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Check out these fabulous beauty tips for women living Your Life After 25, from aging to a healthy diet options. many of the strategies that promote healthy aging can ultimately benefit individuals across the life course. Today, older adults are experiencing on average better overall health, lower disability rates, and greater economic security than previous generations, due in part to key federal programs such. The strongest way to fight sarcopenia is to keep your muscles active ().Combinations of aerobic exercise, resistance training and balance training can prevent and even reverse muscle loss. Enjoying a vegetarian-friendly protein source, like beans, can help you get head off the less-than-pleasant effects of aging.

The results of a study published in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology reveal that foods rich in folate, like beans, can improve the antioxidant status of aging brains while increasing memory retention. Eat healthier by enjoying the 29 Best-Ever Proteins for Weight Loss!Continued Stay Optimistic. Life tests us in many ways.

Loved ones die, layoffs happen, and health problems can mount. But positive thinking can be a powerful ally. Still, to start you off, here are some general tips for new caregivers. They won’t answer all your questions, but they may help point you in the right direction.

Download a PDF of The National Institute on Aging: Strategic Directions for Research, 2020-2025. (PDF, 3.03M) This document outlines NIA’s broad strategic directions. It provides a point of reference for setting priorities and a framework for systematically analyzing the Institute’s scientific portfolio and assessing progress. 5 Pull the towel down with your le‡ hand. Stop when you feel a stretch in your right shoulder. 6 Repeat 3-5 times.

7 Reverse positions and repeat 3-5 times to stretch your le‡ shoulder. ˜ TIP: As you progress, try pulling the towel down farther, but not so far that it hurts. Dermatologists and beauty experts reveal the best skincare tips and tricks. To achieve flawless skin, we’ve included easy tips for everything from how.

Consume more nutrient-dense foods and beverages. Older adults should “consume foods from the rainbow” because they are rich in nutrients, including. fruits and vegetables. whole grains, like oatmeal, whole-grain bread, and brown rice.

List of related literature:

Another article features prominent older women who share stories about how they cope; others suggest ways to change how to think about aging, plan financially for old age, and have an enriching experience caring for aging parents.

“The Oprah Phenomenon” by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
from The Oprah Phenomenon
by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
University Press of Kentucky, 2007

To promote personal growth and optimal aging, women must secure adequate information about their bodies as well as behavioral strategies that ensure a healthy lifestyle.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing” by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Women’s Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing
by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Education, marriage, and work history all improve women’s financial security in old age.

“Women and Health” by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
from Women and Health
by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
Elsevier Science, 2012

All of these strategies are assessed from the holistic GNH view.

“The Great Mindshift: How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand” by Maja Göpel
from The Great Mindshift: How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand
by Maja Göpel
Springer International Publishing, 2016

In addition they advised women to keep busy, not be too self-absorbed and live each day focusing on other areas of our lives as menopause is a perfectly natural stage.

“Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” by Louisa Graves
from Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue
by Louisa Graves
Ebookit.com, 2013

Opt-out features in retirement plans help women start saving regularly.

“Handbook of Consumer Finance Research” by Jing Jian Xiao
from Handbook of Consumer Finance Research
by Jing Jian Xiao
Springer International Publishing, 2016

Diet and lifestyle measures should be advocated to minimise the effects of the menopause.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
Wiley, 2013

Most of these strategies have proven to be effective to varying degrees in reducing the risk of developing breast cancer.

“Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons: A European Multidisciplinary Textbook” by Lynda Wyld, Christos Markopoulos, Marjut Leidenius, Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka
from Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons: A European Multidisciplinary Textbook
by Lynda Wyld, Christos Markopoulos, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2017

In addition, midlife women should alter their diets to improve their overall health and should reduce health risks by decreasing fats, cholesterol, and salt; increasing fiber, calcium, and fluids; and attending to total caloric intake as metabolism slows with aging.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
from Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book
by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

Seven strategies for positive aging.

“Aging and Mental Health” by Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer
from Aging and Mental Health
by Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls, Michael A. Smyer
Wiley, 2018

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to reverse aging, all one can do is SLOW the processes down, in select areas, but even then, other processes can speed it up due to the chaos of how the world and human flesh is, uncontrollable and degenerating.

  • There is more important things in life then look young. Like remember things and have all organs and limbs intact. I am 53 and it is now there is fun to flirt with the girls in every age. Try ormus or monoatomik gold. Then you will keep being young

  • For my experience Environmental behaviour may couse over age then you age because the more you became angry you body hormones disturbance so please away people disturbance you life and age

  • We are already so overpopulated. We have people… old, young, children living In poverty. If we are going to live longer then we need to stop bloody breeding or we won’t be able to feed, house or take care of the excess.
    Keto diet to deal with Alzheimer’s, aging, fits etc. Hence the last generation who cooked with lard and butter live to over 100. Recent gen die of heart disease, diabetes, heart disease since the low fat high carb standard American diet. This study literally would not have to happen without this new high carb diet pyramid that we are now following since the 80s. My gran died at 104, cooked in lard, whole food and limited carbs. Stop taking drugs to do this…. change your damn diet back to what it was 100years ago. Diabetes has not been around befor the damn 80s…. American standards of high carb diet is killing you
    I suffered from back pain for years.. I switched to the keto diet and all inflammation has gone, back pain gone, lifelong acne has gone, verruccas on my foot which have never disapeared since I was young have gone.

  • In the Woad Raiders vs Hand Cannoneers fight that ultimately ended up swinging the game in Vinchester’s favor, I think a big reason why the Woad Raiders came out on top is the insane amount of overkill on the HCs. They kill a Woad Raider in 4 shots so there was probably a lot of wasted damage, and they take longer than something like a Crossbowman to reload, so they weren’t able to kill enough Woad Raiders fast enough before the Woads closed in and killed them all.

    Which I guess is just another super cool aspect of AoE2’s balance when it comes to counters and the like.

  • I think aging can be slowed reversed,and stopped that means people in their 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s can go back to their 20s again 150 will soon be the new 80,I wouldn’t mind being 23 years old again if I was immortal I wouldn’t want to be an immortal 90 year old that would be a nightmare you will have aches and pains no thanks you need to be a young adult again to be immortal getting younger would be fun getting older sucks.

  • Great video, to summarise, do not eat anyone who poops and needs to be murdered to become your ‘food’ which then needs to be covered in condiments made from plants to make it palatable. Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds etc is what the Human body requires to thrive.

  • The invention of antibiotics and belief in evolution is the reason we have poor life quality in our golden years.
    We are actually artificially being kept alive longer than we really should be.

  • oh mygod. it’s so odd to see you use hotkeys for builds. I used to just click the pictures of what i want to build because I’m used to it. its so fast to use hotkeys hahahah

  • Hey guys, I want to thank you all so much for all the positive feedback. I’m really happy!
    I hear you on the comments about the game sound volume and will pay more attention to this in my next video. I lowered the voice-over volume in this video because at times it felt really high pitched and kinda obnoxious and I didn’t want to annoy anyone 11.
    Thanks so much again for all the likes, comments and new subscriptions. <3

  • What will happen ehen I try this build order:

    Militias chased by wolves, then run straight into TC.

    At home: housed every 5 vills, but that is ok, because there is not enough food to make vills, and also because hunter died to boar to make room for the new vill.

  • This was amazing to watch!!! I wish I was this good. Meanwhile, I struggle to win against AI in standard….. STANDARD!!!! feelsbadman:'(

  • Why would anyone want to eat pizza in front of someone who is only allowed four olives? This video is annoying. I would never give up my morning coffee, unless it made me sick or if I had the flu and couldn’t eat or drink anything. No one should eat foods that cause inflammation. Tomatoes is one of them. But….who wants pizza without tomato sauce or a veggie pizza without little tomatoes, etc. Cheese is bad for the lower digestive system, but mostly soft cheeses. Hard cheese is less of a problem for those with IBS.

  • Metformin has recently been declared unsafe, with possible fatal side effects. Too many mixed messages about certain drugs…who is telling the truth and who is lying? Could this be another conspiracy to get rid of seniors who are “too old to be of any value to society, and actually a burden on the financial end?”

  • Great tips! I’d like to disagree with you on the outpost card though, because you forgot to account for villager time. Sure it doesn’t take that long to gather a crate, and spending the time to use a villager to build an outpost shouldn’t take that long either, but I’d say it’s at least 100 resources of time (haven’t tested myself, interested in the result). That makes it only 100 resources of difference now, plus you get the extra hp on the outposts.
    Similarly, there are some military cards that are way more valuable than their resource count suggests. For example, if you want infantry backbone, but just a few cavalry units, cards help you defer the 200 wood (plus vill time) on the stable.

  • They already know, but will never hand out the secrets to longevity. It’s bs when they say they tested it only on animals. Drugs, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, are all bad. They’re all here to keep us sick enough to make us pay for our medication and treatments, but not kill us. The only reason why I’d go to a hospital is if I have a broken bone. As far as the food, I know meat and dairy is bad, but having grown up with it, I eat my comfort food once a month. Other than that, I”m 90% Vegan. Go raw vegan if you can. I do a water-fast once every 3-6 months. You can start with 3 days, and work upto 7 days. And do daily exercise. So the secret I can give is ONLY eat when you’re hungry. Eat clean. (fruits and vegetables with legumes and oats etc to a minimum) Do intermittent fasting, water fasting and daily exercise. Take it or laugh about it. It’s your body.

  • It’s in biology and chemistry in the case of aging.. I pointed out before when Clinton said, DNA map was nothing significant. Not important enough. He is not an expert on genitics or the DNA mapping experiment. In the DNA map we find we have a map of the aging cycle. The question is, is anyone looking for it? A biological one year cycle of bio/chem that fuels the aging cycle per year..we reverse the bio/ chem we reverse aging each year… We grow older each year. We can grow younger each year.. the rest is b.s. psychology..

  • Thanks for the video Hera. A tip for making/titling videos though When your video is titled something, you shouldn’t have the first 2 minutes of the video talking about a civ which is totally unrelated. Good luck with your channel. Looking forward to watching your games

  • Thank you for showing such an interesting study, I only wish there was someone who could help me with my situation. From once being extremely busy, running several businesses to now being, to a greater extent, house bound with little sense of balance and ever decreasing cognitive abilities. All this due to an incorrect diagnosis of a cough, and subsequent treatment.

  • And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

    You’re welcome x

  • I was all set for the diet, until she said “I haven’t had my morning coffee”. That’s just not happening to me. They’ll have to pry the coffee out of my dead hands!

    It may not be rational, but there you go.

  • I used to play the Aztecs and Britons in conquerors I became very efficient at countering the Hun cavalry rush. The way to counter is exactly what he did but focus on pikemen and their upgrades by feudal age jumping to castle is 1st priority the once you counter the rush hit his gold mines and he will struggle in rebuilding his knight rush, you can basically cripple them that way.

  • At least start with eating only whole unprocessed foods. Eliminate poor quality food rather than using vitamin supplements. Eliminate rather than supplement. Good food tastes much better. Worms & all kinds of intestinal parasites love refined white flour, sugar & bad fats. Yuck! WORMS!!!!!!!

  • British TV show MEAT THE FAMILY needs to be done in every country worldwide.
    Producers, Directors, and Filmmakers, get it done!!!!
    Bst anti-aging tool is eating all plants, no animal products.

  • Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piety and righteousness” (Quran 2:183)..And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew.” (Quran 2:184)

  • Nobody can prove they have reversed aging and they shouldnt say they have. Everybody ages, it doesnt matter what you do. Yes you can slow aging down I guess

  • The Guy said to Adam: “In this place you can do whatever you want, also got you a lad, but you cannot eat the fruit “
    Translation: Insulin kills!

  • This guy speaks the truth. I got rid of my herpes simplex virus 2 by eating a raw vegan diet. Now my igg test reads negative. Doctors don’t want you to know the truth. God’s food (fruits) is thy medicine

  • hi, great game, grate replay, great commentary. but could you please record the games with a little bit less compression of the video? although its 1080p it looks awful:)

  • Thanks for the tips. Question: is it imperiously necessary to click frenetically and repeatedly as if one’s stressed as hell? Another question: do people play online at normal speed or fast? I play against AI at max difficulty on fast, but I know I’m bad.

  • If everybody got older,and older until they died,and I got younger,and younger until I was 23 years old again,I wouldn’t shed a tear they had good lives,at least they would be rested,I would happy in a new world as a 23 year old immortal human with the rest of 20 something immortal humans.

  • is it possible to reverse aging? whats next? Is immortality possible? The Lord does not permit man to be immortal….. Only in the Kingdom of His own Son will immortality be allowed and on the conditions of the Lord Himself……. So answer is yes might be possible,,, but immortality is impossible because its not allowed by The Lord God…..

  • I am 64 and have been friends with a woman I have known for approx. 38 years. She won’t tell anyone her age including me. She’s been telling everyone for 20 plus years she’s 70….hahaha, last week I took her for a flu shot, and I got her medical papers and on it was her age…..99
    Born June 8, 1920. Shes a huge character who runs up her seventeen stairs to her apt. Like it’s nothing, and dresses like a 40 year old. I feel like she’s some kind of hybrid alien. She’s hasn’t any real wrinkles on her face. She still has a nice shape, and has shoulder length beautiful blonde hair. Amazing is an understatement!

  • Jews are not a race, or ethnicity. And it’s natural for people to intermarry with others of their same background, religion, ancestry, etc.

  • I used to play this game when I was like 9. I had a lot of fun just spawning the machine gun shelbys lmao. I’m 21 now and just got this game again, and I can’t figure it out. I don’t even know how 9 year old me played this.

  • I love 55min treaty games, best game I played was 6 hours. HIghest rank i got was Major. I played so much that putting the disc in and out made scratches, so I bought it on steam, but steam shows me red bar, so no one plays with me.

  • igf-1 gets u buff and big fuck that i love the stuff with gear its real good for sight injection but its hard to find it like that u got to us the research one igf-1lr3 and its had longer half live get pumps out this world

  • I watch these videos to find answers to improve my body and mind. Id appreciate your comments on one or more of these topics. What do you do and why?
    What to eat, what not to eat, I’m gluten free, sugar free for the most part eat veggies more protein less carbs healthy fats
    I’m tall thin and considered attractive. People see me as well put together. That parts easy. The inside is more important to me.
    fast no fast, Not a clue. LOVE to hear how people do this.
    exercise I do a little do a lot not consistent I’ve taken steps to be more consistent… just this week…
    environment, I confess the tv and YouTube are constant companions and my computer. need to clear out things to better my house and on my computer. I like it when I do make progress.
    social need to get out more. Not good at connecting unless I have to so thank goodness for that. I rely on emails and texts. Talk very little.
    relationships, Family….. well, no comment others….confess I’m isolating a lot
    , I work with original songwriters and that is beautiful I try to stay around pleasant sounds. I do see a positive effect from Mozart And Binaural sound frequencies
    Supplements, confusing but I take multi, D, calcium, resveratrol and just bought this GNC brain boost pill
    yoga, just joined a class.. see if I go tonight. People I ve said hello to for years invited me… I missed the first one I said I’d go tonight at 6pm
    meditation, what meditation, I m working on it.
    sleep, yes I have been getting 7 hours but not going to sleep at the same time every night and I hear that is key. May help with depression.
    Stress. Yes I feel guilty I’m not living up to my potential and avoid taking the actions I know will make my life better. Does not make sense.
    So, if you made it this far…. thanks what do you do that is working to make your life better. I’m listening.

  • Its nice to know that smaller people do get something worth being small in the end,
    Ive always wondered about that, Ive always seen these big horrifyingly obnoxious guys doing what horrifying obnoxious people do and now I can sleep in comfort knowing they aren’t gonna live that much longer, tallness is basically fat isn’t it?

  • With Gastroparesis, if I ate like this guy says I’d be dead. It sounds wonderful and a raw, vegan diet is not the answer for everyone.

  • When it gets to this level of micro, its just…. I appreciate the build orders and stuff like that and numbering the group of villagers to attack a boar, when to build lumber camp, but thats more macro play I thought. My issue is its SO MUCH micro your emphasizing, like we’ll lose the game if we don’t micro the villagers on sheep. Kinda sucks the fun out of it for me. Ill stay ignorant hehe.

  • So I don’t THINK animals eat raw beans let alone process them In their mouth for a few minutes…it’s possible I suppose..

    Although his logic seems a little off I think he does come to the right conclusion in general it’s just common sense though would you in nature, chase a cow around, tackle it and rip it to shreds with your hands or mouth and start eating it?? Do you think that nature or man’s science is more perfect?… because I know our science is very flawed; and it nature is pretty amazing and unexplainable in many cases, because we haven’t even caught up to how advanced and complex it is. We exist but don’t understand
    A fraction of what has been created.

    Everyone will probably have an opinion on this but I think we over complicate things so much and we change things (for the worse) when it was all set out for us perfectly from the beginning.

  • Ok, so now that ive played aoe for a week and know all this and am at 1300 mmr, how do i improve? No in depth guides at all? Just the old dont idle tc keep things effective thing?

  • Old age will most certainly overtake us all however much we try. There is a saying that goes if death ‘forgets’ you, old age will not. Of course it’s a metaphor. Beside old age is a sign of blessing. I will advice soundly just to live a peaceful life without harming anyone and when your time comes you will assuredly go. even if its 10, 30 50 or 100 years.

  • Hey, I love playing AoE and I want to improve. I can beat the moderate AI now. Do you recommend playing against harder AI, play unranked games, or start playing ranked games to train and improve? Thanks!

  • I’ve played this game a ton, with well over 1,000 hours of gameplay logged since it first came out in 1999. However, while I do understand units and counters and can usually win evenly matched games against the CPU on hardest, or even 1 vs 7 on lower difficulties, I still pale in comparison to these “online competitive players”. Why? It’s because I don’t dedicate my freaking life to breaking games like these guys do.

    I’m not necessarily saying Resonance or a particular player is like this because I don’t know the guy personally, but many of these “pro players” that I’ve come across are people who have literally no life. They sit on these games all day every day and probably clear 1,000 hours of gameplay in a year when it took me 20 years to reach that many hours.

    They’re the kind of people like that dude in the South Park Episode, “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” They sit in their mom’s basement til they’re 40 playing games non-stop. Sorry, but I have a job and a family to take care of, and certainly no time to try to get scary good at a game that came out 20 years ago. This is why I don’t play online. I’ll simply have fun playing against the AI or in local TCP/IP matchups with my friends and family. Fuck online play.

  • I’m 36 years old but people think I’m half my age and look 18 because of a good diet and exercise. I just wish I was happier and didn’t have high functioning autism. If I didn’t have autism life would be so much better but every life has its problems but mine is autism & moderate social anxiety. Everyone on this planet �� has problems

  • Why did I think this would be a ‘what not to do’ vid with plenty of example? But I like it and with all the new people comming to AoE 2 it’s not a bad thing to do! Great work!

  • Reasoning worthy of a B12 and protein deprived brain. All, like literally all “natural vegetables” he eats today are not in God given state. They are the result of decades and centuries of human selection. They are modified beyond recognition in comparison to God given wild varieties. If you see a wild “natural” banana you most likely won’t even identify it as one…

  • i dont play multiplayer..people dont tolerate noobs. Hotkeys are the way to go but that’s too much work for me. LoL…guess I’ll forever struggle against AI.

  • At 3:50 he mentions exercise then vegetarian… saying vegetarian is very rare. Whatever that means. Then he says these people live longer in SPITE of it. So he is saying vegetarianism and exercise is just as bad for you as smoking??/

  • As a child, my oldest brother showed me the cheatcodes way so every time I used to play this game would be using cheatcodes, now of course, I thought I was the best player ever or at least “good”. Fast-forward to lockdown 2020, here is me trying to play this game without any cheatcodes and finding out I’m ABSOLUTELY SHIT AT IT!!! they be at the imperial age with an army of 500+ while I’m still trying to get enough villagers to farm and get me enough food to go onto castle age lmfao this is why I’m here, so thank you xDDDD

  • 100% correct. I was lost in a quagmire of Chronic Illnesses. Too many to list. For 7 years that Chronic Disease curve ascended. 19 meds a day and in excruciating pain with fibromyalgia. Depression, anxiety. Wheel chair bound. Morbidly obese. A year ago I started a vegan diet with no sugar or wheat. Within 8 months I was off all meds, lost 34kgs (174lbs) and have no chronic disease of any kind. I’m healthy and energetic. I’ve started studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics to learn the science behind my transformation. Whole plant based foods are my life now and I’ve never felt better. I’m 55 ����❤️����

  • Why would you want to live to 100 or longer? The vast majority of us won’t have a supportive community around us by then. Friends are gone, children are probably dying, the ability to get around is compromised (can’t walk, can’t drive), and you become more dependent on others, maybe in a nursing home. No thank you. Especially if you know what’s waiting for you after death!

  • Killing of cells = autophagy. A way the body has of ridding itself of old, useless cells. Not a bad thing. A few days of fasting is beneficial but if she had gone for 7+ days she would have begun to feel incredible. It takes 3-5 days just to get the body switched to burning fat not glucose plus it takes that much time at least to detox from all the toxins being released into the system by fat loss. Go the extra days and the feeling is incredible. If you’re going to eat protein then eat organic organ meats.

  • I remember watching this video when it was released when AOE2 HD was still quite new as I was looking to learn to play online. Good job I found this channel again as I have completely forgotten almost all the strats (didnt play for 4 years) and I wanna play some AOE2 DE online.

  • hey everyone, we make content based on aoe. If you would like we have reviewed, and played this game on our channel. If you could just watch it, it would mean a lot <3 good day yall

  • Extra tip if there is a treasure that has too many units to take in your current age example a settler guarded by 4 black bears if you shoot the bear and walk far enough you will leave combat with them. the second this happens select the slowest bear and your explorer will shoot them but the guardian’s will run while the others will pursue your explorer. Use this once if there are few treasures and the only ones on the map are like this

    Additionally as spain micro your explorer to take the aggro while the dog does damage as support you will get more from keeping the 75 food war dog and letting your explorer who passively regens health take the blows. Also when fighting an enemy as spain offensive or defensive if you have it make your explorer train dogs as they have good damage for the cost and may catch an opponent off guard in regards to how many units you have if they keep killing your dogs as they can have pretty high hand attack

  • Months ago when i saw this video i was not realized what is the power of vegan diet. But when i am following it now i can say it is miraculous. My hair n skin are great now

  • i always prefer to turn this game into farmville game and have a nice peaceful gameplay with growing economy and beautiful looking city

  • You need a new microphone. Good content but listening to you hurts my ears because of the high pitched screeches your microphone makes

  • 9/10 times when I try this I get too distracted by my economy and it turns into a boom strategy. Then as I hit Castle Age the moderate AI rushes me and it’s too late to get knights going.

  • Nicely done! Only thing I’d suggest for next time is having your voice louder than the game as it was sometimes bit hard to hear what you were saying, especially in the beginning when the villagers are talking at more or less the same volume you are

  • Maybe you should give credits to the guy who invented this build, who is according to this thread Christheco.


    PS: Just kidding, its actually me:-D, I was the first to ever post it somewhere and I really did invent it in the sense that i never saw anyone do it before, but i know that it is easy to think of this BO just by looking at their tech tree.

  • I had never won unless I played a water map (built a bunch of galleons and killed the enemy) OR played the Black Forest (numerous trees for protection) but on my first try of using this strategy, I WON! Thank you!

    Some stats: I used the Teutons, highland map, hard difficulty, and the enemy was the Japanese. The game lasted 37 minutes and 15 seconds.

  • It looks like you’ve managed to match your speed of talking to your speed of clicking things in this game. I suggest to watch this in 0,75x speed, I like how you say “enough talking” at 2:26, but ofc you’ll continue to talk and explain the BO. Awesome video bro!

  • Here’s my problem. Even the Original AI (hardest) is upgrading to Feudal age within 7 mins. In 15min it reaches castle age. How I can beat that?

  • I already do all this stuff and still feel like a noob. The thing I really need to learn how to do is be in several places at once so that I can fight the main battle, save villies who are being raided simultaneously in several places at once, tell villagers/fishing ships who just ran out of resources to move over half a screen to the next resource site, etc all at the same time. I don’t know how they do it but my opponents seem to be able to manage this.

  • dude could you also tell us about how to break through ottoman defense of Janissaries and cavalry with Japanese?
    i was playing 2 v 1 with my friends
    they were german and ottoman
    i destroyed germans but that ottoman guy made his ECO very well
    Both of our Armies were at max level
    i used Samurais and Fire Arrow Thrower
    and i lost close to 30k gold and 15k food
    dont know what i was doing wrong

  • What do you think of the AoE2 Definitive Edition’s fast castle tutorial?
    Yes, they have that in the Art of War section.

    EDIT: Also, if I was playing as the Malay with their faster age-up bonus, do I wait until I have 29 villagers to age up, or age up immediately when I have 27 villagers?

  • Is it worth the bill? I used to spam Halberds/pikemen backed with Longbowman (If I were Britons. If not, its usually skirmisher) and few hussares to held advancing knight spam. Add few finisher like hand cannoner and boom………

    Or in a faster pace, I usually rush Battering ram accompanied by several longbows, escorted by pikemans.

    Nice vid Resonance!

  • That’s impressive that you found this build already. This seems like a strategy that can either put you behind or snowball the game out of control for you.

    But damn, I don’t think I would be able to do damage with the drush while managing my early game eco at the same time. But, I can’t wait to see this in pro games.

  • 4:48 glad I saw that live 11
    Simple but very effective tips, great vid.
    (One tip: lower the game voices so they don’t interrupt your voice)

  • He is hacker
    Attention to how much Food suddenly became 120
    With still make vili
    Time hacker
    3:10_ 3:11
    3:10. Food 10
    3:11 Food 120
    Stop hacker man fuck u

  • After the raw kidney beans your realize *oh F! I’m dead*. Lol raw kidney beans are Very TOXIC. (I don’t know a RawIL (i don’t know a Raw dried bean that IS safe to eat raw) and the main cause if food poisoning cases. DO NOT TRY THE METHOD OF PUTTING THEM IN YOUR MOUTH until they get soft and eating them….You might literally die. ����‍♀️

  • There seems to be a big paradox. Larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones, all along the scale from fruit flies to whales. But within a species, the dwarf versions tend to live longer. That seems puzzling, especially since the dwarfs should need to have a slightly faster metabolism.

  • Woad raiders are awesome, almost as much as your casting, great job Res!

    and btw fast infantry are actually supposed to be devastating against gunpowder, check this out:

  • A good dark age boom is a boom without a second of idle tc / vils. Some remarks:
    only have two/three vils on the first house
    immediately move one sheep and one vil to under the tc
    when luring boar / herding sheep, move them under your tc
    the one vil that finished the houses can go for the close trees while you get up to 6 on sheep, move her to build the lumber camp as soon as you hit 6 vils on sheep.
    the next two houses should be built by only one vil, move the others to the sheep
    start the barracks at 55-60% feudal age researched

  • Res, I am Jesus Hentai Christ. I will forever treasure the voiceclip of you saying that. It may or may not show up in a video down the line.:P <3

  • He looks healthy, although I think he would benefit from some “glazed pork ribs”. I would venture that a strong wind would knock him off his feet.

  • It’s odd how many comments are from people wanting the drug when the video shows how to obtain health without drugs. The bible has told us this for thousands of years yet we refuse the info.

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  • I just used this in a 4v4 Arabia noob game and it worked perfectly. 2 militia drush w/ scout, keep em off berries and woodline, got like 3 or 4 vills easily before he killed my dudes. Followed up with an archer/pike push in feudal, which knocked out 3 stables, his BS, a few mining camps, countless enemy villagers and his tiny man at arms army. By castle he was completely done.

    I was lucky enough to get an outer wing/flank starting position.

    Also, I’m terrible and played horribly, so it would have been much better if I practiced the opening more/didn’t suck. Also got pretty unlucky finding him just like in the vid, which wasted time.

    Either way 9/10 would recommend.

  • Actually all that someone needs to destroy you is scout rush, you didn’t have any units to protect your base, you didn’t even walled. Couple of scouts in feudal and you would never go castle.

  • Interesting, why not skip loom though? Isn’t the whole point of loom to counter early aggression (provided that you don’t mess up boar pulls due to lag). At the position you are at, I don’t see how any early counter aggression can come your way any time soon.

  • stopped watching after 1st tip lol. The comparison to musketeers is laughable. First of all, Wood is the slowest gathering resource. Second these shipped towers deploy themselfs (very quickly). To build 2 towers yourself, you need to sacrifice worker(s) that would otherwise produce you a few resources if used on gathering. 3rd tower is utility card, not economy/army card. It’s mean to shield villagers from calvary raids. Losing single villager is a lot worse than losing 2 musketeers. Being able to garrison villagers in nearby towers is valuable on it’s own. Further, the card gives you improvement for all towers till rest of game. Last but not least towers have different attack/defence modifiers than musketeers. They are infinitely better at protecting your coast for example. That said, I don’t think it’s the right card to take for majority of plays but for the value itself this card makes sense, too.

  • Still love this game, play it so much. Even new games, I keep coming back to this game. This is probably one of the most solid performing games as well, well designed and very well programmed. Great video, learned a lot! Thank you!

  • I remember my dad “working” in his office when I was growing up and whenever I’d sneak in there to see what he was doing he’d be playing Age of Empire lol

  • hmmm Viper beat you Hera, I saw the cast last week due to corona and having so much time:)
    Im just wondering if Viper has a youtube cast…?? trolling:)

  • I’m playing AI Hardest and I sometimes win but barely. Meaning, all the resources exhausted, castles n barracks destroyed, villagers plundered. Then I let the enemy spend time destroying my 1st town center. And build lot of units and ongares at 2nd town center then fight back again and again. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose…it depends whether my ongares managed to kill the ranged units. I usually play Tuetons (because Tueton knights are very powerful at destroying Rams).Can you please make a training video on how to play AI Hardest?

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  • Nice guide mate! Got into AoE3 few days ago and this guide is probably the most simple and clear-to-understand one I’ve seen so far, thanks!

  • Hello there:) I Don’t mean to be rude but is there a reason you’re hard to understand? If yes, disregard this message. If no, please enunciate a bit more.

  • Your game play give me a head ack. I am playing age of empires since i was 15 year old now i am 35 and still play it to relex my self not to not increase my blood pressure

  • Res, I’ve just recently come back to AoE 2 after years of absence because I’ve noticed the thriving community and realised how tactical the game actually is. Been scouring your channel since then, subbed (also on twitch, so hope to see you live soon) and am just thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for all the hard and awesome work this cast was both hilarious and just really, really informative. Thanks!

  • This reminds me of the early days of AOK and AOC, when people did crazy strats like Saracen Monk Rush and mega early Persian Drush (sort of like this, but not as good). I really hope more people experiment, makes the game far more interesting to watch.

  • The fixed cost of barracks kind of make me think it is better to just go with 3 or 4 man of arms and see what happens to distribute fixed costs over more units therefore not making 2 units so expensive. In the end of the day we have to distrurb opponents economical development more than it costs us to produce those units.

  • it’s such a simple concept but it really makes sense, just lower the bar and chip away the enemies economy. I always get rushed and get my ass kicked time and time again because I like to go for the town centers and castles like an idiot.

  • I got a bit of a head ache because I haven’t had my morning coffee. 20 minutes in
    This lady needs and is getting some education in nutrition

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  • ‘We should do little a drinking game when everyone takes a drink whenever you lose a siege unit that costs more than college tuition” I actually laughed out loud to this. Great video!

  • That was a fantastic game and it was really impressive to see the woad raiders killing everything as well as burning down town centers.

    And that was from a really pressured position against cannons and trebuchets. Really really fierce celts there.

  • Whilst I think this, unless perhaps followed up with towers wouldn’t be sufficient to damage another pro player besides forcing a little bit of idle time, its still pretty crazy. It’s definitely alot of work and its debateable if its worth pulling, but nonetheless pretty amazing. Love to see what people come up with

  • Hey i have A question. What Version of windows is in minimal requirements to install aoe2 de i have windows 7 32bit and wanna make sure of game will work on win7 or not?

  • i thinkim a little behind but not that muchc onsidering i never followed any build. I can get to castle at the 20 mark (im talking about the in game time, i saw you did 17)

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  • In my online games drush only works against lower level players, other people either house wall their lumber camp or relocate their villagers to a safer woodline, which waste a little bit of time, but at least worth a try. Stealing the boar is much more annoying for the enemy in the dark age.

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  • Thanks for the guide. Very impressive. I agree though with the comment mentioning your enunciation. There’s no rush to get to the end of the sentence.

  • Another “How I…” video without specifics. In fact, this was one of the most general of them all. So I guess you ate better? Less processed food perhaps is what you tried to infer with the tricking of the senses?

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  • Guys Odette made a lil mistake, well, rather an omission ^^
    For the waypoints, you only let go of the shift key in the original game and in the HD edition.
    For those who play the Definitive Edition, you need to have shift engaged until your last waypoint, included!
    Nice video nonetheless and it feels refreshing to see a female Aoe player giving us advice, go girls go!

  • I NEVER bother commenting. BUT You did a good job with this video man. Keep it up. You’re Clear, Concise, and have some well thought out points that are important. I’ll sub just for that!

  • 1) thanks a lot Odette, I was aware of the first 4 hints, but not the last, I’m sure that will make a difference. 2) Yes, there is always a damn hole in the wall LMAO. 3) nice editting, specially the cows. Laughed hard there ROFL. 4) I’m sure you already know that but your beauty is astounding.

  • what nonsense he is talikng is beyond terrible and god given? WHAT IS A GOD AND FIRST PROOVE THAT A GOD EXISTS AND DOES SOMETHING TO HUMANITY.

  • i usually create villagers to keep food at 100,idk why, and i put lots of vills at wood so i can build stuff, and if i have water on the map i use mainly fishing ships instead of farms,this video hopefully will help me stop being a noob against rookie level AI, thanks

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  • Cumans: Get a unique build
    Lithuanians: Get two unique builds
    Bulgarians: Get a unique build
    Tatars: Gets so overshadowed by the other new civs that they don’t even get a mention on their own video

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  • Question, I noticed you sent the first 2 knights you made right at the enemy economy, do you think it would be better to gather maybe 4-6 knights and then strike so that way you can do more damage without your opponent knowing what you are up to, or do you think it’s better to just get a knight even if it’s only 1 knight to the economy as fast as possible. I only ask this because if a human player saw your 1 knight they would know exactly what your up to and they would creat pikes ASAP but maybe it would already be too late if you had a steady flow of knights.

  • Almost everything is perfect, but when he started to talk about and Idea of GOD, just lose my attention, because the video turn in a believe-based and not in a science-based. *Apologize my English

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