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10 Things You NEED To Do Before Back To School!

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3 tips to succeed in online classes

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how to have a productive school year 2020 (back to school tips and tricks)

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7 Mistakes Students Make For Back To School | Start of the new School Year Right!

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3 tips to boost your confidence TED-Ed

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How To Prepare for the New School Year ☆ Back To School Tips

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Keep in mind a few simple ways to help your child choose a healthy way of life: Decide on a bedtime that allows your child plenty of sleep. Encourage exercise and physical activity. Limit screen time (consider using it as a reward for homework and chores) 3.

In order to ease the transition from carefree summer to back to school, here are 3 important tips: One week before starting, have your kids on a schedule. Sleep early, wake up early and have them read some age-appropriate books. That way, they will easily get the hang of structure. A back to school night presentation encompasses a few key elements. Never underestimate a good handshake, professional outfit, and a kind smile.

Think about how you. Back to School: 14 Tips to Prepare for Academic Success Back to school preparations go beyond school clothes purchases and new backpacks filled with #2 pencils and spiral notebooks. Creating and supporting the habits of life-long learners is the best investment you can make in your child’s academic success. Two to three weeks before the first day of school is a good time to return to an early bedtime, and get out the door early (even if only for a walk).

Try to keep the lazy mornings and late nights to a minimum now so that their bodies have time to adjust. August is back-to-school month, even if, right now, heading back to school may mean distance learning and virtual classes at home. Sandbrock Ranch is zoned for three schools in Denton Independent School District, Union Park Elementary, Rodriguez Middle School, and Braswell High, and they all start back. Here are seven tips for making online learning more effective as kids go back to school. Many families are gearing up for what likely will amount to another semester of online.

These Back-to-School Parenting Tips Are All About Comfort Whether It’s Back to the Classroom or Learning Remotely, Here’s How 1 Mom Is Preparing Her Child For Success This School. 3 Back to School Tips for Kids Have a place for them to stow their backpacks and gear, so parents can help remind them to unpack and pack essentials before they are needed. Teach them to unpack their backpack every day. My kids have to unpack.

Health experts recommend a healthy eating pattern with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Children should also eat whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products, and a variety of protein foods. Drinking water.

List of related literature:

For example, arrive to class late, drop your keys, wear your shirt inside out, or knock over some unbreakable items in a supermarket.

“The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear” by Martin M. Antony
from The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear
by Martin M. Antony
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

STUDY TIP Lifestyle Planning Work hard at staying organized.

“Saunders 2020-2021 Strategies for Test Success E-Book: Passing Nursing School and the NCLEX Exam” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
from Saunders 2020-2021 Strategies for Test Success E-Book: Passing Nursing School and the NCLEX Exam
by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

These are great tips that you will (and should) remember every time you leave the house.

“Fashion For Dummies” by Jill Martin, Pierre A. Lehu
from Fashion For Dummies
by Jill Martin, Pierre A. Lehu
Wiley, 2009

These tips are proven to get you better grades.

“Learning Outside The Lines: Two Ivy League Students With Learning Disabilities And Adhd Give You The Tools F” by Jonathan Mooney, Dave Cole, Edward M. Hallowell
from Learning Outside The Lines: Two Ivy League Students With Learning Disabilities And Adhd Give You The Tools F
by Jonathan Mooney, Dave Cole, Edward M. Hallowell
Touchstone, 2014

Remembers to follow a routine chore after school without reminders.

“Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary
from Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential
by Peg Dawson, Richard Guare
Guilford Publications, 2011

Use as many different strategies as necessary to become a successful student.

“Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant E-Book: An Applied Learning Approach” by Brigitte Niedzwiecki, Julie Pepper, P. Ann Weaver
from Kinn’s The Administrative Medical Assistant E-Book: An Applied Learning Approach
by Brigitte Niedzwiecki, Julie Pepper, P. Ann Weaver
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Time management is the key, my friends.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

These tips are aimed at having things organised around the house before the school holidays start.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
by Nicole Avery
Wiley, 2011

One strategy I have employed with my younger classes with success is to co­create with them a character that embodies the ideal student at the very beginning of the school year.

“The Confident Teacher: Developing successful habits of mind, body and pedagogy” by Alex Quigley
from The Confident Teacher: Developing successful habits of mind, body and pedagogy
by Alex Quigley
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Be positive with every student at least once during every class.

“First Year Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-To-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day” by Julia G. Thompson
from First Year Teacher’s Survival Guide: Ready-To-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day
by Julia G. Thompson
Wiley, 2012

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  • As someone who’s been having a really really hard time with online learning, these tips were incredibly helpful!!! Not only am I planning on implementing all the tips you suggested, they gave me ideas for how to schedule my time in a way that works for me specifically rather than what seems productive
    Thank you so much and stay safe!

  • كم احلى احنا الحلوات الانجليزي كم احنا بعد ترى ترى انت تعرفون وما تعرفون ليلتين انت رايحات واحنا رايحين انت انت رايحين للمطعم احنا رايحين هم قاعدين ترا احنا مو حلوين بس حلوه للمطعم انا اروح المطعم

  • Growth and fixed mindset are pseudoscience. Interestingly when it said ‘it has been proven by neuroscientists’ it continues with ‘the connections in the brain do get stronger and grow with study and practice’, that is literally what happens when you learn, always. (Fatty rings around axons create better connections, because the electricity going through the axon can move faster and is less prone to interference is what they mean here) Having a mindset alone isn’t going to get you anywhere, but practicing itself is already wired in the brain to be a great way to improve. If you are a person to always try again, well yes, then of course you’ll finally succeed, bc you have the guts to try:) So I guess, get that mindset, but don’t forget to act on it continuously

  • whoa whoa wow… team ted-ed.. that was some awesome video.. the voice was so motivating, the video illustrations,the overall concept.. loved every bit of this one minute video… i hoped when clicking this video-thumbnail, that this shouldn’t be another boring lecture on confidence.. actually i feel better now.. thanks a lot. keep it going.. love your work <3

  • I wish i could find any other simple one of these but i cant find anything but the “aEstThEtIc” ones�� like no samantha. I dont want to learn to write in a fancy font.

  • even tho i am going to 8th grade this video was so helpful, and ur voice is so calm!!
    i love this video….. thanx u it helped me a lot

  • There’s two things I need to do u be ready for school:

    1. Get some sleep or stop sleeping at a late time

    2. I forgot everything I learnt so I can revise everythings

  • Of all the study/productivity videos I’ve watched lately yours is my favourite. Maybe it’s the editing, the gentle voiceover, or the straight-up information, your video was calming like a big sister talking to me and it made me actually want to study to try out those tips. A lot of channels that have similar content tend to make me anxious and feel bad about myself in terms of studying with their pretentious motivational speech and their fancy setup. Thank you so much! <3

  • When she told that she was over packing I realised that how much less she was packing compared to my bag (which was double of what she packed��) Hit the like if your bag feels like 10kg!!! ��

  • The 10 minute commitment is such a good idea, I’ll definitely be using that!! What app is that playing on the side to time yourself?

  • The sleep schedule partit’s litterally like 2am and I’m watching this thinking about how to be organized and productive this year lol

  • What about me I have no one to love ।।I have no one।।।plz ।।।।।।।what I do।। Want to die।।।।।।।।।।।।।।plz ।।।।I and lost ।।।।।।।kill me।।।।।।��

  • august 31 “this year will be great! I will do amazing and be super organized!”


  • Thank you for this video. I’m going to try to break things up more, I looked at my sad todo list with only a few things crossed off and it’s very demotivating. I have been working but my tasks are obviously to big. Thank you!

  • Intro to business is my favorite subject in college so far
    In high school it was Art and middle school and elementary school was art too

  • Confidence is an ongoing practice. As life changes, so does your confidence. I believe it’s an aspect of our wellbeing and It needs to be nurtured.

  • Online school has been really hard, especially as someone who struggles with depression and the procrastination side effect from perfectionism.

  • Is it just me who’s exited for school?
    I’m exited bc I just finished primary school (uk) which is 5th grade in America and I’m going into secondary school!

  • If you like to know more how to build your self confidence read this article
    It will be very useful: https://shrinkme.io/uoiyww
    Thank you ✨

  • I notice even if I do a 10 minute workout that I just feel so accomplished and productive afterwards! It just makes me feel better.

  • Ok,explain what does cheating do? It doesnt help anyone learn. Also,if you cheat in the end of the year exams your imminently get a 0 and you mess it up for the entire class. Also cheating is no good. So, 5 MC explain to me how cheating “Helps students”

  • The problem comes when you have to speak between people about a topic n u get nervous n topic goes it dustbin what u have been prepared through..��

  • it’s nice to have more videos from you lately! but don’t push yourself if you’re not motivated to film, times are hard for everyone:( I really appreciate your tips, forgiveness is super important these days and chances are you will get a lot more done even in front of the TV than procrastinating at your desk ^^

  • I mean the anxiety and depression is gonna make it hard but if you tell yourself “I have the power of God and Anime on my side” every day then ur confidence is sure to rise

  • I love this video ��. I love lyric so much. She just gave me another awesome school video idea for my channel ��. Thank you lyric for making your channel. I love you too much ��

  • Ellen: if u take 20 different highlighter then your bag will be heavy
    me: i carry 25kg bag daily to school( whattt )
    anybody from nepal or india can relate to my words

  • My teacher: highlight things that are important
    Me: highlights most of the page
    My teacher: you can’t do that, it’s over highlighting start over
    Me:⚫️��⚫️ suddenly I can’t see

    Lowkey have a problem �� when I highlight terms it’s just not enough and I have to highlight more but when I highlight more like sentences and stuff it’s over highlighting

  • Next school year we have to take a “corona” kinda test EVERY week!!!! And our class is not separated but we have to social distance but we are 19 people in my class and our class has only like 20 seats so KAREN HOW. How should I be happy about school

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “mass general hospital for children child life internship” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Elilan Coachify Domination (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

  • I don’t even know why I’m watching your videos, because I’m not in school or university right now but I just love them anyways. And omg.. You’re watching white collar? Seriously.. That’s my favorite TV show! Enjoy the show, stay safe and healthy and thanks for motivating yourself for us to put the video together ^^

  • Me watching this video after already buying all of my school supplies one month before school starts

    And yes I know this video was made a year ago ����

  • Here is the best way to build confidence,
    just listen to this video and trust me you won’t regret it.


    and if you like then please share and subscribe and give us a thumbs up.

  • mine is bright pink and shinny blue. but girl can i just give a tip? hope say yes. ok how about making your questions related with the day’s title so like for now ” how you get ready for new year”. i mean i am your jounior 13 on 2020 and you know what to do but as a tip this kind of questions can help you and other people who read the comment by giving other tip which you haven’t maybe than knowing our fav color. so can i answer this question?
    ok first i summarize the last years lessons and text books using shortnote book it done and present it infront of my mirror so i can answer when jounior students ask me but i actually do this before the school year is over actually!
    Then when summer starts i start to study the next year’s text book and write the answers of the exercises on my note book so i am the fastest one when have a class work lol!
    Then summarize the year personally, academicaly, health and everything actually and set plan for the next year on these things. and set goals and also i try to make my things like objects and study system more updated and upgraded and nice and kinda new routine to feel like NEW year. bye ellien nice tipsi get from you so tnx

  • Clean your room, closet, backpack, pencil case and really everything

    Your room closet backpack pencil case and really E V E R Y T H I N G

    ⅁NIH⊥⅄ᴚƎΛƎ ʎllɐǝɹ puɐ ǝsɐɔ lıɔuǝd ʞɔɐdʞɔɐq ʇǝsolɔ ɯooɹ

    ������ℜ����ℌℑ����!!! �������� �������� �������������� ������������ �������� ��������������

    Umm…Hahaha sounds fun ��✨

  • Wow, thank you so much for this. I have been beating myself up about struggling to get work done during the last month, and this video has been really helpful-especially coming from a creator and community that usually has such positive study habits and productivity. We all need to be easier on ourselves under these circumstances.

  • i honestly really wish more professors would do live online lectures instead of recorded, i never end up watching recorded lectures and it’s all piling up

  • 1st side of me: stop ordering stationery, learn online digital notetaking, even if it’s just typing it-

    2nd side of me: ur creative juiceur wasting it? Just use the markers you have

    1st side: but it won’t be consistent throughout the year.. IT WONT

    2nd side: dear god.

  • I failed twice and all my confidence went into vain…i feel so helplese…i have socail anxiety cant even talk to somebody without hesitation i start stammering and shivering my heart beats so faster i get confused what should i say how to respone this person i have low self esteem i feel embarrassed of myslef wherever I’m i make situation worse i have no good communication skill ppl always laugh at me i feel bad ������������..God why am i still alive…..life is finished nothing workout in my favour ever I’m so unlucky……����������������

  • Since Im currently, at this very moment, trying to read a god awful book for my online English and failing miserably, I need this desperately

  • Her: don’t buy stuff before school starts you don’t know what there is to get.

    Me whose known what I needed for school 3 years before I got there because my school keeps it on their website and I go there every once in a while because I’m always bored: ����������‍♀️��

  • people should seriously watch this rather than attending those sem/webinars from “so-called-highly successful ” people who do nothing but butter people with their cajole words.
    What one speaker said once, “you are always right,believe in yourself..Its a world filled with people always trying to pull you down ”
    Your thoughts…..?

  • I can’t be the only one who’s scared for this school year because of how different it’s gonna be from the past because of coronavirus

  • Ellen: not studying everyday is not gonna end well. Me: but. I don’t study anyday She didnt tell that u should not not study, so it should be fine. Love from India ����

  • So the way I decided to go about it for the rest of the semester (since the whole COVID-19 thing) is I made a massive list of everything I needed to get done before the end of the semester. Then I color-coded what needed to be done when. And instead of thinking days at a time, I thought weeks at a time. I said “ok I have 4 weeks left till the end of the semester.” On week #1 I need to get this list of tasks done no matter what by the end of the week. If I finished all of them early on in the week, then I could either have the rest of the week to myself or I could get ahead. As someone coming to the end of the semester, I think this strategy worked pretty well <3.

  • Do you know where you got the organizer on your desk that has your books and pens and stuff in it? I’ve been looking for one like that and cant find one I actually like lol

  • A few years ago….

    Me: Mom I promise I’ll get my math grade up and join the basketball team!
    Mom: Good.

    L a t e r

    Mom: why is your math grade still low and why did you join the volleyball team instead?

  • Wow, it looks like you have more space in the house! I live in a tiny apartment and I have to work on my desk all the time (and sometimes my bed:))

  • As a person who barely puts any effort into decorating desk, having different kinds of notebooks with multicolor pens, this overwhelms me. I usually would study in the living room where my family member would walk around, chatting, and watching tv. sometimes breaking my focus.
    Not the most effective place to study but then again I hardly ever study.
    My desk setup is not all that fancy and colorful. It’s just like any other boring, office desk. I’ve bought a fake plant though and it sets my mood well. You can call me an extremely lazy person because my room is as plain as a blank paper. I’ve been sleeping and do things in the living room ever since quarantine because I feel I have more freedom than in my room. Everytime I tell myself to decorate my room, I got weary because it feels like there’s just so much to do and my mind would go tired.
    However, being in the last grade of high school motivated me to study harder, and smarter. Watching this made me feel cozy and I love how simple your videos are. I love your desk setup and I love the way you manage, it looks so comfortable. Hopefully, I can be as productive yet relaxed as you and I will try to put my effort more into making myself comfortable while study. This will definitely help me.Thanks:)

  • Hello! When I saw the part about your workspace being clean I was intrigued because I just moved into a new home and we’ve been looking for something like that so if you could tell me where you got yours or something similar I would appreciate it ^^ ��

  • I cant wait for school but I’m so annoyed cause our school is making us having assigned seats ont he bus and at lunch:( and also we gotta wear those masks that I absolutely dislike!:(

  • What if you get held in fantasies when you picture yourself for your future accomplishment in a way that you don’t want to get back into reality to really accomplish it?

  • “At the start of the school year, you don’t have much homework”
    My teacher: bombarding us with tons of homework since the first day����

  • Hi its me Bad mode in this comments.. (also congrats you begain in senior year! yey!! ) and also im proud to be your 1k like –

    dis video:Postive notes, something would help u threw this harsh day (gud idea btw )
    my brain: OCmoN ONLY POSITVE NOTES! U CAN DO IT!!!
    Me: yOOu know…I mean..i think i can do it..so lets start with I am beautie?
    My mirror notes:,, You are trash,,,, You know u already dumb..,,,, So you tryinG again.., em gud luck,,,, When sunshine sees you..*boom*,, -note with drawing of frog and potato –

  • i hope you’re staying safe and well too! fortunately im not in uni yet, still on my gap year break. im preparing for the entrance exams tho, so these tips definitely are helpful!

  • She; gets back pain holding 20 highlighters
    Me: has to carry all books to school on first day bcs i dont know which classes we will have
    also me; school have no lockers so carrying Nine period books and copies AND no electronics allowed

  • I am dying for school to start!! I love my family and all but…. I miss my frieeeeeeeendsssss! Also I know you don’t want the comments but…I thought you were 12 no offense

  • If only it was that simple. “people who have a growth mindset are more successful”. No, people who are more successful end up believing stuff like the growth mindset.

  • I was so happy when you said you did online school regularly. I did it for three years, then normal school for 1 and 3/4 year, and now online school and I may be there for good this time because my mom has been looking at the options each school offers for older students and she thinks I learn better in online school. I don’t seem to find many people who do do online school. I remember being upset that these kinds of videos would only really cater to people doing normal school. I love that you have hacks for both normal and online school/ home school! Thank you for a long awaited video, just in time for my sixth year.

  • you’re so pretty omg! and girl when you said you were a senior my jaw dropped. I never would’ve guessed that. I thought you were a sophomore maybe a junior, that’s not a bad thing though.

  • Tomorrow is my first day online schoolim really nervous because
    1. Ive never met any of these people yet
    2. I look crusty ��
    3. And I have social anxietyso like im kinda scared

  • so ive been binging back to school stuff becouse i wanna get better grades and actually try studieing and being more tidy, ty for this vid its really informative and helpful

  • “Don’t call it a failure, call it an education. Some of us are very educated.” -Rick Warren

    We make mistakes but when we believe in ourselves that we can always improve-that’s confidence.

  • 1:46 yeah you can still see the phone. and idk bout yall but i wouldnt glue pencils to my PHONE just so i could look at it in class…

    EDIT: Good god is this turning into troom troom? 6:52

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  • God this is boring

    I have to watch this for school work

    edit: I like it how all the people who are getting a confidence boost are girls


    1st: STUDYING is not FUN
    ” Maybe sometimes it is but not most of the time “

    áňd îf ît íş thêñ ï štûdý thê bèšt ät śćhôól
    Just kidding ( × )

  • I definitely have to implement the 10-min rule, I remember you talking abt it waaaay back and i thought it was damn clever, but i guess i… forgot about it? need to go back to it. and flexible scheduling, i’ve been doing that to be honest (sleeping until 11am on no-class days, doing work in the 15-21 [3pm-9pm] timeframe and been feeling really bad abt myself bc of it, but hey, maybe that’s just what works, right? executive dysfunction sucks and if there’s anything that works, i should hang onto it probably: D

    also my college has been very understanding during this time. my profs don’t really… care that much if ppl don’t do homework assignments, they say outright that they’re struggling too and none of us really knows how is everything going to go and if we’re even having normal exams at all these year… nobody pretends they have answers and i find this really reassuring in a way. my friend’s (medical) uni has been… well. lets just say they’re not having any classes at all and got sent exam requirements w/o materials to study from. so. i’d rather have my school be like “look, we don’t know and we’re all in this together, ask if you need help and we’ll see what we can do” (the extent to which they’re helping ppl financially and with getting psychological help is astounding for such a small school) instead of pretending everything is fine and normal and just shut up and do your work, why are you lazy.

    idk. stuff’s hard rn. but everyone is struggling and that’s reassuring in that way, that we’re all in this together. we have each other. it’s gonna be okay, one way or another.

  • Online school is really hard, there are so many new things to get used to.
    I talk more about it in my podcast: https://anchor.fm/milerunner
    but the main problem is just how unorganized everything is. I feel like the school system is just starting to figure this stuff out even though they’ve had months. I just need some structure man…

  • Here is how I am getting ready for Online classes
    1) Mute the zoom mic
    2) Turn of the camera
    3) Discord with the boys
    4) Minecraft online

  • I’ll definitely try the 10 minute rule, I get most of my work done pretty motivated, but I’m getting behind with some online social service tasks. Best thing that works for me now is watching your videos, college and school routines, to start working in the day or after a break, thank you very much for the motivation and tips:)

  • Thank god my school gives about max 1hr per class per day it’s only like 3hrs because art pe extra classes like that give small amounts like 20 mins

  • Every Failure Is A Step Closer To Success
    you guys have no idea how much this has helped me. i need to compete in a short track competition and i know i will be embarrassed, but after watching this video, i have gained more confidence knowing that every failure is a step closer to success

  • School starts in a month! (Private school that’s why) and I’m very excited, no one knows if we will switch back to online school or not but, I am excited to see my friends everyday and just feel profuctive

  • We are going back to online learning where I live (Victoria, Australia) because of how high the people with cases of covid are, and last time didn’t go so well I procrastinated loads so I hope these will help me this time especially because of how many group projects I have. So anyways thanks!

  • can you do something for when it’s not online school, but you have to do individual tasks, because i always end up procrastinating REALLY BAD

  • I really love Ellen.I want to know more about and I want non stop video. I want to make a video about things needed to study properly and to become a toppar and good student.

  • Because of lack of self esteem and confidence, I can’t raised my hands when my teacher is asking a question, because I don’t want to be wrong and my classmates might laugh at me

  • your backpacks are so small in India we carry a big bag with lot of things we have too bring compulsory but still we don’t fill a lot of back pain

  • Don’t over pack your bag me supposed to bring 7 textbooks 7 workbooks and 8 Notebooks 1 binder and a folder
    Keep in mind Im only going to 7th grade

  • It looks like 1 of her eyes are kinda sore cause one isnt really as open as the other & i know it happens to me wen my eyes are sore

  • These are so so helpful thank you. I appreciate you not giving the ‘standard’ tips (have a designated study area); because I dont have a laptop or something to separate my work from my pc games, and there is not really any other places where i can do my workbecause its all online now.

  • thank you so much for these tips! they’re so concrete and helpful, and the editing is on point! however the sleep schedule tip might not apply to me as my zoom classes start at night (time zone differences) TT

  • This was soo needed rn�� As soon as I saw your IG status I literally dropped everything and came to watch this!��
    Also, your account is the only reminder that I have studying to do….
    otherwise it’s just endless scrolling.
    And this was really helpful,tysm��

  • I used to never work and watch TV at the same time but I’ve been multitasking a lot more the past couple of weeks and I’m glad I’m not the only one! I really like your 10 minute tip and let’s see if I can crank out my ochem lab report.

  • Hey everyone! Hope ur day is going great so far! Here’s the link to my blog channel if u wanna check it out!��❤️


  • thanks for the tips! jJust went School supplies shopping and I bought the prettiest notebook i found and 2 organizers!! i hope i get A’s!

  • What about all those lonely introverts don’t recieve the all the answers and check answers from snapcrap. Who don’t have iPhones to FaceTime and refuse to color code notes and have terrible handwriting.. asking for. A friend.. would totally suck to me that guy.. ahhh.hh… chuckles I’m in danger God bless photo math.

  • 1. Set goals (academic and personal)
    2. Clean and set up a good workspace
    4. Organise your last year’s papers
    5. Plan and make to-do lists (study planner)
    6. Look forward in the school books
    7. Fix your sleep schedule
    8. Make routines (morning, evening, study)

  • I can’t seem to focus and there is always the temptation to watch videos on youtube or scroll through Instagram…:( your videos are so useful and beneficial thank youu

  • 6:20 I would totally bring a box of matches to school and I would totally not get in trouble for bringing it because it looks like a pencil sharpener

  • I have been homeschooled since 2nd grade and most of it has been a online setting. What she is saying is very trues but I would like to add somethings

    get up early like you are going to catch the bus
    get dressed like you are going to school ( lying around in your pj’s keeps your brain thinking it is time to rest)

    my rule is 2 to 3 hours on and 15-30 minute break BUT don’t get stuck doing something distracting like yt or Netflix.
    if you need to clear your mind take out a sharpie and paper and zentangle (any drawing will do but zentangling has no rules so u won’t over think things)
    don’t forget excerice even in the home is important
    keep a journal / diary u can go on pinterest and get writing prompts so u don’t run out of ideas

    Remember yall stay home and stay safe

  • I have this chemistry class I am doing online! Hard to get through because it’s not a usual class setting… thank you for the upload

  • When i face a challenge
    1 i accept it confidently
    2 self doubt
    3 study n research too much
    4 overthink
    5 makes mistakes
    6 work hard
    7 completes it anyhow
    8 i get awesome results����

  • I love the 10-minute rule! It helps me so, so much. I personally use a 25-minute rule because that’s usually how long it takes me to get into a groove. I def need to work on having a more flexible schedule atm
    also wanted to let you know that the BaronFig link doesn’t work ☺

  • i shouldn’t have, but i just let spring quarter go. my college is kind of sketchy and i tried to do our college’s emergency pass/fail option but found out it would cut my financial aid for the next year. so i just said screw it and put myself onto academic warning, so i wouldn’t lose financial aid.

  • I have never been this Fast in clicking on a video in my whole life hahaha… thank you so much for uploading it, we appreciate it❤��

  • When I face a challenge I:
    1. Panic
    2. Overthink
    3. Panic some more
    4. Go to the bathroom and wipe my tears
    5. Play soothing nature sounds to relax
    6. Meditate
    7. Give up and ask my mom for help

  • My favourite Subject is math bc I like my math teacher and in her lecture I can finally understand what I am doing in all these years.

  • I am an indian and i just love candians and i am just obsessed with buying new stationaries who all loves the same comment below and like this comment