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Mr Olympia 1971 Only Arnold Schwarzenegger competed [HINDI]

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Sergio Oliva (USA), NABBA Universe 1971

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When Was Arnold Schwarzenegger At His Best??(Part 3) 1971 vs 1974

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1971 г-н Олимпия

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Could Arnold Schwarzenegger have defeated Bill Pearl In 1971? Mr. Olympia vs Mr.Universe

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1971 Olympia: ONLY Arnold Showed up

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The 1971 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held September 24–25, 1971 at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, France. It was the 7th Mr. Olympia competition held.

The competition was a disappointment to many because three of its four competitors were disqualified before the event, leaving Arnold Schwarzeneggerto win the contest unopposed. It was the first time the IFBB barred contestants from any of its events. The IFBB’s effort to get bodybuilding represented in the. Arnold Schwarzenegger Accepting Mr. Olympia Award (1971) As Arnold accepted his prize of $1,000 cash from Joe Weider and promoter Serge Nubret, the sold-out audience had to wonder how fantastic this event could have been if both Sergio and Franco would have been allowed to compete against Arnold for the Mr.

Olympia title. Schwarzenegger defeated Oliva at the 1970 Mr. Olympia after finishing second the year before, and also won in 1971 (being the only competitor). Schwarzenegger, himself, declared his best contest condition to be that which he attained at the 1971 Mr. Olympia contest in Paris, France.

Many argue that Arnold achieved his lifetime best shape at the 1974 Mr. Olympia but, looking at the video these stills are taken from, it is hard to argue that his 1971 condition isn’t in the running. 1971 Mr Olympia Contest Results. Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only competitor.

Franco Columbu and Sergio Oliva guest posed. The 1971 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held September 24–25, 1971 at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, France.

It was the 7th Mr. Olympia competition held. In 1971 Bill Pearl challenged all the top bodybuilders to compete against him. Sergio Oliva and Reg Park stepped up to the challenge but Arnold never showed.

Bill won over Sergio and Park but do you think if Arnold had shown up, would he have won? ** Here are some comments by guests of this article. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Olympia 1970-1975, 1980.

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger; born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-born American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician. Arnold served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. However, Schwarzenegger came back in 1970 and won the competition, making him the youngest ever Mr. Olympia at the age of 23, a record he still holds to this day. [19] He continued his winning streak in the 1971–74 competitions. [19]. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the shape of his life; rivaling the 1973 and 1974 Mr.

Olympia appearances. This was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second Mr. Olympia victory and set the standard for Sergio vs.

Arnold III the following year. Arnold Schwarzenegger 1971 Paris, France Image 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger 1971 Image 2.

List of related literature:

Arnold then went on to conquer the Mr. Olympia title seven times (six of those were won consecutively).

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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

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He briefly served in the Austrian army (1965) and then went on to win thirteen world champion bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Olympia, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe (1965–1980).

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Arnold had great, highly peaked biceps, and he was wide across the shoulders with a big rib cage.

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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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In 1967 Schwarzenegger took first place in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition.

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Finally defeated for the Olympia title in 1972, he lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a controversial victory that many body-building experts claim might have been racially motivated.

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Later, these parallel lines converge at the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition in South Africa, where the perfectly sculpted Schwarzenegger defeats Ferrigno to win his seventh consecutive Mr. Olympia title before retiring from professional bodybuilding to start his movie career.

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In 1989 he created the Arnold Classic, a major physique contest held annually in Columbus, Ohio, which eventually became the Arnold Fitness Weekend, the largest multisport competition outside the Olympics.

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Grimek won the Mr. America title in both 1941 and ‘42 and, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a later era, changed and heightened public perception of bodybuilding.

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  • @ 05:46 Look how deep his lat run down his oblique. You don’t see that with modern bodybuilders. Actually, when is the last time we saw it?

  • @ 04:10 There you are apologizing for Sergio. SMH. The disqualifying Universe was a week prior. Arnold would have destroyed him that year.

  • it was such a joke of a sport. bunch of straight guys hooking up men who would pay for them to lounge around and train. Then it became somonewhat repsected in 1970’s through like the 1990’s and now it’s a freak show again with bubble guts.

  • Could Be Intresting If Oliva Competing That Year With The Austrian Together…. Looking Very Good Also Back Then, Not Only The 72′!

  • Hey nick don’t how to get a hold of you, you should check out, groucho Marx, TV show you bet your life, joe gold was on it, and the 1957 mr universe

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ” is unofficial 8mr. Olympia’s I know he had to give up number eight to lehane lie at the Sydney Opera House but in my opinion no one in and no one will ever beat him I think he got mr. Universe like 10 times must the world like 10 times 7 times Mr Olympia and one unofficial mr. Olympia as far as I’m concerned no one but no one ever beat that no one thank you and don’t say anything but lie Haley because he could never ever do what I want this is the king of bodybuilding always has and always will be

  • What made people leave the other organizations was the tie in between the Mr. Olympia contest and Weider magazines. If you competed in another bodybuilder organization other than the IFBB, you would not be in Muscle and Fitness or Flex magazine. If you gave an interview to a competiting magazine you would not be in the Weider magazines or contests. With Arnold aligned with Weider this policy worked.

  • As everyone knows, Arnold & Lou competing against each other was comparable to the rivalries between the N.Y. Yankees & the Boston Red Sox. My point being, Arnold was the king. Yeah, his best years were 1971-1974. Nobody, including Lou Ferrigno had a chance,: even though he was Arnold’s biggest threat in at least 1-2 Mr. Olympia contests.

  • The amazing thing about Arnold is that he walked around like he was 5’10” and 180lbs. Agile and effortless. Today they walk around like they just had back surgery, with a stick up their asses…

  • 0:17 Is that Arnold doing a rear lat spread?  (and it actually looks pretty good too)
    This Arnold at his most massive.   He had better aesthetics in 74 and 75 though.

  • Arnold is still the bar that others try to reach. We are left with disproportionate monster trucks today. That’s why popularity of the sport has plummeted. I am glad to have competed in bodybuilding in the 90’s ( 1995-97 NWCBB) before bodybuilding in general got to its current state.

  • You usually have fine videos,yet your statement how Larry Scott was inferior to Pearl and Park…I DISAGREE….SCOTT WAS PURE EXCELLENCE IN AESTHETICS…YES PEARL AND PARK WERE EXCELLENT.DEPENDS WHAT U WERE LOOKING FOR IN A BODY.

  • After I saw pictures of Arnold and Frank Zane, I just can’t look at modern bodybuilders anymore.
    I think it maybe because of different mindsets. I saw countless interviews with Arnold and also few with Frank Zane and they give impression of really-really smart people. And also they both consider bodybuilding as a form of art, they was true painters, but! with very scientific and precise approach.

  • For the record, Arnold’s official weigh-in for the 1971 Mr. Olympia was 251.8 lbs and he still has a vaccum! Phil the fat gut Heath has a fat gut at 240 pounds (yes, I know Arnold dwarfed him by over 5 inches). This was the heaviest he had ever been for a Mr. Olympia and won it as well. Next heaviest, he was in 1974 when he weighed 246 pounds. His all time biggest was at the 1969 Mr. Olympia when he officially weighed in at 254 pounds.

  • Joe always said he created the mr Olympia because when you had won Mr Universe 3 times you could not compete for that title again �� So he created the Mr Olympia for thous who had won a Mr Universe title ��

  • Bullcrap rule, free enterprise. If the money was that bad these dudes should’ve been free to pick up a check whereever they could.

  • Guys just don’t look like that anymore, even in the classic category, I don’t know if today’s pro tan sucks, if the lighting is different, but guys just don’t look this good anymore.

  • I’m sure Me universe thought they were irrelevant and not scared of the competition at first either. It would be a huge mistake to allow another competitor to gain popularity at this point. I totally diagree… if anything the sanctions were much less fair at first, and now it just is what it js.

  • I think the “non-santioned” rule is total greedy bs. If a person works very hard and makes sacrifices so they can compete in bodybuilding competitions they should be able to enter as many shows as their body and time allows. The Weider brothers have done some great things for the sport but they also did some underhanded things that hurt the sport as well. Now the Olympia is a sad joke with bubble guts and bodys that just reminds me of a walking pharmaceutical dispenser.

  • Lol i just realize that biscuit oliva from grappler baki its based in oliva never made the conection even when its pretty obvius. i mean the draw its like a picture of oliva and the name of course.

  • Really good video. Usually I skip when people show pictures and talk but this guy is really good. Explains some history of the the Mr. Olympia really well. And his voice helps a lot.

  • Well, that thousand dollars in 1971 would be the equivalent of about 6100 dollars today:D but still, a very small prize considering its basically the super bowl of bodybuilding. How did those guys afford to train full time without having to take a part-time job on the side? They’ve got bills to pay just like everybody else.

  • Let’s be honest. As much as we admire Arnold for his great film career, he was as responsible as anyone for the shift away from aesthetic bodybuilding and its original association with strength and good health. From Arnold on it became about how massive you could be. Athletic ability and agility became irrelevant. Whether the lifestyle was actually healthy became irrelevant. Look at Arnold today? Old, lumpy, out of shape. He has not shown a lifetime commitment to health and exercise.

  • Bill Pearl all day. Bill is thicker and flows way better. A lot of the shots you had were not the same poses. They favored Arnold with the angels. I would like to have seen some shots with big Pearl flexing his legs. I’ve always thought bill looked better.

  • The Oak wins….I really think Arnold would have competed except Joe more than likely wouldn’t let Arnold. Joe flips the bill Joe gets what he wanted and Joe wanted the Olympia to be The Event in bodybuilding and he knew Arnold had the goods, the charisma and the work ethic to help him to accomplish it.

  • Slightly towards arnold, bro btw bill pearls back sucked. It was like slabs of muscle no definition, separation. Whatever I know your just having fun and your obviously not any critic. Thanks for the effort

  • Pearl had bigger legs and so better balanced build. I pick Pearl as the GOAT. But close. I just like Pearl’s body type better. So whatever.

  • From what I understand Joe Weider wouldn’t let them compete against each other. It made more sense to split them up so they (Joe Weider) could win both of the contest with his athletes instead of competing against each other.

  • Frank Zane who competed at the 71 Mr Universe stated Sergio was the better BB that day. in fact one of the judges, a French photographer, stated that Sergio’s arms were too big which is why he put Bill Pearl ahead of him.

  • I’ve never seen a photo of Bill Pearl in anything resembling contest condition. He had great size and shape, but looked as smooth as a baby’s butt.
    Look at the photo at 4:45. How can you possibly compare Arnold’s contest shape physique with Bill’s who looks about 2 months out!
    Even in his era Bill was smooth compared to Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Sergio Oliva and Reg Park. I know judging standards were different back then, but he could have definitely been leaner, and he probably would have looked even more awesome?

  • First of all, tons of fascinating and new info this video, thanks for all this! I learned a lot. Second, it strikes me as a massive gamble to initiate this sanction policy at the time. You frame it was the way the Weiders catapulted their organization to the top tier, but I feel like it could have gone the other way as well. After all, if you have multiple orgs yo compete in that will not penalize you for corss-competition, and one that will, why wouldn’t you maximize the prize money and potential wins by ignoring the IFBB? Especially given the low prize money. Though perhaps 1000 bucks at the time was big?

  • Problem is with pictures cause they mostly suck but the fact is actualy he was at his biggest and heavyest in 71 and best definition was in 73…74 was the combination of 71 and 73 so that would be his best… And the lat spread photo is rear lat spred at 74 so no comparison there

  • Weider would have banned Arnold if he competed and Sergio was banned for competing in the Nabba pro universe and coul not compete in the Olympia. Why Bill Pearl did not compete in the Olympia.

    Arnold beats Bill Pearl all the way

  • In my years of weight training, I’ve always had pictures of Sergio Oliva, Bill Pearl, and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall. In their primes, one was no better than the other.

  • These days won’t come back.. Same with the music… Listen to that shi* they produce now days (with little exemptions), the video clips promoting sex, violence, money, sex, violence, money.. The bodybuilding now is not the same job, it’s to take the “best” steroids which can overgrown the muscles to the silly size makeing this people looks weird. There is no artistry in this anymore..

  • I mean why Arnold didn’t show in 1971 for NABBA Mr Universe was cuz Joe Weider (IFBB) made it illegal for any athlete to compete in an rival organization and automatically disqualify, Arnold only did the Olympia that year. Further note, 1971 was one of the most controversial Mr Olympia’s because Arnold was the only competitor in the 71’ Mr Olympia.

  • Thanks bud! That’s awesome that you made this video for a simple request. I really appreciate it! This is a great video! In my opinion, Bill Pearl had better shoulders, back, triceps, and the shape of his legs was better. Arnold had better arms, and deeper cuts in his legs, and better V taper with the small waist. It’s really a toss-up! Max Max Muscle, the man who listens to his followers!

  • wow this was really cool, I have to say Arnold 71, to me, I feel could wipe the stage with many of the nu crop in our recent scene today!

  • Arnold would have whooped him, should have used 1971 mr. Olympia back shots its a win by a land slide.
    Sergio lost due to some crazy water retention (flight) against Bill Pearl it’s a shame.

  • Mark your commentary gets more professional each and every video!A great question for all bodybuilding fans past and present,if bodybuilders back in the day had access to all the same technology,supplements,and drugs,could old school bodybuilders from the 60’s-80’s create better physiques,than the likes likes of Dorian,Shawn,Kevin,Flex,Ronnie,Jay and Phil.I personally think the oak would of created the ultimate physique!What is your thoughts?

  • Yea the song is bad.. check my channel.. i just muted the song and added a better one..

    If you want you can check it out..

    Also i just did it for entertainment purpos only no copyright intended

  • Forget the 1971 Olympia! How can I get a copy of “Japanese Girl”? It’s a sure worldwide #1 smash!! So catchy…I can’t get it out of head!!
    And who recorded it?? Maybe Japan’s first boy band….”The Japanese Boys?”

  • A shame about this fucked up bad music, though. Entirely unrelated to music of 1971 and outdated corny bullshit today. Plus, it sucked when it was originally being produced.

  • He’s the greatest of all time! Lee Haney second greatest. Great Video and 1971 pictures and picking 71, 73, & 74 as Arnold’s greatest years.

  • When they call Sergio ‘the myth’ they aren’t kidding. Always rare to see footage of him posing and I can never believe the size of the guy.

  • unopposed is being disingenuous. Sergio Oliva was there ready to compete but was not allowed to due to some argument he was having with the Weiders concerning not competing in other bodybuilding federations, I’m not sure but I think Franco Columbu was turned away for the same reason, so its not that Arnold was so dominant that no  one dare waste their time attempting to dethrone him but instead that the IFBB chose to make a point to the competitors due to the IFBB(Weiders) turf war that was being waged against other Bodybuilding Federations which the IFBB eventually won with the last serious threat to IFBB(weider) Hegemony being in the early 90s with Vince McMahon’s WBF(world bodybuilding federation) which was disbanded after only two years.  Since then the IFBB has ruled the bodybuilding world with an Iron fist with no serious competitors in sight.

  • Sergio and Franco were disqualified for entering the NABBA Mr. Universe in London that same year by the Weider Brothers, but allowed to guest pose. Getting suspended for entering that London contest was not worth the trip….they both lost, along with
    Frank Zane and Reg Park, to a Bill Pearl in top shape. Arnold planned to enter there also, but the Weiders told him it would be beneath an Olympia Champion to enter a Universe contest, and ordered him out of it or else, as he was under contract to Joe Weider.

    Which is why he won unopposed, although he was the best Bodybuilder that year just the same. Arnold wanted to beat Bill Pearl to establish himself as undisputed #1 in the World. From the Early 50’s to the 60’s, Reg Park and Bill Pearl were seen as the best, coming out of retirement every 5 or 7 years and nailing yet another Universe title.

  • Frank Zane who competed that day stated Sergio should have won. One of the Judges who was a photographer from France stated that he voted for Pearl because Sergio’s arms were too big. I have the old Hoffman magazine with his explanation as to why Sergio took second. Pearl was gifted the title.

  • Wtf is up with the music? sounds like a Japanese commercial for fried chicken with an animated figure screaming KUNG POW! while launching into the air like superman!

  • Can’t take anything away from Arnold in this contest. He looked great top to bottom.. However, on Sergio is allowed to compete Arnold loses and that’s s fact

  • físico como de Arnold schwarzenegger, franco colombus, Frank Zane, robby Robinson, ed corney entre os do passado da difícil de si vê….hj que vemos é atletas super definido e mito barrigudos kkkkkk

  • He was 248 lbs in 1974 and 251.8 lbs in 1971. He was heavier in 1971, but he was leaner/more muscular in 1974 so he looks bigger, but he is actually slightly lighter than 1971. Overall, 1974 was his best and most complete year. He had improved his legs, shoulders, back thickness, upper chest and triceps in 1974 over 1973. Arnold said it himself at the “Meet the Olympias” in 2019.

  • I think Arnold’s arms were at their largest and best in 1971 and his quad separation was at It’s best too. What the 71 version lacks is hamstrings, calves and quad size when compared to 74.

  • I heard about this in another video. Joe weider thought bill would beat Arnold so Joe asked him not to compete. He basically didn’t want to see an Olympian losing in a lesser show.

  • Arguably, 1974 was his best. Arnold himself said it recently he felt 1974 was when he brought his all time best. He was as big as he was in 1971 (Arnold said, 248 lbs) and he had shredded conditioning like 1973 and massive legs and calves. An editor who attended the event at Madison Square Garden said, in 1974 no one in the world could have beaten Arnold. He was untouchable.

  • Although the size of Arnold’s legs never matched the size of his upper body, his quad separation has always been one of my favorites in the competitive bodybuilding world. There’s was a unique flow about them; just pleasant to look at in terms of aesthetics. Flex Wheeler was another dude with that same kind of unique flow and separation in his quads.

  • 2:17 that’s a great photo of 1974, but unfortunately it’s a backstage camera capturing Arnold hitting a back lat spread, so he won’t be focused as much on showing his chest thickness, shoulder thickness, and thickness to the lats from the front as he would be in a back lat spread

  • I love talking about Arnold! Keep these going Mark. The Oak has got it all and probably the most unique structure in history. Hes classic and powerful looking while very aesthetic with size. He always hid his weaknesses well with perfect posing too. The man! Thanks for the vid.

  • the quality of this video is terrible, you can see in pictures taken from this contest that Arnold was FAR more ripped than he appears in the video.  He had great vascularity in his arms, chest and even in his lats that just doesn’t come through in this.  He also showed delineation between his abs that I don’t recall seeing in most of his other contests.  I think that he is very near the condition he displayed in 74′, maybe just slightly lacking in the leg/calf department compared to 74′, but he may be slightly more massive in the upper body in 71′, just in need of a few years of muscle maturity and not yet quite having the exaggerated bicep peak he developed later..

  • Is there any more footage of the 71 Universe? My grandad got 5th in the short class. Zane won it. I would love to see my grandad onstage with Zane

  • By this point in his career, Sergio at 5’11” and 255lbs Onstage in Ripped Contest Shape was the most massive and heaviest bodybuilder in the world. Here at 255lbs, Sergio had 24″ arms, a 60″ chest and 32″ thighs on top of a 28″ waist which was smaller than 180lbs Frank Zane 29″ waist. When Sergio showed up for the 1971 Mr.Olympia Joe Weider and Arnold freaked out in absolute fear. Weider used this NABBA Universe as an excuse to ban Sergio from competing in the 1971 Olympia. So the 1st Multi-Mr. Olympia and the first 3-Time Mr. Olympia and Arnold’s ONLY REAL competition… Sergio Oliva was forced to “Guest Pose” as Joe Weider gave Arnold the Easy win… This is the same NABBA Mr. Universe that Arnold had competed in the Year before in 1970… That’s how you know that Weider denied Sergio from winning the Mr. Olympia in 1970, 71, 72 and 1973…

  • Arthur Jones (nautilus equip.) said Pearl looked absolutely ridiculous standing next to Sergio. Pearl’s 18 and 5/8-inch arms next to Sergio’s 20 and 1/8-inch arms would probably confirm this. Weider also had some meddling on the outcome of this contest.

  • sorry but anyone who thinks sergio was better then arnold needs to have there head checked. keep in mind sergio was 10 years older then his giving age according to his son so 20 year old arnold vs 30 year old sergio…. i will say sergio did have a small waste and great thickness and sweep on his tri’s and forearms but other then that its not impressive. sergio was not know for having great conditioning and you can see that in this video. take a look at this video its from around the same year 1971 as the sergio video above, arnold comes in at about 45 secs into the video. arnold his bigger more cut better flow chest crushes sergios and i mean crushes it. arnolds back is better lats come down farther arms i call a push as arnold has better bi’s but sergio has better tri’s. https://youtu.be/-OBnayVYPLs
    and remember arnold was gettgin better and better sergio not so much