1969 Mr. Olympia – Champion Sergio Oliva


Arnold vs Sergio Olivia Mr O 1972

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Sergio Oliva “The Myth”; Comeback @ Mr. Olympia 1984

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1981 Sergio Oliva Vs 1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger Who Wins?

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ARNOLD VS Sergio Oliva de Cuba Mister Olympia 1969

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All Mr Olympia Champions From 1965-1995

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Arnold Vs Sergio: 1972 Olympia

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Sergio Oliva – Mr. Olympia 1967-1969. Sergio Oliva (July 4, 1941 – November 12, 2012) was a bodybuilder known as “The Myth”. This name was arguably given to him by bodybuilder/writer Rick Wayne but Oliva himself has doubted this claim.

Supposedly Wayne had begun calling Oliva “The Myth” “ (because everyone who saw him at the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair said he was “Just. 1969 Mr. Olympia Winner Sergio Oliva — Tiger Fitness Sergio Oliva wins the firth Mr. Olympia contest held in September, 1969 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City.

Sergio Oliva wins the firth Mr. Olympia contest held in September, 1969 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City. Memorial Day Weekend Sale | CLICK HERE. Oliva’s 1968 Mr Olympia win was uncontested. In 1969, he won his third consecutive Mr.

Olympia by beating a Mr. Europe, a Mr. International, and four-time Mr.

Universe winner Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his 1977 autobiography, “Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder”, Arnold tells of their first encounter: “Then for the first time, I saw Sergio Oliva in person. The Mr.

Olympia only featured two competitors in 1969 – Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There was no other bodybuilder in the world who could match Sergio when it came to sheer muscle mass and incredible aesthetics and symmetry. He was bigger and better than ever. His freakish proportions put his head and shoulders above the competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger (left) and Sergio Oliva (right) From his humble beginnings in Communist Cuba to his triumphant entrance on the Mr.

Olympia stage, Sergio quickly rose to fame. He paved the way for dark-skinned men to compete at the highest level in bodybuilding and won many titles. It was at the 1969 Mr. Olympia that Sergio solidified his legendary status by defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition. In the months leading up to the Olympia, Joe Weider had excited bodybuilding fans about a young upstart named Arnold who would defeat ‘The Myth’ in.

Dec 2, 2012 Sergio Oliva was the second Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding history. He won 3 times Mr Olympia title. He died on Nov, 2012.

RIP. See more ideas about Mr olympia, Bodybuilding, Sergio. The 1967 Mr. Olympia, won by Sergio Oliva, heralded a new era in bodybuilding competition.At 5 ft 10 ins and 240 lbs Oliva, nicknamed “The Myth”, displayed an unforeseen level of muscle mass and definition, including a “V” shape of a large and a well-formed upper-body that tapered down to a narrow waist. Oliva would go on to win the Mr.

Olympia competition in 1967, 1968 (uncontested), and 1969. These Are All the Winners of the Mr. Olympia Competition. 2 Sergio Oliva (1967-1969) Oliva fought against Fidel Castro’s army. He later served as a cop in Chicago and was reportedly shot.

Joe Weider congratulating the 1969 Mr. Oympia Sergio Oliva while Arnold Schwarzenegger looks on The sound of slow hand-clapping catches our ears. The impatient audience is expressing the urgent expectation that grips every man in the theatre.

Bud Parker’s voice restores some semblance of order.

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Sergio Oliva had also won the Mr. Olympia contest.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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By 1967, Oliva was on top of the bodybuilding world with the IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia crowns to his name.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The first five Mr. Olympia winners — Scott, Oliva, Arnold, Frank Zane, and I — were all accorded superstar status.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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He’d taken his most recent Mr. Olympia title that fall in New York unopposed: not one of the other four bodybuilding champions invited to compete even showed up.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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This change can be seen in the physiques of more recent Mr. Olympia winners and top contenders; fewer were around the 300-pound (136 kg) mark onstage.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
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Franco, who also won the Mr. Olympia title, was born with biceps attached much higher on his arm.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Franco achieved bodybuilding success that puts him at the very top of that field, including multiple Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles, and the same with powerlifting; he broke all strength records for bodybuilders.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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The first black athlete to win the International Federation of Bodybuilding’s Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia titles, Oliva was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 4, 1941.

“Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture” by Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama, Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama
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  • Sergio is in his late 40’s, Arnold was in his early 30’s, Sergio’s quad size was down and his was holding water but other wise he was in amazing shape, just not his biggest. If Sergio had the right trainer and had been able to body build full time, who knows how freaky he could have become…maybe the best bodybuilding genetics ever.

  • Sergio was the much bigger bodybuilder but arnold had better conditioning.
    Most people look for a physique that is both big and had definition like Arnold’s

  • Joe Welders’ idea of seeing the human body achieve its’ full potential was heavy use of steroids and HGHs! Aesthetically natural development via hard work and nutrition died with Vince Gironda…so sad.

  • This video is about Sergio Olivia and Arnold. Meanwhile, Serge Nubret is in the background of the photos, looking like the one who should have really won

  • Its a close call obviously but still Arnold does look a little better to me judging on these picture from double bicep Arnold killer him.

  • I remember when the article broke in Muscular Development in the picture you could see Arnold looked better. He won fair and square.

  • bigger is not better Sergio looks bloated to me his arms although massive look like shit,people hate on Arnold because they are jealous of him and as for joe weider influencing the judges what about the 69 Olympia? Arnold worked his arse off he made loads more money for joe weider than anything joe gave to arnold

  • Sergio had all the tools but he didn’t get the help he needed to put them all together. Seriously, how does a guy with bigger arms, much bigger legs, and a smaller waist than Arnold lose to him? Sergio didn’t know how to peak or how to pose, at least not as well as Arnold did.

  • Arnold’s biceps were amazing that year, for sure, as was his vacuum pose. Also, his calves were looking very impressive; something he had issues with early in his career.

    But man, Sergio looked amazing! He never had that kind of billiard ball bicep shape that Arnold had; that was probably the one thing about his aesthetics that was lacking, but he looked AMAZING overall. His legs and V-taper were phenomenal.

    I think Sergio should have won it.

  • Clearly Arnold, just like every other Mr. O after 1970. He was simply a better bodybuilder even if only slightly. Sergio never had separation in his arms and legs and a weak midsection. His shoulders also overpowered in back poses. Still an all time great and only Arnold was better in that time period so it’s no knock. He was even slightly better than Arnold in Arnold’s first Mr. O so the separation between the two was never more than a few points.

  • There is something unique on Arnold + he is taller thats makes him look bigger. And no one till today can match his twisted 3/4 pose!

  • It was clearly rigged anyone looking at the photographs could see that Sergio was Superior to Arnold, just like Mike mentzer was when he was robbed of the Olympia against Arnold.
    And another rig competition.

  • A little of both
    To me honestly Arnold looked better over all & yes he was Joe’s boy. Serg was meant to loose in that case but still a favorite of mine!
    That mantis pose is epic ��

  • The real “Poster Boy” was actually Frank Zane. It was Zane and not Arnold who always sold the greatest amount of magazines when he was on the cover. Oliva struggled with issues of conditioning and muscle control on stage when compared to Arnold. i thought Oliva looked his best in off stage shots made by Arthur Jones!

  • Sergio murdered Arnold here, infact Arnold admitted in 1972 that Sergio was better. in 1969 on paper he proved it too. what happened to him happened to Kazmaier they kicked em out for being too good.

  • Find it ironic Lee Haney retired after he beat Yates?I think he saw his competition with Yates and knew to retire on top, because Haney knew he would get beat by Yates,If he would have stayed in competition.

  • Wether Arnold s conditioning wasn’t as good as prior to this contest is irrelevant…his conditioning FOR THIS CONTEST was BETTER than sergios..period….matter of fact..I think Serge nubrets conditioning was better than sergios..and in some shots his upper body is better…Arnold had the full package relative to his competition…I mean..look at their double biceps pose..it’s not even close..Sergio looks like a cinnamon donut…….

  • Everyone was well dressed but DY. Honestly feel like Dorian was the type to go into bodybuilding, do his shit and leave. Somewhat of a bulldog mentality, and simply doesn’t give a shit. That’s personally how I’ve seen him.

  • Serge had better abs, forearms, legs, mid section. Everything else he tied Arnold except Arnold had better biceps triceps. Look at 2:49 at the front double bicep pose Arnold’s forearms and legs were way smaller then Serge. Serge waist was smaller. Serge wins Mr. O against Arnold

  • Arnold looks better in his poses. Better separation as well. After a 5 year layoff an 8 weeks training. Sergio looks like a blob of fat.

  • Arnold of course wins! even when they are pretty similar! the proportion and the dymentions of Arnold´s body is much better! maybe because genetics!

  • I do not know why you consider height to be a factor. Bodybuilding is about judging muscles not height. As to which one was better, I have always had a difficult time deciding whether Sergio or Arnold was better as they are so close. The judges had a difficult time with that as well.

  • In this one Arnold had the edge due to better separation, size and conditioning imo. Sergio had better symmetry though. Serge nubret though…. Gotta say he was underrated

  • if sergio had any kind of seperation at all with his front biceps,then I’d give him the trophy……..but it just wasn’t there, man.

  • a true legend, I still have a cover shot of him on a Muscle mag from the 70’s, loved to read those Joe Weider mags like Muscle Builder and
    find pics of Arnold and Sergio, thanks for sharing this, brings back memories

  • Arnold’s biceps �� looked way better
    I am a Sergio fan however �� other than that it’s a close call. Arnold & Joe do seem to be running thing’s kinda crookedly �� in general back then.

  • Arnold was good. Not denying that. BUT both Serge Nubret and Sergio Oliva were better. Especially Serge Nubret, with his great balance of mass, separation, leanness, and muscle insertions. Serge is the most aesthetic bodybuilder I have seen.

  • they say arnold sent a hooker to sergios room so she could could inject sergio with alot of sodium while he was banging her, so sergio would be all bloated the next day on stage. its prolly bullshit tho

  • Thanks for this historical moment in in Bodybuilding history. Sad to watch now, so many of them have left us. Sergio, Larry and of course the father of bodybuilding, Joe

  • Sergio is one of the greatest bodybuilders but Arnold is the greatest of them all.Sergio has good back bud when he das the back double biceps Arnolds back is way batter.Arnold is the greatest like Ronnie Coleman says. The greatest bodybuilder of all time.

  • Wow! This is the kind of event that one witnesses once in one’s lifetime. How lucky those people in the audience were! Nonetheless, it’s a great privilege to play and replay the video as we please. Thanks to technology.

  • Sergio Oliva era solo volumen, totalmente tapado.
    Dizque Arnold no tenia piernas y a leguas se ve que superaba las de Sergio.
    Arnold totalmente definido, mas alto, mas elegante al posar, mejores biceps y mejores pantotorrillas.
    El numero uno, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • WTH!!! I know Im seeing this so late on or many years later, but what a bunch of losers for booing Haney by the idiots in the crowd. Haney is a true gentleman, fantastic Olympia Winner and an ambassador to the sport.

    The Jacks.

  • Sergio was a shape and mass monster. When BB started emphasizing cuts he never really got cut enough to challenge Arnold. His Japan tour in 80 (?) show what might have been. Arnolds only real competition

  • What does anyone want to boo Lee Haney for?
    I met him in Leeds England in late 1984 after his first O. title, what a gentleman, everything
    Joe Weider said.

  • Paid Olympians what this idiot wieder saying he stole so many people life for some thing every one is praising this asshole this entire stage is bluffing


  • Смотрю и получаю огромное удовольствие! Эти люди сделали жизнь многих парней лучше. Мотивация!!! Как будут смотреться бодибилдиры современные после этих “Монстров”!

  • Joe Weider the Father of Bodybuilding There will never be another Joe Weider. The Champions on this stage are the golden age of bodybuilding. Joe Weider is gone and so is this golden age. Who will ever take his place? Maybe someday ArnoldSchwarzenegger


  • Will talk only facts here. Arnold had prep’ed only 8 weeks for the 1980 Olympia, suffered a shoulder injury in Australia, lost too much muscle while trying to heal the injury. He came in at only 223 225 lbs at 1980. Still his upper body conditioning was quite good, though only in 80% shape. Now, if you put Arnold’s prime shape from 1973 or 1974 when he was starting to hit his peak, no Sergio year can hold to the “completeness” of Arnold in 1973 or 1974. Arnold was 251 lbs (Arnold recently revealed his ’74 contest night weight ar the Arnold Classic as his best year) at the 1974 Olympia. Huge and ripped to the bones where he made 265 lbs Lou Ferrigno look small. That was not by coincidence, but he had prep’ed the whole year to send Sergio to retirement that year because everyone who saw him said he was untouchable in 1974. No one in the 70s could touch Arnold in 1973 and 1974.

  • sergio forearms killin arnold and triceps smaller waist better legs bicep fuller lats no contest only thing arnold has is a peak bicep and chest that was way out of propportion

  • Sergio probably had better genetics and a bit more mass on legs, but Arnold was better conditioned, especially arms separation from the front as you say was much better. If Sergio didn’t eat so much junk food and mastered proper conditioning he should have won it. Or train with the Weiders. They could have built an awesome rivalry together, switching 1 and 2 at Olympia for many years to add to the drama. Would have made the sport even bigger. But Arnold deserved this one.

  • Difficult to say. On the photos presented, Arnold wins on his overall size and conditioning. However, much like Dorian Yates prime, photos don’t tell the whole story. You could not never really appreciate Yates’ conditioning in photographs. Maybe the same is true of Sergio. Certainly Flex Wheeler and Sergio were the most genetically gifted bodybuilders I’ve seen.

  • Everyone keeps going on about Arnold wasn’t at his best! Ok no he wasn’t he never had a really good back to begin with or thighs but if you watch the guy go through through poses next to the other guys your eyes are drawn to him, which was what won him the 80 Olympia,,, sure there was other guys that looked much better but stood next to Arnold they didn’t he was taller than the others and appeared wider yes he had a thick waist but with all the twisting poses he hid that very well viewed from the side his waist looked tiny enhancing his upper body,,Sergio on the other hand could of beaten anybody he had everything if his conditioning was on point I really don’t think anyone could of beaten him

  • Its a shame Arnold would never return to that original 1971-74 245lb. condition which might have given Haney a fit in the 80s if he would of kept competing at that size up through the late 80s or so, which could have been possible.

  • All due respect to Sergio, one of the greatest in History, Arnold had a better overall package in my eyes. But of course it comes down to opinion I’ve always thought Arnold was better. Sergio is legendary of course but I’d rather have Arnold’s physique

  • it is better to compare Arnold and Sergio in their prime times of 3-6 years. like Arnold in 1972-1978 and Sergio in his peak times. compare their pics that have equally good lighting condition and we can see who wins

  • Sergio has the best proportions for any human being till today. Thick foreams and calves, massive arms with biceps that are super dense, full chest and low lats, and a wasp waist. Unmatched.

  • Obviously Sergio, as always. As near perfect as has ever been seen. Here he is overweight but in his prime regularly robbed by the Weiders. Arnold in 80 skinny, no legs, no back. His lesser bodyparts were poorer. According to his son Sergio lied about his age and was born in 1933 and not 1941, making him 48 years old here.

  • Arnold won Sergio had great size BUT his muscles were not sculpted his arms look dumpty not defined. Had he come sharply defined like he was in his earlier contest wins. Sergio looked incredible when he had leaner defined muscles absolutely sensational in 1972 he looked smoother (water retention???)

  • Arnold had a wide waist. Sergio was born genetically with a narrow waist and FULL Muscle Bellies with arms chest & lats so full (born that way) that sometimes (at his best) when he posed his front lat pose it almost looked like he had too much full muscle bellies
    that it look almost awkward to pose cause he had ‘Too-Much’ muscle. And when he did his front double bicep nobody could compare because of his full genetic muscle bellies & narrow waist. So when Sergio sent Arnold a photo as a joke to be ready for ’72 Essen Olympia friends said Arnold looked at the photo and his jaw dropped saying “Damn his arms look big as his head!”

  • Arnold won..overall.abs,calf,biceps..separation and definition.actually for me on this, sergio not only lose to arnold but also to serge nubret..look closely ��

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 5’10 weighs in at 245lbs in muscle Sergio Oliva 5’4 weights in at 225lbs in muscle all thanks to steroids ��������

  • If you look at the first close up photo of arny and sergio you can clearly see arnolds legs are more developed and thicker. His biceps have better view of the seperation compared to sergios arms. The rest is hard for me to tell both amazing lifters.

  • so lets see, Sergio midsection was better, more developed, his arms were bigger, his back was more defined, his taper was amazing, plus Sergio wasnt allowed to participate in the 1970 olympia, defintly destroying Sergios confidence and leaving such a move up in the air to wonder if he would ever participate In the olympia again. something that the corrupt weiders did deliberately probably hoping Sergio would get discouraged and not continue to train, but inviting him back the following year probably at the very last minute, with no time to prep, to the Olympia. so arnold won against Sergio, even though arnold had a deformed torso that does not alighn straight down his midsection, which in is so distracting, talk about lines not flowing smooth, nothing to worry about white privilege would prevail for scwarzenegger as it always has when whites are in competion against a non white who is superior evidently as Olivia was here.

  • Arnold has the art of body builder in showcasing the musle..he does it confidently and gracefuly..it not having the bigest musle…but show the art of it that maters.

  • I’m sorry, But NO WAY did Arnold beat Sergio Oliva in the 72 Olympia. I think Sergio’s problem (and even his own son admits this) is the fact that he was really his own worst enemy. He was an absolute PRICK to work with. Sometimes (especially in business) you have to “play the part”, which doesn’t mean be less than a man but it may mean that you have to compromise certain things, and bend and twist a little bit to get to your final destiny.

  • GREAT Comparison. In this show Sergio Oliva beat both recent Mr. Olympia runner-ups in Serge Nubret who placed 2nd to Arnold in ’75 and had a bunch of WABBA and WBBG titles, and Robby Robinson who was runner-up to Frank Zane in both 1977 and 1978 Mr. Olympias, but won a lot of other contests around the same time frame. Arnold did amazing for coming back on short notice but was nowhere near his 1974 peak. The lighting looks different at each show. Arnold’s lines, definition and flow look better to me in a lot of angles. Mass & size wise here Sergio has Arnold beat. Gosh, this would have been one hell of a competition if we could go back in a time machine and get the Weiders and Lurie to agree for an overall competition open to everybody.

    I believe if Sergio was still in the IFBB mix from 1976-1983 with no Arnold, excluding Arnold’s 1980 comeback and with Sergio still training all that time competing for WBBG and WABBA, he would have waxed Columbu, Zane and Dickerson for several more Olympia titles IMHO.

    Best, Dave

  • All these Arnold haters…..Arnold has better conditioning. Much better separation in the Arms and Back. Better separation in the chest. One could even say “better” legs. Definitely better calfs. Sergio had “Larger” Quads. Not better. Arnold’s were more defined and separation. Plus Arnold knew how to present his best body parts better. (1/4 turn double bicep) etc…
    Arnold won fair and Square. Sure he was joes boy but, he Earned it.

  • Great video other than the music sucks & you cut Arnold off on the best part of his posing routine after hitting the most muscular he pumps his arm repeatedly & hits a twisting 3/4 rear bicep.