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To the people who run away from everything, leaving will always be more comfortable than staying. Running will always be easier than remaining. Packing up your life and flinging it into a state of perpetual chaos is your way of staying comfortable, rather than. “Many people do not breathe deeply enough,” explains 15 Things Everyone Does Wrong While Running.

And how to stop making them—one step at at time. March 29, 2018. 50 Everyday Sayings Everyone Gets Wrong “For all intensive purposes,” we live in. Flat Foot. Many babies are born with flat feet, but more than 80% outgrow it.

Some adults get flat feet because of an injury or things like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 12 Annoying Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Real Life Claire Nowak Updated: Apr. 18, 2020 Movies are meant to be a pleasant escape from reality, but sometimes, their versions of reality are. A sugar daddy reveals 4 things people always get wrong about paying for companionship. Sara Hendricks.

2018-06-12T15:40:56Z The letter F. A ghost. An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. An envelope. “I run a company, I don’t have a lot of time to waste.

And it seemed like a lot of dating sites were just games,” Foster. It’s easy to forget, but Joe Biden used to be a punchline that very few people took seriously as a major political candidate. In 2008, he couldn’t surpass the immortal Bill. You could get run over crossing the street, you could get a serious illness, lose your job, or be a victim of crime.

There are also seldom definite answers to life’s complicated problems. If your. 4 Things That Most People Get Wrong about Silencers Tom McHale 02.04.15 As gun suppressors are covered by the nearly-ancient 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA), there’s a.

4 DON’TS on how to get your ex boyfriend back and he’ll be running back into your arms in no time. It’s nothing personal; it’s simply that most women (and men, too, for that matter) who are aiming to reconcile after a breakup end up taking the wrong kind of advice, or simply making everything up as they go along. 4 Things Most People Get Wrong about Abstentions Blog The Law of Order.

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP USA March 14 2018 Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard or said these word.

List of related literature:

The first bad one is that runners—especially those who run the same slow pace all the time—lose flexibility.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
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They have all kinds of reasons: “I’m not serious enough to need to learn”; “Nobody taught me how to run in the first place”; “I’ve been running fine for years”; “My body runs as it should.”

“The Cool Impossible: The coach from Born to Run shows how to get the most from your miles and from yourself” by Eric Orton, Rich O'Brien
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The first is that running up hills has been of lesser importance than running over relatively flat ground or walking.

“Effective Cycling” by John Forester
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Running had simply become too much of an unpleasant effort.

“Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs” by Tim Noakes
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A common mistake for new runners is thinking that they have to run fast.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
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Other runners have their own ideas, and you have to think on your feet, concentrate, and respond.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
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A lot of potential runners never get moving, out of fear of looking foolish.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
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For example, beginning runners often state that they “hate running” but start because of certain consequences running produces (weight loss, decreased blood pressure, and increased lung capacity).

“Power of Reinforcement, The” by Stephen Ray Flora
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The biggest problem with walking and running is to control your breathing.

“Sound-on-film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound” by Vincent LoBrutto
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Much has been said about running making us more fit.

“Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better” by John Holt, John Caldwell Holt
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  • They used to call it global warming…..but the planet has been cooling since my buddy Gore’s bullshit. so climate change is the all encompassing. (it’s shorter for winter, spring, summer and fall) LMFAO

  • Im a 40 year old man and this video made me cry. I cant imagine how hard life can be for our vets. I send all my love to veterans all over the world with hope that we as a human race can help and appreciate the sacrifice you have made for us and for what it has cost. Losing your homes, families and in some cases your lives. And thank you to 5fdp for bring this to the attention of the world. We needed to see this to appreciate what we have and how lucky we are to live the lives we do. And to all the men and women who serve our countries. We love you and I hope that we can somehow protect you like you have protected us.

  • People that disrespect veterans should be shot pissed on and forgot they deserve a free pass for the rest of there life the Sacrifice is incredible

  • I knew someone with toretts who swore and used the f word. During a choir concert in a church at xmas time. He stuffed a tag in his mouth.

  • I do think and believe that US govt is well prepared in killing their own people like what they have done to others people across the world. They killed innocent people in Korea (Korean war), in Vietnam war, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syiria and other countries in the name of “peace”. Now there are prepared to kill their own people in the name of arrogance, hypocracies. With the stupid politicians who run the white house, it’s the only matter of time before, to proof that this theory is not just a theory. Good luck America..

  • I know vets. My dad was one. We all should make sure they have a home 5 a month and million of people. Way not start helping and stop talking. We the people help. Gov don’t care. Trump has helped but not like he should. But we the people can.

  • MSG is something that I try my best to stay away from mostly in Americanized Chinese food. About 30 minutes after eating it I have a headache that feels like a hot ice pick is being shoved around behind my eye, usually the right eye. Usually doesn’t have the light or sound sensitivity that a migraine causes.

  • i had a very traumatic childhood & adult. i have MDD,CPTSD,dysthymia, chroinc fatigue. im in my 60s still struggling with trauma.my dad and husband where narrisstics.

  • calling “GOD” a she is a big NO,NO you need to have a serious one on one with HIM period make a change and repent its blaspheme…”LIVE BY FAITH” in Jesus name

  • I lost a good friend of mine in Afghanistan in 2009. I never served with him as I was out before he resigned. He came to me for advice on resigning (knowing I signed twice) He was one of the first people to call me a veteran when I never saw myself as a veteran. (I’m noncombatant). To this day I regret the advice I gave him and I carry it hard. I really appreciate what Five Finger has done with their music. This song especially wears hard on me and brings me too tears almost every time that I hear it. I can totally relate to this song. Troops please be safe out there.

  • I absolutely adore this music video
    That thematic mirror of the bearded solider saving Jacobs (the black solider)
    during combat then with Jacob returning the favour…beautiful. I absolutely hate the American government but a vet in need is universal.

  • Жалко лишь тех ветеранов которые защищали свою землю от внешней угрозы и срочников которых принудительно кинули в мясорубку…тех кто за деньги воевал на территории других стран нифига не жалко..а в США и в рабсии большинство ветеранов именно такие

  • Covid infection is like borrowing money from loan shark.. The interest is high, and you will pay high price if you delay to settle the payment every second.. In this case, the US constantly delaying to pay the principal and downplayed the severity of the loan, hence they now entering bankruptcy because did not manage the loan from early.. Metaphorically speaking.. Many of their people think its more important to get haircut than their own lives.. This pandemic need to be fought extensively, not partially.. Lockdown in US is only partial and more loose compared to many asian countries.. And their people also many did not take it seriously.. They didnt want their economy to get affected, now they have to face longer economics slump and they also have lost and will lose more of their own citizen lives..

  • No veteran deserves bad treatment. Look out for our veterans today wherever you may find them. Cut them a break and a kind word they may be lacking.

  • 00:00 às 00:56

    Enquanto você está assistindo isso
    Existem 300.000 veteranos sem-teto dormindo nas ruas

    E este número está aumentando

    Mais de 1,4 milhão de veteranos correm o risco de se tornarem desabrigados

    Mais de 67% de veteranos sem-teto
    serviu nosso país por pelo menos 3 anos

    Eles deram tudo, mas estamos falhando então…

    Triste isso, mas realidade, amei o clip e a música… Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) BANDA SENSACIONAL

  • I dedicated this song to my father who served the last 2 years of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam and finally retiring..never able to talk of what he went through..and reminding me of his life…I can only feel the pain through him and why he had to do this..his remains and the medals for his efforts for each war he served for our freedom..and his love of all life both here and abroad..makes me proud to call him dad. He served to make a difference..to us and those in each country he fought for..to give them a chance to have the life we were giving.. Love you dad..

  • -‘Death to the Nazis, the Christians, and Holy Romans, and their death to thee! For they left me a cold one under.’ Mephistopheles. ‘I have you covered but only until midnight, then it’s your soul asunder, your knighthood, and your life, remember?’ ‘I’m afraid we offer little magic but the sleight of hand. It’s the truth we offer the most. Here take these three books to start and hurry for there is little time left in your kingdom and see who I am in those, yes, and where they would have me!’

  • Profesionals have many for this job. And gou in fight voluntery. When is problem? Dont faith in war for money, dont crai for injuries.

  • Thank you all veterans you are greatly appreciated in my family as I have family vets as well and I plan to go the military to disrespect vets your disrespecting America and everything it stands for soldiers are the very reason we have freedom

  • Here’s absolute proof that the world is not flat. If the world was actually flat, the cats would have knocked everything off of it by now. YAAY! CATS �� RULE!!!!!!!

  • The planet will survive climate change. Humans most likely will not. Our best bet right now is hope the elites have mercy on us and stop destroying the environment exponentially. Our time is coming to a close.

  • I applaud the message.Global warming is an urgent and worsening crisis for us humans and many other living species. But how were global temperatures over the past 140,000 years determined. What are the error bars on the measurements. The graph shows remarkably stable temperatures for the past 10,000 years. Why?

  • The world wont end we will. The world will get hotter and cooler and when a new apex species evolves the same thing will happen to them

  • Very true
    One of the traditional karate schools I train at is great and brutal and really in depth with the bunkai but thats it. Brutal as fuck and I can barely train these full power let alone use it in public cos I could really badly damage someone if not kill them. The words self defence MUST not be thrown around unless the teacher knows EXACTLY what it is

  • How are we to know the destiny of humanity, those who have the means should follow their drive, but the back seat drivers need to shut up

  • Climate change was always natural, how do you think the ice ages happened and ended so many times?
    Of course i’m not saying we shouldn’t care, i’m saying everyone is freaking out about something that is not that urgent.
    Every year countries and people invest money on organizations that promise to change it, but the only way to change it of course is healthier enviroment, such as reflorestation and scientific research to find useful, more organic solutions.

  • The thing about Earth is that it’s always changing, and when one thing is changing another thing is affected. The thing with climate change is that Earth is always changing and we’re going to be greatly affected so we’re preventing this change. We were so well adapted with what we already have that we can’t be bothered to start all over again. This is also the reason why we are keeping our current wildlife away from extinction, it’s because we’re afraid of change. This also why when searching for life, we’re only taking notice of planets that are similar to us since we can’t imagine a world different from us. There are two things that we can do and one thing to do is be ready to adapt to change and evolve instead of sticking with the past and not learn. Though I think when we accept that things will change, we’re also bound to be heavily affected, and might go extinct, and that’s a good enough reason to prevent these changes from happening, which is why that would be our second option. In the end it’s either we stick with our old ways out let go of the past and be ready to face change.

  • Stop fussing about 2°.. 4°.. of Climate Change! Let’s do something to make our fossil fuel power plants and energy infrastructure “Carbon Neutral” NOW! We have the technology and resources to do that, all we need is ‘Collective OpenMinded Will’ to do it!

  • Actually, the magnetic poles are beginning to reverse. So, maybe we should expect some really unusual weather patterns. Right? Have 1 child per couple and reduce emissions by 50%

  • Plus, if the Earth were not warming from climate change right now, the Earth would actually be in a state of cooling. There have been several “mini Ice Ages” over the past couple centuries to indicate that the average temperature was on the decline.

  • The description in the video is flawed.
    Yes, Climate change is not new. But human-induced artificial climate change is new.
    Yes, Life has always survived in the past. But For the first time, we are polluting the planet to an extent where recovery will be hampered.
    No animal species ever has changed the planet to suit it better. We have been doing so since agriculture.
    No species ever tried to escape the planet before climate change. We are for the first time now.

  • The US cares more about the economy than human lives. We aren’t going to get it together until either the president gets it, or is voted out.

  • I submit mankind has yet to discover many, many unknown influences to ‘Climate Change’ that will prove the futility of man-made efforts to change it.

  • Thanks for the video. I teach all of this in my Karate class. I would add to benefits is philosophy of non violence rooted in Zen Buddhism, morality and ethics such as Bushido code, 8 virtues of the Samurai. Self protection is at least 90% mental not physical, our brain is our most powerful weapon and the reason humans are the dominate species on Earth. Always try to avoid trouble in the first place with things like situational awareness. Escape without injury is the primary goal and again over 90% mental. Legality yes I always tell my students USA is both gun happy and lawsuit happy and if you go to far that is called assault. Don’t depend on witnesses they are historical very unreliable just ask any judge, attorney or police officer. Threats can include multiple attackers and weapons again USA is a gun happy culture sadly.

  • Just a critique although I enjoy your program you seem to be repeating a lot of the information on every video please check previous videos so this action won’t be repeated…thank you…✨��✨��✨

  • It meant so much to me to hear her say that you are resilient even if you are struggling with trauma right now. I didn’t know that was exactly what I needed to hear until she said it. Thank you.

  • In 1968 Paul R. Ehrlich published the “Population Bomb”. It warned of catastrophe in the 1970s and 1980s because the earth’s natural resources would not keep up with population growth. At the time he wrote the book the earth’s population was estimated at about 3.5 billion people. Today we have an estimated 7.6 billion people and a growing middle class Asia which use to be very poor. No catastrophe from population growth. Ditto for global warming.

    History tells us “Don’t worry be happy”.

  • One very specific piece of data is left of of every graph.. Margin of error…. Margin of error in “global average” 3 degrees c….. The supposed increase is within the margin of error..

    Some minor data not shown.. Is that predictions about a 3 degree rise 30 years ago had it happening by the year 2000… But it didn’t happen…

    Also. A minor piece of data… The name change from global warming, to climate change. Because the planet wants actually warming.. They are trying to us a natural phenomenon to scare us into thinking we are killing our selves. But since they are losing the fight.. Now they are saying it’s not the planet… It just us…. Thats in danger.

  • Let us assume the earth is warming (it is) and it is caused by human activity and that in the absence anything being done we all die, animals die, plants die. At that point human intervention stops and nature takes over. How is the earth going to recover? The forests have been reduced so they cannot soak up CO2, will they ever grow again if wild fires keep reducing them and no humans to fight them. Sure the earth will not self destruct, but it is the actions of the corporations who are afraid of losing money that is preventing the action required. 30 or more years ago scientists told us they had found DDT in penguin eggs, in the Antarctic. No one said “we don’t believe you” we just stopped using DDT.

  • I wonder how can we know certain temperature of past 200 000 years, since humans are able to measure temperature for about 0,15% of it’s existence (200k years). And the data of just certain locations (which aren’t very accurate as for the whole earth’s temperature) are there for even less of time. The video is great though.

  • Good video but it is also about saving the thousands of others species that humans depend on for survival. If ecosystems fail, we fail.

  • My older siblings seem to resent me because i wasnt beaten by my dad. (Im the youngest). They are closer in age than i am from the youngest of them. I witnessed that one, 5.5 years older, being badly beaten —so bad that the one & only time our mom told my dad he couldnt do that anymore (the next day—she didnt do or say anything during the beating). I remember being frozen, watching, afraid to speak but yelling in my head for her tomstop talking back so my dad would stop… i dont know if i witnessed the violence in the blank years of my memory (3 & under), but i lived in terror after witnessing this. And they all left and i was stuck behind with my dad as he was no longer allowed to hit. He broke furniture and said raging horrible threats and demeaning statements. I feared running away certain hed find me & beat or kill me. So i agree trauma is not just experiencing the violence, but can be witnessing it. And living amongst it.

  • Interesting. Never thought in this way before. We are the one who lives on the earth, and now earth is changing her own body temperature while we are worrying about her instead of thinking what could the change bring to us.

  • I’m in Australia and I’ve watched fox news does trump pay them because they seem to think it’s a big joke we have far less cases of covid thank God and thank our government for doing the right thing it’s not a political disease why is america in denial

  • No. A. They used data for 150 thousand years when we have over 450 thousand years of data showing a specific pattern, NOTHING unusual about where we are right now. And B. There is no conclusive study showing that carbon emissions are drastically affecting the temperature in the way that many claim. And C. These projections are based off of cherry picking data, and making claims that aren’t backed by concrete studies.

  • Earth is just a rock in space. It doesn’t care about us or anything happening on its surface. We need to stop climate change to save ourselves.

  • This is the best explanation of Climate Change I have ever seen. It makes it clear what the risks are for civilisation if we fail to take climate change seriously. It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about us and our vulnerability to a level of climate disruption civilisation has never seen.

  • The sheer number of people who still say ‘”Climate change is a hoax” is astounding. And to think of it, these are the ones that claim who complain that the days are getting hotter/colder by the day.

  • Forget the term climate change. No one can deny that our air, water, & lands are polluted. Over 100,000 people die a year in China due to air pollution! No one can deny that animals are going extinct, forests are depleting, the ice is melting, & we have piles on piles of trash, unused goods, & wasted food!!! Forget climate change.. we are abusing our earth!! Point blank.

  • The timing is right in some points, although I would add the civilization “We know” started 12.000 years ago, but is egocentric and naive to believe that in the millions years the earth has existed only “our” civilization flourished in the past 0.0001% of its time existence. Huge climate changes probably destroyed previous ways of life and eventually will do the same with ours. We are just accelerating the process.

  • It’s amusing reading the comments from the deniers on this thread. You see, there is ONLY one political body on this entire planet that wholesale denies the science of climate change. ONLY ONE. That political body is called the GOP. Thus, they have taken a POLITICAL POSITION, not a scientific one. So, it’s quite clear that if you’re a denier you are taking a political position, too, not a scientific one.

    That makes you ignorant.

    Your political position of denial and ignorance doesn’t trump the entire planet. Period. You are a fool if you continue to front your anti-science stance. We are laughing at you because of it, too.

  • The truth is,
    The Planet will survive.
    Humans will also survive,
    just not most of them.

    The planet will not kill most of us,
    We will kill each other to survive.

    Food, shelter, water will become more expansive than most people can afford.
    And that, is the beginning of the end.

  • I finally decided to remove myself from all social media. I was thinking it was giving me anxiety, depression, competition, dealing with angry and narcissistic people, on and on… After almost 20 yrs being on social media I felt it important to unplug for good and I already feel an uplift in my thinking and mood. I know more and more people are deleting Facebook per CNBC during their earning reports. Have you discussed why so many people have decided to disconnect from this type of lifestyle and return to the slower paced life of yesteryear?

  • My feet never makes any sound but my mom got me a pair of ultra boost and sometimes when I land the damn boost u
    Cushion makes a sounl but it’s a satisfiyjng sound

  • On the tongue thing, my teacher had said that various parts of the tongue are just more receptive to some flavors which seems to be true, anecdotally speaking anyway.

  • The window for Containment of COVID 19 has shut. The only thing that is left is a safe vaccine and Herd Immunity. We are going to suffer thru it. Hopefully we will learn a lesson from all this. A lot of lives have been lost, and more will follow.

  • 1:10 and onward kinda feels like a video a class would watch centuries down the line…long after the human species have destroyed themselves ><

  • Yes, the planet will be here, and will probably slowly recover, but some species might be gone and so it may never be the same. Look at Chernobyl today, some species, many, in fact are back and thriving, but there were also issues.
    And what about Polar Bears? It breaks my hear to see them starving, and coastal areas are gradually being overtaken by the rising seas. So are all of those peol;e going to be joining me on my mountain is CO?

    u didn’t even talk about climate change
    u think global warming is fake
    and glaciers are not melting
    frikkin idiots
    report this video guys

  • Kinda of hope we all die. Humans abuse animals and kill each other for fun instead of survival like natural animals do. We did it to ourselves by refusing to be responsible for out footprints

  • Which of these misconceptions about trauma surprised you?
    Discover the best support strategies for trauma, straight from Dr. Ramani HERE: http://bit.ly/2QkF8Ey

  • Thanks for beating the horse Iain. It’s almost dead, but not nearly close enough.

    This is why I’m very honest about the fact that I train martial arts because I love fighting, and not for self defense.

  • Can’t lay it all at the feet of the government. The ignorant “DON’T INFRINGE ON MY RIGHTS BY MAKING ME WEAR A MASK” set are equally culpable.
    We’ve failed on an epic level. It’s August and we’re at over 1000 death per day.

  • One of the worst myths about trauma is that there is nothing wrong with her/him, they are just badly behaved. This THE WORST and most damaging myth. Thank you, Stevie.

  • i found the definition of trauma was the most helpful for me. I have heard various professionals talk about “trauma work” and I wondered if perhaps I didn’t understand the definition. I did not. In many ways, I am not sure the other people truly understood the definition either. It seems like the word “trauma” has bounced around a lot.

  • I applaud Dr Ramani for getting her message across to the viewers so effectilvely while negotiating a conversation with a narcissist. She’s a true pro.

  • i know i have gone through things that have deep effects on who i am now but i still feel they aren’t bad enough to be called trauma,

  • i dont agree with this facts. archeologists have found civilizations that have been on this earth tens of thousands years ago and had technologies that we dont have till this date.

  • Speak to the royal marines, they do much better. All of what you say is true. I do it for many reasons, interest, history, culture, socially, loosing weight and keeping my hand in, keeping fit to I guess.
    I do ninpo and Jujutsu, but also served with RM and RN commandos

  • I disagree with the first point. There are different degrees of trauma. There are significant events that leave a lasting negative emotional imprint and then there are small accumulative things like severe emotional neglect from a parent/s, having your reality denied as a child, emotional manipulation and gaslighting. Theres also vicarious trauma.

  • Can you get trauma from a childhood of small but continuous moments of emotional and verbal abuse, with little smacks/slaps and inappropriate behaviour/comments? Rather than one big traumatic event? Such as what you experience growing up with narc/toxic/alcoholic parents? Or, is this called something else? I know there are so many people who were seriously physically and/or sexually abused and I cannot compare myself to them. I remember that I used to wish that my parents would beat me and leave bruises, because that way what I was feeling would make more sense if I tried to explain it. Instead, it was just little awful moments on repeat and being gaslighted and rejected when I stood up for myself.

  • What impact did the misinformation coming from China and WHO have on the U.S. lack of preparedness? What objective criteria is being used to judge the U.S. actions during the pandemic?

  • Going with the overuse of the word…I’ve had a few assume that I just had a “bad relationship/breakup,” cause it’s not their business what I went through…but it was far beyond just a messy breakup. ��

    And yes! People say I’m so happy, bubbly, sunshiny, etc… and therefore whatever I’ve dealt with couldn’t have been that bad? Uhm, I mean, I’m not gonna wear that on my sleeve! ��

  • If anyone in a field that had to do with designing the covert no-touch torture of organized gang stalking wants to trivialize that long term abuse of a person’s life, mind, body and soul to try to minimize and trivislize it, I then automatically know how utterly SOULLESS they are for lying… about EVERYTHING.

  • Thank you Vox. This is a discussion I’ve been having for years regarding human impact on our ecosystem. It’s like we are all collectively pooping in our own drinking water and then arguing over whether we are cause of it becoming undrinkable. What we are doing is self limiting. The earth will survive and life will continue to thrive, albeit in another form that has adapted to a warmer climate, what we do to it after we have been eliminated by our own design, or by Mother Nature.

  • I am so happy for finding medcircle. I went through years of physical and verbal abuse from a step dad who hated me, hated life, and did what he could to make my life hell. 11 years old to 16. I’m 25 now and still trying to heal. You guys have really helped with the amount of information and aid.

  • 2 misconceptions I deal with are A) you come from a middle class “well to do” family, therefore you could not have had a traumatic, abusive childhood. & B) that I “choose to hang on to my trauma”. These make me so mad & feel so invalidated.

  • My colleagues at a major bank I worked at would misuse the word PTSD, sometimes in front of people with designation such as VPs. So as someone who went through and (sometimes still suffer) from the nightmarish ordeals with complex ptsd; I decided to tell them why they are unlikely to ‘get ptsd’ by attending meetings. They probably thought I was a prude and turned me into a pariah. It’s very disrespectful to trivialize other people’s experiences and pains.

  • This is the first time I have watched an internet video that echo’s EVERYTHING I have learned, and teach in my school. Impressed.

  • I have been pushed beyond the limits of human experience. I have no choice but be resiliant. Being in a marraige with an AH Narcissist, I walk on eggshells min by min. Now what do I do? No one that I know really understands the severity of the risk I live daily, It really is that bad.

  • Please stop telling people to just get over it. That it happened a long time ago, and that you arent in the same position. I lived in trauma for 25 years, how could I just bounce out of that?

  • I know I experienced trauma. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and other mental disorders, yet I have a really hard time calling abuse what it was. I wish I could get over this.

  • No. 4: The wrong belief that someone with PTSD is likely to run amok and shoot their coworkers or needs to be kept out of the kitchen so they can’t touch knives, etc. If the PTSD sufferer is a soldier who’s been trained to respond to the feeling of danger with violence, then okay, there might be a danger there. But the average person will simply feel panicked, frozen, shut down, might hyperventilate or cry or just silently feel incredibly uncomfortable, or feel the need to self-soothe somehow. Someone who’s been in car crash and now suffers from backlash when they hear loud noises or are startled is not going to start stabbing everyone around them! I really wish people would stop believing that.

  • When I was at my ex-boyfriend house I witnessed a neighbor’s boyfriend shoot his estranged girlfriend via shooting her and then shooting himself

  • This may sound like too much praise, but his really is one of the most important pieces of content on this topic, and well spoken as well.Thank you.

  • I am a Mexican citizen, I live in Mexico I have protested against American military intervention in other countries for political or economical reasons, these interventions have caused the lives of millions, I consider that there have been many crimes against humanity been committed against by the American military and one of the worst ones is the crime against American soldiers, there are thousands of American soldiers in Mexico that have moved here because is cheaper to live or for other reasons some are homeless here in Mexico while I have protested against this wars since I was 17 I am 56 now I do not blame the soldiers i feel most of them re victims. I myself have risked my life helping one of these soldiers one time in San Diego Cal, this young American veteran soldier appeared out of nowhere he was holding his chest it was obvious he had been stabbed or shot he was covered in blood I put my arms around him and laid him on the floor I took of my sweater to compress his hemorrhage as soon as I did that a group of 4 or 5 gang members appeared one with a knife in his hand, I put my between in between the veteran and the gang member as a shield while my girlfriend was screaming, the gang members looked at us and decided to turn around and leave thank god, after a few minutes the ambulance came and took him away I never saw the young man again I remember his tattoos, he was a United sates marine that it was very obvious had been living rough maybe on the streets. So please remember when you see people demonstrating against American wars that we don’t blame the young soldiers we are protesting for them too because politicians are committing crime against humanity against them to just for political reasons.

  • This government never cared. Cannon fodder. Here is what this government does to the vets. After World War 1 there was something the US media (the enemy) dubbed the “Bonus Army”. These were vets crippled and maimed from fighting overseas for a war they should have never gotten involved with and media constantly pushed American Soldiers to fight in, without any money to afford care or ability to feed themselves they set upon the white house lawn and along the streets towards it to spread awareness that they could not redeem the cash promised to them by the American government (which could have easily been done). They held daily parades as well as protested for their fellow brothers who had been shamed by our governments trickery. Since the media was in control of the flow of information they claimed it was because the soldiers want MORE money, the same snake like tactics they always pull, just liars. Many of these men were NOT paid, their vouchers made unobtainable for their situation. These men would still form and march in line daily, still loyal to what they thought was their fellow brothers and America. You know what they did? The Federal Reserve along with the White house (both enemies and traitors) planned and vouched for the removal of them. They used Patton and the Calvary to push these men out and attack them, they shot at their fellow soldiers and removed them forcibly with tanks. That is American government, traitors who crush the American people, manipulate them, and use them constantly to further their control, our forefathers would have put them all in the ground.

  • I got goosebumps when I started watching this. My life has been so hard because of true trauma.

    Dr. Ramani-you’re saving people. You’re helping so many of us who have felt so alone and sad for so long. I almost lost hope. I’m glad I never did. I’m going to use all of your resources to share with my son. Both of us have lived through trauma (I’ve had some significant traumas that he may never experience), so all of these videos are beyond helpful.

    This channel is superb! I am going to applaud you for saying that we all need to stop using terms to describe things that aren’t happening. I will never do that again and I will be vocal about saying that that is not ok!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Has anybody looked at the Sun as a cause of Climate Change? It’s not that Climate Change is not happening. I’m sure it has changed and will continue to change while this planet still spins. We should do all we can to protect the environment. Lets not pave the earth over for a new WalMart.
    And lets not forget about how leaders and nations lie to themselves and their people to get their way. I’m tired of being told that it’s all my fault the planet is going to fry. Why all the doom and gloom? Why dose every problem the human race faces will only end in our destruction? We’re being scared to death so much we don’t care anymore why we’re going to die. The moment I hear someone talking about climate change, I tune them out. Don’t want to hear it. Ok, we’re doomed. Maybe the dogs or the roaches will have better luck.

  • I’m curious about how the development of mental illness relates to the type of trauma experienced, specifically with regards to how normalized/socially accepted the type of trauma is. Sexual assault seems to be one of those things that is fairly normalized. Other examples might include corporal punishment of children, workplace harassment, or violence against cyclists/pedestrians. It seems like every time a cyclist dies, people just shrug it off or make insensitive jokes about it. Surely this must adversely affect one’s ability to process the trauma, right?

  • My first child was never the warmest, in hindsight. My son was. I had to make him live with the alleged narcissistic personality dad. After that, for 2 MONTHS, HES DIFFERENT. WAS OKAY bec I was not aware of passive aggressive narcissistic personality disorder, but now, as he ages, he’s a COLD ICE CUBE. I do think the wife is a major problem. Who knew. Btw, THX FOR READING AND CARING

  • Is there any way you can make a video that gets right to the point, please? You do better than most
    Thx for the information. Q: HOW DO YOU GET CHILDREN TO WANT TO KNOW AND CARE???

  • Thank you for clarifying the use of the word Trauma. Also, people overuse PTSD. People say they have trauma and /or PTSD because of news stories. No not unless you lived through that horrible news story yourself or watched it happening! Not unless it happened to you or experienced it happening to someone you knew. That would be like the soldier who sees his buddy shot. I told someone I had a bad dream after the World Trade Center collapsed in New York. (after watching on TV of course Maybe it was some kind of min itrauma that we all went through, but it wasn’t a real trauma like it had happened to me.) Someone said I had PTSD from it, but I said no, not from that. I said that because I did experience trauma at a different time in my life, I did feel like that person was trivilizing the terms. We can be very upset about things that didn’t happen to us, but these terms need to be used when they apply direct to that person or they see it happen to someone.

  • It was my understanding that stress of any kind, including cold, would weaken your overall system to some degree. A weaker system would make you more susceptible to getting sick in general, but not guaranteed to get sick. BTW I am not an expert on the subject

  • I am dealing with a Father that is a Malignant Narcissist. My Husband recently died and physical, emotional, mental,emotional abuse has been expressed in court discovery. Upon this discovery, my Father has dropped several lawsuits against me. How do I 1. Protect myself financially against this hoovering.
    2. I have been gaslite at work. I have lost several job. I have tried to hire a personal injury lawyers. How to I convince a lawyer to take my case.
    3. How do I prevent gaslighting in the future.

  • Your forgot the worst one, the idea that trauma can only lead to delusion. The presupposition that we’re naturally living in the widest spectrum of awareness and human experience, and that this is the truth. Whereas trauma diminishes the spectrum of experience, and adaptation and psychological defenses in their natural course, distort reality. Living through (and all that it entails) adverse and abnormal conditions means you’re defective. Damaged. Unreliable. It alone stands as a means to discredit. You can’t really blame them. It plays out in a way not unlike Plato’s cave, Nietzsche’s descent into the molten pit of human reality, and many others. It has never changed.

    Speaking of the word trauma. Bit by bit, a bizarre mix of Brave New World, 1984, and many others forms around us. I see what’s happened to the word trauma as, in effect, newspeak. Think I’m wrong? Tell me why data as of 2011 shows 46% of children in the US have at least 1 of 20 chronic diseases, 56% if you include obesity. Think that’s improved? Now look back on what they had my generation saying to denote “it is very good”. It’s “wicked”. It’s “sick”. It’s “cool”. It’s “radical”. It’s all of these other nonsense inverted things. A girl calling you “evil” could be lightly flirtatious. We now no longer can tell the difference between literally literal, or figuratively literal. On and on. Oh and that’s that other bit, we call our young “kids”. What is a kid? A young goat. What did we used to do with goats? Many things, but among them, in the lands of Canaan and the Israelites they would be sacrificed. Hence, the scapegoat. Language is too full of these perverse subtleties we’re raised with to have the cause be truly organic.

    By the way. Having the world destroy your health then watching it have its way with the next generation several fold, is quite traumatic. Of course, they don’t listen. No one listens. No one cares.

  • One of my favorite lists thus far.
    And for the Tourette’s syndrome, you were giving an example of tic, not dissing them. I guarantee the people offended by that also believed all people with Tourette’s had the audible swearing tic too. Not talking about disorders is more insulting than mimicking them.

  • How about the UK deaths of nurses from Covid? UK acted late. How about Brazil numbers? Spain? All countries could have done better in hindsight DUH! But this propaganda is focused on Trump being bad haha… also US is fairly large, of course they would have higher numbers DUH! Why don’t you find out the numbers in China and then make a comparison? Obviously this media is against Trump! He has done more for humanity than any president or any political figure in the world, especially against child abuse! I guessed you failed to focus on all the good he has done. WWGOWGA!

  • this might be related: is it actually possible to carry trauma or pain from your parents if they didnt seek help or got “wrong” help? by wrong I mean that going through therapy many times without anything changing infact getting worse.

  • I have a question for dr Ramani. When she speaks about trauma it sounds like she is referring to a trumatic experience and not a traumatic reaction. For example if someone was assaulted and did not experience it as a traumatic incident, or the opposite if someone was for example left alone in a closed car as a child and reacts in a traumatic fashion.
    So my question iswhere is the trauma defined? By the incident or by the recation?

  • the physical skills are what everyone is looking for the rest of “self protection” skills are learned from others not martial arts. If you take such skills on to teach others you open urself up to law suits and your insurance company will not cover you if you teach something you are not certified in to teach. Becareful about going out of line of what you are able to teach.

  • For me it’s coming to terms with trauma. For so long I dismissed it, I was hard on myself and didn’t think I was worth healing. The more I open up to my trauma to friends the more they open up and it seems we have all been suppressing so much and not given ourselves permission to open up about it. Mine began in childhood and I felt a lot of shame and confusion which has carried on into adulthood unfortunately. Thank you so much for these videos, I’m beginning to heal now.

  • What happened America? tRump happened baby… When he is voted out of office it would be so ironic if citizens gathered in front of white house yelling tRump you fired!!! hahaha get it…

  • So, the daughter of the BTK serial killer didn’t have direct or indirect trauma, so she can’t have PTSD? I’ve always thought people throw that term around too much.

  • It’s disgusting how a government that sends its citizens to face death and hell everyday lets something like this happen to those that make it back alive. American politics is one of the poster-childs of how foul the human race can actually be. At a veteran’s day parade, there should be a flash mob with screens that play this music video in the crowds.

  • I used to get the “you dont seem like you would be the type of person who smoked” while im also trying to function with cptsd. Dont assume anything!

  • Since I’ve gotten on the road to recovery from CPTSD deriving from 10 years of narc abuse with 2 partners, I’ve been gobsmacked with the people that claim to really care about me and hence that’s why they keep reminding me of moving forward, reminding me to change my views on life and changing my behaviour to avoid making any more lifetime mistakes. People that have access to my heart are taking the liberty to give me unsolicited advice that I haven’t asked for. Some are even making me feel like they’re bored and coming along to get some sense of entitlement and existence by seeing how amusing it would be to come push my buttons… With my decision to recover from CPTSD and narc abuse over the past 12 months or so, I’m strong enough to finally tell people that their condescending comments are wrong and that they don’t understand what’s going on with me and can they please keep their irrelevant comments to themselves, I then get called touchy and seriously need to change my attitude otherwise I’ll never live a worthwhile life, and that’s the reason my relationships have failed, because I don’t bring worth to relationships and hence why the past 10 years have led to the two people not value me. They look at me with pitiful eyes that seem like they’re saying: Poor you… Don’t really think that they’re both narcissists as you say, why don’t you take responsibility that it was just a bit of bad luck? Even if they are what you call a narcissist, why didn’t you recognise the second one? You should work on yourself to make sure you’re something worth to be valued next time… It can’t be all their fault… The only thing they have common is you, so don’t you think you should reflect on yourself a bit? Come on, deal with it and move on…

  • “You have been pushed beyond the normal bounds of human experience, AND you feel at risk to your own life or to the lives of those you love” (which was added in the MedCircle series). That just makes me cry and cry. Thank you so much. Abuse was just considered normal in my house growing up a daily occurance. Everybody hung their heads in shame, but nobody ever intervened or acted as if it wasn’t ok. Not only that, but I had to watch my most beloved being on the planet be tortured in front of my eyes when I was 8. AND, I was a teller and got held up with a gun pointed in my FACE. Then I got questioned by the FBI as if I were somehow involved. Because of my shock and horror, the FBI guy figured out that I was the victim, then he laughed at me (probably because I was so shaken). I’m still alive at 70, can’t figure out why. I don’t feel resilient, I just think I had to bury it all in order to keep on going and survive, because I live alone. To look at me, you’d never image what I’ve been thru’ or that I totally isolate. The thought that maybe I was resilient brings tears to my eyes. I have to keep listening to this. Thankyou.

  • Outstanding video! You touched on several areas that most people dont! I have been training since the 80’s, combat veteran and I have worked with law enforcement over the years. I will be sharing this video!

  • This was right on. I’ve been saying some of these things for years. But you’ve added a lot of information I’ve not considered. Awesome video!

  • I found this channel and subscribed………then I finished the video……unsubscribed. like 3 of these are total bs. Not factual.

  • American,you should vote hillary clinton instead of trump.trump voters,you did a terrible mistake to the world and america yourself

  • We look like normal people.Getting help as soon as possible. My last trauma was triple bye.2 yrs I just keep moving.death,rape,stalked,seen people shot,mental physical abuse. I still jump when someone comes up behind me.Having Faith,prayer,stay close to God,keep your body in order has helped me.yoga,weight lifting.Like you said get help.Most important things you can do.God bless you Doc.I seek to learn.Love you so much.GB

  • It has come to our attention that some people might be offended at our presentation of the Tourette’s syndrome (#12) on this video. We want to take this opportunity to apologize for any offense that may have resulted from our interpretation. Far be it from us to maliciously make fun of any kind of a person’s syndrome or predicament. The laughing gesture at the end of #12 was a reference to another popular YouTube channel, but we do see how it could have been interpreted as mockery of Tourette’s syndrome. We want to officially apologize. Mockery was never our intention. Juan

  • Over many years I learned that what Iain is saying here is 1000% correct. I’ve been teaching martial arts for over 35 years, and when people join my class I explain to them that I am NOT teaching self protection, that self protection is a specialized subject, and that if a student is interested I can refer them to good sources. It’s very important because if you don’t understand this and be honest with your students, your students can wind up hurt or worse. Thank you Iain.

  • PIN number is redundant, PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Saying PIN number is like saying Personal Identification Number number. Same with ATM machine, Automatic Teller Machine. Machine is part of the acronym.

  • I am allergic to MSG, my face gets numb and I feel unstable so bad I ended up at the hospital after having Pho so. Can’t have it anymore which sucks cause I love Pho ☹️

  • It is overpriced, but to compare a National response to individual heath care workers and hospitals is unfair. National response relies on State Govt. and National Govt. to cooperate and have a plan. That has little to no relation to the quality of care individuals get from doctors and nurses on an individual basis.

    The original post here is a sweeping generalist response that is insulting to the many competent healthcare workers that are limited by bad corporate decisions made by big pharma and a corrupt govt.

    I survived cancer because of the US medical system, because good people did their jobs. Many US healthcare workers complain about how the govt. and companies make their job harder.

  • so you mean that all the sperm are at the eggs an are slaving away moving they little tail to barrow inside it and when they nearly are there the one that was at the back watching it all start pushing everyone and gets in and the door clamp shut and it win having done no work that’s explain a lot to me…

  • Too much freedom and privileges can be a double-edged sword. they trust themselves too much like they won’t be reached because they are at the top.

  • Although chameleons do change color for communication and heat-regulation, they also do it for camouflage, according to David Attenborough on PLANET EARTH. You aren’t going to argue with Sir David, are you?

  • Omg when i lived in slovakia i went outside and sat on the concrete steps to chat with my friends. My host mom came out and brought me a piece of paper to sit on coz….apparently that would prevent me from getting a cold. Smh…the stuff people believe!!

  • sugar IS an energy boost because when I was anorexic I had to top up my sugar intake after a certain time (like every 15mins, then 30mins etc etc) so my body could produce enough energy and insulin. I had to have a sugary yogurt or a handful of fruit/dried fruit, dextrose formula etc

  • If you do not get beta carotene, you will develop night blindness. In the Vietnam war, the viet cong did not eat any foods with beta carotene in them, so could not see as well as Americans in low light. But not smoking is a good thing too…

  • Good advice, but don’t say “the law is what it is.” The law is what we allow it to be. For example, Brits allowed the government to confiscate their guns. Citizens have the same rights around the World. Exercise those rights.

  • It offends me that so many fact videos seem to have the same facts. As if you were the first one to break the story? Lol but no really do all you fact making video folk just watch each other’s videos and than say “ that’s a good bit of info, we should add that into our video.” Cuz no one watches anyone else’s channels lol we need a category on YouTube for repeated facts channels. Subcategory: facts used in fact videos from other fact videos.

  • 1:52 and thats when i stopped listening and started screaming inside my head “dont do that youre scratching them!!!!” all i heard was “…which kids tended to suck on” which made the video take a disturbing turn for me.

  • You got #17 wrong, No they aren’t, I think you’ll find they just hate having a little Spanish guy waving a flag in their face. But seriously, all cows are red green color blind – they cannot differentiate the color of the flag. Bulls do however have 2 kinds of color receptors and as such can theoretically see some shades of color. It is actually the motion of the material that angers the bull and causes it to want to charge. The concept of bulls being angered by the color red stems from bullfighting where a red flag is used.
    Not trying to start a fight, just wanting you to have the facts right.

  • I just want to add my two cents regarding Dr Ramani’s definition of what constitutes trauma, notably the part where she says that ”trauma goes beyond the scope of everyday life events”. I’d like to challenge that thought in that trauma is an embodied nervous-system reaction. Anything that registers as traumatic to the nervous-system is trauma. So any event that takes from our flight/fight state down into freeze and shutdown is trauma. So those events can look different to different people. Also, unfortunately, many messages that are pervasively integrated into our social tissue ARE traumatic. Like rape culture and the legacy from years of colonialism. Many people of color deal with the intergenerational trauma from their ancestors’ lived experiences of racism and colonialism. Finally, I’d like to add that many of the prominent ways of ”good parenting” that parents have adopted are extremely traumatic experiences for children. Research is showing how emotional disconnect, teaching children to ignore, repress, and shut-down their emotions creates extreme stress on the body and mental complications growing up. I know that that is my experience. I thought my parents had raised me ”normally” when in fact I was carrying a load of developmental attachment trauma that prevented from relating healthily as an adult. But you’re right that people like to use the word trauma here and there to qualify anything slightly stressful they may have been through and that is inaccurate and invalidating for trauma survivors. However, we need to be careful in that trauma can look different to many people. The key-point here is that it occurs in the body, at a nervous-system level.

  • actually cell have caused tumor in mostly teen for the one that keep it in there bra or sleep with it right next to there head every night it was in the news paper that this happened but nothing against people that keep it glue to there ear talking or surfing the web

  • No wars in the last 3 years. It’s ok not to fight right? My love to the warriors and peace to you all.
    Music interprets all life as we know.

  • Okay let me tell my trauma story I been through a lot surrender around idiots that can keep their hands off but like sexually touching other children and sleep with them but I understand that these ppl are evil not human being that why I don’t let it get me because I know how to avoid this kind behaviour so I’m strong �� woman

  • As a person who has done 1 year of military service I have huge respect for every one who has served for he’s or her country… Respect ��for everybody

  • I witnesses my dad committing suicide when I was in my mid 20’s and I never realized I was dealing with trauma until I started to realize I was raised by a narc. mother in my late 50’s. No one ever ask me how I was doing after it.

  • Here is why MSG is not good:

    It makes your pancreas secrete more insulin in a shorter period of time, lowering the amount of glucose in your blood after a meal.. As a result, it makes you feel hungry in a relatively short period if time after eating…

    Because you feel hungry, you eat again. Thus, it has played a role in weight gain, obesity.

  • Yes, but don’t forget about the Holocene extinction. (Species going extinct at 10x the normal rate, which will also skyrocket due to climate change). Yes a good chunk of life will survive, but at what cost?

  • Judgment Unlike Any Before
    , https://youtu.be/YQJU0P8i2nA
    Why would the God of love permit disasters such as COVID-19 pandemic to occur? Why is He executing such deadly judgments in our age? Hear the eternal gospel, the new covenant to turn away from your sins and return to the perfect Truth!

  • Yeah tell that to a creationist. They will never believe you so therefore to them this video is as pointless as hair growing on a men’s back. I mean to them all those fossils fuel we use were put on earth by god for us use and don’t tell them the earth is more that 6,000 years they will call it a blasphemy. How do we teach creationism someone as to pretend to talk on god’s behalf him/herself. Simple.

  • Thank you, a terrific interaction & information-giving in easily understood language. I’m a mental health nurse in Australia & currently have definite interest in trauma. I certainly believe trauma has played a significant part in many if not most of my patient’s lives.

  • You all bashing the United States, when the US comes up with the vaccine or cure then don’t forget to thank them. Trump is not to blame. Our country is a mess brought on by the Democrat party causing unrest and rioting. Never seen anything like it. Put the blame where it belongs, on China. There is a lot more going on here than you probably know. DO not watch CNN because they lie like the dogs they are. FAKE NEWS. The only hope we have is if Trump gets elected again. Biden has dementia. Trump will bring our economy back and use out military to stop the civil unrest that should never happen here. They want to turn the US into a socialist country and that will never work here. You are right however on Americans not like being told what to do. They are being stupid by not taking better precautions. All the protesting and rioting and beach vacations are spreading it. We are testing a lot more though and that is the reason for some of the numbers going up. It looks like it is starting to get better. Trump acted within one week of the first known case here. He was verbally attacked for it. He was right to do what he did. He has since then done what he can do to stop it. It is hard when he has other Government officials fighting him on everything he does. They cannot stand that they lost power here and will do anything to get it back. Any blame that is given should go to China where it belongs for causing all this mess. They need to be stopped before they end up killing all of us.

  • Interestingly enough, America has conducted the most tests and has a small percentage of positive tests. The reality is that countries with lower numbers are either not testing as much, or have much smaller populations. Refer to the John Hopkins University of Medicine graph if you don’t believe me. The US has handled the pandemic very well, but it’s size and international spotlight have caused it to be misrepresented as the villain of this pandemic.

  • We’re going to win so much that you’re going to be sick and tired. You’re going to say, ‘Please, please, Mr. President, we’re sick and tired of winning. Please let us have at least one loss. It’s no longer exciting to win.’ And I’m going to say, ‘No way, we’re going to keep winning, and I don’t care if you like it or not.

  • The US response to Covid-19 was well-informed. Our best people knew what the risks were. The White House and Republicans worked hard to delay proper responses in care homes and low income areas and they still persist.. They are delighted with this virus and in particular with the demographics. History will paint them in a clear light as monsters. Our country ended with the homeland security act. Things are going to get much worse.

  • With almost no Covid19 testing done until early March, a healthcare disaster was almost guaranteed. What a complete systemic failure the resulting deaths of patients and healthcare workers is a national tragedy.

  • Simple. The holistic response required to counter a holistic problem is the United States archilles heel. When divergent capital streams dissuade the government from amalgamation, from single sourced administration, from single sourced costing, from decoupling the endlessly copied profit entities and pointless middle men in the way of healthcare for the entire society, hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths result.

  • In Late December/January I was warning my Mum about CoVid and her initial reaction was “that won’t happen here” probably like everywhere and everyone else, but fortunately we had a government that DID act, just about right from the beginning they came down hard and fast, and thanks to most people doing what had to be done as well we are now CoVid free.

    I realize that could change, but I hope not. So I’m afraid for other countries it comes down to the people at the top, including Trump, who didn’t pay enough attention when they should of, AND for so many people who just don’t get it and are too worried about standing up for their rights, versus other people’s lives, I can’t understand people like that, nor do I want to.

    Stay safe from NZ ������❤️

  • out of all the climate change films i’ve seen & things I’ve read this was the best I’ve seen. In that in just 2:45 minutes you produced such a clear message of the key problem that everyone should hear & know.

  • america needs to adopt singapore’s economic system so it is prepared for future outbreaks and crises. it also needs to revamp bureaucracy to be more streamlined and efficient.

  • Agree with this nurse we need to help all this health care workers we needs all the PPE so we don’t die. Can’t believe people still don’t believe coronavirus is true. Well is true until u see you kids or your family with coronavirus you going to believe. Is horrible I’m sure not frontline wants to die that way even doing this job is a horrible death. So people be real be compassion to others please wear a mask and also cover your nose and mouth please. We see a lot of people dying is going to be more then 20 millions of people gone in United States ���� by august or September. We need to help to stop the spread. United state is so great well when coronavirus is done ✅ with us is not going to be a United state. God bless this world

  • It is true. Love you, Dr. Ramani. Your work always makes my pain feel so absolutely normalized.

    So, based on what you’re saying, unaddressed trauma could greatly contribute to NPD. It makes sense.

  • where are the SHIELD initiatives? We need to assemble The Avengers” to go back in time to understand when this Covid virus was released, lets make America great again!$

  • Just thank you for all your amazing, enlightened & helpful work!!! I’ve watched and make my family watch your videos. So true, well done and very easy to listen to. ✨����

  • Whilst the last years of living under the same roof with my grandious mother and me being a a long victim narcissit mother I had de craw ( need Free don whatever it was… couldnt can put my on it) of commiting suicide? Was that a sign of trauma before escaping from home?

  • Hi Dr. Ramani, Kyle and MedCircle. I’m hoping to have my question clarified if possible please. What is meant by a complex presentation, who also disassociates into a teenager/child/adult?? I would appreciate any feedback to understanding this. Thank you. Jade.

  • Valuable information! Most people don’t think about the term “street fight” and what that actually means. Touching on the topic of law is also great for people to conceptualize too.

  • My now 33 year old daughter ‘witnessed’ her grandma my mother put her grandson/Jonathan (my sister’s son at 3 years old) in the clothes dryer because he wouldn’t stop crying…That’s TRAUMA to Jonathan and to my daughter who was 5 years old at the time this happened!! My sister did not think there was anything ‘wrong’ with it! My daughter brought it up 2 years ago when Jonathan died from a drug overdose. He was 29 years old. Yes, he became addicted to all sorts of drugs. And yes, Jonathan had suffered with so many mental health issues growing up. Not surprising for the emotional and physical abuse he endured. No emotional connection with his own family his parents and younger sister. They viewed him as a failure, an outcast, and the younger sister as the ‘golden child’…Today, my mother nor my sister do not even realise how much emotional, and psychological damage they had done to Jonathan, which makes me so angry!!! They’re clueless. Today, my mother would be in trouble with children’s protective services! This happened in 1992 and now my mother is 93 yrs. old… which she’s still the same evil and manipulative unhappy person. It’s incredible how dysfunctional my family is, my 2 sisters and our mother except she doesn’t like my brother and me. (we don’t allow her to manipulate us…therefore we don’t count). She had turned ‘many’ family members against me and brother with her lies…To this day, I still feel bad I could not do more or help Jonathan. He was a caring and a gentle soul. May you rest in peace Jonny ☮️

  • Almost 2m infected but still on debate on whether they will wear a mask or not becaus its against their constitutional rights………. When the government spoiled their people

  • They even argue about wearing a mask. It’s not just the government who is doing it wrong, it includes its citizens too. There’s lack of respect, beginning from Floyd, the looters, the violence on a pandemic, the refusal to wear masks and the constant blaming everything to Trump.

  • the “scientific method ” used in determining that humans are the main driver for climate change has proven to be false. One way to validate a hypothesis is through predictions and not one prediction has come to pass. Another way is through repeatable experiments and that hasn’t been applied to validate their hypothesis. So far nothing has been proven beyond the normal warming trend since the last mini ice age.

  • I just watched this great conversation after going through a diagnosis of PTSD and am just coming to realize how deeply I was affected by continued trauma during childhood and adolescence, and how living with that untreated trauma affected everything else. Trivializing, suppressing and denying the wounds has done me no favors, so thank you for destigmatizing this essential issue: Complex PTSD seems to be the umbrella under which my other disorders (ADD, depression, anxiety) present themselves and even though it seems far too late to seek treatment for things that happened decades ago, It is mandatory that I attempt to address it and find a means to heal.

  • It’s so sad in America right now.. People loaded their weapons and were ready for war during the protest for George Floyd, but can’t just take small precautions to keep their families safe.. it’s heartbreaking that the country lacks leadership

  • We need more Dr. Ramani”s in this world. I found her online last year and having someone who “gets it” means so much to those of us struggling in her areas of expertise.

  • The only reason they failed because their president is an idiot..the fact that an idiot dude can be a president means majority of the citizen is also an idiot

  • So, Mike Tristan and Juan… You guys do know that cellphone radiation has actually been linked directly to a form of pineal cancer, as well as some other rare forms of brain cancer?

    I wouldn’t have said anything, but I happen to know a young woman who has pineal cancer, and has a history of cellphone use. Also, her dad was friends with the gentleman who created the first cellphone(the Brick). He actually was diagnosed with the same cancer. At risk of sounding like a complete douche, I wonder: where did you hear the cellphone fact? I’m just saying, basic research could do wonders… btw, I normally love the content. I just have a PP of folks pressing falsified facts as genuine. Keep up the good work, I WISH TO GOD that I had your editing skills…

  • thank you so much. Dr. Ramani is my fav. i know trauma very well but never dealt with it professionally till now. so this helps me understand what i have been dealing with. i have PTSD but i know i have more that i am working on. APPRECIATE you guys. i dont watch anything else but medcircle. hope you guys have a great day. ��☀️��❤

  • he second Wave will hit us like a tsunami but with no defences this time because were out in the open like idiots because of a dumb leader and false politic beliefs he says money will cure everything

  • I literally heard some Karens saying “What are you panicking about? COVID-19 is virus that only affects Asians” wow, just wow dude, how racist is that…

  • Also good tip that a lot of people overlook is to not keep your hands too high. It’s unrelaxed, scrunches up your upper body and uncomfortable in the long run. Imagine a 90 degree bend in your elbow and imagine having your forearms parallel to the ground.

  • The planet will go on and new species might adapt to these changes… The real problem is: do humans can manage these changes? That’s why is so worrying. The planet as it changes doesn’t care really

  • Professionals used to believe that it was impossible for a person to heal from any trauma that affected the brain in any way. What professionals continue to do instead is to treat patients trying to heal from trauma with suspiscion at first until they get to know them personaly without the influence of lies being told by the perpetrators who traumatized them and sometimes the influence of lies never ends and so compassion fatigue of caregivers who retire young or give a referral to the patient can become such a perplexing problem for a survivor that it becomes impossible to prosper after leaving a perpetrator. Our ancestors who experienced the red wagon migration to out west are well aware of that obstacle to overcome. As metis people migrated while trying to find land to settle on their life expectancy was so low the only way to survive while migrating was to start a family before having a set of stable set of resources to rely on. Any minority with lots of people in that minority who have had to migrate under impossible conditions understands well that people can be resilient when provided with the right environment to do so.

  • I’m from the US and I agree with this video. Trump is incompetent and I can speak for myself and many fellow Americans that we are embarrassed to have him as our country president.

  • We’re not at the mercy of climate anymore. If we can’t grow food in one area, we will grow food in another. We have people that thrive in 120º deserts and people that live in -50º permafrost. Humans, despite being weak and frail are not only an apex predator, but a “superpredator” for a good reason.

  • I still think it’s something that we should not do to the world. There are so so many bad things in our relationship with nature and the animal kingdome. We shouldn’t pollute the ocean with plastic, we should’ve make animals go extinct, we should pollute the atmosphere by cutting trees, we shouldn’t harm the ground by planting only one thing in it and most of all we shouldn’t eat animals that were massively and artificially produced.

  • Like most American believing that they won WW1! What a joke. Gives us Aussies a good laught that one.
    The US forces had little effect on the outcome of the war. Shortened it by a few weeks only. In fact Pershing was under the command of an Australian General, Sir John Monash, who organized and led the final battles of WW1. If you look at the facts Australia won WW1 for the Allies! Don’t believe me. Just look up Sir John Monash in wikipedia. Only “British” general to be knighted on the battlefield by the King over the last 300 years.

  • As an American when I come into contact with more and more foreigners I begin to realize how little they understand our culture. This video barely touches the real reality and that is the fact AMERICANS are not compliant. Our government told us to stay inside and I can tell people did only some what. The reason why it got so bad is because we aren’t like any nation on the planet, we value individual freedom and private rights to a very high degree. People simply didn’t want to listen. Covid-19 has really opened my eyes to how little people understand America’s culture; we have always been skeptical of our government. We aren’t like our Asian and European counter parts where they are more reserved and compliant towards their government. I remember in college my Chinese roommate and I talked about how people in the US are constantly voicing their opinion about the government and he was amazed by our brazen attack and support of our government. Our love for freedom and private rights is our greatest asset but is also our greatest liability as seen during Covid-19.

  • Thanks for having open my eyes on points 1 and 3, and to have stress point 2 once again, wich I had already found by myself but tend to forgett it! I would really be glad to attend to one of your seminars, even if it’s not adapted to the land and location where i live, I’m sure I would learn so much about self-defence or karate, depending of the theme and program!

  • Healy World International Vibrational Frequency Therapy has added a fifth device Basis Gold/apps for natural selfcare assessment, improvement & enhancement in physical, emotional & mental health. Designed by German Quantum Physicist Marcus Schmieke. FDA approved 1/26/20

  • All good stuff, as usual. The disappointing thing is reading the comments section where people “Still” seem to need validation of their own thoughts from a recognised name in the business. Not a smite on the clip,, but an observation in general. FFKS, the 90’s are well gone, get real…

  • Thanks for this highly informative video Iain. I support victims if domestic abuse, so I was very pleased to hear you point out that women are most likely to be attacked in their home.
    The organisation I work for have asked me to explore the possibility of running self defence classes for clients who want the information because I am a Shotokan Karate student. Luckily I have a Sensei who is extremely knowledgable in this area, and stopped me in my tracks, by illuminating the many different aspects of self protection which you have touched on here. Thank goodness I didn’t head off in the wrong direction, potentially causing more harm than good.
    I am still exploring the subject of self protection, as it enhances my daily work with my clients, and there is still the prospect of running courses once we have all the right tools to do the job.
    If you would like to share any useful resources with me, I would be really grateful. Thank you. Oss

  • I lost track of your podcast somehow. So happy to find this. Subscribed.
    This is beyond a doubt some of the best advice on self defense, period.

  • I can’t wait till this man ends up sleeping on the streets once he is not president. He can’t use being the ex president as a way to avoid being a civillian again

  • nearly everyone assumes that you’ll be on your feet, but you can be attacked in your bed. I’ve had it happen several times, in county jails and while trail-hiking. They normally assume that the guy will start and STAY un-armed and that his friends wont jump in. BAD assumptions. Ditto assuming that you’ll have a good floor surface, decent shoes, loose clothing, be warmed up, stretched, alert, etc. That’s the opposite of what some predatory a-hole is going to set up for you.

  • Idea: at the start of a self-defense seminar ask the participants to make a short list of the notoriously dangerous places in their city. Then present Lesson #1 of the seminar: DON’T GO THERE.:)

  • Great video, topics we try to cover at our club where we can especially the legality side, it probably helps that the instructor and his son have a legal background and students from the police etc.

  • After 12 years in law enforcement I would agree with many of the points here. Vids on my channel follow a similar thread at times. Great stuff.

  • Do the numbers. US COVID-19 death-rate is lower than every major country in Europe except Germany-they kicked butt. If you add up all the Developed European countries (including Germany) take the average (death rate about 1 in 2,400), US numbers are better-per capita (1 in 2,800). Stop comparing US to perfection. Compare US to other countries. We are a complex glob of different people and cultures-330 million, 3rd most populated country on earth. And we’re doing BETTER than almost every developed country. Learn the facts. Google it yourself.

  • I strongly agree with points 2 to 5 but disagree with point 1 (more on that later).
    Point 2: the odds of you being attacked by someone who does the exact same art as you, with the same skill level, with the same physicality as you is like winning the lottery. It’s highly unlikely! It’s best to not only assume that your attacker will be using an unknown style to you, but also assume that they are your superior. Stronger, faster and better skilled than yourself. If you’re going to assume that your attacker isn’t better then you then why train? It doesn’t take much skill to fight an inferior opponent. The true art lies in surviving a fight against a superior foe.
    Point 3: absolutely true. Also if you’re going to hesitate due to being unsure about the legality of your techniques then you’re less likely to even use them in a real fight, which thus makes the training arguably useless. This is also why a lot of people prefer more passive techniques like grappling etc. as they are typically easier to legally justify.
    Point 4: Yes, self-defence is a SURVIVAL skill. You fight to survive, not to win.
    Point 5: Awareness of one’s surroundings and situational awareness is absolutely an important element of self defence. One reason why many martial arts schools get students to practise forms in groups is to train students’ sense of peripheral awareness. How many times, especially as beginners, are we doing a technique in a group, and being unsure, peek out the corner of our eyes at what others are doing to see if we’re doing it correctly or not. I would also say that fights are more psychological than physical, and psychological warfare is something that’s long been understood by combatants.
    I disagree with point number 1. This is not a misunderstanding of self defence, it’s a misunderstanding of the contemporary meaning of martial arts. As you said so yourself, self defence and martial arts are no longer the same thing. They used to be, but nowadays not necessarily. Having said that, I think if a martial arts school uses the words “self defence” in their advertising or marketing, then they damn well be willing to deliver on that promise. If self defence isn’t the focus of their teaching then DON’T promise it. I once trained at a Judo school that never used the words “self-defence” in their marketing, and when I asked them about self-defence they openly admitted that they don’t teach it and that their Judo teaching was purely as a sport. That’s fine and I have absolutely no problem with this, but what I have issue with are schools who DO explicitly state that they teach self defence but don’t. That’s false advertising.

  • Dear Kyle and Dr. Ramani..two of my very favorite people n the planet. I love you both. Dr. Ramani your life-saving videos, and Kyle your personable interviewing skills. What a great teamI’ve been watching you and learning and healing for months. Thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of me heart.;-) (My trauma was well hidden; I became frozen, yet I could operate responsibly. After yearsi know understanding layers of trauma and the one that opened the the door to it all; its like waking up out of a fog.

  • I always enjoy these types of videos, I’ve used my “Verbal Judo” many times to diffuse an situation that could have ended in a physical altercation. These points should be part of everyone tool-box.

  • I’m part of a federated Shotokan School (JKS affiliated), I’m under no illusion of what I practice. People I work with often ask “so you can kick some ass”… Nope, not the way we practice,it’s a sport.


    Peolpe haven’t figured out that the COVID19 microbes are on people’s clothing and in crowds there’s a massive amount of microbes that become airborne and contaminate the air-supply in parking lots and within stores. These microbes will remain airborne for many days outdoors and many weeks indoors. These microbes live off the humidity in the air and can stay alive for many months.
    There has to be build air disinfecting systems for parking lots and when a store is closed and no one is inside a chemical misting machine is activated to decontaminate the store. Two hours prior to opening fans can vent out the stores and enclosed parking lots.

    China had already done this and their death numbers have dropped dramatically.

    If people don’t take this situation seriously thousands MORE will die.

    Then tens of thousands

    Then hundreds of thousands

    Then Millions

    This situation is NOT going away any time soon so we need to take this situation as serious as the Chinese have.

  • The differences in how an adult is supported after trauma, to how a child is can be quite staggering. It is also often overlooked how important the age of the child was when the trauma happened. A 2 year old will go on to have different problems than a 12 year old would (potentially) due to the developmental stage of the brain. Then there is the child/adult who was too young to remember the traumatic event but still carries the impact of it in their emotional being. These people are again often overlooked due to lack of understanding.

  • All completely unnecessary. All illegal wars started by Satan’s minions just to make more billions for themselves. And governments eagerly participate in their schemes. Disgusting!

  • So true I’ve had instructors spout live or die scenarios many times, being an ex trained doorman I was taught the law the criminal mind and to utilise verbal postural and finally physical control rather than striking.

  • Valuable information! Most people don’t think about the term “street fight” and what that actually means. Touching on the topic of law is also great for people to conceptualize too.

  • theres NOTHING WRONG i believe… they were BOMBARDED by the NUMBERS… and no COUNTRY can withstand no matter how rich you are… if you are in their shoes… every single seconds counts BALANCING ACT… good morning and its not an ORDINARY SETTINGS to stop the WHOLE WORLD ECONOMY your power is UNIMAGINABLE

  • At the beginnimg..i guess NOT everybody aware of the danger. Not everybody knew..Covid is not like regular Flu..or Malaria. It spreads beyond imagination. It has vaccine yet. So many peoples didn,t get ready from the begonning. As time goes..two ago was already too late to respond effectively to the pandemic. And Trump himself perhaps unaware of the threat as well. Thats why he concerns more for economy..instead of Covid 19..

  • As an old git who has been training for 55 years, I agree 100%!!! It took me a long time to realise this stuff but eventually it kicked in no pun intended 😉

  • When you first start it is a paramount in your mind after a few years I didn’t even give self defence a thought.if you’re not a violent criminal you never will be. Great candid video.

  • The problems are americans believe in hoax against science.. Believe in trump against doctors… too much hope on vaccine rather facing real issue like social distancing, wearing mask.. the lockdowns were not strict, no fined impose… the political party keep blaming each other such still looking for whom burn the house rather solving by firefighting…. They fail to make the people calm and understanding… they ignore the stipeds, the vulnerables, the homeless

  • To your first point, I agree there are more benefits than self defense but if it has little or no combat application should it even be considered a martial art?

  • honestly I have kinda given up on learning self protection skills. the odd of finding a that place teaches self defense properly or even a legit martial arts teacher is pretty rare these days. then if do find a good teacher of the martial arts odds are the time spent on self defense is limited because the time spent learning other skill set. to try train self defense skills on my own seem pointless not matter how much books or dvds I buy without scenario train other the knowledge seem meaningless. honestly don’t know who to trust when it come to either martial arts or self defense these day.

  • “A person experiencing trauma does not mean that they’re forever set back and can’t go on to a full and extraordinarily successful life….There are people out there who struggle with trauma that doesn’t mean they’re not resilient. And I don’t want anyone out there who’s a trauma survivor saying “I’m folding under this I must not be resilient” the heck you’re not! You are resilient. You have been pushed beyond the normal bounds of human experience. None of us know how we’re going to react to a trauma until we’re in it.”
    “How dare you ever make an assumption about someone else’s life.”
    Also I didn’t realise that sense of a foreshortened future was a symptom and that symptoms were only trends.

  • There he is. Keep bugging him. While Mike tells the 25. I have to disagree about the Carrots ��, it really worked for me. And I have Graves Decease (Autoimmune Disorder).
    And cracking joints, agreed!!
    ��������. Great. ��

  • daayuummm…. according to this video, running is so complicated. this video game me another reason not to start running. thank you video.

  • This is one thing I struggle with in being a guy starting BJJ at 39 (and I’m now 41). I’m still young enough to not break my hip trying everything. But I’m old enough that going full on and rolling hard for every class leaves me a wreck for weeks. A lot of my BJJ peers are like “You can’t know if you can win a fight unless we’re putting you in sparring all the time.” But I feel like outside sparring at the BJJ gym, I have virtually no chance of getting in a one-on-one fight in “the street”. Cause I’m a grown up. I just want to be fit, get my body to learn some new movements, and also understand better what I’m seeing when I watch combat sports like MMA. Winning a fight in real life is actually not a very high priority for me.

  • Awesome points,well explained. I think a big aspect of this,especially points 2,3,and 4,is the “warrior” mindset that runs through martial arts culture. Teachers and students very much embrace this,the sense of honor and decency. The mistake is making assumptions about a criminal responding a certain way to this,but crucially that others (witnesses etc) recognize this being in play as well. The place where I’ve seen this fit most comfortably is door work,where it’s acknowledged by all involved that the martial artist is applying their skills as part of their job. Not saying they’re not still legally bound,but it seems to frame the situations a certain way that’s more forgiving on the bouncer.
    As for the first point,one of my favorite arts is Shinkendo,a Japanese sword art. Not applicable to defense at all but I loved the training. Great for the mind and body, no impact injuries (a big deal as I’m approaching 50)…it just scratches a certain itch for me, but if I was to read comments on Quora,I’d get the impression that it’s a complete waste of time and I should be doing MMA.

  • Very wise and clever advises. Self defense is more than 95% self and surrounding awareness and prevention. Physical defense is the last resort. But anyway, I think you’ll agree that a well rounded martial arts practitioner can get great benefit from his training that can help very much in self defense situations, not only in actual physically fighting, but also related to awareness, alertness, general fitness, etc. Resuming the issue, a martial arts practitioner can be way best prepared for self defense than a common person, given he takes into account all the points you mentioned. Thank you!

  • Practical-use-guy: Why do anything that will not work on THE STREET?
    Sane-Person: Do you wipe your ass? Because and correct me here if I’m wrong wiping has NEVER been proven on THE STREET!

  • All good points: I totally agree:
    We need to recognise the context and the limitations of things we know, and be honest with ourselves about which things we don’t know enough about.

  • Regarding your points
    1.) I agree completely; it’s not merely about self-defense. That being said, a lot of schools go too far and have little to no self-defense at all, and yet still give the impression that they are teaching self-defense. There should be SOME level of practical street application for a martial art, otherwise it’s not really a martial art. I can live with the art having aspects that fit into other categories, as you said. I simply want selfdefense to be a REAL and USEFUL category as well.
    2.) You hit the nail on the head with the problem with self-defense training. Too many martial arts do not train against a non-trained attack (the John Wayne sucker punch, for example). Self-defense should be as realistic as possible
    3.) I agree for the most part, and being aware of legalities should be a part of training (some schools actually do a lecture on it, sometimes bringing in an expert like a policeman or a lawyer). You use the force necessary and reasonable, if necessary, and you STOP when the attacker is neutralized. That being said, I’m willing to go to jail if it means I know my family or friends will live to see another day.
    4.) Agreed. If you can walk away without trading blows, do it. Mature martial artists who see what their skills can do when properly applied know this best. They don’t want to get into a fight if they can avoid it, not because they’re afraid, but because they don’t want to harm others if possible. Nonviolent resolution should be priority one; the fighting techniques are there as a backup, when the walking away DOESN’T work.
    5.) Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Criminals are generally turned off by people who are paying attention to their surroundings and aware of what’s around them. Preemptive mindfulness reduces a lot of conflicts.

  • Can you maybe censor this video a little bit better? You can still hear the curse.
    And can you please avoid such things?
    Thank you very much!

  • Climate change doesn’t exist. What does is an ideological fallacy. If we as a people respected the earth as we were told. ” reap what you sow ” This I am sure would not even be a consideration. Due to the fact that this has been anticipated. We have to live here. The real problem we have is industrial. They try to make it sound friendly so they call it environmental. As if the environment is somehow responsible for our actions.

  • He is landing his feet the wrong way.. He is doing a heel strike which means he is landing on his heels he should be doing a mid foot strike which means landing on the middle part of your feet…. If you watch other running videos on youtube they will tell you to stop doing this…

  • …. i have shin splints save me OH ALSO GUYS I JUST FOUND OUT why you should not run with scissors!!!! and not to run with a harmonica case in your pocket now i have a cut and a huge bruise on my left leg i’m open to share my traumatic experience XD but actualy it starts with some dude watching me and my friend on a hill

  • I was taught to run you should lean forward and look down while running on your tippy toes and keep your hands straight. maybe it’s just because I’m a sprinter.

  • I really don’t equate martial arts with self defense anymore as it seems to have moved mainly in a conceptual, theoretical, historical and artistic direction. It seems that Modern martial arts and self defense are two entirely different disciplines and I feel that what we mainly get wrong is thinking they are related. While I do agree that most martial arts programs don’t address the needed awareness and understanding of self protection practices, I also feel that in gives practitioners an unrealistic perspective of what it takes to physically defend themselves if the need should arise. We can train together and have an enjoyable time, get more physically fit, become friends and “family” but get our behinds handed to us in a real life encounter. Honesty and reality is what I believe to be the true starting point of any actual SD training. I would value your opinion on the matter. ��I always appreciate your enthusiasm and insight!!

  • I gues the USA is just Boug TRUMP,! thr people have no voicr, no brin of thrir own, No one peron ha power, they are our public SERVANTS not GOD. Wake up, we do not need leader or ll the top secret clubtht includes: UN, WHO, BANK & Real Estate cabals. Thy only have lots of phoney FIT plastic billd. It’s sll a lie. They have shon us they don’t cr & thy prefer u dead. This is YOYO economy= You’re on your Own.

  • Want to know what method of exercise has these benefits without the injuries (even with the ‘proper’ form)? Weightlifting and calisthenics. No, ‘cardio’ doesn’t have to involve running. Your lungs and heart can get pushed HARD with supersets. Supersets are two exercises and or lifts, back to back. There is a time and place for running, sprinting and jumping and it is not for LONG periods of time.