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“Sergio Oliva had the Greatest Genetics for Bodybuilding”

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Rare Posing from Sergio Oliva

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Sergio Oliva 3 Time Mr. Olympia Champion

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Bill Pearl vs Sergio Oliva

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Sergio Oliva’s Olympia Comeback at age 44

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Sergio ‘The Myth’ Oliva Motivational Tribute

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The 1968 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held in September 1968 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York. It was the 4th Mr. Olympia competition held. Sergio Oliva defended his title unopposed.

Other contestants were expected to compete but all withdrew. Harold Poolereceived a job promotion in 1968 and it adversely affected his ability to tr. Sergio Oliva won the 1968 Mr Olympia uncontested because other expected competitors like Harold Poole, Dave Draper and Chuck Sipes failed to show due to other work commitments. Harold Poole got a job promotion, Dave Draper was doing film making, and Chuck Sipes took advice from Joe Weider and removed himself from the competition – instead. Sergio Oliva won the 1968 Mr Olympia uncontested because other expected competitors like Harold Poole, Dave Draper and Chuck Sipes failed to show due to other work commitments.

Harold Poole got a job promotion, Dave Draper was doing film making, and Chuck Sipes took advice from Joe Weider and removed himself from the competition – instead. Published on May 19, 2017 There are multiple Mr. Olympia’s in which only one man showed up, and won by default. 1968 was one of those years for Sergio Oliva. *Interact with me on social media*. Arnold Schwarzenegger (left) and Sergio Oliva (right) From his humble beginnings in Communist Cuba to his triumphant entrance on the Mr.

Olympia stage, Sergio quickly rose to fame. He paved the way for dark-skinned men to compete at the highest level in bodybuilding and won many titles. Sergio was not only the most aesthetic bodybuilder on stage but also the biggest Sergio Oliva is considered by most to be the world’s most genetically gifted bodybuilder He set a whole new standard for competitive bodybuilding; loved by millions, revered by many and feared by some. Only one competitor made it to the 1968 Mr.

Olympia competition. Fans were disappointed that big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t make it and others didn’t even compete against Sergio. Sergio Oliva takes the crown completely uncontested, making it his second win in a row.

The 1967 Mr. Olympia, won by Sergio Oliva, heralded a new era in bodybuilding competition.At 5 ft 10 ins and 240 lbs Oliva, nicknamed “The Myth”, displayed an unforeseen level of muscle mass and definition, including a “V” shape of a large and a well-formed upper-body that tapered down to a narrow waist. Oliva would go on to win the Mr. Olympia competition in 1967, 1968. Instagram.

Sergio was the only bodybuilder to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia and for a certain generation of lifters, The Myth was the epitome of bodybuilding perfection. In today’s article, we examine Sergio’s eventful life from the Cuban military to the Olympia stage. Oliva’s 1968 Mr Olympia win was uncontested. A Guinness World Record that stands to this day.

In 1969 he won his 3rd consecutive Mr Olympia by beating a Mr Europe, Mr International and Four time Mr Universe winner Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold tells of their first encounter in his 1977 autobiography ‘Arnold the Education of a Bodybuilder’.

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Sergio Oliva had also won the Mr. Olympia contest.

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By 1967, Oliva was on top of the bodybuilding world with the IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia crowns to his name.

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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

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The first five Mr. Olympia winners — Scott, Oliva, Arnold, Frank Zane, and I — were all accorded superstar status.

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He’d taken his most recent Mr. Olympia title that fall in New York unopposed: not one of the other four bodybuilding champions invited to compete even showed up.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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  • I have a copy of this video Norm sold me many years ago. Is there anyone still selling this footage along with the 65,65 olympia footage that is on my copy

  • Arnold No.1, Sergio No.2. There is no No.3.
    There are a few Honorable Mentions but they are not worth mentioning in this conversation with these two men.

  • As far as im concerned. The physique he walked on stage with at the 72 Olympia. To this day there has been no physique like that. Even Arnold said. When you come down to the bottom line. NOBODY HAD A BODY QUITE LIKE ��THE MYTH�� You couldnt believe what you were looking at. Those proportions should not have been POSSIBLE.

  • I grew up adoring Arnold, but then as I got older and wiser, I realized Sergio was the better bodybuilder. He was robbed by Weider, Joe should have financed Sergio the way he did with Arnold, he would have more Olympia’s. It was Arnold’s power and presence made him win over Sergio ultimately.

  • Maybe the only man that had better genetic than Ronnie Colmen, i can’t even iamgane if Sergio Oliva was around today he be Mr.Olimpia forEver

  • You don’t see physiques as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as Sergio’s. His muscles were so huge, the man was superhuman������������������

  • Sergio was damn impressive. Let’s face it though, no matter when or how Arnold entered the Mr. Olympia, age 25 and passed, he would decimate his opponents. Phil Heath tried his luck at dissing Arnold and so will any other future Mr. Olympia, because no matter how far those winners go, they will always stand against Arnold. He was the first Icon of Body Building and will always hold that honor. No matter how small or big, they will always be measured against him, this is truth.

    So try your best, but Arnold allowed you to be there and so everything you’ve won is thanks to him. Must be rough, but stay thankful cause he will be in annuls of history always.

  • I might be wrong but i`m bit suspicious about those bodybuilders heights. Arnold says that he is 188cm but he doesen`t look that in real life. Could it be like in boxing that everybody is couple of centimeters longer in paper than in real life?

  • I cry after looking this video. The best bodybuilder ever, no words for him. People forget him and Lee Haney, my favorites bodybuilders all time. Your memory will never be forgotten as long as I live, I promess man, I PROMESS!

  • His son cannot even pose right as a whole his physique looks disgusting but his dad good lord was just one of a kind Sergio Oliva could pose so beautiful had a small waist huge arms just beautiful

  • The 29 inch waist is what set him apart. Everyone back then. They could all vacuum pose and make their navel touch their spine. Today’s guys cant get their top abs inside their rib cage.

  • the most genetically gifted bb of all time
    the proof of his greatness is that he has no weak body parts or weak poses
    virtually all the other multiple Mr Olympia winners had weak bodyparts, weak poses and gifted wins, you cant say that about Sergio
    A testament to his genetics, he achieved it while working 10 hrs of phisical labour and with no serious diet, no real training knowledge, no guru, no help from Weiders nothing

  • Nobody has done his signature pose, the victory pose, better than him, and I think its one of the most beautiful bodybuilding poses, its so powerful and overwhelming.

  • Jones trained Sergio for the 1971 Nabba Pro Mr. Universe, not the 1972 Mr. Olympia. This can be confirmed by Ellington Darden who worked for Jones. Sergio trained on his own for the ’72 Olympia. His training routine for the ’72 Olympia was published in Dan Lurie’s Muscle Training Illustrated Magazine.

  • Sergio will never be Sergio, unfortunately. He inherited his pappy’s gift for putting on muscle, but not his epic proportion and symmetry.

  • PSAThis man was Arnold’s genuine nightmare back in the day. The REAL terminator. Leroy Colbert and other legends from the early days of BB stated that Arnold was physically and mentally scared of Sergio because Sergios THICK Cuban accent, and at the time he was the MOST “dense wide muscle guy Arnold had ever seen quote unquote”
    This made Arnold up his game and figure out psychological tactics and Machiavellian strategies compounded with excessive cycles training 3hrs a day just to beat THIS one individual convincingly.
    It was said that Sergio was a mean VERY strong short man who sometimes wore his bloody butchers apron backstage while pumping up preshow prep. He and Arnold eventually became friendly but initially he scared the shit out of Arnie.
    That man was God’s gift to bodybuilder genetics. Goodness. 5’10 aka 5’8 realistically �� walking around the early 70s off-season with 24 inch arms in terns of biceps, 21 inch forearms that looked like jacked calves flexed topped off with a 27 inch waist at 270 lbs is insane with the MOST basic cycle of Juice in history. Unbelievable. RIP secret �� GOAT Sergio Oliva.

  • Sergio had a much better physique than Arnold, way much better. But, for some reason, at least for what I see in the pictures, he never got to be really cut and dry, which Arnold always did. I guess Arnold had that tunel visión to do anything he needed ti win.

  • Thank you very much for this video.
    This was very interesting to hear about Sergio Olivia and the politics of the Weider organization with Arnold in the middle.
    You have me now as follower.

  • Sergio was a short shit he is only 5’3 and Arnold Schwarzenegger is 5’9 they don’t tell you there real heights on google they lie about there real heights on google but I know the truth and I know there real heights

  • He was a great bodybuilder Champion he was only 72 years old when he died and he looked like he was 102 years old when he died the steroids ���� really killed him

  • Funny he did look too depleted he look like he was really lacking carbohydrates.he mentioned it was a different way of preparations. Funny thing is if it works for you don’t change it.I’m the same way. My body thrives on carbohydrates if I go below 150 a day I don’t have that fullness.

  • Awesome channel. Subscribed. The myth was by far the greatest bodybuilder in terms of genetics, symmetry and proportions. Had he worked more on his diet and conditioning then he would simply have remained unbeaten. The victory pose shows it all.

  • The reason Oliva didn’t win the title back? He was training with Arthur Jone’s and not only bigger byes cut more…he didn’t win because that would have given credibility and credence to Jones method of training..and Weider would have none of that.

  • I saw Sergio as a police officer involved in a raid, in 1979. In spite of already knowing about him for years, it took a second to realize it was him. At first glance of his shoulders and chest, I thought it was a 400 lb morbidly obese cop. The next moment I realized that his custom-tailored uniform tapered to a 28” waist! Looked liked science-fiction.

  • Sergio was almost 80 when he died. He lied about his age and falsified his birth certificate to be able to become a policeman in Chicago

  • The first “freak” in bodybuilding’s history, his muscles were so large they almost looked cartoonish back in the day. even though he was huge he also had great symmetry and a very small waist. His conditioning was good but never spot on otherwise no one, not even Arnold would have beaten him.

  • The only time in recent memory that I’ve heard an Olympia crowd get this loud was when Shawn beat Phil. But no one today can make a crowd howl like this with a posing routine. All Sergio had to do was hit his legendary shots. He didn’t need to put his hand to his ear or gesture to people to cheer for him; his physique did it alone! This is a level no one today could ever touch.

  • Sergio is the best…, bodybuilding physique of allll time. Period. Size, shape, symmetry, proportion, with enough definition and a very small waist.

  • u say theres never been a son of a Mr O champ compete in in Mr O. what about a Mr o competitors son also competing in Mr O, has that happened?

  • Those years people prefer a wide shoulder tiny waist champion rather than a narrow shoulder bloated waist. It is what it is.. Deal with it

  • the single most fantastic bodybuilder ever lived, the most outstanding proportions ans “wow” effect in my opinion. I was an arnold fan till 20 but over the years Sergio’ physique just grew on me. he deserves the ultimate honour.

  • Sergio did not blame his wife’s dietary advice in 1984, when he was still huge, he blamed her for his 1985 condition, when he did indeed follow a low fat diet, and lost a lot of size. Reportedly he was as big as a house in 1986 before the shooting.

  • NICK!! The MOST IMPRESSIVE COMEBACK???In 1971, Bill Pearl said he was coming back at 41!! He challenged All champions to compete in the NABBA Universe Against him. He beat Sergio, Park, Draper.
    Arnold issued his own challenge that Pearl meet him in Paris.. at the Mr Olympia

  • Imagine Sergio using today’s full drug regimen including SARMs, GH etc, top of the line equipment, all supplements and other aids…..the mind boggles.
    Fuck even Ronnie in his prime would be dwarfed.

  • Absolutely the greatest ever! One big mistake. Did not kiss Joe Weider’s ass. Paid dearly for that. Arnold did not make that mistake and kissed Weider’s ass.

  • Awesome tribute! Some rare pics from the ’70s contests when Sergio was competing in other federations. Rogers Park Chicago’s finest & my old neighbor!

  • I saw Sergio in the Lurie run WBBG Mr Olympus contests. He was huge with beautiful round muscle bellies but he always appeared to be 2 weeks away from being in contest shape. I also saw him in the ’84 Olympia and thought he was a shadow of his former self but I also thought he was a top 4 competitor. His 8th place was booed by the fans and it wasn’t till he had his wife hand him Sergio Jr that the booing died down. By the way, Lee Haney was awesome that day.

  • Sergio Oliva

    1. abnormal big armsbiceps and trceps
    2. abnormal huge shoulders but
    3. Smaller back with huge arms
    4. Small waist and very good chest
    5. Good traps but very thin neck( Neck was too small with compare his traps, arms and shoulds it was bizarre.
    6. Sergio was myth and great man he could be in first four at 85. mr.olympia.
    Real legend.

  • Sergio’s arms were measured by Arthur Jones himself they came in cold around 20 1/4” Bills never were what you say..his were around 18 5/8..or about..guys lied about their arms the way porn actors lie about the size of their cocks..

  • the comparation has sense only if are compared pics of both them at their top,and despite bill was very good oliva was twice good when both at their best time

  • As good as Bill Pearl was, this was the 1971 Mr.Universe and Pearl was 40 years old when he went head-to-head with the younger Oliva. It was said that Pearl refused to stand next to Oliva during the prejudging lineup which also included Reg Park. This is understandable considering that Pearl’s 18 and 5/8-inch arms were “dwarfed” next to Oliva’s 20 and 1/8-inch arms. It was also said that Oliva appeared “smooth” in this contest and that was the reason for Pearl’s win. If that was the case, then where are the cuts in Pearl’s thighs? Oliva was robbed. Watch Oliva’s DVD which includes this contest and judge for yourself.

  • I agree that Sergio takes this one but I think people forget just how good Bill Pearl was. He was way ahead of his time. Great match up.

  • 1975 World Bodybuilding Guild (WBBG) Mr Olympus!
    A fabulous Dan Lurie Production. His shows & Trophies were incredible. The woman i believe was Dan’s wife Thelma…a beautiful kind lady.

  • Think it’s the Mr Azteca. Eddy Sylvestre held the Mr International annually. With it he also held the Mr International Azteca.

  • Sometime after 1972 Oliva tore his left tricep as it plainly shows. He’s also wearing a rug and has lost some size. Still, he was the most genetically-gifted bodybuilder of the 60-70’s era.

  • this has to be 1977,he looks downsized alot compared to the 71-73 versions
    he just isnt as thick and his legs are a little smaller than 72, and he has the torn left triceps already

  • Sergio was ahead of his time he had perfect proportions smallest waist I’ve ever seen on stage only thing he needed more muscle separation in common more dried out but he had the size at that time they didn’t have the science they have today so they were still experimenting today he would place the top five with this stuff out now and the new nutrition in whatever

  • Sergio was and always will be my fav bodybuilder. His size,shape and symmetry was amazing. And Joe Weider the racist held him back. So glad his son carrys on the tradition.

  • I watched both those 1984 & 1985 MrOs MANY times objectively…..and I believed Sergio earned 4-5 at the 1984 show and minimum 4 at 1985 show as well. Fourth would be cool to say for both…. He Got F’d. Seriously..No way…was he 8th!!!….. watch the whole things if you haven’t

  • Imagine if he had competed when Franco won in 1981,…he would have blown away the competition easily and win another Sandow, there is no way Franco could beat the Myth.


  • Great footage, What an Incredible symmetry and proportion. He was really the best Bodybuilder ever with Arnold, Zane or Nubret for second. How can you beat that 28 inch waist plus having great legs, Incredible shoulders, Arms….etc.. I know that he was not at his best here but Wow!!! I wonder what ever happened to all the footage from the WBBG that Chris Devin took and also Gene Mozee used to sell a lot of these films.

  • Veo tu videos una y otra y otra vez. Son fantasticos, te transportan a otra realidad, a otro tiempo es indescriptible. Grande amigo����������

  • Jerry Brainum speaks out of his ass, probably never took an art class nor studied proportions at a high level. He thinks a small waist is a good thing, its not, needs to be Arnold’s size to carry the mass, yet Arnold made it look small by twisting. Sergio biggest two problems was that he lacked a rib cage, second his arms while massive did not have a peak, too balance out those great triceps. There are other bone structure deficiencies which would be above most people’s heads so no sense going into it. Sergio was massive and had some great individual body parts, but he never got close to Arnold’s perfect genetic symphony, this is why after he beat a young inexperienced fresh off the boat Arnold he could never beat him again.

  • I remember watching the first sergio oliva tribute video by this guys and it was great with that leeroy comment. After a while it got removed and I was sad because I had it in my gym playlist. Now I’m so happy because there was a re upload with a new edit, brand new tribute video and its awesome. The best Sergio oliva tribute video on YouTube. Thanks guys! Keep up with the amazing work

  • The myth was incredibly flexible, not only he broke all the rules on how to train by the book but also on how to diet for the most optimum results. Talking about how steroids can kill, a diabetic bodybuilder trying to be successful through proper dieting would be put into intensive care without a doubt trying to follow Sergio Oliva’s diet regimen. There’s no telling how far Sergio’s physique potential would have became with the technologies of today.

  • Nic Strength Power Company Why do this Arnold mans cheat in the bodybuilding competition? In villages here in Bulgaria, we haves the strongmens but no bodybuilders looking like this. We move the heavy stones but our men’s have the chest hair and no as muscly. Mens like the nodybuilders today here in America today exist in our country, but they always are like the gays and take the showers together with the erections but our men’s beat cheaters like this Arnold men’s with bats and fists because we no like the cheats.

  • Sergio Oliva was indeed a genetic freak. He had the shortest of tendons, with the correspondingly longest of muscle bellies. Even his latissimus dorsi extended to the waist. And who in the history of the sport tore his triceps as Oliva had apparently done in his left arm and still look insanely developed? Nobody else but Sergio! �� Dave, Australia

  • Leeoy Colbert did a video on Sergio. Pretty interesting what he had to say about him. I remember reading an interview with Sergio and the guy said he was was eating pizza the night before a contest, simply cos he was hungry and that’s what he felt like.