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FRANK ZANE 1977 MR. Olympia Posing Routine

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Frank Zane transformation from 18 to 75 years old

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Frank Zane Mr. Olympia 1977-1979

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Frank Zane – Mr. Olympia 1977-1979. Frank Zane (born June 28, 1942 in Kingston, Pennsylvania) is an American former professional bodybuilder and teacher. Zane received a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science degree) in Education from Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania in 1964.

Frank Zane wins the thirteenth annual Mr. Olympia contest held during September, 1977 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio. Frank Zane wins the thirteenth annual Mr. Olympia contest held during September, 1977 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio. 10% Off Immune Support | CLICK HERE.

FRANK ZANE 1977 MR. Olympia Posing Routine First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners THEN and NOW Duration: Frank Zane: The full interview with a Mr Olympia hero of bodybuilding Duratio.

Zane is a three-time Mr. Olympia (1977 to 1979). His reign represented a shift of emphasis from mass to aesthetics. Zane’s proportionate physique featured the second thinnest waistline of all the Mr. Olympias (after Sergio Oliva).

Although I personally do not think he deserved to be Mr. Olympia at all but many people like his physique. Name: Frank Zane. Born: June 28, 1942, Kingston, Pennsylvania. Location: California, USA.

Competition Weight: 180 lbs. Frank Zane is an international bodybuilding champion, world-renowned. Frank Zane (born June 28, 1942) is an American former professional bodybuilder and author.

He is a three-time Mr. Olympia, and his physique is considered one of the greatest in the history of bodybuilding due to his meticulous focus on symmetry and proportion. 12 hours ago · Jeho trenéry a inspirátory byli kulturisté Bill Pearl a Frank Zane. Olympia in 1976 and 1981, and competed in the inaugural edition of the World’s Strongest Man in 1977, where he placed fifth. Hledaný výraz: The Return of Frank Cannon Uživatelé. “If you are not obsessed with your life, change it.

Universe 1968 Mr. Olympia winner Frank. Olympia 1977 Mr.

Book Zane Nutrition, By Frank Zane will certainly provide you the right resource and thing to get inspirations. Olympia three consecutive years, from 1977 to 1979, and was one of only three bodybuilders to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger. Frank Zane Workout Frank Zane has won every major bodybuilding title including Mr America, Mr Universe, Mr World and even the Mr Olympia for 3 consecutive years 1977, 1978 and 1979. Berikut adalah menu makan Frank Zane sehari-hari saat kondisi puncaknya: Sarapan.

Zane happens to be one of the most celebrated bodybuilders of all time and the winner of a series of prestigious titles including that of Mr. Olympia. Zane’s Physique was absolutely flawless and flowed with incredible symmetry.

In his prime, he used to possess the look of a chiseled stone sculpture, precisely cut, well defined, and razor sharp.

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Frank Zane was good enough to win his share of victories in the sixties, but it wasn’t until the seventies that he achieved the perfection of development that allowed him to be victorious in three Mr. Olympia competitions.

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The first five Mr. Olympia winners — Scott, Oliva, Arnold, Frank Zane, and I — were all accorded superstar status.

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The Washington, D.C., area resident had won the 1978 Mr. Universe title with a perfect score and finished second to Zane in the 1979 Mr. Olympia.

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Three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane said that he mentally saw

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The new Mr. Olympia Contest, though won by the inimitable Larry Scott,was a showdown with Maynardand Harold Poole.

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Frank Zane had held the title for three years, and at least a dozen contenders were jockeying to win, including guys I saw at the gym every day.

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And let’s not forget former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane, who transformed his gangly, 98-pound body into one of the most aesthetically appealing physiques to ever grace a competitive stage.

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Mike had competed against some of the world’s best athletes in ABC television’s “The Superstars” competition and had even won a score of bodybuilding titles such as Mr. America and Mr. Universe before retiring rather abruptly from competitive bodybuilding following the controversial Mr. Olympia contest in 1980.

“The Time-Saver's Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results” by John Little
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“I’d rather be Bertil Fox and never win an Olympia, than be Frank Zane, and win three,” Lamar recited by rote, clutching Cuddles to him.

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Sergio Oliva had also won the Mr. Olympia contest.

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  • Definitely not the biggest bodybuilder, but his conditioning and symmetry were spot on. I know bodybuilding is subjective, but Frank’s look is ideal compared to the blocky GH mutants of today IMO.

  • He was better off having his prime before the age of mass monsters and massive amounts of steroids. What professional bodybuilders have become is nothing less than a serious mental condition. It’s now a drug addiction with serious side effects.

  • Let’s talk about how he actually synced his poses with his music and held his poses for a lot longer than most other competitors do. A good number of guys just quickly flash their pose and move on instead of giving the audience and judges time to actually see it

  • If you look closely at 0:59 the black guy behind frank, how on Earth frank beat that guy. He shape way better than frank no way man.

    There’s a reason tho cuz it was an era of I said so and of course if you only white, so I can understand fucking are we blind or what?

  • It makes me happy to see Frank Zane healthy he will allways inspire me a great way of a man on a life road i proud to know Frank during all these years even through a videos and pictures he is an example of a right choice how i’d love to meet him and talk (Oscar)

  • Frank to me was a real bodybuilder classy and love the sport I personally think he was one of the naturals.. He was awesome I was never a fan of his but I respected him..

  • El mejor cuerpo de un culturista profesional que jamás he visto, las proporciones fantásticas, no lo que llevamos viviendo estos últimos cuarenta años…….

  • Politics prevented Zane from winning as Dickerson although harder, had a torn right pec and an elongated elbow and torn left bicep.
    The elbow a factor of taking the new HGH drug popularized by Sylvester Stallone for his Rocky and Rambo films at the time.
    Zane, while a little off had no such flaws and Dickerson was not penalized for them on the judges score cards.
    It was believed that this was Chris Dickerson’s last hurrah and so the decision went to him out of respect to Bill Pearl who I believe was either a head judge or sitting close by.
    Arnold may have been an influencing as well for he had always harbored resentment of Zane for answering the question posed by himself during a nationally televised Mr Olympia in 79, of how good did it feel winning the Olympia for the third time?
    Frank said, ” It almost feels as good as the time I beat you Arnold”.
    I think bodybuilding would be better off had it stayed away from the classless mass monster freak show and followed Zane’s example.

  • Stupid People seeing him at his 75: He LoOkS HoRriBlE

    Logic: Of course he will not look the same way, time change people independently of what you do…

  • Zadik Hadzovic es igualito a Frank Zane… No puede ser cuan parecido hay ente ellos, hasta en el rostro, impresionante, y sus poses wowww los mejores posando

  • Damn shame the Mr Olympia has come along way from looking like Greek gods to now that look like 8 months pregnant on stage.

    ….. Dame shame.

  • honestly too small nice physic enviable but i honestly dont think it would be enough to win more mass same definition would have been better

  • Bring back this era where conditioning and aesthetics matter more, would much rather see days of the 70-80’s bodybuilding brought back to the main front. Never liked the looks of Haney onwards, some of them sure but its just becoming gross and you’re almost trying to say that guys 6ft can’t actually win simply due to limitation on stacking on their taller frame.

  • I turned off the music, and just watched it as an old 8mm movie would be with no sound (easier to concentrate on the physiques without annoying sound). Back in the day, the posing was beautiful, very artistic and aesthetic. This has been lost in the modern physique competitions at the Olympia, at least in the Open men’s division. The way so many current bodybuilders constantly beg for audience applause with their hands and arms waving into themselves, and putting their hands behind their ears, as if to say, “I can’t hear you!” really cheapens the presentations in my opinion. These guys from the old-school contests were masters at presentation! Thanks for this look back in time!

  • The greatest bodybuilder ever, Frank Zane was just head and shoulders above everybody else’s the suction pose is phenomenal, different class…..

  • 4:22 that’s the most iconic picture ever! If I could choose any physic from any bodybuilder, frank Zane would be the one I would copy

  • Zane among a few others boycotted the 1981 Olympia. Therefore the IFBB was pissed off at him. Hence they gave the title to Dickerson.

  • his back is like back of a swimmer. looks like human back. not like those of today when you are not sure if you are looking at someones back or tumors. and his thighs would aldso look small by todays standards. he looks much more like that a greek statue than a greek statue.
    puts on beard and greek cloak and can act in every ancient thematic movie as zeus. he really recieved his body by greek gods not by his mom and dad.

  • I know they say frank Zane is an ectomorph, but look at how big he was already at just 18 years old, he’s got to be at least an ecto/meso mix.

  • Zane and Dickerson greatest Olympias of all time. No bloat, just ideal proportion and dimension. Greatest posers of all time? Dickerson and Makkawy. Both understood physique display to the nth degree! Pearl trained Chris and Gironda trained Makkawy. It definitely shows.

  • eu adoro esse cara ea musculaçao tambem mestre Frank Zane Bacana se nao me engano ele esta com 75 anos e assim 5:12 isso e para a vida intera a pratica parar so quando morrer otimo video

  • Beckles and Bannout were much better than Dickerson but Dickerson was robbed by Arnold in 1980 so the judges decided to give him the title at last. Dickerson was the best in 1980. Dickerson should have got the title in 1980 when he looked better and was more completed than Arnold although his genetics was much worse than Schwarzenegger but Arnold wasn’t in best shape. So, 1st Al Beckles, 2nd Samir Bannout, 3rd Chris Dickerson, 4th Frank Zane, 5th Casey Viator, 6th Makkaway, Fox or Fuller and Tom Platz no more than 9th place. The big disappointment was Danny Padilla who, together with Roy Callander, were the best competitors during Mr Olympia 81 but they were robbed by Colombo who was much worse than them. Colombo could fight for the third place with Dickerson and Platz and the third place would have been a big reward for him in 1981.

  • One day, someone will have an idea in his life while posting a compilation of vids. He will ask himself “is that music really necessary, its sht but.. EUREKA, i don’t put music! Cause i don’t have any taste, yes!”

  • I don’t know much about the sport but I think these guys look way better than the over sized freaks of today’s body building. Notice how they all work in concert on stage instead of today where the guys just jostle around and push each other out of the way for optimum posing room.

  • He looks like a real life greek god. That’s what bodybuilding should be about. Not these freakish looking bodybuilders of today.

  • Zane was among the elite of the time a short period of magical time in the bodybuilding world with arnie franco, sipes, nubret, draper, ah the list goes on much the same as the Lovely Bruce Lee all magical and then boom another era and genaration, same as films Mcqeen, bronson, marvin etc charisma was key then!!! any one agree?-x

  • I guess it is pretty amazing, he won from 1977 to 1979. The person who won before him in 1976 was the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1980, he was beaten again by the unretired Arnold. He was not as massive as any of the others at the time, but his definition was unheard of and he won on that basis. It was a different time and era than today where everyone is massive but he made the most of it winning those three straight.

  • Frank Zane war der Versuch Bodybuilding von dem Drang der Superlative nach immer mehr Masse entgegen zu wirken. Jedoch will das Publikum immer mehr Masse. Wahrscheinlich sind die Grenzen mitlerweile erreicht. Ich denke das die Verletzungen und die Kapazität eines menschlichen Herzens erreicht sind. Mit Ronnie Coleman sind wir über dem Zenith, mehr Masse mit Ästhetik geht nicht. Jungs wie Markus Rühl waren schon drüber raus und werden immer vorgeworfen bekommen, das Synthol im Spiel war, weil die Muskeln im unagespannten Zustand kaum zurück gehen Ästhetik Fehlanzeige! Auch das Kino hat das Interesse an solchen Muskelbergen verloren.

  • Ed corney at 1.70 cm -78 kg goes to the Olympia…..Today would have gone to Mens Physique.Its totally an another sport today….Zane the champion at 1.75 -84 kg…….Anyway I prefear how it was here,today its for a limited amount and bodies are totally antiaesthetic.

  • He just went 4 minutes straight without even breaking a sweat. Bodybuilders today have like one minute routines and their gut is hanging out after the first 20 seconds cuz they’re out of breath ��

  • Zane was inzane as a BB. He had the aesthetic build and his posing was just perfect. He knew how to present his physique to its greatest advantage. I really miss these Golden Age of BB guys. Todays mass monsters just don’t compare IMHO

  • I doubt the ancient Gods looked like Zane. It’s sad today’s BB’s don’t come close to realizing Franks look is what the fans want..these fat bloated sacks of sheet don’t know how a BB is supposed to look

  • I thought I had him at 53 because him at the same age as me now was a sure loss. But then I saw him at 64 and it’s now 2:1 to him. Imma head out!

  • Bodybuilding is not like other sports where you’re at your best when you’re young it seems to be an old man’s sport which I think is awesome the older you get the better you get!

  • Zane always looked incredible during his individual posing routine however, standing next to other people, he always looked small… Total class just no mass…
    Once saw a picture of Zane standing next to Franco backstage at a contest… It looked like a little boy standing next to a man… Zane just disappeared and they were in the same weight class….
    Bodybuilding is the art of illusion…

  • He is a legend.. to bad we have some idiots that like to talk Shit.. what have you done to keep in shape!? Probably noting and looking like fat slobs.. punks!

  • Best Bodybuilder ever at natural weight and with normal means…This “sport” should have ended after 1980. There was no more to achieve.


  • love how the bodybuilders in the 70’s or even 80’s you could tell apart without looking at their faces, you can barely do that now,they all look like bloated turtles, same looking

  • Pienso que Zane nunca debería haber ganado un Olympia. En esta ocasión no tenía nada que hacer al lado de Ed Corney y Robbie Robinson.

  • haha…Arnold mentions the crowd booing Waller. Waller said that because he played the “bad guy” in the movie Pumping Iron, that crowds always booed him after that lol

  • Peinlicher Fehler im Film. Frank Zane mit angeblich 28 (Farbvideo mit Startnummer 7 an der Hose) zeigte ihn in Wahrheit mit 41 Jahren beim Mr Olympia 1983 in München, wo er 4. wurde und anschließend von der Wettkampfbühne abtrat.. Frank Zane wurde am 28. Juni 1942 geboren.. An diese BODYBUILDING LEGENDE werden die echten Experten noch denken, wenn Statisten wie Rühl & Co längst vergessen sind. ZANE ist einer der Größten nach ARNOLD & HANEY.

  • Great footage. Thanks for posting it. Zane was the worthy winner I think. Some people criticise Zane for his lack of size. Two friends of mine met Zane at a seminar once and said that they could not believe just how much mass and definition he had when he took off his shirt. Jaw-dropping is how they described it.

  • This is what a bodybuilder should look like. Classic Male musculature yet aesthetic. Not like today’s steroid based bloated ugly look.

  • As they all felt the excitement and growth of BB at this stage in time, they must have thought BB events like Mr O would become popular like other sport events, but it never happened, BB events still belong to a very small group of ‘outsiders’ ( not necessary the actual sport of exercising and lifting, fitness so on ) but the events are only for the 1%

  • OK so look at that picture of Arnold on the beach, someone please explain to me how he can, clearly in less than a year get in Olympia shape? I’m looking at it, he looks like an average guy, even fat folds on his stomach, freeze the picture, so again, how can he go from that, to Olympia Arnold?

  • Frank zane, il più grande culturista di tutti i tempi! Plasticità, simmetria, definizione e muscolosita’ hanno fatto di lui un grande campione, abbinato soprattutto nella maestria del posing.

  • this is how bodybuilding should be small waste great symmetry and being proportion with a V shape instead of new bodybuilder today with the big bulging bellies so old school is the way to go building a classic physique

  • Still the best body I have seen to date. His posing alone would crush any top IFBB pro today no doubt in my mind. Aesthetics>Everything