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Ready for the third round? Your next workout is five miles on the elliptical. Here’s how you play: 1. Complete five miles on the elliptical. 2. Take a photo of yourself next to the distance on your machine’s display screen.

We have to see this so we know you completed the challenge. 3. 3rd #SnapMadness Challenge: 5 Miles on the Elliptical. You’re halfway done with #SnapMadness! How are you doing?

Remember, these challenges are meant to be hard. We Learn more Lifestyle. 1st #SnapMadness Challenge: Treadmill 10K. #SnapMadness officially starts today!

Hope you’re all well rested and hydrated for this first of four fun chal. Final #SnapMadness Challenge: 90 Minutes on the Stationary Bike. The fourth and final #SnapMadness challenge is finally here! We’re so proud of all our participants.

3rd #SnapMadness Challenge: 5 Miles on the Elliptical. You’re halfway done with #SnapMadness! How are you doing? Remember, these challenges are meant to be hard. We.

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I mostly walk on treadmill, averaging 3.5 mph, same as walking outside. A mile walking to gym takes me roughly 20 minutes, on the treadmill it’s about 16 minutes at my best to do a mile. But I get a mile done on the elliptical in around 8 minutes. I have noticed that on the elliptical I actually run the entire time, or rather swing lol. 1. Every “body” needs a specific amount of calories to function.

2. When you eat more calories than what you need (calorie surplus) you gain weight. 3. When you eat less calories than what you need (calorie deficit) you loose weight. in other word. Add in a half-hour on the elliptical 6 days a week, burning 400 calories each time, and you’ll burn an extra 2,400 calories. That would bring your total deficit to 5,900 a week, or over 1.5 pounds of weight loss weekly.

The stride length of your elliptical is a measure of one stride from the forward-most position to the back-most position. A common stride length ranges from 14 to 22 inches. Calculate a mile traveled on an elliptical by taking the number of inches in a mile, which is 63,360 inches, and dividing it by the stride length of your elliptical.

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  • I service, install and repair fitness equipment for a living. None of these units would i recommend to anyone. Look for used gym equipment from clubs. Precor was the first company to come out with an elliptical and remains the best elliptical on the market. Even older models. Used Life Fitness cross trainers would the next in line. You can find these used and at good prices for what they are.
    Some of these full commercial gym units can cost (new) from around $4000 7 or 8000 +. Find a used equipment place in you area and ask about these brands. Even a used one for $2000 is a good deal and will last you for ever. There is a reason clubs choose to use these brands around the world.

  • I’m in the market for a really good in home elliptical machine, in the absence of gyms! This video is helping to steer my choices!!����

  • I’m so undecided which to buy have researched all of these listed and some. I read reviews about the Schwinn making a lot of clicking and clunking noises as well as the others mentioned I cannot stand noises while working out. I have had Nordictrack in the past very quiet and durable machine but they cost more than I wanna spend right.

  • Great choice and very informative reviews although we would also add some models from Star Track, Matrix and Technogym to the list ��. Knowing that you can buy a (good) elliptical under $500 should motivate everyone to set up their own home-gym, especially in these times… For those looking to make their workouts fun by adding game-like elements and ‘travel’ through some beautiful worlds, VR fitness is worth checking �� And you can bring it to ANY elliptical! �� http://holofit.holodia.com/make_ellipticals_fun

  • I want to get one but due to corona virus, everything is sold out for past 3+ months.. even when they get restocked for short period of time, it is over priced. Schwinn 430 used to be only $599 at amazon but now it is $649 even when it gets stocked..damn.. this sux..

  • Basically, it all depends. But hands down, the elliptical seems kinda better. Using the treadmill feels good as a workout as you would intensely try to feel like you’re still behind and you need to keep pushing forward. But with the elliptical, it’s more easier and not that tiring. Sometimes, the treadmill gave a headache, in uncommon situations. The elliptical and treadmill burns almost the same calories, depending on the resistance and such. But the elliptical is more easier and in fact, more safer. Overall, they kinda tied. I’m a beast on both of them machines but the elliptical just embarks you to a more inner and protective journey of weight loss.

  • First i want to buy a treatmill because i like running outside but i need something for the cold days so i can still runing, but i don’t have much space for this big piece fitness machine, so i’m thinking of buying a elliptical it takes less space in my house.

  • Got plantar fasciitis so it is elliptical or biking…and apparently biking can cause ED and you are not exercising anything from the waist up anyways.

  • I’m an everyday cyclist, I used to go to the gym on the elliptical trainer.
    I cancelled my gym membership
    Went for a jog the other night, now struggling to walk for the last 3 days!!! My calf’s are tight and painful.
    As it was my first jog in years, I’m taking it slow at first, need to get my form good first, got my footstrike soughted. Will have to wait for my calf’s for the next jog, hopefully Sunday evening as I want to go.
    Me and my wife do play Badminton regularly and this is a VERY good exercise, we are always sweating and out of breath.
    want to master my jogging though, summers on the way:)
    Cycling is easy I cycle 72 miles to work and back a week, done it for the last 5 years ALL weather 365 days a year.
    Cross trainer is fairly easy can do that for 1 hour non stop, running is difficult!! I’m knackered after just 5 minutes!! Need to improve

  • I road the bike for the better part of a year (upgraded from treadmill walking) then realized the elliptical burns twice the calories and makes me sweat.

  • I was working on elliptical set up hardness 20 for 60 minutes. It showed I burned 1178 calories. Really? I’ve always feel that elliptical is easier than running on a treadmill thus burn less calories. Can someone explain is it true that elliptical can shed more fat?

  • which one is the best for my small home frnd of just 2 bedroom and one small drawing room plz advice me my good frnd my house is full out of various things frnd and there is no more extra space to move on and to put these those types of machines my frnd so than plz tell me how can i buy these machines which should i go for and prefer the most out of it plz tell me that frnd according to my house

    which one will cause the most and more injuries frnd and can harm my body is that eleptical or treadmill or stationary bicycle or bike or is it any one other plz tell me this my frnd to me ok

  • “It’s a waste of time.” Untrue. If someone wants to go on the elliptical and read or watch TV… so what? It’s better than sitting on the couch, and if it gets you in the gym than it’s worth it. You’re burning more than you are stationary. Just stick with it, and when you’re comfortable maybe start incorporating more into your workout

  • “If your not huffing and puffing, your wasting your time.” Wrong! Aerobic vs anaerobic burns a much higher percentage of fat, vs carbs. Also, generally minute to minute lower intensity static state cardio burns more calories than interval training.

  • I know this is old but I’m not gonna lie I do watch tv on the Elliptical! It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me my buns, arms, waist, I look good

  • The elliptical machine is much better (my own personal opinion), although I like and do workout on both machines. My treadmill is on a high incline and the walk is fast and brisk waking 3.9 and then running at a bit faster speed 4.4 back and forth for about 20-25 minutes. So, that I like very much, and I am still building up time and endurance. Then my elliptical training varies from 1 work to the next one. It keeps my interest peaked as to what is to come from that workout? Over time I started out low on amount of time and intensity and built up time and the resistance of each work out from there. Your form and your body needs to feel like it positioned just right on the elliptical in order for you to like the journey you are about to embark upon. (a bit of doable pain, but very rewarding during and afterwards). Now I am a beast on both machines, and I have dropped 58 pounds over several years and I vowed to keep off those extra pounds off. I pay attention to what I eat, my emotions that are tied into eating out of control.

  • Thanks very helpful. You have got into details I haven’t seen elsewhere. I alternate between the two and based on what you are saying, it sounds like a good idea.

  • I don’t see how going to the gym and talking on phone is a waste of time relative to sitting at home. Movement is healthier than sitting on the couch.

  • hey great video…I blasted 1800 calories on the cross trainer yesterday in 2 hrs with resistance of 20 and minimum of 10 so I know what u talking about������

  • Calories in, calories out is what matters. To say if your not huffing and puffing you may as well stay home is bs. Yes, you will burn more with a higher intensity. But, if you have 2 hours of medium cardio per day, maybe walking and on the elliptical, you will burn 500-600 calories per day from that. You don’t have to go overboard. Long term, medium level cardio will burn calories and put you in a calorie deficit if you eat right and are trying to loose weight. If your trying to increase aerobic fitness, then yes high intensity is better. But for cutting, calories in, calories out along with diet is all that matters.

  • I agree although there are different types of elliptical machines. 2 in 1’s a standing or cross country skiing with the bike in which you sit. It really is preference. I have a question about the Gazelle which is more freestyle than the 2 in 1. Which would you reccomend?

  • I have my own elliptical trainer I bought from the gym I attended which closed down. I also use to run but had to have a hip replacement 15 years ago. Have just started back doing HIIT and am following some programs I found on YouTube…I will increase the resistance to challenge myself. I can now do 3km in 15:27 am 54 years of age and am working towards regaining fitness. Is 3kms in just over 15 mins reasonable. So far am doing this twice per week.

  • Hello there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Just do a google search. On there you’ll discover a great guidelines about how you can lost crazy amounts of fat. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • Im 203lbs, 21 year old man, im muscular but fat at the same time, and while I can definitely run for 1 hour on the trendmill, is definitely harder for me to run. Also i burn 2/3 of the calories I burn on the elliptical.
    I burn about 1200 calories a day, resistance:17, and I aways try to stay above 6.0 mph speed for an hour. If you are not thin or even normal weight. I highly suggest to add to the mix a diet low on fats and calories to get to the desired weight.

  • What about the treadmills incline? Set the grade incline at 8 or 9 and then come back and tell me what offers more resistance. Seems like a rather large oversight to me, not to mention it in this presentation.

  • Standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting. Using the elliptical on the lowest resistance setting burns more calories than standing. Movement is better than no movement. Thumbs down on the video.

  • Yea but what if you maintain a constant heart rate of 60% to75% of your max, (220 minus your age) on an eliptical, regardless of the resistance level? I do that and put in 30 second sprints to get my heart up to 85% and back down again to around 70% repeatedly.

  • What horribly dated advice.  Eat low carb and work slower so your not huffing and puffing.  Then you train the body to burn fat.  Working too hard just burns sugar and leaves you in and endless loop of getting nowhere.  It also never increases your aerobic fitness.  This guy Yuri is Joe BroScience.

  • HI Yuri Thanks for posting your videos. I could use some advice. I have put on 25lbs. this past year and looking for a way to knock that off, but also stay fit. I have rheumatoid arthritis and can’t run like I used to. I love to power walk, but have moved to a not so safe area and don’t go out much anymore. I don’t need the gym and I am okay working out at home. I was looking into an elliptical climber machine, but don’t know which is the best. My budget is $300 and lower. Could you recommend a decent machine? Many thanks and have a great new year!

  • The Elliptical is better for overweight and obese people as it is full body movement, and low impact. On top of all this you can do it for longer. Burning a 1000 calories is easy on an elliptical, even for an obese person, it would be close to impossible for a person wanting to lose a lot of weight to burn it through running.

    Problem 1: Due to the high impact of running less time can be tolerated by people needing to lose a lot of weight, so usually 10 15 minutes of medium effort is enough to nearly kill them.

    Problem 2: Joints can become damaged, and other injuries much more likely to happen, and that stops one from exercising for up to two weeks, while those on the Elliptical trainer keep going.

    Problem 3: Running takes longer to recover from, so most beginners can’t run everyday, especially if they are obese, maybe 3 times a week at best…so that is, what 750 calories. With an elliptical doing and hour or an hour and a half is doable, and recovery is lessened due to low impact. Also, you burn more on them, obese people burn 1,000 calories an hour and they can do that safely for 5 days a week. So 750 calories compared to 5,000 calories…elliptical wins.

    Problem 4: a lot of people say runners burn more calories at really high intensity, but killing yourself for a maximum of 10 minutes, which is the best these obese people can do at HIT will not compete with the calories burnt on the elliptical for 1 1/2 hours. And no chance these people can do HIT for an 1 1/2 hours. I think it is clear elliptical trainers are the best for overall calorie burn. Initially.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the video, I would like to buy this equipment for my home workout. My main purpose is to reduce my belly, Will it help me in this?? Please clarify my doubt


  • “more oxygen is more calorie burning” is not completely correct. To burn a fat molecule it need slightly more time than using carbohydrate/glucose at cellular level, so if you workout in a faster version, then your body’s mechanism to get ATP will mostly from carbohydrate/glucose.

  • My fastest mile was 6:15, but the other day I ran a 5:30 on an elliptical. Is this cheating? Is the elliptical easier? Do I qualify to say I ran a 5:30 mile?

  • People reading magazines, and talking to each other on the elliptical… GOD that annoys the hell out of me! Why the hell are you even at the gym? If you are going to the gym, get a decent work out!

  • Is the elliptical bad on the knees? I’m feeling like I’m stuck with my weight because of the pain in my left knee. I don’t want it to get worse and I don’t want doctors cutting me open either..

  • Nice comparison, Yuri. At home, I decided on a Precor Elliptical. Why? Variety of exercise when mixed with outdoor walking or running. Treadmill at home adds no variety. Added this comment just so other viewers might consider this. Thanks again.

  • Both are great exercise but only the one you will stick with it are the best.

    I like elliptical because i can burn 100 calories on every 10 mins. So basically i can burn 300 calories in 30mins. And i dont feel tires on the next day. Also i can watch movie while doing it.

    While treadmill i might burn 300 caloreis in 30mins but it have more challenge. First i can’t always maintain to run at same pace. I always need to take break. Also next day my leg/joint are little sore..
    And i can’t watch any movie while im on treadmill except listen music with my headphone..

  • This guy is right on about elliptical. I agree 100% with him. Bottom line people, make the best of your time when using these machines!

  • This makes sense. I started going to the gym around 4 months ago weighing 300 pounds and I could only use the elliptical for 5 minutes before I felt like I was going to die from a heart attack. Since then I lost 47 pounds but now seem stuck around the 250 mark. But thanks to this video I think it might just be because I don’t get nearly as winded anymore and can run on the elliptical for 30 minutes strait, 40 on a good day.

    Thanks bald guy I’m going to try your suggestions!

  • Love these challenges! totally motivating me to try them, Im so trying to lose my baby weight.
    You should totally measure yourself the scale may not reflect what your really doing to your body; that’s something I am implementing going forward because the scale wasn’t reflecting so much at all for me

    BUT a pound a week is what is recommended, Thats amazing!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH x million now I have figured why I haven’t lost weight. I will definitely keep this in mind and from now on till the end of this month I will be doing the eliptical and cranking up the resistance! Thank x million! Your the best!

  • My inclination was that the difference may be due to subtle differences in my posture on each machine. Perhaps by sustaining a relatively high speed on the treadmill, I tighten up my abs for a full 30 minute stretch… Can anyone relate, or maybe shed some light on this?

  • In 30 mins I burn as many calories doing elliptical sprints as I do running at a sustained treadmill speed. I find sprints less MENTALLY taxing, so I’ve recently abandoned treadmill for elliptical.
    Question: In switching to the elliptical, I’ve noticed that my (very light, not at all intense) ab workout seems to be less efficient. I switched back to the treadmill and noticed immediate (albeit only slight) improvement. Am I imagining this?

  • Love this! Thank you for being honest and congrats on your progress! I’ve gained 30lbs since January 2020 and I avoid going anywhere because I’m so embarrassed that the people in my small town are going to judge me and say “she got fat..” I just go to work and sleep and lay in bed because I’m so depressed at feel very uncomfortable in my body. Doesnt help that my boyfriend points it out every time I eat a meal, even if it’s a bowl of cereal. Your video has inspired me to plug in my elliptical and start my journey!♡ You look so good, you’re gorgeous!!

  • When you do an hour of cardio, when you run you can take breaks right?? Or are you just running for an hour straight without resting..

  • started 2020 at 88 kgs
    today 3 march im at 73kgs
    15 kgs lost 21 yr old male
    all it takes is will and courage
    what i do is i go for an hour jog 5days a week the other 2 rest, doesnt matter how you do them
    obviously i walked at first but as i lost weight it became so much easier to run, this is a huge achievement for me as im a social outcast, but i learnt how to be independent.
    you also have to drink lots of water, cut on sweets, eat fruit and veg and chicken, salads……youll get there just dont stop, go slow but dont stop….willpower is everything

  • Seasonal depression. So funny. I hate time change also!!! And I hate cardio but doing an hr to change it up so that’s how I found your video

  • I think you should try the smoothie diet, I’m on day 10 and have already lost 8 pounds!
    Is a book by Harely Pasternak “The body rest diet” 15 day body cleanse, I haven’t felt weak or light headed I think is a good diet that will put you in the right path to a healthier lifestyle
    Light workouts and snacks between the smoothies
    Please make a video I think you will love it also your subscribers

  • How awesome that you discovered new things your body is able to do and limits it can break. What made you like this waist trainer better than the sweet sweat? ❤️

  • Ya did great!! I started keto on August 27th and I’m down 27.8 pounds. I do count calories and macros but I like doing it and this has gone so well.

  • Me watching this while on the stair master after doing 30 mins of running on the treadmill..����

    Anyways..great job Ashley!! ��������

  • Inefficient, I don’t think that word means what you think that word means. meme

    I just used a meme on you correctly. Oh i’m so smart. Score one for me. haaaaaaaaaaaa, the crowd goes wild haaaaaaaaaa, cheering for me haaaaaaaaaa.

    Seriously, strict definition of inefficient, running is inefficient. Walking, super efficient, running, not so much. Jumping, even worse. Jumping jacks, terribly inefficient. Back flips, right off the chart of inefficiency.

  • Yup yup. On MFP tracking calories and use a Fitbit for activity. So, I’m rooting for ya, girl!!! It would be cool to see you take on some of these challenges for longer time periods. Like 2 weeks or a month. Especially so you can have some built in rest days. It would also help you build up to longer times instead of having to cram it all in 5 days.

  • So after watching ur video on drinking apple cider vinegar. I’m in week 2 and I drink it 3 times a day I don’t add any sugar or lemon I actually love the taste lol! But I lost 6 lbs with working out like you advised I’m loving it

  • Loved this challenge, actually I started to eat healthier and exercise since last September and so far I have lost 23 lbs. You are totally right it is completely mental, what I do is to listen to music that I can “dance” with, to keep my mind away from feeling tired! Love you!!!! ❤️