1974 Mr. Olympia – Champion Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger 1974 Mr Olympia

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1974 Arnold vs 1975 Arnold When Was Arnold Schwarzenegger At His Best?

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When Was *ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER* At His Best? ( Part 1 ) -1973 vs 1974

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Арнольд Шварценеггер (Mr.Olympia 1975)

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This Day Tonight: Beefcake (1975)

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1970: Arnold’s First Olympia Win

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Арнольд Шварценеггер выиграл Мистер Олимпия в 1975 году

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This change led to two different winners for 1974: Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 1974 Mr. Olympia was Arnold’s farewell competition so he was sure to be in the best shape of his life.

Lou Ferrigno was considered a sure. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best shape ever! Arnold Schwarzenegger This Speech Broke The Internet AND Most Inspiring SpeechIt Changed My Life. • Arnold Schwarzenegger won his fifth consecutive Mr. Olympia title.• This was the first Mr.

Olympia to have two weight classes; the two-class scoring system would continue until the 1979 contest. Arnold Schwarzenegger 1974 Mr. Olympia A semi-relaxed pose of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1974 Mr.

Olympia in New York City. The contest prize money was $1000 which it had been since 1967. For some reason the 1966 prize money was $5000 and apparently in 1965, the first year of the contest, there was no prize money. 7 rows · 1974 Mr Olympia Contest Results. Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1974 Mr Olympia. Arnold Schwarzenegger posing routine 1974 Mr. Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Olympia 1970-1975, 1980. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger; born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-born American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician. Arnold served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. 1974 Mr.

Olympia Placings. Overall Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger. HeavyWeight 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger 2 Lou Ferrigno 3 Serge Nubret. LightWeight 1 Franco Columbu 2 Frank Zane.

And the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Lou Ferrigno that happened in 1974 was pretty intense as well! Here a few videos I found with 1974 pics of Arnold and Lou.. Arnold Schwarzenegger defeats Lou Ferrigno at 1974 Mr.

Olympia. The film Pumping Iron (1977) featured the buildup to the 1975 Mr. Olympia in Pretoria South Africa and helped launch the acting careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. There is also a female bodybuilder crowned, Ms.

Olympia, as well as winners of Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia for fitness and figure competitors.

List of related literature:

Arnold then went on to conquer the Mr. Olympia title seven times (six of those were won consecutively).

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
from Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame
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He briefly served in the Austrian army (1965) and then went on to win thirteen world champion bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe (1965–1980).

“Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints and Voices” by Roger Chapman
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Arnold had great, highly peaked biceps, and he was wide across the shoulders with a big rib cage.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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In 1967 Schwarzenegger took first place in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition.

“Germany and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History: a Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia” by Thomas Adam, Will Kaufman
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Finally defeated for the Olympia title in 1972, he lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a controversial victory that many body-building experts claim might have been racially motivated.

“Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture” by Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama, Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama
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Later, these parallel lines converge at the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition in South Africa, where the perfectly sculpted Schwarzenegger defeats Ferrigno to win his seventh consecutive Mr. Olympia title before retiring from professional bodybuilding to start his movie career.

“History in the Media: Film and Television” by Robert Niemi
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In 1989 he created the Arnold Classic, a major physique contest held annually in Columbus, Ohio, which eventually became the Arnold Fitness Weekend, the largest multisport competition outside the Olympics.

“Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice [4 volumes]: History, Culture, and Practice” by John Nauright
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Grimek won the Mr. America title in both 1941 and ‘42 and, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a later era, changed and heightened public perception of bodybuilding.

“Stronger Than Spinach: The Secret Appeal of the Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons” by Steve R. Bierly
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  • Simplemente el rey del fisicoculturimo despues le siguen LEE HANEY no me gusta la proporsicion del volumen de RONY COLEMAN pero tengo que admitir que es uno de los mas grandes y sobre todo sus entrenamientos eran extremos…..LOU LERRIGNO, FRANCO COLUMBUS, FRANK ZANE, DEXTER JACKSON…..

  • the idea that Arnold was only 230lbs is totally untrue, I have personally seen weigh in records from some of his contests and his weight was anywhere from 245lbs to 255lbs..

  • 1974 best version by far imo. In the years later he could be dryer and with better cuts but in 74 is the only year that his legs match his upper body and make him Look more proportional. His legs always have been subpar comparing to the torso. For that only fact i’ll give the win to 74. Great vid as always ��


  • I guess 74 is considered as his best year mostly because of that direct comparison with 75 shape in pumping iron. Most people (like myself) would naturally call 74 his best year because it has been more documented by fans over the year and I’ve been guided to believe so. So it’s great that you did your own investigation because 73 looks better to my opinion! Great video!

  • I know Arnold is most people’s body builder hero icon but to those who know more than just this Austrian there are others who are more of hero then the more tabloid PR boy Arnold Schwarzenegger which to be fair was never really very good he was lacking symmetry had weak legs and calf’s compared to his upper body. Maybe you should do a review about a real body builder like Bill Pearl for instance instead of Arnold.??

  • I believe Serg was better that year to win in 1970 and Franco deserved to win in 1975 but 71-74 was won fair and square. In 1980 was a tie but the physique and posing was better by Arnold to win fair and square in 1980, but 1970 and 1975 are definitely debatable years Sergio was better in 1970 and Franco was better in 1975 in the Pumping Iron video.

  • Arnold è veramente il più grande bodybuilder della storia! E’ incredibile vedere la sua struttura muscolare,il video ha oltre 40 anni e dimostra che potrebbe gareggiare anche oggi,ai massimi livelli! E’ la dimostrazione,nonostante l’evidente utilizzo,da parte di tutti gli atleti della sua generazione, di steroidi anabolizzanti, che la sua era vera genetica. Ai suoi tempi non utilizzavano certamente i farmaci che oggi sono disponibili,molto più potenti ad anche più potenzialmente letali!

  • 71 and 73 for mass and conditioning, 74 for pure mass and fullness. 72 he looked small compared to Sergio, and a tad soft. 75 he looked the most polished with the muscle maturity he never had before, but his leg size was definitely down compared to 73-74 so he looked a bit top heavy. Overall I think 73 was Arnold’s best year for the combination of mass, conditioning, and symmetry.

  • Arnold had the best symmetry ever and look at the abs-not like the rounded look today-yuk. Frank Zane was amazing as well but didn’t have Arnold’s mass.

  • Holy shit Arnold looked amazing in 1970!! I mean Sergio looked amazing as well, to me though Sergio looked freaky/unusual and Arnold had a grace and balance(with mass) that has never been beatin. Arnold back then seemed more massive and I prefer that look, he also had about the best crucifix pose in history. U got some really good/rare pix and vid footage for this one

  • I don’t know if you’ve made a vid of Who was stronger Arnold or Sergio
    Who was stronger Arnold or Lou
    If you haven’t can you please make one

  • Time has changed. I think if Arnold bring his body that makes him won Mr.Olympia during his era, he won’t even makes it to top 10 in today’s era.

  • In 1970, Arnold became the youngest Mr Olympia.
    5 years before the birth of Shawn Rhoden, the oldest Mr Olympia.
    It’s amazing how the competition has lasted so long and still going strong.

  • I don’t know why there’s a big deal with sergio he really wasn’t that great Arnold looks a lot better than him sergio had no symmetry

  • Agree but are you sure about the chest thing because while obiously he had way better chest then most or anybody today, but they do chest measurement under the armpits and that includes lats, and the guys today have bigger lats then golden age body builders

  • Bad decision. Sergio’s legs are better and whilst Arnold had a big chest he’s so blocky that his taper only looked good by exact posing. Sergio had a better physique without doubt.

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  • Ya, he looked better than Ferrigno but keep in mind that at that time, Lou was still up and coming, and probably would’ve gotten considerably better had he not gone away from serious competition before hitting his peak.

  • Marx I gotta say that front double bi at 1:40 has always been my single favorite Arnold pic ever. So if it really is 1973 then that changes everything.

  • Arnol ere un grande en el fisicultirismo te al miro ere de las personas que haces ejercicio y te esfuerzan en cada rutina o en cada parte de tu cuerpo

  • I don’t think the 1970 Olympia was really that close. Arnold had great flow, his separation was far superior to Sergios. Sergio was probably 6 weeks out by todays standards, where Arnold was not shredded, was still much leaner by any standard. At first glance Sergio was impressive, but if you break them down bodypart by bodypart, its no contest really..

  • You have a VISION and trained too build this muscles to reach your GOAL I’m so proud of you. ARNOD…. and now You are called a LEGEND….. for doing a god Job and good example to everyone to follow there Dreams ��������������������

  • I saw the 73 and 74 Arnold at the Olympia. 73 was held in Brooklyn and 74 was at MSG. I was and still am a Sergio fan but those two versions of Arnold would have been Mr. Olympia until the Yates era and even then I liked Arnold’s physique better.

  • Arnolds body is what an artist would sculpt from a formless mass if asked to create the perfect male physique. The bodybuilders of today are just incredibly over sized. Its the easiest question to answer is how I always determined which body Is want.

    Would I rather look like Arnold or (insert any top tier current person ) them

    Arnold. By a landslide. That is true perfection.

  • This is Arnold’s best year, and by far the best body to ever grace an Olympia stage! Put this body next to any other body from any year and ask someone who they would rather look like…Arnold wins hands down!

  • this guy was genius. worked hard and took the right drugs and dumped Barbara Outland and went after Maria Schriver so he could gain entry into politics. Still doesn’t have balls to speak out against Trump.

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  • He was 20 pounds lighter 1975. He said he did not even plan to compete 75, but he got talked into it because of the documentry, he came in late.

    So in all right, he was much better 1974.

  • Its a shame he would never return to that original 1971-74 245lb. condition which might have given Haney a fit in the 80s if he would of kept competing at that size up through the late 80s or so, which could have been possible.

  • i can look all day at arnolds physique it is so pleasing for the eyes. BB after the 70’s really took a wrong turn there was a short opposition with Bob Paris but after him it was sealed that beauty was abolished as main factor of judgement.

  • Its a shame he would never return to that original 1971-74 245lb. condition which might have given Haney a fit in the 80s if he would of kept competing at that size up through the late 80s or so, which could have been possible.

  • Definitely, 1974 was the best. Arnold himself said it was 1974 at the Arnold Classic Q&A. He said, it was his peak because he fixed all of his weak points and came in massive at 248 lbs while still retaining shredded to the bones look. A lot of the pictures from 1974 are from Madison Square Garden which had harsh lighting and it ended up washing out the details and shredded conditioning, but believe me he was ripped as hell. His legs, chest, triceps, back were completely on a different level that year. No one could have touched Arnold in 1974.

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  • Yeah he had a 59 inch chest.. Ronny coleman had a 58 inch chest and his is the second biggest. With Cutler having a 56 and Dorian having a 55.5

  • That front relaxed goddamn 1974 ���� he looks fairly decently conditioned in both in 1974 this might sound silly but it looks like his muscles being bigger are pushing the skin giving a near grainy look ��

  • Arnold possibly could have had the largest chest measurement if they all used the same exact technique. He was 6’2″ whereas Ronnie is 5’11” and I believe Cutler just an inch or less shorter than Ronnie. So Arnolds larger scale with his still amazing lat spread and ungodly thickness of chest, could quite possibly have taken this measurement as listed, 59″.
    Ex: Ronnie’s arms look bigger relative to his frame but when imaged next to Arnold, peaks from tri’s to bi’s looks same height w Arnold.

  • Old school BB inspires me, I believe it’s everything right about the human body pushed to the max. Where as with modern BB I get repulsed a lot and I have the feeling that something somewhere went wrong.

  • 74 he was close to 250lbs at 26yo. He trimmed down for a movie then came back lighter in 75…imagine if he kept training n competing into his thirties without those years off with movies. He would have been huge!

  • His top 5 poses will ruin today’s “mass monsters “
    Give him today’s cocktail mixes and none of these waterlogged pufferfish would have a chance

  • 74 was his best look he was pretty much perfect something to be amazed at not throw up in your mouth like todays bubble gutted freaks.

  • That side chest of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1974 damn. Best side chest of all time, and his legs in 1974 were big much bigger than his legs in 75. Very impressive Arnold

  • 74 his legs was matching to his upper body 75 he was not train them hard due to acting hi he train to compete he would beet any one in the 80s even lee heny

  • I would love to see today’s short,fat,little pros try and stand with Arnold in 74no chance. Arnold’s height,mass and symmetry, domination!

  • 1980 was his best year. Also, I want to mention Mr Back-zilla of Gary Strydom, Mr. Abs himself Boyer Coe and the man with the greatest calves ever-Roy Callendar. Oops-I almost forgot the greatest poser ever Paul Dillet (tied w/ Bertil Fox). hehehehe

  • 1974 he made the audience gasp when he came out. Frank Zane saw it and said the audience just acted as if they just were taken back.

  • Arnold looked great and massive here and Ferrigno looked better here then he did in 1975 where he was to bloated

    The reason why Arnold looks bigger here is because he wasn’t suppose to compete in 1975 but the producers of Pumping Iron wanted him to compete one more year so that they could make the film, he was out of motivation also I think but he looked great in 75 also

  • Hey Marx, love the content. Here’s a site full of some rarer Arnold pics.


    Here’s Arnold at the 1971 Mr. O


  • Its a shame he would never return to that original 1971-74 245lb. condition which might have given Haney a fit in the 80s if he would of kept competing at that size up through the late 80s or so, which could have been possible.

  • Terrific history lesson! Whether it’s a refresher or new information your commentary, images and video are all top rate content. You have a knack for keeping things entertaining and interesting for all levels of interest Nick. I agree with your opinion of the Arnold versus Sergio mocking and winning controversy. I think that’s just a part of Arnold’s personality, reminds me of that one photo of Arnold leaning into Frank Zane where he’s obviously saying something. I’ve never heard or read what he was saying but it certainly appears to be a taunt of some sort. Heh, heh…it is a competition after all and nothing compared to today’s trash talking. Way to mix in the formats Nick, keepin’ things interesting…………………………….PEACE!!

  • Arnold’s upper body was the perfect blend of mass and aesthetics. Although I am not a fan of the huge legs today, Arnold would have been perfection if his quads and hamstrings had been in proportion with his calves and upper body. Although, I believe Arnold was better, Sergio Oliva is a good example of legs being in proportion to a massive upper body. (Still; Overall way better than anything we see today.)

  • yea thats true. he had to lose weight for pumping iron and then he decided to compete though and had just a short time to train and so on.

  • I remember watching a bodybuilding documentary where arnold schwarzenegger was so beside himself the whole night wile celebrating. where they said arnold couldn’t believe he beat sergio. I don’t know if that’s arnold being his over zealous self. or at the time, he truly had his doubts about his physique or the admiration of knowing he won against a person who had such a gifted physique.

  • Since the 70’s I always though Arnold’s best shape was 73 and not 74 1972 His shape specially his legs was not good He was about a month out Not ready, Sergio should had won that one for sure.

  • Winningest MAY be a word… But, Nick, it’s a sloppy word overused on ESPN cycling / elsewhere.

    Grab-all words inserted into Oxford belong in the “slang ” release circa. a.k.a “gay” edition; not the princess-proper edition.

    You choose: “most winning” or “winning-I-don’t-want-simple-grammar-est”

    “Forgive us making easy sentences into sloppy words “The Word Jesus” John 1. Aaaaaaaamen” ✅

  • I agree, that Arnold continuing to pose after starting to walk of was just Arnold, NOT cheating!! Arnold had a cocky charismatic attitude, but it was all in good fun and good taste. The charismatic cockiness he earned by being the best! All the same it’s always hard to differentiate between cockiness and confidence!! Both go hand in hand, he just did it in good taste, some other present Mr. Olympia’s need to learn how to do that instead of being so arrogant and demeaning!! He was the King of bodybuilding and Charisma at the Day..

  • i wonder how massive arnold would get if from this moment on (74) he had kept going without losing weight in 75 and not retiring. like how massive would he be by 30 that’d be insane

  • Arnold’s most perfect year in his entire career. The most perfect conditioning combined with the most muscular and massive size. He was 246 pounds with extremely low fat and ripped conditioning.

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  • There is NO BODYBUILDER bigger and better than Arnold, but oh you say what about these mass monsters weighing in at 270? Yeah it’s all in their thighs and stomach, the point is to PUT ON THAT MUCH MUSCLE WHILE KEEPING A TINY WAIST AND BALANCED LEGS, as yourself as you look at these pictures, can you imagine BIGGER pecs? Bigger biceps? Show pictures to your girl, then show picture of modern guys, they think Arnold looks like an extreme man, and modern guys well mine covers her eyes.

  • Winningest is a word in North America apparently, but from some quick checks it is not a real word in the UK or other English speaking countries.

  • Arnold recently said in the 2019 Classic that 1974 was his best and absolute peak in his bodybuilding career. He put on size up to 263 lbs in the off-season and then trimmed down to 248 lbs for the contest. He quoted his weight as 248 lbs for the 1974 Mr. Olympia. He said, he lost too much size in 1975 and did not re-gain his shape at 233 lbs. He was as big as a house, but ripped to the bones. Some people who saw him in real life said, no one was going to beat Arnold that year. In Mexico, Arnold did not respond to Sergio’s call out to come on stage. This is what he was hiding. It was his last year so he wanted to make sure he showed up like never before.

  • i saw this the mr. world on t.v., it was on abc wide world of sports. And i remember clearly how freeky Sergio looked compared to Arnold. His tiny waist and wide shoulders were crazy to see. Arnold was more cut but i loved Sergios build,it was easier to relate to proberbly for me because i was 14 at the time and i also had a 27 inch waist………i just needed the rest!

  • Lou was a gangling big puppy dog in 1974 compared to Arnold. Arnold here was his hugest, thickest and densest. Arguably his best overall though in 1973 he may have been more cut up conditioning wise. But Arnold was smaller coming off breaking his leg. By 1974 he regained and enhanced his size and really added mass to his legs and back like never before.

  • Also, you have to remember Arnold retired at 28.  Had he not chosen to retire after the 74 Olympia, he would have continued to improve.  Even though he won easily in 75 and again in 1980, those years don’t really represent what Arnolds prime physique looked like, although his conditioning was excellent for those two contests.

  • I guess I’ll throw my 2 cents in here. 1974 is definitely huge but I have prejudging pics from that show few people have seen. 1973, he was more defined, separated and balanced from top too bottom. Yes, 1974 may be more impressive but IMHO he was a better BB’r in 73. Watch my little 1 minute vid & look at the last pic. He never had veins like that in his legs & abs plus the sunken cheeks. His size was very impressive too. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqxAzTjl72A I think you mentioned in this video that 1975 was his most defined & I would tend to agree with you although a lot of the old timers that used to be on Ironage.us disagreed with me saying 1973. It was run by the late Shawn Perine who passed in his early 50’s. He was always in great shape, natural & did no drugs or tobacco. He kind of played the unacknowledged newbie to Dennis James commentating the 2016 Olympia although Shawn’s knowledge of the sport is no doubt much greater than DJ’s as far as history.

  • Even by today’s standards Arnold’s charisma and stage presence alone is massive but for early 1970s it was just not seen before.
    He was so far ahead of his time along with his great physique
    Bodybuilding was crying out for a hero like him.

  • fack picture dene ki place nahi pa raha hai””””””” busted����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Arnold and Jimi Hendrix are both to me in a very exclusive club. Both are peerless in their own worlds of accomplishment’s. When you think of their genres those two names instantly come to mind as being #1……nuff said

  • 1974 was his best when he brought everything together in one package. He fixed all his weak points. Arnold said it himself at the 2020 Mr. Olympia meet event that 1974 was his best year when he struck the best balance. He was also at his biggest (tied with the 1971 Olympia in terms of size). The lighting in 1974 was a lot more brighter because it took place in Madison Square Garden, but he was every bit as ripped.

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  • That photo of Front Double Biceps is from 1973 the haircut is exactly the same like other 1973 photos, and for me it isn’t the same like other 1974 pictures.

  • The greatest of all time. No wonder will ever be as great as Arnold. Its amazing looking back at mr olympia in these days the bodybuilders still looked human. I could see how people would actually want to look like them… Unlike today’s freakshow expectations. It used to be more about proportions and symmetry, AND posing. Now its just about mass.

  • I’ve always seen 1973 as the Perfect Physique. He still had weak points in 1970. While, he was at his biggest in 1971 but his conditioning suffered. Then, he came in too small in1972 and should have lost to Olivia. In 1974 he was trying to balance everything out but his conditioning wasn’t on par with 1973. Finally, in 1975 he just didn’t have enough time to regain all his muscle but was the most conditioned guy on stage.

  • Joe Weider and Arnold definitely cheated Sergio that night at the 70 Mr Olympia. Weider knew he had found his golden boy. Arnold could not compared, His waist was way too large and his legs too small and his symmetry could never ever compare to Sergio, I do remember that Arnold did pose better. But Weider figured he could make way more money with Arnold plus Sergio would not suck up to Weider.

  • Good comparisons……as tight as it is..for me.?..my opinion?.I’ve always liked his 73 version….though in some shots he looks better in 74…..I’ll still go with 73

  • in muscle  and fitness mag from  1995 it says his weight was around 236 to 237 at the 74 mr Olympia so 71 would be his biggest ever and looking at his arm size lat spread and side chest size I would agree

  • Arnold was @ his biggest & best in 1974, nobody even came close. Even better than what we saw in ‘Pumping Iron’ (1975).
    Look ma! No synthol injections!

  • And the fact he retired at 28. Came back when he was 33. Most pros today are in their late 30’s. But today’s pros are a lot bigger then Arnold. However, he stills owns the record for the highest chest measurement in pro bodybuilding