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Living a healthier life doesn’t begin and end with the gym-it starts with taking a look at your habits. If you’re looking to live an overall healthier and happier lifestyle, it starts with getting rid of bad habits that may be responsible for keeping you from seeing the progress you should be seeing. So here you find the 13 most common bad habits and their consequences on your mind and body.

The good news is that you can quit them all. Just spot out your own bad habits and take my suggestions to quit them. Then you’ll find your life a lot healthier and happier! Need more tips to break your bad habits? Check out these article.

30 Bad Habits To Quit For A Happier & Longer Life. 1. Not getting enough sleep. Pulling all-nighters can take a toll on your wellbeing! If you want a happier and longer life, quitting this bad habit is more than necessary. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious physical and mental health problems + it makes you very unproductive and moody. 2.

I am going to share what helped in my journey to eliminate and quit these bad habits that reduce the quality of my life. Let’s dive right into it, here are 10 habits to eliminate if you want to live a happy life. There are solutions I will give you if you want to turn these bad habits to positive ones right now.

Some of the actions you’ll see here are bad habits you should break immediately in order to live a happier life. 1. Ignoring responsibilities. Ignoring things you’re responsible for (such as mowing the lawn, keeping up with child support oh and showering!) will take a very negative toll on you. Bad Habit: Spending too much time on the couch watching TV. Why It’s Dangerous.

The more TV you watch, the less physical activity you’re getting, increasing your odds of being overweight and developing type 2 diabetes.A large-scale study of over 9000 people found that those who watched more than two hours of TV a day ate more, while downing more sugary soft drinks and high-fat, high. Even being super healthy doesn’t always bring a sense of joy, but studies do show that there is a link between happiness and health. The happier you are, the healthier you tend to be. If you’re ready to make changes in your life to make it brighter and more blissful, here are 10 daily habits that are going to help. Everyone has a bad habit.

Some might seem harmless or quirky, but others can really get in the way of your health and wellbeing. Here are a few common bad habits that you should stop immediately to live a happier, healthier lif. 20 Habits For a Healthier, Happier Life. “Wine at 5” is one of the Blue Zones Power 9, the lifestyle habits shared by the longest-lived people on earth. Find a New Hobby or Join a Group.

Get a new hobby or nurtu re one you already have by joining a meet-up or community group. It can be a book club, starting a garden, or a walking club. 9. Meditate to Knock Out That Bad Habit. Your life derives definitions from what you repeatedly do, not what you do once in a while.

Thus, developing a knock-out strategy on how to stop bad habits is a must and not an option for total transformation. A lot of individuals have at least one or two bad habits they wish to discard.

List of related literature:

#1 Make new habit really Create a swarm of new specific easy to do.* habits you could do instead of #2 Make old habithard the bad habit.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

The tried-and-true method for forming healthy habits is a little like drudgery: you force yourself to do these actions day in and day out until one day (hopefully!) they become a habit.

“Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Hay House, 2015

I have personally found living the 7 Habits a constant struggle— primarily because the better you get, the very nature of the challenge changes, just like skiing, playing golf, tennis, or any sport does.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen R. Covey
from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
by Stephen R. Covey
Simon & Schuster, 2013

However, replacing those bad habits with better habits creates success!

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

The way to have a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life is not to quit all your bad habits at once, which would drive you crazy, but to slowly cut out your bad habits.

“Have More Money Now” by John Layfield
from Have More Money Now
by John Layfield
World Wrestling Entertainment, 2007

Good habits need good rewards.

“The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion” by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
from The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion
by Simon Marshall, PhD, Lesley Paterson
VeloPress, 2017

Wouldn’t it be better to just list all the bad things about the habit that you want to change and none of the good things?

“How to Change Your Drinking: A Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol” by Kenneth Anderson
from How to Change Your Drinking: A Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol
by Kenneth Anderson
HAMS Harm Reduction Network, 2010

Another way of thinking of habit cessation is this: if stopping bad habits were easy, we wouldn’t need so many darned books on everything from stopping smoking to dieting.[62] Nevertheless, one can draw lessons from the literature on habit formation and change—which can save product teams needless pain and suffering.

“Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics” by Stephen Wendel
from Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics
by Stephen Wendel
O’Reilly Media, 2013

The seven habits are:

“Building Brand Authenticity: 7 Habits of Iconic Brands” by M. Beverland
from Building Brand Authenticity: 7 Habits of Iconic Brands
by M. Beverland
Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2009

For example, avoid friends who smoke for several weeks after quitting and substitute another activity for smoking after dinner.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
Human Kinetics, 2004

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • You are such a positive presence! Thank you for your dedication to YouTube and to helping us identify and find our best selves.

    I know you have always been very health-focused. What do you think about Whole30? Do you have any personal experience or know people who have tried it? Definitely would align well with cooking at home/making pretty water:)

    Thanks, and have a GREAT day! xx

  • Porn and Masturbation are All Causes of Depression too. So if You are depressed and You are watching Porn excessively then you DEFINITELY need to be on NoFap

  • I’m 19, currently crying hopefully I can laugh at this comment in the next week or so when I come out if my depression episode, I don’t see the light, I feel my youth escaping me because I just feel meh and numb, I could be doing something I love and not feel a thibg I’m tired o just wanna feel something ither than numb, I can’t concentrate due to depression and often my family call me lazy but I just don’t care I have no motivation i just want to burst into tears, I can’t bring myself to confess my depression to anyone

  • You deserve a relaxed happy life ❤
    If you like join with my ❤❤ I’m awesome ❤❤ channel, Which guidess to a relaxed life step by step ✔

  • Im 8 years old and I have depression i hate myself I hate myself I want to commit suicide �� but I know suicide is not the answers never kill or hurt yourself i hope u guys see this

  • I am a Psychiatrist who also trained in Internal Medicine. As a sceptic, I read the research Dr. Gundry has cited, and more. My problem is, I work for the VA, and it seems we are forced to practice 10-20 years behind the times. I have been encouraging my patients to go on a low lectin, high prebiotic, etc. diet. Basically the anti-inflammatory diet concept the latest research has confirmed works for leaky gut/inflammation, etc. The problem I am having, is that the nutritionists have been complaining to my supervisor that I am giving my patients dietary/lifestyle advice that contradicts their training (rather than coming to me directlypassive aggressive behavior.) How do you suggest I handle this? I seem to get nowhere in the Orlando system, even when I send them well-documented proof. I was at least able to get VISN 8 to increase the Vitamin D3 to 4,000IU per day (they will not allow more.) geez. I have patients with vitamin D of 7 and they still won’t budge. Heck, they gave me (c-p) about ordering DIAPERS. How would you handle this, Dr. Gundry? I use the program. I lost 160 lbs after a gastric bypass, but never lost much around the middle. I have a waist for the first time in my adult life. I am 57 years old and my labs were better than a 30 year old. It is awesome. Thanks so much. Karen R. O’Kelly, M. D.

  • My problem is that i lost intrest in everything i literally have no major self issues but i just lost intrest in most basic human practises..forming relationships and talking and actually being productive….i feel like just vanishing out of existence

  • 2020 money depression… I work 10 to 16 hours a day but I never have enough money ��… I lose mi family time, I lose mi son growing up, I lose mi live, I lose mi social life, I lose mi self… Just to make more money cuz I never have enough… And the think is that more I work less I have…

  • I get mad at my sister for being really loud (we do not get along…)but I don’t know what I should do instead!! I can’t leave all the time!!!! Like (we have a bunk bed) in bed she shakes it SO much and I can’t sleep and she also leaves the door open (to our landing from the stairs) and I can’t sleep with the light:(! ANY IDEAS GUYS???

  • Im still suffering from depression my mom abuse me she’s saying to me that im a useless child and lazy i keep thinking why they even give birth to me.. I just want to be free from this..

  • I can spend the whole day watching your vlogs without Noticing and never get bored ������������ congrats for the baby god bless him����

  • I love this video!! I turned my extremely bad habit for an extremely amazing one
    I am a recovering addict and I am clean almost 5 years and I focus all my energy on clean eating, working out and living a more productive and positive lifestyle and it all started with the 21 day fix videos which lead me into the gym which now I work at so I manifested the life I desired for sure..I am now in my happy place and I feel more complete than ever… thanks for this video✌��❤️��

  • I feel like I can’t be happy I can’t find something that’s right and when I do nothing goes as I want it too I suck at
    Public speaking and I don’t feel comfortable speaking to my own parents

  • Ok so I love this video, but litteraly the beest thing about you is your accent. It is so satisfying I love it and it just makes me happy on it’s own! Sorry, just needed to say that.

  • I have social anxiety and honestly i feel like people r the problem i dont like being around people. if anything its people
    That make
    Brain shrink

  • I have ocd and the thoughts are annoying me so bad that it escalated to depression I’m so desperate and I’ve been searching on youtube all day how to take away depression I hate my life tbh I wanna die but I’m too scared to kill myself lolz.

  • An awesome video of some healthy habits that will help us change our life. These habits will help us stay happy. Click here for more https://www.relationshippunch.com/15-ways-to-live-a-fuller-and-happier-life/

    please dont leave your phone at home or in your car for the following reasons
    1. Danger if you are facing rape, abduction or an attack, not having your phone is dangerous
    2. Lost it’s very easy to get lost and not having your phone leaves you easily untraceable and you are less likely to be found
    3. Medical incase of a medical emergency for yourself or someone else when you need to call an ambulance
    4. Fire need phone to call brigade

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  • Love all of these tips! Jealously is key to unhappiness, especially comparing yourself in social media. Live your life, love your life and be grateful for everyday is my mind set ✌��������

  • Loved these! I’d also add “make your bed every morning.” You wouldn’t think it’s much but makes a huge difference starting the day! ��

  • How about a cheap book on health, immunity and beauty with quick recipes found in your kitchen? Aimed towards the busy working professionals who don’t have time to read:


  • I’m also the oldest and I love my music. I only have brothers and they can work on my nerves like crazy. My music is usually my escape and also way to calm me down

  • My 3-step night routine is:
    1. Check instagram
    2. Check facebook
    3. Drop the phone phone on the floor & fall asleep
    Close enough I’d say.. Btw guys, I just published a video on my Youtube where I live a VS model on a budget. GO check it out x

  • Great advice. Thanks for sharing this!

    If you’re interested in goal setting and habit building, please check out a product called GoalsOnTrack at https://www.goalsontrack.com. It’s designed for helping high achievers to set and track goals by organizing everything you need to do inside a comprehensive goal planning system.

  • SARAH, let me save you girl. I’d say realistically if you need screen time at night the best way to have it is lights off, candle light, and lower the screen brightness all the way. I know it can be annoying to adjust that everyday but believe me I work with computers and tech. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. It makes a huge difference when you have control of the environment in your own home to relax the mind before bed, the dark does set your mind into sleep mode, so ideally do not use devices but if you have to lower the screen brightness setting.

  • I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested here, but I would highly recommend reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It’s filled with all kinds of clinical proof as to how important sleep is to our health, and I think is probably much more enlightening and robust than the book by Nick Littlehales.

  • The music tip can be mentally damaging. If you feel like listening to upbeat music to get you out of a funk do it. If you feel like listening to sad music that matches your mood do it. Catharsis is a thing. Sure if it’s just to motivate you while you do stuff okay, but suppression is not progression.

  • I’m starting with a couple of these this weekend straight away. Setting my alarm for 0645 tomorrow even though it’s Saturday. And I’m definitely going to try and snack on fruit and ditch the packaged snack bars. I do freeze my bananas already and once you’ve done it theres no going back x

  • I always look at another girl and go “I wish I looked like her” but then I catch myself and say “but if you wanna look like that you gotta work for it”

  • I wish my sister and I have the relationship that you have with yours. ☹️ I’ve always wanted to be close and she’s always wanted to keep each other at arm’s length.

  • Hey guys! What is the basis of your diet?

    Btw. here’s what happens inside your body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw9EJbezlK4&t=214s


  • Ive just started watching your videos yesterday, and I’ve been kind of binge watchingI love your positivity and drive! I also struggle w biting my lip, and I want to stop �� I do it in class, while I’m driving, while I’m doing school work, etc ����‍♀️

  • I could never have my bike in my bedroom. It’s like bringing the street in to a calming place. I could understand having it in the living room but not in the bedroom

  • For everyone who is saying that putting your hair up when is wet is bad for it, yes it is…… but so is getting a face mask in it and having to wash it again. Sorry, but that was bugging me.

  • Hi Sarah,my name is Brylee and I am 10 i like these types of videos because I am young and I want to start early on so when I am on my own I have a nice lifestyle! So I just want to say thank you!

  • I’d love walking too if I lived where you do…�� Toronto sucks and it’s literally cold like 7 months out of the year. I wish I could move someplace warmer.

  • No hate, but it’s awful to put your hair up when it’s wet because the water means your hair is heavy and it makes your hairline recede and is also a major cause for migraines and sickness ☹️❤️

  • We have the same bad habits! Like literally it’s crazy. Lip biting is definitely a consistent one though. The keeping my hands occupied would help if I didn’t bite with my teeth as well ��

  • Wow!..2 million people from around the world INCLUDING myself SUFFERING from depression…and finding a way to cure it…am I right?! Correct me if I’m wrong…

  • OMG I just found your channel and I absolutely love your VLOGS and all that you have to say! Thanks for being my new fav and inspiration!

  • My wife and I have barely begun in phase 2 diet of the paradox diet. We’re not particularly ill to start with, but have noticed an improvement in sleep hours. Being on Keto before this did not really seem to do anything about sleep improvement.

    Any one else notice something similar?

  • I removed the post about the oatmeal. It didn’t work out. Very rough night last night. Oh well.

    Accept the things I cannot change and….blah blah

  • I find that setting myself up for bed once I get home from work also helps to get me in bed earlier so I can get a full 8 hours! I absolutely love your videos ❤

  • I think social media isn’t good for relationships it makes its more unhealthy and brings negativity into it
    In my opinion, even though I’m not in one but I saw how my parents ended up.

  • I adore your videos and I can’t stop watching them! You seem like such a genuine and lovely person and I’m so excited to see more videos ��

  • I’m going to try to change my nighttime routing by unwinding with a warm shower and reading or listening to my personal development book

  • Day 66 Nofap, Wim Hof, overcoming addiction, weightlifting and healthy lifestyle choices. I started a vlog to help myself along if you’re interested

  • Im sure you always get these types of comments but thankyou for always be realistic and positive to make life just that much more easier/enjoyable. ❤️

  • I love walking! I live by the sea and there is something so therapeutic about walking by water its like it is blowing everything bad away

  • Hey sezzy! I absolutely love your videos and am just starting on my health journey though I’ve been watching your videos for ages…… anyway I’ve been rewatching this vid today and just thought “aww sezzy’s preggy body suits her, I miss it in this vid” xx

  • I have to admit, YES getting up and going outside is the best way to start the day. I already have to get up and go outside to feed the horses, but it really is so much easier and gets me awake and happy for the day with fresh air.

  • Heres 4 real habits to give up:

    1. Ungratefulness

    2. Drugging or boozing

    3. Recreational sex and watching porn

    4. False beliefs

    To stop these terrible habits, an exorcism may be required. An exorcism is long water fasting. Go on a long water fast, for two weeks or longer, and the devil will come out of you. Not all of it, but a lot of devil will definitely come out. And stay on fasting intermittently. Incorporating regular exorcisms will keep the devil at bay. And watch your carbs. Too much carbs feeds the devil. A carnivore diet is the best diet in the world, and a keto diet next. A carnivore diet will stop eczema, toothache and tooth decay, overeating, and farting.

  • I quit watching TV and movies since the mid 2000’s…. I figured out it takes too much valuable time and there are many things and hobbies more worthwhile doing than wasting time watching senseless non important movies and TV shows. Never again… I watch YouTube sometimes but not all the time. It doesn’t take 3 hours like a stupid senseless movie. Now I get to do my hobbies like shooting guns on the range and somewhere else. Play guitar. Buy and sell stuff on ebay. Drive out of town and enjoy the trip. Modify my sportscar. Fix my Sportscar. Eat good food. Drink good beer. But never again I will waste time watching old school obsolete TV shows and movies. I regret doing that shit. Now I am enlightened. More hobbies, more quality of life. �� �� ��

  • I have a habit of picking/biting my lip, too! I’ve had that issue since I was a little kid, so I understand that struggle x10000 haha.

  • I be depressed and stressed cause I can’t experience my first ever relationship so because of it I don’t work and don’t have a career or want to go around people nomore cause my looks so I stay home all day everyday in the house and Imma stay home I’m not embrassing myself in the world I don’t know how to do anything anyway so that’s why I don’t do anything with my life I just be upset cause women don’t want me or wants to give me chance Imma be single forever and Imma die single and virgin so I don’t want nothing out of life nomore

  • Worrying is not always bad infact sometimes when you worry about something and you think about the things you are worried about it can work as a reflection to yourself ones you noticed something you are worried about it can also make you aware about the problems and struggles that you face everyday and sometimes our worries can’t be solved by ourselves because it’s permanent yes overthinking and being worried can cause health problems.

  • We’re all toxic… it’s all about what we believe in our head not a person or thing, most people I know who left aren’t any happier down the road..

  • I used to drink so much water and lately I haven’t been drinking as much so that’s definitely something I want to change. I also want to start going on morning walks again.

  • Taking a break doesn’t always cause a distraction…. It rather calms down the mind…..restores the energy to face the problems once again but with a fresh mind….. Resulting in higher productivity than a stressed mind can make…

  • I don’t really agree with 1. I use distractors to calm myself down so later I can process and deal with my problems and emotions without feeling like its suffocating me

  • 2 Toxic relationships in my life mom sister 2 ex-husband’s. Mom a covert Narcissist, sister Malignant Narcissist with Grandiose tendencies, 2 ex-husband’s Malignant Narcissists. All have no contact.

  • POV: the reason why you procrastinate is because you don’t actually want to do whatever it is (try to tell yourself if you finish quickly you can go on to eat cookies or do something fun and maybe reward yourself for finishing quickly so your body understands that it’s a good thing to finish quickly)

  • LOL Notlkhing like POS in 20’s tell about life.. Seriously Puke go screw yourself.. Talk to me when you hit 60 boy.. Otherwise shut up Boy..

  • Having a Toxic Relationship Must be The Worst Thing That Can Happen to Someone. Nobody Deserve that. It is of The four Habits It The Worst and The Most Hard to Let.
    Thank You!!

  • Am elderly. My most important life lesson is to stay away from toxic people. If that’s not possible (if they’re relatives or co-workers), just be polite around them and have as little to do with those people as possible.
    Some toxic personalities (i.e, those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder [NPD]) feed off of the emotions of others, positive or negative. Just go “gray rock” (showing no emotion) around them.

  • Or when they say “why are u depressed, u have nothing to be depressed about, u have no family or responsibilities”. I wanted to punch her so bad for it��

  • What if they are “toxic” because.. You argue with them? Nobody wins people if they argue with everybody. You win the situation but you lose the person. When you don’t deal with the argues right, you get “toxic people”. Actually they ARE thinking people. You should respect that. You should respect that people next to you are like you and they can think! Respect their opinion. Talk good things and there you have it. You have to ask yourself: How to make people value your time. Not to ask if it’s possible.

  • 4 habits you should quit immediately….��
    1. Numbing negativity
    2. Recycling toxic relationship
    3. The pitfalls of cramming
    4. Materializing your worries

  • Say no to negative thoughts, dont procrastinate and dont expect from anyone. If you want to succeed change yourself, work on your thoughts.

  • Your videos are awesome Sam:) they are very uplifting and I always wake up to watching your videos, when I do makeup, eat breakfast. Etx

  • I don’t even hit snooze, I straight up turn my alarm off and go back to sleep, unless I have to be somewhere. But, I’m getting better at it

  • Jesus Christ�� is the ONLY way you can TRUELY overcome&defeat�� witches��&warlocks��&demons��&wizards��&devils��&escape eternal hell fire��,not Church or religion��, JUST Jesus

  • I know you take apple cider vinegar shots, but I physically just can’t stomach them. I know I’m such a weenie, but I just can’t do it:( how do you feel about apple cider vinegar pills instead?

  • Your hair looks amazing!!! I need to drink more water and fill out my food diary I’m always like I’ll do it later or I’ll have Diet Coke with lunch when I KNOW my mind and body function better with water grr ������

  • omg actually me with the face mask samples. i love your energy and you clearly love yourself very much. thats so inspiring! currently working on that but i’m getting the hang

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stop the lip biting! I know how hard those oral habits are, I sucked my thumb until I was a preteen and the only thing that broke that was an orthodontic appliance. It’s a good idea to be more mindful so you stop cutting up your lip, but try not to add more stress mentally about something that is so ingrained:)

  • Omg I run so fast from all my problems and negativity.. but how do you stop and face them? I wish there was remedies for this this:(

  • omg thank you for this video! I‘ve been searching for healthy habits to do for the new school year and recently this was in my recommendations! This helped so much thank you!!! Also your voice is so calming

  • i also have a terrible snooze problem and found an app called Alarmy. you set it to the barcode of an item in your house (i use hairspray i keep in the bathroom) and then when your alarm goes off in the morning you have to scan that item in order to shut off the alarm. by the time i’ve walked all the way to the bathroom then i just stay up.

  • I love how organized and structured you are! You are def my inspiration to achieving my own personal goals. I love your content. Thanks for being awesome!

  • I totally understand you, i reading the Marie kondo about cleaning, so that i can create good habits, but im tired of my own mess. Love your energi and i think you should make a part 2, on what you learned, and how it went, and good tips, that you learn after changing the habits.:D

  • I should say, your videos changed my life! It helped me to be productive and i have been doing a lot of things in my life i always wanted but i thought i couldn’t. And is and excelent way to practice mi English (sorry if i made a mistake) i really apreciate you!❤

  • Sam oh how i missed watching your vids. & whyatt now new pup �� got my phone back. Ps i snooze too but glad im not the only one who feels more tired after 10 more min of sleep def gonna work on that

  • I love this video so so much!! I think I would want to replace my negative thinking to positive thinking, and by using the law of attraction I believe that will help me. Ps love ur channel Xxx

  • 1. Scalp picking 10 years of consistent picking and nothing has worked long-term to stop it.
    2. Over eating I always get seconds even if I don’t need more food.
    3. Keeping clutter and not packing things away

  • Omg thank you for this vid! I’m in the throes of finals and was willing to scratch my workout off today’s to-do list. Now, I’m inspired to finish up my stuff and sweat it out at the gym tonight ��

  • to help you with the lip biting you can try wearing little stretchy gloves. that way you aren’t wearing bulky gloves or anything so you can still drive/use computer keyboard and mouse/write/etc but once you put your hand to your lip you notice it because it is a fuzzy glove not your normal skin!

  • Hey Hun! Just wondering what you have done to your hair to get your colour? It’s fab!! Can anyone help maybe? Please and thank you xx

  • From Now on I will exercise eat fish and plants ( even tho I dont like fish ). Get more sunlight. Get a sleeping routine. And I will try to socilize more can anyone tell me how long this will take or does it depend on the person… i want my pain, my stress and my torture away ��. I am sick of this life… im up for this fight and I am willing to keep fighting to the end. I tried to tell my parents and they didn’t believe me…

  • Ive been trying to wake up early and not hit the snooze button but what if you share a bed with someone.. like when my alarm goes off and its in the other room i wake up my boyfriend hahaa. How can i move my phone far without waking everyone up…? UGHHHHHHH

  • I have tried to get a clear answer on this, but can’t seem to find out whether dried red split lentils are on the no list given that their skins have no gone it would be natural to think they’re ok to eat. Is this the case?

  • 1. Snoozing
    2. A million and one excuses to not workout
    3. Stop wasting time on facebook and start writting my book
    4. Finding distractions instead of reading
    5. Preaching and not practicing what I preach….

    To start with lol

  • Nope don’t think that is right games have a person to person case but I can see the rest are different open to all people and see the difference and truth is choice is different from force don’t commit till you see a person inside i.give a connection a year before I make choice

  • Not totally true. I was taking exams from elementary school to college, and before I knew it disasters struck. From sleeplessness to stress, anxiety, tiredness down to trauma. Be it homework deadlines or not, I grew frustrated and tired with this type of educational style. Even in general. It’s not just habits, it’s also lifestyle that matters.

  • 1:17 Angelic Number 1515

    The angel number 1515 symbolizes the changes that you need to make to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality…. Your guardian angels want you to have a positive outlook and focus on the things that truly matter. You should also take your thoughts towards the direction of your life’s goals.

  • I started watching your vids as a kick to get myself going when I’m feeling droopy and it works so well! Love your videos and your overall aura ❤️ I’m mega guilty of the snoozing habit, my alarm rings every 8 minutes for an hr and a half sometimes �� A bad habit i’d like to break is the binging cycle. And perhaps what to do after you’ve binged and the next day you feel like a walking, unstable bag of potatoes

  • Instead of setting literally 10+ alarms, I’ve cut them in half and have been forcing myself to get up on the first one. However, if I actually need extra sleep, that means I’m getting 30 minutes extra instead of 10 minutes at a time.

  • My bad habit is not drinking enough water! When I try to drink more water, than my belly hurts so much and then I’m making multiple trips to the bathroom. I hope my bladder will get used to this uncomfortable feeling and it will adjust to more water coming in.

  • I bite my lips too. Like i walk around tearing the skin off my lips all the time. Lol my husband hates it!! He said I look like a tweaker walking around biting my lips. Lol

  • Hey everyone!

    I’m brand new to youtube and I just posted my very first video!
    I’ll be posting lots of lifestyle content (makeup, fitness, wellness, etc.)

    check out my chanel and I’ll return the favor xox

    ps love you sam <3

  • You are the person who got me out of my snoozing habit!!!! I watched a video of yours a while back and you mentioned how you actually feel worse after snoozing and you should just get yourself up and I’ve been telling myself that every morning that I am tempted to hit the snooze button!

  • thank you sam i love to watch your videos in the morning to make me motivated for the day. i am moving at the end of the month too so this video is perfect for me! i want to declutter and live a more “minimalist” lifestyle… sometimes i can let my house get really messy and then it gets to a point where i dont know where to start and I get even more depressed. I am going to make it my new goal to keep my space tidy. i want to get rid of any clutter so that it is easy to clean and easy to keep everything in place! i am starting to write things down and manifest so i definitely appreciate you and your videos!!!!

  • Honestly watching your videos make me so much better abou life. Just knowing the possibilities of creating better habits for my life.

    Thank you for the constant inspiration. Sending you love and light x

  • For me it’s biting my cheek. Tho I’ve had lip biting periods in my life too, I’m now struggling with cheek biting, it’s just somehow relaxing when I’m stressed, it’s so hard to stop ugh.

  • Thank you for watching this clip from my conversation with Dr. Daniel Amen! I am posting these podcast mini-clips weekly to bring attention to the health topics that are SO important, that they’re simply worth repeating. Are there any health topics that you would like to hear more about in future episodes? Let me know in the comments!

    Gundry MD’s YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2YVaIi0

  • Dr. G I’ve been doing awesome on the program, but recently have seen a spike in my fasting blood sugar. More energy, lower weight, and lower fasting blood sugar (down from a consistent 113 to 95). I started your program with 3 weeks in Phase 2, then did the full Phase 1, and finally Phase 2 and 3 foods for the past month (strictly). Could it be a couple of phase 3 foods having that much affect? I cooked a chili meal from the Family Cookbook and I walked away from the pressure cooker, and suspect that the machine did not pressurize properly. Also had a pizza sauce that was not pressure cooked and had some tomato paste in it.

    So, how quick will the wheels fall off if we make a mistake (fall off the wagon)?

  • ok, i’m going back to my miracl morning rooting, it was the thing that got me aout of depression, with aout taking anny medication so why not, well it transformed me a lot, but the result was that i get a bunch of toxic peapole who were bullying me all the time because of theirs insecuities. so there we are.

  • I always make people happy and go out my way to do so, but when I come home I’m alone I have no one. I feel like I am always there for people and no one is there for me. I give everything I have to people but not enough to myself

  • -Wind down: create the environment (candles)
    Before bed: No screens, Essential oils (lavender), Reading (smth boring)
    -Sunlight before phone
    -Establish a morning routine that you love (wake up and: meditate/read/go for a walk/listen to a podcast)

  • Love these habits will definitely start incorporating them �� and totally relate with having to rush cleaning when friends visit ������ when it’s clean of course no one sees it ��

  • I’m a vegetarian. I have been doing what they call intermittent fasting. 1 meal a day 4 to 5 days a week. mostly a veges and fruit. I have found I have long lasting energy throughout the day! I own and operate a furniture removal business 8 to 10+ hour, physical days With no food. Been doing this for nearly a year. I Can regularly do 4 to 5 hour sleep when on an all vegan diet. And have energy to burn.
    When you eat 3 time a day your digestive system is working nonstop. With so many levels to your digestive system all This takes a massive amount of energy! You get a limit each day. Now you need 8 hour sleep not for your brain. But for your digestive system to use your energy. 8 hours to poop out raw plant material. 70 to 72 hour to poop out that steak you had 3 days ago. It’s simple to do the math. This is why you need to sleep 1/3 of this one life you have. Seems a waist. Your brain need restful ness. Sleep gives you no experience of life. Sleep is to stop you using the last of your limited, daily energy reserve to process all the food you shovel into your mouth 3 times a day. Everyday! That’s a big wow! I stop working for my body some time ago. Now it works for me. Coming up to 50 years. That’s a big statement for me. Be nice to look into this factor of our eating habits Dr Gundry��

  • Loved this video! My dad has Alheimer’s, and I’m trying to do everything I can to prevent it. Dr Amen is another one that I watch a lot. I’ve recently started the Plant Paradox because I have RA and lupus along with lots of brain fog, fatigue and depression. Since starting the diet consistently recently, I’m already feeling lots better!! Thank you! I have a couple of questions. 1. I try to eat frozen and fresh blueberries and black berries, (Costco has frozen wild blueberries that aren’t as sweet) for my brain and for a little treat. Are those OK all year round, even though they aren’t always in season? 2. I’m taking lots of your products and I don’t have much money. I’m on the autoship for some of them for a cheaper price, but was wondering if there’s a way to bundle them or get them cheaper by posting your videos on social media every day.