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3 Tips to Help Overcome “Stubborn” Calves

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Dog Health and Fitness Tips

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3 Fitness Model Exercise and Diet Tips (TOTAL TIME SAVERS!!)

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Keeping You Home Pet Hair Free! | 3 Tips To Manage It All, Easily.

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Mayo Clinic Minute: 3 tips to healthy fitness during winter

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1) Schedule it ahead of time – The key to getting results is routine. If you schedule yourself a time to work out each 2) Find a pet partner – Accountability is another key when it comes to a furry fitness routine. Sure, you and your four 3) Reposition their food – OK, this one is more for. “For some pet owners that [information] can be a real call to action and motivation to get them moving.” When you’re researching fitness trackers for your dog, Ward suggests you consider. A survey of pet owners, conducted by Securian Financial Group, revealed that nearly half (44%) of pet owners have prepared for the future care of their animals should their pets outlive them.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 29, 2020 / Dr. Hunter Finn, a veterinarian in Arlington, Texas, is pleased to announce that he has just released 3 tips for new pet owners. Not all pets will immediately adjust to their new life or their new housemates.

Take it slow and allow your pets to set the pace for any introductions. It is better to take your time when introducing new pets. If you move too quickly and one pet or both have a negative experience, then you can find yourself back at the beginning.

3 Tips for Pet Owners on Training Rescue Dogs. By Eric Forrest on March 21, 2020 Tweet; Pin It; Owning a rescue dog can take some work compared to raising other types of pets. Here are some tips for new pet owners on properly training rescue dogs from one of our guest contributors. Here are three tips that can help you enjoy life with your pet while also taking good care of your home. Change Your Air Filters Frequently Your indoor air likely contains some degree of pet dander even if you own a hypoallergenic breed, so pay extra attention to your air filters when you have a pet in the house.

Get your daily scoop of tips, cute animals and advice for pet owners. From dogs and cats to other furry critters, we have you covered. Keep your dog’s paws cool.

Pets heat and cool from the bottom up. If you’re out in the sun together, try to keep your pet off of hot surfaces like cement and asphalt. Not only can it burn paws, but it can also increase body temperature and lead to overheating.

This means pet owners should always keep a close eye on their animals’ eating habits, behaviors, and patterns. “When pets are vocal about pain, it is usually a sign that it is severe. Other signs of pain include behavior changes, excessive grooming, changes in eating and.

List of related literature:

Part Three describes the role of diet in the health of your pet.

“Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats: Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements” by Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M.
from Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats: Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements
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Dietary energy restriction and successful weight loss in obese client-owned dogs.

“Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare E-Book” by Ilona Rodan, Sarah Heath
from Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare E-Book
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Advice on correct nutrition and exercise should be included in all puppy and kitten consultations and continued throughout the life of the animal.

“Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat” by Michael Schaer, Frederic P. Gaschen
from Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat
by Michael Schaer, Frederic P. Gaschen
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Recommendations for exercise should consider the pet’s age, degree of obesity, and the presence of chronic health problems that may impact exercise tolerance.

“Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals” by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch
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» Question 8: The amount of exercise you’re able to give your new pooch should be a key factor in choosing a dog breed.

“Puppies For Dummies” by Sarah Hodgson
from Puppies For Dummies
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Medications: None dispensed Food and water: Only offer _ cup water and _ food today Exercise: Restrict running, jumping, playing until _ Sutures: Discourage your pet from licking or chewing at incision site.

“Small Animal Surgical Nursing E-Book” by Marianne Tear
from Small Animal Surgical Nursing E-Book
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Owners of previously sedentary pets should be encouraged to increase their pet’s activity gradually, starting with only 5– 10 minutes of gentle activity a day, such as walking or swimming (Linder & Mueller 2014).

“Animal Physiotherapy: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals” by Catherine McGowan, Lesley Goff
from Animal Physiotherapy: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals
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• Suggestions for exercise should be tailored to the individual pet, but locations of dog parks or websites with information on hobby sports (yes, agility is a sport for cats, too) can be prepared by your practice staff and included for each new patient.

“Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats E-Book” by Karen Overall
from Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats E-Book
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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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In many ways, this information about health, nutrition, and fitness is as much about you training yourself as it is about you training your dog.

“Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog-the Navy SEAL Way” by Mike Ritland, Gary Brozek
from Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog-the Navy SEAL Way
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  • The last 2 times I did calf raises I I ended up in the hospital with rhabdomylosis for 4 days. I’m not even kidding, and I am not on steroids either. I have began doing hill sprints and I really hope a side effect is some calf gains.

  • And if could do just 3 jobs like that to keep my house kid toys free clean be great am getting half hr to myself watching my fave programme that I had record while checking under sofa and stuff still cleaning

  • My mums German Shepard is a white long haired one and she sheds like crazy!! No matter how much they brush her (every day) she still sheds like crazy! Her other dog a boxer/collie doesn’t shed as much as she does! Beautiful dogs but you could make a carpet everyday from them haha xx thanks for the tips I’ll pass them over

  • A great way to remove pet hair from soft furniture is to put a plain old rubber glove on and brush / wipe the furniture with it. It’s amazing how much hair it picks up. Don’t wet the glove, just use it dry.

  • It is wonderful to see people taking responsibility for their dogs. The dogs benefit from all the attention and activity, and you have a happy, well behaved dog. (better behaved than some kids these days)

  • I just got cordless dyson. It was my dream and I love it. Vacuuming without plugging unplugging ( although does not sound much) is much much easier. I just grab it once a day and vacuum all over my tiny apartment. No more cat hair here �� but I used roomba before when I was married and lived in a bigger house. Yes that was amazing as well.

  • DUDE!!! This video could not have come at a better time! I have seriously spent the last 3-4 days doing serious research on how to control pet hair in the house and on the furniture. We just had a baby (he’s 3 months old now) and I am trying to get a grip on it before he gets very mobile because I can’t stand the thought of dog hair on him all the time, especially in his little mouth. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Why is TUT and focus on stretch regarded as key for calves but for other muscles it’s all about the concentric for the most part? Yes the Achilles is a strong tendon but for example why not spend 5 seconds in a stretch position for biceps?

  • Those Roombas are wonderful. My daughter rarely brushes her dogs, there was dog hair EVERYWHERE in clumps. Then the Roomba arrived. Her floors look great. I’m buying one this month because I don’t have dogs, but I am a sloppy cook.

  • My dad is a long distance runner (no weighttraining in his regiment). Guy weighs 140 lbs max. Absolutely shredded tib. anterior and calf muscles.

  • How do I cut their nails when they keep biting me or threatening me he barely even lets me brush his fur he is very sensitive even the shop who washes dog couldn’t cut his nails properly

  • I have three long haired cats and my couch sucks up hair too. You can get a lint roller that has a rubber brush on it and it is great to pull hairs out of fibers. There is a sponge you can get that picks it up really well too. They are less than $10 and totally worth it. They pop right up if you Google pet hair sponge:)

  • I’m at university. Sometimes I don’t have alot of time because some days I’ll be fully busy. What I would do is to take a day off on those very busy days. The ‘not so’ busy days I would stick to strength training or a long HIIT/cardio workout. If I have work to do and have no time to exercise, I would just do a quick 5-12 min HIIT workout to schedule it in. Nutrition is pretty difficult for me because it’s hard to find the right food in the area I’m in, or I don’t have enough time because of work. I would just stick to eating less, getting the three meals in, drinking plenty of water, and have small snacks if needed.

  • Perfect. I am doing calves tonight. I tried searching through your content but any advice or videos on tennis elbow or golfer elbow?

  • Great video John! I found consistency, progressive overload and static stretches in between sets has been a money maker for my little baby calves.

  • Maybe bringing in a walker with locking wheels will help you go past failure. Then you can slide your way out of the gym when you can’t walk. ��

  • If you haven’t got this machine and your local gym hasn’t got it either, how can you do like 50kg calf raises at home? i can’t carry that kinda weight steadily yet. cheers!

  • I just recently learned that you need to incorporate a bent legged calf exercise into your training. There’s a muscle that is only activated in that position. I saw good growth using solely straight legged varieties and even more now.

    My gym doesn’t have that machine so I use the Smith machine and 2 separate stacks of 25lb plates to support my feet while I sit on a bench. I use the squat pad to protect my knees but a folded up sweatshirt would keep you safe too.

    Thanks again for all the killer content, appreciate ya!

  • I always disliked my calves, they are so big (not muscular big). Is there anything else other than calves raises to define the calves? How can I make them smaller?

  • Im coming over to Orlando on holiday from Scotland and staying in the Celebration area. Does anyone know of a decent gym in the area???

  • Guinea pigs should not eat seeds and don’t put vitamin c drops in there water because they will think the water taste funny and not drink as much water

  • Nicely done Mr. John. I will point toes inward, straight and outward for calves.Seems to work for me cutting in angles. I’ll also do tibia raising too. Never seen those handles John. I will build some attachable with clamps for the gym bag.

  • I NEED one of those auto vacuums! I just posted in my last video that I am Plagued by dog hair! My dream is to be dog hair free!

  • Watching this video cause we are getting a new dog soon and i want to do things right this time.Unlike 9 years ago( earlier 2 comments from me).

  • Absolutely agree, thanks for sharing those tips. I personally like to get my work outs early morning before kids wake up. However, there are some days I can’t get up as early so I get my work out after work and school at home. I also have motivational words on my bathroom mirror to get me going every day. # we can do it ladies!

  • Amy Jo, you and Athlean-XX are awesome. Great tips. I invested in some awesome equipment a few months ago, including a weighted vest, a sandbag (which unfortunately is in need of some sewing or duct tape, as it finally had a blowout today), a BOSU, and some weights a family member gave me. My sandbag and weighted vest are the best investments I ever made, as I’ve lost two pants sizes in the last six months. The way I keep myself accountable is if I can’t fit in a workout during the day, I do it before bed. I find that I sleep great if I exhaust myself working out before bed.

  • Wish I knew most of it 10 years ago! He passed away at 1 year and 3 months while staying at in-laws at the time being( i did want to bring him back home but husband already occupied all car space with 5 other people besides 2 of us ).Days later we were told he is died( maybe they lied and just gave him away).Mother in-law did give him chicken bones almost daily..

  • I hv a rabbit called tammi and she’s 2.5 years old, I also hv a a cat named smokey and she just turned 1, and I’m getting a border collie soon! He’s a boy and he’s 2 months old!

  • I have 2 poodles Jasper is 2 and a half and Herbert is only 11 weeks we only got him a week ago Jasper is black and Herbert is chocolate brown! There adorable together!

  • I once had a dog, named Grey he’s a Labrador, I had him since i was 7 years old ( 2nd Grade). I was obsessed with him.. I already fall in love with him… But after a few months he died.. It really hurts me so much:'( I missed him very muchh�� It’s been a Few years since he died.. I will never forget him.. NEVER��

  • why not room a at night?? do you have upstairs and downstairs roombas? what about the wet kind for kitchen floors? I’d love that one cuz my animal door is off my kitchen and it always gets muddy lol

  • My dog gets a variety of dry and wet food we leave his dry food out so he can eat it any time as a snack and he has wet food breakfast at 8am and wet food dinner at 6:30pm he is very healthy always gets his excersize at any time as we have a huge backyard and if it’s cold or raining we have a huge bedroom for him to play and get his excersize the vet says he is really healthy.

  • Im 10 and i have 2 dogs one has teeth problems and one is little more chubby and my mom wont let me bathe them because shes worried they will get cold we have the at our big balcony and have a little dog house for them im more worried now i will try to convice mom for me to bathe and groom them

  • Mine get bigger when I do power cleans/ hang cleans! The stretch thing is so true…I love donkey calve raise machines for the stretch and contraction they give

  • Definitely going to give this a try. I do notice the longer the pause, the more the burn when I work calves, so this theory makes a great deal of sense.

  • Don’t needlessly crop your dog’s ears just because you think it looks cool. You’re only adding to the stigma AND causing your pup needless pain and suffering.

  • My stubborn calve insertions are very high, does it mean I have to use higher rep ranges (standing/seated) and lower rest periods compared to guys with genetically big calves?

  • I think some of us have a different gait that actually engages calves constantly. I never train my calves but they’re huge and strong. I’m actually scared to train my calves because they would become disproportionate in no time.

  • Awesome, will put these in place. My calf insertions are so high, I feel I get pain in the tendons before my calves give up. Any suggestions would be gratefully received

  • ROOMBA!!

    We’ve used it nightly for about 7 years. (since they first came out) They have been very good helping with mechanical problems when they came up. (mainly when they first came out they are more reliable now)

    At night it runs about 30 minutes then automatically parks itself and recharges. We only empty it about twice / week.

    We do the tape brushing on couch also.

    The best approach is to find no shed dog Poodle mix-breeds are hard to beat.

  • We have a Golden retriever and the hair shed is ridiculous on him. These tips are great except I have to rake and slick brush him everyday. I also vacuum everyday so getting a rumba may be in our future depending on the area where the dirt is stored…is it quite big? On bad days, I can actually comb out 2 or 3 handfuls at a time so I wouldn’t want something that clogs always. We crate our dog at night and there’s still hair all over the couch…I just vacuum the couch.

  • John help me out! One thing I always wondered is, at the peak contraction on the ball of my foot, should i plantar flex with all the force onto the tip toes? Or should I contract onto the ball of the foot while dorsiflexing the toes slightly? It almost feels like each way contracts the calf differently. Dorsiflexing feels like its hitting “deeper” in the muscle while plantar flex hits the outer muscle more. But idk which is superior ��

  • This would be great if my dog shed hair we have a non shed mini schnauzer Frodo love him to bits but he tore my daughters little outfit off line so yep no treats nothing raging. I took in my whites and I don’t know I didn’t think he’d go all mad cause we left the house. Did u ever have any probs like that when they were younger or should I just take the clothes in lol. I usually give bone if going b away a while just lesson learned I guess. Could u do an update on how living arrangements are going u seem soooo happy

  • Thanks for posting all the videos you do almost everyday. Your truly helping a lot of people with there goals, that can’t afford trainers, but need guidance on various ways of doing weights and exercises. Even if there seasoned in the gym or beginners. You help us all

  • Thanks MD&E!!!

    Today was legday and I also incorporate the stretch as I approach my style of training calfs similar to how I train traps.

    The first rep I try to establish the shortest position by contracting as hard as I can until I feel a cramping sensation and from there I push through the reps (concentric: explosive / eccentric: slowly) until failure, holding each contracted phase 2 seconds to squeeze the damn thing as hard as possible.

    But I also did something different today as I watched your video with Ivana yesterday, you had her doing squatted calf raises.

    I alternated each rep today with a stiff legged raise and then a similar motion as you would feel with the squatted raises, as if the knees would move forward. It felt great.

    As for the hardware I use to do my calf work: the stairs and body weight (105kg).

    Thanks again and I wish you all a fantastic day!!!

    Oh also for any drummers out there: use a double bass pedal and practice the heel toe method. I swear my foundation was made through this when I was 14 until 18, then I stopped. Not because of my calfes though, dental school called ��

  • not sure why I clicked this video, my calves look like theres a bull’s heart stuck inside it and I’ve never even trained them, I have a feeling squating ATG every 5 days has something to do with it

  • i love how you can tell John loves everything about fitness he truly admired that machine at 5:35 haha. great tips though, i was for sure pushing through my pinky toes. just lying in bed i tried flexing through my big toe and feel a MUCH STRONGER contraction, thanks guys

  • Yep, frequency, higher reps around 12 to 18 to failure, pause at bottom on failure rep till you can’t stand it and then some more. Oh, also use equipment that keeps your legs straight or you won’t hit your upper calfs enough

  • This two guys have bigger calves by genetics……please if you guys can make a video with a guy with small calves, and if we see progress then we will trust you!!!!

  • Best results I ever got for calves were doing them on a vertical leg press, an old School bodybuilder from the early 70s and 80s..showed me how to do it, lie down on the vertical leg press as if you were going to do a press but instead of doing a press, put your toes towards the end of the platform and do calf presses

  • My calves are now 20″ the stretch isnt as important for me as the squeeze at the top. Squeeze for 2-3 seconds on standing calf raises seated I actually squeeze for a count of 5 for 20 reps then do another 10 to 20 reps with a one second squeeze. I can promise you do that your calves will grow but your weight has to drop a lot. I learned this when I snapped both Achilles. I was terrified they would break so used light weight but wanted intensity it worked. My calves are better now than before they snapped.

  • I’ve been blessed to have huge legs and calves naturally. Unfortunately, I’ve also been blessed with a huge gut, if I don’t work my a$$ off. LOL. Love the videos man.

  • My tips.

    1. Priority training. Hit the calves first when you’re fresh so they get your best effort.

    2. Increased frequency. Train them 2 minimum, or 3 times a week.

    3. Hold the stretch position and control the negative. He mentions this in the vid but I wouldn’t hold for 5 seconds since rep tempos of more than 8s have been shown to be detrimental to gains. I’d hold at the bottom and top for 2 seconds and also ENSURE to control the negative don’t just let the weight fall.

  • Or you could just get a no shedding dog. Just a thought. I don’t get why people even like dogs that shed. Maybe I’m to neat but it bothers me.

  • I have a cat his. Name is shadow and he is over his car age we used to have a dog named Brownie he was a roadishonrigback he was a mazing he died when he was sleeping he pretcted my mom from her ex he was a garden angle

  • I don’t have any pets right now, but I think this is still worth the investment.  It would for she cut time on me actually having to physically vacuum everyday.  Thanks!

  • I hear many people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan. But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried using this popular lose weight method?

  • I have a golden retriever who sheds nonstop. Brushing him really helps but he hates it! The amount of hair I get out is unbelievable! I vacuum at least once a day but would love a roomba!

  • This is absolutely true. The stretch on the bottom for 5 seconds makes a huge difference. The only thing that has helped my calves. Squeeze at the top for 3. Read this a while ago on T nation. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. This definitely helps.

  • Thank you so much for an other great video. I have a different topic that I would like to discuss. I recently went down with the flu. I had a high fever for many days and it was awful. My question is, how do you start training after being so sick. What would you recommend? I’ve been with no fever for only two days and I feel quite week.
    Greetings from Sweden. /Sandra

  • why haven’t i thought of the brush, oh geez i feel silly. we do vacuum daily, we have to! new to your channel! look forward to more videos:)

  • I let my dog sit on my window when I open it, but I have a bet on the window and when I let her on I make sure she doesn’t scratch it.

  • I dont have access to these machines, so I do standing calf raises on the smith machine with my feet on stacked plates. I up the weight till I fail to squeeze at the top, the descend back to the start. In between each set, I lean on the wall then iso-hold the hell out of my calves. Ive been messing with iso-holds lately with most of my body parts. It gives you that gnarly pump. After I’m done with the standing portion, I do the seated version. I’ve only started doing this a few weeks ago, and despite that I train my calves 2-3 times a week, my calves still get sore. My diet has been consistent after my natty(lol) show, the only variables are rest time and iso holds. I’m incorporating the movements in the video into my calf training. Interested to know your take on isometrics between sets.

  • I also just got a roomba and it really has changed my life. amazing how much stuff it picks up every day too. now i need a dyson for those occasional moments when you need a spot clean:P

  • When a dog jumps on someone, you correct it with a prong collar an or e collar. You don’t just give another command hoping that that fixes the jumping problem. Reinforcing a good behavior does not eliminate a bad behavior. Also shouldn’t train with food if possible. I do like that this video endorses using crates though. Crates will help your dog and your family co exist.

  • The training tips in the voiceover are great for all dogs. The prong and choke chain collars are unnecessary and cruel. The juxtaposition of the audio and video is disturbing and confusing to me. Dogs don’t need expensive supplements to be strong. Regular play and exercise and a high quality diet will keep your furry pal happy and healthy.��