20 Fit Celebrities You Have To Follow on Instagram


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25 Fit Celebrities You Need to Follow on Instagram These 25 stars below are the fit celebrities you need to follow, and the ones that can help you get into the best shape of your life. News A post shared by David Bautista (@davebautista) on Apr 20, 2018 at. 20 Fit Celebrities You Must Follow on Instagram Hugh Jackman.

A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on Mar 14, 2016 at 6:54am PDT. Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on Instagram Find us on Youtube Find us on E-mail. Contact Us Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801. So, basically, 15.9% of Instagram users follow Ronaldo!

Isn’t that crazy? Well, you will be surprised looking at this list as to how many users follow the celebs on Instagram. Here are the top 85 most followed Instagram celebrities in the world. The list also gives you the number of followers (as of date) and engagement rate of every celebrity.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the healthiest and fittest celebs to follow on Instagram for fitspiraiton. From their toned bodies to their post workout selfies, get inspired to hit the gym with the help of Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and more. See the fit celebs here.

miley cyrus instagram latest pictures. miley cyrus instagram latest pictures. MORE. By following celebrity accounts you are able to step into another person’s life. She has a healthy and fit lifestyle and will inspire you to follow in her footsteps!

20 Super Hot Instagram. Whether you are looking to get daily inspiration, receive business advice, see beautiful and tasty recipes or simply follow a new personality, Instagram. Here are the Hottest Instagram accounts of 2020 every guy should follow this year.. 1) Kelly Gale. Swedish-Australian model of Indian and Australian heritage, Kelly Gale is well recognized for her effort on The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Just wait until you see these celebs who bared it all on Instagram. on Aug 20, 2019 at 12:04pm PDT Kim showed off her incredible body on Instagram in what must be the tiniest bikini ever made. See what happens is when you see any movie and then you like some of the actors acting and then you wanted to know more about them because you like him/her then there was an urge to know more about them. It was similar to when you like someone and.

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15 celebrity stylists to follow on Instagram.

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I try to follow most of them, but this Girl, her name is Lilly, has been good for me.

“A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey
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followed [19] Jessica Lange

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This is illustrated in the take-up of secondhand vintage clothing by popular media stars including television presenters, actors, singers and musicians, with the likes of Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger, Rihanna, Lily Allen, Taylor Swift and Kirstie Allsopp, all acting as devotees of the vintage fashion genre.

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I had landed myselfon Anna Wintour’s blacklist, rightnexttoKim Kardashian, andI hadbangs thatwould

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Chloë Sevigny once liked a photo I posted on Instagram and I got a load of new followers overnight.

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beautiful women, nor do I want any number of followers.

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  • If a boyish girl already went through the surgery, doesn’t have much of an “Adams apple” anymore, doesn’t have a hairy chest, doesn’t have a twig & berries, no facial hair, a size B or large A cup boobies then By Golly she’s a Woman! Or Lady. If she/he went through the full transitional surgery with hormone pills or shots & it was successful? Maybe she IS a woman! Not my place to judge but it IS my place whether I’ll be attracted to them or not. That’s for DAMN sure!

  • Such a coincidence how I just got back from a 1hr HIIT gym session and this video just uploaded ��
    I enjoy going on he elliptical at high incline and speed, I run on the treadmill at high incline high speed (incline is at 9, speed is at 9-11), then I would do some dumbbell exercises and would lift heavy weights, would use the row machine, I just love working out, Its like therapy for me

  • This is a bad ass video, if you don’t like it, it’s because you are a hater and just mad cause you don’t got it!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

  • It’s crazy because I remember Erin Heatherton was my “fitness idol” back in the day and I was doing the exact same as her getting to my lowest weight. I gave that excessive lifestyle up after getting help with eating disorder, and I’m so much healthier in every way now!

  • Lovely lovely awesome Video!!! I love the way you put it together!! I think this is one of the best ones yet!! ❤ Looking forward to your next one! It’s
    awesome!! Keep up the Good
    work!!!!! ��

  • The fact that one trans got AWAY with fighting other REAL Women!!! Was bullshit!! It doesn’t matter how many damn Hormones a MAN takes to become a Woman. HE will NEVER, EVER be a True WOMAN!! He will ALWAYS be STRONGER!!

  • Thanks for uploading a beautiful and interesting Video, I also one more suggest that VERY VERY LOVELY SONG. MAKE ME CRYRKM LegendUnwanted (Official Music Video)] https://youtu.be/PaB_tvKlxTw

  • For all the people claiming VS models are healthy, being at least 5’9 and under 120 (which they are) is extremely underweight and an unhealthy BMI. Especially considering many of them have a curvier bone structure which isn’t tiny naturally. Many have described their diets and it’s literally glorified anorexia.

  • So grateful to see a talented beautiful black woman showcasing her gifts in a way that young women can look up to!! Yes girl!!!!! ���� ����❤️

  • Kardashian butt is not sexy.. All bubbled up… Pretty hair, face, tiny waist, nice chest, overall petite.. But then the “butt”.. It has it’s own zipcode.. Why?

  • Zac is the living example that you can do coke on a regular basis and still be fit…well I’m not as fit my abs still needs training tho

  • When I do this first one my belly tremble.. Why is it. Like from belly to cheat it’s shaking.. Oh can I get rid… And in push-up same with arms

  • Kelly’s and Demi’s body type is naturally full.
    Some people are naturally thin and can’t gain weight and some people are full and can’t lose weight no matter how hard they try.

  • We are not God and we most definitely don’t have the right to judge anyone weather they are trans gender or not every life is so precious and should be charished no matter what their gender is or what color they are

  • What’s mind blowing for me is the fact that to this day there is still this unrealistic extremely unhealthy body image for girls and women that many try so desperately achieve
    I personally think that anorexia and bulimia at this time are supported rather than dealt with…
    When I had issues with eating, everybody told me I am extremely pretty but when I gained weight I wasn’t that pretty anymore… It was long time ago but still this image is there… And I don’t like that almost every girl and woman has to go through this

  • Most of those women had been living through eating disorders and this video is calling some of them “heavier”. I think is not a good name to be called when you’ve been trying to find yourself “healthier”.

  • Me trying:�������������������������������������������������������� this is hard
    My cousin:������������������������������������✌������✌��✋������������������������������✋��������������✋����������������������✋����������������������✋����������������������✋������✋������������������������������✋����������������������☝������☝����������✋��������������✋����������������������✋������☝������✋������☝��������������������������☝����������������������☝����������������������✋����������✋������✋������☝����������☝����������✋������✋��������������✋����������������������✌������✋����������☝��������������✋������������������������������✋��������������������������������������✋��✋����������☝����������������������✋����������������������✌��������������
    Me: thank god u finished that was a hr

  • All this “acceptance” I wonder how much of it is due to the fact that there is money to be made off these people. Not to mention some are “famous” for pretty much nothing.

  • When you realize that anyone did this song with lyrics and got 48 million clicks this hurts man why don’t you have the 48 mil aww man

  • I hate it when my BMI says “normal weight” and not “underweight” but when I say it to someone they say: “GURL are you crazy you are 11 and 43 kg is normal when you are 158 cm!!!”

  • Why are celebrities criticized by weight? You can still be a great actor or actress without going on pointless diets, when you are already the perfect, healthy you, that you were born to be!!

  • What if the super skinny models for one day didn’t show and the more healthy ladies showed up on cat walk. Would they reject all of them. ����

  • Everyone is beautiful we are all made by God and God does not make mistakes so in my eyes they’re perfect everyone is and it always remember it’s not what you have it’s what you hold

  • People should do what really drives them and excites them and be happy living their way of living and get better and better in life

  • Everyone still see you all as the gender you’re biologically born with. You aren’t kidding anyone but yourselves. Learn to love that and stop pretending.

  • OMG that video of Victoria Justice rolling her eyes and folding her arms during Kesha’s story, especially after the narrator said that her songs are about partying, drinking, and debauchery(sex parties). ����

  • This video Is incredibly rude, and who gives a shit about what people weight as long as they are good people inside? Honestly this channel should not exist it’s so narcissistic and mean.


  • Im not saying Normani is not talented, but something about her is not original, she doesnt have that star quality like Camilla has!

  • I was at my lowest doing one meal a day and exercising 2 hours or more every day. How realistic and sustainable is it? I lost 40 lbs doing that for a year n now I’m 45 lbs heavier eating healthy balanced diet no junk n exercising half hour daily. I dont know if I should try to lose a bit or accept the overweight body I seem to have born with.

  • I think that you can chose to lose weight or gain weight, as long as you feel good about it, it’s your choice on how you feel about your body and and you just need to make your own choices

  • No, no, no. Talko, no. What happened to the fun top ten videos! I’ve been here since the start and this channel is getting worse by the minute.
    Please take this into consideration.

    Now give me my like

  • It sucks that girls and guy have to be a certain weight a d height to be excepted and even if they are “perfect” they still get criticized

  • I fine with whoever desires to live their lives by changing your sex. but no matter whatyour birth sex can’t be changed only hidden

  • The trans who revealed the truth at a Ted Talks speech is brave. That was a ballsy (no pun intended) thing to do. I hate when people call Bruce Jenner a brave hero. He’s NOT! He hid it, and let others pave the way for him until it was acceptable enough to be considered a good career move. He would’ve been brave if he had done it 20 or 30 years ago. But no, he let everyone else do the grunt work, and afterwards, he’d stand on their shoulders. Then step to the podium to accept bravery awards at ESPN banquets. That’s a coward.

  • Saying “it’s what’s inside that matters” gives the impression that people with more weight than others are less beautiful, which simply is not true. Beauty comes in bodies of all shapes and sizes. It’s comments like this that feed those with eating disorders.

  • None of these people had any extra weight how fucking stupid the message you’re sending is…. they ALL started out at unhealthy LOW weight and then gained a healthy weight

  • Meaning no disrespect but I wish someone would help the world understand how a person is born transsexual. The word transsexual has the prefix trans. As in to transform. The definition of transform is to make a thorough and dramatic change. So when you say someone is born transsexual you’re saying they’re born changed. How can a person be born changed? The transformation comes after a certain age. So the change comes after a person is born. I believe we should accept transexuals for what they are. So that necessarily means we shouldn’t lie about what they are not.

  • Demi is my queen and I’m so happy she’s doing so much better now, I was worried for a while cuz things were getting pretty bad
    I’m so proud she was able to get past it all and it’s been an inspiration for me

  • her, her team,and her label are trashing her career. she shouldve been had an album, and have motivation as the lead single and released the album at the end of august

  • In my hauSe RENaGade

    In mY scHOOl rEnaGadE

    In mY bEd rEnAgAde

    iN thE toilEt RENaGaDe

    In tIk ToK RENaGaDe

    In my braiN RENaGaDe

    My DoG rEnAGadE

  • Tbh i dont know why people are getting mad at anne hathaway. It’s not like she is promoting obesity as she is clearly not obese. What she does to her body is her business smh

  • Steroids and Plastic Surgeries are what makes them so different. You could have a great diet and workout routine and you still won’t look like these celebrities. You will look great, but those are the things that make them so different physically-wise.

  • To all the people out there that feel that they have the right to hate and bully, I would love to see a picture of you perfect self.

  • Nobody in Hollywood shouldn’t be telling these people who are talented to lose weight because they need a role to fulfill. Any normal person has problems in everyday life and lookup to these actors abd actresses. Just plain stupid.

  • Ohhh men.. This world is not your finality you have to decide where you must pass your eternity.. Only Jesus Christ can gives you peace eternally

  • How many are lying about being thrilled about gaining weight? Some may be happy they survived the deadly throes of serious psychiatric disease, but I doubt this “happy they gained weight” in general

  • I didn’t know being a social media fitness guru made you a “celebrity”. I clicked on the video to hear about celebs, not social media influencers -_-

  • Someone please tell me how i can gain weight ��. I’m currently 19 and only 80 pounds. I’ve tried every single diet but nothing seems to do the trick.

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  • When I went into rehab for 28 days, I gained like 40 pounds. I hadnt eaten much of anything for months cuz of drugs. And drugs just make you lose weight. I had to have new clothes brought to me cuz I couldn’t fit in what I went into rehab with lol

  • Demi has an eating disorder. She has bulimia and anorexia and binge eating disorder. That’s why she was so thin and why she still hasn’t gotten better from it Bc she constantly has struggled with it since she was on Barney.

  • Daniel 7: 18 “But the holy people of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever—yes, for ever and ever.’ “

  • I’m a 5’9 16 year old guy and I’m 110 pounds,that might not sound extreme but for my height and gender it really is,I look like a dental floss,plus the only part that makes ne weigh more than 100 pounds are my muscles

  • shrtlink.ca/863pantiessi1iconexxx

    සමහර විට ඇය නරක් වූ බ්රාට් කෙනෙක් විය හැකිය සමහර විට ඇය තවමත් නරක් වූ බ්රාට් කෙනෙක් විය හැකියනමුත් ඇය

  • I can’t believe Aaron Carter looked like he did a lot of weight lifting when he didn’t eat much and smoked cigarettes all the time

  • Ohhh men.. This world is not your finality you have to decide where you must pass your eternity.. Only Jesus Christ can gives you peace eternally

  • Okay the thing I can respect, not admire, about these individuals is that they are the few that are being honest about being Transgender. How many Celebrities are Transgender and lying about it? Research this, it is unbelievable.

  • If you are a boy you stay a boy you can’t just switch genders because you feel like it, god made us one way and we should stay that way.����

  • I found myself doing a transition away from movies, series and news as I can’t find my values in it any more. The glorification of transgender “operations” scares me. I can be nice about it but inside there is me and “handicaps” to care about as well. A neighbour or something is not going to make it all about that.

  • This video is such bullshit!!
    90 % of the women are still as thin as society tells us to be. You talk about them eating and working out in a healthy way but I doubt they still aren’t eating and working out to stay thin. Demi Lovato has said that the hard way she worked out as the pictures you are showing was when she still had an eating disorde,r but dealt with it by focusing on training instead. Eating disorder is a part of her life that she struggles with everyday.
    So these women has not gain weight so that the look like most women do. Come back when you found celebrities that has big legs, thich arms or stomach fat that they don’t hid…

  • Fallon was winning fights against mma women and that was mainly because gender reassignment does not change your male bone structure and trans retain some of the power that allows you more strength against biologically female women. It’s unfair….PERIOD!

  • I really wish Normani would wake up and realize that her management team wants to see her FAIL. This song should’ve been bigger than it was. They absolutely didn’t promote this whatsoever and the only time I did see it being promoted was at the VMA’s. This song was released a year ago and she hasn’t released anything ever since except that feature with Meg. Last year would’ve been the perfect time for her to release her album because she had so much hype, support, and anticipation when this was released but now it’s honestly gone and people came to the realization that it is what it is.

  • What does that say about society that all it focuses on is your weight it’s so sad that we can’t focus on other humane things instead

  • First it was kcamp with the music video
    Then it was jalaiah with her (hard) version
    Then it was charli with her (easy) version
    And then it was Fortnite with the emote

  • All the people in the comments saying tiktok ruined the song but tiktok actually made this song pop off and most people are from tiktok

  • Before I saw this video
    I complained abt being rained on.
    Seen normani dance in rain, now I’m going to find a girl to dance in the rain.

  • the only celebrity i admire is Keanu Reeves. He is a loving person, kind to animals, humble guy and down to earth. He is the only american celeb i admire.

  • Who cares? So you don’t like the gender you were assigned at birth??? No one cares, seriously, you aren’t special. Get on with your miserable lives and leave the rest of us alone. Did I mention that we couldn’t possibly care less about you?

  • This is the only music video I saw her dance like this so GOOOOOODDD(^∇^)ノ♪ coz I only see her on fifth harmony and I don’t see her dance clearly because theyre so many… But now I didn’t knew she was so cooolll.

  • Guys checkout my channel, I have shared my real skinny to muscular transformation with loads of tips for beginners. Watch now, you won’t regret it.

  • I’ll say it simply: treat your body with respect. I had eating disorders from age 5 to 36. I would never destroy my body for a role in a movie, or being an “angel!”, #imnoangel, and I’m proud!

  • What an inside on his experience. Most of us are in the gym trying to look like that, but have no idea the sacrifice needed to achieve it. It seems like its not healthy to be that buff and fit.

  • K camp: I just won the lottery
    Tik tok: hippity hoppity this is my property
    Fortnite: hippity hoppity this is my property’s property

  • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo000000000000000000000000000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooo0o0o0o0o0o0o