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44 Quotes for Deadlifters Fighting Gravity! 1) “There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift” Jon Pall Sigmarsson 2) “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” It’s raw and primal; the ultimate test of brute strength.

There is something extremely satisfying about fighting gravity and ripping a loaded barbell off the gym floor. Related 44 Quotes for Deadlifters. Guess what? I’m old. 50 years old.

I’ve been lifting for over 32 years now, but for the first 21 years, I never deadlifted. Astrology has been around for 2,400 years and has helped millions of people better understand themselves and the mysteries of life. �� So if you are after some of the best astrology quotes to share your passion or learn about astrology, you’re in the right place! Below, you will find a wide range of Vedic, insightful, meaningful, and profound quotes about astrology that are sure.

Quotes Reference Such a unit is independent of gravity or of any other quantity which varies with the locality. 10. 6. that is to say, the greater or lesser readiness to fight and face danger felt by all the men composing an army, quite independently of whether they are, or are not, fighting under the command of a geniu. Hong Kong’s pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily responded with defiance on Tuesday to the arrest of owner Jimmy Lai, promising to “fight on” in a front-page headline above an image of Lai in.

The coronavirus sweeping the world has shown no seasonal pattern and if health authorities take the pressure off fighting it, it will bounce back, the World Health Organization warned on Monday. And don’t forget: men have their own issues. They’re fighting gravity just like we are, and they’re the ones who are primarily responsible for performing. As men climb into their 50s and 60s, they have their own concerns.

I am not minimizing your anxiety or making fun. I am being totally honest: don’t give it another thought. 10: 1961: Natalie Wood: Gangs fight and dance! West Side Story.

Reasons, causes & possible (natural) remedies. See more ideas about Natural remedies, Foot remedies, Remedies. Animorphs (1996-2001) by K. A. Applegate is an English language science fiction series of young adult books about five humans and an alien who obtain the ability to morph into any animal they touch. Using their ability, they battle a secret alien infiltration of Earth.

List of related literature:

35 “Am I motivated”: Sherrod, “Untitled Manuscript,” Astronaut notes from Brian O’Leary’s book, 65.

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Farrell here quotes Tom Van Flandern’s book, Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets, p. 435.

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(515.32-37) In particular, Kant cites Newton’s well-known words from the Advertisement to the second edition of the Opticks: “And to show that I do not take Gravity for an essential Property of Bodies, I have added one Question concerning its Cause” (515.28-30)23—where the reference is of course to Query 21.

“Kant and the Exact Sciences” by Michael Friedman
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41 of book 1, I set forth with demonstration a general rule which embraces this corollary as a particular case.26 And the purpose of this third book is to expound the properties, forces, directions, and effects of gravity.]

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The first problem which James put to Gibbs was that of space, because Dean Liddell, Gibbs himself and others had complained that the quotations were being shortened too much and losing their literary interest.”

“Caught in the Web of Words: James A.H. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary” by Katherine Maud Elisabeth Murray
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“So Nate’s suggesting gravity is going to catch up to you and force you into forward motion.”

“Little Universes” by Heather Demetrios
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web 3: key statements: Physics Essays ;Mar2009, Vol. 22 Issue 1, Gravitation as a self-movement of matter due to the exchange of gravitons Locomotive force of gravitation, attributing it to a well-established attribute common to all matter: the radiant emission of energy.

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Pages•45-46: Breakup with Helstrom and Dylan quotations – ‘What are you doing here?’ and ‘What are you doing?’ etc. – author’s interview with Helstrom.

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Q. 8, Page 144] When objects fall towards the Earth under the effect of gravitational force alone, then they are said to be in free fall.

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from Oswaal NCERT Problems Solutions (Textbook + Exemplar) Class 9 Science Book (For 2021 Exam)
by Oswaal Editorial Board This latest offering Oswaal Books is developed by “Oswaal Panel of Experts”. Oswaal Books strongly believes in Making Learning Simple. To ensure student friendly yet highly exam-oriented content, we take due care in developing our Panel of Experts. Accomplished teachers with 100+ years of combined experience, Subject Matter Experts with unmatchable subject knowledge, dynamic educationists, professionals with keen interest in education and topper students from the length and breadth of the country, together form the coveted Oswaal Panel of Experts. It is with their expertise, guidance and keen eye for details that the content in each offering from Oswaal Books meets highest quality standards. No wonder, Oswaal Books holds an enviable place in every student’s heart!
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Chapter 33: Interviews with Simon Ramo and General Schriever; Ramo’s 1988 autobiography, The Business of Science: Winning and Losing in the HighTech Age: Col. Vincent Ford’s unpublished memoir.

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  • Love deadlifting, favorite lift by far followed by bench. I am a short guy like Jeff and even though I can put up a bit more weight sumo I prefer to lift conventional when training for some reason. I an about 5′ 6″ and 145 lbs. I just hit 345 yeaterday which is not much obviously nut I was super happy with it as I have been struggling a bit to get my big 5 up. I never used to deadlift when I was training in college and high school like 10-15 years ago as I thought it was a back killer, but we didn’t have the wealth of free training info that is available now and I now know the benefit, proper form and how safe it is when done right. It’s great, after 7 months of consistantly adding deadlifts x2 a week my back and traps have really blown. I nust started training hard again about 10 months ago after years of nothing and I wish I knew how great deadlifts, deadlift variations and squats were back then. I really hate squatting but my wife has been very complimentary on my legs and ass since I decided to focus on strength instead of pure hypertrophy.

  • The human body wasn’t built for this garbage talk to old body lifters you will be shocked at all the health problems they have because of weightlifting ������������

  • So what Ive learned: After a really hard lift, then keep your hands on the bar after a drop. Because you’ll be closer to the floor and also you wont hit your head

  • I used to do conventional deadlift and always found it uncomfortable to the point I’d never look forward to doing it, obviously this led to me struggling to put in the most effort. For about a year or so I’ve been doing sumo and it feels so much better.

  • I’m not an expert, which is why I’m watching these videos, why is 525kg less impressive than 500kg just because they’re tyres? Surely big z holds the record weight is weight right?

  • Wait I am confused? If the the record for the first man to lift 500kg, wasn’t that already broken by big z then? Since he lifted more kg? He even did it in 2014 while Eddie did his in 16

  • pull mostly conventional, probably 95% of the time. still managed to sumo pull the same as my conventional pr on a whim. last weeks deadlifts i really concentrated on wedging myself under the bar so i was in a better position to really drive into the floor instead of just try and pull my back up and it felt so good despite my current shoulder injury really causing me to stop trying to go up past 365. i think a massive part of what works best for someone is what they practice, especially with compound movements. if youve never deadlifted at all before id suggest really learning one of them first. either is fine tbh theyll both get you strong, and getting the movement pattern down before you start swapping back and forth is important.

  • This is all wrong. You need to clean that weight, do a back flip, grab the pull up bar with your teeth, and curl that weight while hanging. I saw that on a Cross Fit video.

  • I have a question Bryce if you see this. If you pull sumo mostly and have peaked it, then in a 3-4 month hypertrophy block would you pull mainly Conventional? I pulled conventional initially when i started to lift, it got to 550 range I then switched to sumo. After 18 months its in the 605-625 range after my last peaking block.

  • Rip is the shit! Mr. Rippetoe I see ya’ll are from Texas, would you guys be able to head south like to the tip of Texas for a seminar thing.

  • What about choosing the weights if I were to program them in separate blocks? I’ve done conventional since the beginning and I’ve only done sumo a number of times.

  • are the tires lighter or something? why does it says 1100+ lbs on brian shaw and Big Z deadlift? isnt that more than 500KG already?

  • Switched to sumo about 4 months ago, just feels much more natural. Any tips on breaking off the floor? I know this is the sticking point. I’m actually following CB 16 week program with my next comp end of January so I’m doing paused sumos. Any cues beyond push the floor away? Cheers, great content as always

  • I noticed that in your video on your conventional dead lift your back was rounded… is this something that will just happen with conventional dead lifts when you go heavy? im tired of trying to fight it when I lift heavy and feeling like it’s wrong

  • It’s that time again! Hope you guys enjoy Part 2 of the deadlift mini-series. In case you missed the sumo tutorial from last week here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsrD5y8EIKU

    I also realize that there is a good deal of overlap between these two deadlift tutorials. I wanted to make each of them stand-alone videos so that there is no question as to how both of these variations are to be performed from start to finish and to save me from having to clarify every difference in a single video (which would end up being too long and probably more confusing). So anyway, I’ll be back next week with 4 of the biggest deadlift errors and then we’re moving onto the dip from there! Let’s keep it going and hit like if you’re enjoying the series so far. Peace!

  • I agree with what Rip said, I pull so much more with oly shoes. It’s more than just the heel; it’s the full support that makes the big difference for me. My feet are very narrow and small so it makes it hard to ballance on the foot barefeet or in just socks or flat shoes. The increased surface of the oly shoes and the arch support makes the deadlift 10 times easier.

  • One mistake I always make if I don’t deadlift for a while is having my feet too far apart. Correcting this almost immediately makes my deadlift number shoot way up.

  • Can anyone explain to me how the beast is the first man ever to life 500kg when Big Z lifted 525kg in 2014? Im little confused. It was 25kg more than Eddie’s life������

  • Im 19 Years old and 70kgs, I can only Deadlift 250lbs is that okay or is it below what I should be lifting? Its my 2nd Month at the Gym

  • You have to love Eddie for including Thor’s lighter lift at the Arnold, while still giving him a proper piss off to his 501kg that didn’t count.

  • Your quick comment about not sticking your butt out “too much” on deadlifts has managed to solve a major lower back impingement that was keeping me away from deadlifts for a LONG TIME, mainly because every time I said my lower back hurts from lifts they told me I must not be sticking it out enough. Been a fan of your videos for about a year now, and you continue to improve every workout I have. THANK YOU.

  • I suck at conventional so I deadlift conventional all the time and when I’m going to Max out I train sumo for about a week! It trips people out when I add 100-150lbs on the bar all of a sudden lmao.

    Add on: learning to sit back, keep my knees back and really focus on my thoracic spine being tight really helps my conventional deadlift

  • Sumo for me.I am 193cm tall, with long legs.Very uncomfortable during starting position in conventional dl.I can pull conventional only when it’s from the blocks.So I just started using Romanian deadlifts.Also sumo is the best variation for me.
    I have also trap bar in the gym, so I will see how that feels.

  • IMO Thor and Shaw’s are the most impressive based just on height. It always amazes me when I see tall ass dudes putting up real weight

  • Best guide for sumo? I can pr at 550lb for conventional but can barely do 315 for sumo before something in the back of my knee starts to tingle. 6’0, 180 lbs

  • I can’t do it. Sorry, Rip. Deadlifting in weightlifting shoes makes the exercise harder than it needs to be, and takes out alot of hamstring involvement.

    Weightlifting shoes for Squatting, Snatching, Cleaning. Chuck Taylors for The Deadlift.

  • I think honestly Think you can find a way to do both, I personally always felt sumo more comfortable. I did hear that if you have trouble conventional and would like to work it in to start sumo and keep bringing your legs in To a hybrid sumo as you get more comfortable with form until your at a conventional lift. Don’t know if it works for myself by heard results from it. I’m kind of in the middle of experimenting but it’s a marathon not a sprint

  • Tomatoes are a nightshade plant, yeah like the poison. What you’re feeling is tomatoes not wanting to be eaten. Ascorbic Acid and minerals is an interesting solution.

  • They looked because of the shock wave you make and also they taught you want to destroy the entire floor of gym. Therefore they not impressed to you lmao.

  • Acid reflux? When I do get it, seldom anymore, rink some milk or have a tortilla or some protein meatthese will give the stomach acids something to work on. As for eliminating the cause, drop 5 + lbs around the midsection seems to do the trick for me. I have only popped a Zantac a couple times in the last year.

  • Dudddeee, yeah I would prolly be like. Fuck I should really quit saying I’m gonna start deadlifting again. And just fucking deadlift. Lol good stuff! Better form and stronger than me.

  • when i first started DL, i felt sumo stance was A LOT easier on my lower back.
    it allowed me to keep my back straight and made me load more on my lifts more safely than conventional.
    so been lifting sumo for 2 plus years, UNTIL i injured my groin.
    and i’ve been FORCED to switch to conventional… but now that i’m doing conventional, even though i can’t load as much, i feel my lower back activating A LOT more, so now i actually like conventional

  • Bruh ive been deciding on sumo or conventional for the past 2 days now, im boutta head to the gym to deadlift in about an hour or so and you upload this…

    I was just watching your definitive sumo deadlift guide earlier as well

    much love Bryce, you handsome man:)

  • Speaking of heartburn and reflux, what COMPLETELY fixed it for me is C-PAP machine. I had pretty bad reflux, especially overnight, from January 2008 to September 2016. The night I started using a C-PAP machine for sleep apnea, it went away and never returned. Not once.

  • I think no one was impressed with you, but you. I wouldn’t say “mirin”, I’d say noticin…noticin a lot of noise. Congratulations on your huge….ego.

  • That fucking back tho. I would be looking too if your back was like that. But notice how its literally all guyz. Not a single female.

  • Love the prohibition of supportive equipment and sumo. But why wasn’t a really short-term (like 5-10-30-45 minutes or just before the first attempt) weigh-ins established? Wouldn’t it be better if it was certain who was eligible in what weight class before the competition starts for the lifter?

  • Choice for a deadlift bar? Tossing around the Texas Deadlift Bar and the Rogue Deadlift Bar.

    I’ve given sumo a chance. It just feels foreign to me. I guess 15 years of conventional pulling will do that.

  • Ed Coan teaches the deadlift with your feet slightly pointed out he mentioned this helps engage your glutes. Ultimately, I feel like to goal is to get in a form/stance that utilizes the most muscle mass possible

  • well..mostly its a good form.. i guess when u max rep its normal that the form is more a b than an a+ still strong *thumbs up

  • Powdered garlic and powdered onion trigger my heartburn but fresh onion and garlic does not. I think its about concentration. Intermittent fasting with the fasting before and during sleep helped tremendously. Also Apple Cider Vinager with a bit of water and honey instead of antacids during a heartburn episode works for me.

  • thanks for the amazing video Jiff, like always,, I’m deadlifting 3 times a week, and squat 3 times a week as well, (not on the same day of course) is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  • I need Orthotic insoles for midfoot support and arch support, the heel of the sole ain’t that thick but the arch is. I do find it difficult to find shoes that fit these perfectly. I wonder if weightlifting shoes might be an option.

    What are the thoughts on weightlifting shoes with orthotic insoles?

  • My coach keeps telling me to retract my scapulae during deadlifts, but i don’t see any of the youtube’s “jeffs” do it. How should i do it?

  • So exactly what IS this?..is it something that hapens to head?..heart?…brain?…why are these people having “Mini-seizures / passing out” after lifting an excessive level of weight?…and why hasn’t this practice been halted until further research has been performed?….like…human beings are idiots sometimes.

  • Yo quick question though to you or any other gym fellow. Why lift so much heavy weight for? What is the reason or purpose behind it? Is it mostly an ego thing? A goal? To show off? Like why put so much weight and pressure on your joints and bones and body? I get it lifting weights and working out to a degree is very important and beneficial to our overall health. I do it too. But I don’t get the people that go overboard and keep adding more and more weight to their routines. Like that isht can’t be good for our bodies down the line, no??

  • I love angry old guy teachers. Very knowledgeable, and experienced. The only problem I’ve found is a resistance to change, or adopt newer technologies /methods.

  • Conventional feels better and easier
    on sumo i can use me belt without feeling death creeping before i even lift the bar
    but also after i perform sumo im 2 seconds from passing out other than conventional
    so i guess im gonna stick with barbell curls in the squat rack

  • It was an easy choice for me deadlifted conventional for 3 years at best lifts were 150kg6 160kg -2 tried sumo after the 160 double and did 140kg 10 in that same session so made the switch. Now I’ve sumo deadlifted 190kg 1 paused Beltless 180kg-1 and very low block pull 200kg-5. But my question is after I reach my goal of 5 plates 220kg Sumo should I switch back to conventional to bring that up higher that 350lbs/160kg???

  • I have long femurs, and i find chucks to be very comfortable for deadlifts I also squat in my old es skateboard shoes with a flat base. they wear like socks but they are planted to the ground. Saved a lot of money!

  • After doing Conventional deadlifts for a good while I recently tried out Sumo just to see and it just “felt” fantastic. I have now switched over to Sumo because although I don’t know anything about the theories of biomechanics, my body was telling me this was the way to go.

  • I have slowly stated trying to pull sumo but have experienced pain in my groin/adductors. Would you suggest that I just continue slowly or look more into if my stance/mobility is causing it? And thank you for another awesome video

  • What’s wrong with somebody looking at you lifting? They might be jealous or check your form or scared of the loud noice or they might admire you. Stay humble man just because you are strong it doesn’t mean your the strongest.

  • I just tried sumo and my right hand (overhand) was rubbing my right quad like crazy. Is there any way around this or is this a suck-it-up situation?

  • I deadlift with 35s as the largest plate, in order to get a deeper lift.  Fortunately, I’m smaller sized, so it’s not necessary for me to use 45s in order to put sufficient weight on the bar.  I prefer the longer range of motion w the 35s, compared to using 45s.

  • I like to switch them from block to block. I’ve also found that training sumo has really helped me learn how to press off the ground properly and that has carried over and helps me when I decide to go back to conventional.
    also personally I just like to switch it up just to keep things interesting from block to block.

  • Hey Jeff if you read this do you have any advice for novice powerlifters looking to compete in official meets and also what’s the name of the association(s) responsible?

  • 2:54 his friends baited him into picking that heavy shit up. and then he died afterwards looking at them like yall ain’t shit..��������

  • I was in 5th grade trying to lift 200 (my best was like 120, I know, stupid), and the feeling that you get when every muscle in your body has no idea what’s happening and your brain just goes “fuck it go unconscious” is the weirdest thing in the world.

  • No lifting shoes yet, is bare foot better than squatting and deadlifting than in running shoes? FYI I am sub 400# on both at this time.

  • How do you know if your back is flat if you can’t see yourself while performing the exercise if you can’t always train with someone?

  • injured myself today doing sumo:( month away from a competition…
    hurt my clavicle while doing sumo, it started snapping and cracking while i was doing my set. What can it be associated with? Weak upperback? Weak shoulders?

  • Even though Thor did 501 kg i think you’re best of the best when it comes to deadlifting… Btw Thor deadlift shouldn’t be a world record because there were not judges and that was not a real competition (like Arnold classic etc)

  • Kinda comforting to see you deadlift with rounded back, cuz i do the same! I feel great and have never been injured, but many people say i did it wrong, so i have questioned my self many times! But im kinda built the same as u, so a bit rounded is the best! Keep pushin

  • I like it that your videos are short and to the point. That’s amazing you call pull that weight while your body weight is literally low:-)
    I invite you all to check out and subscribe to my channel.

  • Okay, 8 need to point something out. Ronnie didn’t deadlift 900 pounds but 800. Its still insane and he is top 3 greatest bodybuilders no question but it was 800 not 900

  • Do not know why this came across my feed… it takes a few years for people to realize getting stares at the gym for being loud is probably the stupidest reason to want to go to the gym. Workout for yourself and stop caring what everyone else thinks because to be honest they really don’t care either.

  • yes 4 plates deadlift, big mile stone
    after watching the video
    ok back to the biceps curl no more deadlift, deadlift is dangerous ��

  • In college gyms it be like that. I rmbr I was squatting about 350 for a set of 3 and some girl that was walking thru the gym just stopped and watched me with her mouth open in awe. It was weird but an ego boost lol

  • great to see you can lift and you want peoples reactions. its a shame the gym can’t deaden the noise a bit. recording this is more of an ego boost for you. Each to their own,

  • Hey guys, I am just starting out on YouTube. I am highly motivated and I enjoy helping people. What you will see is every day people, working hard, making mistakes, and growing stronger together. Please like, comment, and subscribe. It will cost you nothing for your support and it will be greatly appreciated ��

  • As always, great videos. Great lifting info, clear passion for lifting and life. Good videographer, too! Deserves more subscribers!

  • First time i tried to do a deadlift in the gym next to my pool where my apartment is and my nose started bleeding next thing you know i guess i passed out because i remember nothing after that

  • 2:20 You wrote 5-10 reps for hypertrophy and 1-5 reps for Strength (in the text overlay on the video, but you Verbally stated 1-5 reps for “size”). Was this intentional?

    I’m not sure what you were trying to say as your text and voiceover were contradictory.

    Perhaps you meant to write “5-10 reps for Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy” (for size) and 1-5 reps for “myofibrillar hypertrophy” (for strength)?


  • Lately I haven’t felt the soreness in my hammies and back muscles like when I barely started doing deadlifts. Which is making me feel like I’m doing it wrong now. Ived up my barbell weight. I literally started with 20 pound dumbbells in each hand. Also I’m a short dude, but I personally prefer the conventional deadlift instead of sumo. Both are good just prefer it over the other.

  • 2:30 probably has knowledge of possibly passing out and literally heads straight for the damn rack of dumbbells that’s how you know you fried your brain after the lift

  • Бля я тоже магу такой вес я ишо молодой 65 клаграм у меня вес я из Кыргызстана ���� меня зовут тыныбек 98 буду эх для вас этот вес пазор я так думаю вы ровно 1000 клаграм подимайт нужно был ��������

  • This instructor at a gym I used to go to teaches his clients this amazing deadlift technique: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvwqTWoAt5t/?igshid=m4eq6ivu4vox
    It’s called the back breaker! ��

  • What a strange video. The weight is obviously impressive. The form is 7/10, not terrible. But none of these people were really mirin at all….why are they in this video???

  • That new federation sounds really interesting. Are there concerns about how people will safely perform a max effort overhead press?

  • A cambered bar IS great variation to use. Not only is the leverage different, it can be utilized for working the lockout portion of the deadlift because a cambered bar is higher off the ground.

  • Hello everybody,

    in the gym are talker and doer.

    Who are you?

    Step by step.

    Closer to your goal.

    Greeting´s Markus Waldow

    Name Markus Waldow

    Height 183 cm

    Weight 90,0 Kg

    Deadlift 205 Kg 451 lbs

    Date 11.02.2020

  • Great video bryce!! Personally i perform better with sumo but still have Blocks from time to time where i do conventional

    As for future topics to cover In a video Maybe you could do a video on how to keep tightness in Your back when Bench pressing specifically when you are pressing the barbell back and Up
    for me atleast it seems really dificult sometimes
    as allways thank you for the great content!

  • Advising an unmatched or alternate grip without advising activating the tricep will lead to a bicep tear. No one tears a bicep with a matched grip. Again, to avoid tearing your bicep in an alternate grip, activate the triceps. This is advice from Jeff Cavaliere.

  • Thank you for the information Jeff, your video helped me identify some of the things I was doing wrong with my deadlift. You are a beast!

  • I have a few questions I’ve been wondering about!
    When lowering the bar from top position, after you’ve pulled it up, how should I start the lowering phase? By focusing on pushing my butt back till it reaches my knees or starting by sliding the bar down my legs? I’ve noticed that this is quite different to some people, it’s easy to tell when people focus on pushing their butt back in order to lower the bar down instead of just manually focusing on sliding it down their legs…
    Another question is that when I reach my knees with the bar, do I have to manually go bend my knees or will my knees automatically “go with the flow”?

  • I broke my right pinky before. I don’t think it fully healed. Lol
    Gripping my fist tight kinda aches it.
    I still can manage 275lbs atm with no straps or a belt.
    Anyone recommend a belt at this point or?

  • jeff you saved me… i had perfect form on my deadlift but was getting very short term lower back pain after each set, now that i let my hips go first when i am letting the bar down it’s completely gone… thank you bro

  • I am really learning a lot from your videos! I’m doing better at the gym, and as a beginner, when I’ve gotten stuck not able to get to the gym, rewatching your videos has helped me to maintain form. The gym wants me to pay a trainer 3x/week; by watching your videos, I’ve been doing great with 1x/week. Great work! Thanks!

  • I love sumo deadlifts, however my hips just cant handle the external rotation so I’m stuck with conventional. I am sadly much weaker with this form

  • I still consider myself pretty new at the dead lift and I have a question. I have been lowering the bar down a bit slower than shown here. Maybe a 2 or 3 second lowering. I’m wondering if I should stop doing this. I don’t have any particular reason for doing it other than some other movements can incorporate a slow decent so I guess I just threw that on my DL too. Appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this.

  • Jeff, can you check my technique. Not sure what im doing wrong…


  • So am a beginner. Thanks Jeff, your videos have taught me how to lift! I have been deadlifting once a week for the past 2-3 months.

  • I only been deadlifting since end of november properly before that almost never, very rarely. I did it with a friend who is qualified and tests army recruits fitness. He pushed me to try my 1st ever 1 rep max, i lifted 160kg, i was chuffed at the time as never really bedn pushed and doubted myself. After a little break over christmas i managed to lift 160kg for 3 reps. Then a couple of weeks ago i just managed 165kg, while he did 180kg easily. Then i read that properly resting inbetween sets and deadlift workouts would benefit your 1rm. So we took 9 days off deadlift, then a few days ago we attacked it again i managex 170kg he fid 180kg again easily. Then he said to me ‘come on try 180kg, i thought you got that 170kg up easy theres more in you’. So i had a coyple minutes to recover and thought i couldnt do it as i couldnt even get 180kg off the floor before christmas. So chalked my hands, belt on as my back and hips arent great but getting better, walked up to the bar, breathed cleared my head, got in postion. Then i started lifting, it came off the floor, i was shocked at which point i thought right here we go 100% give it all, and i got it up and locked everthing out it was tough but did it, was ovef the moon He then went and fid 190kg lol. But even he said you doubt yourself before you do it, so increae my max by 15kg on one session. I put this down to proper rest and break between sessions, and having someone there to encourage and shout at you also helps push you through your limits. On monday we are deadlifting with Wales strongest woman at 82kg category to get more tips and get shown up of course. I got my technique from this vid so thsnks very much.

  • Hey, i have some problem in keeping the lower back fully straight and i dont know why. When im in the starting position ready to pull i drive my chest out and try to straighten lower back as hard as i can! I was filming and recording my deadlift to see my form and i dont like my lower back. Im a little overweight and have some love handles and lower back fat and i thought maybe its the fat that seems a bit rounded. Or could it be because rigid hamstring that pull my lower back into a bit rounded low back?

  • Risto makes a flat sole deadlift shoe with arch support. Customer service is utter shit tho. Ordered mine 2 months ago and despite a few friendly update requests I’ve received neither the shoes or any email replies. Order remains in “Processing”…:(

  • Try cider vinegar for your heart burn. It sounds counter intuitive but the problem in most stomachs isn’t too much acid but not enough. Add acid to improve digestion.

  • I tried sumo after being a strict conventional puller and i pulled 10kg over my pr the first time i ever pulled sumo. It doesnt feel as natural the conventional, would paused sumo help make it more comfortable?

  • I do 3 sets of 11 reps with 120 kg and started doing deadlifts 14 months ago I weigh 77 kg. And yes with good form but not perfect perse. Am I strong and doing good?

  • Bruh where were you when I used to lift!?
    Thank you heaps for these videos, I’m just recovering from a serious knee injury, and these are helping me more than you could imagine!
    Keep it up thank you!

  • Question from a deadlift noob. I notice during each rep you let the bar rest on the ground and I just wanted to know if this was better than doing an entire set where between each rep you lower the bar but don’t let it fully touch the ground. I was just told when you don’t rest between each rep you have more time under tension. Is this a bad way of doing it? (I’m not sure if my comment made much sense but I hope you can kind of gather what I’m asking) ����

  • Hi Jeff, i have a question about alternate grip. Is it really safe to use alternate grip while deadlift? Because i’ve seen video compilations about bicep tears while deadlifting, and the video show all people who deadlift with alternate grip

  • I’m only 5 foot6 and I have trouble doing the conventional deadlift. I can’t really keep my back straight it round even when I try to straighten it because I can’t really reach the bar with my back straightened even when I try to straighten my back once I do reach the bar. Right now I’m doing 5 by 5 StrongLifts should I keep on trying the conventional deadlift, or should I try Sumo deadlift instead?

  • My trainer says that I should not squat while doing deadlifts. He tells me to keep knees straight. How should I tell him that it’s wrong

  • Thank you so much for this video, I have had several issues with my conventional deadlift and been thinking about switching to sumo.. just the right timing and informative as always, thank you ����

  • Agree on everything except the belt. Recommended for advanced lifters only when numbers are simply too high for your stabilizing muscles

  • Just do both. Conventionnel gives way more strength, squatting will always make the sumo strong, do both reason: more competitions to win, more money to support your trainning:) i personnly never do sumo often, yet when i do sumo my deadlift goes up by 20 kg evrytime guess because my squatting and deadlifting and periodizing, managing volume intensity trully carried me all around:) but it is maximized trainning. And what ever, i beleve it is all about programming, if you learn both, you cycle between both, or you do extra reps with the other one, i beleve you’ll get so strong, or you can put one on conditionning day, 1 on heavy day, or 1 on volume day so what ever, i do conccurent trainning:D

  • i have pain in my lower back when i deadlift. Ive recently switched to deadlifting in my squat shoes and realized my posterior chain is far more responsive and i no longer experience lower back pain, basically fixing my technique. I also have pulled the heaviest I’ve done from the floor wearing them.

  • Fake fall 1:27 guy did t even fall he caught hisself but didn’t try to get up bc he realized he was already embarrassed fuck him it would’ve looked better if he got up and laughed it off

  • When doing more than one rep how does it work? Do you drop the weights to the floor and start again for each rep or is it continuous movement?

  • Oh i see, so Eddie will be the one who will stop the fight of Godzilla and King kong. There will be a new movie of Godzilla. Wherein the hydra looking bastard will recover. And Godzilla and King kong will be fighting.