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FRANK ZANE (1977, 1978 & 1979)

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Would The *1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger* Defeat The *1979 Frank Zane*?

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Robby Robinson Vs Frank Zane (1978 Mr.Olympia)

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• Frank Zane won his second consecutive Mr. Olympia title. Frank Zane wins the fourteenth annual Mr. Olympia contest held during September, 1978 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio.

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1977 IFBB Mr. Olympia (Under 200 lbs & Overall Winner) 1978 IFBB Mr. Olympia (Under 200 lbs & Overall Winner) 1979 IFBB Mr. Olympia (Under 200 lbs & Overall Winner) 1980 IFBB Mr. Olympia (3rd, after suffering a near-fatal injury at his home, requiring lengthy hospitalization) 1981 (Did not compete; boycotted the Mr Olympia contest after the.

23 rows · 1978 Mr Olympia Contest Results. Mr Olympia 1978 Winner Frank Zane. Frank Zane Tribute HD Mr.

Olympia 1977-1978-1979 Raúl HPC. Loading Unsubscribe from Raúl HPC? All Mr Olympia Champions From 1965-1995 Duration: 30:27. Random Frank Zane the King of Aesthetics Duration: 9:57. Nick’s Strength and Power 593,215 views.

9:57. FRANK ZANE EL MISTER OLYMPIA SIN GENÉTICA Duration: 8:29. hugo van. Frank Zane was the best built man on Earth. Smith, Mayor; Grace Weneke, recorder; and John Caldabaugh, Peter Garrett, John Forster, Granville Snodgrass and Frank Zane, members of council. A two-time Mr Olympia winner, many people consider Zane’s abs to.

Frank Zane (born June 28, 1942) is an American former professional bodybuilder and author. He is a three-time Mr. Olympia, and his physique is considered one of the greatest in the history of bodybuilding due to his meticulous focus on symmetry and proportion. 12 hours ago · Universe 1968 Mr.

Olympia winner Frank Zane. Online Louisiana Death Records Indexes. Frank Zane Mr. Learn important facts about history’s most notorious crimes, including famous murder cases, serial killers, mass murderers, gangsters, and outlaws. He was a native of this State, and a member of Humboldt.

Old School Bodybuilder: Frank Zane Workout Nutribody November 7, 2016 Classic Bodybuilder Workout Bodybuilding legend Frank Zane won Mr. Olympia three times, from 1977 – 1979. Even though there are competitors with more victories, there aren’t many who are considered more aesthetic than Frank Zane.

This is a fan requested comparison between Robby Robinson and Frank Zane at the 1978 Mr.Olympia event.

List of related literature:

Frank Zane was good enough to win his share of victories in the sixties, but it wasn’t until the seventies that he achieved the perfection of development that allowed him to be victorious in three Mr. Olympia competitions.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The first five Mr. Olympia winners — Scott, Oliva, Arnold, Frank Zane, and I — were all accorded superstar status.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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Frank Zane had held the title for three years, and at least a dozen contenders were jockeying to win, including guys I saw at the gym every day.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sergio Oliva had also won the Mr. Olympia contest.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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By 1967, Oliva was on top of the bodybuilding world with the IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia crowns to his name.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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This change can be seen in the physiques of more recent Mr. Olympia winners and top contenders; fewer were around the 300-pound (136 kg) mark onstage.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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He briefly served in the Austrian army (1965) and then went on to win thirteen world champion bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe (1965–1980).

“Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints and Voices” by Roger Chapman
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By nineteen, with the help of an inhuman workout schedule and gradually increasing steroid abuse, Brad had won national and even a few international competitions.

“I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” by Terrence Real
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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
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It was Weider’s Muscle and Fitness and Flex that targeted the serious bodybuilders, and it was his Mr. Olympia contest that provided the stage for bodybuilding’s revolution in the 1960s.

“Encyclopedia of American Folklife” by Simon J Bronner
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  • You have to remember frank zane was into symmetry and proportions not into the biggest arms or legs.or chest. If you look at bodybuilding today. They have hour glass shape about them. Their thighs are so overdeveloped it looks so ridiculous

  • Robinson has the better metrics and lines undoubtedly. Very talented. Yet something about zane is more appealing to look at when comparing the two. Tough one.

  • Come on Marx, Frank Zane destroy Robby 3 times for the Mr Olympia back in the 70’s You know this was my era and I remember back in the 70’s how every big bodybuilder used to say how he was going to destroy Zane at the Olympia but once they all stood next to him it was over, It was that simple. They could not compare with his symmetry and definition and posing. Robby never got it right in any of the Olympia when he competed against Zane.

  • Robbie was awesome no doubt. Yet, when it came to peaking for the Olympia, he could never seem to nail it. If Robbie came in at his best, he may have won vs Zane but Frank always came in top condition. It’s one of those comparisons where it would have been great to be there and see what the judges saw. Another thing, the black background so many late 70’s and early 80’s did not favor the darker skinned guys as far as pictures. Robbie and Roy Callander especially showed up poorly in those pictures from Olympia’s in the decades.

  • Too bad photos ( or videos for that matter) don’t tell the whole story. I just saw Wayne Demilla’s interview and he refused to give an opinion of the newer guys based on photographs. He said ” Unless I’m right there looking at them, I’m not going to have an opinion”

  • Besides..it’s apples and oranges..personally though Robby was and is one of my favorites but he always missed his mark on these contests.. looked great..like the sure winner leading up then fell flat on his face..he never really got his conditioning down till the Grand Prix series of contests started.then he really went in his run..get ya shit straight buddy

  • Not fa nuthin…I’m 58 years old so I remember these contests and your taking shots from different shows and calling them the 78 Olympia…now you’ve got some valid points but get ya story straight…your younger audience might not know but I’m telling you your misrepresenting here.

  • I can help you with that Joey. Go to his website and yeah he is still in shape. In you 20 and 30`s is cool, but your 60`s? I would be proud of myself if i am in still good shape then!

  • Frank Zane holding up the sandow almost bought a tear to my eye. What a legend. A physique people can actually attain. I still wanna look like him 15more lbs and i hope to get there.

  • Thanks for making this video. As a teenager, I met Robbie two weeks after the 78 Mr O. It was at a local show and both Frank Zane and Robbie Robinson were guest posing. After the show I got Robbie’s autograph and asked him why he wasn’t Mr Olympia as he was much bigger. He explained that it was up to the judges and they like to see more definition. I didn’t understand what he meant by this as his muscle were bulging out from under his clothes. His arms were unbelievable and triceps were amazing so being young, I said, “But you’re way bigger, you should have won!” Robbie just said naw, that’s not how it works. Zane overheard and turned and just kind of smirked. He was the first bodybuilder I met and was humble and took the time to sign for everyone, then said he had to go eat. I didn’t get that one either until later.

    I think for 79, Robbie tried to come in too small and beat Zane by being more ripped and competed in the under 200 which, judging by his placing was a mistake.

    As for 78 Zane at that show, he looked small and unimpressive but it was a guest posing. He had a decent V taper in street clothes but otherwise looked like a normal person. I got a good view of the V taper as he headed for the door after signing a few autographs. Everyone was crowded around Robbie.

  • Regardless of what people say about Arnold, I, and I bet most people, would rather have his physique than any other competitor at the 1980 Mr O. It just has a look thats desirable. Frank Zane a close second IMHO. Mentzer had zero chest development compared to Arnold. And Arnolds legs, whilst not his best ever for that muscle area, were still not that bad.

  • If u ever get the chance to do it would love to see lee lebrada vs rich gaspari, both in their best shape and if u have already done that then Rami vs the 03 mr Olympia

  • Frank Zane posing music to these comparisons. Arnold was still off but looked to be best overall at this Mr. Olympia contest. His calves made his legs complete.

  • Mentzer, what a v taper, Dickerson, torn pec boob, torn bicep, deformed elbow, Coe his thighs don’t look right, no outer sweep, deformed abs. Arnold big wide hips, no thighs.

  • When Arnold flexed he was the best because his muscles would change and enlarge. His legs matched his upper body and his upper body was fluidly massive.He won. Because he commanded the stage and looked like the winner that day.

  • 79 Frank..against 80..Arnold…no contest..Frank….to be honest..79 Frank..I’d give a shot against 75 Arnold…have you done that comparison yet..if not..I’d like to see it

  • Arnold won due to politics, he was IFBB puppet. Most people booed in 1980 at Arnold win. Arnold’s chest and arms were probably best but who won a contest fairly with only 1 or 2 great body parts?

  • eh.. why after 80′ this beatiful sport went in the direction monster mass, not aesthetics ;'( old school bodybuilders was look like ancient greek and roman gods, now just meat monsters as unit Abomination from Warcraft III lol

  • c´mon bro.., the 1980 arnold was good enough to win every olympia from 1970 until 1983.
    1984 lee haney would beat arnold from 1980, but nobody else could beat the terminator…

  • not even close. Zane is tiny and gets blown off the stage, yes, even in Arnold’a 1980 condition. He literally beats him in every body part and pose. This isn’t even a fair competition. Zane is the worst Mr. O ever. Yes, even Dickerson smokes him

  • 1:22 that stupid angle from below just favors Mentzers super blocky physique and makes Arnold look tiny. Arnold never looked great from below because of the way his muscles taper.
    1:30 put them side by side at a more neutral angle and Mentzer looks like a kid next to Arnold.

  • You are righ mildred. I was reading about him and he was liek 180-185. Probably more. But he beat Arnold and he shows people that you do not have to be like 280 to be ripped! Go Frank!

  • funny enough I found this after looking at dorian yates someone had posted that zane whoever he was looked great.
    Im know nothing about bodybuilding but this guy looks great and the yates guy looked like he over did things

  • I trained with Mike Mentzer from 1987 to 1994. He was my trainer when I became serious about bodybuilding in 1987. We would speak on the phone, from NY to CA. I’d send him a check and he’d call. This was long before the internet. I bought his tapes, he would send me cassette tapes. As an ectomorph with many meso qualities, by age 17, having begun weight training at age 10, I knew that I needed to do something different than Volume Training. Mentzer’s HIT principles were to me, an idea that seemed perfectly logical, and I made the switch. By 1994, I had wanted to visit Mike and train at Gold’s Gym. I still recall puking through the chain link fence at Gold’s after doing leg extensions, racking the machine with Menzter standing on the rack, then having to jog over to the squat rack for 500lb free weight squats. I puked, then came back and did hamstrings and calves. Mike was a very interesting person within a sport of mouth breathers. He quoted Ayn Rand often. He made the reading of ‘Fountainhead’ a requirement. He wore ripped jeans, a baggy Gold’s sweatshirt, and had a clip board with a pad of paper. It was $1K cash to train with him in-person for the week. We did Chest/Back, the next day was Legs, third day was Arms, just as I had been doing for 7 years. The last day was a 15 minute chat at the picnic table at Gold’s. He brought his book, ‘Heavy Duty’ and autographed it for me. I asked about the uncomfortable topic of the 1980 Olympia and he wouldn’t talk about it. He told me I could stay in California, but that unless I was willing to take the steroids, there was no future, that I could stay and do fitness clothing modeling, but that I should go home to NY, and find what is next. He said it, and it was true; at age 24, having trained since 1980, training super hard for 7 years, I reached the top of my mountain. I had never, did not and will not ever take any steroids. I had no interest in staying in CA, it was something I dreamed of doing when I first saw ‘Pumping Iron’ at age 10, in 1980, and having been there, trained in Venice, at Gold’s at World, spending a week with Menzter, I flew home. I am 47 years old now, and think of Menzter every time I train. I still do the high intensity, short, few sets, super sets, slow movements with contractions, and the kids still have no idea what I do. I put this up, and post photos every few days, and I think of Mentzer every time, check it out: https://www.instagram.com/kp1790/ Cheers to Mike. Ask me my thoughts on 1980? I honestly believe Mike was in overall better condition, but the confrontation he had with Arnold before the show rattled him, his chemistry, and his physique suffered. I also believe Mike had a serious issue with perhaps amphetamines, though I do not know for certain. I know that watching the movie he made, which was shortly before his death, he was slurring his words so very badly, and to this day it is sad to hear and see someone so sharp, so well spoken, struggle to annunciate. Elvis Syndrome….uppers and downers. Mike should still be here, and I always enjoyed our phone calls, his challenges to a young teenager over the phone, and in-person, to a young man. For Mike, who helped me understand how to achieve, and keep results: https://www.instagram.com/kp1790/

  • 2:05 look and compare backs of Arnold and Mentzer…Mentzer is better developed and his lower back smokes Arnold..no comparison…..if the back wins Olympia’s..then Its Mentzer…

  • Both Mentzer and Zane were in better shape than Arnold. Schwarzenegger’s name (former Mr. Olympia and the fact he was appearing in movies) dictated that win.

  • All these Clowns below are chiming in about nothing. Arnold was light years ahead of these Mentzer, Coe, Zane or Walkergenetically and otherwise. Even in subpar shape he was better

  • No..Frank would’ve won..against 80 Arnold..you could make a case that 79..Zane..could’ve beaten Arnold on several of Arnold’s Olympia wins

  • Mentzer destroyed them, period! Bloated gut, my ass! Mike could easily do a vacuum pose to match Zane’s, then transition into a rock hard six pack pose! Plus his spinal erectors were unmatched!

  • Fark! Cameras sucked back then!

    If they had the cameras of today, we would be able to clearly determine who the winner is!

    With this analog crap camera footage, it is deceiving!


  • Am a big Arnold fan and he clearly deserved most of his Mr O titles but Hell no he didnt deserve to win this one.

    I’d have him at 6th at best, with Mentzer, Zane, Coe, Padilla, Platz and even Dickerson ahead of him

    Typical IFBB/Weider bullshit

  • Mike estaba perfecto, lo tenía todo y le arrebataron el olympia, los jueces eran amigos de arnold y el organizador del evento también..!

  • He missed the entry deadline so he shouldn’t have been allowed to compete. I think it was close. Videos are one thing but you really have to be there to see it. I’d be willing to say he got lucky but then in 1981 it happened again where someone who clearly wasn’t the best won. There is simply no way Arnold’s questionable win followed by Franco’s absolute bullshit win didn’t prove the ifbb was totally corrupt. Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. I knew someone who was at this show and he swears Arnie was booed off the stage….

  • you have to feel bad for all the other guys. Arnold comes out of 5 year retirement and dwarfs them all. No wonder they cried controversy. Too bad literally all the photos and footage doesn’t lie. Arnold is just bigger and better even at 75% of his peak.

  • Best definition and symmetry in all times: Frank Zane

    Best Volume and mass in all time: Ronnie Coleman

    Best mix in all times: Flex Wheeler

  • At 2:06 on the video look at Mikes back compared to Arnold’s and Walker who is in the middle and tell me who’s back lower and upper is more developed along with superior tricep development…go ahead…if Olympias are mostly won by back development..then Mentzer hands down.

  • Zane was coming back from injury so he was about 12 pounds lighter then he should have been.  A little more mass like he was used to and he would have topped Dickerson and challenged Arnold.  Ripped to shreds as usual though.

  • If IFBB wasnt corrupt, NO ONE would be able to win mr olympia 5 times. Not zane, not arnold, not coleman, not phil bubble guteath, not lee haney, no one. Mark my words.

  • If you lived during this time you would see things differently. Mike was the up and comer. He had an article in Muscle Fitness every month and was coming on strong. He was plastered all over all the BB mags of the time. But here’s what happened. Arnold came back. I remember being pissed that Mike lost or came in 5th. But you know what. When I looked at Muscle and Fitness in the Mr Olympia edition and all the competitors were listed with their picture poses done for the mag. Yea Arnold was smaller but he was better than every other competitor. You just had to shake your head man because he was the best. The political issue was really where Mentzer placed. 5th was too low. He should have been 2nd. But this was also during the time that Mentzer and Weider were at odds over training techniques and soon after Mentzer left BBing for good which during this time really shone bad for him. He quit. And really, he should have stayed on because there were a couple competitions he could have won.

  • As I had the great fortune to actually be there on the night and I was a Mentzer fan; what was clearly apparent on the night (wasn’t at the pre-judging) was Arnold had a singular stage presence and a charisma that none of the others had not one! He just blew them away on the night and this clip doesn’t convey that. Mentzer came across cold and chunky looking, Zane was small due to an injury and had a bad, stop-start posing routine.

  • Arnold was an example of the biggest you could get and still be perfection… Frank Zane was an example of TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, PERIOD.

  • I’m a fan of mentzer, but he was flat for this show. I think he admitted he dieted too much for this contest, the objective being to have Zane-like conditioning. He lost too much muscle as a result.

  • Looking at this today, through the lens of time it’s really sad that Mike let this travesty ruin what could have been. He looked way better than either Arnold or Frank. Arnolds belly looks weird and after everything he said about Mikes. No, this is where bodybuilding was seen for basically what it is. Weiders Illuminati playground. Arnold called in this win he sure didn’t earn it.

  • At 2:05 in the video look at and compare the back of Arnold, Walker, and Mentzer….Mentzers back is way better developed along with a better lower back Christmas tree..and way better triceps’s. We all know that Olympia’s are won from the rear…..sorry big Arnie fan but Mentzer was way more developed with denser..muscle.

  • The competidors didn´t know than arnold will be into the competition.. so, is very clear than Arnold won with help of the mafia & bussiness friends; Mentzer must be the winner.. byside, there was only one prize of $25,000 us and arnold took it.. many shit.

  • Zane’s so called “perfect proportions” was the brainchild of “The Master Blaster”. This clever idea offset Zane’s lack of size. Robinson probably had at least 30 lbs. of pure muscle over Zane. The only thing Zane had on Robinson were calves but everything else was Robinson.

  • Speaking of thighs, Frank often beat Arnold at Squats. Zane actually stopped squatting in the late 60s because he thought his thighs were getting too big for the rest of his body. He kept each body part in perfect proportion with everything else.

  • with zane it wasn’t about mass but definition and proportion. this guy was perfect in the sense of a michaelangelo sculpture and also very strong. he was around 200lbs but could bench over 500lbs. one of the strongest bodybuilders for his size!

  • They asked Larry Scott to be a judge for the event, but after becoming aware of the criminal backgrounds of the majority of the judges selected by Ben Weider he declined. The day after the Olympia he was asked where he would have voted and specifically how he would have scored and placed Arnold…Scott replied 6th. He said Mentzer should have won.

  • Mike Mentzer was robbed. One year after winning the heavy weight Mr Olympia and scoring the first ever perfect score of 300, he places 5th! Total and complete fix by Weider.

  • Not a fan of Mentzer’s pecs, too flat and square. The only things Mentzer had on Arnold was quads, and triceps. Arnold kills him everywhere else, even at 80%. Zane looked good, but too lean.

  • Gosh, what a tough Mr.O to decide.
    I mean Arnold was huge but lacked definition, Zane was small but had the perfect physique and Mike was right between these two! Big but not bulky, shredded, looked like the perfect Man with that thick moustache and headfull of dark black hair.
    Malboro Man!

  • Okay so people might not agree but now I’ve saw the footage I can see how Arnold beat those guys. Some of them were bigger and better defined in some areas, but Arnold was just a genetic gift from God who’s muscles were perfectly formed. There’s no competing with that. Not to mention he is much more loose, relaxed and fluid with his poses than the rest are and his demeanour draws the attention. So I don’t get what all the outrage is about, Arnold is TBE and looked more aesthetically pleasing even at 80%.

  • Can anyone tell me whats up with arnolds biceps at 0:25? his right (our left) one looks torn and out of shape.. but on the photos its not there. what happened here?

  • End of the day who won the trophy arnold did say what you like he has 7 olympia titles even not at his best he still beat everyone imagine if he looked liked he did in 74 his best package you wouldn’t be complaining then he still is and always will be THE GREATEST

  • It’s my first time seeing this. Yea I actually don’t like Arnold because of his personality, but he is better than all the others even when not at 100%. It’s clear that height is a factor when things get close. If you don’t believe me, ask Shawn Ray how he feels about it. In my opinion he looks better than Dorian Yates, and I’m a huge fan of Dorian and I actually don’t like Shawn Ray at all but in most competitions I think he looks better. Yea Dorian has better back of course but that’s pretty much it.

  • Mike looked awesome. How Arnold won this is through pure corruption. That back comparison Mike and Roger Walker dwarfs him and yet he’s the tallest guy there.

  • He has authored several books on bodybuilding and details every facet of his diet, exercise, rest, and meditation. My favorite is the zane body training manuel.

  • These comments kissing Arnold’s ass like some of you were fucking him. It’s plain to see he looked like shit. Conditioning was off, weak quads and calves. Blinded by the Arnold mystique. Amazing.

  • You guts have no i dea what your talking about..you were not there for starters all you see is 2 dimensional video..life is i n 3 dimensions and i was there so i know thst arnold even tho he wasnt as good as he used to be was still the best overall bodybuilder on the day..dont kud yourselves..it had nothing to do with how famous Arnold was he was given the title because most judges saw him the way i saw him and when he came in the stage and hit his unique signsture poses noobe looked as classic as the Oak

  • A bodybuilders bodybuilder. Not the oversized idiots we have today. Joe Weider Should be ashamed of what he’s turned the Mr Olypia into today.

  • Thanks for doing the ZaneRobinson match up… I always liked Zane but Robby was the superior bodybuilder… Read Robby’s autobiography The Black Prince— he goes into great detail his struggles he had to overcome to make it in the sport.. Joe Weider was no less a hero-benefactor to him then he was to Vince Taylor or Serge Nubert a few years ago..

    These were all dark chocolate brown-skinned men… and Weider didn’t think they sold to default white guys for his magazines.. the magazines not the contests were the money drivers for him back then.. so if you weren’t going to sell magazines you weren’t going to win his biggest contest…

    Haney came along in 1984 and he was so superior they had no choice but to give him the title…

  • he looks like a beautifully muscled athlete instead of a water-logged corpse. what a concept. i can’t wait till modern bodybuilding dies in its own steroid cesspool so this look can reappear.

  • He was, and still is, obsessed with the classical physique. He, along with Steve Reeves and Eugene Sandow, were really the only three classic physiques of the 20th century. In my opinion, he was the greatest bodybuilder ever, having understood that it isn’t about building size, but rather, building perfection.

  • This is what real body building should be NATURAL Fit Bodies that show the real test of skill and power in lifting and building not cheating and being the hulk. XD

  • He was obviously the main in 80s.

    I find even now he’s still incredible…

    Frank Zane is a legend of bodybuilding according to me.

  • Arnold had nothing going for him except the judges in his pocket, which is all that matters in a corrupt society. RIP Mike Mentzer. I met him in 1979.

  • The end was the 1978 Olympia with Arnold shaking his hand. Arnold was growing his hair long so for the first “Conan the Barbarian” movie. I was lucky enough to be there and then again the next year, both Zane victories. I only started to appreciate how ripped he was for both contests after when I saw the contest pics.

  • Sorry, but no matter how good Mentzer was, you cant beat Arnold, Arnold was way bigger larger thn all of them and Arnold had the judges won, imagine if Arnold was at his peak, no one would turn up like his earlier Olympia victories. Just a gifted bodybuilder.

  • Mike was robbed. Not only in the sense that he didn’t win a show he should have won, but the conspiracy (yup!) led against him by Golden Boy Arnold. Arnold didn’t deserve half his wins, and by 1980 he had enough power to dictate placings to the judges and any official involved in the show. And Franco the next year? Gimme a fucking break! The IFBB was rotten to the core from Day One til present.

  • The best shape I’ve ever seen anyone in is more or less a tie between Sergio Oliva in 1972 and Mike Mentzer in 1980. Ironically, both of them were robbed by the same man.

  • Honestly, 1980 wasn’t Mentzer’s best condition. His ’78 Mr. Universe or his 1979 showing at the Olympia was one of the best physiques of all time and dwarfed the tiny little Frank Zane who won the overall. Mentzer should have a crown from ’79.

  • Arnold looked good, but only because he hit the poses he was good at, I remember reading somewhere where it said that when the judges called out to do a side tricep, Arnold did a bicep pose because he was lagging, and im sure he pulled off some other sneaky shit as well

    Thats way Mentzer should’ve won instead of Arnold
    Also I think Frank Zane should’ve been second rather than Chris Dickerson

  • Despite his lean frame, Frank was very strong. Stronger than Arnold in squats. Nonetheless…he had a great physique. And yes, he did beat Arnold!

  • The greatest poser of all time,his symmetry and proportions were unreal for his era,not even arnold came close to the beauty and grace this guy gave to bodybuilding and bodybuilding enthusiasts all around the world,truly inspiring and one of the greatest EVER!!!!!thanx frank!!!

  • Robby won the over 200 and Zane the under 200 that year. Robby might of even been a hair shorter with more muscle, better overall shape, and at worst just as good of conditioning. Robby should have one that year for sure but he was always a good sportsman and he never bitched. He was a true gentleman of the sport. Nice job!

  • Looking at this video brings back memories, Frank Zane was the man back then. A throw back from the yester years of bodybuilding, aesthetics, symmetry and portportion along with masterful posing that appealed to the common man. Unlike what you see today. It’s a shame to see where bodybuilding is today.

  • As far as perfect muscular symmetry..Mike Mentzer had it ALL!
    All Arnold had was height but I thought The..
    Mr Olympia was about who had the best body..Total corruption the results made me physically sick.
    Mr Olympia Mike Mentzer all the way.

  • Actually, when you read his books that chronicle his actual workouts, he was strong!! Remember that he lifted using quality training (minimum rest between sets) and depleted of carbs!

  • That man is what bodybuilding is about. Today it’s about seeing who can become the heaviest in the business with the most mass and blah blah blah. Zane will always be “Bodybuilding.”

  • that is what i call real bodybuilding not this 330 pound monsters that they have now. every one knows that they use drugs to get that size. this is the real deal

  • Frank Zane was scrawny and small. Chiseled for sure but no mass. Robbie Robinson should have won the overall Olympia in 78. Arnold said he came back in 80 to shut Zane up. I think 79 Zane vs Arnold is close but 75 Arnold vs 79 Zane is an easy win for Arnold.

  • What Compellingly Magnificent Music combined with such Splendid Physical Grace!Truly an Athlete and Musician of Uncommon Distinctions! Seldom has such an inspiring combination occurred!All Judeo-Christian Blessings to you!