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15 Awesome Things You Got from Mom. by MyFitnessPal. May 9, 2014. No Comments.

Share it: This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in the U.S. with our friends over at Fitbit. Whether you’re a mom or you just happen to have one, you’ll find great tips and advice for staying healthy and happy all year long. (Oh and don’t forget, mom. Mom prepped the meal.

Mom cooked the meal. Mom shouldn’t have to clean up after the meal. 14.

Program the auto-brew function on the coffee pot. M ake it easy for mom to get her morning caffeine. Even better, deliver said coffee to her bedside table.

Trust us, it’ll benefit everyone. 15. Give her a hug for no reason. Because hugs are awesome.

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FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. So I made you a list. A list of things a new Mom should have. There are a zillion baby registry guides out there, including my baby registry list.

And those lists are awesome because a prepared Mama (well, as prepared as you can be for leaving your house alone & coming home with a tiny completely dependent human being) is a more relaxed & happy. Here are 15 hilarious things that make being a boy mom awesome #BOYMOM here. It’s true, I’ve got all boys! And it’s been a wonderful (and sometimes scary!) ride so far. I am literally the only girl in the house.

My good blogger friend Karen @ Mamma Bear Says wrote 15 Things that Make Being A Girl Mom Awesome! You have to read what. Gather all of Mom’s favorite board games and take care of the snacks, drinks, and clean-up.

All she needs to do is show up and have fun. 9. Hit up the dive bar. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re not careful, Mom just might drink you under the table. Maybe Dad can be sober cab 10.

Make homemade face scrubs. Things are tough when you grow up with a strict mom. You might know that, deep down, she has your best interests at heart. However, that doesn’t provide much comfort when all your friends are allowed to do things, that you will never in a million years get to do while you live under the same roof as your mom. If you have a strict mom, check out these 14 things which you’ll relate to!

But in different periods of time things were rough. And if you have a caring life partner, you help the other person when that person needs it.” 15. On retirement Robert De Niro got bit by.

15. Easel Place Cards. If you’ve got a party coming up, you can’t find a cuter way to display your place cards than this! The Chic Site gives a detailed tutorial on using paper straws to make adorable little easels, ideal for place cards. Perfect for an art-themed party!Top things you didn’t know the purpose of!

These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for! #14. “Pen Cap”You have definitely noticed.

List of related literature:

I know a lot of mums write lists of things they want for their children, or how they hope things will be, but I’m not one for lists.

“The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel” by Michael Robotham
from The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel
by Michael Robotham
Scribner, 2017

I know you said that Mom wanted many things and that you regret not giving her those things.

“The Smart Stepmom: Practical Steps to Help You Thrive” by Ron L. Deal, Laura Petherbridge
from The Smart Stepmom: Practical Steps to Help You Thrive
by Ron L. Deal, Laura Petherbridge
Baker Publishing Group, 2009

I promised in those pages to be the greatest, most wonderful mom in the entire world.

“She's Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger” by Julie Ann Barnhill
from She’s Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger
by Julie Ann Barnhill
Harvest House Publishers, 2005

I have to admit, Mom has really been supportive of my whole list thing, even though she tried to fight it in the beginning.

“Finally: A Wish Novel” by Wendy Mass
from Finally: A Wish Novel
by Wendy Mass
Scholastic Incorporated, 2011

My mom saved a copy of that first list and sent it to me recently in a scrapbook.

“The Herbalist's Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines” by Nancy Phillips, Michael Phillips, Rosemary Gladstar
from The Herbalist’s Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines
by Nancy Phillips, Michael Phillips, Rosemary Gladstar
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2005

It seemed like every night Mom would call and give Dad a list of things that she needed.

“Bygone Binghamton: Remembering People and Places of the Past Volume One” by Jack Edward Shay
from Bygone Binghamton: Remembering People and Places of the Past Volume One
by Jack Edward Shay
AuthorHouse, 2012

Then I went to the Family Place, and they did that checklist and there are twenty or twenty-five items on that list.

“Rape, Incest, Battery: Women Writing Out the Pain” by Miriam Kalman Harris
from Rape, Incest, Battery: Women Writing Out the Pain
by Miriam Kalman Harris
TCU Press, 2000

And each can present her gift to Mom, explaining why she selected thofforher.

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
from Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness
by Aviva Jill Romm
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2002

We were never short of essential things: I cannot say there were not other things we would have liked, but you had to save up for them, because my mother would not have anything on hire purchase.

“The Oral History Reader” by Robert Perks, Alistair Thomson
from The Oral History Reader
by Robert Perks, Alistair Thomson
Routledge, 1998

She gives me a smile and hands me a list Mom gave her to make sure I had everything she needs for today.

“Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality” by Elizabeth Eulberg
from Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality
by Elizabeth Eulberg
Scholastic Incorporated, 2013

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  • It bothers me a lot that no one who ever plays this game takes the correct amount of pills. The ending hints at this due to the psychotic state the mother is in if she takes the pills. It is possible to take one at a time and avoid taking the misdiagnosed ones.

  • Okay here’s the deal look at the tittle 15 saveing monwy baby Jack’s what are there’s cake hacks first it was one baby hack then is goes to idk then it goes to cake hacks like WHO CARE ABOUT THIS idk like there’s are not even hacks there’s are cake hacks like ur doing cake hacks so CHANGE THE TITTLE also I meant so say money and hacks

  • I miss my mom so much(shes working in manila) I cry everyday and tommorow is my Birthday I just wish i could spend it with her shes with my little sister and I miss them so much

  • I atraly messed up my mom’s mothers day It was going good until my little sister Larissa had to say I was talking bad about my mom to my grandma well no I wasn’t why would I want to mess up mothers day my little sister was like I herd you say something about mom right when my mom asked me to hug her then I got a little upset in I didn’t want a hug anymore in right there I felt like my little sister was ganna try to make me look bad so my mom won’t have a good mothers day I think my little sister is ither jealous or hates or she thinks I’m a bad guy I felt depressed

  • Umm this is a message for all women from me:

    Ok happy mothers day and hope your child stays healthy and grows:) if your child let you down, give them a chance. If you dont think youre beautiful, we all see beautyband kindness inside your �� heart:) it doesnt mean you look ugly, its about your intelligence and generosity ��:) always stay happy, dont give up ladies! Youre all beautiful if you smile. The importance of a person is Theyre personality:) stay safe, stay Nice, always try your best, i love you �� ❤️

    This is you. Stay the way you are, your personality is different from others, that is what makes you special:) you are always beautiful the way you are:) anyways byee ����
    whispers: youre always the way out:)

  • I got the impression that the mother had in fact boarded tommy away due to his condition as stated in the text from Carl, and perhaps he finally escaped only to be killed by his mother. (I also believe tommy’s appearance was altered that way due to the mothers’ hatred/shame for his condition or guilt after the fathers death) I think the long creature was trying to stop the mother by terrorising her because of the wrong she was doing to her child…maybe?

  • Its kinda hard if your my mom is in the another country��She work so that we can have a comfortable house and to succes in our life..and i really miss my mom������

  • This is genuinely a really interesting game, I like the elements of it and the theme, I REALLY HATE THE MONKEY, I may be scared shitless but honestly that’s the point and I am LOVING it. Manlys voice also sort of takes the fear away:)

  • Go to bed

    There’s NO way I could fall asleep Idk how the kids could honestly. Mommy will blat blat our problems away isn’t reassuring.
    I felt disappointed in a way that Tommy was real. He was kept hidden in that back room all those years & just came out after the father was gone. So he just wanted to play with the Kayla & Kyle but scared them bc of his deformity. I would have preferred oddly for him to represent her guilt over losing him, a fear of being alone, fear of being a good parent.
    The outside murders of the other neighbors didn’t quite make sense if the tall laughing guy was the killer, why not kill Mary & family? Was he taking so much enjoyment out of her going crazy that he preferred to watch & toy with them instead? Or was he kind of an embodiment of the judgment of the outside world, laughing at her trying to cope?
    I appreciated the tenseness of the game, the horror of the situation. I wish the story had a bit more depth, that the pills were meaningful, some interaction with the neighbors meant something, that the alarm would have gone off so the tall guy would have been eliminated & it was just her & her kids & Tommy. Thank you for showing us all endings!

  • This was pretty decent, but there were many missed opportunities to make it so much more.

    There were a few background holes that I wish had more detail. It needed a bit more on the father & son, as well as, the building deaths. There was that 1 cutscene, when we watch Kyle from outside his window….nothing else is said about it nor was there more detail on who/what that was lurking.

  • For horror, this may be one of the most important pieces of media in 2020. If I were to make a curated list, this would definitely be on it.

  • So many single motherhood horror games, which is accurate cuz single motherhood is absolutely horrifying and destroys lives. Although it is mostly divorces and abandonments that causes single motherhood, not death.

  • Dear Mom, I am so sorry for everything you had to go through, especially the things that you went through because of me! I swear I love you…and you are the world’s best human being…No one compares to you!! Yes due to my everyday routine I did forget your importance…but trust me no one can ever take your place…I can live without anyone but you!…I need you and I love you the most<3

  • 32:18 Goes to Kayla room.
    Manly: Hey you [While pointing a gun to a child], go bed.

    That’s one hell of an effective way for saying “Go to bed kids or I shoot ya.”

  • what is it about liebestraum no. 3 that makes people want to put it in the opening scenes of their horror games? like whoever wrote “you and me and her” listened to it and was like “wow! i wanna put that in my game about horrifically deconstructing the idea that dating sim heroines can only be happy with the hero!” and then i listened to it and was like “damn this would really slap in a horror game” and then irwin segarane listened to it and was like “wow! i wanna put that in my game about a struggling single mother!” fascinating.

  • Well I never thought that this video will appear so toxic. Toddlers throws their plate “in gratitude” to mothers love? Seriously? May be it’s just because they cannot control what they do, and not because they are jerks??
    And why leaving mother after wedding is something bad?
    Make mother cry over bad grades? Do grades define mothers love?

    No offense for great mothers.

  • I don’t want to be rude but it is kind of mean saying the dad dose not get anything my dad cooks works 3 jobs and gives me good in style clothes my mom shops with me for makeup cleans as much as my dad and shops she also works

  • So while Mary is in psychosis she sees Tommy as a monster, but her ‘perfect’ kids look fine. Also, at first I thought the tall monster was the dad, because he somehow knew where Tommy’s room was, but I also think it could be that the serial killer keeps breaking into the apartment sees the situation and just nopes on out of there because even he has no idea what’s going on in this house, but that’s obviously not the case.

  • I know mom have done those things for me​, I feel thankful and grateful for her. From the little until finishing university, I always did my best to make her proud until the day I met a person who I truly love and he also loves me. We are planing to get married and have a happy life with my family and his family. Unfortunately he suddenly failed in business because of fraud. Then my mom doesn’t like him and mean to me. When I and him had the money for her every month she didn’t say anything. Now because of Covid-19 the business isn’t going well. Why my mom is so strict with me to not allow me to love him??? Because he failed in business and doesn’t have the money to married yet? my mom rejected him and she doesn’t like him because of his appearance doesn’t fit my mom’s eyes. And she wants me to marry someone else who is rich and have good appearance that she requires. And I don’t love that person at all. And she said I don’t obey her, she blame me everyday and talk bad about him to let me stop loving him. What should we do now? Should I follow mom or follow my heart?

  • Some things just didn’t make sense. Why aren’t we able to close doors? Why do we leave the apt and balcony doors open in the beginning? What happened with the murderer? Why doesn’t the mom sleep with the children together in one of their bedrooms? Who is putting out cookies at night and not eating them? Why aren’t the kids scolded for running out of the apartment? The neighbors texted and threatened when the kids screamed, but they never text you about the gun shots? At least it seems they kept true about calling the police? How did nobody know about the child?

  • Im crying and my dad heard me and he just yelled at me for crying..I want to talk to my mommy..�� but she’s sleeping:( I’m really sad and feel like flying high up

  • I don’t know if I’m adopted, me and my older brother are the only ones in the family with orange hair, I don’t know if my “mom” is lying or not�������� please pray for me.

  • This is a very good portrayal of mental illness/addiction. That’s definitely the sound of a beer can opening when you collect “stamina”, and then there’s the progression from trying to take the right pills, to saying screw it and gulping all of them down, to just a big pile of the ones you weren’t supposed to take to begin with.

    Feels kind of obvious to say, but probably the reason why Tommy ran when you flashed him with your phone was because he was being kept locked up behind the bookcase. Someone else said he might have been just trying to play with the kids (like the hide and seek bit), and wouldn’t be accustomed to bright lights… or know what a flashlight is.

    I’ll definitely be watching for more of this dev’s games in the future.

  • I am crying when I watch this video. I always promise to my mom to always take care of her when I am an adult. �� I love my mom and my dad. They always help me with everything, my mom and my dad is the most important for me. I don’t know what to do without them. ����

  • The “Death of your children is permanent and CAN NOT be reversed” combined with the text about Tommy’s medical records makes me very suspicious.
    I’m really attached to these kids and really want them to be safe despite having no parental instinct whatsoever. That’s the mark of a good game, I think.

  • I was crying ��
    I thought my mom loves my younger brother but now I now that my mom loves me at anytime.
    I didn’t know that my mom loves me like that��
    Now I knew I was wrong ��
    In the sad ☹️ situation…..
    I was crying ��
    I love u �� mom
    I love u dad
    I love u lil brother
    Love u bro❤️
    I am sorry mom that I was breaking things when I was younger ��
    I promise that I will never ever make U angry ��
    U cared me for years and now it’s my turn to care u❤️
    Mother comes first ��
    Now I know why mom yell at me, because I did something wrong but she still love �� me��

  • The fear of being a newly single mother

    You don’t have your spouse to help with the kids, the closing of windows, dealing with memories. I would be getting burglar bars on those windows besides the alarm. And a few deadbolt locks here & there besides keeping that stupid balcony door closed.
    It’s not just Tommy who represents a monster of undeserved guilt from another loss, but what looks like an actual creep terrorizing the building. This is really a keep-you-on-edge game. I’m confident you will keep your children alive & well… keeping yourself well, I’m not so sure. Poor Mary.

  • I’m at a sleepover and all I can think about is my mum I want to cry but my auntie will ask why and then she will bro g me home I had a night mare to and I am scared and I will always go up tii oh my mums room bc I’m scared and I just want to see her but I can’t mkk now bc I am at a sleepover I LOVE YOU MUM

  • Imagine being attacked during the night and taken by a monster from your own bed, only for your mom to flash the monster away and put you right back in the very bed you were snatched from repeatedly.

  • My take is that the mother is an addict and needs medication for a psychosis. The third child was likely deformed because of the addiction. She doesn’t kill it because she feels guilty for its condition.

    I believe the father died of unrelated causes, but the mother is too affected by it, taking back her old addictions and not caring about properly medicating herself.

    Tommy is forgotten in his secret room as the mothers psychosis takes a hold of her due to the mixture of drugs and alcohol.

    When the ashes are spilled she starts to hallucinate about her husband as the ghost. It first shows up when she is watering the plant that the funerary services sent her. There is a serial killer completely unrelated to the family taking the tenants one by one and the mother sees him as the father’s ghost, but he can’t get to her because of her paranoia. The one time he tried he is scared away by the alarm.

    The smiling man freeing Tommy was the mother doing so sleepwalking due to her guilt. Tommy’s attacks are all on her head. She finally decides to kill tommy in order to “protect” the other children.

  • Sadly i have to agree that the endings kinda let down a well executed game. Overall it’s a great experience though, really enjoyed this one.

  • im crying because im starving and she wont get anything for me. IK YOUR LIKE “gEt It YoUrSeLf”

  • Can I just say that as a big horror fan your channel is a blessing. You have a really nice voice while most people who play these games scream in the mic every two seconds. You also play a lot of underrated or unknown horror games which is really cool. Keep up the good work man.

  • I’m starting to think those kids are sociopaths. They watched their siblings get one between the eyes, their mother off herself, and their well-being doesn’t take even the smallest of hits

  • This makes me cry because i feel different because others have the best mom and mine… Everytime i speak to her she couldnt hear me and when my brother speaks to my mom she hears him ���� and i do all chores without them it feels like your just invisible they cant see and hear you and every night i always say

    “Dont cry for me im okay heaven is my home now and this is where ill stay

    Dont cry for me im where i belong i want you to be happy and try to stay strong

    Dont cry for me it was just my time but i will meet you someday on the other side

    Dont cry for me i am not alone the angels are with me to welcome me home

    Dont cry for me this is not the end ill be waiting here for you when we meet again”

    And it happened earlier mom shouted to me as always ;(

    I want to be alone�� but i dont want too

  • Does anyone know what kind of the paper they use in the wet wipes diy part at 8:02? What does it usually called? It seems like kitchen paper towel but more elastic. Thank you

  • Agreed no one has it easy when it comes to responsibility

    I should know, since I’m left alone with my 2 handful sisters TT, EVERY WEEK!
    But now I can relax a little UwU

  • in this whole life mom never laughs when we cry except one day….i.e when we are born

  • Is it wrong that I want a YouTuber who will do absurd things like GreyStillPlays but have the calm completionist heart of Manlybadasshero?

  • My 10 year old self watching this at 7 am on mother’s because I’m still up and Idk what to do for my mum for Mother’s Day. ������

  • My 8 year old son tells me everyday how much he loves me and how important I am to him we get into arguments we fight but at the end of the day we’re family and nothing can change that

  • ” night 3 ” i swear this household is more dead than the dead dad i guess… As a mother myself of also 2 kids 1 girl and a boy of 9 year old this family is the less living i ave ever sein lol also complete silence!!

  • If u want an amazing gift for ppl that u love the most. I got u ����
    Click on the link below https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassyTingz

  • So, uncle Carl is a good person in the end ha. He was so very rude to mentally unstable Mary in the messages even before he found out about her crime and never came to visit.

  • cant help but feel that this would probably be more scary if the Tall monster didnt do a TF2 laugh emote, lol! (pretty sure it’s engie)

  • Manly please paly with headphones cuz it’s very annoying when you don’t understand where noice come from when even we can hear it properly on video

  • IVE BEEN TRYING TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME FOR THE LONGEST TIME ;-; I lost my old YouTube account and I used to watch you all the time 4-5 years ago T-T I’m so glad you popped up on my algorithm!!!

  • From what I understood, the laughing man was just Mary’s imagination, Tommy was real and the only interaction mary ever had with the real murderer behind the deaths of the other neighbors was that one message she got from an unknown number. It also seems like Mary unintentionally saved her children from the murderer by being paranoid about Tommy and trying to kill him.

  • I’m pretty sure that since Mary was steadily spiraling down into a psychosis, Tommy’s monstrous form was probably hallucinated.
    It’s a pretty sad idea though when you think about it; just imagine the deformed Tommy living locked away in a secret room… He moves through the vents to go out and play with his siblings but because of being malnourished and deformed they think he’s a monster and Mary seeing him as one and telling the kids he doesn’t exist doesn’t make it better.

  • I took her overuse of pills as a sign of her depressed state. Like she’s so emotionally unstable that she doesn’t care about the dosage and just takes them all regardless.

  • Okay so even with the filter that makes everything look wonky I swear a lot of the furniture looks really really familiar to the stuff I would place in House Flipper. I’m not imagining things are I cause I swear a lot of the furniture looks just like the stuff in House Flipper which I’ve put way too many hours into. There are a few things that look new but a lot of it I swear is the same.

  • Yes my mom is no.1 for me in every feild and in heart and i am feeling very awful for my mother i talk loud yeld at her and i love my mom very very much

  • I usually watch these videos to go to sleep. So apparently I paused the video two seconds before that 44:48 jumpscare last night. guess I was just very lucky lol

  • This all seems to me a giant metaphor for schizophrenia. Her guilt for mistreating, and possible killing Tommy manifests as the smaller monster. While the laughing being represents her own disorder, fighting her at every turn, sabotaging her. If you listen closely, the laughing being may look male, but sounds like a pitched female voice. This could indicate that this is a halucinatory/perverted/distorted version of her own concious. She tries to be “a good mother”. Whom deals with her problems by drinking (to regain stamina), and is a paranoid schizophrenic, not getting correct treatment dosage.

  • Gotta say, I’m happy with the ending where Carl didn’t get custody of the kids. That guy was a massive dick and didn’t bother to help Mary and practically drove her over the edge. In my eyes, he’s just as guilty of killing the kids. Also, the kids were brats.

  • If anyone reads this tell me if you are like me. Im 13y/o and a really good athlete, but when I go to sport camps in other countries I always miss my parents. Every day when my mom and dad come home I greet them, talk to them and I love them so much. If anyone can help just reply to this comment with suggestions how to get over it. Thanks

  • Not a mythical being that can cook an omelette, load the dishwasher, and finish that report for submission all before 8am on a Monday morning but a real life human with emotions. Here’s a guide to help keep you sane, with tips and tricks collected from mothers that swear by it- https://s.peoplehum.com/jf9sx

  • ah yes, I too tip the entier bottles of my perscription pills down my mouth. It saves so much time when I compress A MONTHS WORTH OF PILLS INTO ONE DAY.

  • the big one represents the husband. It has the color and texture of ash and he kills the guy that came up to the door as in he thought his wife might cheat on him with that man

  • Love you mom
    You’re my best friend, my supporter
    My everything
    I’m sorry that I am not what you were dreaming of but I will try my best to be a good daughter

  • It was actually a nice spooky twist that the murders in the apartment were not hallucinations, didn’t expect that. That detail was just enough to make a fairly standard horror scenario interesting.

  • Wait, hold the phone! At 50:38, it says Kayla and Kyle were buried next to their father’s grave. What grave? Wasn’t he cremated? If it isn’t a mistake, then who or what was in the urn at the start of the game? Who was “Jack”?

  • I think is one of the big horror games I’ve been waiting for. The perfect slow burn and subtle yet effective measures to ramp up the creepiness….

  • When the mom is the Queen
    If you like your mom as much as i do Check out the Hoodie i created for her


    You wont regret it & keep up the great work

  • So if their wellbeing is low when you finish, it doesn’t change anything? Sounds like a missed opportunity if that’s the case.

    Abusive mom run!

  • Ahh yes a normal night of being a mother
    make sure the kids are in bed
    Check off the things on your to do list
    Don’t let the demon steal the kids
    Make sure you get some sleep

  • Gameplay-wise, I liked how frantic it got towards the end while still having some good scares. For the story, that was actually darker than I expected. I figured most if not all of it was in her mind, but I didn’t think Tommy would actually be real. Even the best ending has a kid being killed, though apparently Tommy was a murderer so who can say how tragic that death actually is.

  • Ugh. I was super enjoying this game at first, where it was about rushing around desperately trying to be a good parent despite your situation and not let everything go to hell (or the kids die, of course). And then it turned into another “well, you have mental health problems, so of course you’re abusive and dangerously delusional” story. And threw in the tired (and painfully implausible) “you’ve been keeping one of your kids locked up forever” twist as well. I was hoping it would turn out that Carl was the one with issues, that he was failing to cope with his brother’s death and had invented a conspiracy theory to blame you for what happened. But no, all the player’s attempts to be a good and caring person were ignored by the game for its predetermined conclusion.:/
    Soooo disappointed.

  • This is when you put both kids in a room without windows and you sleep in front of the only door. Why does she leave the back door open? Why are the kids’ bedrooms on opposite corners of the apartment!?

  • I like the concept
    Tho I feel it was a much stronger premise when it felt it was just a woman losing control over her situation after his husband died.
    Managing the kids shenanigans while fending of stuff that made her paranoid, was suffocating in a good way.
    I feel like the story would’ve benefited from being less literal in some parts.
    It was still dope to watch

  • I miss my mom so much(shes working in manila) I cry everyday and tommorow is my Birthday I just wish i could spend it with her shes with my little sister and I miss them so much

  • There isMargaret of Castello, she is considered a saint who died in 1320, sadly bad parents are timeless.. Look at the tale of changlings that pretty much said if you don’t like your baby, claim it got swapped and abuse them..

  • 16:30 Drinking this tea and audio is literally just like a guy drinking beers. He doesn’t even care if he’s talking to a monster, he just wants to relax.

  • This is so true!My mom did all the baby stuff with me now I’m 9.She kinda cried on my 6th birthday because I was getting older.lol!I love my mom!Always and forever ❤❤❤

  • Personalmente ritengo che la pressione sul polso con le nausee gravidiche non aiuta proprio a nulla! E parlo da una che ha fatto 2 gravidanze con nausee… Grande cagata quella del polso