Adrian Andoy Added 20 Pounds to His Father Bod Frame


How The Male Perfect Body Type Has Changed This Past Decade

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Adrian Andoy Added 20 Pounds to His Dad Bod Frame — Tiger Fitness. Feeling fatigued and unable to keep up with his energetic children, Adrian made the decision to get healthy and attack the iron. Feeling fatigued and unable to keep up with his energetic children, Adrian made the decision to. August 6, 2019 Team Tiger Fitness Adrian Andoy Added 20 Pounds to His Dad Bod Frame Feeling fatigued and unable to keep up with his energetic children, Adrian made the decision to.

The dad bod movement has swept the nation. In an effort to celebrate the best dad bod’s in sports, we’ve compiled the ultimate list. Credit: Getty Peyton Manning. Like his brother, Peyton Manning.

The Dad Bod Project is AskMen editor and new father Ian Taylor’s attempt to take aim at his misshapen, doughy torso.He’ll be charting his efforts in weekly articles that cover the workouts, nutrition and black-belt time management required to get into shape, stay fit and beat the dad bod. According to the New York Times, “On average, dads are 10 pounds heavier than non-dads; Do this 20-minute Anti-‘Dad Bod’ routine from DeGrazio three times a week. A dad has shared the secrets to his success after transforming his body in just 12 weeks. The internet’s obsession with less-than-fit body types has seen ordinary guys everywhere embracing their. The dadbod: it’s been lauded, decried, picked apart and analyzed to high heaven.

But we’re not quite over the dude-gut, and there’s no better candidate for the dadbod than the between-movie. 13 Famous Dudes With “Dad-Bods” Who Nabbed Hollywood Hotties. According to’s top definition of a “dad bod”, it is defined as: “A guy who has kids and was once in shape and still has guns that can crush beer cans but also with a belly that say.

The latest trend in male appearance is the dad bod. The look has been described as a balance between a beer gut and also working out moderately — so basically dad bods are in shape, but the only six pack that they have is Budweiser. Most women have noted that they like this look because it is non-threatening and cuddle-friendly.

These celebs are definitely rocking the hottest dad bods in. I think that would qualify as an occasional supporter of dad bods.” -Kristen S. “I’m all about someone that wants to eat ice cream with me at 2 a.m. but still cares about physical appearance—mostly because I feel like I would have a dad bod if I were a guy.” – Katherine T. “Give me a Greek god bod.

List of related literature:

His weight evidently fluctuated greatly at this time, because newspaper articles on the young Hardy had him weighing 350 pounds.

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Oxandrolone was added and Seth’s weight increased to 50.9 kg, bringing his BMI into the transplantable range.

“Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing” by Betty Rolling Ferrell, Judith A. Paice
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When we talked at the end of his first year, Adrian said he wanted to lose weight and gain strength.

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The weight on his 5’8″ frame mysteriously dropped to 88 pounds.

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But even with his rigorous weight training, he kept getting fatter: By the time he reached 40, he had bal— looned to 220 pounds on his 5—foot— 8 frame.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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pounds and figures he gained a few in muscle weight because his body looks so different.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
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Another year he worked with strength and conditioning coach Diane Buchta to develop a weight lifting program that added several pounds of muscle to his bony frame.

“Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run” by Matt Fitzgerald
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enough to compete in the 181-pound class and is concerned that his body fat level is actually increasing despite his heavy weight-training regimen.

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He even had their father’s stocky frame now that he’d put on weight.

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The Weider company later expanded his line of products to include vitamin-minerals, weight reduction agents, and weight gain powders [14].

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  • Not quite getting the necessity of body shaving as the “hygenic” and best way to an attractive look, when you as a hairy guy can still carry yourself with masculinity and confidence. It’s true that there are different “brackets” of women who will be attracted to different looks, but if one were to play the numbers game, I see Zac Efron’s lumberjack look as following in the tracks as Charlton Heston, Sean Connery and Tom Selleck: burly and manly men, who were famously the sexiest men on Earth at their peak age and fame, and who could probably score whomever they’d like. Fame helps, but there are socio-evolutionary reasons for why this would still be the case. While standards (at least in Heston’s time) were very different for muscularity, the looks in their relative contexts still oozed sex appeal, maturity, confidence and charisma. It’s the image of the alpha, prime male, silver back, the patriarch, the warrior, the raw masculinity that dominates everything else. Very many men can still achieve the same, except they will need varying high degrees of discipline, depending on their genetics, in order to do it convincingly, because there’s no getting around the necessity of getting lean and adding muscle mass.

    Zac obviously has kept a fair bit of his Baywatch mass, as he lets himself get above 15% body fat and hide his features. He would not have been convincing without that mass. That and his genetics in the looks department means he looks better than 99.99% at 15+%. But he’d probably be at his very peak if he’d been closer to 10% and had some ab definition, while trying to carry the most amount of muscle he can while natty or lightly juicing, and keeping the body hair and well kept beard. That’s where he’d consistently be named as among the sexiest men alive, at any age. That’s not where most guys will end up, of course, but the point stands. In the big numbers game, it should be a good bet.

  • The Lies! The Lies! The Lies! It’s like calling a T H I C C girl Plus Sized! I need to see his gut and love handles hanging out of his pants and his tits sagging to call it a dad bod!

  • Don’t want to be mean or hurtful but I found Zac’s figure in Baywatch gross.
    It was too much and I felt sad for him cause I thought he must be starving himself.
    Current is not a dad bod but its infinitely better than the other option.

  • I have been inspired by you for years now and I am going to be. Rapper because of you thank you for your great logic have a great retirement

  • Dadbod doesn’t have to be fat. I think it just means thick, like effortless. Like muscles so you look strong (shoulders/chest) and usually pretty natural body hair, but not like you dedicate your life to your muscles. It’s kinda like when guys say they like natural beauty. Whether they know it or not most of them REALLY mean minimal and natural enhancements/makeup

  • These whamen legit trying to convince us that looking like a bag is hot. So we can’t give em shit for looking like shit, since we look like shit too.

  • I think the ‘lumberjack’, mature look is what makes him more attractive. I’d say that a chiselled bodybuilder look, in contrast, gives the perception that the person is narcissistic.

  • Six pack is a bad description it should be like jeff seid or dad Bod and see what these girls say. Anyone can have a 6 pack lol shit is pretty much everywhere

  • Chicks just like his new body because he was way above their level when he was fit. It’s simple as that. Now they think they have a chance.

  • and as for your question about the ideal physique, it also depends on whether you’re trying to appeal to women or not (gay or straight frankly). the aesthetic is different. just saying

  • “He’s still too short”:))

    ROFLMAO! At 5’8” tall, the average 5’3″-5’4″ American chick still cannot be at Efron’s eye level when she’s on 3 inch hooker heels. And mind you, it is embarrassing to be seen wearing those!

    She would rather act like a b….ch and go home thirsting over him than drop her ego and act like a decent human being. Look alive ladies, this is how you do NOT attract a man like Zac Efron who is likely out of your league anyway:))

    Also, since when is 15% body fat considered a dad bod. Dafuq!?

  • The notion Zac has a dad bod is totally ridiculous. He is a normal looking, physically fit guy. This is what they look like. We’ve have normalised totally abnormal bodies.

  • It’s the beard. If he had a real dad bod and was clean shaven, he would look way worse and people would be like “omg what happened to him” but he looks extremely masculine like this

  • If you are not over 6 ft… at least 220 pounds.. with at least a 6 pack.. and an aesthetic face with the proper proportions.. your girl is prob cheating on you.. Ill have her back later no worries.. lol

  • “That’s Harsh Bitch!!!” hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha I am not working on getting shredded for the ladies or my wife. I am doing it for me….. I don’t want to see some fat guy in the mirror banging my wife…..LOL

  • This is fucking bullshit, and doesn’t make any sense. Ripped athletic males are more alpha and can protect and lift up women like no other. How is a lazy fat ass more attractive than that?

  • I tried a diet that cut out so much stuff and left me so hungry. I lost 20lbs in about a month. Kept it off for months, but then gained it all back.

  • About the height thing, Most girls are shorter than 5’7, And they look at numbers too much. Yet in reality 5’7 -5’8 looks great tbh.

  • What men don’t get is that what matters to women is the face and not the body, no matter how many abs and how shredded you are if you don’t have an attractive face you won’t beat the attractive guy with an average body.

    face is everything, body is just a bonus as long as you’re not fat. but if you’re not good looking, your shredded body won’t help you at all, and that’s the truth, women drool over zac efron because of his face and not really because of his body, he could even have a beer belly and women will still drool over him, and btw his “dad bod” is not even a dad bod lmao.

  • Naaaah, def Sexier in baywatch. But that’s me. I like my fitness guys. Tells me more about their mindset and lifestyle through just their image.

  • This aint like thor in endgame conpared to every other movie with him. He pretty much looks the same. Hes not doing a role where hes required to be ripped. Alot of actors take time off between roles. Get into a sort of comfort zone. Ppl need to relax. That ass int a f**king dad bod

  • While I agree that most women would prefer the Baywatch physique, I dont get your obsession around men needing to be hairless to be the most attractive.

  • BECAUSE HE ISN’T SUPER JACKED LIKE IN BAYWATCH DOESN’T MEAN HE HAS A DAD BOD. FIRST, he doesn’t even have kids and second of allhe’s still in amazing shape. He takes care of himself and is sober. Good for him <3

  • Imagine if they did this to women. Literally making it a game to guess and make fun of men who don’t live in the gym. Men are fine in any size.

  • In my opinion, the perfect body is the body you can look down at and be happy with no matter what. We’re humans that change, not Barbie and Ken. When it comes to bodies, health and happiness is what matters, you’re stupid if you spend your life trying to get someone else’s body and waste your time disrespecting your own.

  • The world needs your great lyrics Bobby… I’m going to be sad, you’re leaving. Much respect and I hope you have a great rest your life man!

  • Any sort of looks standards for guys goes out of the window for celebrities. Ie. 130lb lead guitarist in famous band (is omg so hot!) yet a 130lb normie dude would struggle to get a date and women would mock him for being too skinny. A celebrity dude would have to be full on obese for it to hurt his dating life. And actually Harvey Weinstein did alright lol.

  • His name is Zac Effron. He is a actor. He has money, he travels does movies. His life style and attractive looks are what the hot sexy money grubbing hores want. They don’t want the guy that pays his bills, works a regular 9 to 5 and only goes on trips once a year. If you want Zac effrons life, become a actor. Because just looking good on steroids is not enough to shallow ass bitches that leave these comments. Smh!!

  • Retirement is never permanent in Hip-Hop, history has shown that. So, once Logic makes that comeback it’s going to be having the community buzzing �� But real shit, enjoy the time with fam cuz you deserve it for real! ��

  • You’re definitely right about women being “intimated” by super shredded guys… And I don’t mean “intimated” in the sense that they are afraid of physical harm or anything, but rather b/c they feel like they themselves have to live up to that standard. With these “dad bods”, it makes women feel more secure about their own bodies & imperfections. That’s why they say they “prefer” them. But honestly, they just “prefer” how it makes THEM feel about themselves.
    I’m not judging women, they can have all the standards they want, but I do find it ironic how they don’t really seem to be honest with themselves. If it weren’t for their own insecurities, 99% of women would choose the shredded guy over the “dad bod”. Not to mention, it’s incredibly telling how women consider THIS to be a “dad bod”. The guy’s still in better shape than the vast majority of guys. If that is what women consider to be a “dad bod”, that just goes to show how unrealistic their expectations can be. Like you said, a “dad bod” is something akin to Seth Rogan. I doubt women actually find that attractive at all.

  • Derek your video’s are awesome bro and The way you read the thirst comments in an academic manner almost made me piss myself ������

  • Never heard a female say omg he has a sexy dad bod ��. Lol and their excuse…”I want to grab on to something” oh I got something for you to grab on ��

  • I think beards, natural body hair, and a less jacked physique are just the trend right now for men like big butts are the trend for women. Every person likes different attributes. I personally find Zac Efron super attractive while Becca thinks he’s too short. There are plenty of men who don’t find me attractive because I have a small chest, but there are other men who like it. At the end of the day guys, just strive to be as healthy and happy as possible and don’t get butt hurt over the Beccas, because there is a lid for every pot.

  • If anyone is interested in the very last guy “Roy” and how he maintains his body and what he does for workouts and fitness start with following him on Instagram @mosesfitness!!! His wife is also an AMAZING makeup artist, you can follow her at @beautyby_karol!!!

  • Shout out to Logic. He spreaded positivity around the world, and made a lot of people happy, and made then feel great. He is the one who cared for everyone. WE LOVE YOU LOGIC AND HAVE FUN BEING A FATHER!! I give you my blessings to your family, kid, and wife. 1:45 I like it when his wife grabs his butt. ��❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • As a father the best advice I can give you is raise your child the way you want and also get used to that thermostat getting touched that shit don’t change

  • 3:30 this dude made me feel uncomfortable on the highest level. Not bc his body is soooo amazing or something but maaaan is this guy unsympathic….

  • This is why I’ve loved logic since day one, that nigga ain’t fake, respect to the brother for being himself and following the path he wants to ✊

  • Logic said he will drop a unreleased mixtape with him rapping over famous beats if this petition reaches 1Mill
    Like so everyone sees!

  • i think for me, personally, the coolest thing about him as a person is he loves videogames, DBZ, dragonball, anime like cowboy bebop, he reminds me of myself, just far more successful because of his craft. i’m gonna miss his voice but i’m so stoked for him and the years to come. Cherish every moment my man, that’s so awesome♥

  • Anybody else was hoping that the verse were he speaks about his daily life that they were actually gonna do it in the video…no? just me?..still a good video though

  • I don’t care about the body because in the end everybody goes old and dies. Imma just travel the world and work, have fun with freinds.

  • u have a beautiful baby and hes got a great dad lol i havent always loved ur music logic but man u seem like an awesome human being

  • i love the line where he goes i used to be up to date in politics and shit, now I’m my whole body, arms, and etc are covered in my baby’s shit, BARS

  • Do a video on Anthony Joshua. A boxing series in general would be great as they all claim natural, steroids is supposed to be cheating and brings a ban.

  • “i haven’t worked out in 7 months!”
    -me, i haven’t been in a gym in over 10 years!

    last 2 weeks, i have been to McDonalds like 10 times!
    GOD I AM skinny-FAT!

  • 0:56
    lmao see that animal
    dumbass pervert

    one of them actually said “I suck hairy balls”����

    also sensing ex drama when she said ‘…rather than go to the gym without you, and you always look a lil bit better than them”��

  • Notice how the girls who are saying dad bod are barely holding on to their young attractive physique… While the girls who are saying six pack are actively working out and have fit bods themselves and arent intimidated by beauty in their partner.

    Moral… The prettier ones have more security and want a partner who is good looking as well.

    So my dudes… Keep on going with your six pack, cause youll still land the hottest chicks!

  • Currently, as a bearded dude with an average body, my selection of women have changed.

    These are my experiences and may just be my experiences. I currently live in San Diego but these experiences are from NYC where I was raised, Hawaii, and now San Diego.

    When I didn’t have a beard and I was skinnier, I use to get a lot more younger materialistic women. They were attractive, but their personalities lacked. They didn’t cook, were expected to be handed everything, and pretended to live a lifestyle they couldn’t afford.

    With an average body and a beard, I get a lot of women who are a lot more “mature”. They usually have well-paying jobs, are looking to settle down, can take care of themselves, cook, etc. I can’t say they’re better looking than the materialistic women, but they can definitely carry a better conversation.

    Again, these are my experiences. I’ve been called everything from decent-looking to great-looking.

  • The ppl Hating On This Are Charemalalge Fans. On God ������
    Been listening since Day One ☝�������� on Real Shit We Are To Lucky To Have you Logic Thank you For The years!!! ��������

  • Let’s be honest, they want the DadBod version because he seems more approachable and is closer to what they believe they can attract. The Baywatch version is out of their league & they know it.

  • I’m so proud that he’s made it he’s grown, he’s in love, he’s a dad who is actually going to be an every day presence in his kids life, he’s not living in the past, he’s happy and made it❤️❤️

  • Thanks for all the memories. You were one of my first musical inspirations. I make music because you inspired me to. I’m gonna miss you.

  • I remember seeing him when he was fresh on the scene opening for a kid cudi concert in Dallas. I just thought “who tf is this white guy? He is bumming, but who is he?”
    Man crazy shit. But anyways, gotta respect the guy. Made his money and got out. And since I got a 5 month old baby, this my Dad theme song.

  • I think men have to be careful not to fall into the Dad bod trap thinking women love it as our lord and savior Dom Mazzetti told us. The goal physique is the leanest you can be comfortable at and still train hard. Varies from dude to dude, for some that’s 10%, someone else might be 20%, depends on genetics.

  • The bearded one I feel like is more attainable and most importantly “sustainable” he’s around 17-18% bf portraying a more natural “easy” look to contain. He is not fat nor lean lean I personally suggest that as long as you have some abs visible whatever the lighting is, a nice v tapered back without overly bulging love handles you’re considered as “lean” to the general public. Not an excuse to bulk and get fat all I’m saying is that it’s okay to be at most 20% bf with good muscle mass. Being shredded or sub 10% is possible but you really think you’ll walk like that 247365?

  • Even if zac gained or lost 100000 pounds I would still adore him, his personality is genuinely beautiful, u see it in every interview his not like the common Hollywood personality. Im female and legit look up to him, zac efron as a person is genuinely a successful, well mannered and accomplish person, I adore him. His always been my fav actor.

  • Girls: dad bod, guys who have six packs are too self centered
    Me who just recently went from dad bod to six pack abs in a year: what type of shit….

  • If they’re picking the dad bod he must not be physically attractive or have a lot of swag so his green better make up for it otherwise why would they want a man who’s not healthy?

  • This is so inspiring for me & my little girl though our ups & downs thank you logic keep doing you brother fuck the hate & keep living your life to the fullest!!

  • i was so sad when i first heard he was retiring but now i just have peace with it.
    one thing tho. in 14 years or so, whenever you think bobby is old enough to play violent videogames. i would love to see you both on stream

  • Actually it is not bad to have a six pack abs or either being a dad bod, as long as they are concern to their health. And having six pack abs is not to impress all the girls out there, the issue is how to stay fit and how to prolonged their life.

  • You don’t have to go to the gym to have a 6 pack….. And you can work out at home just use dumbells you can hit almost bodypart just as effectively if you try hard.

  • In reality, By choosing dad bods they are choosing Nice big arms and nice full chest with no six pack. I don’t think they picture a 50 yr old man with a beer gut and flabby. Dudes with six packs are usually skinny guys. In all, thickness wins 😉

  • I like either. But a dad bod is genuinely nice because it’s soft, feels homey, warm, and idk I genuinely like it. But a six pack never hurts either ����‍♀️

  • Old effron looked unattainable he was so good looking it was intimidating to women and made them insecure. The new one looks masculine, mature and is still in good shape but a natty recreation gym goer. Also bear porn is a legit category not only among gay guys but alot of women like big burly hairy guys.

  • Am I the only girl that doesn’t find muscles particularly attractive �� I just like bodies that look fit and healthy but each to their own I guess ����

  • I dont want to have that kind of woman, who cant value a healthy sixpacked body. To have a healthy fit body is a attitude for life to me. So I dont like girls having a dad bod.

  • These girls are trying so hard not to sound shallow ������. If they asked me I’d be like “Hell no I don’t want the dad bod…gimme the six pack…I’m no chubby chaser!” ��

  • These girls are beyond insecure. They’re pretty much saying they don’t want a guy that’ll look better or get attention. They wanna look better and get the attention lol

  • Normally corny late night talk show games don’t bother me, but thats because they’re normally harmless. This is possibly the stupidest game on one of these. The sell of taller versus shorter is that it’s hard to tell. Here, in this stupid knock off, the game is judgemental, awkward, and just lacks energy from the audience, guests, host, and participants. The thing about taller or shorter is that what’s engaging is not that the question is “is the person tall or short?” It’s “is this person taller or shorter than the last person?” THAT question allows for more viewer engagement, and because it’s fun to wonder; “can this person be taller than the last?” (or something of the sort). It’s not just a game of “lets watch celebrities use somewhat judgemental terms to classify someones characteristics based on no clues or logic”.

  • You’re no supposed to start exercising like crazy like that; it’s doomed from the beginning. You should have started with just jogging or even fast walking and cutting down carbs.

  • I have found out if shape woman prefer slightly out of shape guys. They dont want the guy to look better than they do and are intimidated by shredded males

  • He can vlog if he wanted to with his family also they can be one of those YouTube family who have fun making stuff or opening new toys

  • Remove any added sugars from your diet, instead of simple carbs go for slow/complex carbs like whole grain pasta over regular white. Excessive sugar is what your body metabolizes into fat for storage, plus sugar also traps water weight in your body. Burritos are fine if they contain healthy foods. Eat good fats, like avocados and wild salmon, not greasy burgers and fries. Add exercise on top of that and you’ll see results.

  • He looks great both ways. To me, Baywatch body looks better but seems insane to maintain and pretty unrealistic. Nobody should go through that just for a body. A life without carbs? Not worth it.

  • Im a fan since he started this shit, getting the family and living a more laid bak life with his fam is cool…take some time… cause he has given us so much, cant ask for more but yo! Logic is still young, retiring, he is not a ball player, i mean..Dude a lot people have kids and still work, anyway Logic do u but retirement i dont believe that shit, gives him 5 years and he will be bak….