6 DIY Projects to arrange Your Exercise Equipment in your own home


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DIY Home Workout Bench and Organization

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DIY Home Gym In A Box

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Workout equipment storage | diy gym storage | diy yoga ball storage

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So, instead of joining the gym, you can make your own gym at home by getting the necessary gym equipment, machines, and tools! Buying the expensive exercise machines and gym equipment would be a highly expensive affair, so, you can consider making your own great and accurate gym equipment at home using the recycled materials!1 In-Home Fitness Equipment.

1.1 Location; 1.2 Inspect & Clean; 2 Organize and Store your Fitness Equipment. 2.1 The Living Room; 2.2 In-Home Gym; 3 The Gym Bag. 3.1 For Your Workout; 3.2 After Your Workout; 3.3 Gym Bag Checklist; 4 Your Fitness Plan. 4.1 Keeping a Fitness Journal; 4.2 Using a Fitness Planner; 4.3 Using a Bullet Journal; 4.4 Go. A simple DIY.

Make a sandbag for your next at home workout. From RunningToTheKitchen. DIY Climbing Peg Board. Like to climb?

Make your own peg board. From GarageGymReviews. DIY Parkour Gym Equipment. Want a really exciting workout?

DIY this parkour gym! From SimplifiedBuilding. DIY Homemade Wooden Squat Rack.

Like to do squats? Do this DIY. If you’re guilty of stuffing, stashing, or squeezing your gym equipment when guests come knocking, we have the solutions to organize your home gym —.

Instructions on how-to make your own gym equipment. See more ideas about Homemade gym equipment, At home gym, No equipment workout. If wall space is at a minimum, consider looking up for potential sports equipment storage space. With this smart and easy overhead storage system, you don’t have to sacrifice space.Simple and fast to construct, this sliding bin system is made with everyday items, making it a perfect weekend project with long-lasting results. 6. Hockey Equipment Storage Ideas – Stop letting the smelly hockey equipment take over your home.

Check out these awesome hockey equipment storage ideas. My kids play hockey in my neighbors garage almost every day and need somewhere to put all the gear. The important fittings used in this project are the 90 Degree Elbow and Single Socket Tee. DIY Nexersys Fitness Machine. This odd looking structure was built by Tyler in Arnold, Maryland.

It’s a DIY version of a Nexersys home fitness machine. If you’re familiar, the Nexersys is an interactive machine that can be used for boxing and MMA style. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Jun 13, 2012 This Pin was discovered by Shawna Moore.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Gym equipment storage storage-ideas. Home Gym Decor Gym Room At Home Workout Room Home Home Gym Garage Basement Gym Workout Rooms At Home Workouts Home Gyms Home Exercise Rooms. More. In this video, I’m sharing my DIY exercise ball storage and my yoga mat storage.

Organize your home gym and create exercise equipment storage with this easy DIY gym shelves and storage hacks.

List of related literature:

Additional equipment for home exercise is available, including stationary bicycles, wall pulleys, rowing machines, dumbbells, etc.

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The list in Figure 4-16 shows several blogs that write about home gym equipment.

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The Get Fit Kit arrives in a canvas bag and includes a floor mat, dumbbells, exercise bands, and a workout booklet.

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All of these fitness devices are great for people who are new to fitness technology or who want to start with small, simple goals.

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It consists of 10 simple, functional, and progressive exercises that are to be done on a daily basis.

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This part helps you set up a home gym for lifting weights on your own, and you’re introduced to strength equipment that fits every budget.

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To improve cardiorespiratory fitness, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and cross-country skiing machines can be purchased for home fitness centers.

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  • This was one of the first videos to pop up, and I’m honestly glad it was because everything feels like it’s been covered and is so simple. Love your idea for how to store an exercise ball too. Definitely going to be trying these myself

  • Hi, would you like a free copy of our app? It has a lot of Onnit equipment on there. You basically tell the app what equipment you have and it returns a workout based on that. Very good for home gyms! Let me know if you do want a copy and I’ll send over a promo code.

  • Just FYI, painters tape (or any tape for that matter) never stretches in a straight line. Always check to see if it’s straight as you apply. Cool project.

  • as an engineer I factor in time, material and  tools in the cost to make w/e and most things are usually always cheaper to just buy something because you can be doing something else with your time. If you have the stuff laying around then ok but most don’t.

  • Girl, wow. U just blew my mind with this great idea. This is what exactly i was looking for nd i went through 10 different videos all were about the gym equipments. All i want was this nd yea something for dumbbells too. Hopefully u can make another video for that. Loved it��

  • Not sure what happened with the BUY or DIY video…anyway, that X wooden storage ain’t gonna last because its so thin versus the heavy weights.

  • I’ve looked all over your site and I can’t find the plans and design for this anywhere, do you have it up on there and I’m missing it or is it not on?

  • I don’t get the thumbs down on his videos. What is wrong with people now days. I guess they just want to thumb down a video because they don’t like seeing all those likes on a video and get jealous and need to thumbs down a video. This build was awesome and I wish I could have this in my house.

  • Does anyone read the comments during the video but has to rewatch the video because you are paying attention to the comments. Maybe it’s just me, love you Remi ❤️

  • Gonna give you something so you know what’s on my mind. A gift real special so take off the top, take a look inside-It’s my Gym in a box!

  • Hello. I found her channel by chance. You do good things. I saw that we had a lot in common. I love DIY ideas. Workbench organization at home is a beautiful design. I watched with curiosity. congratulations. I will watch his other videos now. I am happy to be on your channel. Thank you for sharing. Warm hug. Great greetings. Yours truly…

  • Gym in a box, freaking love it. That also reminds me that I should be using dumbbell presses when I can. I got a rack but it doesn’t hold enough weight to challenge me at all.

  • It’s my gym in a box, my gym in a box babe
    It’s my gym in a box, my gym in a box girl
    See I’m wise enough to know when my body needs liftin’
    And I got just the one, somethin’ to show ya that it is second to none

  • Remi: we were on FaceTime for like 45 minutes
    Me and my best friend: we’ve been on FaceTime for like…13 hours..straight..everyday

  • Dear Youtube community, I am a struggling substitute teacher making about 1750 a month and I am looking to raise funds for a move to a new job. I have further details in my go fund me account that I have set up. https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-move-to-my-new-job I will post video thankyou and updates as time passes.

  • All of these could be solved by grabbing a sledge hammer and knocking out a brick from your neighbors house and using that until his house falls down the pick up as many as possible before the police get there

  • Yes i dont have equements but i have sement just laying around right?��lmao good work tho And for the other people reading this just be creative to the things u already have

  • I don’t know about your country but in my those things you use would cost me more than the actual gym equipment…just for the record…

  • You can go to the channel to see more great ideas��
    List Homemade gym equipment: https://goo.gl/5LVpJw
    List diy fountain: https://goo.gl/RGGvja

  • OMG!!! Why didn’t I think of this? My yoga/weight/barbell equipment is taking up my living room. I trip over things and swear everyday ‘I’m throwing this sh*t out!!’ I’m not really but I am glad I googled and found your video. THANKS Breonna!!!��������♥.•:*¨¨*:•. ♥ I will be doing this TOMORROW!

  • For the glasses, try using green lemon juice instead of the paper towel:) gives a really good flavor to the salt

    Mexicans got your back gurl!

  • Ok less than a min into the vid and I don’t think you get what DIY is. See you cannot do it yourself if you need an absurd horst of cotractor tools. That is why people hire contractors. Because we can’t afford to buy all that to do one or two projects. Seriously WTF. Anyone who owns all that equipment doesn’t have any need for your vids they already know how to build shit or they wouldn’t have bothered buying that equpment. But you do have 600k subs so apparently there are a lot of delusional people out there who feel good immagining using thier hands to build somthing.

  • I love both! But i find I always like colourful work out areas more so I definitely would have gone with the DIY. I do need to find me one of those buys for another room in the house though ��

  • Iv’e been wanting to make some bench seating for the dinning table, this will be ideal i might even use it as a gym but probably not!

  • MARG TIP! Instead of rubbing the glass on a wet paper towel, rub half a lime around the rim, then dip it into the salt so you get a salted lime rim! ��

  • Dani where did your lavender hair go? I like the blonde but loved you in lavender……it really set you apart from everyone else! You go girl.

  • I decided to make my own gym equipment as well for this lockdown!
    Part one was making a weights bench and next I will be making a barbell and weights would appreciate any feedback!

  • Now I just need to find someone in Massachusetts who I can pay to make this for me. I’d love to try it out but we only own like four sets of Allen Wrenches.

  • Where is the link to the page with all the measurements? I’ve looked elsewhere and you said it would be on it website on this video but could not find it anywhere.

  • Hey man, I think it would really benefit your viewers if you started your videos with more of a walkthrough of the final build. That way we have a vision of where you’re going with each piece you cut.

  • iki namae chanel kyok bahasa indonesia..tp seng komen wong bule2 kabeh ngeriii…teko umahe ae jelas kyok umahe wong2 indonesia..sekali2 judule di campur gae boso negerone dwe po0 bro..

  • Instead of getting the rim of your glasses wet with a wet paper towel, try rubbing the lime on the rim instead ���� also try Tajín instead of salt

  • Is it just me or was there a vid on her and adelaine morin’s channel that are both private now bc I got a notification and now it’s not there

  • Yesssss I love hitt runs I do them all the time with a sweater. I’m soaked after but it feels good! I usually start at 9.3 and move up, the fastest I’ve done is up to 12! Also you have to try coconut sirachta from Nija squirrel sooo good!

  • haha when u were making the ice cream and putting chocalte syrup on his and u said on mine and I stopped it for a second thinking u were actaully gonna put seracha hahaha

  • I’m so glad I found this! Your before picture looks like mine. I can’t wait to have a nice place for my stability ball, foam rollers and yoga mat.I don’t have a cricket, so I’ll check out your website too.

  • Hey this is awesome but just FYI the dimensions on the links are not correct I just ordered and picked up mine and they are huge!!! The laminate wood needs actual measurements cause the ones o got today are huge!
    Also the link for the planters is no longer working. Could you update this for other folks. I’m gonna just figure mine out but it would be helpful I’m sure for others to actually have the correct measurements for both the wood laminate and for the planter hooks.

  • wait i’ve never used a paper towel for my salt on my margaritas, i always squeeze lime juice on the rim? perfect excuse to have a marg now gotta try the towel haha