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1983 Mr Olympia Samir Bannout wins

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Lee Haney vs. Samir Bannout: 1991 Mr. Olympia vs. 1983 Mr. Olympia: The Truth

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MR OLYMPIA 1983 Samir Bannout Mohamed Makkawy


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Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Samir Bannout: 1975 Mr. Olympia vs. 1983 Mr. Olympia: The Truth

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Mr Olympia Contest Cycle | 1983 Mr Olympia Samir Bannout’s REAL Protocol

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Samir Bannout 1983 vs Lee Haney 1984

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Samir Bannout (Born November 7, 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Known as “the Lion of Lebanon”, Samir Bannout won the Mr. Olympia title in 1983. At that time, only 6 men had held this most prestigious title since the contest was first introduced in 1965. The “Lion of Lebanon”, Samir Bannout won the Mr.

Olympia title in 1983. This is our tribute to him. Samir competed in the following contests: * 1974 Mr. Universe, Medium Class 7th * 1976 Mr.

Known as “the Lion of Lebanon”, Samir Bannout won the Mr. Olympia title in 1983. At that time, only six men had held this most prestigious title since the contest began in 1965.

Many of them, obviously, held the title for several years, Bannout won it once, a distinction shared with Chris Dickerson (1982), Dexter Jackson (2008), Shawn Rhoden (2018), and Brandon Curry(2019). Samir has appeared on the covers of many fitness and bodybuilding publications, including Strength and Health, MuscleMag International, M. 16 rows · The 1983 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held on. 1983 Mr Olympia winner Samir Bannout “The Lion of Lebanon” appeared on Rx muscle’s Heavy Muscle Radio this week & he detailed the cycle he used to win the 1983 Mr Olympia including compounds &.

Mr.Olympia Samir bannout Known as “the Lion of Lebanon”. 1983. For the next two decades, Samir participated in more than 50 competitions, including winning the 1983 Mr. Olympia contest in Munich, Germany. Mr Olympia 1983 Top-Six beim Olympia 1983: Samir Bannout, Mohammed Makkaway, Lee Haney, Frank Zane, Bertil Fox, Jusup Wilkosz. Samir Bannout 1983 Mr.

Olympia (His Best Ever) Samir Bannout a.k.a The Lion Of Lebanon. This was the year he finally put everything together. His.

Samir Bannout had a curious career. In 49 pro contests over 16 years, he won only two. However, one of them was the 1983 Mr. Olympia.

He had three good years, 1982–84, when his conditioning matched his aesthetic 5’7″ musculature, but otherwise he was almost always too bloated to make an impact.

List of related literature:

Turning his 6’ 2,” 240­pound body into a work of art, the nineteen­year­old won the heavyweight division of the International Powerlifting Championship in 1966 and finished a surprising second in the Mr. Universe contest that same year.

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Each Mr. Olympia winner since has received a replica of the bronze Sandow Trophy given to the third-place winner at the Great Competition in 1901.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
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In 2001, Konstantin Tsiu entered the ring, winning the world championship; Alexander Lebziak won Olympic gold in Sydney in the heavyweight class.

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A four-time Olympian, Westergren won gold in 1920 (middleweight), 1924 (light-heavyweight), and 1932 (heavyweight), but in 1928, when he was defending his lightheavyweight title, he was surprisingly defeated in the first round by Onni Pellinen of Finland and withdrew from the competition.

“Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement” by John Grasso, Bill Mallon, Jeroen Heijmans
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You have to remember that in 1965 the prize awarded at the first Mr. Olympia was only a crown.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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JoeWeider is awizard at it, andI liked being able to watch him operate.”58 Once ensconced with Weider, Arnold won two IFBB Mr. Universe titles and reeled off six Mr. Olympia victories, 1970–1975.

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He had been the youngest person to achieve the title of Mr Olympia (the highest accolade available in the sport).

“Understanding Film Theory” by Ruth Doughty, Christine Etherington-Wright
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from 1929 to 1939, he won nine gold medals, one silver, and one bronze medal at the European Championships—all in the middleweight class.

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In 2000 and 2004 he was nominated member of the International Weightlifting Federation Hall of Fame.

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  • Samir never cracked the top 5 after 83. 1984 was the year Lee became a mass monster of sorts… way bigger than 83 with even better conditioning

  • Once you see his old training videos it’s hard to believe he ever had such an amazing physique. Dude was using terrible form and making up exercises that were not ideal lol but hey. He looked incredible

  • Oh my. You’re really off on this one. Haney easily. You just look at footage and compare the two of them. Samir was a really good Mr. Olympia. Haney was, most likely, the greatest of all time. Time to do your homework, and earn your close to 5k subscribers. And, the commentary is really overboard, off the mark, pretentious, and disingenuous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being “Gay/LGBTQ” in 2020, and It has my complete support, but, you’re you’re really going overboard on your patter and inflections. Unless it’s just intentional.

  • I think that there never was a Mr.olympia better than Arnold…no matter who has bigger muscles but his posing style makes you just choose him.

  • Both Mr. Universe winners I knew from the early 80’s used GH nothing was said about insulin and they used a bit more than Samir mentioned.

  • To me, Samir was the last “great” Mr Olympia. I didn’t like what Bodybuilding became after with the size at all costs and no balance, no aesthetics. Samir looked incredible at that time and I’m glad to have pictures we took in the showers at Gold’s after working out in the early 80’s. A great bodybuilder always kind with the fans.

  • Samir of 1983 doesn’t get enough credit. So complete and conditioned. I’d like to hear him talk about why he could never approach that condition again. I think Haney probably would have rolled over him based on size presence, but Samir’s unreal back makes it really interesting. Really fun video. Thanks!

  • That was more than enough gear back then…I’d spoken with him at the NPC Nationals a week or so after the Olympia, though we didn’t talk about his cycle. Had he told me about his cycle back then, it would’ve buckled my knees. That was a lot back then and was way more than I would’ve ever taken. No matter, he looked incredible and very dry.

  • Samir was absolutely awesome….way ahead of his time as far as back development is concerned. Almost Dorianesque which is the highest compliment I can give him. Add into that his posing and he is simply one of the greatest.

  • Always the drug videos on bodybuilding get the highest views it’s always a hot topic it’s in the sport and people just want to act like it doesn’t exist

  • Of course, because my blood is Arab… I see that Samir Bannout is one of the best bodybuilders… But Arnold Schwarzenegger remains a legend and gets the title of Mr. Olympia seven times������������������������������������������������❄❄❄������������������������������⚡⚡⚡

  • Mike Christian claims he only took 200mg of Deca and was scared he would have liver failure. As Ronnie Coleman would say “YEAH BABY!!”

  • Hey bro i guess when a mr olympia speaks you gotta believe him i carnt see why he would lie about his course i know lee haney spent 9000 on his course in 1984 he told us when he guessed posed in Sydney australia years ago

  • His parabolin was probably doing a whole lot for him, it was probably legit stuff unlike the horse piss tren People get these days!

  • it’s just simple logic, yes he is talking sense, yes insulin is destroying bodybuilding aesthetics, and yes gh makes people look deformed and out of proportion! look at kai and jay? I like both guys to bits, but the their jaws and mid sections are not even human looking anymore…. If Kai’s head and jaw grew much more, he would have to train 2 hours a day just to keep his head up!

  • Great stuff. Have still not seen a list anywhere of contenders for Tampa Pro in a month. Where do I even find the contenders list? The only persons I know will compete is Hunter Labrada and his friend, and don’t know anymore… Do you know? In that case, a video about contenders would be gold in these times which lacks competitons in everything

  • Thanx for summing this up! I saw the original video, and couldnt catch the total number. This also mean, if i did the same amount of “gear” trained the same as Samir, and ate the same! My result would not be the same. I think the best bodybuilders would also be the best without gear… Like Lance Armstrong would win tour the france, without gear, if noone else used it either.

  • Good Ol Parabolin from Holland those were potent and Zambon Winny the best!!! All of the gear before this horrific underground garbage started to come out is what makes it more dangerous to use.. Ampules of real stuff isn’t the dangerous stuff it’s the toilet shit that’s made today no thanks

  • I been experimenting with cycles that you can run all year around without side effects,it took me almost 3 years and I’m really happy with the results,everywhere I go people stare at me,but I’m not gonna say wich drugs,all I’m gonna say is less than 400 total mgs,the key is at least 3 injectables and one oral,now go ahead and figure it out by yourself cause I ain’t telling my secret to anybody,cause if you all find out what I’m taken,then I’m gonna have more competition

  • I’d bet a lot he wasn’t using 50mg of anavar at a time. Real anavar would never require that much even usually by today’s standards with pharma. I’d estimate 20mg/day.

  • He is telling the truth. Why would he lie about it? He is genetically gifted with great symmetry and proportions. He would look amazing without the drugs. Men with terrible genetics won’t believe a word he is saying because they are using triple the amounts, not getting close to his physique in the process. Also, people respond differently to different drugs. But what do I know? I built my body naturally.

  • Samir was very underrated,is had one of the most asthetics physic of all times if not the best,at least top 5.Arnold is the synonimum of Bodybuilding and the biggest ambasador for the sport,Big charisma and great confidence in himself,wich is very important to win in every sport or even in life.And amazing Physic as well.

  • Samir was not bad in 84, he said that he should have not gotten any worse than third that year but had a problem with the IFBB going into that show.

  • people forget about genetics and time. Many competitors with great physiques weren’t young at all compared to nowadays.
    Plus people’s cycles change from season to season so i believe it

  • Found this channel and subbed. Are you sponsored by HOSTILE??!! Hope you can go on Fouad podcast with guy and Ben chow that would be ��

  • Samir actually had something that no other bodybuilder has ever had! It’s literally as rare as a ten pack. He had a line separating his bicep heads. It’s hard to find those pictures but look around. Literally a line down the mid of his bicep

  • Yeah, this big guys today are awesome, but those guys from the 80’s like Bannout were the last of the great artists. Yeah they juiced, but they were “prettier.”

  • After 1974 arnold have not dedicated with his muscle and you guys can’t see the maximum of perfect muscle in his body, he change interrest with the hollywood movie star.

  • anavar was in tab back then, and 5mg ones, maybe 10, he MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT use 50mg eod of that/ an oral, I guess 20-50 daily. Also, IM Winstrol no one who is a lil educated would do every other day anymore.
    Plus he said 300 Test, because yes: they were so stupid back then to do Mo-Wednesday-Friday protcols, and I guess that’s when he did the Parabolan, too.

  • The only reason Arnie stood out was cz of his peaks. Biceps normally are a flatter muscle but Arnolds bis were on another level, a proper mountain

  • This is not the next step idiot!!!! Let’s debunk fitness at the moment Number 1: taking juice is not the next step to taking supplements Number2: unless you are going to be a competitive bodybuilder YOU DONT NEED THEM. Number3: because you started juice there is no separate program you should be doing, ie there is no such thing as the d-bol split or a the natural split it’s just a training split full stop with a dot!!!! Number4: and funniest one ( no you would not look like that if you take juice, it is not magic dust if not done right you might aswel shoot water into your ass. If taken lightly health and performance will both dwendel and have the opposite effect you desire. So to recap don’t do juice to get big disco muscles no one cares what you look like when you chew your jaw off at some festival. PEACE OUT MOTHERFUCKERS ����

  • Honestly brother, best comparison I’ve seen ina long time on YouTube. Including Mikey and others. Lee and Samir are so close I would hate to be you making this analysis

  • Arnold wasnt more defined in 75 than in 73/74. What are you talking about? 74 was by far Arnold best in both conditioning and size.

  • Look at Chris “Ass”ceto grinning like an idiot. Just a whiny fake guru. And, both “Ass”ceto and Palumbo are Trump and Roger Stone supporters. And, Samir is obviously not telling the whole truth, as so few bodybuilders ever do. Weight training is great and wonderful, but what these guys do is abhorrent. With that being said, Samir was spot on in 1983, a great Mr. Olympia winner, and so much better than Shame “Sexatron” Rodman in 2018. But, Samir could never even come close to replicating that shape and condition. The same cocktail didn’t work a second time.

    The sport of Bodybuilding still has a chance to survive through the pandemic, as it doesn’t have a huge amount of contests. But, some others like Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey, have so many games, so many flights, across the country. that even if one player contracts the virus, will the leagues be shut down again? And, even the billionaire owners cannot continue to pay the ludicrous contracts without any revenue coming in. It’s a whole new world, and, perhaps, a return to simpler times and athletic avenues. MAGA? America was never great. Simply filled with corruption, bigotry, slavery, and built upon the ideals of WASPs and ridiculous religious ideology. You would think that, after almost 250 years, America would grow up, and join the intelligent and civilized nations of the world.

  • Real Parabolin was real powerful stuff and I believe this cycle. Sure I wasn’t as good as him but my cycle was 250mg Sust PW, one shot Parabolin and 20 mg Anavar PD and I won every powerlifting show I entered and as he says Inulin is bad news for overall health. Samir had one of the best backs ever!

  • ***Arnold saw Lee Haney 4 weeks out from the 1983 Mr. Olympia and said “You are ready right now.”…He was so full, round and shredded, but he continued to diet down and missed his peak and came 3rd to Samir…It could have easily been 9 Sandows…A 95% Lee Haney was unbeatable in the 80s…At 240 lbs dry with a 28 inch waist, this dude was a monster!!!..

  • I stopped following bodybuilding about 20 years ago, but I’m back now for the memories.
    Never actually saw the video of this routine (or anything from this contest) as we didn’t have those in the 90s and 2000s.
    Samir looked absolutely SUPERB here! the classic physique. This is what Shawn Ray referred to as “body beauty”.

  • Just about as ideal of a physique as you can get. Samir seems to be the perfect marriage between the aesthetics and mass movements, with great proportions, detail, and size that were showcased by fantastic posing. Pure class.

  • I sincerely believe this is the best package a Mr O. has ever brought to stage in any year. There’s no point where he is small when he shouldn’t and there’s no spot where he is big in which he shouldn’t. And obviously, super-well proportioned.

  • Samir’s condition at the 83 Olympia was one of those moments when the planets aligned perfectly. Paper-thin skin and superb back detail. Those black & white photos of him look like anatomy charts.

  • Samir had his moments like the 83 Olympia, but he could never put it together consistently.  The Olympia was his first pro win and he never placed in the top 5 again.  He didn’t win his next contest until seven years later (1990 Pittsburgh Pro), which was also his last pro win.

  • I consider Samir to be one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. In 1983 and arguably in other years in the 80s his physique was far superior to Arnold at his best in the early 70s.

  • I agree. Samir was somehow “overlooked”. He was incredibly symmetrical and well balanced over his entire body. One thing I always notice about Arnold is that when standing, his arms would hang naturally at his sides and not raised up like his shoulders were always flexing. I dislike that puffed up, arms out bully look. Perhaps some of these guys don’t stretch like they should. I know from reading Arnold books that he was a proponent of stretching. Anyway, this was a great comparison. I think the 80′ Olympia might have ended differently if Samir was there in his 83′ condition. He was incredible then. Someone else who got boned…Mike Mentzer. I’m still in awe of how he looked at the 80′ Oly. I was pretty miffed also. My other opinion is that bodybuilders today look ridiculous. All size and they look like crap. Big bellies on most of them. Do they know what a vacuum is or can they even do one? I doubt it. I miss the bodybuilders of the 70’s and 80’s. They were more symmetrical, more athletic looking, and just plain better to look at. Very sad. Fortunately, Mutant is here to bring back some great memories! Keep it up Brother! Maybe some Serge Nubret?!?! Badass shoulders!

  • Arnold legs so small and in the back samir has more details thicker then Arnold. But Arnold taller harder to fill in muscles but Arnold has some poses shots impassive look.

  • 1975 Arnold is one of his worse years, not best. It’s better than only 1969 and 1980 when he was about 10-15 lbs bigger than 1975. Samir should have won 1982 Mr. Olympia too and and arguably 1981. He was just as formidable in those years which happen to be two of the worst judging years in Olympia history. Just FYI, people can look great by themselves but when Arnold is on stage with everyone in 1980, at 75%, he dwarfed everyone and he would dwarf Samir too, as good as he was in 1983. Also, in Arnold’s day his legs were great and so was his back, compared to all the other top guys. But neither were particular areas of concentration for that era as upper bodies, particularly arms and chest, were emphasized and it’s no surprise that Arnold had the best for those. People see pictures of him with smaller legs than the guys with x frames from the 90s on and think he had weak legs and back but he had the genetics to add size there had he focused on those areas. Most pictures you see of Arnold are from 1975 (because of Pumping Iron) when he was down 15 lbs from his peak the year earlier, and 1980 because it’s a later more publicized show and “controversial”. If there were more photos from 1971 to 1974 you’d see that even his back and legs were great as most of the weight he lost after retiring in 1974 came off his legs and back.

  • Unfair to compare Arnold 1n 1975 to Samir in 1983 as great as Arnold was. If Arnold continued to train to 1983 I have no doubt Arnold would have won all Olympia`s up to this point as he was always ahead of his time and would have kept up with his competition and improved his back and thighs as the new norms presented themselves. As in 1973-4 his thighs and back were bigger and fuller so there is no question Arnold had the ability to grow these body parts.

  • Arnold’s classic posing ability I believe would he could defeat Samir and his arms and chest Woukd detract from everything from the front Arnold’s XMas Tress is insane

  • Coloured pictures matter! It isn’t just and fair to show all of Arnold’s 1975 pictures in black & white as they certainly show lack of mass and definition. The narrator, with his middle eastern accent, knows it all too well as he proceeds to portray Samir, who is also middle eastern as better than Arnold.

  • Aamir looked great and Arnold looked great. Understand that Samir isn’t a multi Olympian winner like Arnold, Arnold was leaps above all the competition in his time and if he had to compete in the era of Samir, he would tweek his nutrition, training, drug intact and conditioning to win.

  • So many people fail to mention Arnold’s massive full-belly triceps in certain poses. In the front double bi and the rear double bi, his triceps are incredible. Samir’s triceps can’t compare.

  • Nah sammirs arms are powerful. His arms are well conditioned. Hes got a nice bicep peak. Not as peaky as arnolds. Sammirs insertion is a bit longer but they still look amazing. And very symmetrical more symmetrical than arnolds arms that are not even. And each arm has a slightly different shape

  • I’d go with 74 Arnold for his most impressive combination of everything. That Arnold would still pretty much hold his own size wise in the open today. Imagine 74 Arnold in a call out with Cedric McMillan…would be awesome.
    74 Arnold would have held up well against Haney throughout the mid to late 80’s also (personally I’d have him beating Haney).

  • Arnold had somthing special, somthing that made him unique, i dont know exactly what is this secret, when we observe all différent bodybuilder they seem all the same a montain of muscles ripped but Arnlod look like Arnold thats all

  • Samir Bannout is cool… but Arnold IMO takes it with ease!!! ������ now samir has a crazy competitive spirit that i love…������!!!

  • Samir knows more than people think! I agree that insulin has ruined the sport. Mid 80’s to mid 90’s were so classic… for the most part! Hope the Top NPC amateurs and IFBB Pros go back to not relying so much on it.

  • Had Samir come into the 84 show in his 83 shape…I don’t think he would have beaten Lee..but I could have seen him coming in 2nd place.

  • Arnold somehow has among the greatest 3/4 backpose of all time. I suppose because of the low back insertion that flows into oblique.

  • 100mg of test eod, little bit of anavar, 76.5mg tren 2x week, winstrol 50mg eod. Bull-shittttt. 5’8 210 pounds shredded at 850mg total androgens with the quality mass he had???? hahahahahahahaha. I got a bridge to sell anyone who believes that. It’s funny how every single pro that talks about it used so little….while in every forum and anyone in the “know”, 3-5grams is minimum to compete at national level.

  • Hey Marx Max, I really dig your channel, so great, my soul… keep up the good work hopefully the many more thousands of viewers you deserve will begin tuning in soon… annyyywaaayyyy…

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger had unmatched stage presence and charisma which enabled him to beat even competitors who perhaps had superior physiques

  • No. Sammirs arms are bigger, tired of people saying samir doesnt have good arms. I feel like his arms are more symmetrical than lees and bigger. Lees biceps look small compared to samir.

  • Samir looked great. Still training and looks good. His cycle he mentioned was mild compared to some gear being used. I’m not a fan of insulin and would not use it unless I was a diabetic. Only my thoughts

  • This was interesting. He’s a veteran of the classic era, before the age of the mass monster, before the age of chemical warfare in bodybuilding.

  • I agree with Samir about insulin. He is right about insulin increases viseral fatty tissue growth. That’s why we see so many competitive bodybuilders with 5% bodyfat but 40 inch waists. Then you add that internal olmeglia growth of the intestines. Long term health seems to sadly not be a concern.

  • Fox was huge but he never had a flat lower stomach which was the norm for a champion back then. Haney also did not have a flat stomach like Makkawy or Bannout that year. Also Makkawy and Bannout had better aesthetics then both Fox and Haney.

  • I prefer Samir’s physique. He really does not have any weakness. He is like a shorter, larger Frank Zane. He should have been a multiple Olympia winner.

  • Among all Mr. O winners, I like Samir’s build the best. He also said (in a Weider mag) that he used a hypnotist to stay in the zone, & that he was even hypnotized over the phone by that guy.

  • There is a reason Lee was 8 times Mr O. As good as Samir was, he was no match the years after he’s initial win. He obviously couldn’t believe he placed out of the top 3 the year after winning the title.

  • Samir accomplished much with his physique. He won the WABBA World Championship and looked as polished as a living sculpture. His one Olympla is testament to his accomplishments.

  • Samir was a great bodybuilder but was never able to recapture his 1983 condition. Lee Haney outweighs Samir by at least 40 lbs, not really a fair comparison. Besides, they competed against each other several times with Haney winning all competitions from 1984 until he retired at age 31. Also Samir was 5 years older then Lee and an established bodybuilder before Lee even started lifting weights. Of course Samir won their competition in the 1983 Mr. Mr. Olympia, Lee’s first Mr. Olympia and only Olympia loss.

  • In my opinion Lee Haney is second greatest bodybuilder after Ronnie Coleman, he earned that with his amazing proportions, presentation musculature and stature with one of the best skeletal structures for bodybuilding, in my opinion structure wise he was better than Ronnie. Maybe we will never see a physique like Lee’s again.