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COVID-19 Update 8: Zinc and chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19?

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My FAVORITE Podcasts: Health & Wellness, Business, & More!��

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How to stay healthy: Michael Mosley, All About Women 2016

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8 Ways to Improve Your Diet

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The Success Mindset in 8 Parts | The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast Ep. 25

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Top 8 Podcasts for Women | Podcasts You NEED to Listen To | 2018

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Podcast 131: The best diet for mental and brain health according to a nutritional psychiatrist

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8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone. by Tessa McLean. January 19, 2019. 1 Comment.

Share it: A great playlist used to be the key to motivating you through a long run or tough workout, but today, more and more people are turning to podcasts to pass the time — and learn as well. With more than 550,000 podcasts to choose from, the question is no. 8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone. We’ve selected a few healthy-living podcasts so no matter what your goals are, you’ve got someone to help you on your journey.

Last Update: 2020-07-03. Dishing Up Nutrition. 1 h ago. Nutritional Weight & Wellness, Inc.

Learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Licensed nutritionists and. 8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone.

By ISG|Strength & Fitness January 3, 2020 Blog. No Comments; 0; A great playlist used to be the key to motivating you through a long run or tough workout, but today, more and more people are turning to podcasts to pass the time — and learn as well. With more than 550,000 podcasts to choose from, the question.

8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone Jan. 22, 2019 · blog.myfitnesspal.com “We’ve selected a few healthy-living podcasts so no matter what your goals are, you’ve got someone to help you on your journey.”. That’s why Katie Wells—host and founder of popular mom blog Wellness Mama—started a podcast to share tips for healthy eating, exercise, stress, sleep, and more, all while managing life with. We’ve narrowed down the daunting list of more than 240 podcasts in iTunes Fitness and Nutrition section to these 12 picks. Regardless of your dietary preferences (Paleo, vegan, gluten-free) or workout of choice, you’re bound to find something on this list that will soon become your go-to podcast.

The Doctor’s Farmacy. Through interviews with leading medical professionals and discussions on the current research, This podcast delves into the deep issues of health, wellness, food, and politics in an effort to education and inspire people to use food to heal their bodies. The host, Dr. Mark Hyman, believes that healthy foods are going to heal our sick society.

In the Food Heaven Podcast, the two registered dietitians (and best friends!) chat about intuitive eating, gas and bloating, and other topics that’ll keep you feeling 100 percent. 8. Nutrition Diva. But, their podcast is not just about food and eating.

Their podcast episodes may also include topics about gut health, gardening, shopping for food, etc. Although the podcast is hosted by two women, men from all walks of life are welcome to listen! Remember that food and healthy eating habits are for everyone. The first podcast I tuned into and self-reflection. There’s a little something for everyone, and I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen.

Fitness and healthy eating isn’t all about.

List of related literature:

—Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You,” Living Dialogues podcast series, episodes 89 and 90, personallifemedia.com, http://personallifemedia.com/podcasts/212-livingdialogues/episodes/33806-brant-secunda-huichol-shaman-healer-mark.

“Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run” by Matt Fitzgerald
from Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and the Greatest Race Ever Run
by Matt Fitzgerald
VeloPress, 2011

Balance podcasts: We’re big fans of podcasts.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

Many of these health information podcasts are available for free from iTunes or can be downloaded directly from the respective websites.

“Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health” by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Chorh Chuan Tan
from Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health
by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2017

Lastly, if you have a long commute to work or prefer listening to reading, we have listed some of our favorite podcasts, which often feature well-known experts on nutrition and fitness.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

You should try to introduce a new podcast once a week or once a month.

“Strategic Marketing For Health Care Organizations: Building A Customer-Driven Health System” by Philip Kotler, Joel I. Shalowitz, Robert J. Stevens
from Strategic Marketing For Health Care Organizations: Building A Customer-Driven Health System
by Philip Kotler, Joel I. Shalowitz, Robert J. Stevens
Wiley, 2008

0 Listen to five podcasts from iTunes.

“Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, 2nd Edition” by Mark Briggs
from Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, 2nd Edition
by Mark Briggs
SAGE Publications, 2013

Currently, four WordPress­centric podcasts are activelybeing produced.

“Professional WordPress: Design and Development” by Hal Stern, David Damstra, Brad Williams
from Professional WordPress: Design and Development
by Hal Stern, David Damstra, Brad Williams
Wiley, 2010

8 Can get my pupils making podcasts of their own.

“Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School: A companion to school experience” by Terry Haydn, Alison Stephen, James Arthur, Martin Hunt
from Learning to Teach History in the Secondary School: A companion to school experience
by Terry Haydn, Alison Stephen, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2014

Here’s your starting point for podcasts to seek out and consume.

“Podcasting For Dummies” by Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi
from Podcasting For Dummies
by Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi
Wiley, 2017

29 Otfer podcasts.

“Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide” by Barbara L. Ciconte, Jeanne Jacob
from Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide
by Barbara L. Ciconte, Jeanne Jacob
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2008

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Or could be this: Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and Nobel prize laureate, said (in simple words) that covid-19 is a human made virus, we called here Frankenstein, made of a normal coronavirus(not only bats have it but also many other mammals) where they inserted HIV virus and plasmodium malaria. As we know Hydroxycloroquine (HCQ) destroy plasmodium malaria. Then covid-19, Frankenstein, is hit harder in his component of malaria, also zinc will help in stop its reproduction, the poor Frank is disarmed and destroyed.

  • The quality of food is also very important, meat is filled with hormones and lots of vegetables are grown using pesticides. One Ukrainian doctor also mentioned a sound idea that we should eat the food that our ancestors in our region ate. For example, my great grandpa did not eat bananas, so they are not so good for us. It is also built in our genetic system. And all of this also messes up our health.

  • Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? I have heard several awesome things about this popular lose weight method.

  • I primarily listen to a rather preposterous amount of political and info-y podcasts, but whenever I need to regain some hope in humanity (which has become much more often as of late) I immediately turn to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food for Thought and Animalogy podcasts. Having found out about her through the 30-Day Vegan Challenge I subscribed to after watching Cowspiracy, she was the first vegan I began following; I’ve been hooked ever since! Just hearing the intro music from her husband’s band makes me bolt to the nearest cosy place and secure myself a pot of tea.
    Aside from that, I love just about anything from NPR Music and KEXP, as well as Sustainababble and Earth to Us.:)

  • Thank you for covering this topic. Another type of “food” for the brain, in our opinion, is podcasts. One of our favorites is I Can’t Sleep Podcast that revolves around sleep and mental health. If you want to find similar ones, check out the list here https://desktime.com/blog/why-listen-to-podcasts/

  • Thank you so much, I only watched this today 2 years late, no regret still very informative and I have forward it to my loved ones. May I have your website Dr Mosley

  • Low carb!!!! Our body’s main source of fuel is from Complex Carbohydrates. Potatoes are amazing. No issue for diabetics with potatoes and rice. as long as you do not have fat!!!! with them. T Colin Campbell did a 20-year study that showed and proved that a plant-based diet is a disease reversing way of eating.

  • 1. Kalyn’s Coffee Talk
    2. From the Heart Conversations with Yoga Girl (Rachel)
    3. Gals on the Go (Danielle & Brook)
    4. The Minimalists Podcast
    5. The Highest Self (Sahara Rose)
    6. Just A Tip with Megan Batoon
    7. The Daily Boost Scott Smith
    8. Stuff You Should Know

  • Italian & Tamil subtitles are available! Click “CC” and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description ��

  • Ketosis is our backup system, so living a Keto lifestyle means you are perpetually living in backup mode. And now you have no backup system if you ever burnout on Keto.

    We are frugivores and should not be eating the chopped up remains of animal carcasses. Our bodies are temples of God, not graveyards.

  • I’ve recently begun working more passionately on my mental and physical health, organization and consistency on these things as a whole. You’re videos have helped me so much! �� Thank you!

  • Wait. These are free… on my iPhone podcast app… what. WHAT? I downloaded audible to buy their super expensive (in my opinion) audio books for my walks and and for work down time. I am so happy to find out about this and I feel like dumb… haha.

  • Hi this is my first time listening to your podcast, its very helpfull and i will spent my morning routines to catch up for the first season ������

  • A Friend of Mine Started using Soundstripe and is very please with it for his Documentaries and Ad’s. https://soundstripe.grsm.io/danielmurzello3979
    As he says he gets royalty Free Unlimited Music for Creators..

    He was Amazed by the Expertly Curated, Best Royalty �� Music Library Especially for YouTubers, Podcasters, Advertisers, Film������ Makers and all other Content Creators.

  • i found this video just r.n and it’s 2020 April but i starting feel so much positiveness after listening to this podcast thank you so much sweetie!:) Also sending love to you <3

  • Oooh so many new podcasts I can check out! I am so excited to give them a try:) I love Thought for Food:) Really funny and fasciniating!

  • Dr Mosley I am 57 years old and I have very high cholestoral 8 or 9 as doctor told me to be on statin, so I went on to do my vigorous exercise and did not take any statin to proof that exercise can bring down the cholestoral, of course I changed my diet to include lots of fish like mediteranean diet. I am Singaporean Asian. Ever consider coming to Singapore?

  • I just love Michael Mosley! If his name is attached to it, I watch it. Have been following him for years. He gives us the best information.

  • I LOVE your podcasts! They make me feel so calm and amazing!!! As I listen to them, I have another tab open as I play a game. Remember, your podcasts are GREAT!! Keep it up!!

  • I was just listening at 6 a.m. sipping on my green tea and when she began with gratitude and thanking her viewers for spending their time listening to her of the many things there are to do with time, I subscribed. I love grateful people. Very inspirational podcast, thank YOU��

  • By the way, virgin coconut oil has been used by our ancestors in the Philippines. It was only with the introduction of processed food that we started getting sick aka processed food, white rice, white sugar, white bread, soda, canned everything, hotdogs, etc need I say more? All these came from the west. And all of these have caused us so much diseases and sicknesses. Make a research if you like but pls don’t let virgin olive oil companies even coconut oil companies sponsor it. Then let’s see.

  • I’m so happy I clicked this. I’m not even half way through and I already love it. It’s so easy listening to you and love everything you are saying. Very helpful. Thank you!

  • im drinking the same green juice from the same cup you have on your right side frank hahahahaha like right now while watching:)))

  • Every good thing has a price to pay that feels substantial to whomever is going through it even when you realize that the thing you are paying a price for is worth doing

  • I would be interested in an episode focused on mental health: how it affects life as a student or professional, how to find help, etc.
    Thanks for another great episode these are my favorite things to listen to while I clean.:)

  • Another podcast aficionado here:) I love Invisibilia too and S-town was so addictive. Loved this different style of video, Caitlin!

  • You have no idea how exited i am to listen to this. You inspired me to listen to podcasts and i love them but its hard to find some good ones so this video im so excited for

  • Thank you for uploading this amazing podcasts, really motivates me, last year i started a company a Organic Skin Care Company call Siain Orgainc Beauty, we are very small company it took us lot of mistakes an wrong directions to learn about this industry, but this year we are converting our last years mistakes in to opportunity.

    Please keep on uploading these amazing podcasts and keep up the hard work as it will pay off

  • Thanks for sharingI downloaded a bunch! A couple of health podcasts I think you would seriously LOVE are: Found my fitness, Nutrition facts with Dr. Michael Greger, and The People’s Pharmacy!:)!


  • Hi Lavendaire, listened to this and thanks, yes i do believe in in them especially in no. 6, i need to work on other areas as well. again thanks

  • Hello Aileen could you please post all those podcasts here on youtube? Please, I am not a native speaker and sometimes is quite hard to understand it without subtitles. I would appreciate that, not only me but also other people that are learning English. Thank you so much, you are awesome <3 <3

  • Did the Korean doctors ever publish a paper on their work where they mentioned zinc? If so, please provide a hyperlink? Also, were they the first to use a comedication consisting of zinc and HCQS in vivo or were the Chinese? Thanks.

  • So glad you have your podcasts on YT because I’m always on here and it so Much easier to listen. Loved this episode so much!! ����

  • The protocol here in Saudi Arabia is to start treatment with hydroxychloroquine and zinc phosphate as soon as possible. we have a very low death rate. people with influence who try to stop hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatment for political reasons should be indicted for manslaughter and prosecuted.

  • You truly inspire me. I’ve been wanting to start podcasts and talk about things that matter and I love that about your podcast. Keep doing your thing you make such a difference. I really needed this

  • butter has vitamin k2, CLA, and other vitamins granted that is assuming if the cows are eating grass and not a grain, &c. Also, Depends on if the cow is A1 or A2. A1 cows has a mutation; while, A2 cows have no mutation which cows are typically the jerseys, asians, afrikans. The A2 does not make beta casein proteins which the A1 cows make. If you have problems with beta casein and not sure about A1 or A2 try Ghee out. Ghee is just pure butter fat without the milk proteins.

  • I have made a video about the recent complications with the coronavirus concerning lack of smell and neural inflammation which I attribute to zinc deficiency and mercury toxicity. Give this video a try and see how compelling it is. https://youtu.be/fWHdcBIhQyk

  • In the last three months we’ve lost over 100,000 American lives because this information has been suppressed!!!! Fauci and Birx are murdering pieces of shit!!!!

  • I usually love this podcast but this one was a dud. I have a really clean diet but it seemed like you guys took it to a new level and acted holier than thou, which isnt going to convince anyone to change. Ill pass.

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  • Hahahaha..HAHA…soooo, uhhh, BOREDOM EATING. I couldn’t necessarily stop my anxious munching and boredom eating at a very stressful point in my life, so instead I switched out the pounds of candy and junk I’d basically INHALE with carrots. Yup, carrots. I don’t particularly love carrots nor hate them, but they allowed me to have a lot more energy as I wasn’t having tumultuous sugar crashes. Also the crunch of the carrot helped the anxious symptoms I was experiencing, because I was in over my head. The only downside was I learned to be careful with portion sizes even with healthy food because FIBER.

  • Great podcast and a very interesting topic! As I grew up in Russia with different eating habits and moved to the US almost 5 years, there are/were some approaches to food and eating healthy that I personally find unusual or challenging (Warning: way too much text below!).
    First of all, you guys mentioned soda drinks and it was one of the culture shocks for me that people, including kids, drink so much sugary soda! I guess because it’s cheap and you can get refills for free (or is it a culture thing?). When I grew up, soda drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi were already common but quite expensive (well, compared to tap water:D), so our parents would only buy these drinks for a very special celebration, like New Year or birthdays. I always viewed them as a treat (and a huge one!), not something you drink when you’re thirsty. We always drank a lot of water, LOTS of tea and fermented dairy drinks. Also, you mentioned drinking La Croix and/or tea instead, I would add that home made flavored water is also an easy, tasty and healthy option.
    Meal prepping was (not sure about now) also another big part of the food culture. We never ate out (I went to restaurant with my parents only maybe 2-3 times before I moved and those were a very big deal for the family), so all food was always home cooked (though not all home cooked food is healthy!). I think if you plan your meals ahead, make grocery shopping list accordingly and cook something simple and easy, it won’t take too much time and effort. I like just throwing a bunch of stuff on a sheet pan and baking it, beans/lentils and Indian style vegetable curries are also quick and easy.
    I would say I did change my eating habits quite a lot since moving to the US, I started eating way more vegetables and fruits and cut down meat significantly (Russians eat lots of meat and my family wasn’t an exception. Actually, I was so sick of it that I didn’t have any meat for a year after the move). On the other hand, there’re so many temptations with junk food, huge portions in restaurants, soda drinks and candies! But in the end, I think that everything is good for you BUT in moderation.
    I DID start drinking a lot of alcohol in the US though, because I’m sorry but craft beer and Californian wine are just too good!:D
    Never heard of intermittent fasting, thank you for telling about this concept!

  • Cure found https://youtu.be/93jI7Gl3yic
    By June 21, 8-million will be infected worldwide
    July 27, 16 million —— 650K dead
    Oct 1, 32 million
    Dec 25, 64 million —— 1 million dead
    Feb 14, 128 million —— 1.5 million dead
    April 15, 256 million —— 2 million dead
    July 1, 512 million —— 4 million dead
    Cure found https://youtu.be/VfTvViI8IKI

    From Jan 1 Feb 29 doubled every 3-4 days
    Mar 1 ——doubled every 2 weeks
    May 1 —— doubled every 2 months

    One person doubling every 3 days can become 23 million in 96 days
    Animation https://youtu.be/5DGwOJXSxqg

  • Dr. Didier Raoult, MD, PhD by now he has used this treatment on more than 2500 patients with incredible results…he has done more research in Europe on Covid-19 & its treatments (& posted it) than anyone and they are all flocking to him for guidance, as did the French president Macron and Dr Oz. We don’t need dirty vaccines and inappropriately used ventilators that are killing people! Pls watch the following link from Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell: @3r2o

  • aaaahhhh I am so excited yall are on Spotify now!! I can listen on the go! Thanks! Thomas, I have a ninja blender too, btw! was excited when I saw you have one too! haha, I just finished a ninja shake for breakfast 5 minutes ago.

  • Interesting information that is applicable and engaging. Thank you both for the wonderful interview and making this information available to the people.

  • Try to get a doctor to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. It is next to impossible and if they do its to late for the patient. And to even make it worse the state pharmacy boards are preventing Doctors from treating their patients with hydroxychloroquine by not allowing them to prescribe the drug. So in effect drugs that work are being blocked by the system. Its crazy.

  • Hm I agree that you can’t force a view/ in this case veganism onto others. However for many that go vegan for ethical choices it’s a different picture. Still hard and a gradual transition, but there is a really strong motivation to keep going. If you just do it for health for example I could see how it’s harder to stick to.
    The meatless Mondays are a good idea:)

  • Fraud!!! Talks a lot because he’s a doctor and people believe him. Should be banned from sharing this on TV. Regular excersice will help you loose weight and not a shit diet in 21 days 800 calories a day. Sure rapid weight loose is better than loose it gradually? Wake up from this dream people and stop this man harming others with this crap.

  • Benefit of hindsight: Predimed study was retracted in 2018, edited, and republished. This may be important, you’d have to delve into the new vs old version. BTWStevia is an herb, not what is considered an artificial (like aspartame) sweetener.

  • https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/may/28/questions-raised-over-hydroxychloroquine-study-which-caused-who-to-halt-trials-for-covid-19

  • Look up QUERCETIN. From what I’ve read it works synergistically with ZINC also and that is easily purchased at Health Food stores.

  • Curiosity made me ask, Is it weird for a guy to watch this.. I’m from England, 17 and I’m not in a great state of mind but this podcast helps me calm down and stop thinking so negatively, so thank you.

  • I had a conversation with my doctor yesterday for my yearly physical and she mentioned fasting, hence why I am here to learn and get motivated. It will take some planning and it makes sense.

  • Oh Aileen. I had built my dream life but destroyed it all. I’m trying to build up the confidence again to find something else that would make me happy and a new lifestyle to pursue. Your messages are inspiring to me. ❤️ helping me move on

  • What is the best product or brand to lost lots of fat? I read lots of superb opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has anyone tested out this popular lose weight methods?

  • I fast every week
    Monday and Thursday
    and 3 days
    full moon days every month’s and 1 month in the year which is RAMADAN BECAUSE OUR PROPHET PRACTICE

  • I want to fix my body I’m diabetes is true with fasting I can be better can you explain or send me a diet lest my diabetic is type 2

  • Hello! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my cousin lost a ton of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • If you want to see Med Diet look at Portugal or Greece. Don’t look to Spain (what a joke) or Italy.

    I started fasting after watching the documentary on BBC, but I fast for real, one day per week, not that BS of 5:2. Fasting is not eating at all, not eating less. Anyway, I lost 20kgs and I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I was just trying to do it for the health benefits.
    I still do it during the cold months, one day per week of fasting (lunch on Friday and then I only eat again Saturday afternoon or for dinner). If am not able to do it at least I fast for half a day (have lunch and then only have breakfast the next day). That one is quite easy and anyone can do it.

  • I really should start practicing gratitude every day! I have big spurts of being grateful but then I tend to fall back into being anxious. Great podcast ����

  • Hi everyone
    I just posted my first podcast! Check it out and hope you like it! Please comment subscribe and also share it with friends and relatives. Sending a lots of love ❤️

  • Dear Editor,
    Every day more and more coronavirus victims are being saved by a malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, zinc and an antibiotic. Any Doctor who boasts success is brutally attacked by people who rather see innocent people die than to have Donald Trump re-elected. They even used tests designed to treat end stage victims with overdoses to sabotage and mask the real benefits of this this alternate treatments when used in a brief and timely manner. The problem with the treatment is that no one will get rich by using it!

  • I really like Crash on my Couch by Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire! They are both Youtubers and the podcast is kind of random but it just gets me in a good mood whenever I’m feeling down or want to get my mind off of things:))

  • I love podcasts
    My recommendations are
    a mile in my shoes by the empathy museum
    Ted talks daily
    People fixing the world
    Podcast playlist from cbc radio
    today, explained
    Wine & crime
    & nobody panic
    Hope you enjoy listening ��

  • He switches back and forth from stevia and “artificial sweetner” but I thought it was natural as there are both green (powdered leaves) and white. Wow, he just did NOT answer this question on stevia. He fell short of stating it was “artificial”.

  • I’m so happy that this is download-able. It allows me to save it offline and replay whenever I need it. Thanks Aileen for this. It’s a very down to earth podcast for me.:)

  • I feel my government is betraying its people by slandering hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Z pak treatment, because they know it works. It’s almost palable that there’s a dark plot to withhold the findings of many epidemiologists who have said this treatment is the solution.

  • I have been studying Nutrition for years. Can’t get employed by NHS as you have to stick to their rules on diet. Hey but that’s why there in a crises now w type 2 diabetes. I have been eating a Mediterranean diet for years. It must be working as my doctor said my bloods came back excellent last week. I am 53 years old & people say they can’t believe i am.. Albert Einstein said that Nutritionist of today will be the doctors of the future. I believe that will happen…..

  • Miracles of Islam about Good Health,
    Who knows about the best way for man to keep himself in good health and free himself of all diseases than the one who created man and the one who loves his creation? There is nothing left to mention about the best life for man in this world and in hereafter that Islam has not mentioned it. Study about the subject of fasting in the school of Islam. Study about the concept of God in Islam. Do not be selfish; do not give blind eyes in order to ignore the truth. Have courage and be an open minded person. Study about the teaching of Islam. You will find in the School of Islam the recipe of the medicine for all diseases. Come to salvation. Come to Islam; come to good health; come to prosperity.

  • Muslims prayer provides short burst of exercise (5 times a day each can be as short as 4 min) for body, mind and heart which 100% with Dr Mosley’s advice

  • It’s a disgrace that, each time his wife manages to get a word in edgeways, he INTERRUPTS HER!!!! Hero? Patriarch more like. Mosley, show your poor wife a modicum of respect!

  • Michael Mosley just confuses me. I can’t keep up. Every year or so he seems to pop up with a different message about what miracle health regime is best. First it was 5:2, then HIT (high intensity training), now blood sugar diet. Make your mind up Michael!! Is there a single useful message or is it actually all about self promotion?