6 Methods to Fight Via a Fitness Slump


Getting Out A Gym Slump

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calmly working myself out of a slump //4

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3 Ways to Get Out of an Unmotivated Rut

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How to quickly get out of a rut

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Fix Your Upper Back Posture In 6 Minutes With A Foam Roller

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How to Stop Being TIRED All the Time

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How to Fix Your Posture in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)

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1. Shorten Your Workout Take things down a notch. Maybe run 20 minutes instead of 40. Do fewer reps on the weight 2. Try Something New Maybe today is the day you wander over to the elliptical machines and see if you like it. Or 3. Don’t Stress We can’t emphasize this enough. Occasional lack.

Then get yourself going with a short, five-minute workout. A few stretching exercises not only dispel tiredness, they are also a great way to compensate for sitting at your desk for long periods. And you can also fight the tensions that are unfortunately widespread in office circles. 6. Power napping against the afternoon slump. Eat Lighter Meals.

Light foods pair well with warmer weather, so take a fresh approach to mealtime. Visit your local farmers market to pick up fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and get creative in the kitchen. Incorporate water-based fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple into meals. Again, I feel that way sometimes myself, and in fact sometimes I struggle to motivate myself to exercise — and I’ll use that as an example of how to break out of the slump.

When I fall out of exercise, due to illness or injury or disruption from things going on in my life, it’s hard to get started again. Try these eight ways to get your sports mojo back in action. Quite often, a slump in exercise pep stems from stress at home or work. 10 WAYS TO BEAT THE AFTERNOON SLUMP: 1. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. One way to certainly beat the afternoon slump is the good ole tried and true method of getting enough sleep at night! Studies show you should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep for a good night’s rest, but I like to think you know your body best, so do what works for you.

If you find yourself in a slump due to exhaustion, it’s time for a break. Use a sick day, a personal day, whatever — but just create a day for yourself (this means NO commitments to other people). Maybe you spend that day catching up on tasks, maybe you spend it sleeping — but if your body is screaming out for rest, listen up!One of the best ways to fight fat is with fiber. “Emerging research shows that focusing on high-fiber foods can help you shed pounds after other diets have caused a plateau, likely because the nutrient is so filling,” says Dr. Sean M. Wells, the owner of Naples Personal Training. 6 ways to beat a fitness slump.

We’ve all been there – we’re sitting at home, flicking through Insta and admiring the many brightly coloured bowls of goodness, tanned women with abs you could bounce a 10 cent piece off and chicks in luxe workout-wear squatting, lunging and jumping. We’re inspired. 21 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump Medically reviewed by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — Written by Laura Schwecherl — Updated on December 4, 2019 Move.

List of related literature:

Another is to cease training to see how quickly fitness is lost.

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• Physical fitness could also improve.

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4 Try to appraise your feeling of exertion and fatigue as spontaneously and honestly as possible, without thinking about what the actual physical load is.

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And then, once you’ve achieved everything you’ve created here, repeat the process anew, charting another more exciting course for the next phase of your fitness and life.

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After you complete one (or more) repetitions of the exercise, perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement (see Chapter 6) while visualizing yourself feeling healthy, refreshed, clear, and revitalized.

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For habit goals, try combining a start date, habit frequency, time trigger, and a streak target.

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For example, when you’re consistently completing 3 body-type workouts a week, try to exercise 4 or 5 days in a row (with the off-day routines on the fourth and/or fifth days), or try to make some subtle changes to your diet, like eliminating desserts or limiting alcohol consumption.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
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And since fitness is never stagnant, if it’s not improving, it must be getting worse.

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Finally, look for small victories in the form of gratitude and little daily “wins”—for example, losing a pound or two, having more energy, sleeping better, or making yourself a healthy meal.

“The Hashimoto's Healing Diet: Anti-inflammatory Strategies for Losing Weight, Boosting Your Thyroid, and Getting Your Energy Back” by Marc Ryan, LAC
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All the techniques that coaches learn to help clients be accountable to themselves apply here: journaling about insights, setting up physical reminders, celebrating small victories, exercising “veto power” when the old pattern emerges, and so forth.

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  • Sometimes I catch myself for not having done anything on a given day but when I look back to recap my day, it turns out I did quite a bit of cool stuff. It’s all mostly in our heads. Be kind to yourselves.

  • Randomly I looked at the butt wink video and found out that’s probably my problem in squats. He’s so informative and explains things thoroughly. This is the 1st YouTube channel I’ve ever subscribed to!

  • Which video is the part 2 to this one that he mentioned in the video (about why we get into the cycle of rut/productivity and back again)

  • I havent done any schoolwork in 4-5 weeks and am failing all my classes. Im not motivated enough to do anything, but i still cry all the time about it and how much trouble i will be in when my parents find out. Advice?

  • Can anyone help? The position at 7:12, wouldn’t that make APT worse??? When Jesse help the posterior tilt position, wouldn’t of keeping that position whilst stretching the arms forward been best….

  • I resonated with this video so deeply, thank you for sharing. The first think I do coming out of a rut is to be patient with myself and to recognize how far I come. I also reflect on my down phase but remind myself that life is not linear ��

  • Yet you could not make it to a tanning salon! SORRY you are ghost white. You need some sun badly. Put some sun screen on so you dont burn and get outside.

  • I feel like i have wasted my summer. I didn’t go out at all. I have zero friends. I’ve only been eating junk food and i just sit in my bed all day watching youtube and going to bed at like 3am. I’m now going back to school in 9 days. H E L P. Also my room is trash and i haven’t cleaned it in 2 months

  • That’s the thing i really miss about college, being surrounded by so many intelligent young people eager to make change in their society. It did wonders to keep my own motivation up.

  • Awesome video. Any recommendations for someone who has a short foam roller? My head & neck can’t fit on the roller. Does a cushion work?

  • sometimes it happens.. i mean the potato feeling:) there are times where you dont want to do anything at all and what i do to feel better is actually letting myself do whatever i want that day and write about my feelings:)

  • This is exactly what I needed. That ah-ha moment felt like laying on a comfy couch or a cloud, but I was on the ground. This is great!

  • I am motivated by fear of failure. For some, fear is crippling, but for others it motivates me to keep grinding! Also regular therapy (telehealth right now) sessions help!

  • Just as I was doing good and producing good content on my YouTube channel consistently, I get into a slump. Like you said at the beginning of the video this is a pattern that repeats itself. I like the just do something method. If you don’t want to do pushups just commit to doing two of them and then you wind up doing a lot more. From just writing this comment, I am now inspired to take action! Funny how that works.

  • i love your videos! they’re so cool, the editing is like, amazing, it’s look likes a japanese movie or just a short film, but no, that’s just a youtube video ( a super cool one )
    by the way i was asking myself a question, do you still go to school? you don’t talk about it in your routine or what?

    love from france, dawn

  • I’ve been doing these exercises for 2 months and haven’t seen any change! I know by reading the comments that it has worked for everyone else, but I’m really getting demotivated. I haven’t seen anything and my head is so far infront of my body

  • Did follow along
    Just did this after the one with neck pain.

    Yes, hit the “aha” moment
    I feel SO much better

    Thank you for taking the time to do these videos. I will be sharing with family and friends and now…

    Besides building things, reading books, watching Netflix during this unfortunate pandemic, I WILL be viewing and doing your videos.

    Thank you much!

  • I did feel the “ah-hah” moment (Take on me…). It’s almost as if the tightness in your chest and front shoulders is loosened and your upper back muscles are able to take over and pull you back.

  • I love all of your video’s and imagine my surprise when the same day after watching one of your video’s I hopped over to a six sisters stuff recipe and saw your beautiful wife! What a wonderful FAMOUS couple! Thanks for all these helpful videos. And your wife’ and sister in laws too!

  • I totally agree with you about how long it took to develop my poor posture… I can remember several significant accidents which contributed to my aches and pains (going clear back to my teens I’m now in my sixties) so I know it’s going to take some time and perseverance!
    I actually tuned into this video for the link to the foam roll, which I ordered immediately. I will get back to you on my ah-ha moment, which I am certain will come, after it arrives. And yes, I will try then with your wife.
    I will say that I’ve been doing the stretches in many of your vids and after only a couple of weeks my neck, hips and back posture are greatly improved and that spot in the middle of my spine that always goes out (and even my chiropractor has trouble getting back in) actually goes back with these stretches and hardly even pops out. When it does I can easily get it back in now.
    Also, Camille sure looks relaxed after these demonstrations. If it were me I think I’d fall asleep (which I’ve also been doing much more restfully).

  • Well…Sleep cycle is rightly very important factor affecting the level of motivation in life.
    Agree with all points you talked about.
    Just that you speak very fast makes it difficult to get everything.
    Overall nice video ��������

  • How many of you tried it with my wife? What did you think? I LOVE how immediate these results are! Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, and thanks for watching!

  • honestly creating a new project or find one that excites me is the best way to best me into the flow of work. because from there millions of ideas and over all motivation comes to me. Although is normal having some bad days

  • jusuf’s videos always come right on time:)
    i’ve been kinda feeling this way too! so this helped me to wanna get out of my slump hehe

  • I sleep 10-12 hours a day and don’t use an alarm clock, never have caffeine, go outside for about an hour a day, 30 minute run daily, and I mainly just drink water, yet i stay tired always, this is bullshit.

  • I don’t know why but I currently have an irritable problem that really prevents myself from being productive
    Regardless how fresh and energized I am before but when studying, all of the sudden, the thought of feeling sleepy crossed my mind, then I inevitably started to feel sleepy actually. And finally, well, I ended up lying on the bed sleeping like a lazy pig:(
    Is there any help or solution for my case pls:(

  • I have a question: If the Kyphosis one person has, comes from a Scoliosis, and has several rotations (as most scoliosis do) how can we do the first exercise? How do we fix the rotation and counter-rotation along the several spine curves?

  • Been doing it for a week and I’m already noticing a difference!! But I’ve been doing this once in the morning and once at night. Is twice a day too much?

  • 29 in rut. been told what i do is wrong and what i didnt do also wrong, every happening is my fault, no real friend only fake friend that want follow higher status that they outsell me at the back. traditism parent

  • For several years I have this sleeping disorders already where I wake up 4 AM in the early morning most often. A couple of months ago, I began to obtain just 2 to 4 hrs sleep every night, making me in a worse condition of insomnia. Simply by testing this treatment solution, I was able to know more about sleep and even find the alternatives to get a great sleep at night.. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I just went out from the bath after taking a shower cause i was tired to record my youtube video today with my phone.
    And this video was a like surprise ����

  • I rarely comment on your videos and I always had been a silent fan/subscriber of your channel. The first few words you uttered in this video already hit me so hard. This pandemic it affected me in a way that I can’t really describe. I stopped having my daily routines and my creativity feels like most days I can’t find it. During the weeks and months we were in quarantine felt like I’m also stuck. I love how this video reminded me that it is okay whatever I am feeling and that I’ll feel better sooner.

  • Video: Do you need a huge inspirational epiphany to take a shower? No
    Me:…haha yeah.. I don’t…need motivation.. to shower..
    Also me: oh my goodness I need help

  • lol, i drink so much coffee, that im sure my blood has been replaced by it haha, na but I do drink allot, like to the point of it not really effecting me much anymore, but it just tastes so good, and it does offer health benefits lol

  • Pound for pound, tea has on average about twice as much caffeine as coffee. However, the typical “dose”, tea bag, is typically about half the amount of coffee grounds that many people use per “cup” (8 oz.?) of coffee. Tea, also especially green tea, also has other interesting health benefits, in small doses.

  • I play soccer at a high level I’m 13 and I feel like I’m not motivated to go and train I’m on my phone most of the time and my dad wants me to go train. I haven’t had a break in this pandemic. I’m burnt out any tips. Have a Great day!

  • What’s your opinion on the backpod and helping with costochondritis. Will these stretches help just as much or do you recommend just getting a backpod? Thanks in advance

  • I’m not sure if you’re still checking comments, but damn… your editing skills are no joke. You should make a tutorial if you haven’t already (but only if you want to lol)

  • I can totally see where I’m going wrong. Once a week my husband, 4 year old and I clean the house top to bottom as quickly as possible to prepare to have friends over. The next day is a designated lazy day. These things are fine, but the rest of the week I also need to focus on doing as much as I can (progressively doing more, not doing a ton all of a sudden and then burning out) so that one day per week isn’t as difficult mentally, and there’s less to get done.
    And the first step to doing that is to do any small thing I don’t really super want to do. Which tonight is going to be reading a few pages of a book, while having my favorite snack as a positive reward. And then I’ll get a couple dishes done, which is the actual thing I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t have to do very many, though. Just enough to say that yes I washed a few dishes. And then I relax again.

  • Omg. Perfect video for me right now… I have thought myself this two side brain as horse and a horseman. If horseman only wimps the horse it will kick up and throw the horseman off. So you must me good horseman and get a long with your horse well. Develop a symbolic relationship.

  • Wow thanks so much for this. I felt I really needed this. I don’t mean to victimize myself but this whole covid thing has been really stressful on me! But thanks nonetheless:)

  • Wow! Simply, WOW! I’ve enjoyed and put to good use all of the great information from your videos. This one however blew my mind. Thank you

  • I’m a stressed medical student…
    I’m supposed to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning..
    But today i woke up at 7 am…just having headache����������

  • I’m 29, finished my Bachelor’s in applied mathematics last year and struggled greatly to find employment for way too long. That, combined with my very unproductive flat mates, kind of trapped me in a state of stagnation. It’s starting to fundamentally mess with my mental state. Like, I feel my mind deteriorating in real time.
    Don’t let life get you into my position!

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  • this video has given me hope! talk about instant relief. which made me an instant subscriber. I am just curious to know, how often in a week should I do this routine?

  • That was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am suffering from the wort back pain at the mo possibly do to this quarantine, and finally had to just type in how to fix it. This video came up and WOW WOW WOW. Gonna get into the habit to do this every day. Ironically, I am tall and also do suffer from bad posture that I have noticed causes my extreme back pain so all-in-all, this is a good first step for me to finally conquer my bad posture that has lead to years of horrible back pain. Thank you quarantine for giving me time to finally just figure this crap out!

  • I really enjoyed this video. Working through dissociative derailment issues, existential angst, depression and addiction/trauma resolution, issues as it relrelates to cigarettes/food weight, pain does to arthrist gain; my spiritual belief system suspect/what happens after death, purpose/meaning factors; repulsed by this pitiful narrative. As I struggle to sleep, watched this video and when I do get out out of bed, inspired by this video, must start the day brushing/shower, go for walk and meditate…if I can get “this” done believe it will inspire momentum, problem solve issues along the way with doing “something” proactive and find ” being of service as I do something areas to self study of interest, excerpt my will and proceed from that seed faith mindset!

  • but is there a right time to eat meals? or isn’t this just a social construct to fit a working schedule in a 9 to 5 job? shouldn’t we rather eat intuitively? listen to our bodys?

  • Recently started having message & chiropractic therapy for neck and shoulder pain. Purchased a 36″ foam roller and then happened across your channel a day later. Perfect timing. Thank you for sharing all this great information.

  • Thanks for the exercise class! Much easier to do with someone than alone. Lol. I have been working on my posture for several months and it has been a somewhat painful process. I’m so glad I came across your channel because these exercises and the strength training exercises are doable and they work! Still feeling pretty fatigued at night but wake up every morning feeling better. Now, any suggestions for being able to sit on a stool or on bleachers without hurting?

  • I just want to say, thank you for stating that your tips may help depression but something more needs to happen. Too often youtubers will act as though their tips will cure mental illness. They obviously don’t, but some of the teenage/young adult viewers may not fully understand that. It’s a small thing, but thank you. As someone with depression I feel happy that you mentioned it instead of being like “it’s so easy to be happy, be positive 24/7/365”

  • i feel motivated whenever i watch your videos

    when i feel tired or have no passion in my life i tell to my self “ok! enough! now is the time to watch Jusuf’s videos”

  • Dude, you’re an awesome human being. This is the first time i’ve watched your content. I love the quality you put in to your work. Thank you for helping people. Keep it up homie

  • I was a PT for the first time recently and these are the type of exercises she wants me to do. However, I find the foam roller makes my spine sore. Will I eventually get used to it?

  • You can’t correct this problem without first addressing the underlying issue in the vestibular system. The vestibular system is directly connected to the postural musculature and will just send you back to poor posture if it isn’t fixed.

  • I also have a lot more energy and do not even need coffee if I cut out sweets and any form of concentrated sugar. When I start eating sweets again, I notice that horrible tired feeling.

  • i swear to god ive spent the rest of the day watching youtube videos and tiktok. yesterday was worse, i could seriously hold 6 hours without eating yet when its actual fasting i feel like dying. i hope this isnt depression, i dont feel sad but im gonna be if i keep this shit up. pray for me guys ever i had school break i just spend all day in bed. my floor is a fucking mess i have my hair everywhere. fnfbjdbdkdndjdhhdhfndkdkd.

  • This is amazing. I will practice this be shavasana. I never get really relaxed because I am so aware of those hot spots. I am including this in my daily practice! Thanks.

  • just tried this. the difference was shocking, even though i didn’t do a full 2 minutes on each stretch. I have a few questions. 1, I have an 18inch foam roller, so getting the whole length of my body on it is not possible. I can manage to get my head and my upper back comfortably on it, would it be ok to support my lower back with something soft like my rolled up yoga mat, or should I try and hold myself up? 2. on the second exercise, I noticed that if i dragged my knuckles my left shoulder would start to hurt a little past halfway, while my right would be fine, though my knuckles were unable to maintain contact with the ground on either hand. Is there a way to address this imbalance? 3. Similarly, on the third exercise, my right hand could make contact with ground above my head but my left hand could not. How might I fix this? 4. Lastly, I felt some discomfort in the muscles in my mid-back. Is this due the length of my foam roller, or is there something I could be doing wrong that could be causing this?

    If you have videos addressing these things, a link would be appreciated

  • you are always an ispiration even when you aren’t the most productive version of yourself. and I think that’s because you consistantly translate the most important thoughts and help people (and me) to find their ways to a happier, healthier living. I will never get tired of saying: thank you <3
    and also! your country is the place of my dreams and you have found such a beautiful and unique way to show its loveliness

  • I lack the motivation to attempt any of this stuff. ����‍♂️ Quarantine/social distancing/stay indoors etc seems to have sucked the life right out of me.

  • Can you please make videos for anxiety? How to get rid of it, how to avoid it, how to cope with it immediately, like when it attacks but you have to present a public presentation especially speech and all….. plzzzz

  • Typical answers…I still think it’s these amalgam fillings in my mouth…and plenty of people don’t even think about them. They need to come out.

  • Yes, I did have an “ahah” moment. Way cool. Had rotator surgery 15 months ago at age 58 and still have significant difficulty. I’m determined to be disciplined and do these as well as others you have shown. Thank You ��

  • When I feel down and everything starts falling apart, my routine, my goals, etc. I usually clean. Cleaning your space and your body will give you a clear mind, and I notice when my routine and things are getting behind my room gets super messy! Then I try to find my motivation, my strength and set a time to wake up everyday. When I do that I feel my life in order and my heart in peace. I deal with anxiety and when I see that I am going to fast for my heart and soul to handle I just calm down and take my time to put things back in place. I loved this video, you have change so much in the past years! Keep going! And for everyone reading this comment, You got this ♥️��

  • I am in that kind of rut right now but it was much worse few years ago so I think I am getting a little bit better, I am doing workout again, I just need to organize my house, that’s the problem.

  • A change of mindset has helped me to unpotato. For example I acknowledge that each day i can start fresh also taking inventory of my day at night, understanding that: “you can’t make tomorrow better if you don’t understand today” lana blakely

  • seeing someone that i consider super productive being honest about their struggle with productivity is really comforting �� thank you so much for sharing ����

  • needed this so much
    On the one hand to distract myself from some overwhelming thoughts decision stuff ahh my mind won’t stop
    And at the same time i wanna focus
    I wanna be able to stay focused editing videos and stay focused while thinking about sth ELSE than this decision

    Might seem abstract, idk but I just wanted to say why i neeeded this so so hard

    Ily jus

  • Hi! Thanks for your help but I can’t find this type of foam roller around me. Could you please suggest any other exercise? When I lie down there’s a huge gap between my back and the ground. Plz do reply

  • Tough to believe that even the host of “Hot Ones” falls into a rut from time to time. I guess as humans, we’re all susceptible to laziness…even the successful ones.

  • I’ve been really struggling with sleep this lockdown period! The other week I tried getting up early everyday no matter what time I went to bed, I made myself get up at 8am and it actually worked and it really helped and it felt good getting up early tbh! But I haven’t really stuck to it lol so I need to do it again! But I know I’m gonna miss the lay ins when I go back to work so I’m kinda making the most of them lol and our bodies will only sleep for the amount of time we need them to so yeah!

  • Wow I just did step 2 while watching at my counter and 3 vertebra popped. I have all these problems. Great video. I’ll be sure to do all of these

  • If you have Bad Sinuses. Or even Diabetic. Have Thyroid issues. All this can make you very fatigue. I am having to take Vitamin D and I try to get Sun. And try not to sleep like a Vampire….����Making homemade food is a lot healthier and easier to do than you think. Eating wrong can make you Fatigue too. And don’t forget the more you sleep the more you want too. lol. Schedule is probably a good thing to do. Though I don’t follow those charts they give you. If you only need 6 hour. Than that’s all you need. Some people may need more or less. And I guess depending on their types of jobs they do. ��

  • How does one begin this process when you work a full time job and barely have enough time between shifts to get a good sleep? Some of us have to work to provide for our families and all the others out there that decide to wallow in self pity and mooch off the people who actually do give a damn.

  • I needed this. Online finals and studying in general and moving back to my hometown from uni for the quarantine have gotten me in such a messy lifestyle. I feel unmotivated and cant focus as much as I would want on my studies. But your videos really do help!!! Im trying my best to gain once again control over my life lol. Thank you, Juss, for everything you do. ��

  • You did an amazing job:)
    My only tip is to understand the balance of life. Whatever you might feel, breathe out and just let it be as it is and always believe in the process. Just believe in yourself ��

  • Because naturally the human being is not just a ready made large corporations slave. It’s an unnaturally harvested recourse (arguably the second most valuable recourse on the planet after crude oil)
    And our general work cycle is totally unnatural. We are designed to work for our own ends as hunter gatherers around seasonal changes, which does sometimes warrant lotts of sleep (winter dark months)
    The manipulation starts when we start pre school, all leading to get the best production out of the best years of our lives.

  • Great exercises and explanation for why they are important. One question tho, maybe it’s already answered in the 8k comments but in forward head posture aren’t all the neck flexors (primarily scm and ant. scalene) shortened and in a constant state of tension? So I’m not sure how making them stronger helps correct that? Maybe I’m missing something, but why wouldn’t strengthening the neck EXTENSORS (splenius muscles and post scalene) be more effective?

  • I love that it took me 10 months of seeing this in my feed to watch it KNOWING that the advice would be precisely what I wanted/needed to hear and more. Btw, millions of views. Phew.

  • I found that when we don’t stimulate our intellectual muscles, our brain gets sad and takes a seat back with inspiring ideas and motivation.

  • Tried this 6 min routine to ease my right side cervical pain. It does bring in an almost instant relief, thanks for that. Also I have a sprained intercostal muscle since last 7 months on my right side (lowest one), that area kind of flares up while doing any posture correction exercises. Any thoughts/suggestions for fixing that sprain. Thanks again!

  • The more often you do this, should your reach improve ie closer to the floor above your head. I’m 72 & feel it in my shoulder when straight out & have to lift arms off of the floor to go above my head.

  • Best advice I’ve heard in ages. I’m so following thus channel. Incidentally, Injust slumped jnto a 7 day rut after some four weeks of hyperactive workaholicism.

  • I’ve never understood “reward yourself” when it comes to motivation. I’m an adult, I can reward myself whenever I want. Unless there’s someone else holding you accountable, how is that supposed to work?

  • How many people have looked in the mirror and compared your stomach to 4-5 months ago and went Gooood damn! �� I gained 10 pounds, but I’ve been workout for the last 2 weeks. Lost 2 pounds so far. Damn booze will do it!

  • First time my lower back has shown such a dramatic result when finishing stretches and laying flat. Between your exercises and my regular visits to my chiropractor things are starting to finally change for the better! Thank you!

  • How to correct your posture:

    1: Hunch forward like Gollum in the before picture
    2: Stand like you have a sign post up your ass in the after picture
    3: No that’s it

  • I’ve been in it for awhile now…since quarantine started. About a week into it, I just stopped. I didn’t want to move. I still don’t feel like it.:/

  • Wow, there was a definite difference from start to finish! Am in my mid-70’s do Yoga because body gets “stiff” have old snowmobile injury in neck so must move! Thank you!

  • This was me yesterday. Bored but I didn’t want to do anything, lazy but i didn’t want to do anything fun to combat that. Then i found your channel. Thanks for these videos.

  • Hi jusuf. Ive been looking for a particular song in one of your videos (school got me like//5 from june 2017). The song starts at around 6:57 or 6:58 mark. I hope you answer. Or if any of you guys out there know what song it is please please tell me

  • Thank you Thomas, this Video came at the best possible time for me. I could not identify what was troubling / boring me in life, through your video i have realized that I‘ve stagnated and need to branch out. Thank you for your amazing content

  • In the pelvic tilt video he says not to stretch hamstrings and here for the exact same problem he says to stretch them. Fucking confusing, the latest drama around him doesn’t help him either

  • Ik this video is old and the comment section is probably drier than the Sahara desert but what should I do instead of face pulls as i cant do them as my gym is closed

    Response would mean a lot

  • Something snuck the fire out of me. I need help reawakening my inner lioness. And we’re in quarantine now and it’s hard to connect to people.

  • Ok so here’s the deal, I don’t really get out much, because I still live in my small home town which is a small farming community and the only things to do here are drink, which I’m not really big on, local sports, which i never really got into but probably should have, and farm, but i live in town. So the most obvious answer would be to move but the problem there and the reason why j haven’t yet is because I have a job here. I didn’t go to college or university so I’m not really qualified for a whole lot and just finding another job isn’t as simple as it would seem. Obviously I want to find another job somewhere and move, but what can I do to simply start getting out more, I should also point out that the majority of my friends live elsewhere

  • I wonder if it just works differently for different people. For me almost ALL my friends are much more successful and self motivated and the more I talk to them the more I just feel like I’m a failure…

  • Did this! Hurt while I was doing it a tad. But feeling much better right now afterwards. Gonna keep doing this! Subscribing. And thank you!

  • I’m 19. Haven’t been motivated for a very long time. I’m struggling with how to tell people that I am bisexual. Some family and friends know and I’m somewhat comfortable with just them knowing but other things that messed my outlook on life up is the crisis I went through in 2016.

    I was doing okay in school, final year, final exams, then my whole world comes crashing down right before I even get a chance to start. I had been seeing someone in my school in secrecy for about a year and a half then one morning before school woke up to hear my sister crying saying that the guy I was seeing was dead and that he had died from an asthma attack during the night. I didn’t know what to think at first. I get to school and there is an urgent assembly to tell everyone in school about him passing. They open up the main offices for anyone who wanted to sit and chat about how they were feeling about him. He was a pretty well known guy in and outside of our school, people from other schools even knew him. Mostly friends went there to talk about him, me included. I didn’t know what to say. I had nothing to say. But I just wanted out. So they let me off home and I just broke down and didn’t leave my room for a few days. So I get back to school after a week off to collect myself and to be strong only to get berated by teachers who were supposed to be there to help me. I would get kicked out of school for having facial hair. No where on the rules, on paper or their Web page was there a rule of no facial hair. I also would get emotionally black mailed by my drama teacher, I would tell my parents about her being that way and when they confronted the teacher she would always say something different than what she said to me and it made my parents think I was the boy who cried wolf, and through all of this I still went on to try my best.

    Fast forward a month or 2 later, “Son, I need to talk to you. Your granny has cancer.” One of the biggest influences to my life had an illness that would eventually kill her. October that year it happened. I again shut myself in but this time for good. I threw the idea of suicide in my head around a few times because of everything. I had been dealt the weakest hand someone could ever have and even today nearly 4 years later I still feel that way. My motivation doesn’t exist because I just see that life is meaningless. Either die before you get started or die slowly after living a normal life.

    I’m stuck. I don’t know where to go. What to do and I need to know now more than ever. After I hit 20 at the end of July I have to be in work or I’m out in the streets and my parents don’t want that and I just want to make them and myself happy.

    The only thing I am remotely interested in is doing streaming of games and such. I know streaming to some is just a cop out for youth today to do instead of getting a “real job” but it’s the only thing I can think of doing that won’t bore me within a few weeks of doing it because there is always something new to do. I have a few qualifications but none that help me in the area I want to be in.

    Please, I’m pleading for anyone who can help. I need some words of wisdom right now at this point. Sorry for the long comment, but I thought this could help someone be in my shoes for a moment and help me figure out where they would go from here. Thank you.

  • Having known you for 4-5 years now, im so happy to see you this way: being a minimalist, vegan, acknowledging your slow pace of transformation, making it easier for yourself to change, documenting small steps. You’ve always been this way, since ive known you. But its been about 2 years since ive gone vegan, trying minimalism in a chaotic house (currently living with my parents) and im going to start college soon. For which i need to clear my entrance and you’ve been helping me get out of my rut too! Love you, jusuf! I hope you’re happy. Or on the way to make yourself feel happier everyday, to be more accurate:)

  • I am Korean and I feel peaceful when I see your YouTube. Thank you.��
    And the nature of Switzerland was so beautiful that I had a dream to travel

  • I never really comment but I’ve been watching jusuf ever since she was still faithincuteness & I’m really proud of how much she’s grown, watching her videos has made a great impact in my life ����

  • Which of your training programs do you recommend for someone who has the same problems as Jessie when he first started training with you? Do you have a plan specifically for fixing posture and then building muscle?
    I am in front of the computer all day and developed rounded shoulders, forward neck, posterior pelvic tilt,

  • i cant even wake up from bed and i have been like this for two years i made blood analysis and brain analysis went to psycholog and psychiatric and everything is fine and normal and i dont know what to do. Í Wish to die

  • Very effective. Would love to see a video on self adjusting pelvic tilt. Yet to see one that works. Thanks for your insight so helpful

  • Ever since quarantine, I’ve just been unmotivated to do anything. Even brushing my teeth and showering. I just don’t find a meaning for it all. I haven’t seen anyone besides my dad in 6 weeks. I’m going insane, literally. I feel like I need people to like me and boost me up for me to like myself and stay motivated

  • So many people talking about being in a rut and not realizing they’re just enforcing the problem. Get up and move. Start taking action or just stay in your rut. Your choice.

  • Many thanks for your beneficial video, I adhered to your instructions using the six-minute workout and found instantaneous relief from a trapped nerve somewhere in my back. I am relatively flexible for my age, 73 years. I still teach and train in Jujitsu and suspect I acquired the injury from overtraining. I have tried numerous exercises, all to no avail until now! I would highly recommend your videos to everyone who is suffering from similar conditions to mine. Once again I would like to express my gratitude for your professional advice. Regards, Alan in the UK.

  • This year is my worst it’s my senior year in high school and means at the end of the year I’ll have the exams that will determine what colleges I’ll get into and I’m so unmotivated and I have little time and tons of things to do I’m so screwed it sucks

  • OMG I JUST WANNA BE HUGGED AND WANNA HUG EVERYBODY <3 we all go through slump and sometimes we just dont wanna do anything, I hope we still do the things we love and that we find motivation in every possible way! we will get through this <3 thanks jusuf fo these kinds of video! I watch your videos while I do my work and sometimes it gets so exhausting, but watching your video is just calming and also I read some of the comments, I just needed it.

    also thanks for using your platform to encourage others to educate themselves on the current issues (such as blm)! <3

  • How do people develop bad standing posture? I understand slouching when you sit because it’s comfy but for me trying to slouch is literally so uncomfortable lol. Not being a dick, just curious that’s all.

  • dude i’m literally going to cry because only watching 3 mins of this video literally is helping me get out of a depressive state i saw myself falling into today. ur so inspirational and grounding and i am just amazed

  • I’m tired cuz I have 2 bad habits I can’t seem to break. I work too much 12-14 hours a day and lately weekends. And my diet is terrible cuz I’m exhausted all the time. But I have to work liked that for my reasons. I’ll get to rest someday when my kids are grown. And maybe not even then.

  • My posture check list.
    Day:1 ☑️ Done
    Day:2 ☑️ Done
    Day:3 ✔️ Weekend Break
    Day:4 ✔️ Weekend Break
    Day:5 ☑️ Done
    Day:6 ☑️ Done
    Day:7 ☑️ Done
    I will update this everyday, if I forget then please swear at me:) thanks.

  • It did work for me and I am wrting while enjoying my uhaaa moment however I just realzied I think i am going to have to do this for a while:(

  • i truly enjoyed your honesty and authenticity, so beautifully calming. and I could identify 100% to what you’re describing as a your current mixed state and spirit, sending love xx

  • So I figured this out myself,took 40+ years. Thought I was insane to coddle myself to have to get up and productive, but if life hasn’t been kind to a person than they have to learn what real kindness to self is. Thanks for this it was very encouraging and confirming.

  • Athlean: Do you think that ill-fitting shoes (a consequence of mass-produced shoes for ‘average’ sizes) can cause joint, lumbar and neck issues as we grow older?

  • I have to say to myself “the best time to commit to this habit etc is now” because we always wait for perfect conditions to do things but what if there’s no perfect conditions and all you do is just keep pushing back what needs to be done!���� The starting is always the hardest! But you have to change the perfectionist mindset�� ( btw I acknowledge look after your metal health first) ��

  • “I’m not a Doctor I’m just a DOOOD (Dude in England ��) ACTUALLY, The Dude is being more down to earth, sincere, honest and full of good honest facts and advice than a Doctor could ever be �� (With respect Doctors) Well, this half starved full of ketones with depressive starvation thru PTSD issues is Gonna rise like the Phoenix from the Ashes of Utter Despair to the Kitchen to clear a minimalistic mess and to boldly cook where I’ve not cooked for 3 months thru serious depression ❤️ I’m impressed so 1 SUB coming up and I ain’t talking about the High Street Take Away Sub �� Gratitude, SUBBED ��

  • I literally can’t bring myself to do anything. It’s pretty horrible. I can’t do the dishes, I can’t study programming and japanese which I love to do. I need to get out but its hard

  • As specialist, I believe Penlargerem System can be great way to get permanent enlargement with healthy ways. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • Tnx man for this video, I’m in a rut right now and this video inspired me, I’m going to run outside in the middle of the night and will be productive tomorrow, do everything I know I should do

  • Someone said going through a slump means you did your best for the past few days/weeks that you’ve worked hard enough and maybe your body just needs to rest.

  • On going outside during the peak sun: I sunburn very easily. I’m an extremely pale guy, and it doesn’t take much more than just the suggestion of sun exposure for me to burn.

    Would slathering on sunscreen (very high SPF) negate the Vitamin-D producing effects of sun exposure? I’m guessing that covering up (hat, long-sleeved shirt, etc) would certainly negate it. It’s not really an option for me to go out without such protection, even 20 minutes is enough that I’d burn.

  • So, I work a job that requires me to get up super early, around 1 2 AM. I cannot drive, so I bike back and forth to work. When I go to work, I have very high energy and, a lot of times can coast through the shift with little to no resistance. The problem is when I get home, I crash harder than a TWA flight. Drained, sluggish, etc.
    I want to be able to stay up after I get home from work and read, write and draw. Anyone have any advice?

  • While those are really great tips for bettering your tiredness, I can’t do much about it cause I work in a 2 shift system. 1 week I have to get up at 3:30am all week (which is killing me tbh ��) and the next week my shift only start at 1:30pm… Just when my body starts to get used to the hour I wake up, I have another waking hour the next week so it’s really frustrating ��

  • Holy shit man. That was an insane difference. I wasn’t feeling the stretch that much in the chest and shoulders but when I laid down after it was an insane difference.

  • Wow! I feel amazing after just one session! I have been suffering from neck and upper back pain for 6 years now. Thank for posting this video. You guys are great!

  • This week my dad left my mum and I. It was a complete shock with no warning. He told us that he was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and that he felt he just needed to get away. Initially I was in shock and upset but now it’s been a few days everything just feels different… Jusuf, you’re videos have always been a comfort to me over the past few years and especially now, you remind me to stay calm, take a breathe and remember that I can be in charge of my life and mental state. Im just very grateful to you and your videos that keep me inspired to treat myself with love and care. xxx

  • Thank you so so much for this video! I’ve been dealing with the same problems (or even worse because I did none of my Corona-School-Work which still stresses me out) and your video motivates me so much to start over and tidy up my room!! Thank you xx

  • Thank you for posting this! Crazy how 6 minutes truly made such a difference. I’ve never used a foam roller this way but I’m so glad I tried this!

  • Hello. Can a foam roller change its shape with in use of 4 or 5 months? I bought Gold Gym’s high density foam roller. It has changed its shape. It got little squished in the middle. Is it safe to use it still? Which foam roller is good that won’t change its shape over the time?

  • Definitely felt the difference on the pressure points after the exercises. The second one was difficult on my right shoulder. My right rotator cuff is messed up.

  • i can relate to this so much. not feeling my best lately as well and im still trying to get back to working. i found comfort in this video. i just wanna say im proud of u for trying and you got this! ������️

  • Hi Jusuf! I’m Milagros from Argentina. I’ve watch your videos for a while and i want to let you know that everytime i watch them i get inspiration. Lately i procastinate a lot but you help me a lot. Thank you!
    I’m very sorry for my english, i’ll hope you understand what i tried to say.

  • ayy watching porn leaves you uninterested in anything. Because you release a lot of dopamine when you click on these videos, you don’t really wanna do anything else besides watching porn.

  • hii!! im a small youtuber! we are all figuring life out, we dont need to have the answers to everything!! i sometimes struggle with that too, its awesome to share your journey, its more honest and real! Love your videoss!

  • Hey Jusuf,

    I love you. I can relate to you so much. And I find your insights WRT life and being so mature. Thank you for existing.

    BTW can you tell me about the footwear you’re wearing while watering your plants? They look really comfortable and I would like to use them too.

  • 1: Hunch over on purpose before, stand like a normal person after
    2: Turn light off for before photo, light it up really good for after photo
    3: Relax muscle before, tense them after
    4: Look unhappy before, look happy after

    (all based on the click bait thumbnail without any video context)

  • Gosh! this video is just so special. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching all of your videos, but this one is just so special and calming that I didn’t want it to end. Please do more of this style (voice-over). Best of luck <3 <3 <3.

  • When I’m in a slump and need to get back to myself I don’t start with something ‘productive’ like yoga, or meditation cos I’ll usually give up. I’ll start with something completely new to trick myself into being productive. Like I’ll buy a new body wash/loofah/decor item that will spiral me into a new excitement. I’ll end up redecorating my room so it matches my new decor item, then end up doing laundry, then the dishes, then a whole deep clean. Just because of one new picture frame or something lol ����

  • When I was a kid my dad gave me a round piece of wood with the words “TO IT” written on one side. He said it was called “a round to it”. Now no matter what I wanted to do I didn’t have to wait until I got around to it, I could just go ahead and do it now.

  • Jusuf, your work (and you!) is so sincere and real… i’ve seen few people on this creative platform being as true as you, try to not put that much pressure on yourself you’re already a being of light and your truth is always valid. ⚘��������‍♀️ lots of love to Bourbon and you!

  • I feel like for my muffintop is server it hangs I can’t see my vag ew ik but I always feel like surgery is the only option I’m sick of how my body looks