2020 IFPA Pro Yorton Cup Results Doug Miller Wins


Doug Miller Posing Routine Yorton Cup 2014

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Doug Miller Gaspari Classic 2014 Part 1

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2014 IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Figure

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Yorton Cup 2019 Featuring Complete Pro Bodybuilding A, B, and Overall

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Doug Miller (Core Nutritionals) IFPA Yorton Cup 2009 Champion Routine

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Doug Miller Core Nutritionals 2014 IFPA Yorton Cup Routine

Video taken from the channel: Doug Miller


2014 IFPA Yorton Cup Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

Video taken from the channel: Inside Natural Bodybuilding

Coaching Doug Miller had a very successful 2017 season coaching the Rochester Lancers to 6-4-2 record missing the NPSL playoffs by one point. After the season, Doug became the coach of the Rochester RiverDogz with Marc Mandell helping the DogZ. First UCC Doug Miller wins Game 1 on HR.

College Hill Rick Rivera 5-12, Russ Lobb 4-7. WS/Edgeboro at Bethany UCC 3-7, 3-7, 3-1. Bethany Walczer 7-13. Holy Cross at Christ Lutheran 5-2, 4-0, 2-1. Holy Cross Rich Stein 7-13 Lyn Stryker 7-13.

East Hills – BYE. Fan Favorite and Lancers MVP Schindler Returns as a Frenemy. November 29, 2019 Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) Rochester Lancers News Release When he. Bryant & Stratton College today announced that Doug Miller has been named as the first head coach for the new Bryant & Stratton College soccer program in Rochester, New.

Indiana 48th District State House Results: Doug Miller Wins Aug. 1, 2017, 11:25 AM ET. By The New York Times Aug. 1, 2017, 11:25 AM ET.

Candidate Party Votes Pct. Miller * Doug. PEBBLE BEACH, California (June 20, 2006) The two leaders in the 95th California Amateur Championship are the same as after yesterday’s first round, but the positions have switched. Tiger Fitness Inc.

150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801 Email: click here. Didn’t get a chance to cover this event live, but I was very glad to see that two of my buds, Kenny Foster out of BombsquadMMA in NY and Doug Miller out of AMA Fight Club in NJ came away victorious. Kenny’s been looking great in his pro career and I expect big things from him. Doug The Killer Miller was an outstanding amateur and made his pro debut last night, winning in the first round. ROCKINGHAM, N.C. Results of round 1 eliminations in Quick Rod at the 2009 Champion System Sportsman Nationals presented by VP Racing Fuels, Sportsman National at.

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List of related literature:

Buchanan, Adam British 4-goal player; winner of the Cowdray Park Gold Cup with Tramontana in 1991; also, the Harrison, Smith Ryland and Cowdray Park Challenge Cups.

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Belview had won its only district title ever the previous year, but in 1957, Hagen’s team was upset by Gibbon in the second round, 43-41.

“Minnesota Hoops: Basketball in the North Star State” by Marc Hugunin, Stew Thornley
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In Game 30, Wiegand downs Edley by 84 points, while Brian beats Jim Kramer, the proofreader from Minnesota, who also has twenty wins.

“Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble Players” by Stefan Fatsis
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The players who went on to finish 1-2-3 in the tournament—Bruce Lietzke, Robert Gamez, and Phil Mickelson, in that order—blistered the TPC at Summerlin with scores of 65, 64, 63, respectively.

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Tarlow won the Santa Margarita Invitational Handicap and La Canada Stakes.

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At year’s end, South Africa’s Shaun Tomson won both the IPS and Beachcomber Bills titles.

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Bob Goalby finished tied with DeVicenzo’s actual score, but because of the error, Goalby won the Masters by one shot.

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Etterbeek was nearly unstoppable in 1978, becoming the 11th Michigan netter to win a Big Ten singles crown and pairing up with Matt Horwitch to earn his third straight Conference doubles title.

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Lebed defeated Zubov in the second round of elections, held on 17 May, with 57.3% of the votes cast.

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Clearly­written strategiesand powerful advicefrom Cloutier and McEvoy whohave won four World Series ofPoker Omaha titles.

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  • Thanks for the info you share about judging. It must be so hard now-a-days, with so many amazing bodies out there. I’ve often wondered what exactly the judges look. And there’s been times that I’m surprised by who they choose, as well, compared to how I look at their physiques.

  • great physique…terrible routine…dude you need to hit and hold poses, transition properlythis was all over the place….and use the music with your routine…this was like a bag of mixed lollies…or a box of chocolates…

  • Not a huge fan of Doug Miller’s back. A little too wide in the waist, and I think Marshall beats him there, but everything else he’s easily the best. Side poses are sick.

  • Was game over when he hit the side tri & back double bi, the reactions from the crowd were priceless, shocked & amazed.
    Doug’s physique is simply on another level, thanks for posting!

  • There is no way this is natural.. c’mon. I’ve been training for about 33 years. There is a noticeable difference when I was on and off.

  • What a legendary physique only back needs improvement….rest is just Godlike….. Love u man….posing was nice need to be lil slow…but was great…… Loved your physique and the wheels are incredibly good….��������

  • your body can’t hold that much muscle at a single digit bodyfat % naturally. The people with the best genetics couldn’t go over 25 BMI and even some of them were suspected steroid users……….. Its actually pretty obvious if you know the basics of  human physiology

  • He hits every mark in the music as he poses…love the posers makes him look almost nude…which is great…especially in side and rear poses…

  • To people who think he’s natty, he’s the same height as Frank the chemist Zane has ten to twelve more lbs than Zane at his heaviest competition weight, and he’s leaner than Zane ever was. He’s not natty! Two inches shorter than Serge nubret and 5 lbs lets get real!

  • @njheavyweight Well to respond to your first post, I think that if you know that the drug test is coming (that is to say it is soon after you competed) than it SHOULD in theory be easy to pass (I mean no disrespect). But you make a good point, people will look up to these individuals and continue to improve; and to me that is far more beneficial than revealing someone who claims to be all natural is not.

  • When people talk about Doug Miller being natural it gives me the same weird feeling I get when I hear all the stuff the North Koreans believe about Kim Jong…like that he is a mind-reader who invented the hamburger. 

  • you know your the man when the bodybuilding competition your in has you as one of their posters in the background!!! awesome work man.

  • don’t understand why he puts himself off as natural. he looks great and has insane genetics but no one can naturally achieve that kind of muscular size while being shredded. the body doesn’t work that way. it has to be manipulated with drugs to avoid muscle catabolism while dieting

  • Thanks Doug Miller. I’ve loved bodybuilding for some time now. It is deeply personal to me, even spiritual. But I’ve gotten lost in the mediocrity of the average lifter. I see now that my love for transforming my physique was never about iron or muscle, but was really about dedication, intention and intelligence applied to a goal of passion. I never intend to take any anabolics and have created a nice physique myself, although I was doubtful of further progress. But i enjoy a challenge.
    You’ve shown where this can lead. Thanks again.

  • Natural or not, he puts in the work and knows how to get a solid physique most can only wish for. Congrats Doug, hope to meet you someday at an event.

  • Great physique, but his posing routine could be a lot smoother. Hold your poses longer man, it’s a bodybuilding contest, not a fire drill.

  • I always loved the passion of this bodybuilder.his physique here is one of the greatest.psalm 139 on beautiful masculine God fearing display.doug Miller Jesus Christ loves your eternal soul.

  • Dude just screams roids… too dry, too full, too hard, BUT, insanely impressive physique no doubt about that! Mirin physique hard, a physique of god like quality for sure

  • What colour is he using?   I have an oak cabinet I’m restoring that needs a few coats.. looks just about the perfect shade I’m looking for.

  • Your shredded physique will definitely stand out against the NPC competitors in the Jay Cutler Classic! You look phenomenal, but most of your striated conditioning is lost under the stage lights. Be sure and get some video under regular lighting while you’re in contest shape.

  • mike o`tren is my fav natty bodybuilder although drug miller ain`t bad either. 

    but we all know rich piano is the pinnacle of natty bodybuilding.

  • There’s no shame in taking PED’s, just legal ramifications and potential sponsorship loss I get that. But don’t steer young kids wrong thinking they can end up looking like you if they train hard enough and take creatine.

  • So what when they are Not Natural? So what? Jeez let the People live there life.
    It’s sad when People are arguing and crying because someone is Not Natural
    I mean it’s Not your Body

  • @njheavyweight Lol yeah I think it’s hilarious when people believe he is all natural. Now don’t get me wrong he looks fucking great, but he is deceiving thousands of people and giving them false hope (then again he isn’t the only one so…). Anyone who knows a drug test is coming can pass it. And the way I see it if you can pass one polygraph test you can pass them all.

  • On the other hand Paul you look amazing and represent the natural movement very well. Keep up the great work and keep posting natural stuff because I think there is a movement in this country to learn and follow athletes that have the bodies that are attainable through hard work and good nutrition.

  • stupidity of man kind is just unlimited! I never saw more fake business like this crap, living a lie for money? biggest who*es there!

  • I must admit I’m jealous, Doug must have genetics of herculean decent. I’ve been working out for 13 years and I’m nowhere near this level and may never be but I’ll keep aiming high. I love the core pump btw

  • It does not matter how many supplements this guy is taking or how small he is, he is still taking Hormons, just as most of his opponents. Competing in natural competition doesn’t mean being natural!

  • Great video, and looking forward to second part. The clip of Doug backstage really shows off his conditioning a lot better than under the glare of stage lighting.