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20 Non-Scale Resolutions We Love 1. Never Too Late! 2. A Kayak as Incentive Special K wants to fuel your resolutions in 2018 and beyond. Never hesitate about giving your 3. First Marathon in 2018 4. You Had Us at “Value Myself” 5. Saddle Up That Horse 6. Lots of Racing on Tap for Cathy 7. Food. Every new year, it’s the same story.

We draw up a mental list of resolutions to make—and keep!—for the next 12 months. Losing weight and getting in. Changes are best made one at a time, so when there are 100 resolutions we want to make for the next year, it’s best to choose and work on just one. Which you choose is.

20 Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier and Happier 2020, According to Experts We’re not suggesting you weigh every ounce, 20. Here is a list of resolutions every 20-somethings should embrace in the New Year for the new beginning. I’ll get into shape.

This is the first thing that crosses our mind when we think of New Year resolution. Mid -20’s is the great time to cut off some calories or get into a perfect shape. Love ’em, hate ’em, try ’em, deny ’em—whatever your relationship is with New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a good chance you have an opinion about them. Since losing weight is statistically the #1 most popular resolution in America, we here at Eat This, Not That! are more than happy to help people achieve the slim-down ambitions that a fresh.

We all live busy lives, juggling 400 things at once, but make time for the ones you love. The experiences I create with my loved ones are the memories I’ll bring to my grave. Loved ones can look like your family, friends, pets, neighbors, teachers, and so on, but despite who you consider your family, we all agree how important they are. As the New Year approaches, we all start thinking about the lives we wish we had.

Thinking about things we’d like to change and the steps we’d like to take towards living our best life. Your first step to making 2020 your best year yet, is to choose the right New Year’s Resolution. United Nations resolutions are formal expressions of the opinion or will of United Nations organs. They generally consist of two clearly defined sections: a preamble and an operative part. The.

20/20 vision only specifies that the lens of your eye does not deviate from the human average by an effective ammount. As for the resolution of the human retina, that can vary.

List of related literature:

This month’s strong resolution becomes next month’s malaise, unless we keep renewing the resolution, reinventing it, refocusing ourselves on it.

“Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
from Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds True, 2011

The resolutions are usually great goals, but we lack the willpower to keep them.

“A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions” by BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
from A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions
by BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
BroadStreet Publishing, 2017

The resolutions should not be introduced individually or selectively.

“Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac” by P. Kenneth Seidelmann, United States Naval Observatory. Nautical Almanac Office, Great Britain. Nautical Almanac Office
from Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
by P. Kenneth Seidelmann, United States Naval Observatory. Nautical Almanac Office, Great Britain. Nautical Almanac Office
University Science Books, 2006

Potential for achieving resolutions as high as 1200 dots per inch has been suggested.

“Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” by James A. Schwarz, Cristian I. Contescu, Karol Putyera
from Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
by James A. Schwarz, Cristian I. Contescu, Karol Putyera
M. Dekker, 2004

I determined to make no resolutions until the expiration of those three months, but to try.

“David Copperfield: eBook Edition” by Charles Dickens, Hablot K. Browne
from David Copperfield: eBook Edition
by Charles Dickens, Hablot K. Browne
Jazzybee Verlag, 2014

In order to conserve the time of this committee, I ask permission to file these resolutions.

“Post-war Economic Policy and Planning: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Redevelopment of the Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning, United States Senate, Seventy-eighth Congress, First Session-[Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session] Pursuant to S. Res. 102, (78th Cong.), a Resolution Creating a Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning” by United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee on Post-War Economic Policy and Planning
from Post-war Economic Policy and Planning: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Redevelopment of the Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning, United States Senate, Seventy-eighth Congress, First Session-[Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session] Pursuant to S. Res. 102, (78th Cong.), a Resolution Creating a Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning
by United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee on Post-War Economic Policy and Planning
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943

While these resolutions are meant to be good and well-intentioned solutions, unfortunately they are built on a flawed foundation of more effort, willpower, and goal setting.

“One Word that will Change Your Life” by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
from One Word that will Change Your Life
by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
Wiley, 2012

685 Resolutions and Recommendations Adopted.

“Middle East Record Volume 1, 1960” by Yitzhak Oron
from Middle East Record Volume 1, 1960
by Yitzhak Oron
Published for The Israel Oriental Society, The Reuven Shiloah Research Center by George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited, 1960

Such short­term resolutions also promise a final resolution as well.

“The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Film Style and Mode of Production to 1960” by David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson
from The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Film Style and Mode of Production to 1960
by David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson
Taylor & Francis, 2003

There are more than 2000 of these resolutions now in effect.

“Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper
from Behold a Pale Horse
by William Cooper
Light Technology Pub., 1991

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • As soon as I applied these settings and restarted my pc my cpu temp went up by about 5 degrees c and my gpu went up by 10-15 c without anything running. Also nzxt cam starting doing this weird glitch when I would move my mouse around

  • The year is 2020. There is still no way to tell Microsoft Word that 100% zoom means 100% zoom. This doesn’t even have anything at all to do with UI or bitmapped assets! Literally the only thing they have to do to fix it is a little multiplication and division. Pathetic.

  • yes display scaling is mostly superior in visual quality. but I would also check monitors specs/tests if the pixel response is as fast as with default resolution. otherwise gpu scaled would be better/faster, but blurrier

  • instead of trolling the guy and making memes from him for speaking so fast, can someone tell me if the settings fixed stuttering and lag?

  • When i put it on 1080P everything looks so blurry and the colors are off. When i revert it back to 1366×768 it’s fine and normal.
    W E I R D.

  • It took a lot of hours to fix the problems because it wouldnt let me switch from gpu scaling but the last method that KazjerD showed worked thank you so much for this video subbed and liked

  • I have been watching this and I just realised I did not subscribe earlier and I feel like I am weeked but I just pressed the button please give me a shout out ❤from Kenya ���� Africa

  • On adjust Desktop Size and Position…what would be the reaon why i am unable to select any of the options provided? that is the only thing that didn’t/doesn’t line-up with my pc and your video…i am on a 1070 GTX

  • if your still doing these you should do zoom as one because just about everyone who has a life has zoom right now

    (no offence if this was offensive)

  • hey Chris, I dont know if it only happens to me, but if I turn off my monitor via button, or if it turns off after a while(my preference) I can feel a huge input lag, and because of that I need to unplug the power cable. I can also feel input lag after turning my computer on, but it happens rarely. And the input lag is very very huge.it feels like a 50 ms input lag, i guess because the crosshair starts floating. my monitor is zowie xl2411p.
    So maybe if you also feel input lag, try to unplug the power cable

  • yo bro i been here for a while and i almost did all your video you helped me alot my pc much more good but can u like tell me what this video about do i need to do it or not?:)

  • damn… Since about two years I mostly make models for games (modding) and almost forgot how is to work with subdivision modifier. My workflow rn is TOTALLY different. Honestly those “blades in my workflow will have literally 26-28 tris. I just forgot how fun was modelling with subdivisions\

  • I managed to make it working once, i tried to do the same things that i did before but i cant make it working now, i tried all the possible steps. The only time i made it working nvidia even allowed me to set display scailing on native res (unbelivable), now i can make it display scailing but im 100% that the gpu do something anyways as i see everything very bad with huge input lag. These tricks are bugged pretty much as win + nvidia make an hell but it s worth a try. If you can make a new detailed and short tutorial it would be awsome

    I knew already about native vs gpu scaled and there is a huge difference between the two

  • this could have been a 2minute scripted and nicely cut info video instead of this hour long random rant with barely any substance (Love you im just saying it would probably help with more views too. Most ppl just want the advice and how to + super brief explanation of why and how and what real fast)

  • Whenever I do this it makes multiple 1750×1080 in different hertz main one is 144hz but then there’s 120hz 119hz 100hz and it always uses the 120 hz one when I try to play and I get black bars

  • Sadly I must have one of the shitty Asus VP228QG Gaming monitors. This a cautionary case for anyone trying this. I ran into a weird problem, before I could even see if my display has the scaler. I created a custom 1280×720 resolution in CRU as you showed, and as soon as I hit restart64.exe, my monitor went out of range and didn’t recover, in any kind of mode, not even in POST or Windows Safe Mode. Good thing I had my TV connected via HDMI, but even IT, for some bizarre reason, stopped working in the regular Windows mode. Navigating with Windows + P didn’t enable my TV either. It would only work in POST and, as I later found out, in Windows Safe mode. So I had to force myself into Safe Mode, thinking I’ll just delete the custom resolution, restart my PC my primary display will work again, but nope. Only after a clean reinstall of the GPU driver, my monitor finally lit up.

    I did try this again with a different resolution, and the same thing happened all over again. Very time consuming to recover, so I didn’t try different settings again. What’s weird is that creating custom resolutions through NVIDIA control panel works just fine. I don’t know what’s up with the CRU app that it messes the driver/monitor/both so much, that I can barely recover. Any ideas? Or I shouldn’t even bother with this monitor?

  • Hey FR33THY, I did all your steps from a-z series and I can’t run minecraft now…
    I know you said something about it in a video but I don’t know which. Can you tell me how can I fix it?
    Also can you please make a csgo optimization? I think there is a lot of room for some tweaks….
    Thx for everything you do,
    You absolutely shit over any other optimize channel:D

  • the rest of timing in custom resolution nvidia gtf,dmt,ctv what is? and why in automatic i have 538.7498mhz vs ctv 809.2385 in pixel clock? o.o

  • I recently bought ASUS TUF i5 9300H, 1tb Hdd with 256SSD, 8gb ram and gtx 1650. When I play games on high ultra settings, if charger is plugged in then I’ll get above 50 60fps but if I play on battery it starts lagging. Can anyone tell me the solution or is it normal. Also what can I do to play with at least 30 40 fps on battery. Please help.

  • Hey Fr33thy, I followed your steps in final a-z video with ntlite. So I’ve just installed 1709 with your tweaks and I cant connect to the internet, my provider is using dial-up method and when Im trying to create new connection it shows error 1060 service not installed (I cant launch netlogon and netsetupsvc manually cause it stops after I launch it and changes from Automatic to Manual. Can you please give me some advise how to deal with it?

  • thanks for fucking up my PC, i had to format it and reinstall windows completely anew, 99% of your fixes are utter bullshit and not even u know what the fuck are you doing, disabling things that are needed for normal functioning PC, i have benchmarked my PC before and after doing your fixes, SAME PERFORMANCE, literally 100% identical, but my pc had other issues after i applied your fixes, u should stop making your bullshit videos and fuck up ppl PCs

  • win +r > regedit > hkey_current_user > control panel > dekstop > win8dpiscaling edit to 1 > add LogPixels dword 32bit > edit to 78

  • REAL DISPLAY SCALING The Life Changing Tweak W/KazjerD

    Force Display Scaling v2

  • she is so excited about the fact that we have 2020.. I mean.. but when I thinking back to the beginning of this year I never could even imagine what a mess 2020 will be!!!!

  • Can someone help me, I cant do shit, I start the pc and a few seconds later it just go black, I tried turning off and on but it was a different blue screen

  • Forget about external monitors, i tired couple of high end windows laptops with 4k display, lot of 3rd party apps look ugly. Fine, they are not developed by Microsoft. But there are plenty of places in windows, they look blurry too (device manager, event manager, etc). i was so frustrated. i even went to microsoft store and checked their surface laptops. they have the same problem too. and i finally gave up. Despite you spend lot of money on windows laptops, their quality sucks (display is just one of the reasons). i moved to mac then. it is been 5 years, i have no reason to look back. i am not a windows hater or mac lover. but i am expecting the quality for what i am paying for. that is it.

  • I tried getting 720p to scale on my display but I can only get it to work at 60Hz. If I try 144Hz it goes back to GPU scaling.
    (BenQ XL2411)

  • Scaling is not as simple problem to solve. It is fairly easy to do 19:6 1080p and assume everything is that. But it is harder to make it work from 800×600 to 8k and all the aspect ratios in between. Mobile developers are in the worst pinch, at least in PC the display itself is sufficiently large to at least adapt to some scale while being usable but with small screen, you don’t have that luxury. And of course, there are NO standards. The resolutions we have, apart from HD standards, are just whatever the display manufacturer thought would work. It will never work perfectly and the best choice is still to only use same pixel density displays together. By far the best is to use identical displays and it will be so 20 years from now.

  • man everything bugs out and nothing works. This was a long video with lots of information but no useful and easy to understand steps for which none of this works for me.

  • i have a viewsonic xg2401…. inforamtion osd says its 720p and in windows say its 720p… i think it worked…the latency diference in modern warfare its fuucking insane… im rocking an i7 4790k at 4,5ghz, and a radeon rx570…loked at 144 frames… gonna unluckedd to 200frames see if i can get there

  • thank you on my laptop

    i3-4010u 1.70GHZ
    8GB RAM 1600MHZ
    GTX 740m
    ASUS X550L series its work on CEMU 1.20 emulator from 44fps to 60fps now so verry smooth <3 <3

  • Can someone plz help me I did this and got a black screen idk how to get back to normal I have tried to boot but idk how to go to safe mode or recovery mode on a gigabyte motherboard because all of them haven’t worked

  • For example If i play 1920x1080p 144 hz (native) should i switch something with CRU or just let my windows resolution settings by default
    sorry i´m learning english and i don´t know how to explain it correctly

  • @Fr33thy
    Can you comment on this thread?
    In Particular, this part: “Using an older Windows 10 versions helps to improve the OS performance because 3,5 MHZ vs 10 Mhz QPC timer?”
    It seems like it was directed at you. Dated March 10, 2020

  • My Win 10 150% recommended scaling on 32 inch Full HD TV! What can be a problem? Have gtx 1070 on hdmi 1.4 and also tried on 2.0, latest driver, but on scaling not 100% recommended!!!

  • Which build of W10 you would suggest to use? I was thinking of LTSB 1607 but I won’t be able to install drivers for my 1660S. 1709 or 1809? I dont care about additional features or Raytracing. My cpu is R5 1600af btw. Thank you

  • I found that a lot of programs appear quite blurry with scaling under Win 10, but were fine under Win 7.

    I found this application to be useful and fixed the issue for me: http://windows10-dpi-fix.xpexplorer.com/

    It is not my website

  • whenever i change my scaling settings in nvidia control panel and press ‘apply’ it changes back to aspect ratio and GPU scaling. PLS HELP

  • from what i understand desktop resolution dont have to be same as game resolution? just game resulution for ex 1280×960 should be custom made and appears in windows as active resolution same as in the monitor benq sinfo settings?

  • I domt get the option for display in my nvidia control panel. Can I not do this then? I’m a pro fortnite player and it’s hard enough living in florida. This could help me alot. My twitter is @john_doeFN or comment back plz

  • Hi there,

    I can make the rule in CRU and then press OK, then restart 64. But when I try to implement it in the Generic PnP I’m prompted with “you don’t have the admin to perform this…” Nvidia 2070 super and 240 hz BenQ. Has this happened to anyone here?

  • The Office applications work great with changing dpi scaling on the fly nowdays so maybe Mictosoft isnt so bad after all. Maybe it sounds easy easy for Linus but personally I think changing dpi scaling on the fly while dragging an application over from one screen to another sounds like a coding nightmare so maybe a little credit to Ms is due. And were not talking about an application scaling over to the other screens dpi settings once it has been fully moved over to to other screen. Its literally pixel by pixel on the fly change of dpi of the running application
    As it is being draged over from one screen to the other so while half the application is over on one screen that
    has 100 dpi, that portion of the app is being rendered with 100 dpi, while the other portion of the app is being renderd with that screens dpi settings. Easy to code? Yeah sure.. I know alot people think Microsoft just suuxx and their aawful but really, how many other OS’s with Windows range of options and flexibilty have these DPI capabilities? Does Mac OS even support moving one app started on a screen with 1 DPI scale setting to be moved over to another screen with different dpi settings without crashing or looking blurry and weird? Ive heard some user say Mac OS doesnt even have settings for DPI scaling. Sorry, but im getting a little tired of peoples neverending Microsoft bashing. How about giving Microsoft a little credit for once?

  • why is it that sometimes after a while windows just switches from 150% to 125% and lies in the settings about still being 150% so i have to set it to 125 then back to 150 and then log out and back in? how and why?

  • Hey so I’m on a amd graphics card and when I try to go to advanced display settings and try to apply the resolution I want (1722×1070) my screen goes to a gray static screen and then goes back to 1920×1080. I need help this is so annoying

  • I have a question.. I play 1722×1070 on fortnite but when i play valorant i have black bars on top and on bottom.. I dont know if i should play native on valorant but if i do i play on 60 hz not on 75

  • i have done everything that you have said but i dont get black bars when i am on the desktop but as soon as i load up my fortnite i get black bars what can i do?

  • Please someone help I tried to switch res but I didn’t get black bars they were sort of bars with intensified colours on my Windows lock screen. I can’t move my mouse or use space bar to log in. It was as if it was frozen. I tried to enter safe mode through my BIOS turns out ASrock BIOS can’t be used to access safe mode. I can’t do what he said. I have tried to restart as he shows multiple times however it still does not seem to give me access to safe mode. DM me on Instagram @unlantic or on Discord @unlantic #1246 PLEASE HELP ME

  • Pls help when i go to configure surround,physx and i go to physx settings and i put my gpu (gtx 1050) its unlock a square dedicate to physx i need to click that? PS; i am on an laptop y530

  • it feeks like i’m on 60 hz now when i’m on fullscreen in fortnite but when i’m on windowed fullscreen it’s just normal, how do i fix that?

  • Hey I can’t do anything my pc won’t go in safe mode and I am stuck on black screen for the past day I did everything tried it off like 5 times changed the cable tired cleaning it contacted Microsoft did everything in my power Jonined you discord and asked for help I even switched to hdmi and still didn’t work like pls help me I just got my new pc and motion it is 17 1660 super and a predator monitor like help

  • Actually, using the default system font (Segoe UI) fixed my blur issue. 125% scaling looking clearer than my 1080p monitor with 100% scaling ��

  • I am on a brand new, 3 days old Surface Pro 7. I traded in the first surface pro 7 because I was told the issues I had with it indicated that it was a lemon. This surface pro 7 worked OK for about an hour. Then froze, required update & restart, & then font went from almost as good as on other computers to blurry light gray font on a blurry mottled, with mottles moving, lighter gray background. Font sizes were often too small to read comfortably in addition to being faint. I tried clear type, increased magnification from recommended 200 to 225, went into advanced preferences & slightly increased font size, which made some icons & fonts larger, not clearer. Meanwhile I saw an article saying that some updates have been problematic & reading that I should update to windows 2004, which aparantly is one version more current than what I have on my surface pro 7. I also read that thee surface pro 7 uses PWM, but only below a 25% brightness. I get eye strain after 10 minutes of trying to read. I purchased this as my only computer. Is there a way to use Word & Excel with speed & precisions, & do research online & read on it, 60 productive hours a week without getting migraines & eye strain? Aparantly this has been a surface pro issue since at least surface pro 3. What budget light laptop with a touch scree should I get instead if the Surface Pro 7 can’t be improved? Until a month ago I wason a 13.3″ Dell inspiron with zero screen problems. it was 2 years old & died. But the screen clarity was never an issue. Would rather keep the surface pro 7 if I can. but not at the price of eyes, health & productivity. Any ideas? THANKS:)

  • If you all want better minecraft textures then the terrible upscaled stuff you get on google images, it’s simple. Go to the wiki of whatever version you want the texture from. Download the client. Change the file extension from.jar to.zip (or whatever file format you can unpack). Then boom, you got a.zip containing all the textures from that version. Do make sure you use closest texture filtering in blender or you will get a blurry mess.

  • everything is working in the desktop but when i load fortnite there is two black bars on each side, edit: changing the scaling to full-screen and having display override on fixed it.

  • Fortnite is capped at 116 fps in fullscreen but when i change it to windowed fullscreen then it caps it at my usual 138 fps ( i play with gsync + vsync ON thats why).

  • hey fr33thy. ive come from a channel called itsjerian. i did his method on how to get stretched res and it worked perfectly for 2 days until when i turned it on one day i loaded up fortnite and had black bars once it loaded up. Ive retried multiple times but i havent had much luck. ive managed to get it to fullscreen when i applied fullscreen in the nvidea control panel however when i go to tab out it takes around 5 seconds to go to my other application (shows black screen for 5 secs) and im not satisfyed with it. Can you give me any suggestions to try out. Like the no scaling option worked perfectly for 2 days and then it just stopped which leads me to believe its the game and not my monitor since it did work. hopefully youll see this. if so thank you for your time

  • whenever i change ANY ingame settings it gives me black bars and 16:9 resolution. it was working fine yesterday but when i loaded up fortnite today it started. anyone know how to fix.

  • I have an ASUS VG249MQ and after a lot of configuring and tinkering I got Advanced Display Settings to show active signal resolution with 1280×1024 @240hz, but as soon as I start CSGO it goes back to 1920×1080 144hz.

    Any ideas?

  • Two questions:
    1. Do you have suggestions on what settings to use for a non-gamer who is doing a lot of encoding and decoding?

    2. For some reason I cannot change the Screen Size and Position settings. When I try to change to GPU scaling and hit apply, the window gets all screwy and items disappear. Then when i try to go to another section in the control panel, it tells me i have unsaved settings. I can’t seem to save these settings. Any idea what’s going on here? GPU is 2060KO.

  • Hi, I followed all your Vids. Can you please make a new Video how to do this? Its really really hard to follow, because english is not my Nativ Language.

  • Running Windows 10 on a 5k display presents the following options.
    1) 1920 x 1080 with a 100% scale and layout blurry text, everything else is perfect
    2) 5120 x 2880 with a 300% scale and layout sharp text, programs randomly crashing, lag, windows displaying wrong, screen prints messed up, old programs not working quite right with a slightly messed up display.

  • For better colors.
    Try this:
    1. Open Nvidia control panel.
    2. Go to adjust desktop color settings.
    3. Adjust “digital vibrance” to 80%

  • Just discovered your channel from YouTube recommendations! Will definitely check out more of your content. Great uplifting video ��✌��

  • theses always look great, but i always wonder if they actually taste good with the piping gel and fondant. Like how cake boss made pretty cakes but it was mostly rice crispies and fondant

  • I just tried making a custom resolution in nvidia cp without using the software showed in the video, a res I use in csgo mainly, 1280×960 and it shows in advanced display settings as an active signal resolution. I’ve tested the res in csgo and it was outstanding. My monitor is an LG 24GM77b 144hz.

  • Man, Windows is so lucky Apple doesn’t make it even a little easy to install MacOS on your own. There’d literally be no reason to run Windows daily.

  • 1st thing I want to say is when I am opening an app then my screen just adjusted as scaling changes like 680×480
    And How I am going to fix this problem all-day

  • Anyone know if scaling looks bad in programs on a 1440p monitor? (Would I need to scale on a 1440p?) Bought a 27 inch 4K monitor and just came across this Scaling issue. Did a bunch of things to try and rectify it, and was SOL, as every program was blurry.. even after “Fixes”. Wondering if getting 1440p if I would have the same issues with scaling?

  • i dont get a balck screen when i press restart 64 i only get it when i actually change to the resolution after in the display settings any help???

  • I have black bars everywhere and don’t even see the full screen, so basically somethings are hidden behind the black bars. I can’t change thr monitor aspect ratio. But it says 1722×1070

  • Another issue in Windows is that 200% isn’t dubling the height and width. Logically at 100% 1080p, an item should be the same size as 200% 2160p, but not in Windows. Somehow it is slightly off.

  • It would be solved if we moved away from physical pixels to software pixels, like how Android does. But this would reuiqre all software to adapt. Second is for Windows to handle all scaling, and not rely on each software to do it, like how Android does it. The same should be done with colour calibration; it should be applied on the display image as the last step, and software like Adobe should ignore it, and it should not be embedded into the file. The colour calibration is only for your display, not part of the file you’re working on. Your colour calibration should not be shown for me, I should have mine.

    So Windows has to fix both of these issues.

  • Use Disk Management to remove the drive letter of what is usually a partition that should be hidden. The drive partition and drive letter will not show up in explorer again. There is no need to use CMD whatsoever and only complicates a very simple solution.

  • I happened to get this video and see all the buzz about it being “2020” and I was like “wow! Who would’ve known in 3 short months the world will shut down for a pandemic?!!!!”
    But nice to see how we all felt at the start of the year!!

    Also amazing Avocado this was one of your best work in my opinion ����

  • Hey, I have 2 Monitors and in the device manager it’s showing me also two. But I can’t see which is the monitor I screwed up my res!

  • in 2020, scaling is still crap all over the place, just recently joined the club of mismatch screens. to make my 4k panel looks great will make my existing 4-year-old (once was) high end 1080p screen look absolute garbage

  • I absolutely love New year’s resolutions! I’m also a big fan of the whole “new year, new me” thing. Sure, in the end NYE is just another arbitrary date, but I like the thought of so many people making wishes and plans at the (more or less) same time. It’s very magical girl anime-esqe, when you think about it that way (including sky sparkles!). Have a lovely transition into 2020!

  • I fucking lost it at “make sure to delete the default cube vertex-by-god-forsaken-vertex…and then go back into object mode and add in a cube” xD

  • The long journey to understand each other, in this case, your pc as a partner. Yes it can be tedious even throwing that dollars for the best pc parts, best gaming gear, & best technician wont solve the problem. But trust me, once all of this is done, you will achieve the greatest satisfaction.

  • It’s really cheesy but I like using the last week of the year to look back at the year and thank my family and friends for all the love and support they’ve given me.
    I’ve been on board with making new years resolutions and sticking to them for the last 10 years or so.
    Before that I used to say that new years resolutions were silly.
    I think I was just parroting what people my age were saying about new years resolutions back then.

    I was just talking with my mother about the idea of some self sufficiency course (about fixing things in the home).
    I’ve been living on my own for 15 years but I feel hesitant to fix things on my own because I’m scared I’ll do it wrong (and worst case scenario electrocute myself).
    I’ve been saying “I’m just not a very technical person” for years but that’s probably not true because I know how to fix minor problems of a sewing machine and I’m good with my hands otherwise (when I’m not fixing electronic devices).

    As for the rest health is definitely on the list, and so is moving house, sewing more and being more active in the local egl community.
    All chopped into little specific practical bits of course.

  • You do such a good Job at getting right to the Point. You just saved me from having to by a Higher resolution Monitor. When I open Microsoft word it was gigantic on my lower resolution Monitor after building this new system. I solved it by going to View on the Top Menu Bar and Clicked on Zoom and adjusted it to my Liking. Thank you.

  • As a developer I can say with experience I have spent hours and wrote pages of code just to make my app display correctly on different size screens

  • I had to change back to quality in the settings I can’t stand the jagged edges I guess I’ll just deal with 150fps I just wanted to see how much I keep get while at high settings so 100 to 150 is fine if I’m destiny 2

  • I have a Acer Predator XB241H…Didn`t work.Have i do that or is there an other option to run at on 1440 1080 native (Avtive resolution doesn`t change using your method on Display!?

  • I was able to get my computer to work by going into the Nvidia control panel and then opening up the “display” tab and going to “Adjust desktop size and position”, as well as “Set up multiple displays” tab.

  • Mate you have win ver 1709? send me link i have a 1809 version sitting here never updating i need the older ones they work real good.

  • App development frameworks like WPF from Microsoft that can render the content properly are available to use for 14 years now. It’s programmers, who are lazy to move on from pixels to vector-based measures. That’s why only SOME apps scale poorly.

  • I really, REALLY do not understand why people think they need 4k on a screen that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s literally impossible to tell the difference when you’re looking at a screen that small. But hey, to each their own I guess, if you want to blow ludicrous amounts of money on high DPI screens that don’t even work right because the OS just can’t handle it properly. Meanwhile I’ll stick to 1080p, thanks. My displays look absolutely perfect and they only cost me $120 and I use far less computing power, my computer runs a lot quieter and cooler, and my hardware will last a lot longer without having to overclock and stress the hardware, and I can play modern games on a far cheaper system than other people. And meanwhile, my visuals and their visuals are…. not that much different, as there’s something called Diminishing Returns. Going from 720p to 1080p is a giant leap. Going from 1080p to 4k? Not so much unless you have a large 30+ inch display. Same for FPS. 30 to 60FPS is a huge leap in quality. Going from 60 to 120 is ‘eh’. It’s ok. Going from 120 to 144 isn’t noticeable whatsoever, and is a placebo effect. But yet the amount of computing power required to take each of these steps vastly increases. tl;dr: Spending more computing power to get less benefits sounds like a bad deal.

  • Are you tired of windows 10 or looking for an alternative to win 7, Try this Linux 22 version mega pack and you’ll be sure to find a system you like or more https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114102663059 Available here only, Fully functional USB. + Can run windows applications

  • Thankfully there’s a super quick and easy solution to this…

    1. Right click on desktop.
    2. Click on Screen resolution.
    3. Drag the slider down from whatever crazy high number the resolution is currently at (usually recommended) to a lower number, like 1600×900, 1366×768, 1280×1024, 1152×864 or how about good old 1024×768.
    4. Change scaling to 100%.
    5. Click apply and click OK.

    There, problem solved. Thank me later.:)

  • I found it on the comment section of this website https://wpvkp.com/fix-blurry-text-windows-10/#comment-1097
    It was written by John. He said:
    “I found a permanent way. Open display settings and enter the current scaling factor, but manually. In my case, the current one is 125%, so I entered 125 as custom scaling. After signing out and in again the blurriness was removed from all apps without their size reducing (as in the compatibility fix). No need for an extra tool. I am running Windows 10 May 2019 update on a 15\” screen 1920×1080 resolution laptop.”
    It completely worked for me. My notebook is msi prestige 15.

  • Asus vg258qr last method vith cru works. Just must be disabled freesync in monitor OSD otherwise screen becomes dimm and dark.
    Gr8 video btw! ��

  • What do u do after making alll the cakes?? Will eat, throw or give it to someone, it’s impossible to eat cuz u will get bored”����❤️

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t actually have blurry Windows? Like I have FullHD laptop, which has higher density screen, so native (or rather recommended) screen scale offered by Windows is 125% And I am not changing it to 100%, because the graphics would go too small. I have that issue with Windows 98 inside virtual machine, but I just get over it, as first of all I do not use it frequently and second of all it doesn’t quite support screen scaling.

    Like the only thing that gets blurry is legacy Win32 application sharing code from Windows 9x, that’s not really my problem here.

  • it works fine with resolutions such as 1280×720 but not 1366×600 why is that? i use x600 because my monitor is physically damaged and i want to see my entire screen so i use custom res. thanks

  • Hi! Maybe someone is having the same issue? I did all these changes and games feeeel so amazing and smooth but at the same time it feels like I have 1k fps but at the same time it feels like 15 Hard to explain but game is smooth and all but it feels like 15 fps:(

  • i don’t comment on videos but you don’t understand how helpful this was! i called nvidia countless times and debated on changing my card, this video made my pc look perfect. Nvidia is so unclear how to configure their cards and it stresses me out so bad! thank you so much!!

  • Can’t get it to work. Can’t put my Native resolution on the “Standard resolution” area in CRU because it’s 2560×1440 just red text which I can’t press Ok/Confirm. Wish this video was cut down a bit shorter to the important bits, even with the 52:31 timestamp which one of the comments below stated, still couldn’t get it to work. Good effort but not for me.

  • So much amazing content coming out from your channel recently! Seeing a new video from you makes me super excited. I really needed this tbh, I’ve been thinking of a couple new years goals. But in my mind I think well if you want that so much why don’t you start this second or why haven’t you started alreadynothing about January 1st will be different. It’s kinda a negative vibe I’ve been giving myself. But everything you said in this video was really great and really connected with me. In addition, I think that the holiday season gives a lot of people the time to finally rest and reflect on this year and themselves. So it makes sense that its a good time to make small self improvement goals! Thanks for a great video!

  • I think it can also really help when there’s something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to it. “Oh I meant to do this thing, but I haven’t yet. I’m gonna strive to do it by next year!”

  • Or better yet just buy a low res screen like 1366×768 and set scaling to 100% or just reduce resolution and set scaling back to 100%. Problem solved.

  • I have black bars the entire time even on my desktop and nothing in the comments and nothing in the video could fix it i tried doing everything for 3 hours nothing has worked my monitor does support display scaling becuase i have two friends that actually did this on the same monitor as me so please help me

  • Turning on image sharpening caused Warzone to have large black spots on the terrain. I was able to resolve this by turning off image sharpening, but keeping all other tweaks the same.

  • i found the best program to go with this
    it allows you to quickly switch between 1080p and your custom resulution

  • I got 10th gen i-7 and nvidia gtx 1660ti laptop but I dont see an option for display in control panel. Just 3d settings and developer. Is that normal? Should I mess with developer?

  • Surprisingly, my new 27″ 1440p monitor next to my 24″ 1080p monitor results in windows being moved from one monitor to the other to not have any change in size whatsoever. I lucked out


  • imagine if you could make animated desktop icons… I’d have a minecraft cube spinning around a few times switch between blocks and mobs

  • Used this method since 2013 or earlier, today its DLSS 2.0 & Nvidia Sharpen, first one is the best solution and second makes image co clear and sharp, use it in every game. Also i highly recommend to download additional pack of filters, one of them is ‘colourfulness’ which makes all colours more saturated and makes image so much nicer in almost every game.

  • hai just want to ask you a question is this optimization safe for your GPU, is it not gonna make your GPU live less? i still have skeptical about changing setting for GPU. btw im running on gtx 1050ti

  • Love the editing in this video, seems like you had a lot of fun with it!

    I dunno about New Years Resolutions, but… I’ve started 2020 with 12 “New Month” resolutions. Each month is a small little goal and they gradually stack up and help improve myself in little steps. My first goal was to keep a daily journal so that I am more aware of myself (how I am eating and sleeping, if I drink enough water etc) then the next month I can see where I slipped up and use this info to improve my diet etc. Since I don’t keep a daily journal, it’s a new challenge setting aside that 5 or 10 minutes to write things down each day, but it’s also a small goal so I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to stick to it (it can be hard to make a big change while it’s all cold and dark in January).

    Some months I have goals I’m looking forward to so it’s a treat but by setting a time frame or a fixed goal, it makes it a bit more challenging (e.g. working on a new training regime in the gym, I love going to the gym but I don’t feel I challenge my body enough even though I go regularly so my trainer will give me a tricky programme to try and complete. Another resolution is to practice Korean for 50 minutes every day because I love studying but I’m not very good at time management and I think it would be better to get into a daily habit studying a little rather than spending 8 hours on a Friday night studying and then do nothing for the rest of the week!)

    Have you ever tried 12 Month Resolutions or are you going to stick to New Years Resolutions instead?

  • is it worth to watch if I use 1080p? Or its only worth If I want more fps in cod MW for 240hz, so I can use lower resolution with this scaling?

  • I recently lost my old FHD monitor screen and after upgrading the living room form UA50JU6400 to Q60R, when I connect the UA50JU6400 to the computer it’s look bad on the internet (the videos look great), but the pictures and websites look noisy. I can’t allow myself to to buy another one, I’ve tried to place with Nvidia control (I got Nvidia 2700), and nothing.. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!!

  • I can tell you’re really into new years resolutions by how enthusiastic you were in this video! I hope you can set some good goals for yourself:)

  • That is what I interest and can not find before after spend lots of hours to trying and searching. Good work.
    And I have also question about Freesync display. What will change if you enable or disable freesync on monitor display settings. I made LG 4k 60fps IPS monitor to 85hz max on both 1080p and 1440p. when I try 90 It work but display call out of range automatically.

  • Awesome. I was using this for the last couple of days with success and now just trying 1440x(900) instead of 1080 and I’m getting a huge fps bump.

  • I don’t have a beef with new year resolutions. In my spiritual beliefs, it’s very normal to mentalize and “ritualize” sending away old thoughts and intentions, say thank you and set new intuitions for a year to come. Doesn’t have to be a guilt weight if we fail them, it simply helps to remember what matters or what we really want ^^

  • hi can you help me i dont now why but it not work when i do it i have black bars left end right and it looks pixli and stuff pls can you help me over discord pls XD but also nice vid

  • Yo thanks but I have a question! I did this and it all worked but even though my desktop and active signal resolution are the same, when I check Nvidia control panel display scaling option is gone and it just says gpu scaling. So is it still display scaling anyway?

  • Hey fr33thy i got a doubt here, so i have this monitor AOC CU34G2X that has a really basic really shitty hdr mode, what i want to know is in nvidia control panel i have color mode 8bpc and 10 bpc wich one should i use?

  • Honestly the Hook forming the 3 for the just cause one was such a genius move it’s embarrassing the people who made the game didn’t think of that.

  • *me watching this video in 2020 as the newly installed windows 10 has this issue.
    Ill just get all the updates in.
    you think its annoying but it gets work when you use glasses and the already blurry lookin text becomes blurrier and then you put your glasses on and the text is still blurry and you scream

  • Please help me. After all of this I restarted 64 and now when i play on my res in fortnite i cant play in fullscreen. When i put it in fullscreen my screen turns black. What should i do?

  • Is it bad I feel like you gave me motivation to start ACTUALLY learning how to use blender then I open it up and my mind just goes blah

  • Am i going to be the only one who asks how he changes the desktop icon because if everyone else knows and i don’t i’ll feel like an idiot

  • Is there a similar way to do that kind of like sculpting in Maya? Kind of like at 1:03. I know how to subdivide and add edge loops, but it’s much more difficult to manipulate it afterwards. Though, I could just be doing something wrong.

  • Everyone here is a slow listener I guess. If you cant hear and think quickly, I suggest staying off Apex Legends then if you play.

  • todays update has for first time caused laptops hdmi to make my plasma 1920×1080 be over scaled and no latter how I adjust it, the x or y is always overscaled.

  • This is an extremely cool, but dissapointing food. Props for making a cake look like Avacado Toast, but an actual giant Avacado Toast would be 100x better. Nothing more dissapointing than expecting salty and getting sweet

  • is anybody else watching this during quarantine and feeling bad for her because she got so excited it was 2020 like the rest of us and it turned out like this… ����

  • I changed it but now when i alt tab, between things it takes so long to load i have a black screen for a few seconds and than i am in the program any way to fix this?

  • Ok so tested this on my CRT “sony fw900 @160hz 1024×768”. Wow NVIDIA was even running gpu scaling on my crt before! Wtf!!
    I can say my benq 240hz runs just as nicely as the holy grail fw900 after this fix though with better visuals. Thanks again

  • Here is a example of why computer and other technical words confuse me I don’t understand what scaling is, is there a simple way of describing it?

  • its doesnt work here, whenever i try to leave just the native resolution, the screen go black, pc crash, if i restart, black screen, need to go safe mode and then reset all

  • Why is Windows Display Scaling So Bad? It was never designed with this in mind. During my day at the office, I constantly jump between 1) the dock at my desk 2) meeting rooms with different projectors/screens 3) laptop screen only. A few hours of this turns win10 to a drooling idiot when it’s time to do scaling and/or power management….

  • If only she knew what it was going to happen Frisco bee dies then we get stuck in quarantine and there’s millions of things to do with global warming and wheels have to deal with several potential threats to the whole universe because of what’s going on in space