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How To START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL In 2020: Beginner’s guide to YouTube & growing from 0 subscribers

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the ultimate spanish learning guide (resources + tips)

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Virgo October 2020 Astrology (Must-Knows)

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Реальная жизнь в Северной Корее / Ложь и правда Ким Чен Ына / Как Люди Живут / Лядов

Video taken from the channel: The Люди


Бали и почему все на нём помешались. Большой Выпуск.

Video taken from the channel: Антон Птушкин


5 Min Full Body Home Workout (Dumbbells Only)

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Cutting THICK, diabetic nails on Hollywood stuntman!

Video taken from the channel: Kim Foot & Ankle Center

Health Blogs Best 100 list. Find Best healthy living blogs for children, women & men. Best Healthcare blogs to follow. Healthy eating blogs.

Healthy food blogs. Health and fitness blogs. Mental Health Blogs. Health & Wellness blogs.

Popular Health websites. 20 Best Blogs for Women You Must Follow in 2020. Table of Contents.

20 Best Blogs for Women You Must Follow in 2020. 1. HelloGiggles.com What makes Living Better 50 one of the best blogs for women? you need to have a healthy skin care routine. Applying face masks should be in your priority list when it comes to taking care of your skin. 13 Best Moisturizers For 4C Hair For Soft And Nourished Coils June 10, 2020; 13 Best Color-Safe Dandruff Shampoos (2020) For All Hair Types May 21, 2020; Sirtfood Diet – Healthy Diet Plan For Faster Weight Loss May 20, 2020; 13 Best Lifting Straps Of 2020 – Reviews And Buying Tips May 7, 2020. Canadian Blogs to Follow.

Once someone knows I am a blogger, one of the first questions I get is do you know a good blog about [travel], [humour], [parenting] and of course [organizing]. There are thousands of blogs. You can find a topic about anything that you want.

Need tips on. 14. Put your troubles in a bubble. Whenever you start to feel anxious, visualize the situation being wrapped in a bubble and then picture that sphere floating away.

15. Speak more slowly. Often a lack of peace manifests itself in fast or clipped speech. Take a breath, slow down, and let your thoughtful consideration drive your words.

16. Read content from different sources in one place. e.g. Blogs, RSS, Youtube channels, Podcast, Magazines, etc.

Top 50 Biology Blogs Every Biologist and Biology Student Must Follow in 2020. Last Updated Aug 16, 2020 The science of healthy life extension. Activism and advocacy for longer, healthier lives. Must Follow YouTubers with Massive Subscriber Growth in 2020 To help with this process, we’ve created the ultimate list of YouTube video channels that need to be subscribed to. This list is ranked and placed in order based on a wide range of factors, but mostly YouTube subscriber count, video views, and also branding, reach and influencer.

The best business blogs on sales 28. Close. Close is a sales CRM for startups and small-to-medium businesses.

Their business blog, therefore, focuses solely on sales topics that provide in-depth guides, videos, tutorials, case studies, and real-world breakdowns of the world’s best sales strategies.It’s full of tips, techniques, and templates for every sales situation. Instagram is a wonderful tool for many things: You can stalk exes, DM strangers, stoke the flames of lifestyle envy — and yes, you can also use it in healthy ways, like finding new recipes and workout ideas. We rounded up some of our favorite wellness accounts, which will tell you everything from the right way to do a pushup to the right way to eat bee pollen. Being a happy, healthy person is much easier said than done.

But these standout blogs, which provide quality health advice and healthy living inspiration, will get you that much closer.

List of related literature:

To this list, we can add championing healthy lifestyle choices in order to age successfully, live independently, age actively, and retain activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) as long as possible (Bowers 1996, Gleberzon 2001a, Gleberzon 2001g).

“Technique Skills in Chiropractic E-book” by David Byfield
from Technique Skills in Chiropractic E-book
by David Byfield
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2011

In addition to serving as Series Editor for Humana Press and initiating the development of the 20 currently published books in the Nutrition and Health™ series, Dr. Bendich is the editor of 11 books, including Preventive Nutrition: The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy” by Carol J. Lammi-Keefe, E.A. Reese, Sarah C. Couch, Elliot Philipson
from Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy
by Carol J. Lammi-Keefe, E.A. Reese, et. al.
Humana Press, 2008

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind—Deepak Chopra, M.D. Aging Parents & You—Eugenia Anderson-Ellis Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide—The Burton Goldberg Group Autobiography of a Yogi—Paramahansa Yogananda Between Parent and Child—Hiam Ginott The Canary and Chronic Fatigue—Majid Ali, M.D.

“Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook” by Louise Hay
from Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook
by Louise Hay
Hay House, 1995
from Dietary Reference Intakes: The Essential Guide to Nutrient Requirements, by J. Otten, J. Hellwig, and L. Meyers (Eds.), 2006, Washington, DC: Institute of Medicine, National Academies Press.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing” by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Women’s Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing
by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

World Health Organization (2007b) Media Release: New guide on building age-friendly cities.

“Accessible Tourism: Concepts and Issues” by Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Dr. Simon Darcy
from Accessible Tourism: Concepts and Issues
by Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Dr. Simon Darcy
Channel View Publications, 2010

In: Raphael D, Bryant T & Rioux M (eds) Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Health Care, pp 13–33 Brownlee G 2009 Boost for Warmer, Drier, Healthier Kiwi Homes.

“Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice” by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
from Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice
by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

25 excellent social media sites for your health.

“Nursing Informatics: Where Technology and Caring Meet” by Marion J. Ball, Judith V. Douglas, Patricia Hinton Walker, Donna DuLong, Brian Gugerty, Kathryn J. Hannah, Joan Kiel, Susan K. Newbold, Joyce E. Sensmeier, Diane J. Skiba, Michelle R. Troseth
from Nursing Informatics: Where Technology and Caring Meet
by Marion J. Ball, Judith V. Douglas, et. al.
Springer London, 2011

The Complete Guide to Family Health, Nutrition, and Fitness (available February 2006 from Focus on the Family and Tyndale House Publishers)

“Blue Genes” by Paul Meier, Todd Clements, Jean-Luc Bertrand, David Mandt, Sr.
from Blue Genes
by Paul Meier, Todd Clements, et. al.
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2012

Hopkinson JB, Okamoto I, Addington‐Hall JM. (2011) What to eat when off treatment and living with involuntary weight loss and cancer: a systematic search and narrative review.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Joan Gandy
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Joan Gandy
Wiley, 2019

Pratt SG, Matthews K: SuperFoods Rx: fourteen foods that will change your life, New York, 2004, HarperCollins.

“Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, Margaret A. Brady, Nancy Barber Starr, Catherine G. Blosser, Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks
from Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Catherine E. Burns, Ardys M. Dunn, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • No puedo creer que esté totalmente curado de la diabetes, vi un comentario en el Dr. Oral sobre cómo ayuda a las personas a tratar diferentes tipos de enfermedades y virus, así que lo contacté y me envió su medicación, estoy feliz de decir que estoy totalmente curado de diabetes.
    Comuníquese con él a través de
    Whatsapp: +2348050453715
    Correo electrónico: [email protected] gmail.com.

  • Веганы из Кыргызстана это не укладывается в голове) Кыргызстан и Казахстан страны которые больше всех поедаюют мясо во всем постсоветском пространстве!

  • I’ve been doing a lot of Chris’ workout(I’m 15 yrs old) since the lockdown came out,My chest is not flat anymore,and my arms are getting really big(Now I can fit in all my clothes) everything is perfect. But theres a thing that makes me worried,I’ve heard that exercising as a teen may comprimise my stung growth,Is it true guys?If I keep training I’ll stay the same height?(I’m 6’0ft btw)

  • Greetings Lenks well I’m a native spanish speaker and well guys i can recommend you FREELIBROS.ME and IVOOX.COM there you can download books and audiobooks in spanish 100 % free well i like you the way you speak which accent do you have???

  • я честно сказать обескуражен ударением. всегда слышал это название от своих знакомых как БалИ:) мне кажется тот кто при переводе придумал оставить ударение на первую гласную был не прав. ну посудите сами, БалИ звучит лучше! кроме того в именительном падеже тем более не звучит, обратите внимание, вы же сами сделали ударение на вторую гласную в словосочетаниях балИйский манер, балИйские отели, попробуйте произнести иначе:) ну и до кучи для примера, почему ударение в названии столицы Москва на последнюю гласную, и звучит как МосквА, а на английском на первую MOscow? задумайтесь:)

  • Случайно нажала и застыла от изумления.Очень красиво снято и классно подано. Ощущение что нахожусь рядом.Автор большой талант. Подписалась.

  • Bro yu have literally no literally changed my life abd have motivated me to walk with confidence in society yu r my inspiration ❤ yu CHRIS SIR

  • When I was 15 i started calisthenics. I have no idea what to do. Then I see chris heria and now I am able to do 90° pushup. This guys is my first trainer and my one of the biggest dream to meet him. ❤

  • Aparte de wattpad puedes leer cómics en webtoon, igual con wattpad hay que tener cuidado ya que las personas sueles escribir mal algunas palabras y/o tiene una mala redacción. Bien, bueno, aah jsjs

  • Thank you from Ukraine. You changed my lifestyle, I didn’t even think that learning and improving is so interesting and motivating. You are best������������

  • hey Chris after an incident i had with my right arm i lost my full planche and even my straddle planche, I can barely hold a advanced tuck now without my arm giving up on me what should i do? its been a 4 months and i should be fully recovered by now

  • Suscribanse en mi canal, tengo un buen portafolio en CALISTENIA y con su apoyo podremos hacer más vídeos y mejorar la calidad. ����

  • You could explain in an upcoming video how to organize a week on skills well and how to divide them between the various days to improve faster.

  • Hey Chris, its coming up on 3 weeks since I started my calisthenics journey and I’ve already noticed tremendous strength gain, energy, and even weight loss. I can’t thank you enough man! But I’d like a little help with some info if you’ve got the time. Just a little insight into your workout schedule would be helpful cause I feel like I might be overdoing it and somedays it just burns me out entirely to where I struggle with the next day’s routines:/ I do some sets of your morning routine, then later in the day I do 3 rounds of the Ab HIIT and then some sets of one of the targeted muscle group routines and lastly 3 rounds of the evening routine too. I should mention I’m also on a caloric deficit right now too. Is it the caloric deficit or the workouts that are just leaving me so burnt out? Please let me know if you’ve got some time. Mad love man, keep making the world a fitter place ������

  • Chris Heria killin the game with these workouts!! These are killer! Been doing these every week at home and they’re great cuz I don’t even need the gym! Came from the gram, I need a Heria hoodie!����

  • Антон (зараза) что ты со мной делаешь, я первый раз посмотрел твой выпуск (не помню про что) и через месяц переехал на море. Полностью, с вещами и котом. Сейчас я смотрю выпуск и смотрю сколько стоят отели в Убуде. Что то предстоит:-)

  • кто такая нина? я одну нину знаю так та не может себе позволить слетать в турцию а это бали. Не хрена не делают только катаются всю жизнь, лоботрясы, тунеядцы. Кто не работает тот ест учись студент!!!!

  • Киздешь это и провокация. Никакого Бали нет. По-крайней мере я склоняюсь 50 на 50 процентов. Всё, что вы видели, это наложение на другое взятое на стороннем сайте видео фейковое картинки. Если внимательно присмотреться. Как дурят нас, а мы готовы всякую чепуху за веру принять.

  • На БАЛИ, много Зелени и Океан! В ГОРОДАХ, Должно быть, МНОГО ПРИРОДЫ, а в Современных Городах, очень мало ПРИРОДЫ! Позтому БАЛИ, так ХОРОШ!

  • Wonderful workout trainer…����
    Interesting your workout
    Nice explainer…
    This is helpful for me b’cz I motivate watching your videos

  • Количество просмотров говорит о том, что автор популярен. ))) Картинка, звук, монтаж, подача СУПЕР!!! Но жадность ютуба просто запредельная, за время просмотра ролика я посмотрел столько рекламных вставок…

  • КАК, ну вот КАК, можно поставить дизлайк этому видео??? Видео Антона — это шедевр! Под его видео вообще не должно быть кнопки “дизлайк”

  • Hey Chris, I just wanna say thank you because I I FINALLY LEARNED THE 90 DEGREE HOLD! When I started I thought it was impossible to do but I kept grinding and eventually it paid off! ��
    I made a video about it on my channel, if you could check it out it would make my day! ��

  • When i was studying Spanish at GCSE i changed my phone’s language to spanish, so my phone settings and Instagram and google was all in Spanish which really helped immerse me into the language. We use our phones everyday so it isn’t actually difficult to navigate your phone once you change the language you just pick up extra vocab like settings is ajustes and stopwatch is temporizador:)

  • все замечательно, но зачем этих мажоров показывать которые рассказывают как они решили остаться!.. вначале пускай скажут где они работают(согласен глупый вопрос, они не работают) и кто их родители

  • Такая ностальгия! Спасибо! Столько знакомых мест и людей увидела! Объездила весь остров и побывала на других, но самое важное, что я поднялась на вулкан Агунг, это пока что самое незабываемое впечатление!��❤️����

  • Sent here from insta on the hoodie giveaway. Regardless of the giveaway I gotta say. Chris, you’ve made a huge impact on my life. Not just on a fitness level but just seeing what can be achieved with the power of the mind. Incredibly inspiring. Thanks, Chris! ������

  • На econom. book. Цены не хило так завышены. Процентов на 80. Такую тачку, как у Антона брал за 20 баксов. Это со страховкой. На самом деле проверенных временем компаний по прокату там не мало. Но не судите строго, реклама есть реклама.

  • Спасибо всем, кто переживает за корейцев в поезде. Но лицо человека, который расскажет мне про зарплаты и не только, вы не видели. И не увидите. (Их там так-то два вагона ехало ). Для меня безопасность людей гораздо важнее ролика.

  • Can someone help me by telling any youtube channel or apps or books for spanish grammar….because I want to learn sentence formation tenses root forms…because there’s lot of confusion in grammar….please help me out… anna can you tell me something about this, how you’d learn grammar and thanks for this video I’d always wondered about this….
    And by the way I am learning spain dialect and accent ��

  • Читаю книгу побег из конслагеря Кореи, да агромное благодарность за репортаж, мои мысли пока дектаторы не вымрут такая судьба ждёт всех где Ани существуют.
    Магу выразить за репортаж 5 звёздочек.

  • Парень ты реально смелый человек,молодец,но не забывай,что они сделали с американским студентом который сорвал, то ли портрет вождя,то ли надпись со стены!
    Короче будь очень осторожен

  • Такое ливудоблудство можно про любую страну распространять, которая не находится под влиянием мирового олигархата. Хомозомби поверят.

  • Первый раз смотрела в конце 2019 г.Было жутко, сейчас смотрю (август 20 года) оЧуЧение, что мы туда в Корею медленно переползаем,события в Белоруси оЧучения обостяют.

  • Какое то чучело двух подбородочное опущенное захватило целую страну и превратило в собственный зоопарк! И это же ничтожество ненавидит U.S.A? Да Америка это страна номер один!!! Там демократия. Вообще Россия, Америка и Европа это самые крутые места для жизни! По своему везде хорошо. Тут дело вкуса. Но жить в перечисленных странах можно! А в этой преисподней ни дай Бог ни кому родиться. Это кара. Кстати Китай тоже хорошая страна, но там все же сложновато жить, но можно!

  • Бро, твой контент божественнен. Реально интересно смотреть и много чего узнаёшь от твоих видосов. Но ля, слишком много рекламы. Такое ощущение что ты продался рекламщикам��

  • Живут гораздо лучше, чем я думал. Хотелось бы там побывать. Всё очень похоже на Китай, где мне в принципе не плохо. Раз в год на 6 недель охотно еду. Очень похоже на Россию, но только достигли более высокого уровня, как раньше ГДР. Им бы ресурсы и такую же территорию и чихали бы они на всех!

  • tu pats iš tokios pačios komunistinės šalies, kur pagrindinis patiekalas propoganda, užgeriama pigia dektine, plaunamos smegenys, gąsdinami piliečiai, okupuojamos ir supriešinamos draugiškos šalys. Pradėk nuo savo šalies, tada kišk šnipą į kitas. Sėkmės

  • Чем их пропаганда от нашей отличается? Во всех новостях -америка, украина, сейчас Белорусия добавилась,ну ещё дом в москве сгорел, вот и все новости

  • Что касается съемок корейских лачуг или детишек, купающихся в никудышной речушке, то такого можно и в России найти и наснимать немало. Даже в городах. А тем более по всему миру, поезжайте в фавелы Бразилии или трущобы Дели. Претензии к вкусовым качествам местной продукции это вообще ни о чем. Кто-то любит арбуз, а кто-то свиной хрящик, и у каждого народа свои вкусовые традиции. Тоже самое относится и к особенностям, порядку, обычаям жизни рядового корейца и тем более к его уровню жизни. А трудовые лагеря, массированная пропаганда и обожание вождя это все было и в нашей истории и не так что и давно.
    Поэтому стремление автора на протяжении всего ролика внушить зрителю мысль о том, что как всё в Сев. Корее ужасно, как там невозможно жить, выглядит по крайней мере странным. А ежели это было его главной задачей, то это непорядочно.

    Не считайте, что я поклонник тамошнего устройства общества, просто мне не понравилась тенденциозность ролика. 
    И замечу, что приехавший в Россию какой-нибудь так же ангажированный американский журналист запросто может сляпать подобное же творение о нашей жизни. И пусть у него каждый отдельный эпизод будет даже абсолютно правдив, но нужным образом их скомпоновав, можно изготовить большую ложь. Вот по этому пути и пошел сей автор.

  • Ты все это мог сожрать и дома,,неверь надписи на упаковке” А у нас в магазинах, прямо мед продают.Кореец знает что ест,,кальций”. Чтобы зубы не болели, и здоровье было хорошим.

  • “Урал-Вагон Завод”,это в Нижнем Тагиле. Один из крупнейших заводов по производству танков! Думаю,не только шкуры медведей дарили…

  • Вы ребята большие молодцы! Не каждый на такое решиться, а вы все как одна семья,которая борется за свою землю! Власть нас никогда не поймет, пока не станет жить на ту зарплату, на которую живем мы. Никогда не поймет,что такое вред природе, потому что им за эти разрезы идет прибыль, а нам только вред. У нас очень грязный воздух, грязный город, но власть этого не понимает и только делает хуже,не думая о подрастающем поколении. Мерзко жить с такой властью и думать о будущей жизни в этом регионе. НАРОД ЕСТЬ ВЛАСТЬ!

  • Я 1972 года рождения, жил в Рязани, служил в Могоче, Уссурийске, Цхинвали, Пскове.. и т.п. Сейчас живу в МСК. Снимая как люди живут в полуснесенных домах поверьте Вы многое не видели как люди жили буквально 20 лет назад в нашей стране. И как в развитых городах были населены подвалы многоэтажек с бойлерными, а в глубинке землянки…

  • you guys can watch my class (how to organise your life using Notion) for FREE if you join with this link: https://skl.sh/31BsvtP <3

  • One of the best apps for learning Spanish is Busuu:) Its premium version can be hacked so don’t worry about the price+it certfies you after a level completion.

  • thank god you mentioned the dialects because for example spanish is my first language, i was born in cuba. But that doesn’t mean i instantly know all other spanish dialects, for example if i am hanging out with my friend and her family who are nicaraguan and they start speaking, yes we can understand each other and we are all speaking spanish technically but i will also at the same time have no clue what is going on. It’s hard to explain but it is basically like we can all understand each other even if most of the words being used aren’t words we know because at the basis of it, we are all still speaking spanish. Same with my friends from spain, we all speak spanish and we understand each other, but is different versions of spanish down to our slang terms.

    for example in spain they use “tio” and “tia” to refer to each other a lot, kind of like “bro” but not really. Cubans, we use “primo” and “prima” instead. So the first time i called a spanish person “primo” they were like “what?” but it’s because their version of primo is tio. yep. dialects are important, it’s the same language but you can’t learn all dialects at once, you choose one, stick to it and eventually you’ll become aware of the others naturally.

    Oh also la guagua is used overall in the carribbean, we use it in cuba as well. a lot of the same words are used in all the carribbean islands although we still defer from time to time.

  • yes here are a few, butterfly spanish classroom type of videos, spanish playground short stories spoken slowly, elysse speaks a polyglot who talks about learning many languages including spanish, and then theres langfocus who talks about every language in the world and their origins

  • really appreciate it, thanks!
    here’re a few other resources:
    Superholly (perfect for ppl with good Spanish, like you)
    youstudySpanish youtube channel
    Learn Spanish with Spanish pod 101 yt channel
    Español con Juan
    Butterfly Spanish
    Brainscape app
    Busuu app (or website)
    Lightspeed Spanish
    SOL School of Language
    (the videos are often conversations between native speakers, and they always have a transcript available for each video)

  • Youtube
    Jaime Altozano
    SP26 →STUDIOS←

    Durante la Tormenta (Mirage)
    Contratiempo (The Invisible Guest)
    Secuestro (Missing Boy)
    El Hoyo (The Platform)

    Podcast Radio show
    Hablando en plata (RTVE)
    La Rosa de los Vientos (Onda Cero)
    audiria punto com
    spanishpodcast punto org

  • Yo les recomiendo algunos canales: Bri Dominguez (es como la misma onda que viole franco, Angie Velasco (su amiga jajaja) También unas series que estan en Netflix: El reemplazante (serie chilena) y algunas películas que también estan en netflix: mujeres arriba, no estoy loca y madre ��

  • Me study my listening of English with this video ������*EDIT* ( I speak Spanish, I’m gonna take this advice for my English )I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS❤️

  • Omg I didn’t expect you to watch some of my favourite youtubers haha (I’m Spanish/Catalan)
    Also Roig is pronounced like Roch
    I love u so much ❤❤

  • नमस्ते मै भारत से हूँ मै आपके सभी वीडियो देखती हूँ please look for Hindi it’s the national launguag of India and it is also the world’s fourth most spoken launguag. By learning Hindi you can understand Urdu and Nepali ������������������������

  • Loved the layout of this video, it was so easy to follow and I love how you split everything into the 4 skills. I learn Spanish so this was really helpful! ����

  • У вас своя Корея есть Чечня называется
    людей не садят просто а мучают и они пропадают навсегда
    Но ведь этого мало, семьи этих бедняг изгоняются из республики

  • If you’re new to learning Spanish, how would you recommend watching the shows: spoken Spanish with English subtitles or vice versa?

  • Mi lengua materna es el español, soy mexicana y solo para decirte que hablas muy bien… Sé que el español es para algunos complicado pero estás haciendo un buen trabajo

  • se me hace demasiado extraño que los gringos estudien español y que sea un trabajo, es surreal en verdad que el español es como cualquier cosa para mi jajaajajja bueno quizas entiendas lo que escribo o quizas no. Saludos desde Chile❤️

  • Podrías hacer un vídeo de métodos para aprender ruso? Me está costando bastante…Good luck with spanish and greetings from Spain!! Your videos are sooo fantastic

  • here are some youtubers:
    Andrea Compton (series, films and little bit of travel)
    Irene Nortes (aesthetically videos, productivity and things like that)
    Ines Jimm (art and fashion, although she doesn’t post videos anymore)

    el canto del loco (an old but popular spanish group)
    La oreja de van gogh (also popular)

    There’s a TV show called OT which is basically a singing contest and that have a YouTube chanel

    hope this helps <3

  • Callisthenics Workout for hamstring!
    Callisthenics workout for biceps! Because they are not usually easy to target without weights. Please!

  • Hi i’m Mexican. I came here to recommend some things
    The advice I want to give you it’s Don’t feel frustrated when you don’t understand anything in songs o YouTube videos, everyone has an accent. As a Latin sometimes I don’t understand words for another Latino and it’s okay.
    The tip is that when you want to learn the right things to speak the language is watching documental or news. When you want to learn how to speak as a native you should watch YouTube videos, series and listen to songs because Spanish speakers don’t have all the grammar correct, we make a lot of mistakes and also many people speak really fast.
    Don’t worry if you don’t understand reggaeton because it has a lot of slang.
    I also recommend to watch videos of YouTubers girls, normally they speak more slow than boys lmao. Search videos like “room tour” “haul escolar” “remodelando mi cuarto” “haul de ropa” or make up tutorials
    Some YouTubers if you are learning Mexican accent: Hola Sunshine, Yuya, Super Holly, Tania Chan, Mexicana en Londres, Mexicana en Arabia, Mexicana en Noruega.
    Control Z it’s a super cool serie to learn all the teenager vibe vocabulary. It’s no the same as natives teenager speakers but it’s pretty accurate


  • Chris heria you are really a amazing.
    You are my inspiration and spirit.
    Your blogs are also amazing i saw ever.
    Your home workout videos are making me powerful day by day. I watched your every video and i am also using your application.
    You are really a innspiring person.

  • Spanish channels I’m watching:

    How to Spanish Podcast (Mexican couple talking about Mexico and culture)
    Actitud Truinfante (self-improvement with infographics)
    Ruthi Family Vlogs (vlogs of Mexican woman living in Japan with Japanese husband)
    Ruthi San (informative videos of Japan from a Mexican woman’s perspective)
    Vida Vegana (Mexican vegan who talks about food and wellness)

  • Can you guys notice the difference between U.S. English and U.K English? Yes? Okay that’s 2 accents of the English language. Spanish has 21 different accents from 21 different countries, like the girl in the video says. If you want to learn Spanish quickly learn Mexican Spanish, it’s clear and easy, don’t ever try to learn Spanish in Spain or Argentina or Puerto Rico because its going to take you twice as long and you are going to be frustrated. The Spanish from those countries is hard to understand, and I’m saying this as a native spanish speaker from El Salvador (Central America). BTW, the best, neutral and purest Spanish is the one from the Discovery Channel or Animal Channel in Spanish. No accents and no regional variations.

  • Te recomiendo que veas al YouTuber Auronplay hace vídeos de risa y utiliza un vocabulario sencillo no es difícil de entenderlo ��������

  • Podcasts I recommend:
    -Coffee break
    -News in Spanish
    -Ted en español
    -el diario
    Singers I recommend
    -Enrique Iglesias
    (And in the video)
    And last I wanna say that you got it and I’m sure that you’re gonna learn Spanish and even master it (*˘︶˘*)

  • (���� i was only looking for spanish of spain and thats what i find i hope it helps) ������
    Youtubers☑️:  Museecoco
    Carlota Grande
    Irene  Nortes
    Cydonian Vlogger
    Judith Muñoz
    Silvia muñoz de morales
    María barranco
    By maríafit
    Enrique Álex
    Valeria basurco
    Alex gibert
    Azul místico
    Raquel bookish
    Beyond words
    Iris roig
    Alexandra Periera
    Ana Vbon

    Podcasts✔️: sensiblemente
    El otro nivel
    Cómo vivir con calma mental
    Medita podcast
    Entiende tu mente
    Practica la psicología positiva
    Jefa de tu vida
    Desarrollo profesional

    Apps✅: Drops

    Singers ��: camelo ( is not from spain i believe)
    Pablo alboran
    Ana mena
    Pablo López
    Pol granch
    Laura pausini
    And if any arab learner looking for channels there r these 2: learn spanish with yassine ✔️
    Learn spanish with asmae ✔️

  • Youtuber recommendations:
    Jim Reno she makes amazing art videos, cosplays and her aesthetic is really cool and she has avery sweet personality
    Irene Nortes she makes videos about productivity and art, but what I like the most about her channel are her chatty videos about life and sort of “philosophy” related
    Teresa Sanz she has videos about lifestyle, fashion, study, and vlogs
    Silvia Muñoz de Morales her long vlogs are the best and she’s very sweet
    Carlota Bruna She’s the sweetest! she makes videos about veganism, sustainability, and shares vegan recipes

  • One thing I like to do is to visualize someone’s words in my mind while they speak. Like adding subtitles in real life. If there are words that I don’t know or I’m not sure of their spelling, I can look them up.

  • Beelinguapp is a great app for listening and reading comprehension. It’s basically an audiobook, with both english and your target language subtitles following along as the narrator reads it (just like karaoke). You can also set it to show the target language text alone, or English alone etc. Another good thing about it is that the stories are like ones we already know, disney stories, mythologies, biographies and many more:)))

    I wish I discovered this earlier in my language learning journey (though i regularly use it now), especially when I was just starting.

    Hope this helps!

  • hola Ana!!! apruebo tu acento argentino, se nota que tenes habilidad para las lenguas:) te recomiendo a Jimena Reno, es artista pero es super aesthetic y es española viviendo en LA. despues esta Cydonian Vlogger que tambien es epañola, es ilustradora pero hace videos de productividad de vez en cuando y seguramnete vas a amar su voz, es tan calma <3
    y tal vez podrias pasarte por el canal de Lou Avril, es una chica argentina viviendo en LA, pero que habla en spanglish, a veces en español y otras veces en ingles, es una genia. Y tambien tengo a Irene Nortes,e s española y hace unos videos hermosos y super inspirables, la vas a amar seguro…
    Segui haciendo videos, me ayudan a seguir estudiando incluso cuando no tengo ganas:D saludos desde Argentina

  • Okay so am I the only one who is getting literally all of Anna’s 4 year old videos in my recommendations?! Not complaining though xD Baby brother does my makeup is my favourite one so far. Nile’s so cute!!:’

  • I’ve been homeless 10 yrs and worked 3 jobs,.. that eventually caught up with my body,.. @31yrs old I had my first back surgery,.. I’m 35 now no longer homeless, after 16 surgeries,.. I’m Grateful to be Alive, but I’m asking For Help for the Ppl, I Kno first hand what it feels like to be ignored by a world Yu contributed to everyday..$CrisIs08 CashApp this cash Tag to Help the Homeless the Hungry.. The People in Real Need & Real Crisis ������ THANK YOU & STAY SAFE

  • Да, Антон гениален. Он как Джобс только в индустрии туристического кинематографа. Спасибо, что напоминаешь нам, как прекрасен наш общий дом планета Земля. Нет границам!

  • Even you are running for subscribers. When you have more than 1 million subscribers you talk and your name should be updated on Google. Sorry baby

  • you can train a monkey to turn your camera on, the rest of the stuff it takes is the hard stuff, if a non techie like me can do it, anyone can

  • You look so fresh and good looking. Love this channel. I created one video using one of free insho* plaftorm, suddenly it started to stuck at 95% video upload conversion. I was making and editing that video for almost 2 days, and it really damaged my mood. how you can handle this situation if you were me? Thank you

  • Thank you for the great info. What size whiteboard do you have and what size do you recommend? I am starting a youtube channel and i am looking to get all the stuff I need for my office. Thank you

  • Hey anna I have a good singer her name is Pilar Pascual. She is also from a Netflix show Go! Live your way! It is orginally from spanish so 2 in 1!!!!! Luuvvv uuuuu!!!!

  • YouTube saves people’s lives from having a crappy job like dishwashing like me. Wish there was an instant button to get famous on YT I would spam it

  • I’m thinking to start my youchannel I’m a mother of 4 recently I meet my boyfriend and he have 4 kids also I want to make my channel like a lifestyle and how we are so in love but having 8 kids is like crazy. What you guys think???? Pls help

  • Umm how long do videos have to be? I’m sorry I was just thinking as I was watching your video lol. I didn’t catch if you mentioned that.

  • ive been uploading every single day basically for almost a month but i only have 24 subs… im really grateful for them but support would be more than amazing:)

  • Good luck to everyone whose just starting out! Currently in the process of creating my 3rd video, working hard and putting in the work to make this one better than the last two!:) Onwards and upwards!

  • Hi!
    I’m trying to start my own gaming channel and I was wondering what kind of app or website you use to edit our videos. If there are any free ones could anyone please recommend some?

  • Great video! Starting an audio and recording channel. Suggestion: should look in to room treatment for your audio. it would help with the room sound you have. Sound panels can be made for cheap and also made to match decor. Thanks you for creating great videos!!