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10 Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy. by MyFitnessPal. May 6, 2014. 4 Comments. Share it: This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with our friends over at Fitbit.

Whether you’re a mom or you just happen to have one, you’ll find great tips and advice for staying healthy and happy all year long. (Oh and don’t forget, mom makes a. Here are 10 simple strategies busy moms can use to stay healthy. Follow the Fitbit blog for individual success stories, expert fitness tips, health and nutrition advice, product announcements, motivation and more. 10 Simple Strategies for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy! Having something healthy to munch on is the only way for me to avoid overeating on foods high in carbs.

Check out my Recipe Index for Healthy Snacks for you and the kids! Ali Sweeney shares 100 calorie healthy snacks on. Busy mama, stay healthy. Remember, to keep it simple and don’t give up!

Its a process, and a lifelong journey.Here are a few health tips to get you started!Here are 15 easy ways for busy moms to be healthier: 1. Do mini workouts. If you struggle to fit in 30 minutes of exercise at once, try breaking your exercise time up into 10 minute increments 3x a day instead. 10 Easy Ways New Moms Can Stay Healthy. by Media Xpose | Aug 17, 2020 | Baby’s and Beyond Health & Fitness, Babys and Beyond | 0 comments.

1.Make the Most of Nap Time. Getting your baby to nap is an accomplishment—make the most of it! Get a DVD or go online to do a 30-minute workout, head into the kitchen and prep healthy snacks and meals. As a busy mom, you probably can’t escape to a remote island vacation for self-care. But you can integrate healthy habits like eating foods with vitamin C, getting enough exercise and even trying essential oils.

We’ve put together a list of simple ways you can keep yourself healthy and, hopefully, even find your own slice of paradise every day. If you’re looking for a healthy mom blog article sharing great tips for staying healthy for busy moms, this is it! Here are the tips and tricks I use to make our world go round and attempt to keep the chaos at bay while staying healthy. #1. Get a day planner.

10 Easy Ways New Moms Can Stay Healthy MediaXpose 1.Make the Most of Nap Time Getting your baby to nap is an accomplishment—make the most of it! Get a DVD or go online to do a 30-minute workout, head into the kitchen and prep healthy snacks and meals, take a long, steamy shower, or, if you feel the pull of the pillow, lie down. Due to the busy and occupied schedules and mind, more often than not, people forget to be mindful of their health conditions. Good thing today that there are ways to stay healthy even when there are a lot of demands from outside factors.

These are some practical tips to staying healthy all throughout your busy schedule: 1. Plan Out Your Meals.

List of related literature:

Nursing mothers need to take good care of themselves: unplug the phone, nap when the baby naps, let the housework go, forget about outside worries and obligations, keep visitors down to one or two comfortable friends, and eat and drinkwisely.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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I Have the caregivers list and regularly take part in physical activities they enjoy, such as walking or swimming.

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Plan and organize the day ■ Avoid multitasking ■ Families should establish structured routines (e.g., dinner at 7 pm each day, laundry is done on Saturday mornings).

“Stroke Rehabilitation E-Book: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen
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I try to keep myself occupied by flipping through a magazine, but the only one available is a parenting journal, full of diaper ads and “revolutionary” breast-feeding tips.

“After We Fell” by Anna Todd
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There are almost no articles that include creative fathering as a difficult juggle between work, family, and fitness except those tidbits that ask fathers to take the child once in awhile to give mom a “break.”

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
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But getting a twenty-minute walk in every day is a challenge for most moms.

“Wife School: Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy” by Julie N. Gordon
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All of these tips apply to all new mums, but are especially important for breastfeeding mums who are still eating for two.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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“Timers work because they do the nagging for you!” says Dina Rose, author of a book on helping children develop healthy eating habits.

“Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won't Solve Our Problems and what We Can Do about it” by Sarah Bowen, Joslyn Brenton, Sinikka Elliott
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from one of Elizabeth Smart s urgent and elliptical lists, alongside “Keep a diary” and “Have a baby” comes the reminder to “Keep Everything Clean.”

“Mother Reader: Essential Writings on Motherhood” by Moyra Davey
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I wash and dress the baby two or three times each day; I give it its meals, mainly from a bottle; I have to put it to bed each night; and, in addition, I have to get up and attend to its every call between midnight and morning.

“Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens, Enhanced Ebook: Domestic Workers in the South,1865-1960” by Rebecca Sharpless
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  • most Americans are vitamin D deficient and don’t know this. So you are so right, a little vit. D doesn’t hurt. =) LOL it looks like his hamstrings are a little tight. Is the meat organic with HomeChef?

  • You are the most gorgeous and beautiful mom. Your child must be very lucky to get such doll like mom like you.❤️ love ya �� may god bless you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

  • Great tips, I am definitely inspired to do more intentional exercise. I eat really healthy and walk a lot but I’m also just naturally tiny and don’t ever gain weight so it’s a little hard to get motivated sometimes:/

  • Really great, practical tips. Thank you! I have actually already started the tea drinking, and it really does help! (I would eat sweets every single night if I could!!!) My go-to right now is peppermint.

  • ❤️ the tea with a little honey does help you fight cravings!

    My favorite is yogi lemon ginger sooo yummy helps settle tummy before bed.

    Great video!

  • Congratulations Jen �� Feels like I’ve grown with you..Now you’re Mumma Chiu! Your tips are very helpful and I’m thankful that I came across your video 3 years ago.lots of love ��

  • 1st, congrats to you.
    2nd, you definitely look so much better than when I’d my baby
    3rd, thank you for the quick n easy makeup tutorial. But I think I’ll most likely to ruine it if try doing it myself.
    Anyway, wish you and your baby all the best.

  • wonderful compiled list of workable and easy to follow strategies for busy mothers, the sustainable options that keeps the weight off is one of the attractive points, highly helpful video.

  • Do you mind sharing how many grams of carbs to keep under per meal for pcos? I have normal weight but thanks to your pcos video ��, I did not think about watching carbs since I keep a steady weight. I just want to prevent the awful/painful cysts, surgeries, and keep those hormones balanced �� and hope eating low carb is the key! Thanks so much!

  • First I appreciate Dr Anthony for all amazing weight loss episodes. I made a diet that was recommended to me and I lost 2 kg it costs at the beginning but it actually works. Now I feel excellent!!!

  • On behalf of my wife, thank you. She’s constantly busy and I’m booked, using coffee as a meal replacement hasn’t been to effective for either of us lmao.

  • I really need to work on this. It’s cold here in WI so don’t really like to go outside but I need to be more active. Also need more sleep. My one year old still gets up to nurse at night and I’m 10 weeks pregnant,I need extra sleep. Those are my goals for 2019, I already eat keto so good with healthy eating.

  • jen im having a problem with my sin getting loss especially around my eyes.. my makeup doesnt look good now so i have stoped doing it.. plz give me some tips for that.. as well as a recommendation for a good drugstore eye cream.. btw im 22 right now and acant understand whats happening with me

  • I have to work on all those tips but my number one goal has to be….more sleep! without that, I can pretty much guarantee that the rest won’t happen. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Agree with them all apart from advocating bread (only because there are so many healthier option to commercial train based breads eg. Spring green wraps and other vegetable wraps. There are even paleo wraps now too. My favourite healthy tip is making mason jar salads in advance or containers of salad for the week

  • Great tips! Your videos are also so positive, motivating, and realistic. I enjoy the exercising at the park while your kids play tip. Thanks:)

  • Could you do an introduction of your baby boy? Like name, what he looks like, and your pregnancy days. Do you wear makeup on a daily basis even at home? Love your glowy skin ❤️

  • I need to get back to my workouts. I also need to drink a cup of water before I drink my coffee. I teacher early morning classes online and I’m going for the coffee first thing. I need to start with water.

  • And per my usual routine I got up early and started laundry, fed animals, started the coffee, sat down to watch 2 YouTube videos. Ones that I’m wanting to start my day with. You know positive happy vibes. Drinking my coffee while you say dont drink coffee first, drink water first. Haha. Ohhhh how I am going to struggle with that but I’m up for the challenge. ��

  • Great tips I find that meal prepping massively cuts my time down in the kitchen. I spend 90 mins on a Sunday prepping lunches and dinners for the week. That 90 mins means I save around 3-4 hours during the week:)

  • Thank you. I know loads of mothers that always say “I want to lose weight, but I don’t know where to start!” This will really help them make that first step.

  • I really like the idea of buying the 4 food categories in bulk and preparing them in advance on a Saturday or Sunday. This would really make my life easier to have so much food prepared for the work week. It will also stop me and my family from making bad fast food choices and overeating. Thanks for all these helpful strategies!

  • I have recently started working out, so this is the perfect video for me to see today after a hard (for me) workout. I am focusing on water intake and getting enough veggies in me. Those are the 2 things I struggle the most with.

  • Thank you so much! I needed to hear this after having a stressful day, it helps to refocus & center my attention on what really matters…family & fitness…God Bless ❤

  • This all makes perfect sense and easy for a new mum to do. I’m qualified in health and fitness and these strategies are put forward in an easy to follow way

  • I really appreciate this video. Everything you said makes sense. I’m going to use your tips in my everyday routine starting with eating healthy. Thank you for making this video for moms and busy women.

  • This video is especially great for my wife, but I will take a few tips and information too. I have introduced her to these videos and she loves them. Great job, keep up the good work.

  • Congrats on becoming a mama chiu. I am so early now yay. Love you ❤️❤️ what did you name him though? Can we please see him. Although I am 13 not a parent but still I am here because I love you!!!!

  • i totally drink tea at night to avoid snacking since I am on keto. love my hot or iced tea with stevia. we went to DisneyWorld over Christmas and guess what drink they didn’t have…sweet tea!!!! What?

  • I’m not sure Mom but I still watched this ��
    I really want a baby ��
    Obviously not right now considering I’m not even out of school but I want one ����

  • Wow! Look at those fabulous ladies following Dr A’s plan and looking fine! Always love your videos, so much useful information or… “a ton of good information!”.

  • Love these type of videos. Many of these are already habits for me, but I definitely have been working on the stretching, sleep, and playing with my kiddos more. It is definitely all about intentionality.
    Also, I know you have likely said this before, but where did you get your personal training cert? Considering looking into that, even if just for my own knowledge.:-)

  • Indeed, it is a suitable exercise program not only for mothers but for everyone who does not have the time to do their weight loss

  • Great tips, so great. We are trying to improve our smoothies here. We upgraded our blender. I am thinking 2c + 2c + 2c = 6cup of smoothie? We always do have extra. I am making the cooked berries for the kids and I call it ‘compote’ and I got a little stoneware pitcher for it to sit on the table instead of syrup. They LOVE it, and it’s usually blueberry with raspberry or blackberry is our favorite. I have added a little lemon. I think apple’s next. You have encouraged us before & I appreciate that. My 16 y/o with PCOS has stopped her meds in Late July. She’s doing ‘anti-inflammation’/’no sugar’ diet. She says she feels a lot better like this, her mood is so-so, but the daily headaches are much better, just a little jaw tension pain on one side. She has 2 new diagnosis and it’s a lot for a kid. I wish we could better include activity like you are saying. I can’t get her out of her room longer than 30 min! Baby-steps, right? I feel the clock is ticking to help encourage her she’ll be off to college so soon, ugh! sad…

  • Great video! Your sesame chicken dinner looked better than the picture! That broccoli and red peppers looked TASTY. I need to stretch more and drink more water. I just loved Hustle and Shines comment down below!

  • hello!! i m following your videos since i have PCOS!!! but n m 22 years old,but the problem is that im from india & i can’t get same type of ingredients here…so plz guide me what shud i do…

  • Those tips r so unhealthy! R u seriously living on microwave �� living on sandwiches �� why u r giving those unhealthy tips to people, u r gonna end up having a serious disease

  • Omg l love your.videos l actually shared this video to my mum cuz she always busy and she really enjoyed and now she watches you more ❤️❤️❤️it helped her alot

  • Congratulations to you and your husband. Great video, you look beautiful as always. Yes to the mom tips, even though my kids are 12 and 7, lol!!!��

  • Walking to work is really something I could introduce into my routine straight away and you’re right a bit more effort focusing on food planning would help me a great deal. Will definitely try.

  • Dear Mam, I came across your channel n went through the types of videos you post. truly appreciable work. you try to implement health eating in your babies and share with us the same, Thank you for creating awareness to moms to emphasis healthy eating in kids because thats the root cause of all problems, its the food we consume. great work.

  • As a busy woman, I really appreciate this video. Everything you said makes sense. I going to use your tips in my everyday routine starting with eating healthy. Thank you for making this video for moms and busy women.

  • Omg I had no idea!! Congrats on your precious baby boy! And yes please make mommy videos as a mommy myself I would love to watch em.

  • These exercises are very effective to lose weight fat. Will be very effective for my wife no doubt. Thanks a lot for sharing the video.

  • I love how your children are always included and around. Seeing you as a mom make time is what has motivated me. I did a workout this morning and my 3 year old was trying to do the squats right beside me it was so cute. Thank you for the tips! I always get night cravings because I will definitely have to try tea in the evening. Thank you for sharing ��

  • I’ve been watching all your videos while running on the treadmill at the gym. I’m a homeschooling mom of 5 and you are a big inspiration to me. Thank you for making all these videos. I love getting meal ideas from you. I have a big sweet tooth, what do you do for dessert? How often do you eat something sweet? Do you regulate your children’s dessert? I haven’t seen you do much baking in any of your videos, do you bake?

  • I can only agree. No amount of exercise can compensate for a really bad diet. If you are taking in more calorie than you are spending through exercises, you will still gain weight. A good diet is a great start.

  • Congratulations… God bless your baby and give him every happiness in the world and keep him healthy… Take care of yourself too… I want to see him �� if you allow…. Happy Friday