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The 1980 Mr. Olympia Controversy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rare workout video for 1980 Mr Olympia

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[FULL] Bodybuilding Documentary Arnold Schwarzenegger The Comeback: Total Rebuild (1980 film)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr Olympia 1980 you’re the best

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: 1975 Mr. Olympia vs. 1980 Mr. Olympia: The Truth

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Rare Footage of 1980 Mr. Olympia

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The 1980 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held on October 4, 1980, at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The event was one of the most debated competitions in bodybuilding history. While training for his acting role in the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzeneggerstunned the bodybuilding world by unexpectedly coming out of retirement and entering the Mr. Olympia contest one day prior to the event.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Olympia 1970-1975, 1980. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger; born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-born American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician. Arnold served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria, a small village bordering the Styrian capital Graz, and was christened Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. Arnold retuned the next year sporting enhanced definition and size, and, at just 23 years old, he won the Mr. Olympia crown, becoming the youngest man to ever win the title.

It. Rare footage from the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Possibly the most controversial Olympia ever. Placings for the show in order was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Mike Mentze.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER — 1980. Arnold Schwarzenegger won six straight Olympia titles (1970-75) before, after a five-year hiatus, returning to Olympia competition in 1980 with another victory. At that event he couldn’t replicate his form or bodyweight of previous years, and so for the first and only time in his career he was booed. This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. The top prize and what Arnold Schwarzenegger won at the 1980 Mr. Olympia was only $25,000. The winner of the 2020 Mr. Olympia will win $250,000!

I am using the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding Mobile App!The 1980 Mr. Olympia Controversy Duration: 11:09.

Mr. Olympia 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Serge Nubret and Lou Ferrigno Duration: 4:56. ALL-TIME MR. OLYMPIA WINNERS 1965-2016. As Arnold was only 23 at the time, this victory made him the youngest ever Mr.

Olympia winner up to that point. Not stopping there, Arnold also went on to win the Mr. Olympia for a consecutive six times, all the way from 1970-1975.

17 rows · 1980 Mr Olympia Contest Results. Mr Olympia 1980 Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger.

List of related literature:

Arnold then went on to conquer the Mr. Olympia title seven times (six of those were won consecutively).

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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

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He briefly served in the Austrian army (1965) and then went on to win thirteen world champion bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe (1965–1980).

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Arnold had great, highly peaked biceps, and he was wide across the shoulders with a big rib cage.

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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

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In 1967 Schwarzenegger took first place in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition.

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Finally defeated for the Olympia title in 1972, he lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a controversial victory that many body-building experts claim might have been racially motivated.

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Later, these parallel lines converge at the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition in South Africa, where the perfectly sculpted Schwarzenegger defeats Ferrigno to win his seventh consecutive Mr. Olympia title before retiring from professional bodybuilding to start his movie career.

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In 1989 he created the Arnold Classic, a major physique contest held annually in Columbus, Ohio, which eventually became the Arnold Fitness Weekend, the largest multisport competition outside the Olympics.

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Grimek won the Mr. America title in both 1941 and ‘42 and, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a later era, changed and heightened public perception of bodybuilding.

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  • I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger but I still believe he won this fair and square despite what people say. What I do not understand is how Frank Zane placed 3rd??!! He did not have the mass for this. I know body building is mostly about asthetics, proportion and symmetry but you got to bring some size to the stage and Frank Zane did not have that. I am not a big fan of Mike Mentzer but I think he should have placed higher than Zane.

  • Great competition, lots of talent and Arnold won. But it was really close. Kudos to Zane, Mentzer and Platz plus Dennis and Boyer. Nice documentary.

  • He was light years ahead of everyone on that stage in 1980! To believe that he wasn’t the righteous winner would mean that Chris Dickerson had a chance to beat him and in my humble opinion this would be delusional!! 1974 was most likely the best and biggest version of Arnold! Thanks for the video.

  • Rodjer Walker was huge,Arnolds flat mate of 1969 was in charge the 1980 olympia, and the president in Australia of the ifbb,is that why Arnold won,please comment.

  • Arnold looked great. But…He in my opinion didnt have the best body that day. Lol I know there are a lot of politics involved, but he shouldn’t have won. Tom Platz looked absolutely stunning; but, I think either Boyer Coe or Zane should have won. Mentzer in at 2nd or 3rd. But, thats just my opinion.

  • They say Arnold shouldn’t have won but people need to relize he had only 8 weeks to get read while the rest had way more time almost a year some and it pissed them off deep down inside they must have wondered what would Arnold would have looked like if he had trained the same amount of time as the rest jealousy is a horrible thing maybe if he trained that long he would have made the others look very bad so they should be happy it was 8 weeks that way they can scream rip off.

  • No one at that time has ever seen legs like Tom Platz… he made thighs the new focal point in the sport… but as big as he was his thighs overwhelmed the balance between his upper an lower half….

  • Every time I see this video, I convince myself that Arnold had the best physique on stage, no matter what a bunch of haters say. He wasn’t at his best, but he was big enough and ripped enough to win that contest fair and square. To all the haters that say that he wasn’t at his best and shouldn’t have won or that he wasn’t as big as in 1974 or whatever, I say: What the he’ll matters if he wasn’t as big as in 1974? I remind you that he wasn’t competing against himself, he competed against Zane, Coe, Mentzer, Dickerson etc… and he won. Is that simple. They all looked great, but Arnold was the greatest that day, period. To those bitchin about Arnold’s legs, all of the other competitors had the same build on legs, except for Tom Platz who is famous for his legs. To me, Arnold looked great, and again, if not at his best, he was big and ripped enough to deserve the trophy.

  • Amazing footage. To hear about how you filmed this, very special. I’ve only seen pictures of 80 olympia. Your right, at least 10 guys good here. Mentzer all day for me though. Arnold was good but soft in the back and legs. But just imo.

  • Great too see this footage. From when testosterone still existed. Before everything became estrogenized and gentrified. Great stuff. Ahh, how things COULD be.

  • He is not even close to his 1975 shape, but his win in 1980 is not controversial to me. I used to think the same untill i saw the comparison photos with others, he was still the best.

  • You can’t compare Arnold to Arnold….. with only 8 weeks training he obviously felt like he could beat the other men on stage and he did!

    To say Arnold wasn’t the same is true however he still looked better than the other men on stage in the judges opinions!

  • Most people who know Arnie know what a shark of a person he really is he’s a winner, he gets what he wants. Nice guys don’t succeed.(women love bad boys!!)

  • First time I’ve ever see this. Arnold, Walker, Coe, Callendar and Tinerino top five. Zane looked too small, and truthfully Mentzer looked smaller the other guys I mentioned. Arnold wasn’t outstanding but good enough to win.

  • GREAT VIDEO!!! It looked to me like both Mike Mentzer and Frank Zane beat Arnold, whose upper legs were certainly under par on the day of this competition. But, as mentioned, Arnold winning sure helped the box-office numbers for Conan The Barbarian. And we all know that the IFBB is as honest and real as professional wrestling so why shouldn’t the final score match the script?

  • Arnold was only about 220 lb that show so he was downsized but in my eyes he still look better that night than anybody else did on that Olympia stage in 1980 who won my opinion

  • How can Mentzer beat Arnold when they stand to next to each other Mentzer has no chest or arms in comparison and legs are very similar.

  • Never knew about this. Doesn’t seem cool that Arnold just showed up and competed out of no where. Seems like a diyack thing to do.

  • Network Television was supposed to air the competition for the very first time on “national” tv but, because of the “obvious” and “blatant” favoratism shown to Arnold, they chose not to televise it because of the NEGATIVE and CORRUPT light that particular contest put on professional bodybuilding! Arnold’s “undeserved’ win hurt bodybuilding to the point that a “PAID” contract was already signed for the 1981 Mr. Olympia contest, and the network chose not to televise it because their opinion was, this contest was a sham and fixed and by televising it could probably put the network in a negative light….Hey, I didn’t make this up, it’s a FACT!!! And btw, I like Arnold!

  • What I dont understand is where the heck the video went that was took with that gargantuan camera that dude was operating down at the front. That’s prolly and awesome vid.

  • 7:55 was Roy Callender, not Bertil Fox. Before him was Roger Walker of Australia. Tony Emmott came out a minute later. Samir won the Olympia 3 years after this.

  • It’s true that in 1974-75 he was in better shape & condition, no argument at all. But still he was better than the other competitors at the 1980 Nr. Olympia, knowing that he wasn’t at his best overall.

  • hexaballs This needs to be explained: The original movie and music that was produced from the 1980 Mr Olympia was called The Comeback. But then in the U.K. they redubbed the music (I hate it), repackaged it, and titled it Total Rebuild in 1988. The scene(s) you’re showing is from the 1988 package (VHS Tapes which converted later on to DVD). It would be great to get the original The Comeback, because it kept the original posing songs from the contest PLUS it had cool music on its own. I had the original VHS tape from GMV Bodybuilding. It would be great if you can find that version. Thank you

  • Not sure if he should have won but he still looked damn good… it’s hard to say it was totally fixed with certainty as I could see him winning regardless.

  • But personally I believe Arnold should have been 3rd place. His abs weren’t that hot and definitely a weak point! That’s why the constant Wind Mill pose side to side. To hide that fact! Like he said you hide your weakness and get out of it quickly. But that wasn’t the only controversial win of his. Not taking nothing away from him because he is the goat next to Ronnie Coleman. His celebrity status definitely played a role in a couple of his wins in my opinion..����

  • Well, the guy tried it and won it… controversies or not he grabbed the prize and went on with his life. Can’t deny it but, Shwarzy is a pair of humongous balls on legs!

  • I know someone who was in the front row and they thought Boyer Coe looked particularly good. They also said Mentzer was nothing special like the rumor goes.

  • Arnold was amazing yes, but no he shouldNOT have won in 1980. There were others who were in far better shape. It was all politics. Mike Mentzer was in his greatest prime of his life, and one of the greatest of all time. Politics made him win. It was Arnold. Of course he was gonna win. It was decided before it even began. Frank Zane was the king of aesthetics.

  • He leaned up a lot for this Olympia. Looking back at some of his older performances, we was a lot heavier. This video shows Arnold in excellent proportion. I’ve been building on/off for 14 years, I know how it is to see transformations (weight, definition) change over years. Usually it gets better with age based on my experiences. Arnold beats everyone, there’s nobody that will come close, not even Cutler or Coleman, a bunch of roid-heads.

  • Dude you literally read basically word for word the Wikipedia summary for the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest. Do your own research and come up with your own content

  • I still think that Arnold shouldn’t have won it but I also feel that Mentzer wasn’t as good as everyone keep telling he was… Dickerson or Zane for me…

  • A lot of people claim that Arnold won because the competition was rigged. It is pretty clear that Arnold’s worst Olmypian physique still was better than the rest.

  • Yes he wasn’t at his best in Mr. Olympia 1980. But he was still bigger and looked better than anyone else. I still remembered when he posed in 1980 were the crowds went wild cheering and whistling him. And when He won, the crowd felt victorious as well. So who the fuck said that it was the most controversial Mr. O ever??? Unlike Ronnie, he had so many obvious robbery in Mr. Olympia. In fact, there are more uncrowned Mr. O in Ronnie’s reign. Not to mention against Gunter in 2002 were the crowd was highly upset and reacted wildly in the decision. Arnold won all his title clean and was never beaten. So indeed, He is the GOAT of bodybuilding.

  • Also CBS should release the forgotten footage they filmed of the contest back in 1980, Boyer Coe was told by CBS executives that the documentary of this contest is too controversial and will be canned, everyone begin a petition and write letter to CBS to release the footage if it hasn’t rotted away….
    Boyer Coe speaks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2cTc8WwZF4

  • I always felt Arnold looked far more impressive in this Olympia compared to how he looked in 1975. I think 1975 was probably his most unimpressive performances. He looked pretty slim which no doubt had to do with the movie ‘Stay Hungry’ which he had to go down to 210lbs to do the role. He may have not had enough time to bulk up to the impressive 240lbs he was in 1974(Which I always felt was his best year).

  • Mentzer was clearly better than Arnold. But, nobody outside of the bodybuilding world knew Mike Mentzer, so they gave it to Arnold. He should be ashamed.

  • I guess that I’m one of the few that thinks Arnold deserved the win in 80. No, he wasn’t as good as 75 but I still think he was better than his competitors in 80.

  • Not only Arnie is the best bodybuilder he also is the most handsome one ❤ the other guys are just average or ugly, Arnie has a beautiful smile….

  • From the images I saw of the 1980s Mr O, Arnold still dominated. I wish he had fully prepped for the show, because you can see in his 30’s muscular prime, he didn’t have to try hard to get back to near where he was. If only Arnold had continued to develop fully, he’d probably be the most winningest Mr. O’s of all time. However, his contribution to body building afterwards is far more impressive. He single handedly raised Bodybuilding from a niche to a mainstream sport.

  • Arnold 1980 version was not competing against Arnold 1975 version for the Mr Olympia. Wasn’t he competing against the other entrants? Ya, some other entrants had a better this part or that but the competition is about the whole. Hard to say he didn’t win that fairly

  • Arnold did this for the movie, Pumping Iron; otherwise, he wouldn’t have “competed.” I know you all know this. 40 years ago, so whatever.

  • Think he barely deserved top 3 -5 in 1980..only real advantage was his big chest and biceps by then. But for his other wins he was amazing and a better all round physique to modern winners, I really think they should go back to giving more points for aesthetics eg narrow waist and proportion, a classic type physique

  • Good video.
    One thing, you show a front lat spread vs a rear lat spread.
    There would be no need to tense the quads in a rear lat spread so that would explain the lack of detail in that image.
    You should show front to front.
    Arnold may not have been as good as his ’75 appearance but that was because he took it for granted and didn’t give it his complete focus for the necessary time period.
    If he put in one year of training prior to the ’80 O, with the focus he had in the past, he would have equaled, if not exceeded his ’75 form.
    If he really only trained for 8 weeks, imagine what a year would have done.
    Heck, even 6 months.
    I have to agree with many commenters, I think Arnold won, but it was questionable because he didn’t meet his prior level.
    Mentzer did have a very, very strong argument about the decision that day.

  • One thing from this MR.O was how Tom patze didn’t place top 6 or even top 4 but Arnold for the short window don’t blame Arnold blame the body builders who can say Arnold didn’t deserve the judges saw other wise they should have left and trained like a animal for 1981.and show the world see I am MR.O

  • IDk why he took retirement from Mr olympia Contest after winning the 1975 contest because he was indeed able to beat all the rivals till that 1980s contest and he was able to set the record of winning 11 Mr olympias consecutively.. which would become impossible for anyone to beat

  • Platz was much more dense and more ripped.  By today’s judging standards, he would have won.  Arnold’s was the more aesthetically pleasing shape.

  • Even arnold admitted his 74 best ever. He did screw mentzer and others at 80 olympia. Franco clearly screwed danny padilla in 81,we all know francos connection with ifbb judges. Olympia is full of screw job history.

  • Mentzer was a cry baby. Arnold’s physique although lacking was still stupidly crushing to the competition. the man was massive even out of his prime state.

  • Losing a Mr. Olympia contest that you should have won is like a murder; it has no statute of limitations. Such is the case for both the 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia competitions: won by Arnold (’80) and Franco (’81). It was Mike Mentzer’s contest to lose in 1980 where he placed 5th and Danny Padilla’s to lose in 1981 where he also placed 5th. Interestingly, Chris Dickerson who placed 2nd both in ’80 and ’81 would finally claim the trophy in 1982. He was likely the only competitor to have benefited in some way from having endured the ’80 and ’81 debacles.

  • I have seen a lot of videos on the 1980 olympia. Your comparison is very well done and in my opinion, it was very close but 1980 Arnold still deserved to win even though he was not as good as in 1975.

  • In 5 short years from ’75 to 80 the sport had evolved drastically. Arnold didn’t look his best by any means in this competition as the competitors had become more ripped as well as big. Even in ’75 Arnold wasn’t as shredded as these guys here in ’80. Being a former bodybuilder myself I had always heard about the ’80 and ’81 Mr. Olympia’s being rigged. Just by looking at these videos/photos you can tell that Arnold was NOT the best bodybuilder out there.
    By the way, Mentzer was always outspoken about Arnold for those that don;t know and the two had an on again off again love/hate relationship.

  • The golden era was and still the best in terms of quality of muscle, the strength of size and never looked bad as compared to today where we have mass monsters and trainers and judges who do not know the difference between what was good and what is worst

  • 1:18
    That is flat chest clear as a day for Mentzer.. i don’t know why he was placed at 5th.. he should be last with that flat chest.. he got like rock solid muscle that day but no Olympia winner shape.. instead of admitting defeat he quit.. definitely not a mindset of a deserving champion..

  • One of the most inspiring videos on the web… no matter what you do, this is a huge inspiration to the dedication and effort one can put into his own work.

  • Mentzer’s HIT sucks balls

    the guy ran around talking about how awesome HIT was and then Arnold came out of retirement and absolutely destroyed him with only a couple of months of high volume training

    if you want to damage your joints and injure yourself to hell then go ahead and do HIT

  • The comment below said it well, and we all know it, Arnold at 7% 80% of his normal was still better then the rest. Period, get over it. Its the simple truth.

  • What’s the point to compare Arnold to Arnold? He wasn’t in competition against himself from 5 years ago, he was in competition with the others and if you look at pictures he was indeed the obvious choice in 1980 and 1975. You don’t need a 4 minute explanation on why he was better in 75 than 80, it’s common sense

  • Not controversial with any real fans back in the day. Mike won the 80 and Platz won in 81. Zane as good as he looked was way too small. Arnold prob used his influence to win both 80 and then his best friend Franco in 81. Being involved with a Kennedy sure didn’t hurt.

  • No Instagram celebrities, no filters no Photoshop, not hungry for approval or likes, just hard work dedication, focus, concentration, seriousness and being real and no posing wearing a baseball hat backwards looking like a douch bag. The real pioneers of bodybuilding.

  • this one has the original music. Awesome! this was the contest where Mentzer jumped Arnold backstage, it was also the begining of the end of the golden age of bodybuilding. One reason was because Weider allowed Arnold to complete in that show.

  • Platz is incredible. He’s proof of the fact that you don’t have to have the Sandow to make a mark in the sport of Bodybuilding. He’s a legend

  • It’s the usual Arnold was the man they wanted on the screen on old was in good shape but other guys that work very hard to get on that stage where very good shape to has nothing to do with looks and has something to do with who you know and that’s how you get through the door like everything else America’s full of baloney sometimes more times than others

  • I remember this in 1980. Mike Mentzer was my fave and should have won. Frank Zane always claimed no steroids, Mr. Natural. I always thought he had the most definition.

  • This footage is not well shot or edited. When you see better footage and better pictures, Arnold should not have won this contest. Not only were his legs off, but so was his mid section. Plus when you see comparison shots with say Boyer Coe, who I think should have been either first or second, you will see that he did not have the striations and detail through the shoulders that Boyer had. IMO, I would have had him third or fourth in this contest. After, at least, Mentzer and Coe. All Arnold had here was his size and his fame. Plus his connections to the judges.

  • Arnold was awesome that day/night, his presence on stage was amazing when I look at the photos and the grainy video I think it was very close, at the pre judging I thought Roger Walker or Chris Dickerson would win they looked awesome. Arnold looked a lot better at the night time show as he had lost a lot of the fluid he was carrying earlier in the day and his posing was a lot better. Frank Zane looked really good while on stage on his own he has great symmetry and posed extremely well but when he was on stage during the pose off he was blown out of the water by the bigger guys. Amazes me there is no mention of what went on after the show with Mike Mentzer and his brother Ray wanting a piece of Arnold. Frank Zane smashed his trophy backstage. Did Arnold deserve the win? It was a bit like “Rope a Dope” Arnold the the great manipulator played with their heads and also got away with murder onstage not hitting the poses he was suppose to and playing up to the crowd.

    It goes down in history that Arnie won and on the night the 6 of us thought he did as well.

  • There was booing from the audience throughout the announcements of the placing and, when it announced that Arnold had won, the booing became thunderous…but, obviously, the fix was in…

  • Mentzer was spoiled and acted as a spoiled brat. His chest was thin and his muscles looked the same when he posed. No change unlike Arnold.

  • Why does the music got changed when frank zane is posing at 15:00? It’s basically “One of these days” by pink floyd and that makes the scene really intense

  • Roger Walker was huge and definitely much better than Arnold..He deserved a lot better placing..This competition was organized and planed well in advanced by the Mafia of bodybuilding along with their agents and corrupt organizers and promoters in Australia..Fuck them all..

  • Arnold even knew he was put in favor here, besides that ”do something in 8 weeks that most guys prepare in one year or two years in advance.” such a false statement on many levels, nevertheless Arnold is a hero

  • Legs was Arnold’s only body part that was arguable. He had the best CHEST,BACK,BIS,TRIES,SHOULDERS,UPPER TORSO! He smoked everyone that year. Mentzer wasn’t even close to winning.

  • Don’t like the fact that these guys were on roids..that said Zane’s size and definition make the size freaks look ridiculous and disgusting.Of course no bodybuilder can hold a candle to Steve Reeves!

  • Not one of Arnold’s best moments. He did it because he could get away with it. Mentzer strong of body, unstable in many other ways never recovered which is not just sad but a real tragedy. Am glad Arnold took a higher road the rest of his career. As we all know Life is not fair

  • I’ve always been a big Arnold fan his arms are great…. But Lee Priest has the best arms ever even Larry Scott has to take a back seat to him….

  • These guys looked so much more like natural, well muscled athletes than the freaks in bodybuilding today. I wonder if Arnold got extra points for that bubble on his upper back…not sure if its muscle or something else.

  • I talked to Mike a couple times before he died. He ALWAYS said ‘I never said I should have won, but Arnold absolutely didn’t deserve it.’
    After watching multiple clips of this Olympia, I can’t help but agree. Mentzer should have been top 2-3, and Arnold more like 4-5. I’d love to see some current judges get together and judge this one.

  • you gotta feel bad for the other competitors who lose to a superior Arnold at only 75% coming off a 5 year hiatus and only training 8 weeks. The sport really did stand still while he was gone. Can you imagine how insane he’d have looked if he never retired and kept getting bigger/better every year through the late 70s? He retired at 27 y/o in 1975 (before this return). Most modern day bodybuilders are just getting into their prime at 30 y/o.

  • The blue trunks was Roger Callendar and the other one wich you first thought could be Emmett was Roger Walker…and wow..how amazing must it be to look back and be able to say that you were there.

  • Arnold looks as good or better than the other competitors. And his height puts him over the top. If that’s his worst showing, it just means no one had a chance of beating him in ‘75.

  • Mentzer, Dickerson and Zane had the best conditioning. I think these 3 should’ve been in the top 3. I consider it a toss-up between these 3. Arnold was to me still the most aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t mean he should have won. He had obvious weaknesses.

  • I will give this to Mike, his muscles looked very dense and had a hard look compared to Arnold who, always being massive, had a softer striated appearance ��

  • Mentzer in 1980. Ahh-nold should have placed no higher than 6th. Ahh-nold was sweating throughout the 1980 contest because he knew he was losing. Thank you judges $$$ he said.

  • Lots of people would say Arnold doesn’t deserve to be the Mr Olympia 1980 but what I see nd I can tell everyone can see it clearly that no one is looking better than Arnold in side poses! Arnold’s biceps is gifted so it wasn’t easy for any competitor to beat Arnold in biceps poses I think that was a plus point to win Mr. Olympia 1980 competition.

  • I dont know what people are bitching about I think Arnold looks pretty fucking on point. Keep in mind the guy has near perfect genetics so even without being up to his full previous form he still naturally just looks amazing. And I mean look at him… hes still fucking huge in this. Keep in mind this is 1980 Mr. Olympia, this isnt the modern day freakshow Mr. Olympia we have now. Arnold naturally had amazing proportion and symmetry. And could somehow get his upper body to be huge while maintaining a small waist. His legs were never all that big, even in his earlier Mr. Olympia days.

  • You must be loaded! You had a top dollar camera for the day and nice seats at an O that made history. The late mike mentzer or Tom Platz were destroying Arnold.

  • Allthough he was not in his best shape and his posing routine looked quite old fashioned and simple, Arnold is the alltime king of bodybuilding.

  • The narrator was very good here, but misinformed about several things. In commenting about the movie Conan The Barbarian which Arnold would eventually star in, he said that it had just come out. But his timetable is way off…this was late 1980 and Conan didn’t come out until 1982. Also Bev Francis never benched over 400 lbs. Her best lift in that was 335….still incredible for a woman.

    Arnold still looked pretty good, and his posing and presentation were excellent. Did he deserve to win? I don’t know, he was somewhat weak in certain areas. It was bothersome that his thighs weren’t quite on par with the upper body, and yet his calves were among the best. Arnold’s legs were never his strong point, but that never seemed to hold him back. When he’s standing relaxed, the legs look a bit slim and out of proportion. If your’e going to believe he deserved to win, you had to overlook the relative weakness in the legs. His back development was off in comparison to many of the others. But in terms of the rest of the upper body, he still had that signature look of mass and finish that is difficult to transcend. His chest, shoulders and arms all looked very good. He looked the most massive in those areas and he was the tallest.

    If I had to pick the competitor that stood out though, it would be Arnold despite the flaws. Maybe being taller is an advantage, but no one else dominated the stage the same way. No one else there was without some flaws(s), as good as they were. Mentzer and maybe Dickerson to me had the most balanced physiques. But when Mentzer is seen sideways he appears almost shallow chested, lacking mass in that area. You don’t see that at all with Arnold. He always had that incredible upper chest. And Dickerson was very good, but his arms were on the small side. Zane was as good as he ever was, but he just looked too light. I’d have to say though that I think Arnold got a pass here that he probably didn’t deserve. He was deficient in too many areas to have come out on top of all those outstanding competitors.

  • Tho im a big fan of Arnold but i believe there’s some politics have been done here to make him achieve the Mr. Olympia title that year.I can see Frank Zane is the most competitive in the stage. His definitions were more mature than Arnold at that time.

  • That was incredible. The most scandalous Mr.O until now. Arnold without triceps and abs, showing 7-8 biceps poses, 2 most muscular and 2 backs was put on 1st. Surely the 1980 was won by the judges.

  • when Arnold said he felt uncomfortable on stage & didnt want to be the center of attention….. thats when he knew that the sport was changing & his time was up. Look at his face & confidence compared to Pumping Iron in 77

  • When Zane is posing the retard camerman keeps shooting Zane’s hand. Ohhhh, look at his hand in that pose. Definitely beats Mentzer.

  • Mike Mentzer is massive ripped and aesthetic, such a tiny waist in his front double bicep shot. Arnold has those big German grandmas hips.

  • Arnold maybe in 5th or 6th place at least, Think about this Why would CBS Sports travel 10,000 miles to Australia to film a contest and then never show it on national TV, They knew well that it was a big fix. Why would Arnold risk 6 previous Olympia wins and on top of that was out of competition for 5 long years and never faced more than 3 to 4 opponents and a Conan movie coming up for 8 weeks training? Arnold knew well before he even got to Australia that they were going to hand him the contest. I just cannot believe that people buy into Arnold winning this.

  • Arnold, not at his best and about 15 kilos ( 33 pound ) lower bodyweight than in 1974 still he was the best. Remember that Chris Dickersson was nr 2 and if he was that good the rest has nothing to do abowe Arnold in this contest.

  • arnold wasnt at his best….ok. neither was zane or walker. he was friends with the judges……..really??? all the competitors wereso he couldnt compete because he was 20 years ahead of the curve by promoting shows??his abs werent sharp…… an dickersons were??? his thighs were small??so were zanes…his leg biceps werent good…..they were never a standout….etcetcetc…. he only trained 8 weeks boohooo. ive heard the (id have won if i had the same drugs arguement} before. its politics??? really….theyre all Weider boys. its just not fair that arnold had a xmas tree low back an vacumm…again booohooooo.he overwhelmingly won 3 of the 8 mandatory poses. an close on 2 others but no one else overwhelmingly won more than 2. the numbers are what they are a lot of the photos show the other competitors relxing in between poses…..really??? thats a nono in this era.

  • Mentzer was incredible, but Arnold at 80% of his best was still dwarfing him in both structure and muscularity. Almost no one else in history has had the ridiculous proportions of Arnold

  • Boyer Coe still bitching about having to get on a plane and travel for more than 10 hrs 40 years on. Get over it. It’s known as THE REST OF THE WORLD!
    Never a chance of winning anyway

  • Arnold’s 1980 Olympia routine


    Bench press
    Incline press
    Cable crossovers

    T-bar rows
    Bent over rows
    Cable rows


    Military press
    Side raises
    Rear raises
    Front raises
    Cable side raises

    Barbell curls
    Incline curls
    Dumbbell curls
    Preacher curls

    One arm extensions
    Bench dips
    Triceps extensions

    Wrist curls
    Reverse curls


    Leg extensions
    Leg press
    Leg curls
    Standing calf raises
    Seated calf raises

    Leg raises

    Each bodypart hit 3 times a week

    Spilt mon, weds, fri chest/back/legs
    Tues, thurs, sat shoulders/arms

    Abs and calves done every training day

    Sets and reps Arnold used the pyramid scheme

    5 sets per exercise

    Set 1 light weight 15 reps warm up
    Set 2 add weight 12 reps
    Set 3 add weight 10 reps
    Set 4 add weight 8 reps
    Set 5 add weight 6 reps to failure or 1-2 reps shy of failure

  • From what I saw, the areas in which Arnold was the strongest blew away his competition. But in the areas he was weakest, he wasn’t really being blown out by guys that were beating him. Like that one pic of all of them doing rear double bicep. Some had a little bit better back, but Arnold’s biceps were overwhelmingly better. Mentzer couldn’t touch Arnold’s chest, and was blockier. Zane came in way light because of his injury.

    I think it’s up for debate whether anyone else could have won. But we were also still in a time where aesthetics mattered, which explains Zane the year before, and Dickerson coming in second in 1980. I think Arnold still had a top three look that year on aesthetic form alone.

  • how is it politics, arnold won 5 mr universe’s and 6 mr olympia’s before he won this one, hes got years of hard work and training on top of him, thats made him a champion, fair enough a 5 year gap out from competing but not from bodybuilding, he said in pumping iron its the greatest sport ever, and to be honest the body never forgets a hard work out, muscles remember, especially when hes been there before and thats quite an accomplishment like he says, to do 6 months of training that body builders would do in a year or 2, to win it a 7th time, is incredible, but to be honest after watching pumping iron, arnold tends to focus mainly on his upper body, his arms and back are huge, and honesty even though he has large legs, they seem small compared to his upper body, i think thats what the judges are mainly focusing on, the guy is a beast, as for frank zane, that pose with his hands on his head and sucks in his stomach omg he looks like a skeleton >.< and tom platz amazing body builder for a small guy, great legs, great upper body, but arms look small in comparison to his legs, respect to all of the body builders like its aot of pain and hard work to sculpt a figure that they have, but in the end arnold won just like platz said, if he trained again and cameback, he would win, they all respect him and friends even though there is alot of mindgames when it comes to the day of the competition, bodybuilding is not only physical, but mental and psychological process aswell if you want to be a champion, bodybuilding wouldnt be the same without arnold, he made bodybuilding achieve so much that even today in 2015 people like jay cutler,ronnie coleman and other bodybuilders admire him

  • Look at Arnolds face when posing. He knew he out of his depth here. Bodybuilding had moved on and improved so much since Arnie won in 1975. Arnold was totally shocked at how much bodybuilding had moved on.

  • Arnold not as massive as when he retired, he was still in great shape for the 1980 Olympia and was the winner. Calves, Back, Abs, Deltoids and biceps still there at this show.

  • trained with kit laughlin in 2011 at the ANU in Canberra learning strength, stretching, flexibility and posture. best knowledge i’ve ever picked up in my life

  • regardless of the outcome this was a great lineup, they all looked great. I saw Zane in person during this era guest posing @ the Mr. Canada held in montreal. got to chat with him after. the epitome of what Mr. Olympia should look like. unlike the two legged cattle masquerading as bodybuilders these days. who the hell wants to be 300lbs(unless you’re 6’5″ or taller) all those cattle “bodybuilders” look ridiculous. all these guys in this video look fantastic

  • Could be politics as they play a huge role in bodybuilding, but look at the pics, arnold was in great condition here, he deserved the win, it’s not like he was 15% bf and small, he had good size, good conditioning, and his great shape from genetics

  • The whole 1980 Mr. Olympia is so fucked up strictly because he showed up after a 5 year layoff a little smaller, but clearly the most ripped person on stage and biceps and chest made a joke out of mentzers dead ass!

  • Arnold never had to compete against that much competition before.He must of been nervous unless he knew he was going to win ahead of time.

  • Zane is to small, Mentzer is to blocky, Dickerson is to small and has weak arms. Arnold was not at his best but was still good enough to win. Just goes to show you how great he really was. He could of won the Mr Olympia 16 times if he wanted to. He was so far ahead of his time.

  • What’s the controversy? He had the physique, charisma, appearance, posing routine, the works. That’s why he won. He was the best on stage that day. So, what’s the controversy?

  • I think  the piece @ around 12:00 finally confirms what i’ve always known…bodybuilders look WAY better and muscles more visable WITHOUT fake tan

  • The most controversial Olympia based on physiques is CLEARLY the last appearance of Dorian Yates. He should never have been on the stage with all those disfiguring injuries and his new experiment with insulin made him look terrible. This 1980 Olympia, based on film and photos of physiques was certainly believably Arnold’s. Mentzer didn’t have the fullness and size he had previously and looked drawn out look at his face. No, the only thing controversial was the politics and backstage stuff.

  • Looks really full here. Was so flat onstage, hence the controversy. Should have stepped onstage here. Had been away for awhile so looks like he may have got some bad advice on final prep or dropping water.

  • When theres camera around you gotta make it sound like this.. its a 10 pound plate but you gotta make it sound like it was 1000 pound plate..

    arnold 1980

  • Arnold still wins for best upper body development/size but it’s close so I can understand disparate views. Before 1980 he would have walked it.

  • It’s funny how times have changed. In those times they worked out and worked out with a purpose now you have people in the gym just to hang out and chill. It’s the complete opposite not to mention the male species has been degraded and pussified along the way as well by Hollywood and Media programming.

  • The rear double biceps at 2:50 is almost identical. In fact his calves in ’80 look bigger. This is why Arnold won and all the crybabies just need to get over it.

  • Arnold was not in his best of shape( 2 months of prep only) but still he’s the biggest and Mentzer was bloated too in the old school quality. Arnold is still the winner no matter what.

  • I watched vhs version this isnt original music. Arnolds routine was exodus theme. Tom platz was using christopher cross ride like the wind. Zane was using some pink floyd instrumental in original vhs copy dont know why they changed it

  • They all came in looking small because they were trying to beat Zane’s asthetic look, which was popular at the time. Then sub-par Arnold gate crashed the party and wiped the floor with them with 10% of his top half missing and no legs, thats my boy!

  • Just like boxing, you have to take the title from the champ. A couple of these guys arguably had more complete overall physiques, but they were not far enough ahead to pull away from Arnold. His legs were lacking thickness, but his upper body still showed his superior shape and genetics. His biceps and chest were subpar in comparison to his 70’s condition, but still were better than everyone else’s. Factor in personality, charisma and his iconic presence….. realistically, the rest of the field would have had to be drastically better than Arnold. They weren’t.

  • I still think Arnold looked better than the other competitors. His upper body at least. His bis were still at the top of his game. His legs obviously were weak not good. But I think looking at it him winning wasn’t that crazy when u compare him to the others.

  • I really can’t tell how much of it is just due to familiarity but I really feel Arnold still looks like a reasonable pick for winner in that lineup.

    It’s a much closer race than it would have been half a decade prior, but still I don’t think this choice necessitates a conspiracy to explain.

  • The music from this 1988 version is much better than the one in the original version from 1980. The people who complain about the change have a pitiful taste. 80s music beats the 70s crap by a mile.

    All the bodybuilders in this video are inspirational to me. I hope I will manage to look at least half as good as they did.

    Greetings from Romania!

  • I think there is a problem with the photographic method or the angle of the capture because even Tom Platz his legs look a bit weak, I think that Arnold was not his best but he was the best this year and deserves to win

  • I do not understand what the controversy was all about. Apart from Mentzer, no other bodybuilder was in a better shape than Arnold in 1980. If not 1st, Arnold would have been 2nd. Zane was lucky to be 3rd. He shouldn’t have been in the top 6.

  • Mentzer should have won. Arnold looked like shit. Looks out of shape and not lean and ripped. Looks like he ready for vacation not Mr Olympia

  • After looking at all the comparison pics in this video, I think Arnold won fair and square. The competition was close but Arnold looked a little better that the other competitors.

  • This is what YouTube is all about. Sharing video footage that is hard to find. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome footage. Reg Park looked like he should have completed in the 1980 Mr. Olympia. He could of at least placed in the top 5. He had ripped abs.

  • This is more like a beauty contest than a sport because opinion is involved…weightlifting is a sport because there’s no opinion.

  • Mentzer should have taken it. I mean, just take a look at that beautiful gut! And those underdeveloped pecs!

    Wait, what do you mean he tied in 4th place?!

  • Frank zane most overrated BB ever!! A skinny ectomorph that didint have to watch his fats like most pros blamed his small amount of muscle on keeping BB an art form.

  • Arnold still beat everyone, just look up some good quality images. The only thing lagging was his leg thickness. That is visible from 2 poses. The rest he beat them hands down

  • The proper aspect ratio of this Is 4:3 not stretched to 16:9 as this Is. Zane takes on a whole new level of skinny under normal viewing conditions, and Arnold’s legs disappear completely.

  • Two things I love about this video:
    1.) Don Corleone posing lol, all respect
    2.) Little Franco getting up on his tippy toes to oil up Arnold����

  • arnold did what noone could do, 8 week transformation, out of action 5 years,acceptable the fact tha he was no so much shape, 228 pounds you see, BUT he was golden, he knew to POSE and expose his guns to win

  • Boyer is in his 60’s now and that was Roy Callendar, not Bertil Fox. I think ’82 or ’83 was Bertil’s 1st Olympia. The other guy you weren’t sure of was Roger Walker. Zane looked great. I think he should have won again.

  • Mentzer was shredded, granite-hard, symmetrical, muscular, and had a tiny waist. Arnold beat him in some of the biceps poses, but Mentzer displayed an overall better physique-in my opinion.


  • arnold was the best in this competition and i don t get the criticism as for example second place dickerson was a poor bodybuilder and became the least impressive mr olympia ever.

  • Arnold’s in 19 73 that was his best conditioning 74 that was his biggest I believe she weigh 245 lbs for that show so you could toss a coin which you like better I like 74

  • Nick 50 thousand dollars in 1985 in today’s money it was about 400. thousand so it was a lot of money man!!! Plus the Olympia wasn’t as main stream as today! And Arnold still looked to best out of all of them, lmao a bunch of whinny babies there loss!!!

  • Visited Sydney Australia in 2016, when I saw and entered the Sydney Opera house, this contest was the first thing that came to mind….. Why the Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding of today doesn’t capture that classic feeling is unfortunate. Cheers

  • I really enjoyed this; for my money, as much as i love Arnold. I think Mike Mentzer had it in Spades!
    Judges were clearly Corrupt as Fk

  • Hard not to be biased, but I reckon Arnold deserved it in the end. Yeah, he was considerably smaller than his 1975 version, which is probably why everyone else thought they had a chance or it was rigged, but Zane never had the size to beat Arnold and Mentzer’s mid-section was all blocky + smaller chest and arms. No idea how Dickerson got top 5 let alone 2nd.

  • Its not about the muscles and conditioning in 1980
    He only had more body fat than his 1975 Mr olympia in 1980
    I think he had round about 8% body fat in 1975 and 11% in 1980
    Arnold is always way better than other contestants till today

  • first time seeing this…have too go with Mentzer…just look at his size starting fro 8:05 of this video…and he had quads and calfs to match. Arnolds legs weren’t even up to Mr Florida standards…come on guys look at the video at 8:05..thats enough for me.

  • what about zane for example? he was never big still won few olympias cause it was mostly bout the whole package back then so arnolds win is fare n square imo

  • I’m not a bodybuilder fan at all even if i go to the gym 2 time a week but i find this documentary very intersting when it comes to the comparison of philosophy between platz and arnold.
    Arnold believes in occidental philosophy to go better and stronger and to get glory. He does not want to waste his life, he want to conquer the world and that’s what he did. He’s one of the most famous person in the world, but in order to achieve this, i think he gave away a part of his humanity, as we can see in pumping iron when he says he didn’t even attend to his father burial in order to focus on the competition only. His girlfriend of the time said arnold was becoming more and more”colder”.

    Platz on the other hand do the sport for himself, he does it not because he want recognition but because it’s the way he found to tend to the “infinite”, to the “absolute”that johnatan livingston was aiming at. He’s like a “monk” of bodybuilding and the way he sculpts his body represent the way he found to get closer to god, not in religious way but in a spiritual way.

    But it’s just my opinion:D

  • Great video. You really smashed it. Any chance of one on the Weider/Mentzer fallout? As an aside, really appreciate what you’re doing on this channel and that you’re sharing your passion for the sport. Keep ’em coming!

  • Was a big Arnold fan prior to this Olympia, but this decision was disgraceful and clearly rigged, and it only got worse the following year. Arnold was clearly not in top shape, and there were others more deserving of the title. That was the end of following competitive bodybuilding for me.