicest city in California buh he didn’t mention New York or Chicago

  • There are so many California cities that it seems like hes not serious. As a person who lived in both Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, and moved to East bay, these decent places still are inferior to places like Alamo and some places in San Ramon. These homes are just as expensive as the places in Santa Clara area but the homes in the east are way better for the price. They have better schools in Contra Costa (the county of where Alamo and San Ramon are) than anywhere else and the area is very safe. The surrounding area is peaceful and beautiful with hills that change colors over the season and you can still go to the big cities nearby. This list is inaccurate.

  • Sunnyvale California is so expensive that the majority of the people that work here commute from a hundred miles away. I know I work Sunnyvale Santa Clara Mountain View Fremont. If you have $4,500 to throw away every month on a one-bedroom piece of crap apartment then by all means move There

  • That’s probably the worst video I’ve seen about cities in the U.S. I live in the Bay Area and I can guarantee you San Francisco is one of the worst places to live in America. What a joke.

  • The only people mad are the ones that can’t afford it. There are a lot of great cities/suburbs in ca. People automatically think LA or San Fran. Those areas are crappy

  • Have you seen our homeless population in Hawaii? Lot of the homeless are from Hawaii. Most jobs will pay 15 dollars part time per hr. You need to make at least 40 per hr. Full time and try look for a house.. to Hawaii is not easy going either you’ll work twice as hard for half. Figure buying a house is closer to 650k +.. Yes I’m a local. But sensible.

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  • We go through Bell Buckle, TN quit often. They have a 24 hour web school campus there. We go right through the middle of the little town. My fiance drives 18 wheeler. I also have been near that Ferry place to when we was going to Maryland. Nice sceneries

  • Naperville??? You delusional…..! That’s like out of civilization….jobwise? You probably have faster chances to get sugerdaddy vs. real job opportunity to actually live & pay upbringing.

  • You should check out Davis, WV and Elkins, WV Hell you could do an entire video of very small towns in WV. Either way I love your videos.:-)

  • We were driving through this really small town in Montana (don’t even remember the name) and at the entrance of this town someone was actually changing the population on the “welcome to…” sign. Don’t know if it was up or down we just drove through. True story. lol

  • Briggs, I use to live near Bell Buckle, TN. Blink of an eye and through it. I like the old timey stores and the Set Up of the Yard Sales.

  • Seattle is probably the best city in all of the United States to live in. Sure they’ve got hobos but they’re more in hidden locations, like in Los Angeles, rather than in centers like San Francisco.

  • What are you nuts, Phoenicia NY, one of the top ten small towns? You obviously have never visited there. My parents bought land in Woodland Valley when I was a kid, and Phoenicia was the closest town. It was okay then, but now it’s a dilapidated, depressed, and depressing town. The Catskills, where it is located, are great, especially if you like camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, and tubing down the Esopus (the famous trout stream you refereed to) but Phoenicia? I wouldn’t live there on a bet, especially when there are so many great little towns in upstate NY.

  • How about looking into Cransfils Gap, Tx. Won the friendlies small town in America. According to Nevada Gaming commission. They took who could get the time off to go to Las Vegas.

  • Any town that has an unusually high number of men named “Phlegm” is all I needed to keep me away! For the sake of misunderstanding, I checked some sites for “Uncommon Names For Men.” The closest I found was “Clam.” That didn’t help much. I thought about searching under “Uncommon Men For Names.” Didn’t waste my time on that one. I had my wife listen to that part of your video and she laughed and said “you get hearing aids….TOMORROW.

  • Check out Berlin Md, that place is down right awesome. Great community, on Halloween everyone comes out and has a great time, they know how to celebrate holidays for sure. The town is close to Ocean City Md and Assateague (where wild horses roam at the state park)

  • A couple of great small towns are in California:

    1. Harmony California: the population here is only about 18 people, giving it that small town charm. Also, This is a great one for the ladies because they have the Harmony Men’s Colony correctional facility, which makes for a great place to find a potential mate.

    2.Zzyzx California: the population here is less than 100. Maybe even less than 50, it could even be less than 10. It’s a small place. It’s a nice little place nestled in the quaint Mojave Desert on the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The best part about this place – THE NAME! No vowels! Imagine if you could possibly use it in Scrabble. And get a triple word bonus! Instant winner.

  • Harper’s Ferry is certainly beautiful. But it is part of the National Park Service because of its history.

    Look up John Brown. (Whose body lies a moldering in the grave.)

  • So Briggs, if you do a Part Two to best really small towns, don’t leave out Genoa, NV. Genoa (pronounced Gen-OH-uh) nested at the eastern base of the Sierras. boasts the oldest bar in Nevada, with the best bloody Mary you’ll ever taste. Very quaint, very friendly, beautiful place. Also, Forestville near the Russian River, in Sonoma Co., CA. Check these places out.

  • Thank you for a very entertaining visit to some interesting cities.
    Love the info you share.
    Also, love your personality.
    I find you to have a great sense of humor. You make me laugh with your descriptions and comments.

  • Thanks for including Bell Buckle, Tn. My second wife encouraged me to start singing after we were married in 2001 at the age of 67 and I started looking for different places where I could sing though I had no lessons, knew nothing about music. We live in Paris, Tn., about 150 miles from Bell Buckle. My wife had always said I would drive 50 miles just to sing one song to a new audience. One day we were coming back from Knoxville to visit her brother and family. When we got back to Nashville I told her we were going 60 miles south to Bell Buckle, since I had read an article in the Farm Bureau about music at the Bell Buckle Cafe a couple of nights a week. When we got there I asked the band if I could sing. They said yes and I did “I’ll Fly Away.” Since those days I discovered Youtube and started uploading songs from local players. I now have about 2,500 on my site

  • Checkout Tionesta Pennsylvania 500 permanent residence not too far from the New York border and an hour from here Erie PA it is in the Allegheny National Forest right on the Allegheny River

  • I admire the narrator’s enthusiasm. However his nasal tone has a very off putting quality on this video compilation. Thank you. RMH/Ohio

  • Haysville North Carolina. The Town has 377 people in town limits. The place was voted #4 in 2017 as the nicest place in America. You would think its the 1950’s here. 28904, check it out.
    Great Vids, Kudos and Thank You.

  • Bisbee AZ is a my small town. It’s like mulberry on acid. We also have a festival celebrating turkey vultures. And we can by R.C cola for like a quarter. It’s like the early 70s.

  • I am new to your channel and so far love all of your top 10 lists! I was wondering who does the music in this video? I’ve heard the music in several of your videos too.

  • Carlton Oregon is a great small town, it has 2k residents but its very nice, great for wine, and decently diverse in political views. (for a small town)

  • How is San Jose a small city???

    I’ve been to Pakistan they’re happy there too! They’re just very jolly, its funny but its the culture and same with Indians. Not everyone needs alcohol and materialistic stuff to be happy like Americans.

  • Being born in Austin sucks ass when you just want a change of scenery but you already live in what everybody is calling “the best city to live”. WHERE DO I GO.

  • Funny that you don’t seem to know RC Cola is still a thing… I lived in your neck of the woods for 18 years, played trivia in a number of Portland bar/restaurant/pubs/whatever… RC Cola was the brand many of them carried. The Old Barn on Barbur near Capitol Highway is an example I can think of…

  • In the first Rambo movie he stole a duce and a half with a M 60 lots of ammo, he didn’t steal a rocket launcher. The local National Guard used a LAW rocket launcher to try to get Rambo while he was hold up in a old mine. They failed.

  • Why not do the 10 strangest (or most loathed) city names? For consideration, Two Egg, Florida; Intercourse, Pennsylvania; Humptulips, Washington; Hell, Michigan; Boogertown, North Carolina; Unalaska, Alaska; Accident, Maryland;

  • I love your show. My son got me hooked on watching your show, many times I’ve had coffee come out my nose… trust me that hurts! I was born and raised in a suburb outside of Detroit No not Flint, and I had to share your “The Top 10 Reasons Not to move to Michigan” I’m sure my Michigander friends got a kick out of it! Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh!

  • Are you a real estate agent cuz you are sure trying to sell the place is nobody wants to be in guess he didn’t get the memo people are paying good money for U-Hauls to get out of those places

  • Hope you all enjoy the LONG Awaited Top 10 Best Small Cities to Live in America! And make sure you’re following my Community tab so I can make the videos YOU want to see!
    3,000 LIKES for a Top 10 VERY Small Cities / Big Towns list? And what is YOUR Favorite small city?

  • Another great video. I just love your videos. it has really helped my girlfriend and I figure out where we might end up in just a few years.

  • I’m from Rio but I’m sickning of everybody just talk about Rio, Brazil is such a huge country, you guys don’t even scrap the surface

  • I wouldn’t consider most of these places small towns. I mean Salt Lake for example has an MSA of nearly 3 million. All these towns are nice, though.

  • As a previous Richmond resident it is recommended that you move to either churchill or the west or further back Southside of Richmond It Is a beautiful city but has a high crime rate if you go downtown leave before 10 or 11 o’clock but the bars and clubs at shokoe bottom can be a lil rough finding. Job isnt that bad either but it’s based off experience mine just wasn’t that good if you d ok move to Richmond do some heavy research

  • You name some of the most expensive cities. Just doesn’t necessarily make them the best place to live. Should’ve named it best place is for rich people to live in the United States

  • Lubbock Texas panhandle Meredith Reed needs to move back to Lubbock Texas panhandle Lubbock moonlight musicals she’s my beautiful angel ��

  • That is still quite a lot of people! How about a top 10 really small city (50,000 to 100,000 people) and a town (10,000 to 50,000 people)?

  • Born and raised in “The Big Apple.” Lived there for over 30 years
    If you are a socialist libtard, great city, amazing!
    If you are a human, not so much….

  • THE honorable mention citys ARE very racist and unsafe for non white people! Don’t Move in these racist southern cities! Same story for Charleston, SC and Louisville, KY and if you disagree than explain why there still protests going on! #BLM

  • Came here expecting to see cities not city suburbs. Just a whole bunch of towns really. Keeps talking about California after one of his criteria was cost of living. Wtf?

  • You cited some of the best paying jobs in just about all your 10 best states, big, medium, and small cities being healthcare and health science left me wonder why US has the worst health care in all developed countries. Something just does not add up. And BTW, where do you get all those stock videos of unbelievably happy and fulfilled people.

  • Louisville’s all boarded up now suposinly,,,because of riots,,,,
    Didn’t expect # 8
    Charleston gets my vote,,love that downtown
    North Carolina great place period,,,,many options

  • I live in San Diego you get used to the homeless they are pretty much like pigeons and usually are friendly if they are on a good just walk by usually they are in their own little world:)

  • Please do a video of Very Small Cities/Large Towns including Worcester, Massachusetts, the 2nd largest city in New England after Boston!

  • Madison, Wisconsin is OK, but one can question it’s nice to live becuz:
    It’s the HQ to the Society for the American Way, The Ffreedom From Religion Foundation and all kinds of very liberal inteest groups. Its called the People’s Republic of Madison for a reason.

  • What about Portland, Maine?? Very nice City, believe me. I live there and will back to New England. That is also so beautiful part of gorgeous America and I don’t understand how did you miss it

  • I don’t think Clem is a weird name. Harper’s ferry is beautiful. Need more then 1 day to see everything. Ft. Benning, harmony church c-2-2

  • CHECK OUT Tri Cities, TN Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol (and Jonesborough and Elizabethtown). The Meto pop is big, but you would never know you are actually living in a bigger city area. Beautiful also!

  • I was lowkey a little shook to see Louisville on the list as I just moved away from there! Great points for sure, although I’d have to say Lexington, another bugger city in Kentucky is way better in my opinion ☺️

  • Great video! You have to make a video about top 10 best cities for International Medical Graduates for Residency, or Top 10 Best cities to be a Doctor

  • You say for one city that the median home value is only 160,000 dollars and then for the next city say the median home value is only 290,000 dollars. Bro, come on!

  • Ya farkin moron….these are NOT small cities. I think in the 3000 and under range when thinking small, not “the biggest city in Kentucky”. Ignorance isn’t bliss for others who have to deal with yours.

  • I wish Richmond made the list! Richmond is seeing a housing boom. Also, many are relocating or moving back (mostly from Texas) to RVA.

  • I love your videos and sense of humor, one thing I’d say, is I’d watch a video of you saying a certain city is one of the best to live in and in the next video you talk about all the reasons not to live in the same city, so you have me in like an emotional rollercoaster lol I liked Grand Rapids, can you share more insight on this city, I’d truly appreciate from you and your feedback might play a huge part on how my life plays out.

  • 500k people is not a small city. We lived in Frisco, TX for 25 years and watched it grow from about 4500 to 200k. Lots of infrastructure and well planned. Traffic was/is a nightmare. Property taxes went through the roof. Housing developments had home on top of home. Felt like a sardine in a can. Trust me when I say leaving Dallas is no different than leaving Frisco.
    We moved to a small town (3k pop) nestled between several larger towns of 15k to 25k. We have a treed 1ac lot. Neighbors are 60-90 ft away. It’s quiet. Yeah, we miss running down the street to hit a high end grocery store like Whole Foods or Central Market for those few special items but we spend less money eating out, more time with each other and almost no traffic. It’s out there for the taking.