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7 Beauty Products that will Survive a Summer Workout. by Jenna Birch. June 13, 2014. No Comments. Share it: there are tons of great products on the market that offer natural coverage and won’t budge during a sweat-filled summer workout. Here are a few of my favorite.

From mascara running and hair frizzing to shiny t-zones and sunburns, the summer weather is not kind to our appearance. But for those longs days in the sun, those sweaty summer concerts, and long beach days, there are some really awesome products out there than can help you survive the summer weather. Trust us, you’ll want to buy all of them. 1. Beginner Cycling Workout Flow Chart.

7 Beauty Products to Survive Sweaty Workouts. iFit Team. READ TIME: 2 min. Share. We all know what it’s like.

You want to work out, but the inconvenience of washing your face and re-doing your makeup is just enough to keep you from the gym. No one likes foundation creasing in all the wrong places or. 12 Beauty Essentials Every Summer Gym Bag Needs Whether it’s in a harshly air-conditioned studio or under the beating sun, working out in warm weather is tough on hair and skin.

The good news?10 Products You Need in Your Summer Beauty Arsenal 1 of 14. René Furterer Protective Summer Oil Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil Lasted Through a Workout. The 25 Best Products. With temperatures rising, that makeup look can go from fierce in the morning to fearsome by the time 5 p.m. rolls around.As any beauty-lover knows, the summer heat will have your mascara running, your hair poofing up, and your self-tan screaming for help.

Luckily, as beauty products get more innovative (and mattifying!), we’re getting ever-closer to a time where you can walk outside in 90. These best waterproof makeup products will stay on all summer long. They’re sweat-proof, swim-proof, and beach-proof eyeliners, lipsticks, foundation, and. 7 Sweaty & Summer Skin Care Tips + 5 Beauty Products I’m Loving. by Jen. on June 25, Try not to let all of that sweat and makeup residue sit on your skin for hours after you workout.

Okay, enough close ups of my face! I have a few recent favorite beauty products to share with you. Some related to summer skin care and some just for fun.

So we asked 15 workout experts, including yogis, personal trainers, dancers, and beyond, to share the postworkout beauty products that help them look as good as they feel day-in and day-out. “Here are some of our beauty must-haves for a sweat sesh or post-workout: We work out outdoors a lot, so we like Honest Company Tinted Moisturizer with.

List of related literature:

(12) Skin care preparations, (creams, lotions, powder, and sprays).

“Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)” by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
from Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)
by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service, 2008

Eight Cosmetics: Lotion, Hairspray, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Powder, Perfume, Nail paint and Foundation.

“SBI Bank PO (Prelims + Mains) 2020 | 30 Mock Test” by Rohit Manglik
from SBI Bank PO (Prelims + Mains) 2020 | 30 Mock Test
by Rohit Manglik
EduGorilla, 2020

One of them’s a hand cream and the other’s hair conditioner, but they’re all in there, along with a tube of Aloe Lip Preserver, some Cucumber Cleansing Milk, Honeyed Beeswax and Jojoba Oil Cleanser, Rhassoul Mud, Seaweed and Birch Shampoo, Rich Night Cream with Vitamin E, and a very great deal of cod liver oil.

“The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul” by Douglas Adams
from The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
by Douglas Adams
Gallery Books, 2014

It also a key ingredient in many cosmetic and personal care items such as soap, lotion, toner, lifting cream, eye cream, lip cream, makeup remover, body polish, bath soaks, antiaging products, shaving lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and serums [6.264, 266].

“Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology” by Se-Kwon Kim
from Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology
by Se-Kwon Kim
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015

The Body Shop followed this thinking in developing such products as its Honey and Oatmeal Scrub Mask, Cucumber Cleansing Milk, Seaweed and Birch Shampoo, and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

“Building Strong Brands” by David A. Aaker
from Building Strong Brands
by David A. Aaker
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012


“Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Trademarks” by United States. Patent and Trademark Office
from Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Trademarks
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attributes, including constant dieting, exercise, massages, saunas, manicures and pedicures.

“The Face of Fashion: Cultural Studies in Fashion” by Jennifer Craik
from The Face of Fashion: Cultural Studies in Fashion
by Jennifer Craik
Taylor & Francis, 2003

Some examples of spa products are: cleansing products such as face washes, sea sponges, milk body bars, exfoliation masks, or bathing lotions.

“Handbook of Detergents 6 Volume Set” by Uri Zoller
from Handbook of Detergents 6 Volume Set
by Uri Zoller
CRC Press, 2008

Creams, serums, eyelash potions, and vitamin capsules—it is all very French of me.

“Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood, and Style” by Natalie Holbrook
from Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood, and Style
by Natalie Holbrook
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Personal wash products, facial masks, lotions, creams, shaving products, as well as liquid makeup and mascara, employ filmforming polymers as a way to deliver these attributes to the consumer.

“Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products: Technology, Applications and Formulations” by Meyer Rosen
from Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products: Technology, Applications and Formulations
by Meyer Rosen
Elsevier Science, 2005

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  • Legit obsessed with your channel right now, I subscribed a few months ago because I too have a thyroid illness, and then discovered you’re a ballerina (one of my biggest childhood dreams) so I really enjoy your commentary videos, and you’re a lovely dancer! Btw I want to recommend you look into medical medium’s books as he discusses the cause of hashimotos, which is Epstein Barr and how to kill it. Whenever I found out that’s what was making my body attack itself it made so much sense. Good luck on your healing journey!

  • I love these story times!

    I would like to know if you could do a ballet term series. Where you give the term and then demonstrate the step. I have to see and hear then do to get it to stick and there are not many videos that help with that that isn’t plié or the basic feet positions. Thank you again for all the great videos! Keep them up!

  • She’s so cute and stunning. Even without make up she looks perfect. I hope i could wake up like that��. what a fair skin nevermind the acne(but i don’t see any acne)…

  • they need to start listing the products so that I can pop onto Sephora in another tab and buy everything my makeup is old and gross

  • Hi Kathryn I really admire you and your videos are extremely helpful. You are such a knowledgeable person and elegant dancer. I
    Was wondering if you thought it is worth to go to SAB for a summer coarse if you just began on pointe or do you think it would be better to wait until you are more advanced to audition? Thank you so much for making these videos!

  • thanks you so much for this video. i really struggle with body positivity at times because the world is filled with so many expectations and think your video will really help me become more active. i was also a dancer so could you do a video on how you transition out of dance or what dance was like for you? thanks again

  • No wonder why Selena posted a tweet about her after that one photo with Justin at VS fashion show. Barbara did nothing wrong and she was hated for it. I can see why she was jealous. �� luckyyyy dylan ❤️

  • Women supporting women until it comes on kylie jenner. The hypocrisy is real right? Every one is praising her despite her nose job but just had a problem with kylie and called her plastic.

  • Honestly, this is the a simple make-up tutorial. I was surprised that she didn’t even use a powder, nor brush for that eyeshadow, but still looks so beautiful ��

  • Bella: I look really tired today but you know what it is okay because!
    Me: what?
    Bella: pulls out consealer
    Bella: foundation!
    bella:….. realizes what she said
    also bella: and consealer!
    Me: starts laughing and writing this comment��

  • She looks so much better without makeup…
    not that she doesn’t look pretty with pretty with makeup but if she was my girlfriend I would just always say “Baby you don’t need that”

  • At young age she looks confident and gorgeous�� and i love that she loves her nose and skin.���� the way she talks very appealing like her character in Kissing Booth.

  • I think you should rename this series to “At One Pointe” or something like that because once upon a pointe doesn’t make much sense

  • mom: why are you smiling like that? You’re scaring the little kids!
    me: what do you expect me to do? Jeanine just uploaded!!����������

  • I’m auditioning for the School of American Ballet summer course this year, and am VERY interested in the NYC Ballet. This video was EXTREMELY helpful, and I will use this info if I get into the summer course, as well as the year round school

  • Why I’m I always binge watching these vids and soon as I watch them I want all proper professional products but I use simple Nivia garnea Mario budesco spray or vitimin E or nutrgina nothing special or clean and clear ��������

  • There might be a very obvious answer to this question but I have searched and searched and just can’t seem to find the answer. As a student at SAB do they supply your pointe shoes or do you have to pay for them? With all of the pointe work you have to do you would go through so many shoes and I’m just wondering if you still have to buy them?

  • Omg did you use song “Immortality” at 4.50 until end?������ How did you found it? It’s from Estonia and have change to go Eurovision. But in America ppl doesn’t even know our little country and our songs!����

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  • Do only the girls that are the best of their class at their home school get into companies like nycb?? I’m definitely not a favorite at my school and I’m worried that I won’t get into a company after high school:(

    I got to ballet Chicago btw

  • I loved this video! I really want to go to SAB, but i’m worried that my feet aren’t very good. I have worse feet than you (Your feet are beautiful btw) It basically looks like i am sickling and/or not pointing. Is there anything to help me and is there any hope for me? I will be 14 by summer.

  • Hi Katie! These videos are super helpful, but I do have one question. I would love to get into the SAB winter course, and I’m going to graduate two years early from high school for various reasons. Do you know if they will accept you to study there even if you already graduated but are under 18? I’ve heard various answers to this question, so I would love to know. Thank you!

  • I’m a really skinny girl, and sometimes I still feel self-conscious. Some people think “if only I were skinny.” It puts those people like me feel really awkward. Also some people think I’m anorexic, and it can get really annoying. So for anyone who thinks that they should be skinny because they would feel better, trust me even skinny girls are self-conscious. Be confident because there is always someone that wants to be you. Idk what this comment is but yeah.

  • YAY! Waited for a video like this �� Love the editing and all the colours, positive vibes in this video ☺️���� Thanks for sharing some motivation with us Xx

  • I love your channel! You are a beautiful dancer and a person. You make me laugh and I watch you all the time. I love to dance and I hope I can be as good as you. I love to watch you as specially right now because I have the flu. I wish you the best of luck!

  • So I told my mom I wanted to move to new York when I’m older but she definitely won’t let me go and do online school for the rest of high school cause she doesn’t think I will be mature enough but it is my dream to go to sab and nyc ballet what do I do?��

  • We are so similar�� I’m super picky, I’ve competitively danced for a long time and we literally like so many of the same things!! Haha love you����

  • Hey Katie! I’m entering C1 this year and I have to say, your vids are so helpful and comforting and informative, thank you so much!

  • Awesome video, Katie! So neat to hear your inside perspective of a world most of us only see from the outside!
    I was wondering if in part two you might be able to talk about how the school addressed issues with weight. Like you’ve said in your videos before, it’s part of the job to be slender, so I expect the school would be monitoring/keeping an eye on weight, but I’m curious how they would discuss it with younger folks while trying to avoid causing mental distress about it.

  • My favorite products that I am loving are Thayer’s with witch hazel and cucumber toner, Amazing greens antioxidant berry mix for after my workouts, Skout bars (like lara bars but better), Go Macro bars for after workouts, and my stainless steel water bottle.

  • My favorite celebrity beauties are Barbara Palvin, Jessica Alba and Camila McCaunaghey. I think my eyes grow flowers just looking at them ��

  • Hi Katie! How were the teachers in your classes during the summer at SAB? Did you get a lot of personalized attention in class?

    Also I absolutely love you and your channel! Such an inspiration for me ❤️

  • I’m SOOOOO glad you posted this! I really wanted to go to NYC ballet. But now that you’ve talked about it because it doesn’t seem like that’s the school I want to go to.

  • Can you do like a recipe video? I know you said you dont like cooking but maybe a healthy snacks video to go with this video a little?

  • I auditioned when I was 10 for SAB and I didn’t have any experience in the professional ballet world. The people who auditioned me told my mom after that I didn’t get in, but only because I had (and have) bad feet. I only learned about this when I was in 8th grade and knew it would be almost impossible to do dance professionally and by then I was already focused on my academics. After I didn’t get in, I gave up on pursuing ballet because I thought if I didn’t get in then i wasn’t good enough anyway and that I just wasn’t cut out for it (in my 10 year old mind it was the only reputable school because everyone at my school was auditioning). Now it’s a shame because I didn’t know about JKO, Joffrey, steps, etc. and I now know how passionate I am about dance but have so many medical issues and I’m more focused on school that it would be really hard to take classes, etc. However, I love living my dream through you. Keep up the great work!

  • Do you happen to have any advice on the Royal Ballet and americans joining the school? It’s my dream but I’m stumped on how to get there

  • I love your videos so much. I saw your clips about the SAB course and you were partnering with boys. In our school there are no boys and we don’t learn to dance with partners. I have some questions about it. Did you must dance with boys, like even if you didn’t know how, but you just had to? Is it any different to dance with partner, do you do pirouettes different? I really like your videos and love to get some answers (sorry about the long text).

  • When I found out I had herpes, I was completely lost because I didn’t know what to do and I worried about how the incident would affect my relationship. I couldn’t go about it but positive thinking and a healthy approach keeps me going. I tried finding help in all possible area but my efforts were to no avail. But with the help of Dr Agbonifo herbal remedy which i only used for three weeks and went back for another test which came out NEGATIVE and I was totally healed.WhatsApp +234 903 474 9874 or [email protected] outlook.com

  • I quit because I was always bigger than the entire class… I regret it so much now because I totally could have kept going to my lessons while others don’t have that opportunity. It just made me so insecure even though I could dance well.

  • Loved this video! I really want to get into a fitness routine, so this video is helpful for that! I also love Zumba too!! It is such a fun way to exercise!! Anyone who hasn’t already tried it should sign up for a class!!! It is literally SOOO much fun!!

  • So many sab memories ��I remember watching you rehearse for workshop when I was in b2 and you were phenomenal and someone I always looked up to��

  • You just keep the amazing, authentic content coming!! Loved this video taking it back to the old youtube and you can genuinely tell you enjoyed filming this.. love u jeanine:)

  • How do these people do buns so effortlessly and make it look pretty? I tried once and my hair got stuck in the hair tie and I actually had to cut it out

  • Kate you are so sweet and a person that offers to the people around you! I wish you from my heart to return to the stage because it seems that dance is the love of your life! I will pray for you, may God give to you and your family a lot of blessings!

  • Kathryn! You we’re at my YAGP in Denver this week! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it this year because I had an audition. You did teach my best friend, Althea. She is so lucky! I really really wanted to meet you!!

  • Hahaha yes the easiest way to lose a friend is to live with them. Sad but true, and even for the youngins.

    Also, huge thanks. I have my first ballet class in 25 years in 3 hrs, and your videos have been a great help to keep me from psyching myself out about coming back to ballet as an out of shape adult. ��

  • Vi este video hace 3 años y estaba super triste de los comentarios que dejaban, en especial por el tema de las cirugías, y es tan bacán verlo ahora y ver como evolucionó todo este tema y la innecesidad de dejar comentarios negativos. Amemos y dejemos vivir♡

  • i auditioned for sab summer course today, i don’t train at a balanchine school but i did go to sab last summer. my classical teachers tell me i have beautiful artistry on stage, but how can i bring that into the studio, or especially a balanchine class where everything is so fast and energetic?

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  • SAB doesn’t do the “going into the office’ thing anymore. They will call your parents if they want you to stay. They also do really ask people until at least 3 weeks in to the summer. I got asked Friday of the 4th week. SAB is by far the most intimidating summer though. Its TENSE in that classroom

  • I love this video! There were a lot of great ideas in this! Also I like the crock pot idea I actually have one of those, and may try to use it sometime:)

  • yr so beautiful Jeanine I have been wondering a lot how u get yr eyebrows so perfect and yr skin also
    I also want know how much is yr watch I really want one like that

  • I take 4 dance classes a week and because of that I never really think about exercise but I do think about eating healthy and this video helped a lot!

  • this video inspired me to do better! I hate all fruits and veggies… and that’s a HUGE problem…I’m going to work on eating healthier and STOP with my soda addiction… It’s bad.. But thanks for this inspiring video! Your the bestest

  • So I’m the youngest of four kids in my family and I aspire to become a professional ballerina, but I am extremely confused on where to go where I want to dance at proffesionlly and how I can get 5-6 classes a week when my company only offers classes 3 days a week for my level. I also am considering doing online school so I can focus on ballet more, but I go to a fine arts school already, where my teacher doesn’t want me to take ballet at until 8th grade, and my mom is a teacher so I don’t know if she would let me.

  • Thank you for making these, my daughter was accepted to sab but i was concerned about the short days. She also wanted houston so i have been trying to find out more on each so we can figure out what would be best for her. It’s very stressful for a 13yr old!

  • your dance partner in those videos totally looks like christian reed in the dance academy series? Also you like kind of like Tara…

  • You’re freaking beautiful first of all. lol and also, I just did a video about Kayla Itstines BBG, which is my current fitness routine. I’m new on youtube and I would love if you would check out my youtube channel:)

  • I am attending SAB this summer and I am 13. I won’t be 14 until October of 2018-19 but I really want to go to the year-round program. If I attended the year-round program I could not dorm until the year after which would not work. I am planning to dance at a Balanchine program that year, but I want to be at sab as soon as possible. If I attend SAB again for the summer course in 2019 should I ask about the year-round program or is that advice for the older dancers?

  • If you take your glasses in to any glasses store like Warby Parker or Visionworks, they can adjust your glasses so they fit your face better! Usually it’s for free, too!

  • Girl yes the Rodan & Fields serum is AH-MAZING. I had lash extensions too and my lashes got destroyed and that serum totally revived them!!

  • If you are younger or older and want an intense summer I suggest AAB it has 4-5 classes a day (you can take more) it is amazing ��. American Academy of Ballet

  • Love you jeanine! but the “i just gave you a free promo” wasn’t necessary. made it seem like you only talk about things bc you get money for it. I actually really love this vid. hopefully you upload a new video like this maybe every season.:)))))

  • What was the social life like at SAB? And if I wanted to audition for the summer program, would I have to know the Balanchine technique really well? I come from a Vagonava school. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Thank you so much for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do a video on tips for auditioning for summer courses. Love your videos Katie.

  • I went to SAB’s summer intensive last summer when I was 12. I am going again this year. Since I was 12 I technically thought I wasn’t considered for year round. But I only live an hour away from NYC so I was considered to be a day student for year round. I didn’t know that until the last two weeks. They asked me the very last day, well my mom cause she came to watch. I ended up not accepting because I didn’t feel ready mentally to commute in daily or technically ready. I sometimes regret my decision. What if it was a mistake, idk! Summer intensive audition was SOOOO stressful for me this year. I ended up getting accepted with a scholarship. My teacher said if they really wanted me they would offer a scholarship. Still very stressful! �� hoping the intensive still happens this year��

  • You are so beautiful and I think that you look really fit. Sometimes its hard to be confident about yourself but u are beautiful and should be confident❤️❤️❤️ you are amazing! Love u lots

  • I have heard that SAB has evolved, regarding having all technique classes done entirely on pointe, and that they moved towards having the morning class taken not on pointe. I don’t know if that is true, and it was a few years ago that I was told that. I’d be interested to know. I always used to take morning class in old pointes, that had the shanks completely removed, and had been pounded, massaged, whatever it took, to get them soft enough to work as flats (certain brands are better for this than others; some simply could not be used this way, but Freeds usually worked well).

  • Love your videos!! If you could please watch a video of me at the barre and give me any corrections, that would be great!
    Link: https://youtu.be/YpGx5kPTTEc

  • I just bought the lash serum it was so expensive, but I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it!! I mean it’s basically like getting lash extensions right? Lol but instead they’re gonna be my real lashes ��. Love you Jeanine! Also do you think that the serum has also helped your bottom lashes? I know you’re not supposed to use it on the bottom, but maybe the top might rub on them? Have you noticed anything?

  • I wondering why people are so stupid to say that Bella is ugly
    I think probably she’s one of the most beautiful women that i ever seen before ��she gorgeous like her face is so so so perfect ��

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE these vídeos and your content! This is the best dance channel of YouTube!!!
    I would love to see more pictures and videos that go along with the story!

  • Jeanine, serious question. I was brought up in church, like you. I don’t “go” (physically) to church, bc I’ve found amazing ways to stay involved in my faith… A lot of thanks to you, and being so open about your faith lifelines like, The Porch. Anywaymy boyfriend grew up with no belief. He’s not for or against any one religion. He’s lost. Do you know of any books that’d be great for a young adult to dip their toes into Christianity? The Bible, is a duh. But something that’s like a modern day cliff notes? I’ve been searching for something for him, and can’t find the right material.

    God is a huge deal in my life. And I’m often finding myself saying out loud and to myself, “I wish you (boyfriend) had a relationship with God.” Would you suggest the JP book?

    Much love from ATL! Btwyour lashes look gorgeous, and happy fall!

  • Jeanine! Your amazing! Your my idol and always watch your videos. There is only a few videos that I haven’t watched of yours. You a true, good Cristian and I am too. Love you and your videos!

  • I love these videos! Thank you so much Katie! Just a shout out… Jan Burkhard guest teaches and is a gust artist at our ballet school!!!!

  • could you elaborate more on a good weight to be in and maintain? also i absolutely LOVE your videos and this channel is absolutely so so helpful, keep doing you!��

  • you should start a podcast! you have such great advice and experience, it would be great to listen on the go. Love your channel! �� ❤️��

  • To get your glasses adjusted, you could probably go to a LensCrafters or other glasses store and ask them to adjust the arms of the glasses to better hook around your ears to prevent them from sliding down your nose. I don’t know if they charge for the service, but you could also search for youtube videos about adjusting the arms, but I would be cautious doing it because if you don’t warm the arms enough and try to bend them, you could snap them.

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  • HAHA last year we went to a summer camp, me and my best friend got put into the same room. First we were like “yas!!!!!!” and by the time the camp ended we both hated each other…��

  • Hi Katie, I want to talk about a problem I have about my ballet teacher. In my country, ballet is not taken very seriously and as a result, it is very easy for people to become a ballet teacher. It is basically a gamble for students if they are getting someone who knows what they are doing or not. On Wednesdays, I have the not-so-good teacher. She always makes us do intense stretches at the beginning, so my legs always give out in the middle of class. Also, she encourages students to force their turn outs. What should I do?? I wouldn’t know that it’s bad to force your turn out or do intense stretches before class if it’s not for you Katie, thank youuu.

  • I love that you mentioned PNB!!!! I attend PNB and love it so much! I want to attend SAB when I turn 10 years old for their young dancers program. I turn 10 in November of this year.

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    _在整個人類歷史上 強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`’守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。

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  • I attended the SAB summer course this past summer, and as far as I know they didn’t have a list for winter term. They took everyone into consideration!

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  • Hi Katie, I am 13 and will turn 14 in the summer. I have auditioned for the last 2 years for SAB and haven’t gotten in. Instead I went to CPYB last year and loved how intense it was. I’m afraid that if I audition for SAB this year and somehow I get in, I will probably turn in down due to what you said. I’m afraid they will think I don’t want  go to SAB so, is it worth auditioning or should I wait till next yer when I would really love to go? PS. Thank you so much for your amazing videos and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! Best Wishes for a healthy new year!

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  • Hi Katie would really like to know, when you are on point, are your toes supposed to dig into the floor please explain what happens to your toes on point, I tried it and the pain is horrendous

  • I heard the pastor JP on @theheartofdating podcast!! You should listen to them, the podcast is amazing!!!! Ohh and I heard about this book! I also recommend you read Love defined by Girl defined ministries, Bethany Baird and Kristen Clark and you should read Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis! It’s Christian and super faith related and all of that based. Such as auditing and relationships. Singleness etc….

  • I just want to say that the SAB intensives are NOT authentic Balanchine. It has deviated from Balanchine since Peter Martins has taken over. My daughter went to the summer intensives and we were sorely disappointed with what was taught there. They are now reevaluating and getting the older people who learned authentic Balanchine and appreciate it for the legacy of passing it on and restructuring the whole SAB school now that Martins is leaving. We are waiting for the process to start happening and for them to return to authentic Balanchine before going back. Everyone going there should know that SAB has not been teaching the authentic Balanchine method. They need to return to their roots and to what made them who they are.

  • Not a dancer, found your videos and was inspired to start doing dance classes again to help deal with my weight gain due to Cushing’s disease. (The reason why I quit 2 years ago). You have been such an inspiration and I now have the confidence in myself to do that. Thank you! Oh and btw you’re so gorgeous and glowy in this video! Love from the UK! ����